Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker (2006) Script

Settle down, everybody.

Quiet, please.

Mobile phones off. Thank you very much.


So, what is it that makes us what we are?

What is it that defines us?

Is it where we live?

Is it our schooling?

Or is it our family?

Alex Rider. Family?


Yes, sir? Have you prepared something for us?

Yes. Come on, then.

There's not much I can say about my family.

I didn't know my parents. They died when I was small.

I live with my uncle.

He's never around, so I can't tell you much about him either.

I have a housekeeper because he's always away on business.

She's an American. Her name is Jack.

She's always there for me, which is great, because... he isn't.

My uncle...

He's never gonna set the world on fire because he's got a real boring job.

Intruder alert! Intruder alert!

His work means a lot to him, but...

...he never talks about it.

Where's your uncle now?

He mentioned a conference in Cornwall.

Life in the slow lane.

Whoops-a-daisy! That's the way to do it.

Oh, what a pity!

I wish I knew more about my uncle, but he's not easy to pin down.

And that's about it.

The end.

Thank you, Alex.

Hey, Sabina.


I was wondering-do you wanna do something this weekend?

I can't. I have riding lessons, and... I'm going out with my parents.

It doesn't matter.


Next weekend? Whatever.

- Hey, Alex? Hey. Are you coming home?

Yeah, I'm on my way now.

How was the conference?

Uh... It was fine.

- You know how they are. No, I don't. You never tell me.

There isn't much to tell. Wait a minute.

Hello? Hello?


- What was that? Nothing.

I'm really sorry about last week.

I know I said I'd be there, but this trip just came out of nowhere.

As always.


I'll be back in time for dinner, whatever Jack's cooked.

- Then we've got the whole weekend. Really?

When did I ever let you down? Really want me to answer that?

Yeah, I know. Look, I'll see you soon, OK?

I'm glad you called.

Yeah, me too.

I'll see you later, Alex.

- Bye. Bye.

On The Road

# And then I see you again

# And that look is in your eyes

# You blew my mind but it wasn't real


# You and I

# We're floating in a kaleidoscope of lies

# And tell me why

# You dress the truth in a velvet disguise

# I wanna break free

# You can never shake what I believe

# And the sunrise

# Paints the skies red with shame

# And you wake up to find the whole world's gone insane

# But if you hide yourself away

# Well, I say

# Hey, you've only got yourself to blame

# Blame, blame, blame...

# Got to decide

# Whether or not you believe all those lies

# But take it from me

# They got a stranglehold

# On the air we breathe

# And the sunrise burns the sky red with shame

# And we wake up to find the whole world's gone insane

# But if you hide yourself away

# Well, I say

# You've only got yourself to blame Jack?



Jack, are you here?




Let's begin.

I met the most amazing guy at the fishmonger's today.

Know what the problem with this country is?

Every good-looking guy is either gay or married.

Except for you, but you're too young.

Will you please eat something?

He's coming. He's just stuck in traffic. He'd have rung.

He's probably gone to the office to put in a report, and next thing we know he's on his way to Hong Kong.

Let me down again.

Well, his work means a lot to him. Yeah, it means a lot.

All the more for us.

What did I tell you?

Who's a genius?

Come on.

We are gathered here today to bid farewell to a man called before his time.

A reminder that even in the midst of life we are all of us walking together... the shadow of death.

Ian Rider was a good man.

Everyone who worked with him will remember him for his courage, and his loyalty.

He was, above all, a true patriot.

A patriot?

We have entrusted our brother to God's mercy.

We now commit his body to the grave.

...Ian Rider, a true patriot.

...patriot, patriot...


To him be glory forever.


I'm John Crawford from the Royal and General Bank.

I just want you to know you have our condolences.

It's a tragedy, a car crash. If only he'd been wearing a seat belt.

Thank you.

This is Alan Blunt. He's the Chairman of the bank.


Sorry about your uncle.

Um... we're going to miss him. He talked a lot about you.

That's strange.

Cos he never mentioned you.

This is my deputy.

Mrs. Jones.

I'll be in contact very soon, Alex.


Well... after what's happened, there's the question of who's going to look after you.

I'll look after him. We're just trying to help.

I'm sure we'll meet again, Alex, hopefully somewhere a little less...


My uncle always wore a seat belt, Mr. Blunt.

He was a very careful man.

Not careful enough.

Did you mean what you said about looking after me?

Of course I did, idiot.

You know I'd never leave you. Besides, who else is there?

I mean, will you be allowed to? We're not even related.

I've been living with you for nine years.

How much more related do you wanna be?

Is it just me, or are those bankers weird?


Hey! That's Ian's stuff!


What the heck are you doing?




Get out of it!

I Predict A Riot

If you see that Nigel, you tell him I want him, right?


What's going on?

The Rider car should've been done two days ago, so do it now, all right?

I didn't get the paperwork. Just do it, Harry.

I'm going to Liverpool Street.

Liverpool Street?

What, the station?

Yes, you berk. Where else?

I'm going to take them the stuff.

Bryce! Bryce!

Tyson, get out!




Come here!




How did he get in? Get out of the way!

Please wait on the main concourse...

Sure they said they were coming here? They could've gone anywhere.

No, they didn't say they were taking a train.

They were bringing stuff to the station.

Where? I dunno.

- Jack? What?

Over there.

It's that guy from the funeral.

It's um...

What's his name? Uh...


Hey! Mind!

The Stormbreaker, coming soon from Sayle Enterprises.

Look out! Sorry.

The Stormbreaker, coming soon from Sayle Enterprises.


Welcome to Arrivals.

Please remain seated, and await docking procedure.

Good morning.

Good morning, Alex.

Shouldn't you be at school?

I was at Liverpool Street Station.

And now I'm here.

That's right.


So, what is this place?


I think you've probably realized your uncle didn't work for a bank.

The Royal and General doesn't exist. He worked for us.

Who are you? My name is Mrs. Jones.

I run the Special Operation division of MI6.

Wait a minute-are you saying he lied to me?

He lied to everyone. Sorry.

Part of his job.

Ian Rider was one of our best agents.

Until you got him killed. He got himself killed.

It's an occupational hazard, I'm afraid. Not if you're a banker.

Mr. Blunt wants to talk to you.

We have a proposition we'd like to make.

We want you to work for us.

You're not being serious?

Actually, it's not my habit to make jokes.

You're making one now.

I don't wanna be a spy. In case you haven't noticed, I'm still at school.

I'll take that as a no, then.

What a great shame.

Your uncle would be very disappointed.

- What? Letting him down like that.

But then, I suppose... Young people.

How can you say that? He wouldn't want me here.

He spent his life making sure I never knew anything about it.


Then how do you explain...


First-rate martial arts moves. Perfectly executed.

Who trained you?

Nobody trained me. You're a first-grade dan.

A black belt at karate.

Who paid for the lessons?

It was my choice. No.

All your life Ian Rider was preparing you.

You speak French, German and Japanese.

He took me on holiday.

You've been scuba-diving, mountain climbing, abseiling... They were my hobbies.

...white-water rafting, rifle shooting, martial arts.

He was training you.

That's not how it was.

You're trying to spoil everything.

Please put me back in the photo booth and show me the way out.

I'm surprised, really.

I'd have thought you'd want to get back at the people who killed your uncle.

How's that erm... housekeeper of yours, by the way?

What's her name? Jack Starbright.

I suppose she'll have started packing by now.

Why? What do you mean?

Didn't she tell you? Her visa ran out seven years ago.

She'll be deported any day now.

Actually, we might prosecute her first.

- Concourse level. Departures. Make an example.

Working here illegally may mean a prison sentence.

What are you?

What kind of people are you?

Ones that normally get their way.

Liverpool Street concourse now ready for departure.

Get up there!

Get up there!

Come on, now, lad. Look lively.

On your feet!

Gentlemen, this is our latest recruit.

He's here for two weeks' training.

Sarge? Don't ask me about it because I don't know a thing.

I just do as I'm told.

We have no names here. We have no ranks.

This is K Unit.

Fox, Bear, Eagle and Wolf.

You'll be Cub. Get him a bed.

What the heck is this?

Jeez. It's a kid.

Who the heck do you think you are?

A schoolboy? They've gotta be joking.

What's your name?

Who sent you here?

I can't tell you.

He can't tell me.

Course you can tell me.

Must be with Special Operations- the only ones stupid enough to come up with this.

I said...

I can't tell you.

That's very good. Someone been teaching you self-defense?

Won't help you here.

You ain't gonna last two days.

Get a move on, schoolboy!

Keep moving!

Get up, you! Get up!

Stay with it.

Feel Good Inc.

# City's breaking down on a camel's back

# They just have to go cos they don't know when Get up! Get up!

#... fill the streets it's appealing to see

# You won't get out the county cos you're bad and free

- Come on! # You got a new horizon...

Go! Come on, go! Go, go!

That's it, Cub. Go on.

# And all I wanna hear is the message beep

# My dreams, they've got to kiss me, because I don't get sleep

- Ugh! Oh, look at him!

Come on, Cub!

You're not in the playground now, Cub.

Move it!

# Take it all in on your stride

# It is sinking, falling down Idiot!

# Love forever, love is free

# Let's turn forever you and me

# Windmill, windmill, for the land

# Is everybody in?

K Unit. Stand fast.

You have failed the exercise.


- Well, well. What have we got here? Your mission is over.

We're finished.

We've blown the whole exercise. We'll get kicked out.

This is your fault. You had the map.

Never listens to a word. Always gotta be right.

Who puts a light on in the middle of an exercise?


There's a fireplace. How did you know?

I saw the chimney on the way in.

The kid's right.

It's clear.

Sure. You think they'd leave it open if they thought we could all climb up?

You can't. You're too big.

But I can.

Go on, then, Cub. Up you go.

- All right, mate? Wotcha.

Cup of tea? Oh, yeah. Ta.

We should take that lot back to base.

Nah, later will be fine.

See ya.

- Fancy a nice cup of tea, boys? Wait till I get out!

Shut up! Sit down.

What's that lot playing at, having a kid with them?

I don't know. He looks like a schoolboy. He's only about 14.

14? Bit young for Special Forces, isn't it?

I know. We'd better get him back to his mummy.

Probably needs a nappy change by now.

Boss? Are we moving?

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Hold on, lad!

Oh... Hey!

Hold on, fellas!

Cuts, bruises, fractured limbs.

It's a miracle no-one was killed.

Well, I'm very sorry, Major.

We will be talking to our man-boy.

He's no child, Mr. Blunt.

He's a lethal weapon.

He's ready.


Heard you were leaving.

Yeah, that's right.

What you did earlier...

If it weren't for you...


And finally, an amazing gift made to the British nation.

The Stormbreaker has been called the most sophisticated personal computer of the 21st century.

And one month ago its multi-billionaire inventor Darrius Sayle made his astonishing announcement.

That's right.

I'm gonna give a Stormbreaker to every school in the country.

And while I'm at it, I wouldn't mind giving you one too.

Really, Mr. Sayle!

We don't trust him. Why not?

Well, we don't trust anyone.

It's sort of what we do.

We thought Sayle was too good to be true.

So, six months ago we put in an agent to keep an eye on him.

Are you talking about my uncle? Yes.

Sayle has a manufacturing plant in Cornwall.

It's built on top of what used to be a tin mine.

Ian Rider went there as a security guard.

He sent us these images of the old mine entrance just outside Sayles' complex.

In his last message to us, he mentioned a virus.

A computer virus?

He was on his way to tell us. But he never arrived.

Something's going on.

We need to get someone to take a look around, and this may be our last chance.

Why me?

I'll show you.

This is Kevin Blake.

He's a computer nerd.

Six weeks ago he won a competition in a computer magazine.

Disc Drive World. Do you ever read it?

No. The first prize was a visit to Cornwall, and a chance to try out the Stormbreaker.

He's due to arrive tomorrow. It's a PR stunt.

Mr. Sayle is trying to show the world what a nice man he is.

Get a kiddie in to look at the works.

Now you will take his place.

Yeah, but I look nothing like him.

We've spoken to the editor.


There's just one problem.

I know nothing about computers and I'm not a computer nerd.

But you soon will be.

There's only two days left.

There's a launch at the Science Museum this Friday.

70,000 Stormbreaker computers going live.

Just take a look around, but... be careful of Sayle.

He may seem charming... ... but he's about as charming... a snake.

Just keep your eyes open and report back.

How am I meant to do that?

We will give you a telecommunications device.

That and other... gadgets.

I get gadgets?

I want one! I want one! Yes, thank you, sir.

Thank you.

I want it! Thank you!

Come on, let's go.

Oh, you're so mean. Unfair. I want one!

And I suppose you want one as well, do you?

No. I'm looking for something to take to Cornwall.

To Cornwall?

Follow me.

Andrea Chicken to floor three, please.

Andrea Chicken, thank you.

I keep my special toys down here...

...where children aren't allowed, it rather pleases me to say.

Right. We'll start with this.

A yo-yo? Bit of a grandpa's toy, don't you think?

Oh, really? And your grandpa's yo-yo had a miniaturized engine with traction of up to 90lbs, all in a magnetized housing with a specially-developed cord of super-nylon?


Batteries included? No.

No. I think not.

Now, here's something for you to keep it in.

Right. What about this? Don't... pull that.

It will deploy the parachute. A parachute?

A parachute. Wow.

This is rather appropriate for you.

Oh. Zit cream?

Put some on your finger, perfectly harmless, pleasantly fragranced.

Woody musk with top notes of citrus. But...

...apply it to anything metallic and... will work its way through up to six inches of carbonized steel.

Yes, now, this... is called a fountain pen.

Not something you have much use for, I'm sure.

However, the nib can be fired from a range of up to eight meters.

The ink is Sodium Pentathol.

Whomever you hit will do exactly what you want for up to six hours.

Six hours? Six hours.

I've saved the best till last.

It's over here. Hm.

Don't do that! Why, is it dangerous?

No, it's very annoying.

A Nintendo DS game system, but it's been specially modified.

What it does... depends on the cartridges you insert.

Put in this one here and it's a PDA, a scanner and transmitter.

It's how you keep in touch if you can be bothered.

This one here... turns it into a bug-finder and sonic intensifier.

You can hear conversations through solid walls for up to 250 yards.

This one turns the whole device into a smoke bomb.

There's a five-second delay.

That's really cool. And what about Mariokart?

Mariokart... a game. I thought you might like it for the flight.

May we remind you to keep your baggage with you at all times.

Unattended baggage will be removed and may be destroyed.

Miss Vole? I'm the editor of Disc Drive World.

Then this must be Kevin.

That's me. You should say goodbye now.

Well, goodbye, Kevin.

I hope you find your stay most informative.

I'm sure it will be.

I am Nadia Vole.

I work for Mr. Sayle. Press and public relations.


It is a very important job.

This is Port Tallon. It is a fishing village.

Nice place.

Not if you're a fish.

Hey. How are you?

That's pretty cool, don't you think? Not sure I'd want one as a pet.

Physalia physalia.

That's the Portuguese man-of-war.

I got that beauty in the South China Sea.

You know, I'm happy killing exotic animals.

But not this one. This one I had to keep.

She sort of reminds me of myself.

99% water, no brains and no anus.

You know, I think I'm gonna get to like you.

You know why I love her?

I love her because...

...she's an outsider.

She's silent and she's deadly.

And if you came into contact with that, you'd die a very memorable death.

I'm too young to die.

You're never too young to die.

Excuse me. Mr. Sayle, you have the American Ambassador on the line.

Mr. Ambassador.

How are you doing?

The answer is still no.

I'll tell him myself and I'll do it right now.

I'm sorry. I'm not going to be able to join you for lunch.

But I'm looking forward to seeing you at dinner time.

It's been quite a while since I've been face-to-face with a British schoolboy.

I can't wait to hear what you think about the Stormbreaker.

I'm looking forward to it, Mr. Sayle. Oh.

This is Mr. Grin.

It seems he's cut himself shaving.

Mr. Grin used to be a novelty act in the circus.

Huh? Used to catch a spinning knife in his teeth.


He lost his concentration when his mother waved to him in the audience.

You take care of my boy. See you later.

Are you settled in, Kevin?

Yes, thank you.

It is time for you to see the Stormbreaker.

You are the first child to experience the power- the world domination of the Stormbreaker.

This model has been already loaded with highly-developed programs for all aspects of the school curricula.


Does it have pinball?

There is no pinballs!

Please be still while it scans you.

Scanning commencing.

Please stand still.

I see you're using a slice matrix virtual reality software.


Who taught you about computers? My uncle.

He is a computer whiz-king? No.

He was a security guard. But he died.

How did that happen?

I'm not sure.

But I'll find out.

Maybe... but not today.

Scanning complete.

Please put on the glasses.

Choose a subject and press "enter" to begin.

I will return later. Enjoy!

Place your hands on the pads.

Use your fingers to navigate.

Select category.

You have selected Space.

Press thumb key to begin.

There is no gravity in outer-space.

The Large Magellanic Cloud is an irregular galaxy measuring 30.000 light years across...

- Illegal interface. ... 160.000 light years away

- from Earth. Illegal interface.

Where is he now?

Can't tell you. Sorry.

You're sorry? What are you sorry about, sweetie?

Taking him out of school or trying to turn him into some kind of spy?

Alex isn't a spy. He's a 14-year-old kid, lady.

Well, that's what makes him useful to us.

What happens if he gets hurt?

What if he's killed? Could you live with that, Mrs. Jones?

I worked for Ian Rider nine years. I didn't know about any of this.

But I warn you, if anything happens to Alex...

It won't.

We'll take care of him. I promise.

By the way, he...

...wanted me to give you this.

It's your visa. It's permanent.

Dinosaur. The name means "terrible lizard".

-160 million years ago, these huge... Wow!

...creatures first roamed the Earth.

The largest carnivorous dinosaur was the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Each one of its teeth was 15 centimeters long.

Good afternoon, Mr. Sayle. We've been expecting you.

In fact, we've prepared a demonstration for your approval.

Is it ready for me?

Yes, sir. This way, please.



I hope this satisfies your requirements.

This is a scale model of the rooftop at your London HQ.

I've incorporated a powerful nationwide transmitter that will give you manual override.

In other words, a backup system.

This backup system... it will send out a signal that will instantly activate all 70,000 computers.

Of course, it shouldn't be needed.

Is it all right, sir?

It's excellent.

It's very good.

Warning. R-5 injection now in progress.

What are you doing down here, Kevin?

I was just... wondering where this went, Miss Vole.

What is that place? This area is restricted.

This way, please.


I was brought up on...

...the wrong side of the tracks, in a very dark place.

It was terrible. It was very nasty.

I still have the nightmares.

- What happened? I was lucky, I got out.

My mother won a million dollars on the state lottery.

She had me educated in the best schooling system in the world- right here in your country.

You were at school with the Prime Minister.

That's right.

And he treated me with the same kindness as all the others in my class.

This is the number, Miss Vole.

And this phone is registered to an address in Chelsea.

Tell me. did you like the Stormbreaker?

Yeah, it was cool.


Come on, man. Is that all you can say?

It strikes me that you don't talk very much.

I mean, I know you're the strong, silent type.

You don't even seem like a computer enthusiast.

You don't look like one either.

That's funny, Mr. Sayle. cos I think I'd say the same about you.

Well, hey... you got a point, son.

Listen, I very much enjoyed meeting you.

And I'm sure you'll have a lot to talk about when you get back to school.

And when we launch the Stormbreakers tomorrow.

I'll be thinking particularly of you.

Enjoy the grub.

Do not let the spines puncture your skin.

It can result in vomiting, fever or even death.

Though a great delicacy in Japanese restaurants, the Fugu fish is one of the...

Excuse me.

I am looking for a person called Jack.

Is this about Alex? You are a friend of Alex?

Sort of. I look after him.

This is Alex.

So? And this man with him?

His father? What is going on?

Tell me, who is this boy? What is he doing?

Who are you? Who is he working for?


Alright Alright Yah! Yah!

# Now I feel like breaking laws

# Go start a civil war...

# Now I feel like dropping bombs

# Black out your house if you're at home...

Good night.

Ah, Mr. Gregorovich. I'm glad you can join us.

I didn't know you were gonna come in person.

This is the last batch.

My people wanted to be assured that the operation had gone according to plan.

Oh, your people. It's my plan. It's my operation.

Why would your people think anything could go wrong?

Stand back You stupid idiot!

It's OK.

The container is not compromised.

Sorry. I won't do that again.

No. You won't.

My people don't like mistakes.

Well, I ain't got all night. Let's go to work, boys.

Back to work! All of you!

This just came from Alex Rider.

Yassen Gregorovich.

It has to be.

I thought he was still in North Korea.

Obviously not.

This is the proof we need.

The Stormbreaker launch is in less than 24 hours.

Cancel it. Yes, you're right.

For once.

I'll put a call in to Downing Street.

Get Alex out. There's no need.

He'll be on a plane at 12:00 tomorrow.

You can meet him if you like- take him for an ice cream.

Well, he's done very well. He deserves a treat.

Ah, Alex Rider.

I suspected him from the moment he arrived.

And his uncle was Ian Rider, the security guard that was actually a spy.

I want you to go to his room.

I want you to wake him up... gently.

Then I want you to kill him.

You've got to be kidding.

Warning. R-5 injection now in progress.

Warning. R-5 injection now in progress.

Warning. R-5 injection now in progress.

What are you doing here?

Who are you?

I'm Kevin Blake. I was invited here.

It's a good act. You do it very well.

But you should not have come here.

We can talk.

I don't think so.

Yes, we can.

Don't drop that.

R-5. What is it?

Put... it... back.

The way out.


Intruder alert. Intruder alert.

Alert. Intruder, level 8.

Security to level 8.

Going somewhere?


If this is how you treat the winner, I'd hate to be the runner-up.

You're not Kevin Blake. You're Alex Rider.

Your uncle was pretending to be a security man.

Yassen Gregorovich dealt with him.

That's right.

And MI6 sent you to take his place?

Shame on those people, sending a 14-year-old boy to do their dirty work.

Not very British, I'd have said. Not very cricket, no.

What are you doing here? Why are you putting a virus into the Stormbreaker?

It's not a computer virus.

It's the real thing.

It's called R-5.

It's been genetically modified.

Why are you doing this?

Do you know what it's like to be a foreigner in this country?

For me, son, that was slow death.

It wasn't pretty. I was mocked, I was derided from the day I arrived here.

Especially at school.

The kids weren't very nice. Kids can be cruel.

Man, they called me "trailer boy".

Do I look like a trailer boy to you?


Darrius Smell.

That's what they called me. Do you know why?

Because you didn't wash? It's OK.

It's because they were snobs.

I hated all of them.

They made my life miserable.

And there was one kid, one kid in particular.

Do you know who this kid grew up to be?

The Prime Minister. That's who.

Hey, look, I'm used to it. My whole life I've been treated that way.

So this is what it's all about?

- Revenge? Revenge can be good.

Because in a few hours, at the Science Museum, my old friend the Prime Minister, he's gonna press a button and you know what's gonna happen?

That button's gonna connect all the Stormbreakers on my wireless network.

And at the same moment, it's gonna release a virus straight into the classes packed with British schoolchildren.

You're going to kill thousands of innocent people.

Oh, no. Of course not.

I'm gonna kill millions.

You're not being serious.

So you were bullied.

Lots of people are bullied. but it doesn't change them into raging psychopaths.

You should be careful how you talk to me.

That was a good shot.

Actually, it was a near-miss.

Listen, Alex, I'd love to hang out here and shoot the breeze with you, but I've got a rather important appointment, so I'm gonna leave you to Nadia.

I'll see you guys when it's over.

Cheerio, old boy.

They won't listen to us.

You know the Government view on Intelligence.

They'd sooner trust a Ouija board.

They're going ahead with the ceremony.

What about security? A net around the Museum, but it may be beside the point.

What about Alex? He wasn't on the 12 o'clock plane.

Let's hope he can look after himself.

Let me out.

The jellyfish cannot attack you, Alex.

It has, as you said, no brains.

But you will tire soon.

You will drift into its embrace, and then...

A souvenir for Mr. Sayle.

Say cheese.

What are you doing?

Verdammtes Kind!

Mr. Grin, you have received clearance from French Air Control.

Sabina, remember to keep your heels down.

Mr. Grin?

Mr. Grin?

All right, Mr. Grin, I want you to fly me to London as fast as you can.

It's red button day.

In a few minutes, the Prime Minister will press the button to activate the Stormbreaker computers in schools nationwide.

Darrius Sayle has insisted that the Prime Minister be the one to press the button.

In fact, he's made it button fingerprint-sensitive, so nobody else can take his place.

Let's cross live now to the Science Museum.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Stormbreaker will be launched in five minutes.

Where's Alex? We don't know.

You promised to look after him.

We don't have time for this now. What do you mean? Where's Alex?

Ladies and gentlemen, Darrius Sayle.

The message is clear.

Education, education, and..., which is why I am delighted to accept the most generous offer from one of our foremost entrepreneurs and, indeed, an old school... colleague of mine, Darrius Smell.


Darrius Sayle.

Oh, I'm just so glad to be here, with my... my dear friend, the Prime Minister.

I'm gonna tell you, the Prime Minister is the one who must take credit for what's about to happen here.

My Stormbreakers are about to transform the lives of every child in this country.

And let me tell you, this is a day that none of you...

...will ever forget.

And now I shall ask my old friend to press this button that'll send a signal that'll activate the Stormbreakers across this entire nation.

20 seconds to Stormbreaker launch.

Stand by, all schools.

Here we go.











Give me that.

Red alert. Secure the area. No! Wait!

Hold your fire. He's with us.

Keep calm. He's unarmed.

- Cub? Wolf?

He's with us.

Come on. Press it.

Give me the gun. Press the button.


Get down. Now!

Don't panic. Everything's under control.

Darrius... You twerp.

Prime Minister!

Get out of my way.

How could you let him slip away?

You do realize, Alex, you nearly shot the Prime Minister?

Congratulations are in order.

Yes, he's done very well, but it's time to go.

What about Sayle? You can leave him to us.


I can't believe I let you get mixed up in all this.

But it's over. I'm taking you home.

Where's he going?

To some remote and far away land where no-one will ever find him- like Paraguay.

Or Iowa.

Have you got the phone number of that hunky soldier?

Jack. Do they have numbers?

Jack! That's it! What?

That's Sayle Tower. I saw a model of the rooftop in Cornwall.

He was talking about a backup. Something to do with a... a manual override.

He's gonna set off the virus himself.

Come on, come on, come on! The traffic in this city!

We're not gonna make it. Come on.

Come on.





Can you put me through to Mrs. Jones?

I don't know her first name.

I'm not sending her a birthday card. It's an emergency.


Ready Steady Go

Third company, left wheel!

Keep going.

# Ready steady go

Come back here! After them!

Come on! Shoulder to shoulder!

Hold it steady! Charge!

Don't look back. Why not?

Trust me.

# Ready... go


# Yo, ready

# Ready, ready

# Yo, ready steady go

# Ready steady go

If anyone comes in, kill 'em.

# Ready steady go

# Ready... go



Schoolboy trick.



Move yourselves! Over here! Move!

They're in there. He's on the roof.

Don't you dare hurt them!

Take up positions.

Get up there! Go!

Loading complete.

- Power failure. Mmm.

Satellite link interrupted.

Put it down, boy.

I said put it down.

Come on, come on!

Stay away!

Do you have um... eyeball?

Target acquired. We can take them... now.

Fire at my command. No, don't hurt Alex!

This isn't only about Alex. Prepare to fire.

No, wait.

This is not the time for an argument.

Alan! There is no argument.

Stand down. Stand down.

Back off!



Hang on! You know what got me?

What really got me?

They send a boy.

I don't wanna rock your boat, sonny, but the party's over.


Prepare to fire.

Sabina, I'm gonna swing you onto the balcony.

Alex, don't! The cable will break.

I can do it.


Need a hand?



Sayle had become an embarrassment to the people I work for.

What about me?

I had no instructions concerning you.

This doesn't change anything.

You killed my uncle. You're still my enemy.

I have a lot of enemies.

This isn't over. Yes, Alex... it is.

Go back to school.

You don't belong to the same world as me.

You should forget about me.

I'll never forget you.

Ah, it's your choice.

You know they made me sign the Official Secrets Act?

I'm not allowed to tell anyone what happened.

Me, too.

Are you really a spy? No.

That's not what they told me.

No, I'm not a spy. And it won't happen again.

No? No.

I'm just me.

Glad To Be Here

# You're waiting for the night to come

# Your eyes start shining as the sun begins to fall

# The feeling something's going on

# An unseen gravity starts pulling you along

# Someone's by your side you came alone it's fine

# Everyone in here is with you

# Can you feel it take a look around?

# Can't you hear it?

# Sure is good to be here

# There's no reason

# We can't get off the ground

# So come on, throw your hands up

# Sure is good to be here with you

# Sure is good to be here with you

# Your feet are lifting off the ground

# Floating weightless as you're held up by the crowd

# Reaction speeds up then slows down

# You feel like screaming but you cannot hear a sound

# Senses come alive take you on a ride

# Delivers you to something that has been away too long

# Someone's by your side you came alone it's fine

# Everyone in here is with you

# Can you feel it take a look around?

# Can't you hear it?

# Sure is good to be here

# There's no reason

# We can't get off the ground

# So come on, throw your hands up

# Sure is good to be here with you

# It sure is good to be here with you

# You're digging in your heels to feel alive

# You want no way out

# A burning rush of blood that makes you fight

# You're living in tonight Oh, yes it feels so right

# You're waiting for the night to come

# Your eyes start shining as the sun begins to fall

# Someone's by your side

# Everyone in here is with you

# Can you feel it take a look around?

# Can't you hear it?

# Sure is good to be here

# There's no reason

# We can't get off the ground

# So come on, throw your hands up

# Sure is good to be here

# Why can't you feel it?

# Why don't you look around?

# Why can't you hear it?

# It sure is good to be here

# There ain't no reason why we can't get off the ground

# So come on, throw your hands up

# Sure is good to be here with you

Be My Savior

# Have you always

# Been afraid of

# What the world can do?

# Were you always

# So afraid of

# What the world can do to you?

# Be my savior

# Be my savior

# Be my savior, it's cool

# Be my savior

# Be my savior

# Be my savior, it's cool

# So true

# Were you always

# So afraid of

# What you could do to you?

# Were you always

# So afraid of

# What me and you could do to you?

# Be my savior

# Be my savior

# Be my savior, it's cool

# Be my savior

# Be my savior

# Be my savior, it's cool

# It's so true

# I tried to imagine that a day could pass without you

# I tried to imagine that a day could pass without you

# Without you

# Have you always

# Been afraid of

# What the world can do?

# Were you always

# So afraid of

# What me and you could do to you?