Alien Showdown: The Day the Old West Stood Still (2013) Script


Everyone is looking for you. It's a miracle you made it so far.

It is a miracle.

How could we ever thank you?

Keep it in a safer place next time.

You spare with me. You've got no way out.

Posters says you wanted for theft.

I heard was a catholic cross.

Is that mean you are going to hell when I'll shoot you?

Leave him be. He didn't steal anything, he was just returning it at the church.

The man who put up the reward he is the thief.

Don't matter none to me, sister.

We just want the reward for him.

And also says dead or alive.

Maybe I will shoot you now.

See, you can't try to escape all the way back to San Francisco.

Besides, I don't like foreigners.

You heard him talk.

Question is shoot you just with the Goddamn hell of it?

Get the Reinhardt!

What the hell was that?


Which way did he go?

I'm not sure.

I was thinking Carson, now when the boss is dead it's every man for itself.

And I want that money for myself.

Tracking this guy and drag him back in the town is at least two-man job.

Listen, is plenty reward to share between two of us.

Let's go.

Please, Tom.

I have kids.

What human is that be?

You must me understand all the words speak with you.

I was captured in another world.

An alien brought me as a scout from another world.

We fell from the sky.

He's searches for the planet like this.

What you need to realizes is that mean threats for you.

He will call in an invasion fleet.

After that they will destroy you.

I'm glad to help you instead.

I will give you an electronic transmitter.

It will help you to broadcast a warning into space.

Before needs to starts you must activate its beckoned.

It's will sent a high beak in order to prevent destroy everybody in your world.

If itís not start beckoned

its mean end for your world.

Here, let me help you with that. -It's alright. I got it.

You are a good scientist, Marina.


But with the cutbacks, I ... -I understand.

You know, I couldn't say anything inside but there is a position available in the related field.

Pays almost double what are you getting here.

Interested? -Are you kidding?

Call this number and ask for General Bradly.

He will explain the rules.

Than meet me at those coordinates tomorrow morning.

Bring your hiking boots.

Hi. Can you help me?

I've no idea if I'm on the right place. I got surely lost.

Yes, professor. We're expecting you.

We've been briefed. It's all recording devices on this gate.

No cameras or cell phones.

Yes, my phone is in the car and I was instructing not to bring anything electrical. -Great, follow me.

This place is really earn out. -Yes, Ma'am.

Can't believe how happened.

Here we are, professor. Restricted area from here.

Alone? -I'm afraid so.

What if I get lost? Maybe you better be guiding the first time.

It's only two people in the world that clearens the passes marker.

You're one of them and professor Kelly is the other, but is already up there waiting for you.

And what's up there? -I don't know, Ma'am.

You don't know? How long you've been stationed here?

Three years.

And you don't know what it's up there?

I don't have needs to know.

Is it dangerous? -All I can tell you is every time professor Kelly goes up there comes back safe and sound.

Hello, Marina.

This way.

Good morning.

Welcome to the most top secret and boring job on the world.

This is all very strange.

Oh, it's about to get a lot stranger.

Who is this?

Our best guess is that it's a piece of extraterrestrial technology.

Are you kidding?

Is this kind of joke? -No.

Why is still here? Why isn't it, you know ...

Can't be moved.

Force field prevents any kind of tempory.

You can't even bring anything electrical around without getting zapped.

The force is barrier that prevents any kind of technology or animal life forms from penetrating.

It's seems to work by bonding the adams around it that with the electro magnetic force.

At least that was Einstein's best guess.

Albert Einstein? How long it has been here?

It's discovered in 1931.

A dozen scientists wasted their careers studying this thing including yours truly.

Excuse me, professor, I'm trying to get all information I can.

You're doing great.

When they first show did to me I almost fade it. Really.

I thought is going to change my life.

Instead I spent 20 years studying the damn thing.

Like it was it's too far beyond our technology to measure scientifically.

What is my assignment? -Do not make the same mistake I made.

Take your paychecks for a couple of years and move on.

Government says I've to have scientist studying this thing full-time, so you may as take advantage of it.

This is the biggest discovery in science in ... maybe ever and you are acting ... -You don't understand.

Greatest minds than ours have tried and failed to get anywhere with this thing.

And you need the money take the job for a while, but don't let it ruin and wasting your career the way I did.

That thing was designed to keep our little monkey brains from understanding it and until we advance significance lay it's going to do just that.

Maybe I'll be the one who makes a breakthrough.

Look, Marina.

From 30' to the 60' there were army battalions guarding that thing and man in white coats and test tube running all around it.

Than after decades with no progress founding starting to fall, we are down to one full-time scientist, you.

And you are here just for form.

Don't touch it with your fingers.

It meets an addical coagulate samples that lead way your hand.

I see.

I know all of this is very exciting, but if you let suck you in 30 years from now when you will retire all you will have is final paper that no one will read, because it's top secret and all little says that is alien artifact that can't be measured by our science.

Professor, I realizing was discovering 1931 but but the idea how long already has been here?

We are guessing it's been here since 1867.

How did you get that date?

Allow me to introduce Mr. Reinhardt.

They found the artifact, Mr. Reinhardt and his diary all at the same time.

Poor guy. Didn't even get a decent burial.

Nobody is deserves that.

Especially for the man who saved the world.

His diary was outside the force field.

It tells an amazing tale.

This is the actual diary. You can take it with you, but follow secret materials protocol with it.

When I first read it I thought this guy could give jewels for earn or age the wells a run for their money.

Of course, my Mr. Reinhardt broke event true.

I have got a hard drive down in my car that contains all the data collected over the last 80 years on the project.

Also has a digital version of his diary.

Poor man.

For the first time I understand that other worlds and their creatures in those worlds.

Some are peaceful, others are not.

The creature was looking for two things, water and food.

What the hell? -Move it.

You think that thing fall of the sky do this?

You are coming or not?

I got second set of tracks here.

You think he's got a friend?


Or ... -What?

It's like his tracking someone too.

What kind of tracks are those?

I'm not sure. Let's keep moving.

I had been thinking,

we are getting pretty deep into these woods.

If we'll shoot them, well, carry out his bleeding corpse is too damn heavy to carry out all the way to town.

Why we not get trap on them, take them alive as our prisoner.

I think that's the best way, even if is it dangerous.

Dangerous? -Yeah.

He is a though old brave what I heard.

He ain't tougher than me I promised you that.

I don't Carson, it's not the question ...

You say he's tougher than me?

No, no, I'm just saying. -When I'd find him I'm gonna beat him like a dog.

Maybe that will shut you up.

Okay. Alright.

Give him good beaten but make sure they can walk down on their own two feet, please.

Wake up, you dreamed bastard.

We can't carry you all the way out of here.

God damned. Wake up!

Untie him.


I told you I can take him.

Now I will prove it.

Okay, than.

My friend over here is gonna show you what will happened if you will try to escape.

Don't worry, Carson, has the whopper on you, I will shoot him.

You have to let me go. You don't under...

God, shot that from brezer.



Hello, Marina. How's the project going?

I reached the milestone in my research.


Yes, I spent the longest amount of time ever on the project with absolutely no progress.

Don't feel bad about it.

No one's ever had a breakthrough on this even Einstein.

Hey, listen, kid. Reason I call haven't talk to you a couple of months and I want to make sure you are okay.

I'm fine.

Great. Also you haven't return the diary to arkaif.

I thought I mentioned that before.

It's need to be return right away.

Yes but I still need it for my researching.

Okay, I'll give you one more week, but after that you have to start using the digital scans and return the diary.

Thank you, professor.


You looking a secret of my world.

All device you study has failed.

It is something that all violent species to stay away.

If you'll not start it beckoned they will come and destroy you.

I can instruct you have to prepare it to begin.

I will planted knowledge into your mind.

It's up to you if you will use this knowledge.



It's Dr. Kelly.


Marina, you never returned the diary of the archive and the curator is breathing down my neck.

That thing is officially top-secret.

If it's not return prato we both are getting a visit from NSA.

...then will destroy you.

Alien just contact to me.


Extraterrestrial being is ...

They can destroy you. ... warning me.

Look, Marina. I don't have time for this and you are already in hot water for holding that diary.

I understand now. It's a transmitter.

It's broadcasting dangerous thing.

I told you not to get suck into this.

It's failing. Oh, my God.

I have to go. -Marina!

Hello, General.

This is Dr. Kelly.

I'm sorry to bother you at your private number but this in regards to project Outcrop.

Yes, sir, you were right.

She's working out.

Yes, sir. I'll cancel her clearance right away.


Ma'am, you are not authorized to be here anymore. -What?

It is come from headquarters. You are off the projects.

Present is not authorized and you have got to leave.

Yes, I just have to ... -Now!

Look, I just need to go up for a minute.

I won't cause any problems.

Maybe you don't understand. I have only one order on this post and that's to shot the trespassers.

Who is gonna know was not yet an hour ago when I had clearance.

You're the first person ever try to get pass me.

You really think I will let that happen.

Listen, I know this is gonna sound crazy but there's an alien transmitter at the top of this peak it's sending a signal into space.

That signal warns hostile aliens to stay away.

Now, it's failing after all these decades but I know how to fix it, just have to press one little button.

Oh, yeah? If it's really alien technology that's how do you know how to use it?

An alien implanting the knowledge into my head.

I ain't buy it. Leave!

You want me out of here?

You gonna have to show me to the car yourself.

Not a problem.


Now, do you believe me? -I do.

What's happens now? -Nothing happens now.

Itís been repaired.

It was failing but now its working and keep'em away.

What I would, do I? Alerts the headquarters? -Yes.

But first do you have a shovel down there?

A what? A shovel? -Yes.

Yeah, I have a shovel down there. Why?

I want to know what's going on here. What's all about?

Well, let me introduce to you Mr. Reinhardt.

If you made them you need to check the signal from aliens device.

The warning signal destruct this beeper to stay away from this world.

Rest in peace, cowboy. You earned it.