Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016) Script

Sir, shoals on every side.

Sand or reef, I cannot say.

Captain, the Malay pirates have us cornered.

We must surrender.

Surrendering my father's ship will not guarantee survival, Mr Phelps.

Shallow water.

Dead ahead, full sails!

Captain! The ship will run aground.

It's impossible!

You know my views on that word, Mr Phelps.

Full sails. Full sails!

Full sails, boys.

Full sails!

Hard to port, Harper!

Turning to port at full sail will tip us over.


Lads, get those sails down!

We haven't got all day!

Hold on, everyone!

It's too shallow.

We need full sails!

Will! Hold on, lad!


She's going over.

Hold on, boys!

Hold on, lads!

You did it, Captain!

The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible.

Set a course for London, Harper.

Our work here is done.

Splice the mainbrace, lads!

We're going home!

Captain ashore.


Mother. Well...

Here you are.


Miss Kingsleigh?

You and the Wonder have been expected for over a year.

There were complications.

Pirates and such.

The ledgers are in my cabin.

And would you please let Lord Ascot know I should like to see him immediately.

I'm afraid Lord Ascot passed away whilst you were at sea.

The title's been passed on to his son.

Hamish? Indeed.

Now chairman of the board.

How unfortunate.

Your letters were so infrequent.

I hardly know where you've been all this time.

Mother, China's incredible.

We followed the Yangtze deep into the interior.

Most of the people had never seen a person with yellow hair before.

Were you never afraid? Of course.

But, when I was, I thought of Father.

You sound just like him.

I miss him.

I do, too.

But the years pass quickly for me now.

Time is a cruel master.

Time is a thief. And a villain.

I hear the Ascots are marking Hamish's succession tonight.


We should go.

I'm afraid the invitation must have been lost in the post.

Nonsense. Lady Ascot once said we would always be welcome.

Besides, I have a proposition for Hamish.

Hamish married last year, Alice.

He seems to have got over your public rejection.

A business proposition, Mother.

You're leaving again?

So soon?

There are matters here which might benefit from your attention.

After my next voyage... you won't have to worry about anything.

Am I permitted to worry about tonight?

I do wish you'd worn that yellow dress.

If it's good enough for the Dowager Empress of China... then it's good enough for the Ascots.

Must you always be so headstrong?

No. It's just more fun that way.

What is she wearing? It's the Kingsleigh girl.

Excuse me.

Outrageous. Circus performer.

Miss Kingsleigh?

What are you doing here?

I've come to give my report to Lord Ascot.


Well, follow me.


What a surprise.

Alice. Well. Welcome home.

We were afraid you might never come back with our ship.

My ship. Hello, Hamish.

It's proper to refer to my husband as Lord Ascot.

That is why we're having this little soirée after all.

Miss Kingsleigh, this is my wife, Alexandra.

The new Lady Ascot.

Hamish tells me you've travelled the world these last three years.

Yes. I've just returned.

Well, then how was it?

The world?


Highly enjoyable. You should visit it sometime.

Apologies for the intrusion, Lord Ascot... but I've come to give my report.

Of course.

Follow me, Miss Kingsleigh.

And you, Mr Harcourt.

Gentlemen, might I introduce Miss Alice Kingsleigh.

Miss Kingsleigh, the board.

Good evening, gentlemen.

The world has opened to us, but we must move quickly.

It is my belief that further expeditions along the Wu River...

I'm sorry, Miss Kingsleigh.

There will be no further expeditions.


Now, there is a position in our clerking office.

You will start in files... but in time...

This isn't about China, is it?

It's because I turned you down when you asked me to marry you.

I am sorry, Miss Kingsleigh, but this is all that we can do for you.

No other company is in the business of hiring female clerks.

Let alone ship's captains.

You can't do this.

I own 10% of the company.

Your father set those shares aside for me.

Oh, correction.

He gave them to your mother... who sold them to me a year ago, while you were gone.

Along with the bond on the house.

Her house?

The bond we will redeem against your ship.

But that was my father's ship.


Sign over the vessel... and you will redeem the house.

Report to work Monday morning... and you will receive a salary and a pension.

And give up the Wonder?

Otherwise, we cannot help you.

Or your mother.




How could you sell our shares?

Everything I do is for you, Alice.

So you can make a decent start in life.

Five minutes ago I was a sea captain.

A sea captain is no job for a lady.

Time is against you, and you're being careless with it.

I once believed I could do as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

That is a child's dream, Alice.

The Wonder is just a ship.

It's not just a ship.

It's Father's ship.

Everything he loved.

Everything I love.

He never would have let this happen.

Well, he's not here any more!

You can't just make things however you want them to be.

Every woman must face that, Alice.

I've had to.

Well, the last thing I want is to end up like you.

Sign over the Wonder?

And give up on the impossible?

Then who will I be?

You're Alice, of course.



She had spent months up river.

Dressed like she'd gone native.

Of course, it's known to do strange things to a man's mind, let alone a woman's.

Wait! Just like her father.

A great man, no doubt, but one touched in the head.

It appears the apple has not fallen far from the tree.



It's locked! Someone's in there.

Who's in there? Who's in there?

You're trespassing! This room is out of bounds!

Someone get the key!

Lord Ascot, there's someone in your father's study.

Curiouser and curiouser.


Oh, no, not again!

All my horses. All my men. To the rescue.

All the pieces together first, chaps.

In a pile, over here.

How do I look? Tell me. I can take it.

He's not all he's cracked up to be.

He's a mere shell of a man.

Oh, please. You always make that joke.

Don't you mean "yolk"?

Get some new material.

I would be most grateful...


Clumsy as always, and twice as dim.

I thought you'd never get the idea.

Oh, Absolem.

Excuse me, young lady. We'll be needing that.

Oh, you all disgust me.

You've been gone too long, Alice.

And he will be gone before long.

Who will be gone?

What has happened?

All will become clear in the fullness of Time.

For now, hurry.


And do mind your step.


Alice. Oh, Alice.

Thank goodness you're finally here.

It's that girl again.


You're back.

Don't be nice to her.

She's late.

Have I come at a bad time?

On the contrary.

We were afraid you weren't coming at all.

What's the matter?

The Hatter's the matter.

Or the matter of the Hatter.

The former. No, the latter.

Mmm... Tweedles?

He's mad.

The Hatter?

Mmm. Mmm.

Yes, I know.

That's his muchness.

That's what makes him so... him.

But he's grown darker... less dafter.

Denies himself laughter.

And no scheme of ours can raise any sort of smile.

We rather hoped you might help us save him.

What happened?

There was a great storm.

We ventured out into the Tulgey Woods to investigate.

Come, quadruped.


Your turn!

Fetch, doggy.

Hatter was perfectly hatterish.

Until... that blue paper hat... somehow put him in mind...

...of his family's tragedy,

Slain by the Jabberwocky, on Horunvendush Day... many years ago.

He's just not himself any more.

But, if anything could bring the Hatter back, it would be seeing you again.

Oh, yes. Indeed.

Well, where is he?


Go away!

You can't come in.

Hatter, it's me.



You're you.

And you're here.

You are you, aren't you?

Yes, Hatter.


You're the only one.

But you've always been Alice.

And that's how I know you'll believe me.

I've missed you, Hatter.

It's my family, Alice.

Your family?


My family.

Lost for many years.

Or so I thought.


I found this.

The first hat I ever made.

I thought I'd tossed it away long, long ago.

It's impossible for it to be here, and yet... here it is.

So if this hat survived... my family must have too.

But, Hatter, that's...

I thought I wasn't worthy of the Hightopp name.

Very serious man, my father.

We had a terrible fight.

I never said I was sorry when I had the chance.

But this means... that I can make things right.

Hatter... your family, uh...

You... do believe me, don't you, Alice?

I want to. I...


You're not well.

What can I do?

Of course.

My Alice... could bring my family back to me.

Oh, but...

Hatter, the thing is... your family died.

Long ago.

You told me so yourself.

No one can bring them back.

No one but you.

I'm sorry.

But it's...

It's impossible.

You... are not you.

Hatter, please.

Get out.

I don't know who you are.

You're not my Alice.

My Alice would believe me.


Hatter, please!


We must do something.

He's so terribly ill.

I fear he's... dying.

McTWISP: Oh, dear.

Oh, dear. Oh, dear.


We can't lose him, Alice. We can't.

He said, to make him better, I must bring his family back.

But that... cannot be.

Unless it could.

What? Oh.

Unless there was a way.

No, no, no. You mustn't. You mustn't.

What is it?

It is dangerous. Perilous. It is too much to ask!

What is it?


You must travel back in time.

Oh, no.

Go back into the past and save the Hatter's family.

If the Hatter's delusion is made true...

...then he would be made well again.

Go back in time? Hmm.

But how?

The Chronosphere.

I'm sorry, the Chrono-what?

McTWISP: The Chronosphere.

The source that powers the Grand Clock of All Time.

Legend has, it also lets one travel across the Ocean of time.

None of us can use it because we've already been in the past.

And if your past self sees your future self...

What happens?

There is no history of it happening.

But it is said that if it were to happen... everything would be history.

That sounds very dangerous.

It is. Extremely so.

Because you're not from here, only you can use it, Alice.

It's not impossible... merely... un-possible.

Got ya!

Hatter is my truest friend.

If he's in need, I will help him.

No matter what.

McTWISP: Oh, Alice!

So brave. I knew she'd help us.

Where exactly is this Chronosphere?

In the hands of Time. It's his.

I'm sorry. Time is a he?

He lives in a void of infinitude, in a castle of eternity.

Through here, one mile past the pendulum.

McTWISP: Very cold.

Find Time's castle, borrow the Chronosphere... travel back in time to Horunvendush Day... save the Hatter's family from being killed, and thereby save the Hatter.

And do try not to break the past, present, or future.


I was only trying to help.

What could go wrong?

Fairfarren, Alice.

Hatter's counting on you.

We all are.


Anybody here?



Stupid me-shaped corridor.

Will this day never end?

It clings to me like a pair of sweaty pantaloons.

Who has stopped?

Who has ticked... their last tock?

Tocked... their last tick?




Brilliam Hinkle.

Your time is up.


Let's put you away, Mr Hinkle... the right place, like alphabetical order.

Ah, Higgens.


Not here yet.


Highview, Himmelby.

Ah, Hinkle.

I hope you were happy.

I hope you used your time well.

Good night.


Who is there?

I saw you.

How did you get in?

It is impossible.

Come out, you little, wriggling worm!


It's a girl. Please, sir.

I'm sorry to disturb you... but if I could just have a moment of your time.


Young lady...

I am...


The infinite... the eternal... the immortal... the immeasurable.

Unless you have a clock.

So, being Time...

I must give some of myself... for you to have me.

Are you following what I'm saying?


Really? Oh.

Do you promise to be concise?

Well, I can most...

Because if there's one thing I do not like, it is... people who are unable, unwilling, or, um...


Un... Uh... uncompelled to form short sentences.

My friend is in mortal danger.

Enough of your incessant jabbering!

I have important work to do.


You haven't answered my question.

One minute.

Why do you carry that fallen soldier in your pocket?

Reveal him now.

He is broken.


It was my father's. I would never part with it.

Everyone parts with everything eventually, my dear.


The magnificent Grand Clock of All Time.

He is me, and I am he... and all that was or ever shall be.

I thought up that poem.

Now, remember. Look lively, everyone.

Ah, Wilkins!

Shoulders back, eyes forward.

How is, uh, my invincible machine, hmm?

Well, it's... Oh. Silence!

You will speak when you are spoken to.

He was spoken to. Nonsense!

The machine, Wilkins.

How is it?



And who might you be?

These miniscule artisans are my Seconds.


And I suppose every Second counts.

Count? I wish.

They are rather stupid.

That was rude of me.

I'm sorry.

I told you. Imbeciles.

Come on.

So, your question.

What is it? You have exactly one minute.

It's about the Hatter...

Tarrant Hightopp. He's a great friend of mine.

And recently he's convinced that his long-deceased family is still alive.

And, of course, his family cannot really be alive... because you see, the Jabberwocky killed his family on the Horunvendush Day... and I killed the Jabberwocky on the Frabjous Day... and I'd like your permission to borrow the Chronosphere.

It is imperative that... Ah.

The Chronosphere.

That wasn't a minute.

You want to borrow it.

Loan it.

Purloin it.


You ask...

to disintegrate history.

The Chronosphere powers the Grand Clock.

But I need it.

Without it, the Hatter may never get better.

And I have to... Wilkins!


Stupid door.

Did you call, sir?

Wilkins, please remove this, uh... yellow-haired kindergartener, here.

Immediately, sir!

No interlopers!

Thank you for your you, sir.

Come along, come along.

My what?

For your Time.

Young lady... you cannot change the past.

Though I dare say, you might learn something from it.

Come on, you!

This next generation.

Now, back the way you came, miss.

All the way to the end.

Auf Wiedersehen.

Oh. Uh... Wilkins!

Yes, sir!

She's here! My liebchen is here!

Coming, sir!

Hurry! Quick!

All right. Here we go. Ding, ding!

Seconds out! Seconds out!

Oh. Ah!

Get back.

Stay in line. Stay in line!

Your Highness.

Your Majesty!


My lord is expecting you in the parlour.

Shall I announce you?

Oh, no mind! I'll announce myself.

Tick Tock! Where are you?

Tick Tock! Where are you?

Tick Tock!

Coming, my love!


Of course.

My darling... may I say that your head is looking very, very big today.



I present you with a gift made entirely out of love.

And also a little bit of metal and wood, of course.

I know how you love the tiny things. Hmm?



Ooh! Ahh!

I'll treasure it forever.

Oh. Good!


Oh, dear.

The Chronosphere.

What troubles you, my dear?

You know what it is that I desire.

But, my love, I have done so much for you already.

Yes, yes, that's all very well.

But don't you see?

That... with my big brain... and your... little Chronosphere...

I could get even with my sister.

And we could rule the past, the present, and the future.

You ask the impossible, my dear.

I cannot give you the Chronosphere.

You would if you loved me.

No one loves me.

No one fears me.

But I do love you.

Hmm? Kiss?

Oh, no.


The Grand Clock!


Right behind you, sir!

Tick Tock! Hmm?

Seconds into Minutes.

Tick Tock!

Don't abandon me when I'm sulking!

What's the matter with you?

The Chronosphere.



Stop her!

Stop her, you imbeciles!

Which idiot labelled that?

You did, my lord.

Thank you for admitting your mistake.


How do I work this?

Halt! Stop!

Stop, you little mouse!

No. No!

How do I look? Tell me. I can take it.

He's a mere shell of a man.

It's like a ship.

Dead ahead.

Come, quadruped. Fetch!


Don't worry, Hatter.

I'll save you and your family.


The Alice?

Slayer of my Jabberbabywocky?


The very reason why I have been banished from my kingdom?

That Alice?


I want her head!

Are you all right, sir?

It has begun.

Without the Chronosphere... the Grand Clock will break down.

Time myself will stop... and all in Underland will perish.

Did you say perish?

Wilkins, you must keep the Grand Clock ticking.

Me? I said that out loud, didn't I?

I mean, of course, sir.

And I must find the kindergartner.

Oh, my goodness!

What's happening?

She must have the Chronosphere.

Take care, dear Alice. All our hopes fly with you.

Horunvendush Day!



Give me what is mine!

Give it back... or there will be none of me left.

Come back!

You cannot win in a race against Time.

I am inevitable!




It's you!

You're you again!

Well, if I'm not, I wish I was.

Have we met? Yes!

Well, no. I mean, not yet.

It's funny...

I feel like I should know you.

Well, we have met once, when I was younger.

I'm afraid I don't recall.

That's because it hasn't happened yet.

Oh, when will it happen? Years from now.

When you're older.

I'll meet you when you're younger and I'm older?

I realise it doesn't make much sense.

Makes perfect sense to me.

I'm Tarrant.

I know. I'm Alice.

Alice, you seem to have time all mixed up.

Oh, he's not mixed up at all.

Actually he's quite angry with me.

You're bonkers, aren't you? Huh.

That's what I've been told.

All the best ones are.

Listen, I know it sounds strange, but I need to find your family.

Oh, well, you're in luck. Right this way.


Indeed. Hmm.

Congratulations, dear Mirana, on your coming of age.

And now... the heir.

The crown for the Princess Iracebeth.

Ignorant peasants.



What are you doing, you idiot?

Put it on my head!

You're making me look stupid.

Get on with it!

You incompetent imbecile!


The next person who laughs will never laugh again!


Iracebeth, please!

However would you stop people from laughing?

Uh, put a bag on her head.

Put a bag on your head!

Put a bag on all of your heads!

Yes! We'll sew up your lips... carve your tongues, cut off your ears, off with you!

Just off, off, off with their...

Off with their...

Iracebeth, enough!


I had always hoped... that you would one day show the necessary qualities to become the queen... you were born to be.

I realise now that day will never come.

People of Witzend... upon my death... my crown will pass...

to the Princess Mirana.


Father, no.

But that's not fair!

I'm the eldest!

You are unfit to rule, Iracebeth.

I hate you.

I hate you all!


And I shall not ever forget you, you sniggering Hightopps!

No, I shall wreak a terrible revenge!


Slow. Racie.

Oh, don't "Racie" me!

You started it.

Why don't you tell them the truth?

I didn't think so.

No one loves me.

No one loves me!

Racie. Iracebeth!

If you are to be a hatter worthy of the Hightopp name... you must be sane, sober, disciplined.

Everything you now are not!


All I did was laugh, Father.

Couldn't help it.

Her head is rather voluminous.

You cost the princess her crown!

Do you know what this means to us?

Why am I never good enough for you?

Why are you always such a disappointment to me?

There. You've said it.

You've said it, Father.

Well, if I'm such a disappointment...

I don't suppose you'll be sorry if I leave home.



My hat please, Mom.


Zanik. No.

Please. Tell him to stay.

Zanik, please.




Hatter. Wait.

I am no hatter.

Of course you are. You're the Hatter.

Or you will be at least when I knew you.

You should meet my friend Thackery.

He's nearly as mad as you.

Won't you join us for some tea?

Hatter, please.

You must go back to your family.

What do you know of my family?

They're in danger.

You have to warn them about Horunvendush Day.

No idea what you're talking about.

But if my father sent you to change my mind, you won't!

If you don't go now and reconcile, you'll be sorry. I know you will.

Maybe later.

I lost my father.

And I miss him every day.

If you walk away now, you will lose your father, too.

It's forever for me.

But it doesn't have to be forever for you.

You can still get him back, and then you'll really be you again.

And a hatter just like him.

The last thing I want is to end up like my father.

Tarrant, wait!

Your family will be lost and you will have done nothing to stop it!

Fine. I'll warn them myself.

Mr Hightopp.

If I could just have a moment of your time... there's something terribly important you should know about.

Mr Hightopp.

Our apologies.

You know of my sister's misfortune.

Uh, no apologies necessary, Your Highness.

All of Witzend laments the day of your sister's accident.

Fell Day, as the clock struck 6.

I shall never forget that snowy night when she hit her head in the town square.

She and I had...

That moment changed everything.

But if that moment never happened... there'd be no Horunvendush Day.

Hatter would be saved!

Excuse me.

Who was that strange girl?

Oh, dear.

Don't worry, men. We can do this!

Just not with him.

Cheer up, Tarrant.

We'll have fun now that you're living here.

It's tea time!

Twinkle, twinkle little bat How I wonder where you're at Up above the...

Ugh. Oh.




Who's he?

Greetings, Underlings.

I am Time.

The infinite and immortal.

The personification of time itself.

I know you may find this concept a little bit hard to digest... but please keep your bewilderment brief and to the point.

Your Majesty.

Nice to meet you, sir.


I seek a thief of meagre intellect.

Her hair...



Her name...


And what is your business with her?

She took something from me.

I will not say what it was. It's not important.

It is a trifle.

I don't see why you are making such a fuss.

It is as nothing.

I must have it back.

But not that I'm concerned.

Uh, uh, uh... As soon as possible.

Either way, I'm fine with the outcome. Hmm?

Give it to me. Who knows about it?




Well, you are in luck, oh, timely one.

Because just today...

I invited Alice to tea.

Wait. What's an Alice? Shush!

Why don't you have a seat... and we can wait together.

There's no room at the table.

Shh. No room. No room.

Plenty of room.

Plenty of room.

Tea for our guest. Ha! Tea time!

We're having such a lovely Time here.

Oh. Would ya like a scone?


No. So... if you are really Time itself, yourself, or whatever suchness you claim...

Scone. Scone.

...perhaps you can answer me this.

I have always wondered when "soon" is.

If you vex me, it will be an eternity.

No! It's not fair! It's not fair!

He really reminds me of someone.

I can't think who.

I think he looks a little bit like you, Brother.

Nonsense! He's hideous.

He looks more like you.

Come back!

Hey, Tarrant.

Tarrant. Watch this.

Now you see me. Now you...

Wait a moment. Wait a moment. Don't!

Where'd the cat go?

Ow. Gotcha!

Hmm. Have at you.

Contrariwise, have at you.


It's nearly 6.


You have a very nice head.

Thank you.

And a nice head deserves a very nice hat.

That's what my father says.

He makes the best hats in Witzend.

Would you like him to make you one?

Come on. He can make any hat.

A bonnet or boater, dunce hat, fez, a cloche, coif, snood, barboosh, or pugree.

You're eating all the tarts.

You can have the crusts. I don't want the crusts.

If you can't get along... there'll be no more tarts for either of you.

Now, out of my kitchen.


Is it true that you heal all wounds?

Time is on my side.

And why is it you wait for no man?

I just can't find the Time.


Where have you been? You're late.

Actually, I'm right on Time.

I've got Time on my hand.

Do you silly nitwits... really think that I have not heard these cheap barbs before?

Your attempts at mockery fall flat.

Look. Time is flying.


No more wasting me.

I'm having the time of my life?

Father, look.

A customer with a lovely head... right here. Mmm...

What is the hat of your heart's desire, madam?

Something... feathery?

Something... button-y?

Good afternoon, miss.

Good afternoon, sir.

The function of a hat is to follow the proper dictum of society. Hmm?

Not to be fun.


I have something fun.

What is it?

It's a hat.

Oh, Tarrant, you've got it on backwards.

Stop. You'll ruin it. Now, let me finish.


Oh, dear.

Oh, well.


I'll show you precisely how to make a proper hat. Hmm?


You're too hard on him, Zanik.

Hatting is a serious business.

I can't have his frivolous ideas keep him from his true potential.



Yes, I think this hat will suit you...


Thank you ever so much, Mr Hightopp.

Although, I really must be on my way.

Have a lovely evening.

Where is she?

What are you doing?


When is she coming?



I never actually said she was coming... old bean.

I merely said I had invited her.

Very good. Very clever.

Well played, sir.

Well played.

Thank you.

You were asking me before when "soon" is?

Let me try to explain when is now, all right?

Now is... exactly 1 minute till tea time.

And until the young Alice joins you for tea... it will always remain 1 minute till tea time... for you and your... dunderheads.

Hmm? Watch it.

Enjoy the present.

I've seen him in his true light now, haven't I?

Time to go.

I must get the Chronosphere back.

She cannot be far away.

What a curious chap.

What a gentleman.

Bye bye.

I can't believe he just said that.

Can you?


I can't believe he just said that.


Can't bloody move.

Wait! What's he done?

The blighter's stuck us all at 1 minute to tea time.

Tea time forever!

Here you are, little ants.

A nice new home.

What did I tell you two?

No more tarts.

I didn't eat any tarts.

Why are these crusts under your bed?

She put them there.

Did you, Mirana?

You did. Tell her!

Tell the truth, Mirana.

Did you eat the tarts and put the crusts there?


But you did! You're lying!

The tarts are under your bed.

Don't blame your sister.

No, it's not fair! It's not fair!

The stroke of 6!

The clock.

She'll hit her head!


My head. Ow.

Stupid roses.

Oh, the princess.

Oh, no.

Is your head all right, miss?

Careful. It's swelling up.

Oh, no.



Where is she?

Oh, my darling!

Daddy, my head hurts. Arms around my neck.


Did you see that?

Yes. That's a nasty fall.

You cannot change the past.

Though I dare say, you might learn something from it.

The first hat I ever made.

I thought I'd tossed it away long, long ago.

He kept it.

It's impossible for it to be here, and yet... here it is.

So if this hat survived... then my family must have too.

Higgens. Uh...


Not here yet.

No Hightopps.

They're alive.

They're alive!

Your foolishness... astounds me.

You have no conception of how reckless... you have been.

The dangers that you have caused.

What are we going to do?

Quick! Where's the manual? Who's got the manual?

I need that Chronosphere now.

It must go back to the Grand Clock.

But Horunvendush Day.

I'll only use it one more time.

I must find out what happened to the Hightopps so I can rescue them.

You will rescue no one.

Wherever you go, I will find you.

The Grand Clock must not stop.

You cannot escape Time.

I'm sorry.

But I must save Hatter.

Alice! Alice!

Come back with my Chronosphere...

It's the Kingsleigh girl.

The girl's gone mad. Take her away.

Strap her down, lads.




Where am I?

You're in an institution.

How long have I been here?

Not long.

You were found in an upstairs room at the Ascots'.

Hamish had you brought here.

You were behaving so strangely.

They say you were trying to get under the furniture.

Talking about the atmosphere?

The Chronosphere!


Yes indeed, Miss Kingsleigh.

I've got to go back.

Now, let's see.

Excitable... emotional, prone to fantasy.

Textbook case of female hysteria.

Untreatable, some say.

I beg to differ.

But there's nothing wrong with me.

Lie back, Alice.

Lie back.

Dr Bennet, is it really necessary?

Surely there must be some... Mr Harris.

I can't be here!

Mr Harris, if you could see to Mrs Kingsleigh.

I've got to go back!

We have work to do.

Never fear. We'll have Alice fixed in no time.

Where did I...

Dr Bennet, I really must object.




Don't let her get away! Hurry!

Oh. Oh!

If 3 years at sea taught me anything... it's how to tie a bloody good knot.


That's my cab!

You can't take that!


I plead insanity.

Hold on, Hightopps.



Revenge is mine.

She took them.

Next time.



Your family, they're alive!

He's barely ticking.

We fear you are too late.


He's fading away.

I can't bear to see him like this.

Come, Mally. Say your goodbyes, Alice.

Come on. Yeah.

Please wake up, Hatter. Please.

Wake up.

Please wake up.

I know what this means now.

You made it for your father when you were young.

A token of your love which you thought he threw away.

But he kept it all those years.

He kept it.

And now he needs your help.

I'm so sorry.

I thought it was impossible.

I should have believed you.

You believe me?

I'll always believe in you.

It's you, isn't it?

I'd know you anywhere.

You're Alice.


I missed you so much.

So have I, dear.

But if my family's still alive... why have they not come home?

Because they are being held captive... by the only person cruel enough to keep them locked up... all these years.

Bloody Big Head.

I'm going to find that Red Queen and bring my family home.


What do you think, pets?

Oh, dig, dig, dig. Work, work, work.


Where the devil have you been?

Where's Alice?

Where's my Chronosphere?


She jumped into a looking glass.

She's gone.

What? You let her get away? No.

I must find her.

Where is she?

How should I know where she is?

Because she is your enemy.

She muttered... an utterance about...



She said she was going to rescue them.

What could this mean?

I know exactly what that means.



Seize him.

You see, from now on, dearest...

I'm in charge.

I've fallen off!



Oh. Oh!

My family's there. I know it!

Good heavens!

Which way is up?

Oh, there's a lot of stairs.

Is this where we...

Split up.

We'll split up together.

McTWISP: It is a very large castle.

Perhaps if we don't split up...

Oh, dear.

I'm out of breath already.

Mrs Hightopp?

Hightopps? Hightopps?



This one's locked.

This one, too.

This is the last room.

They must be this way.

I just know it.

Father? Mother?


They're not here?

They're not here.

They're not here.

But I was certain that they were here.

I could feel it.

I'm so sorry.



Everyone, it's you!

Teeny-tiny you, but still you.

Hello, Alice.


Get it!


Thank you ever so much.

You have just delivered to me the most powerful device in the entire universe.

Along with your dearest friends.

And my dearest enemy.


Shut up!

I knew we should have stayed together.

Now look at us.

Stuck in a giant vegetable jail.

What happened to you?

Wait! Your Majesty, stop!

You cannot change the past. Believe me, I have tried.

Oh, Alice, you always were an irksome, slurvish, interrupting thing.

When I get back...

I shall have the heads of all your friends.

And then I shall have your head. Ta-ta.

Come on.

Don't let her see herself.

Or else she will destroy everything!

I now recall why I don't like her.

"How to Keep the Clock Going Yourself."

Of course!

Seconds, Minutes...

Proceed to 347!

It's time...

for the Hour!

It's Time.

Oh, this is all my fault.

I stole the Chronosphere.

I think you may have to steal it again.

She ate my schnozzle.

"And my fingers..."

"...and my elbow!"

Thank you.

I think you look rather fetching without your schnozzle.

Absolutely radishing.

Stop it.

What are we going to do?

Yeah, what's the plan?

It's up to you now, Alice.

Take Time to his castle.

Hatter and I will retrieve the Chronosphere... and restore order to the universe.

Do you understand?

Yes, of course! Got it.

What are you waiting for? Let's go!

Where are we?

You know where we are.

Why are these crusts under your bed?

She put them there.

Did you, Mirana?

Did you, Mirana?

You did.

Tell her!

Tell the truth, Mirana.

Did you eat the tarts and put the crusts there?

No. No.

Racie, no! You're a liar!

Liar! You're lying!

This cannot be good.

We've got to go now!

She has broken the past.

Only putting back the Chronosphere can save us now!

It's catching up.


Uh, Alice?

Hold on, everyone.

I don't wanna hold on!

The Chronosphere!

She brought it back! Oh!

Run, Alice!

They might actually pull this off.

Follow me. This way.

I've got you, wee man.


Tick-tock, tick-tock.

Gotta save the Grand Clock.

I won't leave you.

Sir, sir! Hold on, sir! She's here!

The girl who tricked you and made you look a complete idiot!




Goodbye, Brother.

Brother, goodbye.

I have cherished every moment with all of you.

On guard!

Time's up.

She's not going to make it!

She needs more time, sir!

I have not ticked my last tock yet!

It appears... that my invincible machine...

No! in fact... vincible.

My goodness.

Did I miss anything?

Are you all right?




Wilkins! Yes, sir.

Oh! There you are.

Stop standing around.

There is much to do, hmm?

You don't need a butler, do you, miss?


They did it! They did it!

Hooray, Alice! I always liked that girl.

Get off me!


Why does this always happen to me?

Why does no one love me?

I love you, Racie.

No, you don't!

This is all your fault.

I know.

I ate the tarts and I lied about it.

I should have just told the truth, and none of this would have ever happened.

I'm so sorry.

If it's not too late... please forgive me.

That's all I ever wanted to hear.

Really, it was.


Your Majesty...

I do beg pardon for any intrusion.

My family find themselves... in somewhat awkward circumstances.

Of course.

I always liked tiny things.

Thank you.

Not too much now. Be careful.

Outstanding, my boy. Well done.

Oh, my family.

My dear family.


You, Father.

You kept my blue hat.

I make hats, Father.

I'm a hatter.

I always knew you were, my boy.

All is well.


I know you tried to warn me.

But I didn't listen.

I'm sorry.

I used to think Time was a thief... stealing everything I loved.

But I see now that you give before you take.

And every day is a gift.

Every hour, every minute, every second.


The fallen soldier.

I suppose you want me to fix it.


I want you to have it.

He used to say the only thing worth doing... was what we do for others.

I think he would have liked you.


It is said that Time is a friend to no man.

But I will remember you always.

And please... do not come back.


Oh, Alice.

You simply must come and meet my family.

After all, you are the very person who saved them, aren't you?

We're going to have so much fun together.


But, of course, you have a family of your own... don't you?

Very important thing, a family.

You only get the one.

Oh, Hatter.

I fear I may never see you again.

My dear Alice.

In the gardens of memory...

in the palace of dreams... that is where you and I will meet.

But a dream is not reality.

Who's to say which is which?

You did it, Alice.

An impossible thing.

Not as impossible as saying goodbye to you, my friends.

Goodbye, Hatter.

Goodbye, Alice.

Now, please.

The deed to your husband's ship.

Just sign here... and the house is yours.

Mr Harcourt... time is money.

I'm afraid he most certainly is not.


Time is many things, Hamish, but he isn't money.

Nor is he our enemy, Mother.

Where did you come from?

I walked right through the walls.


I may not be able to change the past, but I can learn from it.

Sign the papers, Mother.

You want me to sign them?

But what about the Wonder?

It's just a ship. There's always another.

But you are my mother, and I only have one.

So you've decided to be a clerk?

I knew that you would.

Headstrong or not.

You're not a nice man, Hamish.

I'm glad my daughter didn't marry you.

Mrs Kingsleigh.

Mrs Kingsleigh! No, you can't!

You can't! You can't!

Alice can do whatever Alice chooses.

And so can I.

Good day.




Perfect! Thank you, gentlemen.

We'll run the Ascots out of business in a year.


A full cargo aboard, Captain.

Shall we commence with Kingsleigh and Kingsleigh's maiden voyage?

Time and tide wait for no man, Mr Harcourt.

Or, indeed, woman.

Captain aboard.

Full sail.

I know that I'm running out of time I want it all Mmm, mmm And I'm wishing they'd stop trying to turn me off I want it on Mmm, mmm And I'm walking on a wire Trying to go higher Feels like I'm surrounded by clowns and liars Even when I give it all away I want it all Mmm, mmm We came here to run it Run it, run it Just like fire, burning out the way If I can light the world up for just one day Watch this madness, colourful charade No one can be just like me anyway Just like magic I'll be flying free I'mma disappear when they come for me I'll kick that ceiling What you gonna say?

No one can be just like me anyway And people like to laugh at you cause they are all the same Mmm, mmm See I would rather we just go our different way than play the game Mmm, mmm And no matter the weather We can do it better You and me together Forever and ever We don't have to worry 'bout a thing, 'bout a thing No We came here to run it Run it, run it We came here to run it Run it, run it Oh!

Just like magic I'll be flying free I'mma disappear when they come for me I'll kick that ceiling What you gonna say?

No one can be just like me anyway Just like fire, fire Run it, run it We came here to run it Run it, run it

Time to go.