All About the Benjamins (2002) Script


Here, bunny.

Little rascal!

-Uh, what's up, doc? -Mr. Rabbit...

Bail enforcement! Lil J, don't you fuckin' move!

Listen, I can explain, OK? Let me explain it!

What the hell you watchin'?! Sit down!

OK. I was comin' down to see y'all today, OK?

I called my mom to give me a fuckin' lift...

'cause my bike broke down!

Yeah, tell it to Martinez!

He's used to hearin' that bullshit.

On your feet. Come on.

Hands on your head.

Don't get gitchy. Relax.

How about I just give you a little somethin', huh?

A little somethin' to make this go away, maybe?

Come on, Tyson. Fuckin' bounty hunters... don't make no real cheese, anyway, do ya?

Get on the--

You ain't got no money, 'cause if you did... you wouldn't live in a trailer park.

I ain't goin' back to fuckin' jail.

Oh, yeah. You goin'.


Get off of my motherfuckin' boyfriend!

-Get out of my house! -Oh, shit!

Oh, shit!

You OK, baby? Get his ass, baby, get him!

Shoot that motherfucker!

Blast him! Blast that motherfucker!

I'll be goddamned!

Crazy ho!


Got your ass now! Uh-huh, motherfucker!

Hands behind your back!

You're goin' to fuckin' jail!

Where is he?

I took him to County.

County?! I was supposed to take him to County.

You were supposed to take him to County?


I didn't hear that part.

Bucum, why is it every time I send you out on a job... there are always gunshots reported?

Why is that?

Because people don't mind their own fuckin' business.

If they stay outta mine's... you wouldn't hear gunshots reported.

Oh, that's very funny.

Sorry if I forgot to laugh... but I've been on the phone for an hour... and 27 minutes straight with Miami P.D...

-cleanin' up your shit. -And?

What you want me to do? Start knockin' on the door?

"Hey, Martinez wanna holler at you.

"Come with me."

Or do you want me to go in and get 'em?

Oh, you get 'em. It's just how you get 'em.

Get you when I come out.

-Got it. -I'm talkin' to you!

You walkin' away from me?

Yeah. I've got to find the sports section.

Look at this, huh?

It's my second pack of cigarettes this morning... and I just quit today.

Jesus Christ. Why do I even bother with this guy?

Hey, Pam, what's shakin'?

Nothin' but ass.

Did the Heat beat the Knicks last night?

The Heat lost by one point.

I put your little fish on your desk over there.

I heard you almost got shot again today.

Almost don't count.

You should have took me with you.

I could have had your back.

-Maybe next time. -Right.

Well, anyway, next time you decide... you want to spend $600 on a fish... why don't you just send me to St. Thomas... and I can catch his little ass for you.

Change, please.

Don't make me mess up my nails.

Thank you, Pam.

It's a little short.

You know what you need, Bucum? A partner.

Somebody to help you apprehend these guys... without shots being fired all the time.

Well, stop bullshittin' and put me on the payroll!

I can get some real bonds, maybe I can get a fuckin' Tonto.

You know I can't insure you. You're too high a risk.

I don't see nobody else in here... bringin' Lil J in, so insured or not...

I'm the best nigga you got, so can I at least get paid?

Little more grip, little less lip.

You know what?

At these prices, man, I might have to... go in business for myself.

Bucum P.I. firm ain't soundin' too bad right about now.

Ain't that right, Pam?

Yep...or you could win the lottery.

You know, it's up to $60 million right now.

And we got a pool goin' in my apartment complex.

I can get you in on it.

Black people don't win that shit.

You either gotta be old or Puerto Rican.

Here's your next rabbit.

He went shy on us four days ago.

Reggie Wright?

I done caught this motherfucker, like, three times already!

This nigga go to jail more than Robert Downey Jr.

What'd he do this time, man?

Same charge. Petty con man stuff.

He just never goes to court.

Oh, that's a $35,000 bond you got there... which means you get a whole $3,500.

Oh, damn. Let me put that new Bentley...

I was lookin' at on layaway.

Bucum, I don't know what you're lookin' for here... so you're gonna have to hit the lottery... with Pam over there... or stop buying $600 fuckin' fish... that are gonna die in a week anyway... and maybe you can put that Bentley on layaway, huh?

You know what, Martinez? Fuck what you're talking about.

It's a whole lot of money out there.

All I gotta do is put my name on it.

Fifty bucks'll get you sixty million.

Thank you, Pam.

When I quit, you gonna miss me.

Come on, Zo. I hate this fuckin' job.

You know what? I'm gonna be where I'm at.

There's somebody looking at us.

Oh, are these the ones we're lookin' for?

I believe so, but I left my glasses at home.

Maybe I can find somebody who-- what the hell are you lookin' at, dipshit?

Why don't you let us shop in peace?

Who you two little Spice Girls think y'all talkin' to?

-You! -You!

Y'all followin' me around this damn store... you know what I'm sayin'?

I'm gonna get in line before I have to fuck one of y'all up.

That's right. Gang member.

You go get in line...

Poop dog!

Oh! Good!

Oh, I'm sorry.

Mr. Sheldon, what's happenin'?

How many times am I gonna have to tell you... don't open the potato chips until you pay for 'em!

You gonna have to tell me that all the time...

'cause I like potato chips.

Mr. Sheldon, why you sweatin' me, man?

I come in here all the time.

'Cause you're a nickel and dime hustler... looking for the five-finger discount... and I have to keep my eyes on you.

Then you know what? I'm a start goin' to Dwight's...

'cause you don't laugh at my jokes or nothin'.

-Dwight who? -D'wight around your lip.

No. I'm just kiddin', Mr. Sheldon.

Look, my woman gave me these numbers to play.









45, 47 Just hurry up. I got customers to serve here.

45, 4--

All right. How much I owe you?



It's 50, not 7.50.

Mr. Sheldon, man, I'm gonna kick your ass one day, man.

I seen you comin' out of the nursing home... the other day. I started to--

I'm gonna quit comin' in here, man.

-Hater, man! -Later.

Hey, I seen you at the club... pimpin' the other night, there, pimp.

Oh, excuse me!

Don't let me catch your skinny ass outside, do you hear me?

You know what? I just got out of the pen... for some shit like this.

Come on, come on!

Let me get out. Y'all smell just like Geritol.

Could y'all move?!

You're still talkin' shit, bitch?

Y'all gonna get me fuckin' locked up!

Come on, over here.

How was that, Reggie?

Y'all put a little bit too much on it that time.

The next time, just cut back on the bullshit talk.

That way, the scam'll go smoother.

You know I know. I'm a thief.

Bless you, Reggie. Thank you so much!

Our check didn't come, and we needed a few extra things.

That's OK. I love you, Ms. Steinberg.

What are them for?

These are for when I need to get my freak on!

Watch yourself! Shake it fast!

Watch yourself!

Show me what you're workin' with!

I said, show me what you're working with!

I said--there go the police. Run.

-Oh, run! -Come on, baby.


Don't you run from me!

Move! Move it!


You told me to point it right at that area.

I told you to do your fucking job...


No makeup!

You fucking twit! Bloody fucking Miamians!

You're getting the sack, and you're on the fucking dole!

The whole lot of you! Rank amateurs!

You stink to high fuckin' heaven!

Fuck Miami!

Mr. Barkley, right.

It's good to see you, sir.

Welcome. You're right on time.

I love that seersucker. Quite posh.

Hello. Shall we go to the set?

This is beautiful!

What we have here is a world turned upside down.

We've got mirrors. We've got reflecting pools.

We've got narcissism. We've got self-indulgence.

It's all bullshit, isn't it, really, Mr. Barkley... but we're gonna get some nice photographs, aren't we?

Some nice photographs.

Nowthe diamonds, please.

Nice and sexy. Sexy, darling.

Sexy for me.

Come on. Yeah! That's it!

Gimme legs, gimme legs. Yeah, fantastic!

Fucking brilliant!

Nice work! Yeah! Camera!

A 6-4-5.

-What? -I want a 6-4-5.

What are you talking about? You said to load the 6-7.

I want a 6-4-5!

You knowthe difference between 6-7 and 6-4-5?

Yes, I do.


My name is Frank!

Listen, I know I've been a bit rough.

I've abused you. I'd like to apologize.

Frank, is it?


Yeah. I'm sorry, Frank.

No. I'm sorry.

Nice nails.

I'll get the camera. Good lad.

No makeup.

Ramose, you didn't have to shoot the assistant... and the makeup woman, did you?

We had to make it look good.

The only good witness is a dead witness.

Good shot. Let's get the diamonds.

Where is this skinny son of a...

-Gotcha! -Goddamn!

Hold on, Zo.

Excuse me, you see a skinny guy run back here?

Who was that?

It must have been one of Barkley's men.

So that little creep tried to double cross us.

I'm glad we got him first.

You better check those diamonds.

Did you like my accent? It was pretty good, wasn't it?

Kind of like Michael Caine in "Alfie"?

I love that film.

-They're fake. -They're what?!

They're fakes.

They can't be fakes. They have to be real.

You cannot have an insurance claim... with fake diamonds. He was in on the deal.

Do you think I'm fucking stupid?! They're fake!

Check them again, Ursula.

He left a letter.

"Sorry for the inconvenience.

"You'll get your diamonds tomorrow.

"They're in a safe and well-guarded place.

"I just had to make sure...

"everything would happen as planned.

"See you soon. That's if I'm still alive. Ha ha."

So we blew it.

Do you know what he'll do when he finds out... we fucked up a $20 million deal?

$20 million?!

No. I have no idea what he's going to do, darling.

I'm not the one who's fucking him!

I gotta get up out of here.

This is no good.

What's your boyfriend gonna say?

We've gotta call TJ and Roscoe.

They know what to do with the van.

Check if there's anything in there.

Oh, shit!

I know you wonder what I'm doin' here!

Who the fuck are you?

Look, don't shoot me, dude, for real.


-Who's that? -I don't know.

Look. I work for Mr. Barkley.

He ain't tryin' to fuck y'all or nothin'.

He put me in this van... to make sure everything was all right.

I got the real diamonds in my pocket right now.

Hand 'em over.

I'm gonna show 'em to you right now.

Don't shoot!


Don't shoot the boats!

Get him!


"Reginald Wright."

Let's get out of here.

Reginald Wright.

Reginald fucking Wright, I got your ass.

Unlock it.

So, what about you?

You got anything to add to your story?

No. Y'all know everything I know.

Get out of here.

Control this thug. That's all I gotta say.

Or next time, he will go to jail.

Thanks a lot.

Call you later.

How long you think it'd take a man... to run from one end of this walkway to another?

What difference does it make? You're off the file.

What?! Bullshit! Reggie's my rabbit.

Not anymore. Miami P.D. is all over it!

How you gonna give... these tight-ass motherfuckers my job, Martinez?

You know I need that money.

I didn't give it away.

They took it, so get over it.

Go relax or something.

Get you some pussy, for chrissake.

Yeah? My money feels better than pussy.

Oh, yeah? That's the kind of money I want.

Meanwhile, here you go.

I don't--

Look, look. Look here. Go ahead! Take it.

There's your money, all right?

Thanks for nothin'. Now, leave it alone.

Leave it alone!

Do not touch Reggie Wright. I said it once...

I'm not gonna fuckin' say it again.

I almost got shot over a bullshit misdemeanor.

That ain't even Reggie's m.o.!

Not even a little bit!

So, I know somethin' is goin' down.

I can feel it.

OK, smart ass.

The next time the cops get you, they got you!

I'm not comin' down here, period.

You're on your own.

You're too good for your own good.

You're gonna get blackballed from this business one day.

You're gonna end up back at that dog track... shoveling shit where I found you.

Mark my words. Mark my fuckin' words!

Thanks, Martinez.

I love you, too.

Rag-top son of a bitch.





You got to be fucking kidding me.

All these tips.

I could've stayed home for this shit.

Next up, this week's Florida state winning lottery numbers.

Santa Maria, Santa Maria, Santa Maria...

Hey, baby, you play my ticket?

You play my lotto?

I played it.

Have you seen my Santa Maria?

The one with the gold crown?

Nah, baby.

I almost got killed just a minute ago.

You seen Bucum anywhere around here?

The one that locked me up fifteen times-- the bounty hunter.

Big, stocky dude.

Where the it.

Baby, lotto's coming on.

I don't care about no damn lotto.

I got chased by a motherfucking Mexican... and a big white bitch today.

Looking like a project power ranger... chasing me all over this place.

What are you talking about, Reggie?

There was some kind of diamond heist... near the beach today, right?

Bucum chasing me.

I'm running. I accidentally hid... in the back of the damn crooks' van.

A diamond heist, Reggie?

Then they tried to kill me.

So, what happened after that? How did you escape?

How did I escape? You know how I escaped.

I fought my way up out of there.

I hit about five dudes, knocked about three bitches down.

You know I don't play, Gina.

Baby, you can't fight.

Who can't fight? I was knockin'.

I hit this one dude.

He ran up on me. I was, like, "Mmm!"

He hit me in the head twice.

And I did. Look. And I grabbed--

And then he hit me one more time.

You can't tell me--

See, I'm nervous and paranoid, man.

Come here and sit down. Come here.

Come here. Give me some.


The second number is...

I'm nervous as shit, man.


The third number is...


The fourth number is 38.

The fifth number is 45... and the last number is 15.

And remember, when you play, we all win.

Oh, shit!

We're rich!

What? What?

I want to see the ticket.

I got it. Let me get the motherfucking thing.

Goddamn, it feels good to have money.

I feel like a new woman, baby.

Oh, shit. I got so much shit to buy, man.

Those Gucci heels I've been wanting to buy... for, like, four years now.

You know, those ho pumps you like?

I got to go to Versace.

I got to call the bank and say, "Fuck you."

I'm feeling good.

-I lost my wallet. -What?

But where's the ticket?

-The ticket's in my wallet. -What?

The ticket is in the wallet, and I lost my wallet.

That's what I said.

-Reginald? -What?

Are you telling me you lost the ticket?

I lost my wallet, and the ticket was in it.

Baby, are you telling me you lost the ticket?

-I lost my wallet. -No, you fucking didn't!

Baby, it was in my...

Oh, my God. Holy fu--OK.

No. All right. You know what?

-I came through here. -It's OK.

-I came back. -All right.

Motherfucker. I came...

OK. Let's not panic.

Let's not panic and let's think, Reginald.

Let's think. When was the last time... you saw your wallet, baby?

I was coming out the store.

I had been dealing with Ms. Steinberg and them, right?

All of the sudden, baby, I seen Bucum.

He start chasing me.

I'm running down the alley, and I jumped in the van.

Boat yard! Where's your keys?

What, what? On the dresser. What boat yard?

I'm going to get my wallet.

Baby, what boat yard?

What boat yard?

I don't have any fucking patience.

And my name and my reputation are on the line here.

That's very fucking embarrassing!

And I don't like to be embarrassed.

Was that fucking embarrassing?


Tell me one more time howthis fucking asshole escaped... because it's just so un-fucking-believable...

I want to hear it again.

He was in the back of the van.

There was some photographic equipment back there... including a light.

He shined the light on us.

I got temporarily distracted, and he got away.

What distracted you?

I was blinded by the light.

-Blinded? -Blinded.

-Show me. -Show you what?

Show me how you were fucking blinded.

I put my hands up.

So put your fucking hands up, then!

Just keep it like that.

Look at this guy.


You take care of this Reggie Wright character... before he goes running to the police.


I'll be taking care of you.

Now get the fuck out of my office.

You get that cleaned up.

This has been the worst day of my fucking life... and if one of you fucks don't put it right... it's going to be the worst day in your lives.

You understand?

You get the fuck out of my office!


I just want to get my diamonds, OK?

I'm sorry.

Just get me my fucking diamonds.


Hey, yo, Reggie, where's G?

Man, you better stay your little bad ass... away from my woman.

Man, when are you going to let her baby-sit me, man?

I been waiting for two weeks now.

Man, you don't need a baby-sitter.

You need a parole officer.

You're probably home by yourself right now, ain't you?

Man, that's what I need a baby-sitter for, dumb ass.

If it wasn't for you and puberty... man, I'd probably be bangin' that out right now.

Who you calling dumb ass?

Leave me alone, Kelley.


Hey, man.

What are you doing, man?

I'm not gonna have that, man.

Hell, no.

No. Hell, no, man.

Come on, man. I got shit to do, man.

Man, let me go with you, man.

Don't play me like that.

Man, that's why I'm not about to tell you... that some guy came by here looking for you today.

-Who? -Him right there.


Man, leave him alone, you rent-a-cop.

Man, you ain't have to do this shit to me, Bucum, man.

Shut up, punk, before I break your arm.

Man, leave him alone, man.

Get out of here before I shoot you, you little bastard.

Man, what I do?

You and your buddies almost shot me today.

I know you was with them.

Aw, wait a minute, Bucum.

You got it all wrong, man. I wasn't with them cats, man.

-Yeah, you was with them, nigga. -You know me, Bucum, man.

I ain't never gave you no problems except for now.

Come on. Let's go. On your feet.

Look, I accidentally hid in their van on an accident.

I know I've been full of shit in the past... but I'm for real today. I cannot go to jail.

I got a damn good reason why I can't go to jail.

You want to know why? You want to know why, Bucum?

You want to know why I can't go to jail?

I ain't got no bond money, for number one.

Number two, they keep giving me this court-appointed lawyer... that always send me back to jail for six, seven, eight months.

Oh, you don't believe me?

You want to know why I can't go to jail for real?

I just won the lottery for sixty million.

I'll put that on everything I love.

I am not bullshitting with you. I'm for real.

I'm about to get cold cash-- thousands of dollars.

I'm talking about money so tall, all the bitches wanna fall.

$60 million is how much the ticket is worth.

Now, I know you could use a little piece of that... with this raggedy-ass Impala.

Check it out. All you got to do is make a small detour... to take me back to get my wallet.

That's all I'm asking you.

Look, to make it real sweet for you...

I can take you back to show you... where the diamond robbers dropped me off at.

Where at?

Just turn on around, pimp.

So, this it?

This is it, man.

This better not be no bullshit... because I ain't got no problem with shooting your ass.

Man, you know we go way back like a Cadillac with four flats.

Or is it four flats on a Cadillac?

Like I said, this better not be no bullshit.


so, what we going to do?

Get out.

Wait a minute.

Ain't you going to take the cuffs off of me?

What do you think I look like, Boo-Boo the fool? Come on.

Man, this ain't how a real partnership... is supposed to start.

Maybe because this ain't no real partnership.

Oh, no, you didn't.

How am I doing?

Come on, come on, move it. Straight up now.

We got to get out to Hollywood.

All right, take her up.

OK. Pull it in.

I told you.

Let's get the fuck out of here.

I know my wallet is down there somewhere.

They about to leave.

Let's jump down.

Come on.

Howthe fuck is I'm supposed to get down from here?

Jump. I'm going to catch you.

Man, you ain't going to catch me.

Nigga, you better jump before I shoot you down.

What you think? You think I'm going to jump off here... and end up like Christopher Reeve?

Nigga, come on.

Bucum, I'm telling you. I'm going to jump... but you better not let me hurt myself.

Jump! Jump!

Oh, damn.

You all right?

Hell, no, I ain't all right.

Didn't you just see me fall?

Goddamn, I knocked all the wind out of myself.

Get your ass down.

This shit don't make no sense, man.

Shut up. Come on.

Police brutality.

I'm going to get Al Sharpton.

What the--

I'm telling you, man. It was right over here, man... when they chased me.

And then I ran from the van right over here... and they shot at me right there.

And you don't believe me, do you?

Why should I? Every time I catch you... you try to lie your way out of it.

Look, Bucum, I can't go to jail, man.

They're going to pin that diamond shit on me, man.

It sound like a personal problem to me.

I can't go to jail. Look how skinny I am.

They're going to be bidding on my ass... like I was in a car auction or something.

25, 35, 75, 45, 55, 35-- sold to the man with braids in his hair.

You know what?

I ain't going to take you to jail just yet... because I want the motherfuckers that shot at me... and I know you know more than what you saying.

Yes, you do, nigga. Shut up.

So, if they got your wallet like you say they do... they'll be coming to look for you soon.

That's when their ass is mine. Come on.

-You'll see if I'm right. -Shut up.

Bail bonds.

That's not how you supposed to answer the phone.

Is that how your mama taught you to answer the phone?

What you need? I'm trying to get out of here.

OK. Did Captain Briggs call Martinez tonight?

I heard you almost got shot again.

Why don't you put a sister on and let me get your back?

I keep telling you. I'm going to keep you in mind.

I know. You keep telling me that.

OK, then believe me.

What'd they talk about?

They were only on the phone for about ten minutes.

Miami P.D. ain't got nothing.

They said that building was supposed to be closed.

They were planning for some party tomorrow night.

And there were no security cameras... so they think it was an inside job.

But Barkley's got so many clients... they think it might take a while to contact them all.

-What else they talk about? -That's all.

That's it?

That's it. I would tell you.

Who are you talking to?


You know I can get fired for listening to his phone calls.

Oh, don't worry about Moon Roof Martinez.

Shit. He ain't going to do nothing.

Hey, if he fires you... you can always work for me at the P.I. firm.

Nigga, you ain't got no P.I. firm.

You as broke as I am.

What kind of plan calls for us to be handcuffed to my bed?

Listen, baby, we got to listen to Bucum... or he going to take my black ass to jail.

This shit's got to be illegal.

I'm not the fugitive here, so why am I being held?

Because you an accessory.

You harboring a fugitive if I'm your man.

They going to take you to jail for that shit, too.

Oh, shit.

Reggie, how many times did I tell you, baby...

"Go to court"? "Baby, please go to court."

Come on.

You told me a lot. Exactly.

But I'm allergic to the judicial system... and every time I see them court rooms...

I break out in hives, baby.

You know what I'm saying? I get to sweatin'--

When I watch "Judge Judy"...

I get to sweatin' and scratchin' and shit.

Look, baby, I know these cuffs is fucked up.

Look, baby, don't be mad at me.

Don't be mad at me.

What was that?

I don't know.

What are we supposed to do?

Play dead, baby.

-Play dead? -Play dead.

-That shit doesn't work. -It do work.

Baby, that's bullshit. I'm not--

Wow, that's kinky.

Hey, Reginald.

Roach around the collar Come on, man.

Baby, I told you it wouldn't work.

Damn. I thought somebody beat me to the punch.

They did.

What took you so fucking long?

Can you uncuff us, please?

Look in his pocket to see if my wallet's in there.

That's an ugly picture of you.

Now you believe me, though, huh?

I believe you about the wallet thing... but the lotto... you missed me with that shit.

That's more money for me and my girl.

Yeah, that's right.

Can you uncuff us now, please?

I'll think about it.

Y'all got a screwdriver around this motherfucker?

I ought to kick your motherfucking ass.

With that big-ass head. Look at your hairline.

You'll never find

A hairline like mine Your shit is way back here. If you was in the army... you'd have to salute like this-- "Yes, sir."

Your shit is fucked up.

You ain't got a forehead. You got a five-head.


-Really. -You think so?

I bet when you have dreams you don't have dreams.

You have movies.

Reggie, where is it?

It's up under the sink, baby.

See, that's pussy talking to me right there-- something you might not never know nothing about.

You know what? I'm really scared of you.

Yeah. You going to be scared... when I snatch that leather wig... off your motherfucking head and them suede sideburns.

I'm shivering.

We going to fuck you up. Keep talking.

I'm shitting in my pants.

Keep talking, motherfucker! Say something--

I'm pissing in my boots.

I wouldn't even have did your motherfucking arm like that.

I would've fucking took your motherfucking ass... and buried you in the ground... and put a water hose in your mouth... and duct tape it all around and turn it on full blast... and blow your motherfucking stomach up.


Take five.

You're the one that shot at me, huh?

Yeah, it was you.

It was you.

What happened to your hand?

What? I can't hear you. What'd you say?

Huh? What was that? I didn't hear you.

You know what?

I only got one question.

Who sent you over here to kill Reggie?

Yeah. Where the fuck is my wallet at?

That's what I'm asking.

Where the fuck's the wallet, huh? The wallet.

Relax, relax, OK? I got this.

All right. Shit. All right. Sorry.

You know, I don't think that you want to know what I know.

I don't think that you want to know... who you're really fucking with.

Are you screwing with me? Huh?

You screwing with me? Trying to fuck with my head?

No hablo ingles.

See if you understand this, motherfucker.


Let me get some of that.

Let me get some of that. Man, come on, man.

Kick back. I got this.

Come on, let me get some of that.

Come on, man! That shit look too good, man!

You got to let me get some of that.

This motherfucker shot at me.

Fuck you, you Little Richard looking motherfucker.

He ain't going to say--

Hold on, hold on.

That's right. You look like Little Richard, you bitch.

You bitch.

You know what? I'm going to let you get some.

Get some.

-Let me get some. -Shit.

-Make him talk. -Make him talk.

-Get him. -Let me get a little--

Stop playing. Get him.

Come here, you son of a bitch.

What about that?

Come on, bitch.

Let's just fuck him up up in here.

Here, motherfucker.

What's that?

Let's hear it.

Live on news.

Channel 6, reporting live.

Let's hear it, motherfucker!

I'll tell you everything.

-Get up here. -We're reporting live.


So, what's our plan?

I'm gonna go in here and see... if I can get a positive I.D. on this Williamson cat.

And what are we supposed to do?

Yeah. What do we do?

Stay here. Wait for me.

Especially you.

-Ain't that a bitch? -Ain't that a bitch?

Come on with this shit again, dude.

Yeah, I'm with this shit again.

'Cause I know you subject to get your ass up.

We can't do it together?

No. They tried to kill you once.

Keep your black ass here.

Stay down. Simple instructions.

-That's bullshit, man. -"Stay down."

I ain't gonna be your partner... until you start trustin' me, Bucum.

I trust you! Shut up!

"Stay here. Sit tight."

What the hell kind of partnership is this, baby?

All he does is handcuff you to shit.

Quiet down, Gina. It's part of the plan, baby.

What plan?

The plan to get my wallet back.

So we think this Williamson guy has your wallet?

Big-head said back at the apartment... that Williamson threw it in the back... of that fuckin' silver Mercedes... inside some type of white jacket.

So we think it might be here?

Shit, it could be.

You're a crook!

-Who's your bitch? -You.

Give me some.

Oh, this bitch is off the chain!

You found your brother yet?

He was supposed to call me when he'd finished.

Call him again.

You only have two days to find the real stones.

How about I go over to Barkley's house... see what his wife knows?

That's not a bad idea.

Sharhari arrives here on Sunday.

The exchange must take place no later than 4 P.M.

-Dog! -Who is that?

Want me to handle it?

What a nigga got to do to get some service... around this piece, dog?!

No. I'll handle it.

Hey, yo!

Somebody come around this motherfucker, man!

Can I help you, sir?

You can help me.

You know what? I don't even want... this motherfucker anyway.

But that bitch right there?

Man, I got to have that one.

I got to have that one.

P, follow me over here.

Now, picture me on the block... with this bitch right here with the bumpity-bumps.

Me and my hos go out there and catch a gang of catfish... with that motherfucker, you know what I mean?

Look, now, I got $6,000 cash money on me right now.


Six grand.

You know what? If you had $6 million... you still couldn't afford this boat.

You know what I'm sayin'?

Wait a minute, dog.

You don't even know me like that, man.

Have a nice day.

You know what? See, last time I came in here...

I had to deal with a motherfucker like you.

Hey, homey, go get the manager, man.

You know what? Fuck-- fuck the manager!

I'm the owner, Robert Williamson... and see that big hole in the wall over there?

That's called the door.

Use it. Bye-bye.

Hey! Wait a minute, homey!

-Hey, ho--wait a minute. -Have a nice day.

Don't do--hey, nigga! Don't be touchin' me, dog!

All right. Thank you.

Look, man, you better get your hands off me...

'fore I beat the brakes off your monkey-ass... in them Bob Hope pants on.

Watch, I'll be goin' out this bitch.

It's not here!

What if we never find this wallet?

Come on, don't say that now.

Look, go over on that side of the parking lot... and I'm gonna go over here and check.

OK, baby? Go over there and check that out.

All right.

I'm gonna see if I can find one.

I see one! Baby, I see one!

Found one?

Oh, shit!

Hey! Uhh! Come here!

How'd you get loose?

Oh, man, handcuffs are easy!

I'm a criminal.

Thought I was gonna run, didn't you?

Come on. I seen Williamson's face.

Let's go wait on him. Come on.

I gotta get my wallet first.

Forget about that damn wallet, OK?

I seen his face.

We need to go over there and get in position... wait for him to lead us to the diamonds.

Come on, let's go!

I don't give a fuck about them diamonds!

I'm not leaving here until I find my wallet!

You still on this wallet shit.

Look, listen! I don't believe that wallet.

I don't believe the lotto.

You won the lotto today? Come on, man, please!

You don't believe--

L.I.G. it, man. Let it go, Reggie.

Let it go!

You don't believe me?

Hell, no.

I'm not leavin' this motherfuckin' parking lot... till I find my wallet.

Them motherfuckers tried to kill you today.

So what? Let 'em come on out here!

I've been lookin' for them, and they've been lookin' for me... and God damn it, we can meet right here... on the motherfuckin' concrete... and scrap like a motherfucker right now!

Come on. You crazy.

Man, you cra--what, man? How am I crazy? I'm crazy?

$60 million worth of motherfuckin' lotto tickets... and I'm crazy?! Nigga, I'm insane, nigga! Let me--

Fuckin' door! Fuck this shit!

Come on! Get off of me, man!

Look, I ain't got no goddamn time to play with you!

You almost hit me, motherfucker!

Hey, what the hell wrong with you, Reggie?

What the hell wrong with you?

Baby, you can't fight. Just let it go.

So what?

Look at this.

That's our stowaway... and that's the guy we shot at this morning.

Oh, Bucum, let him go.

You shut up. Calm down.

Let my head go, nigga.

Calm down. You calm?

Ah, shit! Ah!

So while we've been looking for them... they're looking for us.

I swear to God!

You bite me on my nipple again, I'll kill--

Kiss her.

-Ki-- -What?

Kiss her!

Lemme go handle this situation.

Hold on a minute.

Hey, officer.

It's puppy love.

You got a condom?

You know what I think?

I don't care what you think. Come on.

I think you ain't supposed to be fuckin' with us.

That's what I'm thinkin' right now.

That was some strange shit right there.

Real strange! Come on, baby.

Wasn't nothin' strange about that.

I just didn't want the cops to take you from me, that's all.

Yeah, right. Where you take me?

Come on. I'm ready to go to jail.

You know I go to jail all the time.

It ain't no thing.

Take me to jail so I can go out and get... my commissary and do my motherfuckin' thing.

Don't you tempt me.

'Cause how I feel right now, you might.

You motherfucker!

Well, let's go to jail right now!

I'm ready to go to jail...

'cause you think I'm lyin' about that lotto ticket... and I think you lyin' about everything... you know what I'm sayin'?!

Reggie. Reggie, enough.

Listen to your woman, 'cause you this close!

You this close from goin'!

What we gonna do is sit right here... and wait for Williamson to come out... and lead us to them goddamn diamonds!

He can't lead us to nothin' he don't have.

What?! What the hell are you talkin' about?

He don't know where the diamonds are, either, Matlock.

How you know?

'Cause I know everything, pimpy.

I'm real smart.

Remember that dude that got killed... over at the diamond heist?

-Mr. Barkley? -Right.

Him and Williamson had some kind of inside shit goin' on.

Obviously, he didn't trust Williamson... so instead of him givin' him a case full of diamonds... this dirty motherfucker gave him a case... full of glass with a note attached to it.

Talkin' about the diamonds was in a real safe place.

Why the fuck you didn't tell me this two hours ago?

'Cause I ain't give a fuck about them diamonds.

All I'm lookin' for in my life is that lotto ticket.

Our lotto ticket.

Our lotto ticket.

Make yourself at home.

Hey, can I at least... take a shower or a bath or somethin'?

Yeah. The bathroom is through there.

Towels are in the cabinet.


This is a nice place, dude.

Thank you.

So, this make us partners, right?

What makes you say some dumb shit like that?

Because you ain't never brought me to your house.

It's either you can't turn me in... or you won't turn me in.

You tryin' to get them diamonds for yourself, ain't you?

Hell, no.

You know what I'm after.

I still don't know what you want out this thing.

I just wanna solve the case... before the Miami P.D. do, that's all.

That's bullshit. I knowthat Miami P.D... and them bounty hunters don't get along.

I ain't gonna tell you no more... until you tell me what I wanna know.

I'm about to catch a severe case of amnesia... up in this motherfuckin' piece right now.

All right.

I'm tryin' to get out the bounty hunting business.

It's a bullshit racket.

Now, what I really want to do... is open my own private investigation firm...

'cause that's where the money is. At first...

I just wanted to catch the motherfuckers that shot at me... but now I think I can solve this case... and if I do it before the Miami police do it... that publicity right there'd be everything I need... to get my business off the ground.

So, that's what I want.

So you're tryin' to get the diamonds... so you can turn 'em back in.

That's harder to believe than my ticket story, asshole.

At least it's the truth!

Fuck you, Bucum. You think I'd be goin'... through all this trouble just to keep a lie goin'?

Yeah, 'cause you a lyin' son of a bitch... you a con man, and you always tryin' to get over on people.

What about you? You tryin' to get over... on people, too-- just in a different way.

Let me tell you somethin', man... you know, just in case you don't know...

I've been on my own since I was fourteen years old.

Everything I done got off the street...

I got it on my own.

What's your story? Why are you so selfish?

That ain't none of your business.

Oh, it ain't none of my business, huh?

Hold up, hold up. Now who's the con man?

At least you know what I'm all about.

I ain't got nothin' to hide.

What you all about?

I'm all about the business.

What you think?

Why you don't trust nobody, man?

Man, look, look, look.

OK, let's just change the subject...

'cause you kind of sound like a female... with all this inner-feeling shit.

Just let me know everything... you know about that diamond robbery.

Naw, I don't think I know nothin'... about no diamond robbery, since we ain't partners.

I didn't--what did I hear?

Did I hear anything?

-I said, "OK." -OK, what?

OK, we partners... but I'm the boss.

OK, partner. I mean, boss.

You the boss.

So, what's the plan?

I think we gotta go to Mrs. Barkley.

Go over they house, see what she know.

I don't like that plan.

So what? You ain't the boss. I am.

-But I'm the capo. -You ain't--

-The boss next to the boss. -You ain't shit... and I should slap your ass for bitin' me on my nipple... anyway.

I had to bite you 'cause you had me in a headlock... with my woman standin' there.

No--you--I'm not gonna let you kick my ass... in front of my girl, and then, when I get home... she be tellin', "Why you ain't do Bucum like that?"

I'm gonna take your ass to court... for involuntary manslaughter... battery against a Jehovah's Witness...


That's a nice crib!

Yeah, it's tight.

I'm gonna get one of these when I get my money.

Wait a minute. Back in the car.

Why I always gotta wait in the car?

Look, I don't wanna scare this white lady... with two niggas knockin' on her door at 7:30 in the mornin'.

She might not open it.

Well, leave me a gun out here, pimpy.

Get your ass back in the car, pimpy.

You're lucky I don't tie you back to the steering wheel.


Excuse me, Mrs. Barkley?

This is a bad motherfucker!


Oh, this is a bad mother--!

Make mine feel like a president!

First black president!

Now, let's go outside and take care of your friend.

Take care of that, motherfucker!

I thought I told you to keep your dumb ass in the car.

You know what? I had a feeling... you was gettin' your ass kicked in here... and you was.

Get the key out of my pocket, man.

Say "thank you" or somethin'.

Oh, I'm gonna let you go.

Ow! Shit, man.

Hold up, man.

Is you retarded or somethin'?

Naw, I'm just not the police.

You gotta be a police to be able to do this shit.

The punk-ass police.


See if you can find Mrs. Barkley.

We fucked him up, man.

And don't touch nothin'.

Ain't nobody gonna touch shit.

Punk-ass mini-me.


Shit, hold up.

Got a pretty good swing there, golf boy.

I wonder what's your handicap?

I'm gonna rip your fuckin' arm off... and beat you to death with it, you cocksucker!

Is that right?

Hold that thought, player.

What the hell you keep yelling for?

This bitch just scared the shit out of me!

I'll be goddamned.

This is Mrs. Barkley's will right here, man.

I told you not to touch nothin'.

But I--

It look like he left her everything.

I know, but I'm trying to buy this crib.

I knowthey gonna sell it.

What's in the safe?


He said the diamonds was in a nice, safe place.

Now, what's safer than a safe?

Come on, Bucum, look. Listen, man.

Don't you think they smart enough to get... the fuckin' diamonds outta there before we got here?

Yeah, as a matter of fact, they would, huh?

-Right. -Come here, asshole.

In fact, let me check you.

Come on, man!

Sorry, Puffy, but we're talkin' about...

$20 million worth of diamonds.

And even an honest man like yourself could get tempted.

You know what?

You can trust me. That's what it is.

You can trust me. What the fuck I want... with $20 million worth of motherfuckin' diamonds?

Trust me, man! We together--

Oh, this a whole lot of trust right here.

I know what you thinkin'.

I was just about to put that back in there.

You scandalous.

How you gonna steal from a dead woman?

'Cause she ain't complainin' about it.

She don't give a fuck.

Hey, Bucum, we can split it!

We got a friend for you, partner.

What's next, man?

We go in here and wipe down everything we touched.


Whatcha doin' walkin' around these people house, man?

Hey, you knowthey got a sub-zero refrigerator in here?

Get your ass back over here and help me.

Drinkin' orange juice and shit.

Don't you know we got a dead white woman upstairs, man?

You better hurry up and clean this shit up, huh?

Give me something to clean with, man.


And hurry up.

Nigga's a fuckin' joke.

Oh, shit. Look at this.

Damn, we gotta get that.

I know.

Why don't you stick your hand in there and grab it?

See? You know, you're tryin' to be funny.

That's like askin' me to stick my tongue... in Oprah Winfrey's ass.

I'm not fuckin' stickin' my hand in there.

Oh, shit.

Watch out.


Yo, what's that up under that gun right there?

Look. You see it?

Right there. Grab it.

Oh, my God.

Oh, yeah.

Said they was in a nice, safe place... but bling-bling.


They sweet!

You know what? Let me go and get my two... for all my pain and suffering.

You know what I'm sayin'?

Put 'em back.

I'm gettin' earrings like Allen Iverson, fool.

Put 'em back.

Man, take your little stank-ass diamonds, man.

Let's go. Come on.

I haven't thought about... what I'm gonna do with the diamonds yet.

I know what I said last night.

-You know what I mean? -Right.

But, shit, when you get 'em in your hand, you know.

-I know. -You know, things change.

I know, but I-- I was just thinkin'...

I was gonna at least get, you know what I'm sayin'... at least two of 'em, though... because of, you know what I'm sayin'... all the shit that I went through.

Yeah, you want some Allen Iverson earrings.

-Not with these, player. -Aw, man.

I mean, you'll look like a damn fool... with a earrings this big hangin' out your ear, man.

But you don't know how much pussy I can get... off just a side shot of my face like this in a club.

You know what I'm sayin'?

Bitch be like, "Bling, ooh!"

Reggie Wright, man... you all right.

Cool, man.

You all right.

I try to be, man. You know what I'm sayin'?

Hey, go upstairs and get Gina... so we can drop these dicks off... in the Everglades somewhere.

I got you, dog. I'll be back.

That's cold, baby.

That ice is cold, baby.

So that's what $20 million feel like, huh?

Where you at, baby?

What's this right here?

"If you want the girl back in one piece..."

They got her, dog. They got her.


Williamson got Gina, man.


Man, I can't handle this, man!


Howthese motherfuckers get in my house?

What we gonna do, man?

Hey, they want you for her.

How did they find us?

That fight!

The parking lot, remember?

I told you to keep your dumb ass in the car!

No, your ass shouldn't have went in there talkin' to 'em!

Why is it always my fault, Bucum?

You know what?

Give me the keys. I'm about to kill... these two motherfuckers in the trunk!

Give me the keys!

Wait a minute! Wait, wait!

Hey, hey! Stop it!

They're gonna kill us!

-Damn! -Calm down!

Don't go off the deep end, man.

We just gotta think of the right plan... to get her back.

Goin' in that trunk ain't gonna do shit!

Look, Bucum, I swear, man, if somethin' happen to Gina...

I'm gonna lose it.

You ain't gonna lose it, man.

We gonna get her.

This girl been down with me, man!

You know what I'm sayin'?

I feel you. We just gotta think.

We gotta figure out a way to get her, man.

Got a plan.

Them diamonds.

What the--

What the fuck is this?!

-Whoa, man! -What the hell happened?

What the fuck?!

Shit. It's Julian.

What is this fucking shit?

Julian and Roscoe.

What the fuck is this shit?

TJ, look at his face!

Julian. Hey.

Yeah, Williamsons.

That was some bitch-ass shit you did right there.

You better not fuck with my girl!

Hold on, watch out, watch out, hey.

Williamson, look.

Look, you got somethin' we want, we got somethin' you want--

$20 million worth.

Meet us at the Flagler Dog Track.

Saturday, 1:00.

Give it here, man!

Bitch-ass nigger!

You better not fuck with my girl!

Oh, shut the fuck up, black buck.

Hey, babe, come on. He's OK.

Clean this up, OK? Let's g--

They got our fuckin' stones.

Come on.

Get your ass in there. Go.

Why'd they choose this place?

Just keep your eyes open.

Yo, they're here.

Is everybody in position?

In position.

Good girl, Pam. You see him?

Yeah, I can see him.

What about you, Reggie?

I don't know. Wait a minute. I'm lost.

Hurry up, man.

I can't be out here all day.

I'm lookin' for it.

It's section 3-0-6, dumbass.

Look, man, I'm tryin' to find the entrance.

I can't find it.

Get your ass upstairs!


Fuck off. Boss that.

OK, birdie, where you at?

So y'all early, huh?

And you're late.

Yeah, I'm late 'cause I had to go... get something to eat. That's why I'm late.

OK, enough with the small talk.

Right. That's what I'm sayin'.

I got shit to do, too.

-Where's my diamonds at? -Where's Gina at?

Show me the diamonds, and I'll show you your bitch.


I don't know why the fuck y'all doin' me like this.

What if I took her down in the hood... where they did the most good?

Let all my buddies rub on her booty.

I wouldn't give a flying fuck.

Wave to your boyfriend.

Show me the rest of the diamonds.

Better let her go, motherfucker!

Show me the rest of the diamonds.

You all right?

I'm fine. I'm fine, baby.

Let her go, man!

Show me the rest of the fucking diamonds.

Let her go.

Come on. Move it, bitch.

It's cool, baby. It's cool. I got it.

What about you?

I'm cool.

All right.

Fuck you.

Give me the fuckin' stones, you black bastard.

You dubious, pestimistic, nondescript, European... dick-in-a-booty-ass motherfucker.

Who do you think you're talkin' to?

Benny Hill. Leonardo DiFaggio.

Come on, you mango-munching motherfucker.

Give me the fuckin' stones.

You little ugly-ass motherfuckin' rat-mouth...

Gianni Ver-snatchy-lookin' motherfucker.

Stones, you fucking black nigger.

Who you callin' a--you callin' me a black nigger?

Yeah, that's what I'm calling you.

My dick about this long, white boy.

You hear me?

It'd take about four of yours to get mine.

This long.

Yeah, listen, banana ear. Stones.

I'm gonna put a hit out on you... when I get my welfare check.

Give me the fuckin' stones!

God damn it, hold it down!

Y'all know who y'all fuckin' with.

Y'all fuckin' with somethin' like a player.

Can we just keep it civilized?

I went to school for that.

Civilization University.

I want my bag back...

'cause this is where I keep my weed at, boy.

That's nice.

Now go buy a bar of soap, shoeshine boy.

Get the stones!

Shoot that motherfucker!

-Baby! -Oh, baby!

Did you see me?

I was like, "Fuck you!"

That was tight! Let me drive!

Get in.

Damn it, Bucum. You made me break a nail.

Hold on.

Hold on.

You're dead!


Oh, shit!

Nowthat we have the diamonds, we can continue as planned.

Can you drive a bit faster?

There they go.

What's up with this window, dude?

It don't work. Where you get that?

I got this from Mrs. Barkley.

Don't you think the police will be looking for us?

Sweetheart... by the time they figure this out... we'll be lying on a beach somewhere in South America... on our honeymoon.

Well, then, just shoot out the back tire!

Who do you think I am? Mel Gibson?

Just the tires!

Oh, motherfucker!

Yeah, boy! What, what?

Good shot, baby.

Come on, step on it!

Pull over!

Whoa, baby!


Damn, your car smell like fish.

I still can't believe you threwthem diamonds... in the air to cause a diversion.

I can't believe you came up with a bullshit plan... that almost got me killed.

All you had to do-- keep the diamonds in your hand... when you jump down the escalator, man.

That's simple. That's simple.

That wasn't part of the plan, Bucum.

So fuckin' what?! Improvise!

Improvise? Sniper got a gun... pointin' down on my head, about to shoot.

You know what? Fuck them diamonds, man.

What about my ticket that was left in that Benz?

And it's gone.

You wanna be a bitch about my diamonds?

I can be a bitch about your ticket. Period.

I quit, motherfucker! How about that?

Come on, baby. Let's go.

Quit?! Quit what?!

All we are are two motherfuckers... tryin' to get paid. That's all.

That's it!

It's all about the Benjamins, remember?

So don't get it twisted, motherfucker!

Bucum, don't be so mean.

Don't say nothin' to him. He just mad 'cause I quit!

Quit? Quit again! Quit again after that!

I don't care about that!

'Cause we was never partners anyway!

You thought we was partners, but we wasn't never partners.

I'm gonna tell you somethin' straight up, man.

Since we ain't partners... why the fuck we standin' here, talkin' right now?

Me and Gina could do this by our damn self, man.

Fuck them diamonds, Bucum. Come on, baby.


Bucum, you're wrong.


-Go-- -Did you--

Go talk to him.

-Reggie! -Go!

I g--I'm goin'! Reggie!

Look, man.

Let's end this on a good note, OK?

We got Gina back, and when you really... think about it, that's all that matters.

I--look, what the hell do you want me to s--

That's not all.

All right. Fuck that ticket, man.

All right. Fuck them diamonds, man. Cool?

It's cool. It's cool.

You're my dog. We gotta look out for each other, man.

We might need each other in the future.

We're partners.

-Hey! -What?

You know what? After you blowthat--


Hey, you see that?

-Come on! -Come on, baby.

Hey, come on!

Let's go.

Clean all this shit out of the car.

Do you want to count the money?

No, thanks.

Merci. Au revoir.

So it's off to Rio.

You think Williamson and them in that boat, too?

There's only one way to find out.

Pam, you and Gina stay here.

If you see anything funny, call them punk-ass Miami police.

Come on.

I ain't got no bullets in this gun, man.

What you bring it for?

To scare 'em or somethin'.

Look, this is my baby, OK?

Hold that, baby.

Handle it with care.

All right.

Let's go.

Give me that.

"Wait here."

What, they think we can't do anything?

Those motherfuckers kidnapped me!

Can you jump?

Come on.

-What happened? -I dropped your gun.

I oughta kick your ass. Come on.

Hey, man, how are you gonna just drop my favorite gun?

Man, it slipped out of my hand.

I ain't never been on no boat before.

Fuck all that!

Here. Use this.

Oh, my God.

I cannot believe this shit.

What the fuck is I'm gonna do with-- them dudes got guns up in here.

Hey, it's better than nothin', man.

I don't want it, dude. Gimme that, then, if it's better than nothin'.

No! This mine! Forget it.

Don't use nothin', then.

That's what I'm sayin'.

Five fingers. Use your five fingers.

Stickin' to my guns.

Well, stick to your guns.

You know what?

Give it here. I'll take it.

Be careful.

You got batteries to this motherfucker right here?

Come on!

When do you get your cut?

When I say you get your cuts.

I'm a man of my word, right?



Now, pop up deck, 'cause I have some business to attend to.

Let's go.

I love you.

What are we gonna do now?

I don't know.

But we gotta do somethin'.

Gimme the gun.

It don't have any bullets.

Gimme the gun.

What the hell was that?


Oh, ho, we did it!

-Damn! -What?


I just seen two people fall in the water.

You seen two people fall in the water?

Two people.

And I think it was that big dude that was at the track.

Bullshit. I don't see nobody.

What the hell them girls doin' out there?

Bucum, hold up for a minute.

Oh, my wallet. Goddamn.

Yeah! That's what I'm talkin' about.

Sixty million.

Sixty million.

That's what I'm talking about.

Yes! $60 million.

I'm about about to go to the club, be like-- look what a nigga won. Sixty million.

What a--what a-- what a--sixty million--

You again, Mr. Wright?

You know what? You're like a cockroach.

Every time you crush one... another one comes creepin' out of the woodwork.

You know what? It's funny that you said that...

'cause I'm black, and I know about all kind of roaches.

Gangster roaches, I know a Puerto Rican roa--

Shut up.

Sweetheart, take the bags, and put 'em in a speedboat... and start her up.

And you. Pick up the bags.

See, I knew you was a gangster... when I first seen you. You look just like--

Get the fuckin' bags.

Look, man, why you gonna try to shoot me, man?

-You need-- -The bags!

Don't shoot me! Please don't shoot me.

I ain't got no insurance.

I'm on Medicaid.

They got me on all kind of--

-1, 2, 3... -OK.

Sharks don't even like black people.

Shut up.

They don't like black people, though, man.

Unless you put some barbecue sauce... on me or somethin'.

And then they'll deal with a black man.

And I'm tellin' you, I heard you in there pimpin'... and I'm lettin' you knowthat.

Shut the fuck up, put the cases down.

Hi, sweetheart.

We're takin' this piece of shit out... going to feed him to the sharks.

Not so fast, Scarface.

I got wifey here and we ain't goin' nowhere.

You're forgettin' somethin'.

What's that?

She's not my wife yet.

Come on!

Say your prayers.

You're lucky I didn't break your fuckin' neck.

Reggie, I'm here, man.

Where you get hit at?

I got shot, man. I got hit in the chest.

Hit in the back.

I got shot about five times, dude.

Oh, man, you just hit in the arm.

Be careful, man. I'm gonna faint.

Is it over yet?

It's over.

We did it.

-We did it. -We did it, man.

Dig in my pocket.

I want you to get somethin' for me.

Wait a minute, nigga. We ain't that close.

Come on, man. Stop playin', man.

I'm shot. Dig in my pocket.

I see you got what you was lookin' for.

Yes, sir. And I was gonna cut you in... even though you don't care about my ticket.

I didn't say I didn't care about your ticket, man.

There you are, you fuckin' bastard!

Oh, shit!

You fuckin'--

I hate this fuckin' job.

Hey, you ain't gotta work no more.

We rich now.

Shit, I know.

-Not so fast. -What?

Here come the Coast Guard.

What are we gonna do, Bucum?

I don't know. Damn!

Somethin' I hate to do, but I gotta do it.

Sorry about that, player.

I love you, but you gotta go.

What the fuck is--

That's my fuckin' arm, man!

Look, all you got is a punk-ass warrant.

I gotta turn you in, man.

Let 'em know everything that happened.

If not, we goin' to jail for a hell of a long time.

And I know you don't wanna do that.

Man, this is some bullshit, man.

Look, look, look, man.

All you gotta do is keep your mouth shut.

You'll be out in less than two weeks, man.

I'll be right there with your ticket, man.

I swear. You just gotta trust me.

You are fuckin' crazy.

I'm sittin' here in handcuffs... you want me to fuckin' trust you?

Man, trust me.

Man, that's some bull--look, look.

Nigga, I got shot.

I got shot while we was doin' this shit.

Nigga, you ain't gonna do nothin'... but try and go fuck Gina, nigga.

Hold that thought.

You gonna try to get Gina, ain't you?

You pussy-ass motherfucker!

You ain't right, and you know you ain't right.

God don't like ugly, and you is an ugly motherfucker.

I swear, I hate you, Bucum.

You gonna try and get Gina, ain't you?

I knowthat's why you got me in these cuffs...

This motherfu--

I knew I couldn't trust that nigga, man!

And I'm supposed to be the con man!

Yo, Reggie!

Whoo! That was a long-ass two weeks, man.

What's up, baby? My, this is clean. Man!

I want you to put me all in chrome... and put me on the front of the Bentley, like this.

What's up, man? When you get this?

Hey, man, you get a whole lot of things... when you turn in $10 million in dirty money, you know?

-Is that right? -Yeah.

What about that other ten million?

I don't know what happened to that other ten million.

Ooh, that's a nice watch!

Can I rock that? Lemme wear that.

Bling, bling, motherfucker.

Look what Gina got.

You got the ticket!

You got the tick-- well, let's get--

She got the ticket! Shit!

Let's go spend this money.

How's it goin', partner?

You know how a player do it!

I see gettin' all that money don't make you no smarter.

How y'all Viagra hustlers doin'?

We straight, baby!

Give us a little more somethin' somethin'!

Watch this!