Alien Outpost (2014) Script

Hurry them up! Let's go, guys!

Where you from? Seattle, washington.

Bloomington. Indiana, sir.

Why'd you join the usdf?

There's fuck to do in salton sea.

Did you have any idea what we were headed into?


If you had, would you still have gone?

This is the story of the men fighting a ar

We're coming in! Let's go, guys!

Location Drop-site pakistan

What will you do when your tour here is complete?

I don't know. I try not to think that far ahead Friendlies! Regroup!

We have a hell of a way to Drive! Load up!

Watch your heads!

Come on!

Have you ever seen a heavy in person?


Yeah. I saw one walking down my street when i was a kid seeing that fucker every night since

rpg on the ridge! Go! Go! Go! Go! Finally Ah! Come on! Get some!

He'll fit in nicely at 37. Get some! Ba-boosh!

Come on! What makes you say that?

They're all out of their goddamn minds Yeah! ah!

What do you miss most from home?

Home-cooked meals.

Whose cooking?

My mom.

Vic, this is actual. What's your status?

Taking the greens to 37.

Be advised we have enemy contact to the south.

Drop the greens. Return to mako.

Get out.

What are you talking about? Where are we?

Do you have a map? Yeah.

Get out. Go.

Hurry up! It's getting dark!

I was away at school during the invasion.

And, um, my home got hit.

And so i didn't have anywhere to go back to

What are we supposed to do now?

Frankie, fall in.

Andros, let me see the map.

You thinking twice about signing up?

No, sir. Good. Take point.

There was action here.

Yeah. Recently.

How recent? Doesn't matter. Let's go. Eyes up.

You got to be fucking kidding me.

And when you saw the outpost, what were your first thoughts?

That we should turn around, try and make it back to mako on foot Regardless of the punishment.

Fuck. You think they got hit?

I got a bad fucking feeling about this, man.

Doesn't matter. We can't stay here.

Let's go.


O.p. 37, this is specialist omohundro, over.

Is there anything on the walkie?

Shut up.

O.p. 37, this is specialist omohundro, over.

I don't know what's up. Then why the fuck are we going in?

It's the only place we can go Okay, here's the gate. Andros, you blow the lock.

Im gonna go west. Andros, you take east.

Frankie, cover us with reds. Expect heavies.

Set? Set.


It's one of ours! Let's get in there!

Watch out for friendlies.

Muzzle discipline, clean shots only, conserve ammo.


Set? Set.


Fuck you, you bastards!

I got you, you pieces of shit!

Fuck you!

Take that, you pricks!

Piss off! Go back to your bloody fucking home planet you fucks!

Friendlies at 7:00! Covering fire!

Bloody hell! Who the fuck are you, mate?


Reloading! Get that saw back online!

I got movement at 10:00! Where the fuck are they?

I can't see shit! I'm out!

Get that saw back online!

What the fuck is going on?! I don't know, mate, okay?

These blokes arrived and began fucking shit up, started shooting everything insight Drop your weapons! Names now, shitheads!

Sir, specialist alex omohundro, sir.

Do you have any idea what the penalty is...

Entry to this outpost?! What the fuck are you What the fuck are you looking at?

Grab those cameras! Give me the fucking camera!

Hands up!

What are you looking at, dick breath?!

All right. I can't do this anymore.

See the look on their faces? The little one shit himself.

Oh, dude, i smelled it. Sorry, guys. sorry, guys.

Just a little joke the men like to play on the new arrivals.

Hey, hey, it's okay. Son, you're gonna live, okay?

I'm lieutenant grant North. Welcome to the 37, boys.

Where are you from? Sebring, florida.

Shitload of old people out there, like the rest of florida.

Smells like oranges.

I hate oranges. And what do you miss most from home?

How many women have you seen since you've been here that weren't a blanket None. Well, there you go.

What will you do when your tour here is complete?

Going to disneyland.

Hey. The commander wants to see Okay.

Holy shit, man. Are these the new vl-624s?


We're gonna put them up around the base wireless upload like our main cameras Low-profile. U.h.d., right?


Uh, you mind?

Uh... sure, okay.

You might want to get moving. Spears ain't patient.


So, what's up? I have no idea.

I was unpacking, and Mac came and got me.

Look at this place. Looks like he can fight his own personal war.

What the fuck is this? A relic from the first invasion.

First invasion?

There's only been one. There has only been one...

So far. Take a seat.

You mind if we ask you some questions about the f.e.w.?

Some other time. Right now, i need you to understand the situation

37's positioned in the most dangerous part of the world.

We're attacked here daily.

Local resistance and heavy presence is higher here than any other outpost on the planet.

This isn't like any other outpost.

When you're here, you fight.

Well, with all due respect, sir... - keep your respect Save you asses. Geneva doesn't exist out here.

When you're within these walls, you're a combatant.

I refuse to lose one man because you weren't armed. Do i make myself clear?

Sir, we're... I said, do i make myself clear?

Sir, we're journalists, not soldiers.

Everyone became a soldier 10 years ago, whether they liked it or not Now take your weapons.

That'll be all.

Yeah, i got goat coming out of my fucking ears.

Which one of you hicks shot this one, huh?

Yeah, couldn't you shoot something that tastes good?

Hey, man, i ain't never seen you pass up a meal, fat boy.

Whites only.

Omohundro, hey, you did good yesterday.

This is for you. Look how he's eyeing him.

That ain't omo. That's "homo."

Aw, i think bones is jealous. Aren't you, bones?

Hey, man, keep your hands off my shrimp and your eyes off my barbie huh?

Bones, if you could fight half as well as you talk, this war would have been over years ago.

Where were you during the invasion?

Man, i was held up with my boys in a-t-l.

I was hoping that they would run up on our street.

You think the heavies will attempt another invasion?

No, man, they can't get past the sariffs.

Sariffs? Orbital defense sentries.

My, um... my squad was stationed in North korea before the attack rebuilding, securing the new government, that sort of thing.

And, uh, Spears was my c.o.

Anyways, i remember i was in Um... i was in new pyong when the... the news came on.

It said that there'd been some natural disaster, some shit, Brazil, in port velho.

And this was june 13th, 2021?

I mean, there wasn't much coming out at first You know, other than velho was apparently destroyed but about a day later, more reports started coming in... more cities destroyed...

Millions... millions dead.

And then the real shit hit the fan an invasion, aliens.

It just... didn't seem real. Yeah, go.

Yeah, go. You're off.

What the hell? No, you're off, dude.

Check your wind. It should be on 3.

All right. All right, watch it now.

Very good.

All right, big guy, one more step.

There we go. And... there.

What the fuck happened? I can't feel my leg.

I got bit by that thing, and i can't feel my leg.

It's a numb bug. Little fuckers came down with the heavies That's what i told him. Is there something you can give me?

I could piss on it for you.


Will that help? No.

But i can't feel my foot.

Why do you think they call it a numb bug, numb nuts?

Here. Get the fuck out of the way.

It'll go away in a couple hours. But you can go away now.

Boys, that is a house that is full.

I am foxtrot, uniform, charlie, kilo, echo, delta.

What does that mean? He's fucked.

They said they took fire almost every single day.

So i knew it was gonna come sooner or later.

Were you ready for it when it came?

Hell, yeah.

Looks like that joe has seen a lot of action.

Yeah, he has. It's my son's.

How old is he?

Him and my wife were in Chicago during the counteroffensive.

What, you were there? No.

That's why i'm still alive.

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

Eyes up! Brick, get on that fucking 50!

I'm already on it, sir!

Get up on those! Move!

I got these guys to the east!

All right, got it! You got grenades?

Yeah. Get them out.

Get down! Get down!

From behind! Nice going, Harty!

Got two tangos getting close! Fuck you!

Hold the wall! There you go!

200 yards! Come on, motherfucker!

I see you, nigga!

Yeah, boy! Fuck, yeah!


We got a man down!

You okay? Yeah.

Now you're in the 37, man.

Watch those fucks on the left!

Left! Medic!

Wilks! I got you.

You're all right. Don't touch it.

Just lay back. Got that camera, omo.

Mortar! Incoming Mortar!

I need to look at this. Here we go. All right Stay. Zilla!

Straight. Zilla!

Zilla! I need you.

Outpost 37, actual, this is dirty bird.

We are standing by for paint-on target.

Zilla, put the rim down! Spot that target!

Copy that, sir!

You good? Yes, sir.

Get that scope back up! Let's go!

Hey, look at them run. Hey, look at them run.

Y'all see that shit?!

Smile for the camera, brick.

Now you're in.

Frankie, that's 37 for you, baby, that's 37.

Why did the locals attack the base?

I thought the interhuman conflict ended in this region after the heavies invaded.

It did.

But, you know, post-invasion, we needed to ensure the safety of humanity So the outposts were commissioned.

Unfortunately, we encroached on their sovereignty.

Well, for a decade, they put up with it, but, um, But, um, patience must be wearing thin, huh?

Look at me. look at me, duke. Squeeze my hand.


Hold on. Fuck!

I can't get it, not here, not like this.

Take it out. Take it out.

Duke. Relax.

Relax. You'll die.

You did good. All right, take him out.

Yes, sir.

Hey. Set, boys?

Move fast. Get him to that base.

Don't come back till daylight.

Listen, you're gonna be two men down. What if they attack again?

Don't worry about that. They won't.

You just see to duke, okay?

Three, down. And bring back supplies. We need all the ammo they can give us.

Good. Be safe.

You, too, brother.

You're gonna be all right, Duke.

Duke. Nice work, fellas.

Uh, geographically, uh, we're in the dmz between pakistan and Afghanistan.

It's an area that was largely controlled by these local tribes.

And the heavies retreated here after the invasion.

And we followed.

So, he's gonna be okay.

But he's done here. They're sending him to lyon to cover.


Listen, guys.

You did well.

And Duke got hit doing his job. That's all.

Do this long enough, we all get hit.

So let's get back to it.

I want patrols around the base all day.

Zilla, it's your turn.

Take the rooks. Get rid of the bodies.


The rest of you, that's all.

That's the worst we've ever seen from the locals.

They're gearing up for something. Might try to finally push us out

They can't take on the heavies without us.

We need more men.

We won't get them. I put a request in this morning.

The answer was negative.


So, what do you want to do?

Tell Mac to bring Saleem in.

Let's see what he knows.

Back in the initial fighting of the f.e.w., our ground They struggled to kill... hell, even injure... the heavies. They're big fuckers, huge.

They got a thick armor, too Made from some metal we don't have here on earth.

Makes them slow, but they're still walking tanks.

So, our weapons weren't effective?

You could barely bring one down.

Finally, Darpa got their hands on a couple of dead ones and researched a new type of round.

HIPRS, high impact phosphorous rounds... "Reds"

It's like having, uh, 10 bullets in one.

Say you fire one, right?

The bullet flies, hits the target, explodes, Fires another bullet, like those, uh... those Russian cup things.

Tears through the armor and fills them with a burning phosphorous.


Smelling shit.

Dude, you're a pervert. You know that?

Oh, damn!

God, i almost feel guilty about this.

Look at this. Surgical hands, baby, Surgical hands. Look at that.

Just gonna give her a little facelift.

I'm wiped.

Burn what we got so far and take five.

They're finished marinating.

Any of you guys got a light?

You close to Duke?

Yeah. He's a good soldier.

I bet you he pulled so much wool with that damn aussie accent.

Frankie, maybe that's what you should do.

You should fake an accent.

Then you can finally get a piece of ass.

I've had plenty.

Oh, is that why you look at that picture of your mom so much?

Seriously, Frankie.

Is that the last pussy you've seen?

All right, come on, Frankie. Let's see the photo. come on.

Bones tells me she's got a great spread, Frankie.

Yo, he's gonna be crazy.

Oh, shit.

Come on! Come on!

Step up and see the beautiful... and... hold up... sexy Miss Forello!

What the fuck's going on?


Hey, no, come on, Frankie.

Come on, Frankie.

Just give me the... No.

J ust give me the photo. No, it looks good.

Just give it back.

It looks good.

Just give it... Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.

Come on, Frankie.

Okay. okay. Come on, Frankie.

Okay. Come on, Frankie.

Just give me the photo, man.

Frank, come on, man. That's my mom.

Just ask nice.


He said please!

Frankie, come on, man.

Frankie, come on. Frankie, come on.

Oh, Frankie.

When you're the new guy, you just shut up and do what they tell you.

They'd fuck with us constantly, but...

It's just part of the game.

They... they want to see who's gonna crack.

Are you gonna crack? No, sir.

I got to last at least until I prove them wrong.

Prove who wrong?

Everyone here and... back home.

Come on, Frankie! You can be the piggy in the middle!

No, man. You can go in the middle, man.


What is it?

Someone's approaching from the west on foot.

How far out? Less than a kick out, sir.

All right, tell the twins. Already done, sir.

Good job. Assemble the men.

That's far enough.


Lower your weapons.

Alderich Heilbronner, USDF replacement soldier, sir.

That was faster than it should have been.

Duke got to the fob less than eight hours ago.

Duke was stationed at mako as a USDF liaison.

I volunteered.

Now, why would you do that?

Because i know what you face out here, sir.

You cannot be a man down.

I respect what you're saying, but i don't give a damn about D.F You understand?

I'm a soldier. I will fight and die by your side, Commander.

Welcome to 37.

It is an honor, sir.

The men seem like they'd follow Spears into hell.

Would you?

You're damn right they would.

And i have.

And when the heavies first invaded, they, uh... dropped straight through the atmosphere and landed hard.

A few days later, they launched a worldwide attack.

It was every country for themselves.

It was complete fucking chaos.

Then things got better when the u.n. was disbanded and the USDF form The united space defense force.


Spears volunteered to lead a, uh, counteroffensive and brought me along for the ride.

After a couple of months, we, uh... we started pushing them back.

They'd spread themselves too thin.

Well, that and our air force was kicking the shit out of theirs.

We hit their mother ship so fucking hard They couldn't wait to get the hell out.

And the world celebrated, but There we still thousands of heavies left behind.

Which brings us to the creation of the outposts.


Hey, Frankie. Evening, sir.

Busy tonight, huh?


Listen, i hear the boys have been giving you a bit of a hard time.

It's just their way of finding out who you are.

You're the new guy on the base.

They want to see what you can take.

I promise you this...

If you can shoulder up to it Show them you can take it Each and every one of these men will have your back every day of the week and twice on sundays.

Frankie, you got this!

It's all you, little man!

Let's go!

Go low! Come on!

Go low! Oh!

There it is! Come on, Frankie!

Let's go, buddy. Come on, Frankie.

We got money on you here. Oh!


Where are you from?

The New Republic of Biafra.

Why did you join the USDF?

I was an RNB resistance fighter way before the invasion.

Seemed like another cause that needed someone like me.

Hey, Saleem. How's it going?

Everyone's waiting for you. It's okay.

How are you, my brother? Hey, North.

So good to see you, my friend. Spears wants to see you.

There's been some strange activity that's been happening.

Saleem's our Pakistani translator.

He's a... He's a good guy.

He loves us, man. He loves Americans, you know?

Um, post invasion, the heavies, uh, raided his village, killed his family.

They captured him, you know, p.o.w.-like.

Then a group of American's came through and saved him, you know?

Since then, he'd pretty much do anything or us.

All right, men, listen up.

You're gonna follow Saleem back down to... what's that place called?


Yeah, Ghrem, to deal with the elders.

Some of the goats were killed last night.

They think it was one of our mortars.

We can't afford to have a revolt, not now, not after the recent attack.

North is gonna lead you down.

All right, let's go. Stay alert.

Handle it. Sir.

Sergeant Wilks?

Follow me, boys.

Have you ever seen a heavy in person?

I've done the training, i've been in the simulators, but no, no face-to-face contact.


Why do you guys strap your weapons down like that?

Oh, so the heavies and the Hajis don't take them.

Why would a heavy want an M4?

I mean, they've got lasers.

Yeah, they got them. They just can't use them.

Most of them are out of Ammo.

We'd be heavy slaves or worse if they'd had enough during the war.

You go and speak to him.


He says we owe him 12 goats. His wife and child have nothing.

This was all that they had. - Well, you tell him sorry, but we didn't do this.

Everyone, eyes up. Omo, with me.

Copy, sir.


What is it?

No human did this. Possible heavies in the area!

Contact, 12:00!

Hold your fire! Saleem, tell him to stop.

Saleem, tell him to stop.

Hold your goddamn fire, Hans!

Everybody, spread out! Tell him to stop!

This is his last warning, Saleem!

He won't listen to me. He doesn't look right, sir.

Oh, thank god.

God damn! Shit!

Everybody, sound off!

Tentuglo, sir! Team three good!

Saleem, you okay?

Oh, shit! Heavies!

Take cover! Go! go! go! go!

Move! Everybody up! Let's go! Let's go!

Move! Move! Move! Move! Move! Come on! Go!

Everybody, Reds now!

Reds in! Come on! Light up the ridge!

We got another one at 3:00!

Now fall back! Make our way back to the outpost.

Everybody, go!

Fall back! God damn it!

Fall back and regroup!

Move! Move! Move!

Move! Get out of here! I got you, Frankie!

Got behind me.

Come on! Move! Move! Move!

Buddy, out of the way!

Okay, let's go! let's go!

Move! Move! Move!

Go! Go! Go!

People Forget, Or... At least, They choose to forget as a way to survive.

That's something that I haven't been able to do.

I've never heard of heavies planning an ambush before.

Me neither. Where is North?

Where is North? Lieutenant North!

Lieutenant North? We're going back.

Andros, come on. Omo, on me.

Let's go, boys. Move!

He pushed me away right here.



Let's go. Frankie, cover my 6:00.

God damn it, grant. Where are you?

Over here! Is that his helmet?

Oh, god.


I'm headed to Mako.

General Dane needs to see this in person.

I'm leaving you with operational command.

What are my orders, captain? Fortify the base.

Nobody leaves under any circumstances. Understood?


Fucking Germans, right?

I thought that brick said that they were out of Ammo.

They don't have more What's left Which isn't much.

It doesn't take much.

Yeah, well, i don't know, man.

I mean, how we supposed to fight that shit?

Well, Dude, that's what we got Reds for, right?

It was low after they got North.

And then the PMCS came in, and We fucking lost it.

Why did the PMCS show up?


Who the fuck are you?

We're contractors sent by the USDF to investigate last night's encounter.

What encounter?

Your orders are to stay at base. Do not interfere.

Get off my base now.

You will comply or face court-martial.

We have jurisdiction here.

Take your men back inside.

Whose jurisdiction, dickhead?

Like i said... we do.

Mac, get on the horn with Mako, find out what the fuck is going on here.

Copy that, sir.

Uh, sir, our orders are to stand down.

I don't know why the fuck they brought them in.

Oh, where the fuck is spears?

I don't know.

Haven't been able to raise him on the comms all day.

We can't even search for North Proper.

What if we use the drone?

Oh, you're a goddamn genius.

Yo, it's too dark, Mac.

I thought all you brothers liked the dark. Eyes and teeth, right?

Yo, cut it, Harty.

Hang on. Is that the pmcs?

What are those fuckers doing past the ncz?

Where the fuck are they?

Now i got to head back, man. My battery's dying.

Y'all tell Andros to go play catch.

Andros, we got the u.a.v. Headed back in your direction.

Oh, shit. A heavy.

Wait. Who's that? It's saleem.

We got a heavy chasing saleem!

Hans, support! Brick, on omo!

Frankie, stay here! Let's go! Let's move it! Let's go! Come on! Let's go!

I'm arming the drone. Hurry up. It's almost on him.

Come on! Close it up! Everybody in!

What's your status, Mac? I can't get it. The target won't lock.

I'm going up!

I can't get the shot!

Mac, i can't get the shot. Come on, motherfucker, lock!

Mac! Come on!

What the fucking shit?

Strap it up.

I had never been more scared in my entire life When we brought that thing back to the base.

Think it knows where North is?

Bet your ass it does. Can't we wake it up And make it tell us? No.

What the fuck are you doing?

I told you not to go off this base! Sir.

This is my responsibility It was chasing saleem, and we had to go after him.

All right, everyone out. Omo and Wilks, stay here.

All right, what's going on?

Captain, we thought we could extract North...

Your job, sergeant, is not to think!

Your job is to obey orders! Do you understand that?!

Yes, sir, but shouldn't we at least try to... try to what?!

Sir, what do we do?

We do nothing.

Captain, North may be in the hands of... i said we do nothing because those are our orders. We don't know if North is dead or alive.

And i won't compromise this base, this mission, or my men for anyone.

This operation is bigger than any one of us, myself included.

And when i tell you to obey an order, you obey that goddamn order.

Do you understand, sergeant?!

Yes, sir. Dismissed.


You sure you want to do this? I am sure.

You know we can't support you. I know.

If you find North, come straight back. Don't try and rescue him.

Just get the coordinates and bring them back.

Today i'm alive because of you.

Insha'allah, i may repay that debt.

Why did you join the usdf?

My dad gave my brother and i two options... military or law.

My twin took the better option.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume That you guys aren't really twins.

Your turn, man.

All right.

We both enlisted at chapsworth the same year, and we both have the same last... it's a military academy.


And we both have the same last name... dotson.

Anyway, we came up through the cal program together. Cal's a sniper program.

Man, you always leave this shit out like people know what you're talking about.

Whatever. Look, we was both trained in prewar.

The academy is in south carolina.

An impact zone. Luckily, it wasn't leveled when they hit.

Didn't take long before we spot them on the ground.


Oh, yeah.

He and i were up in the watchtowers.

Held them off long enough for the army to come in and provide support.

I got another goat here.

So, yeah, twin guard towers, twin snipers, same last name.

The twins.

I'm gonna take this shot.

Harty's cooking is slightly less horrible when there's meat involved.

Yo, come on, man. What, you got somewhere to be?

Man, why you always scared of everything?

I'm not scared. Man, you is scared.

You scared of boo. You scared that there hasn't been any contact in the past few days.

You is scared. It's strange.

I'm not scared.

Just strange. He's definitely scared.

Hey, what you got there?

It's bourbon.

That's my swo milk, man.

What is swo milk? It's a protein shake, fool.

Damn. German bourbon better than homo milk.

Get out of here with your kraut bigot ass.

Got more protein between my balls than your fucking shake.

He caught you right... That ain't funny, hans!

Where were you during the f.e.w.?

I was in munich. Berlin was hit.

My father and i traveled as quickly as we could to aide with the resistance.

Do you think the heavies will attempt another invasion?

Yeah, my father and i both believe they will.

He regrets he can no longer stand to meet the invaders.

But that is why he sent me out.

Yo, fingers?


Fingers! What the hell?

It's your shift, man.

Oh, shit, it's saleem.

Got saleem approaching gate.

Hey, bones, you see him?

Yeah, he's about a minute out.

Yeah? Yeah.


Ah, it's good. Yeah, it is.

For those of you who'd like to hear what saleem found, He'll be here in two minutes.

Mac to Frankie. Why ain't you at the terminal, man?

Just came to let the guys know that saleem was here.

You want me to come back?

Not now. Igot it.

All right, let's go. All right.

Here we go.

All right.

New orders, saleem... got to search everybody.

Yo, Frankie, step back. Hands up.

Hey, arms to your sides, saleem. Come on.

What the fuck?

All right. all clear. Frankie, something's off.

Hey, man, what'd you find?

Yo, Frankie, something's off. You read me?

Saleem, where are you going, Frankie, you copy?



No! Frankie!

Oh, fuck. No. No.

Shit. Andros.

Fuck! Frankie! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

What the fuck is going on?

What is that?

I still can't make sense of it.

I.. just...

I don't know. Here's a guy Who's been... risking his life for the past year, helping us.

You think he was working against you this whole time?

He had a lot of other chances.

A lot of them would've done way more damage.

I just... I don't know.

What do you think, brick?

Don't even matter what i think.

Would you say that you and saleem were good friends?


Yeah, i'd say so.

Is that why you took it upon yourself to bury him?


Why did you do it then?

Hq. said we had to keep his death classified.

But he still deserved a proper burial.

How did you know how to give him an islamic burial?

Know your enemy.

If you believe in god, now's the time to pray.

And if you don't...

Let's all just take a moment...

Remember Frankie.

I want everyone to take a couple of minutes, get your heads Then back to it.

How did you feel when Frankie died?

Uh, he... he was a good kid. You know?

But, actually, um, can we take it back a couple of questions?

Sure. Which one?

When my tour's done...

I'm gonna track down his mom...

Give her a hug...

Let her know that Frankie was a good kid.

She should be proud of him.

Then i'm gonna track down his father.

I'm gonna look him in the face, And i'm gonna say, "Frankie's more of a man than you will ever be.

What's all that?

This is everything saleem had in his possession when he died.

Can you all keep it down, please?

You think it'll help explain what happened?

Can't hurt.

Goddamn, that's a ugly motherfucker right there.

Oh, shit. it's that kid.

Yo, can you translate shit like that?

Ain't these missing people from saleem's village?

Where they all going?

What do you think it means?

Sorry, i don't have time for the camera right now.

Mistakes were made last night.

And we paid dearly for it.

Our enemies don't care for the ones you've lost.

They don't care for the ones you love.

Their objective is the annihilation of humanity.


Why'd you sign up for the usdf?

To fight for my country, for my planet, sir.

Were you willing to risk everything when you did?

Yes, sir.

What about your life, son? Absolutely, sir.



It's time for us to take this fight to them!

It's time that each and every one of them must pay!

And today we make those bastards pay.

Got it? Yes, sir.

I said, do you got it?! Sir, yes, sir!

All right, everybody, listen up! Swap out your ammo for reds! let's go!

Anything? Negative, sir.

What do you want do, captain?


Let's go.

Bravo, is that you? Ziege.

Hans, English!

He said "goat." Ain't nothing here but a motherfucking goat.

Any sign of North? No, he's not here, man.

There's no one here. Find saleem's house yet?

Not yet, man. - How we supposed to even tell which one is his, anyway?

Copy that.

Scratch that. We found it.

God damn it, we've got shots fired! I repeat, shots fired. alpha, is that you?

Negative, captain. All right, stay where you are.

Let's go! Move! Move! Move!

Mac, put that fucking thermal down and grab your weapon.

Hans, omo, with me. Go. Go. Go. Go.

Get your binocs out, scope out those trees.

We got movement at 11:00.

Stay alert.

Shit, it's North. We got North.

Wilks, we need you out here now.

Copy that. I'm on my way.

Guys, coming up on your left!

Where the fuck is everyone going?

Is his temp low?

He's good.


North had been shot three times But he was strong, stable, Which was a relief at the time.

I mean, there's a million things you wish you could've done Differently when you look back.

But that's the catch.

You can't look back when you're in it.

All you can do is move forward

March or die.

He's been out since the ride home.

Is he gonna be okay? Yeah. he's an ox.

Come here.

Ah that's where he got shot... One here One here, and over here.

He's lucky he's dehydrated.

Vitals are surprisingly okay, But... i just want be sure before i move him, you know?

Check out his eyes. R.e.m. sleep.

So...? It's repeating, i think he's trying to tell us something.

I'm getting a problem with the thermals here. Looks like a blob or something.

Just restart. I'm sure it'll fix it.

Copy that.

What you got there? I'll let you know once i figure it out.

All right. Or i could just tell you.

What is it? It's tap code.

No, man, can't be tap code. There's a 9 and a 6 in there.

Do you mind?

Lete's see here...


L-o-n. Oh, shit.

Show him, Mac.

Okay, that's 3. That's 3.

That's 6. That's 5.

There's gonna be a quick pause. And then it's gonna start again, sir.


We understand you're giving us coordinates. If you can hear me just give me a sign.

Wilks, he's in there. Do you have something that can wake him up?

Nothing, his vitals are normal. It's more like a state of paralysis.


Listen to me. What's at those coordinates?

You got it? What is it?

It says "steel rain," sir.

Kill me! Kill me!

This ain't a error, Mac. There's something out there.

Okay, hold on.

What are humans doing with heavies?

All units, man defensive positions. Contact imminent. I repeat, contact imminent.

Put general dane on the line right now. One moment.

Dane here. Go ahead, captain.

General, we have hundreds of insurgents and an unknown number of heavies two klicks out.


Yes, sir.

We've got action all over the map.

It's gonna be an hour before we can provide air support.

Sir, we are not staying here.

What are you talking about, captain?

General, North was k.i.a., but he communicated something before we lost him... a set of coordinates.

Steel rain, sir.

Give me those coordinates.

Break contact. Fall back to mako.

Copy that, sir. Spears out.

Sir, what's steel rain?

I want you to assemble all the men at the snake's nest right now.

The enemy's gonna be here in minutes.

Fuck. I knew it.

And why is their temperatures low, man?

Yo, Mac, why's their temperatures so low, man?

Dotson, Dotson, get back in the nest.

Keep an eye on that hill.

Yes, sir.

Mac, Brick, prep the ghoul with every case of ammo we got for immediate evac.

Bones, i want you on the mortar.

Omohundro, Nakamura, and Harty, you're on the North wall.

Hans, you're on the east wall.

Andros, i want you to rig this entire fucking outpost to blow.


Yes, sir.

Let's buy Andros some time.

We're gonna light this place up, boys.

Wilks, i want you out here right now.

Be right there, captain.

What the fuck?

Brick, i want daylight. North ridge. Hit it now.

Open up! Go!

Heavies, 200 yards!

Go! Go!

All fire on that laser!


More heavies, North ridge!

Come on! Hurry up! Hurry up!

Oh, fuck, there's a lot of them! You got a heavy, 11:00!

Move! Move! Move!

You got him!

Move it! We got another heavy over there! Rpg coming in!

You guys all right?

Captain, there's too many!

We got to move! Hold your positions!

Andros, what's your eta?! Hurry up, son!

Need more time!

Come on! Fire it up!


Fire straight up the wall! Heavy laser charging up!



They've breached the wall! Let's go! Let's go!

Come on!

You good? Then grab your weapon!

Get back on that wall! Zilla, on your back!

You solid? Damn it, andros, we're out of time!

Two more to go, sir!

Brick, you all right?

They're making a push!

There's too fucking many!

There's too many!

The outpost is hot!

Everybody... now!

Zilla, i need reds!

Coming in with reds!

Zilla, are you all right?!

Everybody, fall back to ghoul!

Go! Go! Go! Go!

Go! Let's go! Move!

Fucking move! Move! Move!

All right, let's go! Clear out! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!

Everybody, load up! Load up! Everybody in!

Go, captain! Go!

God damn it, Wilks, where you going?

Got to move! Load up! I'll be right there!

Go! Go! Go! Get in! Get in!

Let's go! Let's go! Move it!

Load up! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!

Come on! Go!

Sir, can i blow it?! Affirmative! Now!

Latch them goddamned doors!


Brick! Goddamn fucking harness.

No! No! No! What?!

I got him. I got him.

Don't touch him! don't touch him! No!

Move! Go! Go! Go! Brick!

No! No!

No! No!

Get... oh! No!

The moment that we lost brick was probably the lowest point in my career Maybe my life.

You know, there's those guys that you know just can't die.

You know, you're sure of it, and, um...

and brick was one of those guys.

And every time you lose someone, you... you tell yourself, "okay, that's it. That's... that's the last one that they're gonna take."

And was he the last one?

General, it's spears. Spears, what are you doing?

I'm doing what needs to be done.

Get back here asap.

North provided this intel for a reason. Pfcs say nothing's out there.

General, there was something embedded in his brain.

I think the heavies are using it for some kind of mind control.

You have your orders. Follow them.

Look, sir, you...

What i'm about to ask you to do is in violation of a direct order.

I do not expect any one of you to burn for my decision, but i do believe that there is a real and imminent threat down there.

We're all soldiers, and we all signed up for the same reason... to protect our families, to protect our friends, and to protect this planet.

And those bastards are here to take that away from us.

They are here to eliminate everything that we are and everything that we love.

If your conscience is telling you to walk away, then i want you to walk away right now.

But if you do leave here, you leave here with your head held high Because each and every one of you have earned that right.

And i will always respect you for that.

Sir, we're coming up on the coordinates.

Ain't nobody here.

I'm going up

There's something up on the right.

What the fuck?

Omo, get your ass down here now!


Zilla, get us out of here now!

Come on, Zilla! It won't start!

All right, listen up! Bravo team, with me!

Alpha team, get this vehicle operational!

Let's move! Let's move!

Bravo, we got a heavy at 1:00!

We got a heavy at 11:00! Move!

We got to recon and find out what that thing is!

Right there!

I got another heavy up on the ridge!

Move over, the other side of the ditch!

Frag out!

Move! Move! Let's go!

We're right behind you, sir! Covering fire!

Move! Bravo!

Mac, get under the hood, see if you can get her up and running.

Yes, sir.

Let's go.

Let's go. Lefty, Righty, hold positions. Yes, sir!

Bones, stay on that 50!

Hans, you're with me.

Covering! Hold up. Hold up.

Covering fire! Everybody ready?

Covering! Covering fire!

Covering fire! Keep going! Stay on that ridge!

Move! Everybody, take cover!

I got him!

Entrance... your 2:00. Copy that!

Heads up! Get ready to move!

Move in!

Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

We got a bird in the sky!

This is sergeants Wilks of o.p. 37.

My men are pinned down in the valley below.

Requesting air support. Will you comply?

Roger that, sergeant. Dane thought you guys might need some help.

Copy that.

That's right, motherfucker!

All right, i move and you follow.

Copy that.

Move! Move! Move!

Eyes up! Eyes up, captain!

Move! Move! Move!

They're trying to keep you away from the entrance! We'll provide cover!

Son of a... Andros, give me a door!


Here we go!

Move! Let's move!


Wilks, keep that door clear so we have a way out!

Copy that, sir. Good luck!

What the hell is this place?

Now listen up.

We find whatever it is that's holding this place up.

Andros, you're gonna blow it to hell.

Copy that.

Harty, omo... go.

Okay, let's go.

Captain, you need to come look at this.

Oh, fuck!

It's the missing locals. And the pmc soldiers.

Ah! They're waking up!

We got to go! We got to go!

Come on, move! Get the hell out of here!

Andros! Grenade in, go!

Fall back! They're in the hall! Take cover!


Red flag out!

Last red flag!

Let's go, boys!

Come on!

One more up ahead!


They're down!

Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!


Clear! Sir, over here.

There's another one of those rooms.

You guys need to get the hell out of there!

This thing is powering up!

Andros, rig that piece of shit to blow! Let's go!

Everyone, set a perimeter! Move! Move! Move!

Talon 8, you need to move out! You're in immediate danger!

Roger that, sergeant. One more strike, and off the mike

Oh, shit.

Watch it, Mac! I gotta reload!


Andros, let me know when we're rigged and ready to go!

Yes, sir! They're coming this way!

Andros, we got to move, son! Let's go!

God damn it, give me some cover!


Get over there!

Fuck! Give him some cover!

What the fuck is that?!

Mayday, mayday, this is talon 8!

We have got multiple system failures!


Mac, we're heading back to you!

Falling back! Ready? Cover!

Copy that! Come on!

Move! move! Back to the vehicle!

Move! Move!

I got you! Move! Come on!

Let's go! Let's go!

Andros, you all right?

The wireless transmitter's been hit. Grab the wire, trigger, and knife from my bag.

We got a heavy coming!


All right, now! Here we go!

It won't catch!

The ground receiver... cut that into it.

Now give it to me and get the fuck out of here! Bullshit. With one hand.

Click, click, click, boom, right?


All right, you guys get him out of here!

On set! Harty, take andros!

Omo, provide covering fire! Move!

Covering fire! Heavy!


Give it a try again.




What the fuck? Get hans! Get him in that vehicle!

Turn it around! Hans, are you good?

Yeah, i'm good. Come on.

You're gonna need a new leg, but you'll make it.



Get him out of here now!

Let's go! Move!

Andros, go!

Mac, get them on the horn!

We need to get the fuck out of here while we still can!

Yes, sir. copy that. Here we go.

Omo, i'll do it.

I won't make it. Let me do it.

I got this. You get them out of here.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Let's go!

Clear out!

Omo, load up!

Let's go!


Stay with him.

Come on, boys! Where's the rest of them?

They didn't make it! Go! Go! Go!

Yes, sir! Wilks, get in!



Fuck! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

Help! Stop!

Why aren't they shooting at us?

Please stop! Something's wrong with them.

Help us! Please!

Help us!

Why do you think the heavies invaded earth?

I don't know.

I don't think anybody has the answer to that.

I don't know why they came.

I do know that tens of millions died because of them.

And i'm doing everything that...

We're doing everything that we can to make sure that they never come back.

Fuck! What is it? Omo! Omo!

Stay here.

We lost a lot of good men. But the price was worth it.

It was worth it.


At least, that's what i tell myself.

I still see the guys we lost every day.

Take care.

See you.

I worry, you know, not... not, uh...

Not for myself, but that their sacrifice will go unnoticed...

These men, men who gave their lives for people who didn't even believe in them.

So, what did "steel rain" mean?

The second wave.