Alex Cross (2012) Script

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Is this how you wanna die?

Hold it right there! Drop it!


Hold on, guys. She's tryin' t'say something. What is it?

Thank you. Ah, you're welcome, Honey.

It's gonna be okay, you're safe now, right? C'mon, let's get outta here.

How's she holdin' up? She's alive, that's better than the others.


Hey, Moni, so what's with that kneecap shot? Up yours!

It's like working with sixth graders with you two.

I'll see you later. All right, Man.

All Clear. Let 'im through.

Okay, Pop Pop, you got ten minutes, all right.

My, my, my! Look at all o' dat.

It's got the sky made o' concrete.

There's a lotta stars outside o' prison, Pop.

Take a seat, let's finish our game.

Pop, you know I know that you didn't kill those two people.

Right, you the head shrinker. But you ain't shrinkin' nutin' o' mine.

I said I capped 'em, I named 'em and the judge bought it.

All right.

All right.

17 years old, no priors.

Pop Pop, somethin' doesn't add up. Because I was smart, I always got away with it.

You're pretty smart, but your Uncle Daramus, that guy... he's really smart.

Long rap sheet. If he went down for two murders he would rot in here.

Well, he ain't here, is he? No, you are.

Do you think what you're doin' is noble? You askin' hypothetical?

Yeah, that's noble.

You can't save everybody, Dr. Cross. I'm not trying to save everybody.

Just you.

That's pretty good, Honey, but... but... but here... just right there in that part... if you're do a little... let's say... Stevie Wonder kinda riff.

Yes. Well, let's see it.


Janelle, don't tell me you got all your homework done.

No, Ma'am, I'm just have a little math and history to do.

Oh, so you're planning to do it after supper.

Well, I do not think so. Get on upstairs and get your homework finished, Girl!

Chain gang.

Is there something wrong with you?

Ma'am? Boy! Get your foot off my bench!

I don't know how to fix it.

All right, all right, I'll take a look at it.

Honey, can you give me a hand?

All right, Maria, you're up to something. What is it?

Ink. Top shelf. I can't reach it.

Yeah, well, ya know, the only problem being married to you is that you're too short.

Too short, yeah.

All right, what's going on?

Okay, look around and tell what's new.

A game? A game.

What's in it for me? Your pride.

You bet.

All right, but if I win, I get that other thing I like.

We'll see.

Where you wanna start, the front door?

With the screen door that you fixed. No more squeak.

You had coffee with someone before you came home.

A Latte. You gotta a little foam on your blouse there.

You stopped off from work, got the car washed.

Gassed the car, put a little hand sanitizer on. Okay, go on.

Changed your lipstick. Red Wine's gone, now it's...

Crimson Mist.

Crimson Mist.

Not bad.


Not bad, but that's all chump-change. Obviously, Detective, you need a clue.

- Oh, I need a clue. Yeah.

It was very close. Very close. Let's see...

Well, I do not know what that could be. Maybe the sonogram in the printer?

Who told you? Wai...

Wait! Babe! Is this ours? This is us?

That's our child.

You're pregnant. We're having a baby. Are you okay?

Yeah, yeah. How...

How far along are we? Oh, just eight weeks.

It's our secret 'til I get to 12, okay? Do you think you can shut up that long?

I didn't get you pregnant by talking.

Well, I think that we should name him or her... Um-huh.

Alex! Which works for either.

Really? Yeah.

Dinner in 20 minutes.

Looks good.

You look like the cat that swallowed the canary, Son.

You don't know everything. You don't know everything.

Put me down. Put me down now, I said. No. No.

I'm just happy, Mom. I'm real happy.


I'm at the line.

The transfer is being routed. You know where to find her.

All. Do you understand?

You the manager? On good days.

I want to place a bet. On who?

The Butcher of Slygo. We got nobody like that fightin', Man.

You're lookin' at him.

We got a card, Man, We don't do walk-ins.

10,000 on The Butcher and 1,000 for you.

Well, Stansi ain't gettin' much of a workout today. Your funeral.

Alex Cross (2012) IMDB #1712170 fps = 24.000 Length = 1:41:23 First line = 1:24,279 Last line = 1:34:15,526 Created by DonToribio (Subscence.Com moniker) Posted FIRST to Subscene December 13, 2012 These improved subs to Subscene December 22,2012 Version: Various BluRays/BDRips

Locker's upstairs on the right.

Right on! Right on, right, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

Look a' here, look a' here, hold on, hold on, hold on, look a' here, look a' here, look a' here.

We're gonna do a special, off-card match-up.

With my man, a Hundred Grand, Motor City's Own, heavyweight champion...

Dinant Stansi.

Get 'im! Get 'im, Champ. Get 'im, Champ, c'mon!

Just to show you how easy this money is, I'm certain that this guy can't weigh no more than 130 pounds.

He's gotta have some kind of a death wish.

So, go ahead and make some noise, but I don't know... why he doin' this...

The Butcher of Slygo.

I want a clean fight. Understand?

You ready to get your ass beat?

Don't hit me in my face, or you'll never fight again.

Break it up! Get in your corner, c'mon!.

Ready to fight?

Ready to fight?

Let's get it on!

Come on.

I'm gonna make my favorite... Pasta Putanesca.

Come, let me show you my favorite part of the house.

You must have powerful enemies?

He's clear.

You have a statue of Guan Yu in there.

The god of war.

War is a passionate undertaking of strategy and will.

Just like sex. So, it belongs beside the bed.

The war has been declared.

And now my favorite part.

Unconditional surrender.

Take off your stockings and give them to me.

Do you like it?

Oh, yes. Yeah.

Tell me again.

Oh! I like it.


I can't have that.

No, no, no, no.

- Sorry about that, Chief, what's going on? We got ourselves a Four Roses.

Four Roses? Where?

414 Lake Shore Drive. That's high end.

Look, I'm giving this one to you and Tommy Kane. High profile.

Hey, Alex, you're gonna wanna prepare yourself for this one.

A woman was tortured to death. You understand.

Hold it tight, let's see who it is. It's Alex.

I gotta take this.

Come on, Tommy, answer the phone.

Hey, Man, what... what's goin' on? What do we got?

We got Four Roses with a torture tracer, Man. Where are you?

Yeah. No. I'm a... I'm at a card game, and I'm ahead.

You're playing cards and you're ahead?

Before you lose, chip-out and tell me where to pick you up.

Yeah, well, you can get me at the corner Saint Albin and Mac.

I'll see you in a little bit.


I think we got a multiple, I gotta go.

Okay. You worried? No. Why?

You're puttin' on your pants kind of angry.

Wow, I'm that much of an open book, huh? To me you are.

What do you think I am to him?

We've been best friends since we were little kids, and now I'm lyin' to him and he knows it.

We've been careful.

Careful? What do you think? We can fool him?

This is the guy who can tell you'd had scrambled eggs breakfast at 100 yards.

Besides, I don't like lying to him.

Then let's come clean, tell him what he already knows.

That would not be good for your future... your career.

I know. But I'm good at my job.

And Alex knows that. Yeah, Alex also knows the rules.

And this... what we're doing...

This is not supposed to be, Babe. But it is.

And we're here. And it's only been two months.

All right, now, listen to me, we gotta give this a little bit of time to make sure that this is real.

And if it is... we got some tough decisions ahead of us.

Look at you, you're just the kinda guy my father told me to avoid like the plague.

Looking at you and I hate to see you go in the middle of the night.

Someday you'll be looking at me...

Dunkin' my donuts, slurpin' my coffee, and you'll beg to get rid of me. The easy Irish charm. Save it.

I was thinkin' on my way over here, Man, you know how much you've changed since junior high school? Since junior high? Take a wild guess!

Hey, look, I know what you're talking about and I don't want you worry, all right? It's just a thing, okay?

Don't tell me not to worry about it. Briana was a thing, Skyler, that was a thing, this is Monica, that is not a thing, Man, that is dangerous. I'm tellin, you, I'm not kiddin', Man.

Look! it's not that simple, all right? How you gonna say that to me?

It's not that simple, I mean I have real feelings for her.

It might be, ya know, maybe I'm in love with her.

Let me simplify it for you in case you don't understand me, all right?

You and her, that jeopardizes our team, that jeopardizes me, that jeopardizes you, my family.

I'm not willin' to take that risk, My Friend, so...

You need to end it, or somebody needs to leave.. cool it.

All right, all right, I'll go.

You... you'll... you'll go?! What's gotten into you do today?

There's gotta be something more on your mind than my sex life?

I'm takin' a job with the FBI, Man.

What! Really?

I'm gonna do it, it's a... it's my psych degree means more pay, they've been callin' a lot, and...

These are by δΘΣτΘP⌠ß⌠Θ which is Greek to me. and I get to spend more time with Maria and the three kids, so...

You know me, do it.

Whoa! Wait a second! Back up a sec, did you say three kids.

Don't tell me... The detective is on duty, yes, Sir!

Number three, Buddy, and I'm very happy about it.

That is great news, Man! Congratulations, congratulations.

However, a desk job with the FBI, terrible news. You know you can't take that job.

Tommy, I love you, Man, I mean, you know I do, from the bottom of my heart.

Well, you do, that's what I'm saying.

But I'd rather take advice from a ham sandwich.

Oh, my God, now you're really insulting me. All right, well, let me explain something to you.

You don't play the game, the game plays you.

Listen, my mind's made up, it's done, it's happening, okay?

And you've already discussed this with Maria, I suppose.

I knew it. I knew it. Well, after you discuss it with Maria... then your mind is made up.

Hi, Green, how you doin', Man? Fine, Sir.

Good morning, Chief, you're up bright and early.

Yep! I got a prayer breakfast over at the Amy Zion Baptist church in Lafayette Park. It's one of my Outreach programs.

You guys... get all this, yes?

Yeah, sure. Good.

Crimes in neighborhoods like this are... Ah, hell, cake eaters don't like it and it's bad for business.

Solve it, please.

He's runnin'. No doubt.

This place is heavy, huh?

Hey, Guys, whaddya say ya clear out, let Gandalf and I have this site.

Gandalf? Yeah! He was a wizard, what do ya want me to say?

Gandalf. Oh, Man, we got another one, huh?

Whatdya think, this is some kind of gang hit?

Gotta be at least two or three guys to pull this off.


This is one guy. One guy did all three? No shot.


You care to enlighten the Muggles, My Friend? That's two different movies, Tom.

Jesus, these guys were sick.

It's one guy. One guy.

All right, I got a license here. It reads: Fan Yau Lee.

Looks like maybe she's got eight grand in cash.

The only other item is this very elegant, but blank swipe card.

Yeah, footprints on the glass. That was a laptop. He must've made off with it.

Maybe he came for. I don't know, I'm just...

I don't see how one guy coulda done all this.

He knew her.

Tied her up, gonna have sex, Then it goes bad, she doesn't scream or the bodyguards woulda come running in, so...

He must've drugged her with some sort of date-rape drug.

I'll run a blood-tox, but answer me this, all right?

How does he get a gun up here past the bodyguards?

No doubt they gave him a pat-down before they left him alone with her.

Yeah, you would think. But, uh... the entry wounds downstairs are .380s, or looked like it.

Small gun, woman's model.

So, here's what happened.

Our guy comes here, we got manicure-man here, hits him, BAM!

He got the shot, he hits him twice.

Tough shot, but if it is one guy, we're probably talking about a professional.

A real professional, 'cause our Asian guy comes runnin' through the door...

so he leaves him to crawl while he goes to his car, gets his tools, comes back,

and he lays a rose right on him,

and he heads upstairs for the encore.

I'm going to ask you a question. And you are going to get... nine chances to get it right.

It hurts, doesn't it?

Personally, I'm... I'm fascinated by pain.

But I can make it stop.

Your laptop, tell me what the password is.

He would've needed a password, I get that.

There is no way it takes all ten fingers.

The other nine were for fun.

So, he sat here, cuts her fingers off and he sits here.

He's drawing.

Take a look at this.

Our killer thinks he's a Picasso.

Charcoal. That had to take a while.

All right, well, I'll have the lab check it out, maybe he used some kind of unique type.

Yeah, he's got some formal training, too, he's pretty good.

All right, we'll follow that as well.


That's four times our salary, Buddy, right there. If she's got that, there's more.

Safe. There is a safe.

Whatdya got?

Looks like some kind of thumb reader.

Are you thinking what I'm thinkin'? I'm always thinkin' what you're thinkin'.

All right, Man, well, I'll let you have the honor. No, go ahead.

No, no, you got it. You're...

You do it. No, no, I'm good.

It's on you. No, Tom, it's totally cool.

Luck of the Irish, you're doin' it. C'mon, you're the doctor.

Well, here we go. Jackpot!

Clever girl. She had a backup hard drive.

Looks like Picasso didn't think of everything.

Ya know, just once, I would like it if you got something wrong, 'cause this is really starting to get annoying.

Here's the copy you asked for. Thanks.

I've got some background on Fan Yau. There's not much here.

Talk to me, what is it?

28 years old, Taiwanese national, no known family here but I'm still looking into that.

She attends Fudan University in Shanghai, where she earns her M.B.A.

These are by δΘΣτΘP⌠ß⌠Θ which is Greek to me.

Then she wins a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford, but drops out after three months. That's where the trail dries up. Nada for the last five years.

Okay, if you think about the house, the jewelry, and the cars, that money had to come from somewhere, so odds are there is a dude in the picture.

Dude? Is that your only idea for how a woman can get money?

Well, the easiest way for a woman who looks like this, all right.

And we're not just talkin' money, we're talkin' crazy, big money.

Stay on track, Guys! What's the coroner sayin'?

Cause of death was shock, plain and simple.

Her heart just stopped.

But this is interesting. There was a hypo injection mark in her neck.

Blood toxicology report's not in yet, of course.

Of course, they're always behind on... Have them rush it, okay?

I think that's important. What do you guys got back there?

The IDE was routed to the BIOS in a weird way and the cylinder sector, it was stored in CMOS.

Yo, yo, yo! Geico Caveman, what do you say we break that down in English.

We splunked her email account, most of her emails came with two names.

Gilles Mercier and Erich Nunemacher. Mercier, wow, that's hard to cotton.

- This guy's on the Forbes' Richest List. Here it is.

Malthus Corporation. They're based here in Detroit, in the Aqua building.

Like I said, crazy, big money.

- Yeah. Right.

Wait a minute! Did you say Erich Nunemacher, was that it? Erich Nunemacher?


We got a E, we got an N here. This guy just gave us his next target, Guys. Let's get over there.

Moni, you ride with us. Kleb call ahead and let 'em know we're coming, all right?

I'm on it!

We're here to see Erich Nunemacher. I'm sorry, Detectives, but as I already told some woman in the office, without a warrant this as far as you go.

Tell me what this is about and I will relay it in the morning.

He is a target, he will be dead by morning.

I assure you, Detective, a killer would not be getting any further than you have. We are all former German police.

This company is our responsibility.

Has that ever happened before? No.

He's already in the building! Move! Follow me!

I need this weapon.

What is this?

Mr. Nunemacher, we have reason to believe your life may be in danger.

So, we need you to move, Sir. Nonsense, this building is impenetrable.

Tell them, Sacks. And you, please, sterilize your hands before you touch my furniture.

Yes, Sir. Hans, with me!

Cover this guy, I'm walkin' the circuit.

Is there a door to this office that I'm not seein'?

You idiot, this whole floor is my office.

Look, unless you want to get your ass shot off, I suggest you take a seat, all right?

Don't touch me, you have dirty hands. Sit down... Sir.

I'm not now an amateur. What in the hell do you think you're doing?

Listen to me I want this damn door opened right now, now open it!

I can't! Once it's down it can only be opened by outside security.

Well, then you better figure out another way.

Get someone up here who can open this thing.

Don't you listen, Fool, huh?

Once it's down, we can do nothing.

Let me see your hands.

Let me see your hands.

Put down the gun.

Put down the weapon now! Do it now!

Is this what you want to die doing? Drop the gun!

Do it now.

Now put your hands behind your back.

Put your hands behind your back Do it now!

Now you're gonna open this god damned door or I'm gonna you myself.

All right, all right! Go out! I hope you get killed! You idiot!

You okay? Yeah.

Look at me. You okay? Yeah.

I think I clipped him. He's gone.

You okay? Yeah.

You don't even see it!

You think you know.

No, the eyes are deeper set than that, the bridge of the nose is much stronger, so it makes it more pronounced.

Yeah, and he's older than that, he's gonna have crow’s feet around the eyes.

Ladies and gentlemen, that could have gone one helluva a lot worse than it did.

Alex, excellent effort! You and your team got close and that is not enough.

Yeah! But not close enough. We were right there, we almost had him. I almost had him, I had the shot.

There's blood in the bathroom so at least we have DNA.

Fair enough.

What else we got?


The charcoal pencil's unremarkable, same with the paper.

Sold every day, everywhere, so... the drawing gets us nothing.


Witnesses? This is Detroit. Nobody's sayin' anything.

I just spoke with Nunemacher. He and Mercier are on lock-down at the house.

With our patrol officers and Mercier's security detail. We're more than welcome to stop by.

I met Mercier, he's a good guy. He's a French guy, he's very... majestic.

Raised about a gazillion dollar fund to revitalize the City.

But here's what I don't get... we got the rich French guy, we got a professional assassin, now we're takin' multinational corporations. What's the connection?

Fan Yau, CFO, Nunemacher, CEO, this...

This guy just worked his way up the food chain.

Maybe to get to Mercier himself. It's exactly what he's doin'.

We need to get cleaned up and pay Mercier a visit early this morning, okay.

Now listen to me.

I need to control this, this whole thing, I need to stay ahead of it, and so far you people have told me exactly bupkis.

Now, god damn it, what do we know about the killer?

Chief, you have gotta give my team a break.

This guy's a assassin. And there's no clear cut profile for him.

I can tell you what I know.

He's ex-military. Somebody’s. I don't know who.

But he feels rouge. Stimulus seeking, sociopathic narcissist.

Trying to make somebody hurt. Wants somebody to pay.

Wants 'em to suffer. I don't know who.

Maybe his mother, his father, himself.

The world. Who... who... who the hell knows.

I think we should go with...

We got a good look at this lunatic, which means he also got a good look at us.

Any shot at all we go on his list?

No, it's not his M.O.

This guy, I'm telling ya, he's focusing, and... Fan Yau, $500,000 dollars in jewelry?

He didn't even breath on it. He's focused.

He's got a clear path, he's checkin' off the list.

He won't deviate.

I'll tell you what.

We're going to go with: a sociopathic killer with a narrow focus.

I think that'll comfort the citizens.

- This is quite the spread. Yeah, I'd say so.


Hi. Hi. I'm Peramita Megawatti.

Mr. Mercier's assistant, and... He's expecting you so, please... take a seat and I'll tell him you're here.

Can I offer you something, 'cause we have everything?

You like to eat? 'Cause I could make some coffee 'cause I could use some coffee, so...

I'm good.

Nothing to eat, coffee?

No, we had McDonalds.

That's funny.

That's gotta be some strong coffee they're servin'. That ain't coffee. Did you see her eyes?

That chick is coked to the gills. Yeah, she's been out all night.

C'mon! No woman wears that get-up at eight in the morning.

I remember your undercover work.

That was a very special occasion. Gentlemen, it's good to see you.

Under calmer circumstances.

I was going to say the same to you.

Ah, Detective Ash. I wasn't expecting you.

It was very sexy to be saved by a beautiful woman.

With a line like that I should have let him kill you. I'm kidding.

Detective, Dr. Cross, Gilles Mercier.

Oh, I'm so sorry. My ring. My only vanity, 14 carat.

It was given to me by the King of Cambodia.

Thank you all for your courage on Eric's behalf, he and Cloche are both like family to me.

Working for you seems to be pretty dangerous these days, yeah?

May I speak with you alone, Dr. Cross?

Malthus Corporation presents a new vision for Detroit.

What do you think?

Are you like everyone else, Dr. Cross? Do you see around you only death and decay?

Sir, you don't want to ask me that question, I'm a cop.

This city will be born once again.

A global center of manufacturing and innovation.

But this time hydrogen engines, nano-technology.

Thorium mini-reactors, the future.

Mr. Mercier, you and I, we both know that your employees, they're not the target, you are.

Have any idea why?

You have done your homework. Please sit down.

You know, there are many reasons why. I understand that, Sir, I am not here to judge you.

I'm just looking for leads.

Whoever killed poor Fan Yau tries to kill Erich last night, yes...

I am quite sure his ultimate target is me. Have any idea who he may be?

I don't have the slightest idea. But...

I don't want to die.

Forgive me. The pressure has been immense.

Do you like nature, Dr. Cross? Human nature.

Some Cognac? No.

Oh, yes, your duty. But this is Louis Thirteen. Mr. Mercier, can we stick to the point here?

You must find it unpalatable being sworn to protect a man like me.

Someone rich and spoiled. Don't over think it.

I'm just lookin' for a bad guy.

You know, if you had not called me, I would have called you.

Of course you would have, to have me drive out here an hour to tell me nothing?

No. So I could see with my own eyes, if you were up to the task of finding the killer.

If I wasn't up to the task, Sir, then your Nunemacher wouldn't be alive now, would he?

No, I think you a very good detective, Dr. Cross.

Make no mistake about it, I think you are the man I hoped you would be.

If I think of anything else, I will get in touch.

I have another appointment now, so, you'll have to excuse me.

Cloche, please, show Detective Dr. Cross to his car.

It's been a long time since we've been out without a kid between us.

Yeah, right.

And here we are with this freeloader. I'm not paying for his dinner tonight.

I want you to know he's gotta get a job.

Yeah, like his Daddy, Yes. who has two, right?

It's FBI profiling, 35 percent more money. 35 percent.

Great health benefits, great dental, regular hours, not as unpredictable as these.

Come on, Babe, I think D.C.'d be a good thing.

Yeah, I know, I get it, I get it. That... here's the other side...


I have a career, too, and it is right here in Detroit.

I know that.

The kids like their schools, and I have no idea what the public school system is like in D.C.

And... how you gonna convince Nana Mama to leave Detroit?

The National Guard and a drink.

Oh, Honey, come on, these are the questions that have to be answered before we can just put up the For Sale sign.

I understand that, Honey, I do. We're gonna work through this together.

All right? Together!

Let's toast to that, come on.

It's bad luck to toast with water, Honey. We don't wanna do that.

It's superstition, come on, come on.. All right! Fine. Toast! To the freeloader.

Don't you dare answer that.

Baby, if I was FBI profiling, then maybe I wouldn't have to.

We're not done here, Mister, not by a long shot. I know, I know, fine, hold on just a second.

Monica this better be damn good.


This isn't Monica.

Do you know who this is?

- Yes. Are you surprised to hear from me?

What do you want?

To send you something.

It's coming to you now.

There are so many interesting things you can do with fire, and water.

Dr. Cross, are you there?

Come on now!

You can do better than that. This is your only chance to psychoanalyze me.

Why don't you ask me some questions?

I want you to ask me some questions.

Are you having fun?

Fun? Am I having fun? Yeah, yes, I suppose I am.

But I think you'd find my hobby boring.

So your hobby is inflicting pain?

Oh! No, no, that's... that's not just a hobby.

Inflicting pain is an crucial part of my true calling.

So it fascinates you?

But in the beginning I'm sure it was very hard to deal with the guilt.

So where did it start? Was it a neighbor's pet? Or was it your own?

You're being disrespectful, very disrespectful, and I don't like that, not... not at all.

I'm a professional.

Well, we're just two professionals havin' a conversation, right?

Señora Cross, your table is ready. Follow me please.

I don't consider you a professional. You are not a professional.

Why not? What do you call that little run-in last night, huh?

Ah, yes, yes, you did figure out my embedded clue in the drawing. That's true, I suppose I have give you some credit for that. But...

Monica, under duress, told me that the rest was just lucky timing.

She can handle some pain, that one.

You're one, sick, twisted sonofabitch, do you know that?

Dr. Cross, you're taking this personally.

Yeah, about as personal as you took running out of that building with your tail tucked between your legs.

That job I can finish on another day.

I bet failing has to be difficult for a guy like you.

So, how did you punish yourself? Was it wire under your fingernails?

Was it zapping your testicles with a stun gun? Did you...

Textbook psychology, Dr. Cross.

Seriously. Textbook.

And besides, how could I ever believe you when you're wearing that... that blue, floral tie?

By the way, you have a very pretty wife. Sitting there... deciding she's going to have some green tea.

She looks stunning.

Okay, okay, Honey, hey... The baby.

I need... I need somebody to call 911 for me, please.

Ya hear me, call 911! Call 911!

Baby! Baby, look at me.

No, no, no, no, no, no, you're okay, okay.

Look! Honey! Hi! Look! Look!

I got it wrong, Man.

I got it wrong and look what happened.


Whatchya got, Tommy?

It was just the lab, they found trace elements of this drug this sonofabitch is using. It's got a 24 hour half-life.

It's called TTX, Tetra something-or-other.

That means he's getting it right here locally. Somebody knows this guy.

Somebody's puttin' it in his hands.

Well, here's the thing, Man, it paralyzes the victim but leaves them totally aware.

Which means that she was awake, Man. She... she... couldn't do anything... but she could feel everything that was happening to her.

We gotta find this guy and we gotta take him out!

I need you to calm down, Man, you gotta stay with me, you can't fall apart on...

You don't understand, Man!

Please, Tommy, please. We gotta get this sonofabitch, okay?

Excuse me.

Janelle's up.. up in her room crying. She's alone.

She needs you, Son.


Babe, listen, you can't sit up here all alone. We're all worried about you down there.

None of us is gonna get through this alone, okay?

I want my Mom back, I want her back. I know.

I want her back, too, Honey.

You know, before you were born...

Your Mom made me buy this piano.

I hate the piano, I hate that thing, I hate everything, I'm never gonna play it again.

Janelle, look at me, Honey.

When I was, ah... just about your age... my Dad died. And Nana Mama came up and she would say... all the things I'm trying to say to you, Honey.

But out of everything she said, she said that... that my father loved me.

And I know your Mom loved you, Honey.

And she loved me and she loved your brother.

And when the person is gone, that love just doesn't go away from 'em, it stays.

Do you understand me? It stays, okay?

So, we're gonna try to remember the love, okay?

Thank you, Baby.


Good afternoon, Detective.

Am I calling at a bad time?

That depends, are you callin' to tell me where you are, so I can hunt you down like a down like a rabid dog.

That's good. I can feel that.

I mean you looked so... numb at the funeral today.

But now the pain's really starting to flow, isn't it?

Here is another emotion for you... it's pleasure.

The pleasure I'm gonna get when I watch your soul come oozing out of your body, you maggot.

Well, Confucius said, "When setting off on the path of revenge, dig two graves"

That's fine with me, as long as you're in one of them. Me?

Why me? I mean, you made me do it.

It's all your fault.

I had you in my scope. Locked!

Then you just had to be so bright.

You had to try and... and push my buttons.

Spouting all your psychobabble.

I decided that death would be just too easy on you. No, you needed to suffer.

Really suffer. And so I took away your wife instead.

And now you're gonna take this knowledge to the grave. If you just had kept your mouth shut... you wouldn't be feelin' any pain at all.

I saw the way how you and Tommy were looking at each other.

I know what you're up to.

I loved her.

Like she was my own daughter. Do I need to tell you this?

Look at you. Self-appointed, judge, jury and executioner.

Mama, either you step aside or you go back up those stairs, but you're in my way.

You just lost your wife but you're still here.

Your soul is alive in your body. You can't lose that, you know.

I not losing anything else. I'm gonna deliver some justice.

Liar. Liar. Liar!

Some fool child placatin' me. You're gonna go out there and get yourself killed.

That's ain't gonna happen. So you gun him down, you do that, you go home, you get up the next day and then what?

I have to figure out how to live another day without Maria.

Don't you walk out that door!

If you walk outta here tonight, how you gonna walk back in?

How you gonna look your children in the eye, what will you say to them?

I know what's going in your heart, but you can't do this.

He won't stop.

I've seen his face.

I heard his voice.

I will always be a threat to him, don't you understand that?

But I will meet his soul at the gates of hell, before I let him. take another person from me that I love.

Look at me.

Now, these men are comin' to take you and my children to someplace safe.

Go with them...

and don't you put up a fuss.


I've got it.

Just where I left it.

Alex Cross. How's my girl Pop Pop doin'?

Not bad for somebody's payin' your tab.

Now, I don't know how those rumors get started.

Why do you go see her so much?

Tryin' to make sure she doesn't turn out like you, Holiday.

Give her some hope. What do you want, Doctor? I have a long reach.

You wanna replace that old Yukon you been drivin'? You wanna flat screen for your two little ones?

A bunch of kitchen ware for your Mama. Hey, hey, hey.

Don't talk about my kids, don't say a word about my children, you understand me?

Whatchya got for my wife?

Oh, Man, I'm sorry about that. That was flat out cruel.

And I hope you don't think my prints are on that.

You clowns gotta be this close?

Maybe you know somethin' and you don't know you know it..

That's everybody's story, Dr. Cross. I'm looking for a chemist.

A mixer killed your wife? The killer used a chemist.

One. And you? You know all of 'em.

Well, the guy I'm looking for, he's got real bad judgment or he must be hard up for money. Yeah.

He's got mojo for cookin' exotica, who is that? Why would I want to help a cop?

I ain't a cop right now, Holiday. No. No, you a real gangster.

Well, this top gangster, in a real gangster car.

Do you know what this is?

A .38 with Pop Pop's fingerprints on it.

Found it when I busted her.

You and I both know that she didn't pull the trigger on it, right?

So make you a deal. Give me the chemist and I give you the gun.

My, my, Detective Cross, you have definitely run off the reservation.

But you know full well there was more than one gun.

What's this?

That's an answer.

You get any lawyer, file an appeal, you know what happens?

The D.A.'s gonna have some evidence issues.

Case dismissed. Give me a name. She walks?

Give me a name.

I want to call my attorney. I am your attorney.

Are you makin' TTX? You're makin' TTX? I don't know what you're talkin' about.

The woman he loves is dead and so is my wife. You little maggot, you better talk to me Are you makin' TTX? I don't know what you're talkin' about?

You don't need an attorney, you're gonna need a priest, you sonofabitch, because we're holding you responsible.

Get him up.

I want a name.

I want a name.


I can't... I don't know his name. I don't know who he is.

What about those security cameras, huh? Maybe one isn't blacked out?

That's him.

Go... go back, go back! Blow it up!

Damn it to hell, I don't have my glasses on... Yeah, I got it, I got it. T-D-8-6-zero.


Kleb! We got a Cadillac, CTS, partial plate. Thomas, David, eight, six, zero.

- Thomas, David, eight, six, zero. Wait.

Lis... No, no, lis... listen to me. OnStar.

Okay, get them on the phone, they can shut it down remotely. let's go Tommy.

Appreciate your help.

OnStar says that they can't communicate with the equipment, he's disabled it.

No, no, no, no, there's gotta be a way to track that car.

We've researched this, all you have to do is give 'em the transponder receiver number from the GPS, right?

Match it with the VIN number and they'll tell you where it is.

Hold on! Yeah, I need you to track the car's VIN number, okay? I'm gonna give it to you.

Zero-8-2-8-2-zero-1-1-4-1-3-zero-8. Yes!.

Yes, can you transmit that to my screen.

Perfect, okay, thank you.

It worked, he's downtown.

He's... he's heading, um...

Hold on, he's... he's heading on West Canfield Street.

Downtown, Downtown, what the hell is Downtown.

Guys, please don't tell me Mercier's downtown and we don't know it. Please don't tell me that.

Mercier scheduled to give a presentation to the City Planning Commission this afternoon.

It's going down in 30 minutes. Federal Courthouse.

Kleb, you better get Brookwell and you let him know that his Billion Dollar Baby's going down and so is his chance at Mayor, if he doesn't shut down Courthouse Four, I mean lock it down tight, right now!

That's far enough.

Close it!

Max, I want you making sure everyone is working out of my tent.

Anyone who is gettin' commands, I want you to find them and then confirm that they're working off of my contingency scenario.

Mine, not theirs. Ya, understand? Yes, Sir, Chief..

Bomb Squad's here, I want this whole block swept in 15 minutes! Let work!

You got it!

Jesus, Man, it's a parking lot!

Where are you playin' tonight, Bro?

Looks really artsy.

Need some groupies or something? Huh?

Hey! Where you playin' tonight? Maybe we'll show up.

Whatchya got in the other bag, got your panties in there?

Panty-Man, we're talkin' to you.

That's right, walk away... Bitch!

Bomb Squad, where you at? Building's clear.

There's no way we're vetting all these vehicles in ten minutes.

Any one of 'em could blow up the whole block.

Great. So we're sitting in the middle of Baghdad.

Max, I'm walling-off that nation signal.

I want you to jam the cell grid. We'll take out twenty square blocks minimum in all directions.

We'll cordon-off off Madison Avenue. I don't want any lookie-loos within a thousand yards.

They're saying he stopped at the corner of...

All circuits are busy at this time, please try again...

Damn it! Jody! Jody!

Shit! We lost her. Bomb Squad. They shut down the cell towers.


What are you doing onboard the train, Man? Huh?

Hey, we're talking to you.

Ya hard o' hearin'?

Ya know, this guys a terrorist, Take him out.

No, please, God, no.

Not me for playin' this.

Please, Man, no, please I'm not gonna tell anyone.

Alex, you better be right on this one, otherwise we got one helluva an expensive fire drill goin' here.

Quite cryin' about politics for just a second and be a cop, please.

Oh! That's great, give me a break, will ya? This isn't just some lunatic, Brookwell.

It doesn't matter what he is. Don't you understand?

Have you looked around, he's steppin' into a hornet's nest.

There's not one scenario that you have thought of that he has not already figured out.

Don't you understand what I'm saying to ya?

The only thing to do here is to stop Mercier right where he is...

I have 20 square blocks locked down. 20 blocks. Locked down.

This ends today. In fact, it ends right now.

Just in time for the six o'clock news, right? Aw, that's just great.

Both of you. You're both dismissed. Get out. Get out. Go home.


Frenchie just pulled up.

Ya gotta think like him. You gotta get inside his head. Where would he be?

Come on, Man. Get inside his head. Think it through. Where would you be?

I wanted to personally assure you that we're locked down here. We're completely safe.

The train.

The train.

Watch out.

Please, Man, no, please. I won't tell anyone. Please don't hurt me, please. God.

The cell towers are back up. Got three units on the way.

Can you hear me?

Where's the car? Go...

The car is stationary. Bagley and Grand River.

That's the old Michigan Theater. I know, but they turned that into a car park.

That's gotta be his way out.

Talk to me, Man. You okay?

Tell me you're okay, Man. I'm okay.

Remember when we talked about two graves, Detective?

I'm up here.

How... do.. you... like... it?

I am going to...


Enjoy this.

I... made... you.

Hang tight, here, okay? I got you, Man, I won't let you drop.

Come on guys, hurry the hell up!

On ya! Hang in there, hang in there, they're coming.

Good. Good. All right guys.

Let's go! Let's go! All right, on three. One, two, three.

The worse is over, right?


It's ain't over, Tommy.

Cross here.

We are assembling now.

Thank you for your help, Chief.

Please stand by.

Standing by.

Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir, there's an urgent call for you!

Bring the phone!

Yes, Sir!

Who is it? It's the Police, Sir!

Who is this? I think you know who it is.

It seems that I have underestimated you, Detective Dr. Cross.

How did you find me?

Your only vanity.

Your 14 carat gold ring from the King of Cambodia.

You weren't wearing it at the Courthouse.

But we both knew it wasn't you, right? It was Cloche.

You sent him in there to take the hit for you.

A hit that you, no doubt, arranged on yourself.


I'm at the line.

The transfer is being routed.

You know where to find her.

All of them. Do you understand?

My financial problems in Germany were just the beginning.

Everything begins to unravel. Yeah, 2008 wasn't a good year for you.

I was forced to do something drastic. I could not go out a loser.

So you've embezzled from you Detroit fund?

Nunemacher and Fan Yau, they were in on it to help you escape... so you had to do away with them.

They were inside my information loop. I had no choice.

And this psychopath?

Who is he?

I never knew his name.

I contacted him on the open market. He came highly recommended.

You let that monster loose, you thought you could control him? You are an arrogant bastard.

Your wife was never, never part of the equation.

- I am truly sorry. I think you should look out of your window.

What is this?

You have nothing on me.

There is no extradition here. It's not extradition that I want.

You are in the perfect place.

But you have no proof, no case.

I am clean. You were... but your assistant, Paramita...

She's an addict. And I knew it is only a matter of time... before she got caught using or selling or something.

She rolled over on ya. Gave you up for immunity.

But I have nothing to do with the drugs. I don't know nothing about them.

Then why are there two kilos of cocaine in the trunk next to your favorite couch?

Do you have any idea what the punishment is for drug smuggling, where you are?

It's death by firing squad. You framed me with this...

It is a lie! All dirty lies. My wife is dead because of you.

And soon you will be dead because of me.

No! No! No!

I think your days of underestimating people are over, Monsieur Mercier.

Lies! No! Help me.

Let me go.

We got him.

Yeah, we got him good.

You walk outta here tonight, how you gonna walk back in?

How ya gonna look your children in the eye, what will you say them?

Well, I guess this is it.

Yeah, I guess so.

Here, you can save me a stamp.

What's this? My application to the FBI.

D.C.'s lookin' like a step up right about now.

What do you think?

I think you're worryin' about getting your ass shot up if I'm not around here... to watch your back.

Very funny. That was actually my concern about you.

Like the time I had to step in before Charlie McClinch kicked your ass.

And that was... right... yeah... the first day in kindergarten... yeah.

Set the tone for our whole relationship. Do I need to remind you of the Winston brothers?

Two against one, and I was holdin' my own and you didn't show up to the very end.

I was standin' behind a tree watchin' you get your ass kicked. I was enjoyin' it.

Thank you Brother. No, Man, thank you.

See you in D.C., yeah? Hell, yeah.


The movers will be here in a little bit, they charge by the hour.

You don't want to...

You don't want to leave behind anything you love.