All-American Murder (1991) Script

(dramatic music)

(relaxed music)


(tense music)

Logan, where the hell is Logan?

Come on, Logan, get the fuck up.

(door creaks)

Start moving.

(upbeat funky music)

Come on, move your ass.

Look at you.

What planet are you from?

Come on.

All your life you've dishonored me.

You were thrown out of every school you attend, your teachers abhor you, your peers reject you.

Only friend you ever had was a snake.

Only thing you can relate to.

Well, we understood each other.

No one wanted to touch him either.

You know what it's like being a judge of my stature enduring the shame of his only son?

Try being the son.

You won't even make an effort to fit in.

Always the outcast on a path of destruction.

You threw your toys in the fire, you threw your homework in the fire, now you set your dorm on fire.

I didn't do it this time, Dad, it wasn't my fault so don't lay this on me.

I paid the damages, got you out of jail.

The school won't take you back.

Can you blame them?

I wish I had that luxury.

Will you listen to me?

I didn't do it, it wasn't my fault.

My dorm-mates burned my snake.

Why would I try to kill my only friend?

I was trying to save him.

I'm giving you one last chance to save yourself, prove you're fit for society.

I made a call, got you into Fairfield, upstanding college with a fine reputation.

The students there work, have goals, futures, values.

Better learn some.

Don't disgrace me again.

You never heard me, never.

What was that?

I didn't hear you.

Nothing, forget it, can we go please?

I never want to see you near another flame, understand?

(lighter clicks)


(relaxed music)

♪ What about me ♪

♪ All my life I've been dreaming ♪

♪ Scheming ♪

♪ Building castles in my mind ♪

♪ All for you ♪ Follow me, we'll walk down here to Parker Hall.

♪ Friends I thought were my friends ♪

♪ Liar friends ♪

♪ Drifted with the changing wind ♪

♪ They never knew ♪


Welcome to Fairfield.

It's been an education.

One of my duties as the dean's wife, I fuck you, you fuck me, and we both fuck the dean.

Great, I'll be history before my next history class.

I came here to make something out of my life.

Didn't we all?

What am I doing in bed with the dean's wife?

What am I, fuckin' nuts?

Oh no.

No, you're a prince.

I can tell a lot about a man by the way he makes love.

God knows I've had enough experience around here.

Last month alone, I knocked off more undergraduates than Kent State.

You must have quite a marriage.


Philip's idea of mutual love-making was that we both worship his cock.

On our marriage certificate under state you're married in, I wrote depression.

You want anything with that vodka?

Yeah, youth, money, and romance.

I meant an ice cube.

I live with one.

Your hair keeps falling in your face.

Honey, my face is falling in my neck.

Erica, you are such a beautiful woman.

I bet you look the same today as you did 10 years ago.

10 years ago I was 20 years younger.

No, I mean it, I've already had two face lifts and I'm only 40.

By the time I'm 45, I'll have to part my hair to blow my nose.


I want you to have that.

Give them out as souvenirs?

Oh no, I've never given one out before.

There you go trying to make me happy.

You're not like that others, Arthur.

You're an outlaw.

Don't you ever change, baby.

(rhythmic clicking) (class murmurs)

♪ What about me ♪

♪ Time to make my own way ♪

♪ What about me ♪

♪ Sailing on life's highway ♪

♪ Where I won't have to fake it ♪

♪ And together we can make it ♪

♪ You and I ♪

♪ You see the dreams can oftentimes come true ♪

♪ Maybe if I hope and dream ♪

♪ I'll finally find you ♪

♪ What about me ♪

♪ Get to make my own way ♪

♪ What about me ♪ Hi Elizabeth, hi Shelly.

♪ Sailing on life's highway ♪

♪ Where I won't have to fake it ♪

♪ And together we can make it ♪

♪ You and I ♪

Hi Joe, whoa!

♪ What about me ♪ Wanna come, right?

Simon says run in place.

Run in place, Simon says faster.

Oh, some of you didn't hear the teacher, she said "boom," fall down, Simon says fall.

(kids whine)

Look at that, boom.

Okay guys, go play.

Thanks, I slipped.

Kids are great aren't they?

I've been one, it's no big thrill.

You're new here, I've seen you around.

Artie Logan, third year transfer.

Wendy Stark, where from?

Oh, from about 12 different schools I got kicked out of.

This is the last one left.

So you're a major misfit.

Not anymore, this midwestern virtue has gone to my head.

(children babble)

You friends with Tally?

Yeah, you know her?

I plan to.

You sure she wants to know you?

She only dates Greeks and jocks.

I bet she's tired of dating beefy stooges.

I think it's time that she met a nice, pigeon-toed anarchist.

Why don't you ask her, here she comes.

(kids babble)

You know, now is not a good time, Wendy.

I'll see you later.

(funky music)

(dramatic music)

(splashing) (dog whines)

Hey, what are you doing?

You're stealing Miss Muffet, now give her back.

Man, ease up, love chop, I wasn't stealing her, I was getting her out of the fountain.


(cheerful music)

Hi Laurie.

You're Tally.

You're wet.

I'm Artie Logan, I just jumped in the fountain to save Miss Muffet.

I was wondering when you'd introduce yourself.

I've seen you following me around.

Did I rattle you?

Oh no, I love being stalked by Norman Bates.

I'm harmless, honest, I just find you very watchable.

What do you want from me?

A child.

(laughs) (upbeat music)

You're something else.

So what are you doing here?

I just transferred.

Yeah, I could tell you weren't from Fairfield.

You're different.

It must be tough starting a new school.

Well, I've been starting them my whole life.

I think it's time I finished one.

I have to tell you, you know that sketch you drew of me?

It wasn't bad, I think you have a lot of talent.

I just draw what I see.

You have an odd way of looking.

I see magic where no one else does.

I guess that's what makes an artist.

There's not too many around here.

Get to know one, expand your horizons.

You wanna go someplace and talk?

It's so noisy out here, I can't hear myself think.

Don't worry, you're not missing a thing.

Ooh, that's a good one.

You bring out the best in me.

Come on, how about it?

Coffee, tea, methamphetamine?

I hope that was a joke.

Oh god, relax, I know how pure you are, I wouldn't offer you a cough drop.

I have to get to class.

I'll go with you.



What's it like being so popular?

It's hard, your hand hurts from waving and your mouth aches from smiling.

Well, you deserve a medal.

You're even good with kids.

I love kids.

I'd love to work with autistic children someday.

Well how about artistic children?

You know, some of us got off on the wrong foot.

Some of you don't have a leg to stand on.

Look, I know I'm not the type you normally date.

What, you mean sane?

I mean like that hulk I see you with, the guy who actually eats his Wheaties.

Doug, he's just like my brother.

Well then you're free, excellent.


Artie, I like you, I think you're very amusing, but I really don't think it'll work.

How do you know?

I can just sense these things.

[Artie] Give it a try.

I'm just a god-fearing girl scout from South Bend, Indiana, I'm not right for renegades.

Well who are you right for?

(bell rings)

Who are you right for?

[Tally] Why me, I mean, there are tons of women out there.

That's all I'm asking, one date, be brave, take a chance.

[Tally] You'll be in for a disappointment.

I take disappointment like most people take a shower.

Are you sure you're not dangerous?

I'm about as dangerous as Cyrano?

Who's Cyrano?

My pet snake.

Oh. (laughs)

Well, it's been delightful talking to you, but I really do have to run.

Hi Doug.

Hey Tally, I'll be right there.

Let me explain something to you.

Tally's my friend, you're bothering her.

Stay away or I'll rip you apart.

Well that's what friends are for.

(tender music)

I can't believe it.

It's just a little something to hang on your wall.

It's really beautiful.

All right, I'll go out with you.

No, you don't have to.

I mean, I don't want you to feel like there's any obligation, do what you wanna do, it's okay.

Maybe you're right.

You're going out with me.

I would love to.


That's a hot piece of flash.

My daddy gave it to me on my 18th birthday.

See look, it even has my initials engraved on it.

It's beautiful.


So your family really goes to church together?

Yeah, doesn't yours?

My family doesn't go to the cupboard together.

It's just me and the judge.

My mom hated kids so she ran off to Paris with a jazz man right after I was born.

He blames me for it.

As a judge, he's very objective.

He objects to everything I do.

Well it sounds like you gave him a good reason to.

I tried to make a name for myself, I just picked the wrong ways.

Well maybe you better find the right way.

♪ Wherever you're from ♪

♪ Can we get lost ♪

♪ In dreaming world come true ♪

♪ And get the chance ♪

♪ To finally say ♪

♪ Hello, it's me ♪ Here we are, my favorite haunt.

Artie what are we doing here?

Uh, well, I just always had this thing for cemeteries.

They remind me that I'm alive.

You think I'm out of my gourd.

No, I just think you're kind of, um, what's the word?


Charming, sophisticated?


Oh, don't they have cemeteries in South Bend?

Sure, but they're only for dead people.

It's kind of a tradition.

You know, I bet that you can figure me out if you tried.

Tally, I don't wanna make you nervous or come on too strong and scare you, and if you said no, it's cool, but I um.

(tender music)

Was I an animal?

No, I'm sorry.

Don't apologize.

I just want you to respect me.

I do respect you, that's why I kissed you.

Artie, you have to be patient with me because I'm not real experienced with this kind of thing.

Well then we'll take it slower, I promise.

Tally, I would never do anything to hurt you.


Can we go?

This place is giving me the willies.

The willies, I love it.

(tense music)

So what are you doing tomorrow night?

We have our meeting to pick new pledges.

I'm sponsoring one to start.

I'm a little bit nervous.

I have to give a really great speech because all the Kappas are against her.

She seems okay to me.

She's not rich and beautiful so they don't think she fits in, but they don't know her like I do.

She's really funny and she's smart, so I have to change their minds.

What minds?

She'd be better off on her own.

Well, she's been on her own her whole life.

Not everyone's like you, Artie.

I mean, some people need to belong.

♪ Together we stand ♪

Thanks, Artie, I had a really nice time.

You're welcome.

Why don't you drop by practice tomorrow?

Holy shit, this is you, right?

I mean, I'm not dreaming, this is the truth?


You know what, the hell with the truth, just keep it going.

See you tomorrow.

(tense music)

[Cheerleaders] H-O-L-D hold that line.

(players grunting)

H-O-L-D hold that line.

H-O-L-D hold that line.

H-O-L-D hold that line.


Nice pom poms.

Oh thanks.

Here, I got you this, it's uh, it's a tragic tale of obsessive love.

I want you to have it.

The book or the love?

That's some discipline out there.

It's downright patriotic.

Yeah, well we have a winning team.

Dean Darby's coming by this afternoon to give us his blessing for Saturday's game.

The dean is coming here now?

Yeah, kind of in awe of him, aren't you?

In awe of the dean, no.

Dean Darby's a hero.

I mean, he practically built Fairfield.

I think he deserves a little respect.

So I shouldn't call him Phil.


I gotta go.

Hey, when do get through tonight?

My meeting's over at nine and then I'm going to the library.

Think you maybe wanna meet me on my break?

10:30 by the bell tower?

And don't be late 'cause I have a lot of work to do.

Hey, when do you sleep?

When I'm dead.

Oh, thanks for the book, you're a sweetie.

[Cheerleaders] Ready, red.

One, red team.

Mr. Logan.

Why, Dean Darby, what a pleasant surprise.

I was just admiring your lovely campus here.

You were drooling like a sweat hog over those cheerleaders.

Getting overheated, I see.

Hope you don't start any fires.

Don't worry.

I worry about all of my students.

That's my nature.

You're like sons and daughters to me, even the black sheep.

Well don't let them pull the wool over your eyes.

I won't, I'm watching him.

If he tries, I'll slaughter him, hear me?


I'm a new man.

You better be, Logan.

You're at Fairfield now.

Reform and conform.

We're decent, law-abiding folk here with values you never even heard of.

You invade us with your profligate ways, exposing your virus, we don't want it, and we won't endure it, understand?

You're a righteous man, Phil, I'm honored to be here.

[Cheerleaders] Ready, red.



Red team.

Straight through.

Let's go, drag them towards victory.

(tense music) (bell rings)


(hissing) (screaming)



(screaming) No!


(tense music)

Get him, he's getting away!


(sirens wail)

What is this, a parade?

Move these people back, what are you doing?

Come on, go home, watch television, good guys win.

We got a real problem for you, Doug.

This Marco's a high voltage hot wire.

You got enough light?

Might be blood, don't wanna miss any.

We've been at it all night and as you can see, we haven't done any good.

You gotta get that fucker out, man.

You a cop?


He's holed up in there with a hostage.

She's eight months pregnant, he's got a knife at her throat.

Says we move, he cuts.

See the mouse over there with the moonshine face?

That's Marco's wife, drove down together.

She told me about their marriage.

Afraid of her husband's feelings.

She also told me Marco's the jealous type, out of his mind jealous.

Give me that bullhorn.

Marco, how you doing in there?

My name is Decker, I'm a friend of your wife.

She wants to say hello.


Come out of there, sweetie.

You bitch!

Marco, get the fuck out of there.

Smart woman.


What a woman.

We just renewed our friendship while you were at work.

She's some bunny, isn't she?

Great to see her again.

It's been years but I never forget a face, especially if I've sat on it.

Hope you've had the fun with her that I do.

I love that little mole on her butt, don't you?

And how about that sensitive left nipple?

And what mouth action.

I thought jaws only moved that fast in water.

Little too much teeth for my taste, but she's learning.

You know, Luanne likes to make a guy happy, (grunts) more than you do for her, Marco.

But then, you have a problem, don't you?

It's called limp dick.

Luanne is losing patience.

In the time it takes you to get a hard on, she could Simonize the car and learn Hebrew.

Yeah, me and Luanne, Luanne and me, we just bump away, singing that song we love.

♪ Feelings ♪

♪ Nothing more than feeling ♪ No! (tense music)

(gun fires)

Deck, you're gonna hate my guts and this will go over about as good as a fart in a phone booth, but we got a double header tonight, buddy.

Got a homicide on the Fairfield campus.

Suspect's in custody.

It's an ugly one, Deck.

Kid's name is Tally Fuller.

She was doused with gasoline and then blow torched.

Body's fried to the core.

Can't even get a dental ID.

Only thing left is her watch.

What's wrong with a nice, clean bullet in the neck?

Show your victim some respect.

She's a real star, too.

Top sorority, honor student, cheerleader.

Queen of the hop.

Yeah, bad case of college burnout.

Now we got a suspect, kid named Artie Logan.

Caught fleeing the scene of the crime.

Got a witness named Laurie Grant, says she thinks she saw him do it.

Thanks, this is good.

What about Logan, what's his account?

Well, he arrived to see it happen, too late to stop it.

Claims he was going for help.

Now he says he saw the killer from a distance.

Male, about 5'10", solid build, wearing a black trench coat.

You buy it?

No, not really, but he's the only suspect we got.

Harley's making a background check, I'm gonna go make some inquiries then I'm heading back.

I'll check out his place.

(tense music)


(rock music)

Deck, cleanest case on record, it all fits.

It's Logan for sure, wait until you hear this story.

Dean Darby verified it all, he's sure that Logan did it.

I mean, this little prick, he's been trouble from the start.

Kicked out of six different schools.

Besides setting his dorm on fire, he blew up a chemistry lab, urinated on the head of the math department, wired the chancellor's bed to a PA system.

Psychoforensics profile indicates the kid is capable of murder.

Motive, opportunity, no alibi, no back-up, and a bio like this, I call that a case.

I'm convinced, Lou's convinced, Fairfield's convinced.

What do you say, Deck?

Did you say he pissed on the head of the math department or on the head of someone in the math department?

What the hell does that matter, goddammit?

You piss on somebody, you piss on somebody.

The kid's a whacko, Decker, this is not your normal American boy.

He's antisocial, so what?

That make him a killer?

Maybe he's just a misguided dunce who craves attention.

He sets fire to property, why not people?

He set fire to the dorm, he set fire to Tally.

Huh, why not?

He wanted her, couldn't get her, so he got even instead, huh?

The way he spied on her, no, this is sick.

I'm with Frank, I say she blows him off, he gets back at her.

It's a valid theory, but it's theory.

Where's evidence, we got zip.

We got Laurie Grant.

The thinker, I'm talking about proof, fingerprints, murder weapon, all that good stuff.

You're fighting this, Decker, trying to cut us down.

Afraid we're on to something?

We might get credit this time?

Forget the credit, I'm trying to raise a point so that you don't blow it.

Wait, wait, wait, we got another problem.

Thomas Fuller, Tally's father, Indiana state senator, running for Congress, makes a lot of noise.

Ultra-conservative, pull for the religious right, heads Americans for family values, big media censorship powers.

Man's got an image and he's pressuring us to solve this thing before his campaign.

Logan's our ticket, he's all we got, don't fight us.

If he's guilty, it makes my life easier, but piss on Fuller's image.

We need some proof.

What about Logan's old man?

No, he's down in Bermuda, but we're trying to get through.

Let me talk to him.

I'll tell you if he's guilty.

Sit down.

I've been drilled by the jokers, you must be the ace.

Look, I didn't kill anybody.

I was running to get help.

No one's accusing you.

You're here because I don't have much to go on.

This is for you.

This is just a routine questioning, right?

I'm not under suspicion?

Not from me, Mr. Logan.

Can I call you Arthur?

P.J. Decker, call me Deck.

Could you fill me in, some details?

About what?

Your life, how you got here, how you hooked up with Tally.

Don't try to pull a confession.

I'm not the guy you're after.

We're after the same thing.

Sit down, tell me about yourself.

(birds singing)

Any sports?

Yeah, I run the bathtub, I catch cold, I jump to conclusions.

I'm good at all those.

Thought you'd win Tally over with charm.

It worked.

Not for her.

What's it sound like, a snake burning up?

So what are you gonna call this case, campus carnage, sorority slaughter?

You hear that sound in your head, don't you, over and over?

Only you burn up people instead, anyone who mistreats you.

Sound never stops, just the people.

Look, why don't you just cut the psychology crap.

I mean, what is it, vogue for the small town sleuth to mind fuck his suspect into guilt overload?

What ever happened to a punch in the belly?

Is that a request?

Happy to oblige, I'm a public servant.

I'm just saying, cut the same team rap, I don't buy it.

I know it's a crock.

I'm very hip to psycho-manipulation.

Master of it.

Giving, not receiving.

Why don't you save yourself the effort.

Why not save us both the effort and tell me you killed Tally?

One, I'd be lying.

Two, I'd be going to prison.

I don't see myself adjusting very well to San Quentin.

I can barely handle Fairfield.

You never know, the warden might have a wife.

I'm curious.

Isn't there a nobler way for you to be making a living, like child prostitution?

Did you kill her, Logan?

Did Tally dump you?

After 23 years of getting shafted, you snapped.

No, but it sounds good.

I think it'll sell.

You are an ace.

Thought I'd crash and burn,

like they did to you.

Only one difference, you didn't.

Walder High baseball championships, hit a grand slammer in the ninth, won us the pennant.

My old man came down on me because I only hit a single in the third.

You married?



Little girl, lives with her mother.

Miss them a lot, huh?

Let's get back to you.

Yeah, you do, lots of regrets, huh?

First time you met Tally.

Probably too busy in here to save the marriage.

Okay Logan.

She ran out of understanding.

That's enough.

Took the kid and kissed her ace goodbye.

I said that's enough.

The price you pay to prove yourself.

It hurts to lose her when you still love her.

I see it in your face.


The psycho-manipulation in action.

I wasn't out to total you, just to make you see how I felt about Tally, it's like how you felt about your wife so maybe now you understand.

You think that's how I felt.

What if I wanted to kill her?

Well then I made a bad call.

[Decker] You made a few.

I just piss off the wrong people.

Or piss on them, whatever gets the attention.

Killing Tally gets a lot.

Come on, man, how much press can a guy get today for knocking off one Kappa?

There are goons out there mowing down whole chapters with an AK-47.

You did it.

Now I know.

Admit it.

Oh Jesus, you know, I hope it doesn't bite.


The bug you got up your ass.

It's crawling around there right now thinking the same thing I am.

What's that?

He's thinking wow, I've never seen a bigger asshole before in my life.

You know, there's people around here who'd like to hurt you.

You should be careful.

I'm going home now.

(chair slams)

I didn't kill her, man.

Tally Fuller was the one shred of decency left in this whole stinkin' world.

I fucked up my whole life, but she was my one chance to prove that I was worth something, ya know?

She was so clean and so confident, she was everything that you're supposed to be, and I wanted to be with her so that I could be that too.

What do I do, man?

I never gave squat about my life before, never meant anything, and now it does, you know?

Now that I'm about to lose it.

(ball tapping)

Jesus Christ, will you talk to us already?

This shot was a legend in high school.

I had great aim.

Only white boy on the team, better have great aim.

So, what about Logan?

What, you got doubts?

That kid's a raving lunatic.

I believe he loved that girl, idealized her.

Think he'd want to kill her?

Yeah, you bet your ass I do.

Doesn't phase you he's a die-hard romantic?

Not when I can smell his guilt in Oshkosh.

You're on him like this was robbery or B&E.

We never had a case like this.

Murder is murder.

Premeditated, no drugs, no money, just a twisted mind.

What, his mind isn't twisted enough for you?

Don't know yet.

Deck, you're thinking too hard that he's innocent.

Maybe I am, maybe I'm sick of pulling slime suckers off scumfuckers and calling it justice.

Maybe I'd like to find an innocent man.

I tell you about the hooker I pulled in?

Tells me she's got this 18-year-old sister, a virgin, only gets turned on by cops, so aching to get popped you can hear it twitch.

Would I do the honor?

So I'm a sport, right, I go over there, I walk in.

There's this angel on the rug naked, wants to see my badge.

I flash it, she says "officer, please bust me."


Bust me. (laughing)

Chief wants you.

Yeah, yeah, we'll get it.

All right, well Decker, you relax.

(tense music)

No Dad, no, no there's no reason for you to come here.

You can come for my execution.

Are you serious?

You really have to ask me that?

No, no I didn't do it, but thanks for asking.

(tense music)

You don't believe me.

Why is it whenever something happens, I'm guilty?

No, don't do me any favors, I'll handle this on my own.

(phone slams)

Son of a bitch, would you know it, Logan's old man got to the chief so now we gotta let him go until we find something definite.

We'll get it.

Your old man made the call, Logan, you're free to go.

You're free to go, not free.

I got my eye on you.

You won't take a leak with me knowing.

Can I still make my heroin deliveries?

Watch it, prick.

Jesus Christ, somebody better get this guy before he gets me.

Fuck that.

We got enough to strap you in the chair, my friend.

You think I'm guilty?

Well you're wrong.

Prove it.

In 24 hours, I'll have enough evidence to put you away.

It's 6:23 AM, you got 24 hours, then I'm gonna nail you.

(tense music)

You guys keep digging.

I'll be right with him, every move he makes.

Oh, you're going for the glory, huh?

You're not gonna get it this time.

We'll have a warrant on that kid before midnight.

(tense music)


Laurie Grant.

Get away from me! (screaming)

I would not kill Tally Fuller.

You killed Tally, I saw you run away.

But you didn't see me kill her.

I know all about the letters.

What letters, what fucking letters?

Threatening her if she didn't go out with you.

She told me.

You're lying, you're lying.

The letters don't lie, now you get out of here.

Oh you're fucking lying.

Get out of here!

Lying. Get out!


Hold it, don't move.

Put your hands behind your back, put 'em behind your back.

It's okay, I'll take him.

Fine, throw the son of a bitch away.

You having a good day?

You got 16 hours and 23 minutes.

Get off my back.

Be nice, I just saved you again.

Oh yeah, for yourself, behind every good killer is a good cop, right?

It's in the neighborhood.

Oh gee, go on campus pussy patrol?

Perks of the trade.

What are you doing in here with Laurie Grant?

Trying to make her see that I'm innocent.

What'd you give her, a lobotomy?

You better lead yourself out of the jungle.

You now got 16 hours and 22 minutes.

Stay out of locker rooms.

(rock music)

(tense music)


(door clicks) (gasps)

(tense music)

(inhales deeply)

(flashlight clatters)

(dramatic music)

I'm speaking for Wendy Stern, who I've been sponsoring.

I am really proud of this house tonight.

Our pledges reflect the high standards of this sorority and we must maintain those standards.

That's how we'll stay the best, and that's what being a Kappa means.

And that is why I can't support Wendy for her membership in this house.

I know in my heart she just isn't good enough to belong, and you were right, all of you who fought to keep her out, insisting that she wouldn't fit in.

Well you stuck to your principles and that makes me really happy, and it's because of you that the Kappa name will stand tall and a loser like Wendy can never spoil it.

So, with pride and loyalty to this house and to all it stands for, I blackball Wendy Stern from Kappa Gamma Beta now and forevermore.

(applauding) Thank you.

(tense music)


Please, I'm not going to hurt you.

I didn't kill Tally Fuller, I swear to god, you have nothing to be afraid of.

What do you want?

I just wanna talk to you for a minute.

[Wendy] What for?

Well I need some information.

Why me, I can't help you.

Maybe you can.

Look, I hate to bother you, especially now, I know how you must be feeling, but I'm in a lot of trouble and I can't get help from anybody else, they all wanna lynch me, so, would you please just talk to me for a minute?

You like to fold laundry?


You wanna talk to me, you gotta fold laundry.

[Artie] Oh, okay.

You're not scared of me, huh?

I don't wanna fold this crap myself.

So you mean if Jack the Ripper did laundry, you'd let him?

As long as he didn't rip clothes.

I didn't kill her, Wendy.

I'm innocent, you gotta believe me.

I believe you.

You're not the killer type.

What do you do, change five times a day?

Well you know Fairfield, you gotta stay clean.

I hate doing laundry.

I did it for my mother, was the only thing I was good for.

She has arthritis.

I'll probably get it too.

She gives me nothing but pain.

Well you know, it's not always inherited.

I crack my knuckles.

You do, really?

(cracks knuckles)

[Wendy] Doesn't take much to impress you.

You like snakes?

I never had one.

My cousin Ross had a lizard.

I called it the lizard of Ross.

I just got a new snake.

I used to have another one, but my roommates burnt it.

Seems like everything I love ends up getting burnt.

Do you issue an advisory?

That's not funny.

I'm sorry.

Did Tally ever say anything bad about me?

That I was like a psycho?

No way, why?

Well, one of the Kappas say that she did.

The Kappas are full of shit.

Tally wasn't like the rest of them.

What about letters, did she say anything about any letters that I wrote to her?

What are you talking about?

Letters threatening her.

The Kappas say that I did, but I didn't.

Now either they're lying, or someone forged them to incriminate me, like that weird guy, that handyman.

Harry Forbes?

He's been with them forever, he lives in the basement.

The man is deaf, Artie, a harmless pussycat.

You don't think he murdered Tally and he's trying to frame you?

Well, I snuck into her room to look for the letters, he came in and pulled an envelope out of her drawer.

I'd bet my diploma that the letters are inside.

So what if they are?

Well, it proves my point, that he knew where they were because he planted them there.

He had to get to them before I did so that he can finger me.

I just don't buy the guy as a killer.

He was nuts about Tally, she was a saint in his eyes.

Well, you ever look in those eyes?

Jeez, don't accept people at face value, Wendy, you get slapped in the face.

Did she have any enemies?

What are you, nuts?

Tally made Mother Theresa look like Hitler's daughter.

Had to be some nut on the loose, nobody she knew.

No link, I'm screwed.

I've got one chance, prove I'm not the killer by finding the killer before he finds me, which may kill me.

Why'd you come here, really?

It's more than information you want.

I guess I needed someone to talk to who could understand betrayal.

I don't know, I'm so fucking confused and I have no place to go.

You thought I'd understand betrayal?

Well, getting blackballed.

Tally was more upset about it than I was.

She called me in tears after fighting for me, told me she hated the Kappas and wanted to quit.

That meant so much, Artie, somebody like her standing up for me like that.

Made me feel like I had something to offer, like I was important, and I never felt that before.

You have plenty to offer, Wendy.

You don't need Tally to help you prove that.

So what are you gonna do?

Well, I gotta get my hands on that envelope.

It's my only lead.

If it doesn't wash, I'm dead.

Well, be careful.

You know, you need help or somebody to talk to, I'm here.

Thank you.

Well, thanks for helping me do my laundry.


Your snake?

When I was a kid, my uncle gave me two pet chickens, but my mom said no, that they smelled, so I gave them to my teacher.

Weeks later, I asked her how they were, and she said "Wendy, they were delicious."

(dramatic music)

[Tally] I know in my heart she just isn't good enough to belong.

All of you who fought to keep her out.

Insisting she wouldn't fit in.

You stuck to your principles--

You didn't do anything wrong, Wendy.

You trusted her, that's all.

Artie, please leave me alone.

Just leave me alone.

[Tally] I blackball Wendy Stern from Kappa Gamma Beta now and forevermore.

(applauding) Thank you.

How do you think we became friends?

Like everybody else, I wanted to be Tally's friend, to be in that winner's circle, finally belong.

I was nobody, what did she need me for?

A week before classes, I saw her downtown by herself so I followed her.

I just wanted to watch her to see how she moved, what she did, maybe learn something.

I followed her into the shop and then I saw something I couldn't believe.

The next week, I walk into English Lit, who do I see?

She almost died, but she did everything she could to win me over, charm me, sponsor me, deceive me.

She knew with me on her side, she'd be safe because I'd never tell.

She was right.

I was honored to be an accessory, protecting her image, keeping her secret.

God, I was blind.

I put so much value on being her friend.

I wish that I put that much value on being me.

Sorry to break in, I missed your face.

What the fuck are you doing here?

I got 24 hours.

You got nine hours, and 53 minutes, Sherlock.

Never said they were unchaperoned.

You're one boiled carrot, man.

Gotta look out for you, Arthur.

Make sure you don't drown.

[Artie] I'm a duck to water.

Maybe a dead duck.

What you got so far?

[Artie] Screw that noise, get your own details, you're the ace.

I'm the law.

Book you, withholding evidence.

Yeah, just put it on my tab.

The more we do it together, the quicker we get it done.

Don't give me that same team crap.

[Decker] I know you've been digging, share the dirt.

What, so you can turn it against me?

Sorry Decker, my dig is mine.

I just worry when the moment comes when you have to make the move you live or die by.

You might not have it in you.

Well then I guess this is my test, right?

See what I'm made of.

We have a better shot if we do it together.

Shut me out, you lose a friend.

(scoffs) Since when?

I want you to know,

I think you're clean.

Don't tool me around.

Think that's what I'm doing?


That's what wigs me out, you're such a sly banana, this is all sport to you.

How do I know what's real?

That's the problem with life, isn't it?

Life, love, the whole salami.

You plow enough shit, take enough heat, feel enough pain, one day you know.

Well, I guess that day has arrived because I've exceeded my quota of shit, heat, and pain.

Turn it around.

And trust you?

What sold you on me?

I felt it right away.

The story, heat, guts, apartment.

Couldn't do a sick thing like that.

Don't bullshit me, man.

I've been through the fuckin' blender.

I followed him to Logan's two hours ago, he's still there.

What the hell is he doing?

Who knows with Decker?

He must be getting stuff out of him.

Damn it to hell, you see, this is what I can't stand about that guy, he's got a way with those freaks.

Gives them enough rope that he cons them into hanging themselves, well I don't like it.

I don't like it one bit, this is our show.

What can we do about it?

We got zero evidence, zip on the kid.

Where are you going?

Kappa house, Laurie Grant.

I'm gonna make her swear that she saw Logan do it.

I'm gonna get that prick, I swear to god I am.

I really thought I had something with Tally.

Who was I kidding?

The next time I meet a woman, she better read me my rights.

A hooker I know has got a virgin sister, aching to get popped.

Only gets turned on by cops.

So I'm invited to do the deed.

I go over there and I walk in, there's this cupcake on the rug naked, wants to see my badge.

A second later, she's all over me, wiggling, jiggling, I can't get hard

'cause all I can think about is my ex-wife, how she nagged me to quit the force, work for her brother, sell patio furniture.

To me, the badge meant something, to her it meant no money.

So she went off and married this guy, Leslie, moved to Los Angeles.

He owns a cheese factory, makes $200,000 a year.

Nobody loses.

Leslie gets my wife and daughter, every Christmas, I get 12 pounds of cheese.

I knew a girl named Leslie once.

I used to call her The Squirrel because she was always grabbing my nuts.

She grabbed them so hard once she almost crushed them.

I think she was my first crush.

But Tally, man she was my first magic.

There's no magic.

We all bleed.

(tense music)

That badge meant something, huh?

I had a mission once.

There were good guys and bad guys, now it's a toilet.

We separate turds.

No more people, just bodies.

Nobody gives a grunt.

Well as long as you do, you still have a mission.

Thanks for the beer.

So Decker, what do you think of what I got?

I think we got eight hours and 40-something minutes.

You just used up an hour.

(tense music)

(pipes clattering)

(door creaks)

(dramatic music)


(footsteps thudding)

(dramatic music)

(tool buzzes)


(tense music)

I need Decker, fast, it's urgent.

Decker, this is Logan, Harry Forbes is our guy, he just tried to kill me.

I managed to knock him out, he's in the basement of the Kappa house.

Wait until you see what I got.

I'll meet you back there in 10 minutes.

(tense music)

(drill buzzes)

What the fuck are you doing here?

Get out.

Well, before I go, you better hear me out.

See those pictures on the wall?

I got a few that'll really add some color to it.

Makes a nifty souvenir book for homecoming weekend.

Sigma sicko and kinky Kappa get down and dirty at foxy Fairfield.

How did you get them?

Not too flattering, are they?

Jesus, I can eat a roll of Kodak and puke a prettier picture.

You can't show those to anyone, Logan.

I'm warning you, they'll destroy families, memories, everything.

Relax, champ, I'm not out to destroy anyone, I just want some answers.

You give me what I need and the rest stay locked up.

Anything less, they hit the wall.

What do you want to know?

You and Tally, Snow White and Joe College.

Who the fuck are you?

We're the best.

That's our mark.

We made it, we kept it, we live up to it,

never fail, don't disappoint.

It's what we were groomed for, what they expect.

The best school, best score, best team, best house, best marriage, best job, best life.

The best have to win.

That takes work, more work, so much fucking work.

The more you work, the more you hate it and fight it until you're trapped and it snaps and you have to let go.

We'd run away to another town, pick up some nameless hooker, check into a corner of hell, undress, drug up, and explode.

We became someone else.

We did whatever we wanted, broke every rule, passed every limit, pissed on every standard we were taught to uphold.

It was sick, immoral, corrupt,

but fuck it, it was freedom.

I suppose there are worse ways to spend an evening.

I warned her it was dangerous.

She kept pushing it.

Fuck the risk.

It turned her on, going right to the edge, getting out.

Of what?

The whole fucking show.

That character she played, every day was a goddamn performance.

She couldn't keep it going.

Pleasing her parents, selling the image, trying to be perfect.

Don't look at me like I killed her.

I know what you mean, it's not a nice look.

You get used to it.

What about the Polaroids?

The rest of them are safe at my house.

I've gotta have them.

When I'm in the clear.

Don't worry, they won't leave my hands.

I'll even take them to bed with me.

(tense music)

Yeah, get me Detective Decker, this is Artie Logan.

(dramatic music)

Deck, I was wrong about Harry Forbes, I know.

No, I couldn't stay, you would have hung it on me.

I played another hunch and it worked, I think I know who the killer is, Doug Sawyer.

I'll explain when I see you.

I'll wait for you at my house, and Deck, don't fuck with me.

I know what I'm doing.

(tense music)


Christ, Erica.

Put that knife down, would ya?

Somebody might think you're a crazed killer.

Look at this place.

Yeah, you really ought to clean up after yourself more, Arthur.

How long have you been here?

A couple of minutes.

The door was open, I decided to wait.

You can't just barge in like that whenever you feel like it, especially now.

Well I just came to help you.

Do you mind if I help myself first?

If I can find the vodka, that is.

This place is such a mess.

Reminds me of my sister's house on Tuesday.

The cleaning lady has epilepsy.

Erica, this is not a joke.

Somebody broke in here and did this.

You know who it is?

The same person who killed Tally and I'm next.

Jesus Christ, wherever I go, they're out to get me.

I mean, this is gonna go on for the rest of my life.

I'm a dead man.

You just calm down, have some vodka.

I don't want vodka, I want evidence.

Well, little Tally really botched up your life.

You know, love ain't easy.

The dean and I were young when we met.

Tally's luckier than I was, though, she got murdered, I got married.

Wanna know what we stay together?

For me it's habit.

For him, it's my ravioli.

He used to say anyone who cooks ravioli well ought to be made love to well.

(laughs) It's a good thing I never told the son of a bitch how I make it or he'd be screwing Chef Boyardee.

What is it?

(tense music)

[Artie] I thought I heard something.

[Erica] It's nothing, it's just the wind.

Relax, have some vodka.

I don't want any vodka, hate vodka.

The killer's not out there.

I promise you he's no because I know where he is.

Don't play with me, Erica.

I know who killed Tally and I'm gonna go to the police.

How sure are you?

Sure enough to ruin our marriage and his career.

The dean, come on.

That's right, our inspiring leader.

About as inspiring as a Manson family reunion.

Are you just trying to get back at him?

Oh honey, I've already gotten back at him with my own pleasure.

How do you know that we was involved with Tally?

I know.

I can feel it when he's in bed with another woman.

It's about the only time I do feel it.

Do you have any proof?

Does a look on his face count?

He got it for years, this undergraduate conquest contest.

Just got used to the key in the geranium pot, the drugs under the bed so they could come into my house and into my husband, and in the morning he could look at me like a winner.

But with her, he had a look I've never seen before.

He was powerless for the first time, hypnotized, paralyzed, eating all the pain she was so eager to give to him.

It was, it was more than a look of shame.

It was a look of a man whose soul had been raped.

He killed her to preserve his image, to keep her from exposing him.

I don't know, man.

Maybe he looked at her and saw himself.

There was a time

about 100 years.

He was powerless for the first time, hypnotized and paralyzed, eating all the pain she was so eager to give to him.

It was, it was more than a look of shame.

It was a look of a man whose soul had been raped.

He killed her to preserve his image, to keep her from exposing him.

I don't know, man.

Maybe he looked at her and saw himself.

There was a time,

about 100 years ago I could have stopped the game, run away.

I don't know, maybe it was just easier giving in, maybe safer.

But there was just one thing I held onto through that sewer of a marriage, through all those empty days and wasted nights, through 20 years of cruelty and humiliation.

There was just one thing that made some sense and that was the hope that one day I'd have the guts to get out, try again.

And I will, I still have something left inside.

Oh, that sick little bitch Tally.

I wish she were still alive.


So I could kill her myself.

Um, look, Erica, maybe it's the dean, maybe it's not.

No, it's him, I'm telling you it is.

Look, I just don't want you to go to the police right now, okay?

Just go home, go home and sit tight for an hour, just one hour.

All right, one hour, that's it and then I go.

I'm not gonna let this guy get away with it, Arthur.

I'm gonna see to it that justice is done.

I may be a liar, a cheat, a drunk, and a tramp, but I've got principles.

Erica, I gotta go.

We gotta go, come on.

What can I say?

I'm just a horny old broad.

Are you all right to drive on all that vodka?

Arthur, I've driven men crazy on less.

(tense music)

(engine struggles)



Get me out of here!

(horn honking wildly)


Erica, Erica, Erica!


(horn honks)

(tense music)

(dramatic music)

(radio crackles)

It happened again, Deck.

Just like Tally, I tried to save her.

That snake in there, that's not Cyrano.

What happened?

I came back here and I found my place ransacked.

It had to be Doug Sawyer looking for the Polaroids.

What Polaroids?

Let me start with Harry Forbes.

It turns out, he's just a simple pervert.

Around here, that qualifies you for sainthood.

Tell me about it.

All the murders are tied in with the Polaroids.

He was crazy about them getting out.

I'm telling you, Doug Sawyer is our guy.

I guess Doug Sawyer's not our guy.

Just a stab in the dark.

Oh Jesus, what the hell is Doug Sawyer doing on my coffee table with a knife in his back?

This is not a good sign.

What have you got to say?

Well I'd say the only way to prove your innocent around here is to get killed.

I might give it a try.

Don't look at me like that.

Any more surprises before I open the oven, find my Aunt Harriet?

Look, I think it's pretty clear what's going on around here.

So clear I can see through it.

Someone is trying to set me up.

Do you think that if this was my murder, I would make it look this obvious?

I mean, give me some credit.

Show me the Polaroids.

Not your day, is it?

Please Decker, you gotta believe me.

I'm telling you, somebody came in here and killed him while I was waiting outside.

Somebody is nailing my coffin.

The evidence points to you.

I know what it looks like, just like the killer wants it to look like.

If I've learned anything, it's don't go by appearances.

Hard to ignore when they smack you in the face.

If I let you go now, I'd be a sloppy cop.

Time to take you in.

Don't turn on me, I'm getting really close on this thing.

I still got five hours left, you gotta let me have them.

How can one person fall so many times into the same shit?

Look, if I can get myself out of it this time, I'm out for good.

Who is it this time, the house mother?

Dean Darby, I feel it in my gut.

That gut's getting quite a workout.

Look, someone wanted Erica dead before she can get to the police, someone that she can ruin, the same one Tally can ruin.

Maybe she and Doug were whipping up some blackmail, who knows, all I know is that Dean Darby is one sick peanut.

(door opens)

Big night, boys.


You find him like this, Decker?

I think he gives the place character.

Hey, I wasn't talking to you, fuck.

Yeah, zip it, wise ass.

We got you by the balls.

Laurie Grant's gonna give eyewitness testimony she saw you kill Tally.

We got your snake, your apartment, and I'm gonna lay odds this is your knife with your fingerprints on it.

Of course it's my knife, you sausage, who else's knife would they use to frame me?

Frame you, bullshit.

We got more cases to pin on you.

Like that nurse you strangled with a telephone cord up in Brockport.

On missing persons, state college in Sweethaven, pretty student just like Tally Fuller.

Maybe he likes that type.

Hey sweetheart, you like getting them up at Sweethaven too?

No, I bet he likes the older ones, like that Darby bitch.

You know, you're disgusting.

Why don't you show her some respect?

She was a good person.

Maybe you're some sicko that only kills good people.

Then you two are safe.

What is it?

Look at the knife.

What about it?

The angle, it's tilted to the left, which means the thrust must have come from the left.

[Detective] So what?

[Artie] So the killer was left handed.

Yeah, so?

[Artie] I'm right handed.

You could have killed him with your left hand.

Not if I wanted to do it right.

A wound that deep, guy that big, no way.

Over here, come here.

You guys hit the kitchen, dust it good.

Nice bunch there, you talk to the coroner?

[Man] Yeah, get to work.

[Detective] Come on in around this table here, get all the pins, ink wells.

(tense music)


[Artie] Wendy!

[Wendy] You okay?

Hi, remember when you said if I needed help, you're here, well, I need your help.

What's going on?

They're all after me, the cops, the killer, the Kappas, the commies, you name it.

I got away, but I gotta get this killer before the cops get me.

You know who it is?

Dean Darby, can I borrow your car?


I need you to meet me in an hour, but not here, the cops are gonna be swarming the place.

Well it has to be some place secluded that I can walk to.

Uh, oh shit, the only place I can think of is the bell tower, that's pretty sick.

Yeah, but it is secluded.

Is an hour enough time?

Yeah, yeah.


Thank you.

I'm glad you came to me for help, it's nice to know I'm on the list.

On the list, you are the list.

[Radio] A few cities, however, are reporting lower office vacancy rates.

The improvement in home real estate conditions could take six months or more to be reflected in bank balance sheets.

(breathing heavily) (tense music)

The FBIC could have fewer failed banks.


(tense music)



(tense music)

(door closes)

[Radio] Consumer confidence fell slightly this month.

Viewers said the economy is improving and viewer expects there will be more jobs.

The consumer confidence index has been just about flat since the end of the first--

(dramatic music)

Come here. Let go of me.

I gotta get out of here.

Decker, the killer is on his way to get Wendy in the same place that he got Tally.

All the victims knew about Tally's dark side and they're all dead except for Wendy.

He's on his way to get her now.

Where's Darby?

Our friend got here first.

We gotta go, time's running out.

Your luck just ran out.

You've been in the wrong place at the wrong time far too many times.

You're a threat to national security, take him in.

Decker, we made a deal, you promised me.

I got three hours left.

Get your fuckin' hands off me and listen to me for one second, I'm telling you that girl is gonna die.

You're awfully crazy and your bullshit don't work on me.

It's not bullshit--

Get the fuck in there, huh?

(tense music)

You guys don't know what you're doing, you're fucking up.

Hey, I don't want another word out of you, dick face.

(tense music)


(fire crackles)

(tires squeal)

Hey, little shit's getting away!

Let's get him!

(dramatic music)


(tense music)


(gun fires)

Nice to be back at school.

Here's your fucking killer, Decker.

(dramatic music)

I'm sorry, Tally, I guess you misjudged me.

I'm not the loser you pegged me for.

You set me up, fire, letters, Cyrano, that missing coed at Sweethaven.

You hand-picked your double and you made her up to look like you, watch and all, and then you fucking killed her.

What were you thinking?

What are you thinking right now?

I'd like to chop your balls off with a pickax.

I respect your honesty.

You cock sucking motherfuckers.

I hate you fucking all.

You're all a bunch of fucking pigs.

I just wanna fucking die.

That's right Tally, die.

Die and start again as someone no one expects the best from, right?

Kill Tally but keep that virtuous image alive, just 86 the five who can sink it.

Five murders, Tally, five fucking people.

No one said virtue came easy.

My hand is bleeding. (cries)

Help me.

Please help me. (cries)

Help me.

Make a fist, hold it tight.

Face it, Arthur, you're not her type.

So what brings you out here this late?

Following the scent of mystery.

Well that scent was no mystery, it was me shitting my pants.



Better work on the personality.

Got plenty of time.

May we go home now, officer?

You know, you're parked in a red zone.

Come here.

You saved my face.

I like my face.

I'm not so sure I did you a favor.

You came through like a champion.

You had it in ya.

Thanks, Deck, for the whole salami.

Same here, for confirming my suspicions.

Maybe there is a point to whatever it is I do.

Yeah there is, keep doing it.

Keep solving those mysteries.

(tender music)

Let's get out of here.

(upbeat rock music)

♪ I believe every moment we lived ♪

♪ Led to this moment in time ♪

♪ Reaching out and I won't go back ♪

♪ Until I feel your hand in mine ♪

♪ Together we stand ♪

♪ Divided we fall ♪

♪ We've got to stand and defy ♪

♪ Now I'm back to the wall ♪

♪ From this endless darkness into the light ♪

♪ There's too much fire ♪

♪ To reach me tonight ♪

♪ Together we will step in the fight ♪

♪ To go out of the darkness ♪

♪ Into the light ♪

♪ Have you seen every page of my life ♪

♪ Were the stories so weird ♪

♪ This moment the voice of the song ♪

♪ Is it too bad I want to be here ♪

♪ We follow the dream ♪

♪ Wherever we land ♪

♪ You've got to hang on to it now ♪

♪ For all of the end ♪

♪ So get out of the darkness ♪

♪ Into the light ♪

♪ There's too many fires ♪

♪ To reach me tonight ♪

♪ Together we will step in the fight ♪

♪ Take on the blackness ♪

♪ Until the fires from the sky ♪

♪ It's time to stand up ♪

♪ And open your eyes ♪

♪ Out of the darkness, into the light ♪

♪ There's too much fire ♪

♪ To reach me tonight ♪

♪ Together we will step into the fight ♪

♪ To come out of the darkness ♪

♪ Into the light ♪

♪ Out of the darkness, into the light ♪

♪ There's too much fire ♪