Alien Abduction (2014) Script

The Brown Mountain lights are an absolutely real phenomenon.

It's a probability there is UFOs.

Hundreds of residents are reporting strange lights in the skies of Brown Mountain, NC.

When a legitimate Brown Mountain light appeared, there was electromagnetic interference.

Globes of glowing gas appear randomly in different locations.

Everyone there saw clearly what it was.

But that doesn't explain people who claim they've been abducted there.

I was physically sucked up against the ceiling.

Doesn't explain the creature sightings that have taken place.

They seems to move about in a ghost like manner.

It doesn't explain many of the conspiracies related to military activities and government involvment.

US Air forces dispatched special operations unit "Project Blue Book"

And I think science has an obligation to explain and to investigate claims of the paranormal.

It was the most horrifying thing I have ever felt in my entire life.

Hey, Riley!

Where is he ? Riley world ...

Let me see the camera. What are you doing ?

All right, give me your camera ... What are you doing ?

Hey mom .. Can you turn this up, please?

♪ Something's going on, can I smell your dick ? ♪

♪ Don't play me like a fool 'cause that ain't cool ♪

♪ So what you need to do is let me smell your dick ♪

♪ Why you coming home 5 in the morning ♪

♪ Something's going on, can I smell your dick ? ♪

♪ Don't play me like a fool 'cause that ain't cool ♪

♪ So what you need to do is let me smell your dick ♪

♪ It's 4 o'clock and I'm sleeping It's late night and you're creeping ♪

[Peter] Sure a good laugh ... Corey !

[Riley] There's more trees ...

[Corey] Why are we listening to this music ?

[Peter] Because it is bluegrass, son. It's the sound of the mountains.

[Jillian] Have you ever done this ? [Corey] It's a tent !

[Jillian] It's hard ! Do you see everything in this list ?

[Corey] Just keep reading your directions.

[Katie] Ok guys. [Jillian] I'm serious, do you want ...

[Katie] Look where we are !

[Riley] Setting up camp, for a very long weekend.

[Riley] Dad, did you get my sleeping bag ?

[Peter] Yes, son. [Riley] The green one.

[Peter] We've got your sleeping bag.

[Corey] Just put it in ? [Peter] Yeah.

[Riley] Specimen 1: Common yellow jacket nest.

[Riley] Corey ?

[Corey] I really don't know what you're talking about.

[Riley] Specimen 2: Common meat head.

Here we go, one side ... Pull it like a blanket?

That's better,that's better ... Why don't you stay over there ?

[Jillian] Done ! Boom ! Look at that ...

[Riley] That was an easy bet.

Damn straight ! Honey, I'm sorry ...

Hard to lose, isn't it ?

Obviously, their tent is a lot less complicated ...

Corey, how are those directions treating you ?

[Corey] They worked out so well.

[Peter] Obviously, you people are better suited for this.

I don't think this is our finesse. It's a female energy thing.

[Jillian] Why don't you guys go for firewood ?

[Peter] You're asking for firewood ? All right, come on !

[Corey] Riley, are you gonna go with us or you're gonna stay with the chicks ?

[All] Wow ! [Peter] I make fire ...

[Jillian] Looks good !

[Katie] Your skill with the lighter, unrivaled.

[Peter] I am fire.

[Peter] If we mix my skills with fire and yours with tents, we could live out here, Swiss family Morris style.

[Corey] No, we couldn't.

Let's just wait till the bank kick us out, first.

[Riley] Brown Mountain, elevation: 2725 feet.

[Riley] This is Jillian, being quiet.

[Riley] Specimen 3: Some kind of Swallowtail.

[Riley] Black and green clouded.

[Corey] Hey Riley, feel like going for a hike ?

We're going for a hike.

We're gonna go man things. If we're not back ...

[both] Watch out for the bears !

[Jillian] Seriously ?

Come on, Riley.

The women folk will be fine.

[Corey] Where we going? [Peter] I'm not exactly sure.

[Corey] She's gonna win this one ?

We're gonna go up thataway. There's a trail here.

[Corey] It can't be safe for him to look through his camera.

[Corey] He's making me nervous. Can't you take it off him ?

[Peter] Watch your foot here, Ri.

[Corey] Riley, check it out.

Amazing rainbow, off the mountain.

(makes Tarzan noises)

[Katie] You catch any deer ?

[Corey] Yeah, let me throw it down to you !

[Jillian] Hey up there !

[Corey] How long before Jillian realizes there is no power for her hairdryer ?

[Peter] One day tops.

Nobody is leaving anyone behind if a bear attacks.

[Jillian] Boo !

No we're gonna stick together, and be eaten as a family.

But we do need to put this fire out.

OK guys, come on. Let's go to bed.

Come Ri [Riley] Allright.

'Night, buddy. [Riley] 'Night.

Here. 'Night, baby.

[Riley] Corey, are you ... are you awake ?

Riley, go to bed.

[Riley] Corey, wake up Riley, come on. Just close your eyes.

[Riley] I can't sleep.

[Riley] It's a moth.

[Riley] it could be a hawkmoth.

[Riley] Corey !

[Riley] Corey, get up !

[Riley] Did you see that? [Corey] Yes, I saw it.

[Jillian] Riley !

[Jillian] Riley, where are you going ?

[Jillian] Riley ! [Corey] Shit !

[Jillian] Get back here !

[Riley] There's lights.

[Jillian] Are those stars ?

[Riley] Look.

Oh my God !

[Riley] Stars don't move like that.

OK, what the hell was that ?

[Corey] UFOs?

Riley, tell me you got that on video !

[Riley] Yeah. Dude, let me see it.

[Katie] ... up there and went all the way across.

[Corey] They were winking and then shot up.

[Jillian] We did see the lights but ... [Peter] This is ridiculous, let's go.

[Peter] Come on. [Jillian] Thank you Dad.

[Peter] Let's go, in the car ... so weird.

[Peter] We can have this fascinating conversation driving.

[Jillian] It's probably someone's dinner, Riley.

[Jillian] It just haven't chicken fried it yet.

[Jillian] Don't touch, OK. [Riley] Why would I touch it ?

[Katie] Riley, stop looking at that. We're getting in the car now sweetie.

Come on, back in the car.

[Peter] OK ...

So I just want to understand this whole light thing, so ...

What exactly did these lights look like ?

[Corey] Big flashing and ... I mean, we did see lights last night.

[Peter] My whole family is going nutty. That's cool.

Riley, move the camera that way.

Thanks you, son.


Next campsite. Whoooo ! Whoooo !

Yeah !

[Riley] For how long? [Katie] Honey, I'm gonna plug it back in as soon as my phone is finished charging, I promise.

[GPS] Prepare to exit freeway in 0.5 miles.

You're getting off the highway?

Apparently, yeah.

I don't think that's right.

My google directions do not have us getting off the highway.

You have to trust Judy. I use this GPS all the time.

Judy ?

Yes, she knows people and gets me exactly where I need to go.

[Katie] I can't even get service out here.

[Jillian] Me neither. [Katie] You don't have any ?

[Jillian] No !

Corey, do you have any service ? [Jillian] He's asleep.

[GPS] Approaching left turn. [Peter] Now here's the turn.

This doesn't seem right.

[GPS] Approaching right turn. [Peter] Right, OK

[Katie] Do not wanna get lost out here. [Peter] We're fine ... I think.

[Jillian] That's why we're going down this creepy road.

[Peter] It's like 'Delivrance' [Katie] Well ... Minus the anal rape.

[Riley] Corey sleeping.

[Riley] Jillian sleeping.

[Riley] Mom, can I sit up front ? [Katie] Sure, honey.

[Peter] Wow, look at this view ... Jesus.

[Katie] Honey, I don't think there's gonna be a highway down there.

[Peter] I don't see anything down there.

[Katie] This is crazy. [Corey] Dad, where are we ?

[Jillian] In the middle of nowhere. [Corey] Are we lost ?

We're not lost, we're getting off this road in a few minutes.

[GPS] Approaching left turn. [Peter] See ?

[Peter] Trust Judy. She knows where she's going.

[Corey] This looks pretty wild to me.

[Katie] Be careful ! [Corey] Do you want me to drive?

No, I don't. Thank you very much. Just try not to piss me off.

[Katie] This is the same road. Yes, Katie, thank you so much.

[Jillian] Dad, can you slow down ? I'm gonna puke.

[Peter] We're in the godamn mountains ! I didn't make the roads. They curve !

[Katie] Peter !

I'm sorry... Just back off.

It is hard enough to drive these roads without you guys badgering me. Please.

[Katie] It's getting a little better.

[Peter] It's better ? There's hope for the 22 miles.

Son of a bitch !

[Katie] What is it ? We're low on gas.

[Katie] What?

[Katie] What ? How did we get so low ?

We're in the mountains, roads go up and down, we've haven't got gas for a while: We're low on gas !

Can you pull over somewhere ? [Peter] Pull up ? Really ?

[Peter] What the hell will that do ? Oh Great ...

Oh yeah, let's not pull over. Let's turn around !

[Peter] We don't need to do anything !

This knows exactly where we ...

[Jillian] What the hell was that ?

[Jillian] Is everybody OK ?

Get that camera out of my face ! [Katie] Peter !

Hi. Hi.

Ri, can you put down the camera for a second ?

[Riley] Yep.

[Riley] Why would a crow hit our car like that ?

[Peter] I don't know Ri ...

[Riley] It's balance must've been off or something.

[Peter] I'm not sure.

[Pete] I'm really sorry I lost my temper.

I love you so much, kid.

What do you say we go find a gas station ?

[Riley] Sure, dad.

I think your mother's pissed off at me.

[Riley] Yep.

[Peter] I'm very sorry.

[Peter] I'm sorry.

[Corey] Road to nowhere.

[Peter] Oh come on.

[Peter] There has got to be gas out here somewhere.

[Katie] Nobody comes up here. [Peter] Even meth heads need gas.

[Katie] Jillian, you're asleep ? [Jillian] Like I could sleep ?

Hey guys, a mailbox. [Katie] What?

[Katie] Imagine living out here, in the middle of nowhere ?

[Riley] 31 ... Number 31. [Katie] That's right, Riley.

[Jillian] Isn't that where the 'Unabomber' lives ?

[Riley] 31 ... 31 ... 31 ...

[Peter] Jesus, I wonder where number 32 is ?

[Jillian] Cheerful !

[Peter] That's encouraging ...

[Peter] I'm gonna have a heart attack. [Jillian] ♪ So much fun ♪

[Peter] I'm actually gonna have a heart attack, I think.

Dad, look at that one.

[Peter] Don't do that when I'm driving !

[Peter] Jesus, you freaked me out.

[GPS] Recalculating route.

[Katie] What's it doing ? [GPS] Recalculating route.

[Peter] What ? It is recalculating. Like I took a wrong ..

[Peter] ... turn or something.

[Peter] I don't get it. [GPS] Recalculating.

[Corey] It's not even sure of its road. [Jillian] Because no one uses it ?

[Jillian] It doesn't make any sense. There's no signal.

[Jilllian] Maybe something is interfering with the satellite.

[GPS] Recalculating.

[Peter] Any kind of signal on that thing ?

[GPS] Recalculat ...

[Peter] What in the hell is this ?

[Jillian] What the heck ?

[Katie] Oh my god .. An accident?

[Peter] Doesn't look like one.

[Peter] Is anybody in there? [Katie] No.

[Jillian] No, no one's there. [Katie] Where are they?

[Peter] I don't know.

[Katie] Jesus!

[Jillian] What the hell ? [Katie] What was going on here ?

[Katie] Peter !

[Corey] Wow !

[Katie] This is really weird. [GPS] Recalculating.

[Peter] Look at all this stuff.

[Peter] This is just ... [Riley] There aren't any people.

The people who own these cars have to be somewhere.

[Jillian] Dad, this is really creeping me out.

[Corey] Yeah, I'm with you.

[Riley] Maybe we should turn around now. [Peter] We don't have any choice ...

... we have no gas, we can't get back to the highway, we have to go this way.

Allright. So ... Er.

[Peter] You guys sit tight. I'm gonna find these folks.

Are you serious ?

[Peter] Yes, I'm serious, Corey.

[Corey] I'm coming too. [Peter] I'd really rather you stay in the car.

[Peter] OK, that's good.

[Jillian] Mom I gotta pee. [Katie] I'm gonna come with you.

Riley, you're gonna go with your dad ? ... Peter ?

[Peter] Yeah ? [Katie] Just keep an eye on him.

[Riley] Wait for me dad. Come on, Ri.

Gotta stay close, buddy, OK ?

[Corey] All the seatbelts are torn out of the cars.

[Peter] This is weird.

[Peter] Come on, buddy.

[Peter] Watch your brother, please.

[Riley] Who threw their bike on their car ? [Corey] Ri, Come on.

(static on the radio)

[Corey] Ri, come on.

[Corey] How fucking long is this tunnel ?

[Peter] Hello ?

[Riley] I'm coming. [Corey] Come on, buddy.

Dad, what the ... ? I don't know.

[Peter] Nothing.

[Peter] There's shit everywhere.

(static on the radio)

Hello ?

Dad, this is really weird.

[Corey] Riley ! [Peter] Come on buddy.

[Riley] Dad, Corey ... Let's go back.

[Peter] Riley, come on.

[Riley] Hold on.

[Riley] Dad. [Peter] Ri, Shush. Get over here.

[Peter] Come on.

[Peter] I mean it, Riley.

[Peter] Now, stay with me.

[Corey] Riley, come on. [Riley] Wait up.

It's a cop car.

It's a Sheriff's cruiser.

I think that we should go back. Let's go back.

Yeah, we should.

Hello ?

Hey !

[Corey] What the hell was that ?

Run ! Run ! Run !

Go ! Go ! Go !

[Peter] Let's get behind that car.

[Peter] Quick, Riley !

[Riley] Oh my god, we're trapped. Jesus Christ ! What was that ?

[Riley] Let's go. Come on !

Corey, listen... I want you to take Riley and run.

Get your mom, your sister and get the hell out of here.

Are you ready ?

Let's go !

Dad ! What are you doing ?

Shut up !

Ri !

Ri, run !

[Riley] I saw it !

[Riley] Corey, run faster !

[Corey] Can you see him ?

[Riley] Oh my god !

[Corey] What are we gonna do ?

[Riley] Run !

[Riley] Run !

[Riley] Corey, run !

[Riley] Corey, run !

[Riley] Faster ! Faster, Corey !

[Riley] Run ! Run ! It's coming !

[Riley] It's coming after me ! Run !

[Riley] Run !

[Riley] Corey, run ! Run !

Get in the car ! Get in the car !


[Jillian] Where is Daddy ? [Corey] Dad ... Dad's gone !

He's gone !

What are you doing, Corey ? Where is your father ?

[Corey] It wasn't human !

Corey ? ... Peter ?

[Katie] Peter ? [Jillian] What's going on ?

[Corey] He came after us !

Jillian ! Stop ! Didn't you hear me ? He's gone !

Now we try to get out!

No signal.

Wait a minute. Turn the car around!

Mom ! Mom ! Please !

What is going on ? He is GONE !

We have to get OUT !

[Riley] It wasn't human ! It was huge !

[Katie] OK we have service. [Jillian] Get me out of here !

[Riley] They tried to get us in there !

Come on! Come on!


Yes ! Hello ?

Hi, we're lost in the woods and my family is in danger.

We need help right now ! Hello ?

Hello ? No, I don't know where we are. Can you track this phone or something ?

Is there some way that you can do that ?

Hello ?

(all screaming)

What's going ON ?

What is this ?

[Riley] What happened ? Oh what just happened ?

[Riley] Corey ?

[Riley] What was that ?

Shit ! It's not turning ?

Get out ! Get out of the car.

Jillian, get out of the car.

Ri, let's go !

[Jillian] What are you doing ?

[Corey] We have to keep going on foot. [Jillian] What ?

[Corey] We can't sit here and wait for them to show up.

[Katie] We gotta get to a phone or a place where my phone works.

No ... I don't know about that.

We gotta keep moving. Come on, Riley.

[Riley] Come on.

[Corey] Mom, hurry !

Stay close, honey.

Did we pass that mailbox ?

[Riley] No. Number 31. No.

[Katie] We'll never make to the highway from here !

There's a dirt road, looked like a driveway. Like somebody lived back there.

Are you okay ? Mom, there is a phone line here !

Someone must lives back there ! Come on !

[Corey] Found the mailbox !

Wait for your brother !

Riley, come on !

[Riley] 31... 31 ... Number 31.

[Riley] 31 ... 31.

[Jillian] Slow, Corey, I don't see anything !

[Katie] I'm sure they're out there !

Come on Riley, don't worry about that. Keep going !

[Katie] Watch your step, honey. [Jillian] I got it.

Where's your brother ? I got him ! I got him !

[Riley] I'm OK.

[Corey] There's a cabin down here !

You got it ? Come on !

[Jillian] Wow ! [Sean] Hey !

Y'all trespassing. Sir, please !

This is private property. Holy shit !

Please ! We need your help !

I think you best go back up now where you came from.

[Jillian] Sir, you don't understand. Please !

This is an emergency, we are in trouble. We need to use your phone.

[Riley] What ? [Katie] Riley ?

[Sean] What the hell is that ? [Jillian] Riley, come on !

Get behind me. Shoot it !

Go ! Go ! Go !

Engel ! Engel, come back here !

You best get in the house, son.

Come on, get in the house.

Did you get it ?

[Sean] I don't know, I think I might've wind it.

Son, get you that 22.

[Sean] Look out the front window !

[Katie] Where's your phone? [Sean] In my pocket.

[Katie] You don't have a house phone ?

No, I ain't got a house phone, I got a cell phone like y'all got.

We saw these lines in your driveway.

I got a cell phone, like y'all got !

But it don't work out here.

[Sean] Engel !

[Riley] The gun didn't work. It didn't work on them !

[Riley] It's not gonna stop them !

We're gonna be fine. OK ?

Son, you know how to use that rifle ?

It's a 'yes' or 'no' question. Gimme that gun !

I got it, I got it !

Son, you best get that camera out my face !

[Jillian] Sir, please ! You don't understand !

We need the police !

I don't know what to tell you lady. It is what it is.

You came for the mountains. There ain't no one around here.

Don't you have someone you contact in case of an emergency ?

Me and my brother are just fine in emergencies.

Let me tell you something.

Even if I could call, ain't gonna be no help !

Shit ! I come out here to get away from folks like y'all.

Come up here with your dumbass questions.

Well, I got a question.

What the hell is that thing ?

We don't know. You don't know ?

Well you brought it to my backyard !

Riley, show him the camera.

[Riley] No !

[Jillian] Riley ? Riley ! Give me ... No, it's OK !

No, it's OK, please just ... [Riley] No !

We're gonna turn off the camera for one minute !

What happened to your old man up there ...

I lived my whole life up here ...

I've never seen nothing like that.

And it didn't make sense what I was looking at.

I suspect they'll be back tonight.

I'll do what I can to help y'all.

It's getting dark.

Let's lock down this house.

[Sean] That's them Brown Mountains lights.

[Sean] Grandmama told me about them.

[Sean] Said ... Er ... Twelve hundred Cherokee indians ...

[Sean] ... just disappeared on Brown Mountain, in one night.

[Sean] Can you believe that ?

[Sean] Shit ... All stories is the same.

When you see them lights ... Folks gon' miss.

Now that video that your slow kid showed me ...

Not slow, he's autistic.

[Sean] Well, in the video that your autistic kid just showed me.

[Sean] There's a cop car in the tunnel.

[Katie] Yeah ?

[Sean] And that's a good thing.

[Sean] When a cop is missing, every other cop is gonna look for him.

[Katie] Yeah.

[Sean] They're probably be here any minute, whether we call'em or not.

[Katie] I hope so.

What we got here is a perimeter around the house.

Something comes up from behind ...

We're gonna hear it coming.

[Jillian] It might be better out there than with this redneck nutbag !

[Katie] Shut up ! He's right outside.

[Jillian] He's insane and I don't trust him !

[Katie] I don't know who that guy is and what he's capable of.

[Katie] I do know we have to stay calm and we have to work together.

[Corey] Those things followed us and he's helping.

[Jillian] We can't just sit here ! [Katie] We can't risk leaving now, calm down.

[Katie] Sean's brother has a truck, he'll be back and can get to the police.

[Katie] When do you expect your brother ?

[Sean] He's been gone all day. He's been into town.

[Sean] Listen. I know you folks have been through some shit and ...

... now you're out in the woods here.

Hey, what's that radio for ?

That's my father's old radio. Not really working like it s'pose to.

We basically use it like a CB. Scott's got a CB in the truck.

So why don't you try calling someone ?

[Sean] 'Cause you wouldn't use it, unless you had a reason.

[Katie] Could we use this thing and call for help ?

You're welcome to try it out if you'd like !

If you think I'm lying.

Shit ... Piss me off.

Son, are you gonna point that camera at me all night long ?

[Jillian] The camera helps him. He needs it.

I get it.

I had me a retard cousin once, never let go of his momma's leg ...

I ain't no doctor ... But I 'spect it soothes them.

[Corey] He's not retarded ! [Riley] I'm autistic.

Notice how that camera gets jumping when them things is around ?

[Riley] Yeah.


If it happens again you gimme a holler.

[Riley] OK.

Now get your ass out my face.

[Riley] What are you doing ?

I'm trying to figure out how this damn radio works.

[Riley] Sean says it doesn't work.

Yeah, well... Sean can't even form complete sentences.

I doubt he knows how to operate this thing.

[Riley] He's got guns.

[Riley] Guns ... And a banjo.

[Riley] Something's outside ! [Sean] The cans !

[Riley] Mom ...

[Riley] Mom what was that ?

It's Engel !

Engel ! Engel here !

Oh yeah ! Good boy. Who's a big man !

You're no game for an alien ...

[Riley] Are you OK boy ? Yeah he looks all right !

Give him something to drink. Water or something.

[Jillian] Want some water ? Come here, bud.

Well, all we need now is Scott to get back ...

... and got ourselves a three men army.


Scott should've got back here by now.

[Katie] You ever seen these things before ?

Everybody out there know something weird is going on.

You hear stories ... I never see nothing like that before.

[Corey] What kind of stories do you hear ?

Well, y'all been up yonder.

Seen that cross on the road ?

The one with candles and shit underneath it ?

Yeah, I saw it.

That night a year ago ...

Me and Scott coming home late that night ...

That's where we found old Wright's car right there ...

Doors blown open, Wright's all over, no one around.

Just like them cars you've seen in the tunnel.

[Katie] My god.

[Sean] Yep.

All week, folks in town said they've all seen the Brown Mountain lights.

[Corey] We saw lights last night.

[Riley] I filmed the lights.


When them lights show up ...

... Bad shit gets to happen.

Why are they doing this ?

[Sean] I don't know, ma'am.

[Sean] No one knows.

[Sean] They had the government up here ...

[Sean] ... with scientists running around with their fancy machines.

[Sean] I don't know what these things is.

[Sean] Y'all fish ?

[Riley] No.

[Sean] You're out late at night.

[Sean] When it's real dark.

[Sean] And in the middle of the lake.

[Sean] You ditch a flood light.

[Sean] You shine that shit at the water.

Than you just ... Put your feet up.

Have a beer !

And you wait.

And you just ...

Watch them dumbass fish go swim towards that light.

Shit, you scoop'em up. They practically jump on the boat.

That's all these things is doing.

[Sean] They're just not fishing.

[Sean] Some they keep ... Some they throw back.

[Sean] Catch and release ! [Riley] So, dad could still be alive.

[Katie] Corey ! [Sean] Hey ! ... Hey son !

Where the hell you're goin' ! Where the hell you're goin' !

Get your hands off of me !

You go back at, uh ?

You're gonna find that thing in the dark ?

You'll leave your family here ?

You're the man now.

He ain't coming back.

I wish he would.

All you can do is ...

... take care of your family. But he ain't gonna come back.

[Jillian] Sean !

[Scott] Sean, Sean ! Yeah Scott !

I'm right here, I can hear you. Where the hell you at ?

[Scott] Just off the highway, there's these lights off the road out here.

Don't go near them lights ... I said don't go near them lights !

[Scott] Jesus ! Something is coming on me !

Scott, what's going on ?

Scott, where you at ?

[Scott] The lights !

Scott where you at ?

[Katie] You can't do this ...

This is crazy, Sean ! You can't do this !

There's plenty of ammo here.

Your boy knows how to use that rifle as well.

Five gallons of gas ...

... in a can in the cellar, which is under that trap.

If I don't show in the morning you take that can and get back to your car ...

... it'll get your as far as town. Stop and think for a minute !

Just stop and think !

You can't leave us alone. Engel here !

You're not even sober. You could get yourself killed !

It is my brother out there.

Now if I get killed, I get killed.

Now y'all be safe. And take care of your children.

Did you hear that son ?

You take care of this family.

Come on. [Katie] I can't believe it.

Mom ...

[Riley] Mom, I don't wanna be here anymore.

[Riley] I wanna go home. Me too, honey.

We're safe here right now.

As soon as it gets light we're gonna grab that gas can ...

... and we're gonna go right back to our car.

[Riley] Yeah.

Corey ...

Is it OK ?

It happened ... so fast.

It was right on top of us.

I can still hear his screams in my head ! I can't get him out !

I didn't do anything !

Wait a minute ... Damn it !

I was so afraid that I just ran ! I didn't do anything !

It's not what happened. You did the best that you could.

I should've try to fight it !

I could've tried to punch it or find something to hit it with.

I don't deserve to get through this ! Stop it ! Stop it !

Please, honey, I need you to stay strong. Help get us throught this, please.

I am so proud of you.

Dad ... I know.

Do you think you could try to get some sleep ?

You're tired. We're all tired.

I'm gonna get us out of here. I promise you.

Now you get some sleep, honey.

[Riley] Jillian ! Jillian, wake up !

What is it, Riley ?

[Riley] They're back. Mom ...

Something's out there ! [Katie] Jillian, get away from there !

Jillian, what is that ? I don't know, something white !

[Katie] Corey, back !

[Katie] Corey, back !

[Jillian] What is that ?

I think it's moving. [Jillian] What ? No ! No ! No !

[Riley] There's a ... Look ! Look !

[Jillian] Is it watching us ?

We gotta get out of here ! All right, come ...


Oh my god !

Go! Go! Go!

What was that ?

[Katie] They're all around us. The door ! [Jillian] We can't get out !

[Corey] Quick, Riley !

[Jillian] Riley ?

[Katie] Corey ? Corey, what are you doing ?

Love you guys. It's the only way !

[All] No ! Wait ! Corey, come down !

[Katie] Please Corey !

[Riley] Mom ...

[Riley] We have to get out of here.

I cannot ...

I'm not gonna let anything happen to you two.

This is the only way out.

We have to lift this couch.

Shit !

I can't get any leverage.

[Jillian] Ssshhh ! The camera !

[Jillian] I'm scared.

Y'all gon' follow me. Ain't safe here no more. Come on !

They took him, Sean ! They took my son !

Come on, little man.

Shit !

[Katie] Did you find your brother ? [Sean] Just his empty truck.

Here, take that in the back. Be careful with it.

Get in ! We gotta go.

We'll take a back road. It's gonna get rough.

[Katie] Riley ? [Riley] Right here.

Hold on !

Scott's truck was still running. Doors blown open.

Nowhere I could find him.

He wouldn't have left his gun [Jillian] Sean, where we're going ?

Those things is all over the main roads.

I know those trails like the back of my hand.

I'll get us out of here, down the moutain.

[Jillian] Is that where the town is ?

That's 30 miles from here, and they might be there too for all I know.

Some lights overlooked ten feet off the ground riding Scott's truck.

Shit ! A goddamn invasion.

Thank you for coming back for us.

Don't mention it.

Shit !

All right, listen to me. Listen to me !

Y'all get off the truck. You head that way ...

... you'll find a footpath at the end of the woods.

That footpath's gonna drop you off at my barn.

Y'all go in that barn and you hide.

I'll try to run them on the side Come with us !

Get out of the truck now ! Go ! Get outta here !

[Jillian] Come with us !

[Jillian] Mom, that way ! Come on !

[Jillian] Wait, hold up.

Did he say which way ?

[Riley] Let's keep moving.

OK. Come on, honey.

Sshh !

Stay low. Stay together.

[Katie] Stay with me. Riley ! Hurry !

[Riley] I'm trying.

[Katie] Keep up.

[Katie] Care, Jillian.

Mom !

Come here. [Riley] The lights ...

[Riley] The lights are moving.

Get down ! Get down !

I can't see anything. Is it getting closer ?

[Riley] Yes.

What is that ? What is that ?

[Jillian] Oh my God ! [Katie] Riley, stay away from this !

[Jillian] What's happening ?

[Riley] Mom !

[Jillian] Mom !

[Jillian] It's all right, it's OK.

[Katie] Jillian !

All right ?

[Riley] Mom ! [Jillian] Oh God ! Make them stop !

Please !

Riley !

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee, Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, Now and at the hour of our death.

Everything will be OK, honey.

[Riley] I think they've gone.

[Jillian] Why would they ?

[Katie] It's gonna be OK. It's gonna be OK, honey.

Get back ! Get back ! Be careful !

Go ! Ri, come here !

Hide ! Be careful !

Shit ! Shit !

[Sean] Y'all there ?

Sean ! Sean !

Sean ! Thank God !

Shit !

Thank you ! Thank you for coming back for us.

I think I got me one of them son of bitches I haven't seen them lights in a while.

Let's get our asses out in the truck. [Riley] The camera !

Come on ! Let's get in the truck. Come on, Ri.

[Sean] Let's go. Come on, Ri.

Run !

Riley... Riley, let's go ! Riley let's go ! Come on !

[Riley] Wait !

Come on ! Over here !

Come here !

Shit !

Oh my God !

We'd better go ! Watch your step. Come on !

Let's go !

Riley !

Jillian !

Jillian !

Jillian !

Jillian, please !

Jillian, where did you go ?

Jillian !

Where are you ?

Jillian, please !

Where are ... my family !

God ... Help us !

I'm scared !

Jillian ! Shit ! Fuck !

Be quiet !

It's okay. He's gone.

Come here. Get down !

Turn the camera off.

Turn it off ! [Riley] OK !

Riley, come on.

[Riley] Getting cold.

There is a town down there.

[Riley] Almost there.

[Jillian] Let's keep moving.

Come on. Keep up !

[Riley] Are we lost ?

We just keep on moving and then we'll reach a road.

A road that ... leads to the town we saw.

[Riley] Are you all right ? Yeah.

[Riley] We're almost there.

[Riley] We just have to keep moving. OK.

Look ! Riley, the road !

We made it !

Ri, come on ! Come on !

Thank God !

Thank God !

[Cop] You kids all right ?

[Riley] We need help.

[Riley] Jillian. We're safe, now.

[Riley] We're OK. We're gonna be OK, Jillian.

[Riley] We're gonna be OK.

[Cop] 128 communications. 128 communications.

[Radio] Go in, 128 I have two lost juveniles requesting EMT backup.

I'm 500 yards north of Brown Mountain tunnel.

[Radio] 10-4, 128. EMT backup ...

[Cop] Call for ...

For the past 20 years, I have been enthusiastically researching the mystery of the Brown Mountain lights.

No one knows what they are !

There are all kinds of theories of the origin of the lights from swamp gas to various theories of ...

... radon gas glowing.

There are people that suggested marsh gases.

There's no marsh in the area where they were.

It was just so very clear, so very apparent.

I mean, it wasn't like : "Can you see that ?"

Everybody there could see clearly what it was.

The people have, and I don't know whether it's imagination or not, said : the lights seem to be elusive.

We realized that when a legitimate Brown Mountain light appeared there was electromagnetic interference.

It's not something caused by flashlights, dirt bikes, four wheelers, lanterns or ... Whatever.

Globes of glowing gas appear randomly in different locations, last for seconds to tens of seconds, and then disappear.

This has been reported for centuries.

By using equipment that can pickup that level of interference, we were able to start documenting where the lights were coming from.

The question becomes : Are these lights producing it ?

We think they probably are.

But it could be also because something bigger is happening in the environment.

There's maybe some type of an alien element there because when people see UFOs they talk about electromagnetic interference.

And what we saw was basically a perfectly round orb, sphere, whatever ... And it was flat.

And it was white and it came up from down in the valley It came up and floated above the ridge.

There were two more, but I can't remember where they came from.

But all three followed the ridge and went to the top.

Then they kinda danced around. Just kinda danced around.

They seems to move about in a ghost like manner..

Danced around. We watched them a long time.

When you start digging into Brown Mountain, you find that some of these may just be a natural phenomena, but that doesn't explain people who claim they've been abducted there.

And just when I got to the door of my bedroom, I had the sensation of being literally sucked up against the ceiling.

It wasn't a sensation, I was physically sucked up against the ceiling. and it was the most horrifying thing I've ever felt in my entire life.

And it was ... real.

It doesn't explain the creature sightings that have taken place.

It doesn't explain many of the conspiracies related to military activities and government involvment.

Someone would come in and they were gonna find the cause.

And ...

I guess they'd justify their overstay at government's with some theory that would partially justify what they'd done.

The military activity, the root of many of the elaborate conspiracies at Brown Mountain, usually have an alien element.

It's a probability there is UFOs.

There's a possibility that I wouldn't realize what they are in this day and time.

We know that the US government has publicly investigated the Brown Mountain lights, at least three times throughout history.

I think science has an obligation, in the spirit of Carl Sagan, to explain and investigate claims of the paranormal.

So we know that the government, for a long time, has been aware of the Brown Mountain lights.

And it manifest in the way that we see it, in the shape of orbs.

But there's something there !

Brown Mountain is on National Forest land and if you go to some of the overlooks today you will see that there are markers that were put in place by the federal government.

Brown Mountain lights, to me, may represent one of the last really interesting frontiers of natural phenomena that we don't understand.

The Brown Mountain lights are an absolutely real phenomenon.

God only knows what the Brown Mountain lights are.

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