Alive (1993) Script

My father took these. He was a maniac for the camera.

That's me.

That's Felipe and Nando.

That's Alex Morales, he died instantly.

That's Antonio, captain of the team.

After 20 years, you analyse a lot.

You remember people, heroism.

"The Miracle of the Andes", that's what they called it.

Many people come up to me and say that had they been there, they surely would have died. But that makes no sense.

Because untiI you're in a situation like that, you have no idea how you'll behave.

To be affronted by solitude without decadence, or a single material thing to prostitute it elevates you to a spiritual plane... where I felt the presence of God.

There's the God they taught me about at school...

And there is the God that's hidden by what surrounds us in this civilisation.

That's the God I met on the mountain.

Could you get me some tea? Yes, sir.

Want some tea? No, thanks.

That's it.

Come on! Give me the ball! Over here!

Watch out!

Where did you stay in Paris?

Excuse me, please. Paris is not for you, Canessa.

Why not? You're too intense.

How can I justify that to the guys? He missed practice every week.

He's OK. He missed the plane too.

I'm team captain. I'll say what's OK.

If you want to play in a rugby team, you have to give 100%. Right?

Everybody to the right of the plane. Let's get it.

Let me get in. Go on.

Mama, look. What?

The mountains are so beautiful. Don't make me look.

They look like big teeth. We'll land in 20 minutes.

Good. Let's talk about something else. Have a chocolate.

Thank you.

It's clouding up a bit.

Just stay above the weather. No problem.

What's more important to you? Rugby or girls?

Girls. You? Girls.

But when I'm playing, it's rugby. Unless girls are watching?


Come on, switch seats. I want to see the mountains.

Don't climb on the seats, OK?

Watch yourself.

Uruguayan 571, cleared to 10,000ft. Thank you.

Your tea, sir. Thank you.

Turning on the seat belt signs. Get those kids seated.

We're going to hit some weather on our approach.

We'll be landing soon. Everybody, please sit down.

Do you think they hear you?

Come on now. Sit down.

See? Now sit! Anything to calm your nerves.

What's going on?

Look what Alonso's doing. Ladies and gentlemen, put on your parachutes! We're jumping into the Andes!

Put that down and sit down. All right, all right.

Put that cigarette out.

My God! You OK?

Nando, is everything all right? Yes, just an air pocket.

Mom, it scared me, too.

Mother of God, no!

Oh, shit! Full throttle. Come on!

What happened?

Are we supposed to fly so close to the mountains?

HaiI Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee...

Power! We need more power!

I can't...!

Oh, man! It's stopped.


I think I'm all right. Alex?

He's dead! Zerbino, are you OK?

People are hurt. I've only been in med school six months.

Help me out. Eduardo. Where's he going?

Is Canessa OK? Yes...

Where's Eduardo? He went back.

Eduardo, come back. Help Canessa. Help him.


I'm all right.

I can't breathe.

It's the altitude. You're OK. Just relax and breathe.

What should I do? Look up there.

Canessa! Help Federico.

His leg is cut. I'm fine. Help the wounded.

I saved us by saying HaiI Mary. Move out the way.

What should I do?

Go get some air. OK.

Just sit right there.

I'm going to use a handkerchief to clean your nose.

Bobby! Bobby Francois!

Hey, Carlitos! Smoke? Yeah.

Stay with me, please.

There's two dead in baggage.

Please! Stay with Felipe.

Easy, ma'am, easy. My legs!

Yes, ma'am, I'm sorry about your legs.

Roy, are you hurt? I don't know.

Come on, then. Help me. Come on.

Take the other side. One, two, three!

Alberto. Dead.

I'm not dead. Never felt worse in my life but I am not dead.

All right. Let's move this stuff.

Be careful! Both my legs are broken.

How's Nando?

I don't think so.

Maybe it's just as well. His mother's dead.

Please. Other people are hurt.

I'll stay with you. Thank you.

Got a minute? What, Pablo?

It's this. Is it serious?

Forget it. You're OK. You think so?

Don't worry. Give a hand with this seat over here. Come on.

Here. Tie it up and I'll see to it later.


Mama! Mama, I want to go home! I want to go home!

Sit her down here.

You better see the pilot. OK. Help me move her.

One more try, Mrs Alfonsin. No, don't! You'll kill me!

Let them do it, ma'am. They've got to do it.

Maybe we shouldn't.

One, two, three, pull!

Stop! Stop! Stop! We're going to kill her!

I gotta stop. This is horrible!

All right! Don't touch it!

Let's make some room in here. Watch his leg.

Water. Water.

Hand me some snow. Here.

Where's the radio? We should call Santiago.

We passed Curico. We passed Curico.

My friend, the radio... My bag.

How do we call Santiago? 11... 300.

I got the dial. 11, 300.


It's dead. There's no power at all. My bag.

He wants his bag. There isn't much. I don't see it.

We're looking. What's in it?

My gun. My gun.

No, my friend, we can't be a part of that.

Put this up on that side.

My hands are freezing!

Well, it's too late. The rescuers will never see us today.

We'll have to spend the night. How will they find us?

Don't worry, they will.

The temperature will drop in the dark. Maybe 30, 40 degrees.

We'll deal with that. Don't worry.

I'm cold. The covers can be used as blankets.

That's a good idea. Everybody unzip the covers to use as blankets.

How's your stomach? Good. Fine.


Who's that? Canessa. Come on!

I thought it was just a coat but there he was.

Are you hurt? Identify yourself!

My name is Roberto Canessa. I'm a medical student.

I'm a member of the rugby team that chartered this plane.

You're a member of the flight crew, aren't you?

Aren't you?

Yes. I'm the mechanic. Do you know how to fix radios?


You took this coat off a girl. No!

This is Anna Parrado's. Put it back on her.

Take it off her again, I'll kill you.

Excuse me. How you doing?

I'm going to bed. That way?

Come on, Eduardo. He bumped his head.

Hey, Roberto?

Want some wine? Thanks.

Where'd you get wine?

Hugo found a shitload of bottles. He thinks it was the pilot's.

It would explain how he flew his plane.

We're completely screwed. I don't know.

Get back there and help the others.

We're gonna be fine.

Who are you trying to convince, Antonio?

I had no premonition.

So much for ESP.

That was a good idea about the seat covers.

Thank you.

Have some wine. Thanks.

Got all the covers. Put them inside. Near the front.

I'm dying! My sweet God in Heaven, the pain!

I'm in so much pain. It must be terrible.

Calm yourself. God will take care of you.

My legs!

God forgive you all for not helping me! I'm in agony!

Shut up! Shut up, you stupid cow, or I'll punch your face in!

I swear to God, I will! Shut up!

God, it's cold! It's too cold! Antonio!

It's too cold. We're going to freeze.

Roy! Come on, Roy. We've got to stuff up this hole.

Come on, or we'll freeze to death!

With what? Luggage and stuff.

I'm so cold. Grab a suitcase.

What are you doing? You too.

I'm freezing! We've got to stuff up this hole.

Help me with this seat, Rafael.

Put it on the bottom with the suitcases. Give me a hand.


Are you awake? Are you serious?

Know what I think? I think Nando's not so bad.

I don't know. Let's keep him warm between us.

Be careful with his head. Move him over.


Hugo's trying to revive Nando. Look, I've done enough!

I hate these idiots. Shut up or I'll hate you too! Leave me alone.

I feel sick to my stomach.

Here. Try and sleep, Javier.

It's just altitude sickness. Don't be scared.


Well, we have cigarettes. Yeah.

How will they find us?

They must know about where we went down. Don't worry, they'll find us.

What happened? You knocked your head.

We crashed? Yeah.


He's dead. Help me move him out.

He's dead? Yeah.

Help move him to the back. We have to keep these out of the cabin.

Come on, Carlitos, help me.

How are you, Susana? My feet hurt.

Anybody with a broken arm or leg should go and lay it in the snow.

It'll help the swelling go down.

They've gotten cold.

How's that? Thank you.

What's the story in here? They're both dead.

You're the mechanic, right?

Do you have any signal flares? No.

Emergency supplies? No. Nothing like that.

What's wrong with him? What's wrong with you?

What about the radio?

What about the radio? Can it be made to work?

Not without batteries!

Well, are there batteries?

The batteries are in the taiI, and the tails gone!

He's crazy. Anyway, it doesn't matter about the radio.

They'll find us with or without a radio.

Are you sure? I haven't a doubt in my mind.

Who's that?

The woman who was screaming all night, Mrs Alfonsin.

Don't tell me it's her. What's the matter?

I yelled at her, told her to shut up.

We all wanted to, Carlitos. But I did. Now she's dead.

I'm so ashamed.

God forgive me! Take it easy.

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from eviI. Amen.

Chocolate peanuts, small chocolate bars, four bottles of wine, half bottle of rum and nine crackers.

How many of us? Twenty-seven.

We're gonna starve. Look...

This weather can't last. There'll be helicopters coming this afternoon.

But we'll be careful and ration what we have.

I like a big lunch.

One capful of wine, one square of chocolate each.

I prefer a big lunch to dinner. Come on. Form a line.


Thank you for the teeny chocolate piece.

You're welcome.

Fill this. It's not for me. Who for?

Nando. He's unconscious.

He still gets a share. Give it to him.

The king is generous today.

Lift up his head.

He looks better. Yeah. He looks fabulous.

Thank God we have cigarettes. Thousands.

I could smoke till my brain dries up.

What's that?

It's an aeroplane!

It's the search party!

If we can't see them, they can't see us.

What is that you're humming? The Look of Love.

How beautiful.

I'm thinking about our children.

Me too. Home.

There's one of these inside the back of each chair. Snow.

It'll melt and make water. You're a genius!

This is terrific. Make more of these.

I'll mark off a square where no one's to piss. Daniel, come help me.

Antonio has dictator potential. No comment.

Coche? Yeah?

Play Flight of the Bumble Bee. Fuck you.

To be fair to this dilemma, it is a beautiful spot.

Not a tree, not a bird, not a blade of grass.

Yeah, paradise.

Can you help? There's things to do. Stuff it, Roy!

I'll pay for the pizza if you get it.

How are you doing? Let me sleep.

What? Canessa, look at Nando.

I think he's all right. I think he's waking up.

See? I told you.

Don't grind your teeth, you'll ruin your smile.

Focus on me. Come on. Focus on me. Focus on me.

He knows you!

What happened?

We crashed.

My mother?

She's dead.

Listen! Forget her!

Your sister's alive and she needs you to take care of her.

Where is she? You need to rest.

Where is she? Where is she?

I'm here now.

There's a plane! Come on!

Can they see us? Of course they can!

Here we are!

He dipped his wings!

The wings did dip! I saw it! You saw it too?

I knew they would find us! I knew it!

We're saved!

We're going home!

Pizza for everybody!

We're going home, Federico!

How are you guys doing? Fine.

Good. Drink some of this.

What about the rationing? We've been seen. Drink.

Antonio's asleep. Roy's asleep too.

He even sleeps to Antonio's beat. He's like his dog.

Carlitos, pass the piss pot.

How will they save us? Helicopters.

A big plane. There's no place to land.

We landed. Yeah, right! We landed like that.

What is that? Chocolate.

It's only got to last a day. He's right. Give me a piece.

Should you be doing that?

Why not? It's over. They're coming in the morning.

We should wait till we see them.

How are you feeling? Not bad. Time to eat?


Where are they? They're coming.

It's gonna be dark soon.

What the hell is this?! What's the matter?

Am I losing my mind? I must be losing my mind.

Who has been in this box?

What pig has been in this box?

Don't you know that you're playing with our lives?

There's virtually nothing left!

Why didn't you take a knife and slit our throats while we slept?

Who was it?

Who was it? It was me.

I can't believe it!

I thought they were picking us up. It could be a land rescue!

They may have to come here on foot! It could take days, a week!

We have nothing to eat! We're trapped!

I know, but I thought they were coming this morning.

Who are you to risk my life?

Who are you against us? It wasn't just him. I did it too.

Me, too. I drank wine.

I ate chocolate.

Everyone did except for maybe Javier and Lilliana.

I only didn't because I'm nauseous. Not to me!

Am I the leader of this group?

I don't know. Are you? I'm the captain of the team.

Is this still a team or a bunch of cut-throats after each other?

Answer me!

Shall we take a vote? We don't need to. You're leader.

Answer me this, Antonio. If they saw us, even if it is a land rescue, why haven't they dropped supplies?

They could have done that. They would have done that by now.

I have an idea to build two hammocks for Federico and Alberto.

It would be better for their legs. You gonna help me, Zerbino?

Sure. I'll help too.

I saw some poles and straps. I'm sure we can do it.

It's been five days. This is the fifth day.

I'm hungry.

Lift it up. OK.

Just like new. OK, we need two more belts.

Look! It's a radio! I wish it were a transmitter.

Does it work? I hear static.

Give it to Antonio right away before he starts yelling.

Will we get this done before dark? Sure.

I can hear something. We'll have to make an aerial.

Where are the planes? Where are the planes?!

How is she? I don't know. She's asleep.

And how are you, Nando?

Me? Fine. Don't worry.

No helicopters yet.

She's dying. You can't know that.

And when she's dead, I'm gonna climb out of these goddamned mountains, back to my father, back to my room in my house.

How? You'll freeze. Not if I wear enough clothes.

You'd starve to death.

You can't climb a mountain on a piece of chocolate and a sip of wine.

Then I'll cut some meat off the pilots.

After all, they got us into this mess.

How you doing? OK. You?

I'm better. At least I'm off the floor.

Right. How's your leg?

I don't know.

Mine are bad.

It'll be OK.

Have you looked at Alberto's legs?


Alberto's legs are much worse than mine.

Alberto and you both have problems.

Let me tell you something, Roberto.

My name is Federico Aranda and I will return.

Alberto's in much worse shape than me. We've got to keep an eye on him.

Shut up! Shut up! Don't talk that way!

All I said was...

Don't say it again. What's happening?

Antonio heard on the radio that no planes have seen us. Yet.

It looks bad. Shut up!

We have to climb, find the taiI. The batteries are in the taiI.

We can work the transmitter, call for help.

We've got to do something. We're going to starve. Tomorrow, we climb.

How much further is it? Come on!

Come on! I can't! I'm dying for a breath.

Come on. Let's take one more push.

Let's do it! That's it.

Grab my feet. Hold on to them!

Got you! Hold on!

Pull me up! Pull me up!

That was terrible.

I could use some oxygen.

Yeah. Me, too.

We're gonna have to go back.

This is harder than I thought. I'm so weak.

Know what Nando said? What?

He said if he gets too weak, he'll eat one of the pilots.

You know, for crashing the plane.

We better get back. When the sun drops, we'll freeze.

Pilot said we'd just passed it. There, well into Chile.

Where did you find the map?

I found it. He's made a science of it.

This valley opens only to the east. It leads deeper into the mountains.

The way out of the mountains is to the west. To the west is Chile.

Over here are the green valleys of Chile.

Forget that. Alberto has a map.

It'll take more than a map to get out.

A little hill kicked our asses. Who'll climb a mountain, Superman?

At this altitude with no food, we're weak as kittens.

I'll tell you right now.

Either we're saved or we're dead.

The time has come. No more bullshit.

We've got to pray, man. Let's say the rosary.

I'm not saying the rosary, Carlitos. I'm an agnostic.

Don't say it, then. See if God saves you.

Anybody else want to roll the dice that way, fine!

HaiI Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee.

Blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

I'm not God, you know? I can't save you.

I can't be responsible.

I tried because I'm captain, but who could do this?

Who has the strength?

Don't be a fool. That's right, you're not God.

Don't take so much on and you won't feel so bad.

Everybody knows you've done plenty to keep us together.

I can't help it. I think of my mother.

I think about my children. It's the same for me.

And you'll see them again. I know I will. I know I will.

Susana's dead.

My sister's dead.

I'm sorry, Nando.

I'll keep her by me tonight, and tomorrow I'll take her out.

She won't need her coat.

I can't believe it, Roy.

I can't believe it.

They've called off the search. They've given up.

They think we're dead.

I'll kill you! I'll kill you! You promised me!

What's going on?

I heard on the radio. They called off the search.

Get up. Better go tell the others.

I can't. It'll kill everybody's hope.

What's so great about hope?

Daniel! Get everybody together.

All right, all right. Is everybody here?

Yeah, we're all here.

OK. Listen, I got something to tell you.

Good news, they called off the search.

How is that good news?

Cos it means we're going to get out of here on our own.

We're gonna save ourselves. Chile's to the west, right?

That's right. He's crazy!

It won't work. When we climbed, we had no strength.

It's true. That's cos you had no food.

If the search is off, we're alone and we've got to eat!

Eat what?

The dead? No.

He means we should eat the dead.

That's right.

We should eat the dead. It's what we've got to face.

Nando's right. I can't believe this!

You too, Roberto? You're talking about eating people!

I'm talking about eating meat so we don't die.

I couldn't do it. It's disgusting.

It's disgusting, so what?

If my wound needed washing, you'd do it even if it was disgusting.

But I wouldn't eat you.

Shut up! Sorry.

Do you believe we have a soul that leaves our body?

I don't know. I'm not a priest! OK.

I don't want to talk about it. We have to. We're starving.

If the soul leaves, the body is a carcass.

This is the beginning of the end.

What's out there in the snow is just meat, Antonio. Food.

I won't do it. I'd rather die. I fear God's judgement if I do that.

He put us here.

Maybe he did, to see what we'd do, to see if we'd remain civilised.

God doesn't care... How the hell do you know?

Let Tintin speak. He never says anything.

I always thought God wants us to reason, struggle to live.

At any price? No.

We shouldn't murder innocents to live.

What will happen to our innocence if we survive as cannibals?

I'm sorry, but I can't do it. I'm with you.

I don't think I could. How could we go back to our families?

You could go back alive. I think they'd prefer that.

Are you ready to go out and cut flesh from a human body and eat it?

None of us can decide a thing like this.

We're alone here. We could be on the moon.

There must've been situations like this before, the first people.

I don't know. There's nothing left for us to do but pray.


They're going to pray. They'll decide in the morning.

What have we done that God now asks us to eat our dead friends' bodies?

What would they have thought?

I don't know.

I can't sleep. Don't waste the battery.

I know that if I died, if my dead body could help you stay alive, I'd want you to use it.

If I do die and you don't eat me, I'll come back and kick your ass!

That's a good one.

Take my hand and pledge with me. Whoever dies, agrees... use my body as food.

All right. I pledge...

I agree. Me, too.

I'm in... Me, too.

I'm thinking.


Can you just promise, if you eat me, that you clean your plates?

God bless you all.

How's your stomach? Fine.

Let me see.

Looks great. Told you.

You should be dead.

So what do you think, Tintin? I think we should eat.

If we do this, we'll never be the same again.

It's like Communion. From their death, we live.

People will understand.

This should be good for the cutting.

All right. Give me that.

It's very difficult to cut.

The meat's almost frozen. I'm going to eat this piece.

Somebody take this.

Someone take this and eat it. Come on!

I tell you, if I have meat in my belly, I intend to do something.

Where were you?

You didn't take from my sister? No.

It wasn't a woman. I don't know who it was.

How are the others eating?

One by one. Good.

I'll do what I can. I'm strong when I'm strong.

When I'm not, it's your turn. God, she was so beautiful.

Son of a bitch! They went without me?

You can't go till you eat.

They've gone to look for the taiI. The batteries! To work the radio!

Can't see them any more.

Look at that!

Tonight, we pray for the climbers, that they come back to us.

So you pray too, Fito. I told you, I'm an agnostic.

HaiI Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee.

Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb...

Eat this. Eat it!

You think they're OK?

No. The way they were dressed...

Had to be 35, 40 below last night. They're dead.

It's the sun. No, we're dreaming.


It's the sun. Thank God!

Look! It's a seat from the plane!

It's heavy. Help me!

Ready? Go!

He must've burned.

What are you doing?

I'm taking his wallet and things for his mother.

There's more over here.

This accounts for those that are still missing. Altogether three.

My feet are starting to freeze. We should go back.

Do you want to try something?

Why does it smell so bad even after you clean it?

It's the infection. I'll clean it again tonight.

Don't look so downhearted, Roberto. Take a lesson from Alberto.

Nothing stops him.

I have abandoned the Church of Rome in favour of Utopia.

Good for you, Alberto.

And for my part, my name is Federico Aranda and I will return.

How is Federico?

He has gangrene, I think. I know Alberto does.

Look at this! Look at this!

Watch out!

Watch out!

They didn't die, Roberto. Anything is possible.

There was a piece of the wing. The taiI must be up there somewhere.

Here's the plan. We pick a team to go after the taiI.

I'll go. Me, too.

We give the team the biggest rations and warmest clothes.

Then in a week, we go find the batteries and start the transmitter.

It gets cold up there. I couldn't do it again.

Me neither.

I need more money.


I wish we could have a fire every night, and that someone would go for pizza.

I'll pay if you go. No, I insist. I'll pay, you go.

I feel God has taken care of us. Don't you feel it? A sense of fate?

I feel a sense of fate.

I wanted you all to know... if I die, you have my permission...

You can eat me.

If anybody could hear this!

Sit down, Antonio.

Coche, it's too bad you didn't play the cello!

What? I've decided something.

What's that, sweetie? I want to have another baby.

This experience... It's made me feel the miracle of life so deeply.

It's not that, my dear. It's just that you're not eating.

If you don't eat, how will you live?

You're right.

I'll eat some. I'll do it.

I'll eat tomorrow. Yeah. I'll eat tomorrow...

God bless you.

Where is everyone? I don't know.

Shine the light over here.


I can't see!

You all right? Who is it?


Here's somebody! Here's somebody! Go, go, go!

Hold on!

I'll get... Lilliana! Help me! For God's sake, help me get my wife!

Please don't take her from me now!

He's breathing. Nando!

Keep digging. Please, Nando! Get him out!

Pull! Pull him out!

Eight are dead. Eight of us are dead.

We can't go out. There's a blizzard.

Let me see.

Listen, today is Rafael's birthday.

So? We've got to observe his birthday.

Happy birthday to you Happy birthday, dear Rafael Happy birthday to you Make a wish.

A wish?

I just wish this was over.

It's still snowing. It's a blizzard.

You're not gonna believe this.

What? Today is my birthday.

Happy birthday, dear Carlitos I love you all so much.

Happy birthday to you And my wish... my wish...

Tonight, we say the rosary for the living and for life itself.

That we have survived a plane crash, starvation and an avalanche...

And tonight, Fito, no more kidding. You've got to pray with us.

I'm not saying no rosary, Carlitos. I'm an agnostic.

What's that? My God, it's another avalanche!

HaiI Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee.

Blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb...


Good morning, Carlitos.

Good morning, my friends. Do you know what today is?

No. What? Today is my father's birthday.

My father is an artist, a painter and a bit of a madman.

And now in my heart, I do believe I'll see him again.

Do you feel it? What?

God. God is everywhere today.

Over here! I'm here!

This is where the dead were. Gone under the snow now.

It's about the closest they'll get to a burial.

I'm worried about Eduardo. Why?

He's losing his spirit.

When are we going? Fifteenth.

The fifteenth passed by. The fifteenth of next month.

That's too long.

Winter's ending, nights'll get shorter. We'll have a chance.

Why are you crying? Because I am so close to God.

It's OK.

So beautiful.

It's beautiful.

Wake up, please.

Wake up, everyone.

My name is Federico Aranda, and I have to tell you that Alberto Antuna, a brave boy, is dead.

He was 21 years old.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord.

Let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen.

This should be enough to eat. We should wait a few more days.

Why? It'll be warmer.

I waited. On the 15th and 16th, you said the weather was no good.

I've been waiting on you for four weeks. Put your pack on, this is it.

All right.

How are you doing, Federico?

Very well, Nando. Good luck on your journey.

Thank you. They tell me you won't eat, Javier.

It's up to you if you want to get out of here.


Forget your wife! Forget her! Remember your living children!

Will you eat?

I'll eat.


Stay well, Federico. Pray for me. I will.

We'll find the taiI and bring the batteries.

And if you don't? We keep going.

Where? Through the mountains? We'll find the taiI.

Got the radio out? Just about. There's a lot of wires.

We'll figure it out. All right, Eduardo, see these?

Little shoes. Little red shoes. Take this one.

When these are a pair again, you're going to be going home. All right?

All right. Let's do it!

Where'd you learn about transmitters?

I didn't. I helped my cousins put together their stereos.

Now I'm the radio man. Our lives depend on this.

Who asked you? Don't upset me! I'm emotional as it is.

Come on. Leave him alone. Let's go.

Wait till you see... You're not gonna believe it!



Clean underwear!

A comic book I haven't read!



This is a pretty good story.

Maybe we should just keep walking tomorrow.

What? We take the batteries back and send an SOS. That's it.

All this time, the taiI was three hours away.

Maybe we should just walk to Chile.

What? You're talking shit. We don't have the equipment. We would die.

No, we bring the batteries back and transmit an SOS. That's it.

One, two, three...

That isn't going to work.

I don't know. We should walk...

I'm not killing myself walking into the mountains. It's a stupid...

All right. This is what we'll do.

We'll bring the radio here. We can't hook up a radio.

We'll bring Roy. I don't want to go.

We know nothing about radios. I don't either!

I don't know what these wires are! I only built a stereo!

We had a booklet. You're going!

You take it. You're smarter than me!

I don't want to go up in the snow. I don't want to go!

How much further is it? We've been walking a long time!

I don't have any strength, you know? I feel sick and weak.

I wish he'd shut up. This was your idea.

Careful! Sorry.

Burn something else.

It'll be dark soon. I'm going to wrap this round my legs to be warm.

Goddamn it! That was you.

Why don't you give up? We'll make a fire.

Tintin, let's make a fire.

This stuff worked good. I feel snug as a bug.

What should we do? Fix the radio.

If we can't? It won't work.

When it does, no thanks to you! I never said...!

If it doesn't work, what should we do? Tintin?

I don't know. Whatever you two decide.

Mister Switzerland!

If the radio doesn't work, we... I'm not climbing those mountains!

Then I'll go without you.

You'll die. You'll freeze to death.

No, I won't. There's enough of this stuff here to make a sleeping bag.

Look at this! Look.

Look at that cake.

Are we going the right way?

I think so.

Come on! I can't!

You know you can! Leave me!

We've got to keep going! If we get caught in this at dark, we're dead.

Go ahead! What about Roy?

You go on. I'll get Roy to the plane!

I told you winter wasn't over! Leave me!

Come on! I can't walk!

I can't carry you. You'll kill us both!

I can't!

What do you mean you can't? You piece of shit!

You can't tell me you can't do it! Get up and walk ten steps.

Get up and walk! All right!

It's them!

Did the radio work? No.

Where's Nando? I don't know.

Come on! Come on!

Here! Thanks.

Didn't you see him? Federico's dead!

No good. What do you mean no good?

Try to sleep.

He's bad. What's the matter with him?

Are you surprised? How long can people live like this?

Carlitos says the sleeping bag's ready.

No. Yes. It's time to go.

We almost died in that storm. Winter's not over! Listen to me.

You have the will, but I have the brains.

I say wait till the bag's ready.

The bag is ready! It's not ready!

Rafael's dead.

It's time to go, Roberto. It's time. Before we turn into animals.

All right.

I still got the shoe!

I still got mine.

God be with you. You'll be OK. Thanks.

Wait! Carlitos, let them go.

I forgot to say I had a dream last night, a tremendous premonition.

I saw green fields and flowers. I could smell the grass.

Your expedition will succeed.

Don't forget the pizza!

Here you go.

That looks like a good place to camp, right up there.

I think this is the top.

Maybe this leads somewhere. Be careful.

Help, please!

You'll fall too!

Hang on! Give me the strap!

I'll get you. Now hold on!

Hold on!

You got me?

Hold on! I got you.


You got me? Yes.

Hurry up! Hang on!

Now get me up!

Grab hold of me. Pull yourself! Go over me!

So what do you think? You want to try the other way?

You ready, Roberto? You see that line?

That's a road. I can't see anything.

Do you see it, Tintin?

I see a line. I don't know if it's a road.

I think we should go back. Go back?!

Yeah. This mountain's too high.

What do we do if we go back? Go to the road.

It might be a road, it might not. I've the best eyes. That's a road.

I'm going back. I'm going on.

What are you going to do, Tintin? I don't know.

How about this? We leave the stuff with you, we go to the top and see.

Will you wait for us, Roberto? All right.

Then I'm going back.

I'm going to see a valley, a river.

I'm going to see green trees and hills.

Go back and get Canessa. Tell him it's going to be all right.

Tell him to come up and see for himself.

Nando's at the top. Did you get there?

No, but he says it's marvellous.

I have to rest.

Mountains! Nothing but mountains.

We've had it!

We've completely had it!

No, we haven't.

Going through these mountains somewhere, there's a green valley.

See those mountains? There's no snow on them.

They must be 50 miles away. You think you can walk 50 miles?

If we have to, we will. I can't.

Yes, you can. I can't.

I'm not as strong as you.

You know what it is that we've lived this long, the way we have? 70 days?

That we climbed up here? Know what it is?

It's impossible. It's impossible and we did it.

I know.

I'm proud to be a man on a day like this - alive!

That I lived to see it, and see it in such a place, take it in!

I love you, man! Look!

It's magnificent.

It's God.

It'll carry us over every stone, I swear! I swear to you.

We'll get Tintin. We'll send him back to the plane and take his extra food.

You see? You see where the sun's going to set?

That way's west.

And to the west are the green valleys of Chile.

We're gonna die, you know?

Maybe. But if we die, we're gonna die walking.

Good luck!

We're going home!

And so we were saved.

Nando and Canessa breached the Andes and we were saved.

Later, a group went back and buried the bodies.

They built a rough stone altar by the grave, and over it they placed an iron cross.

There's nothing more I can tell you.

We were brought together