All Cheerleaders Die (2013) Script

So, why do it? 'Cause it's dangerous.

Like you can sprain a tit or something.

This is the most dangerous sport in American high school, bitch.

More dangerous than football?

More catastrophic injuries per student.

- How do I look? Dangerous.


Take me through a typical Thursday.

Well, first I get up at the ass crack for my run.

I mean, obviously staying in shape is a part of the gig.

It's called cheerleading. You know, I have to be a leader.

Oh, Marvin.

And diplomatic.


Seriously, hon.

Come to the realm, boys!

My bitches do not disappoint.

So why do you call yourselves bitches?

Blackfoot Bloodhounds, yo.

Boys be dogs, girls be bitches. Gangster.

Not now, Leena.


After that, I track down Terry and, um...

Blue up his balls.

God, Terry charges my bones. For real.

Next year, he's captain of the football team and...

I'm captain of the squad, so it's pretty much gonna be the best year ever.

MMS class.

I avoid taking honors classes, so I can maintain all A's.

Overheard that from a senior bitch, freshmen year.

Take basic classes, show up on time and always look hot!

And he's married!

Hey, Trace. K-Mads is making me the star of her little class video.

Please, call me Maddy. Not K-Mads.

Hey! Each day this week, I'm filming a different student.

Getting school from their perspective. So...

Well, oh! Hi!

Easy to judge everyone else from behind this thing, huh?

Yeah, can I?

Thank you!

Do you wanna show me some action now?

Bitch, I thought you would never ask.

Where's Hanna? - Here!

Sorry, Lexi, the head got stuck and... Put it on.

Well? Magical.

All right, smart ass.

Check this shit out.

Oh, my God!

Get up, Alexis!


Bomb Vik. Get that arm warm, cuz.

Oh, poor Hanna. Still a prisoner to child lock.

Thank you, Manny.



Not in front of my little sister.




Cheetos. Goddamn, dude.

Are you serious? Yeah.

I would've eaten those.

Nah, it taste like shit.

Listen up, chiquitas.

I got one spot open.

But, I don't have to take any of you.

I'd rather be one bitch short, than have a weakling.

When I say your name, line up in front of me.

And girls...

Don't waste my time.






What the f?


Dang, man. Who is that?


Goddamn, somebody gave that bitch a credit card.

What do you think you're doing?

Uh, there's a spot open and I want it.

This isn't easy for us, okay, Maddy?

We put it off as long as possible, out of respect to Lexi.

God rest her soul.

Yeah, well, Alexis was my friend, too.

Did you guys know that we did gymnastics together, 7th grade?

I guess, she went one way and I went another and...

I don't know, I guess with everything...

Look, I uh, I just know that she was happier than me and I wanna find out why.

I'm not asking for any favors.

You won't get any.

Keep it up. Let's go, let's go.

Hey, why don't you kiss George.

Come on, take what you want like a goddamn pro.

Come on!


Welcome to the squad, bitch.

Check this shit out.

Oh, my God!

Oh, shit.

- Oh, my God! Alexis!

So, uh, here is the new wardrobe.

Ta da!

You cannot believe the kind of money these chicks drop on clothes.

Physical stuff, I can handle.

The hard part is going to be, pretending that I actually like those dumb bitches.

Like that dipshit, Tracy.

Acts like she's all sad but then, jumps on Terry's jock before Alexis is even in the ground.

That's classy.

And Terry...

Mr. big bad wolf himself.

I'm gonna ruin your perfect little senior year, dog.

Jesus Christ!

Leena, what do you want?

Wow, you look, uh...


You... you have a lot of makeup on.

So? Can we talk?


Uh, please?

Look, I'm sorry things got so intense.

And I'm trying to respect that you want to be alone and everything, but, we really need to talk. About what?

About you and... and...

Well, Little Madeline here.

Oh, hell no, you did not name the kitten after me.

Oh, fuck, Leena. I know it's pathetic and...

I was lonely and it doesn't matter, okay?

She was in perfect health when I got her and then, I gave her your name and she got sick, just like that out of nowhere.

And I suppose, you want me to think it's one of your signs, am I right?

Well, yeah. I mean...

Look at yourself.

You're like a different person.

Something is going on, right?

Can you just listen?

She didn't just get sick, okay?

She died. Leena!

It's over.

What's up, bitch?

Sick threads. Make 'em yourself?


Did Mads tell you the news? It's official.

She's a cheer... leader.


Blackfoot Bloodhounds, bitches.


I'm sorry, sis.

Hey, this really brings out your face.

Really? You look so beautiful, yeah.

Really? Totally.

You okay?

Do you think Lexi would be mad at me?


'Cause of me and Terry. Oh.

I'm rotten. No, you're not rotten.

Tracy, you're just... You're living. Hmm.

Did you like him before?

Uh, before Alexis died, I mean.

I wasn't going to do anything about it.

I mean, Lexi and I always liked the same things that's why we were best friends.


Well, don't look at me like that.

I didn't do anything wrong. No, I'm...

Damn it, seriously, okay?

Dogs are coming over.

You know the rules.

It's bitches only, tonight. Okay?

So, run along.

And Mr. Man. Yeah, don't even think about calling me tonight.

Martha, my dear?

We would never consider breaking Blackfoot tradition.

Which is why, we are on our way to break into the school for our annual pool party.

Dogs, only.

I just came to drop something off for my gal.

Oh, man, I wanted to piss in their pool.

Bye, Martha!

We were just talking about you.

Oh, yeah? Mmm-hmm.


I found it. It's broken. But, it's still kinda cool, right?

Aw! You're so sweet.

It's just a broken clasp, I can make it work.

Where'd you find it?

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God! Oh!


Look, so sweet!

Yeah, it is.

What's wrong?

I don't know, I...

I feel like I should tell you something but, you just seem so happy.

Jesus. Okay, now you have to tell me.

Okay, will you...

You said that you and Terry got together on the last day of school, right?

Yeah, why?

It's just...

I saw him and Cassie Decker together...

At the lake, fourth of July weekend.

Cassie Decker?

What's wrong with her? Can't she just find some college guys.

Tracy, there's only one person to blame for this.

I just think that... No buts.

He cheated on you. He's an asshole!

Give it to me, please. Well, say it. No!

Say it!

Terry's an asshole!


He's gonna freak. Fuck him.

Tracy, stop! No.

It's okay.

Look at you.

Maddy? Hmm?

Is the rumor about you and Leena Miller true?

What's the rumor?

You okay? Hmm.


Was that weird?

Was what weird?

Oh, wait. Here.

Take my car, pick me up tomorrow before practice.

No, it's fine, I'm gonna walk. We're practically neighbors.

You sure? Yeah.

Thanks, Mads.

No problem.

Get some sleep. You wanna look hot for the rally, tomorrow.

That's right, bitch.

What do you think my chances are tonight with Martha?

The chances of you striking out? Pretty goddamn good.

Come on, man. It's rally night.

Something could happen. She even let you smell it?

Hey, guys.

I snagged a couple of bottles of kank out of my dad's garage last night.

Shit, you guys smoke? Enough to kill a horse, yo.

Do we keep this party exclusive enough?

Yo, if we ain't hung the fuck over for the first day tomorrow.

We just ain't dogs. Woof!


Hey, man.

You mind not slamming every single weight down like that?

It's a weight room. Get over it.

Whatever, dude.

So, you really think I did good tonight?

Are you kidding? You are a natural, okay?

It's a rush, huh? Getting the whole school fired up like that?

It's real fun.

Need another brew, Manny?

Oh! What's that, it sprayed in my mouth.


How are you doing? Good.

I got a...


Don't mention it.

Hey, Tracy. Do you know where Terry is?

He wasn't at the rally and he's not answering me.

Probably eating dick somewhere. Wait, what? What's going on?

I'm gonna go get a drink. That's what's going on. Want one?


So, uh, do you know what's up?

Well, that's between Terry and Tracy.

You sure?

What do you mean?

Oh, I don't know. Nothing.

But, I'm glad you're hanging out with us, tonight. It's cool.

What are those?

You'll just make fun of me. No, I wouldn't.

These stones put out special energy, all I'm doing is focusing it.

On what?

Protecting someone. Who?


Look, Hanna. I'm kinda doing my own thing here.

Okay, sorry.


Come on, I'll show you.


This is you.

This is somebody close to you.

This is somebody close to them.

Does this sound right to you?

What do I do now?


Clear your mind and focus on what you want.

Anything I want?

As long as you're prepared to deal with the consequences.

Consequences like what?

Okay. Say um, the mother of a soldier makes a wish that she wants her son back from the war.

And she gets her wish.

But, her son comes back in a body bag.


Exactly, so...

You think I should text Terry? No.

It's not like him to bail on a rally, he lives for this shit.

Cassie Decker. Fucker.


Oh, my God!

Come here. What?

Just, come here.

What? Why are you so nice to me?


It's kinda new to me.

Is it okay?

What's wrong? Fuck off.


Manny! Come here! I need to talk to you for a second.


Threesome, bro.

She's really, really pissed of... What's up, brother?

What's left to drink. Uh, we've still got a few beers left.

Do I look like I want a beer? No, man.

Oh, there he is, yo. I haven't seen you in forever, dog. Oh, yo.

Give the man a swig, yo.

Hey, you want some smoke?

Oh, okay. No, no, no. Not you, man.

Give me a smoke.

No, you can't have any, dude.

Goddamn, Manny.

Give me a fucking hit.

You good, man?

You want to waste your senior year chasing a Jesus freak who's never gonna put out?

That's fine with me, cuz.


But, if that's how it's going to be, Manchester, your ass is going to be warming the bench all season.

Mmm. My dogs!

I've been thinking. If we're gonna go all the way, this year.

We gotta shake things up. So, I'm instituting a new team rule.

No fraternizing with cheerleaders.

Effective immediately.

It's good enough for the NFL. It's good enough for Blackfoot fucking high.

Come on, fellas.

Sack up.

You're gonna realize, I'm doing you a favor.

There's a whole world of pussy out there.

Drama chicks.

Stoners. Mmm.

Goths, smart bitches.

Hell, even fat bitches got their charms, brothers.

And tomorrow, first day of school...

You're eyes are gonna be open to a fucking gold mine.

Just waiting there.


You ain't gonna remember that cunt's name when your balls deep in a puppy that was blowing bubbles in the eighth grade, last spring.

Fucking A, boss. That's what I'm talking about.

All right, girls, we're leaving. Hell, yeah.

Grab me that smoke.

You're gonna let him talk to your bitches like that, Tracy.

This will stop, right fucking now. Go!

Go. You know...


I'm not gonna say you have a small dick, Terry.

'Cause that would just be predictable.

I mean, it's not big, and that's fine.

But for the sake of the puppies, I just wanna make sure you know how to use it.

Three people in my 17 years have made me come.

Myself, of course.

This really sweet boy at summer camp the summer after freshmen year.

Lovely fingers on that boy.

And then, not 10 minutes ago, I got my freaking socks rocked off by Maddy.

But, never... by you, Terry.

So, you don't wanna hang with us, this year?

Well, freaking fine with me.

No, no, no, no. You can have the puppies.

We'll find us some college dogs.

Get her out of here. Fuck you.

Is a big tough guy like you scared of a sweet little thing like me.

What do you think, Maddy?

Do you think I hurt Mr. Tiny Peepee's little feelings?

Oh, are you gonna cry, Terry?

Huh? Are you gonna cry?

Oh, my goodness! Tracy! Are you okay?

You can kiss your precious football season, goodbye, Terry.

Which one of you is gonna kick his ass?

You fucking pussies!

He punched Tracy. He hit a fucking girl.


Manny, do something! You asshole!

Do something!

Oh, my God. I'm calling the cops.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Give it back! Give it back!

Hey! Hey, Terry, Terry!

Are you fucking stupid?

We should go.

You fuck!

What are you doing?

What the fuck are we doing, huh?

You gotta stop. You worry too much, Vik.

Come on, you're kidding me.


What the fuck are you doing?

Oh, my God!

Martha, you need to slow down.




Come on, come on. We gotta get them out.

Come on, come on!

We gotta get 'em out.

Oh, God! What are you doing, man?

You can't pull them out. We gotta get 'em out.

They're gonna drown.

Let go of me!

Let's get in the car. Come on. Let's go. Come on.




Maddy! Maddy!




Don't die!

Don't die!

Come back to me, please.



What are you doing?

Oh, shit!

What happened last night?

The girls, they're okay?


You don't feel anything about this?

Is it our fault, chicks can't drive for shit?

Fuck, Tracy.

Oh, crazy fucking dream.

Well, you killed Madeline.

Who's Madeline?

Who's Madeline?

Ugh, what are we doing here?

No way!

Oh, dude, your cheek.

No, other cheek.

Ah, don't touch it.

Wait, did I break up with Terry?

He punched you in the face.

Oh, no, no, no.


Oh, gross!

Oh, gross!


Martha? What?

Uh, she's...

I'm with...

We've kinda...

What is, uh, happening?

Where's my phone? Where's my phone?

Hanna, if you could just shut the fuck up for two seconds.

I'm not Hanna.

Think. Gotta wake up. Okay.

I just gotta...


Friggin' goat milk.

Buenos dias.

Um, hello?

Buenos dias.

I'm Larry.

God, I'm freaking starving, Larry.

Uh... What's for breakfast?

So you told me to focus on what I wanted, and I did.

I couldn't get you to stop panicking behind the wheel.

It was Manny.

I remember that and then... So, now...

Now I can be with Manny.

And the car was full of water and everything is upside down.

I mean, I'm sure the stones are just trying to get us back, right? I'm trying to get us out, but I can't Right? because of the fucking child locks.

It was my fault.

I crashed us and now, God is punishing me.

Martha was driving.

I was. She was.

Oh, my God. I swear to God, I'm gonna kill somebody.

I'm the only one you could kill at this point, Maddy.

Because you died last night.

All four of you died.


Real milk.

The bitches think I'm crazy, but, I drink like half a gallon a day.

I've kept my mouth shut about you and your mom's crazy wicca bullshit for as long as I possibly can, Leena.

What's a wicca? No, it's not exactly as wicca.

Leena's a witch. That's not nice, Maddy.

You shouldn't call people names. No, she's right.

I am a witch. At least she thinks she is.

Are you okay?

I feel good. Maybe, maybe...

You should go lay down.

At your own house. I mean, you should lay down at your own house.

My head's hot.

It is hot.

The rest of you is cold.

And then you start stalking me?

When you have no idea the shit that I'm up to.

No idea what I'm going through. You think everything is about you.

That is your problem, Leena. You think everything I do is about...

What are you doing?

You feel mine, right?

Oh, what? Your broken heart? Give me a break.

What do you feel now?

We can hear the sound of your heart.

You can...


What did you do?

I saved you.

Wait a minute.



I'm sorry, Larry.

I think, my friends are hungry.


Are you kidding me?

This is... This is, uh...

I feel freaking fantastic.

Do you, um...

All feel better?


Yes! Oh, my God! Yes!

It worked!

What works, this?

My crazy wicca bullshit, it works!

These work.

Then why am I in my sister's body, Leena?

Why would you do that to me?

I don't know, I wasn't trying to, Martha.

You can change us back, right?

I don't know.

Chop, chop, girls. School's, like, in a half hour, we totally got to go.

Who's driving?

My car broke down last night, we walked here.

Shit! I can't be seen walking to school on the first day.

Fuck school. Look at what we just did to Leena's neighbor.

Whatever. We can sit around and sing Kumbaya if it's gonna make you feel better, but...

Tracy, shut the fuck up. Sure, I'll shut the fuck up as soon as someone tells me who's driving me to school.

Uh, what about his car?

You weren't wrong about the hot young tail up in this bitch, huh?


Let me the first to welcome you to Blackfoot High.

I'm Terry.

We know who you are. Yeah, we do.

This here is the star quarterback, Mr. Vik De Palma.

Go ahead. Feel the arm, girls. Don't be shy.

There's more than enough to go around.

It's so hard.

Can you give some love to my boy, Manny And Ben.

Hi, guys!


Give them some love.

My dogs bleed on the field every day for this school.


Do you have Facebook? So, how's the...


I like your shirt.

So, let's talk soon.

Hi, Vik!

Are you okay?


Can I talk to you for a second?

Yeah, of course. Come on.

Clear the road, puppies.

Bloodhound bitches in the house, ya'll.


Look at her in that suit, she looks like such a slut.


Psst! Yo, bitch!

Cell phones off, people.

What are the odds, Ben. We're table mates.

It sounded like...

You're speaking my language.

You guys are okay?


We tried to help you guys, we just... We... You know, we couldn't get down there... Hey, hey, hey.

No harm, no foul, right?

Get me high after class, we'll call it even.

Oh, shave my ball sack.

Leena. Leena Miller. Who?

Leena Miller. I'm not fucking with you, dude.

She was making these little stones float in the air.

It was fucking magic, dude. Oh, it's fucking magic, dude.

You know what? Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.

What's up, Terry?

Wow, Hanna. Didn't know you had tits.

If she's a dog.

She must have six more hidden somewhere, dude.

So, there's two things you gotta know about George's van.

One, there's always a weed stash.

And two, it's never locked.

And three, it smells like dick.

Hi, guys! Terry, how's your hand?

Punched his girlfriend in the face. I mean, you know.

That shit can hurt the puncher as much as the punchee, so...

Maddy and I had a little fling over the summer.

I guess she's still a bit sore from it.

All right, we're gonna go. We'll see you guys later.

Remember the buddy system, girls.

There's only one outcome when people play games with me, Maddy.

They lose. Playtime's over, Terry.

What happened last night?

You know, before last night, I was just gonna ruin your senior year.

But now... I'm gonna have to kill you.

Just watch your mouth, dyke.






Let's go, man.

Let's go!

Uh, what the fuck is going on?

Somebody got fucked, somebody got killed and I'm going to PE.

Come on.

Martha! I'm so, so happy you're okay.

I was drunk and I was stoned, I didn't know what to...

For real?

Right. Mmm-hmm.



Oh, my goodness.


Jesus Christ, Martha.

Shit, I didn't mean to say his name.

I know you hate that. Oh, God. I'm sorry.

Did I do it again?

Oh, Jesus Christ.

Wanna see something?


You sure you want our first time to be here?

In the handicap bathroom? Mmm-hmm Yeah. I love you, Martha.

I want you to call me Hanna. What?

Check this out.

Oh, shit!

Tracy, that...

Fucking disgusting.

Please, just call me Hanna.

Okay. Hanna.


Okay. Oh, I love you Hanna!


Uh, are you okay?

Yeah! Oh, it's cold.


It's cold.

Oh, it's cold.

Oh, help me, Jesus.

Oh, help me, Jesus.

There you go. Yeah, you can do it. It's nice.

So, how are you feeling? It's all right. Feeling good?

Oh, shit.

Uh, what the fuck is going on?

Somebody got fucked, somebody got killed and I'm going to PE.

We should never have come to school.

Hey, bitches!

Who was it? What do you mean?


At least it's not more innocent blood on our hands.

No more feeding at school.

Don't do that.

Anyone else seen this?


Let's keep it that way.

Sorry, Nicholas. Asshole!

I've been waiting for this for so long.

Vik. Dude, it happened. What's up?

What happened? Dude, me, Martha, the handicap bathroom.

Dude, I was all up in that sweet, sweet freezer.

What freezer? What are you talking about?

Hey, I didn't even know. Know what?

That it's cold in there.

Uh... I don't even...

It's supposed to be cold in there, right?


Oh, hey, Hanna.

Come with me.

No, I got trig. I gotta go.

But, Martha asked me to bring you to her.

Where is she? The sticks.

Said she wanted to see you in private. Really?

But I'll just tell her you've got trigonometry.

What? No. Are you serious?



How could you do it?

How could you have sex...

With my sister.

She's my girlfriend.

No, I'm your girlfriend.

Um, I can't miss class for whatever this is, Hanna, so why don't you... No, you stop right there, Mr. Man.

Hanna, you're a...

You're a sweet kid. But, you don't need to be like your sister.

I love her, but everybody hates it when she pulls that prissy, bossy bullshit.


Close your eyes.


Shit, Maddy, my stones are gone.

Somebody stole them. Do you think it was Terry?

Well, who else?

You okay? No. I'm sluggish.

And that sucks. It's okay, you just need blood.


Here, drink from me.

Come on. Let's find the others and get out of here.

Practice time, bitches. What?

We're not slacking on my watch, big game Friday night.

Okay, did you feed again?

No, you said not to. I'm a team player.

Somebody did and...

Terry stole my stones. Okay, enough already.

Bitches and I got work to do.

Come on, Mads.

You've seen Vik? No.

What about Manny? No, not since lunch.

You thinking what I'm thinking, boss? What are you thinking, Shank?

That voodoo dyke and her bitches are picking us dogs off.

One by one.

Bitches glowing like Lite-Brites and shit. You saw it.

Look, I've been thinking a lot.

About borrowing your sister's clothes? Don't be an asshole, Vik.

No, fuck you guys. You're being a pussy.

Find yourself a new quarterback. You're being a pussy.

Fuck you. Pussy.

You think I'm gonna let you quit?

Hey, Dad. Me and the bitches, the girls, um, we are going to be staying at Maddy's house tonight, because we have a whole lot of cheers that we have to go over and practice and everything.

So, I guess we'll be seeing you tomorrow.

Uh, don't work too hard. We love you. Okay, bye, Dad. Bye.

So, I just have to do this all the time now.

Where did you get that? None of your beeswax.

Can I use it a minute?

I'm just gonna keep killing innocent people.

Am I the only one that gives a shit about that.

Come on, Martha, I need to check Facebook. No.

You don't have to kill, we can do it this way.

Martha! Leave me alone!

Martha, chill!

Tracy, you can use my computer.

Hanna, Leena, look after these bitches. I gotta go take a shower.

We're family now. Like it or not, families fight.

Yeah, well, I don't really need a family, so...

Well, what if we need you, Maddy?

Goddamn, boss.

Taking it to the next level.

Let's get Vik.

Why do you have Manny's phone?

Because Manny was a jerk.

You should see what these texts say about me.

Okay, what do you mean he was a jerk?

What do you think I mean?

You shouldn't have done that, Martha.

Shut up, Leena. You don't even know me.


Hanna, no. Wait. You need blood, you're weak right now.

Okay, Hanna is a little weakling.

No, I wasn't saying that. Fuck off, witch.


Sorry, Leena. I just need to be alone, okay?

I have to go. Hanna!

Bonus, K-Mads keeps a video diary.

Vik's gone, his bike's gone.

I told you he'd queef and run.

The hard part is going to be, pretending that I actually like those dumb bitches.

Like that dipshit, Tracy.

Acts like she's all sad but then, jumps on Terry's jock before Alexis is even in the ground. That's classy.

And Terry.

Mr. big bad wolf himself.

I'm gonna ruin your perfect little senior year, dog.

But, right now. I have to go and paint my face up like those whores.

So, uh... Maddy Killian, out!


Tracy, that was like a week ago. I didn't know you then.

I'm taking Larry's car.

No, we have to stay together.

I'm not asking.

Give me a ride.

You don't let me borrow your phone but, you expect me to give your ass a ride?

No, no. You have to listen. Cassie Decker.

Is that true?

Wait. No!

I thought you were being nice to me because you liked me.

This is all your fault.

Tracy, wait. You can use my phone.

What did he do to you?



After Lexi died...

I felt like I needed to do something nice for her.

So, I started to make her a tribute video.

I wanted to interview all of her friends.

Terry always seemed kind of pompous, but...

All of a sudden, he was just a regular guy.

I felt sorry for him.

That's why I didn't think twice about going to his place to talk.


Just kinda laughed it off at first.

I said no thanks.

Then his eyes changed.

How could someone like me turn him down.

Grab her! Grab her! The other side!

Punched me in the stomach.

And then he...

I think you need to say it.

He raped me.


She's got me, boss. She's got me.

You killed Hanna!

Just forget about them. Leena, they're our friends.

Martha! Tracy!

You need blood, you're not strong enough for this.

Maddy, are you okay? What did you guys do?

What are you talking about?

I didn't do anything. I'm not with Terry, I came here for you.

I don't need you to rescue me, Vik.

Maddy! No, no!

Let her go.


I can't move.

I never understood why you had the hots for her, Viky.

Till I fucked her, this summer.

She puts up a good fight.

Who are you, man?

I'm your best friend, bud.

I broke her in for you and everything.


Hey, Vik, I need your help.


Oh, you are such a little bitch, Vik.

I owe it to you, too, cuz.

You want her? Come and get her.

You girls got your seatbelts on?



Tastes like jellybeans.

I'm like the Cookie Monster up in this bitch.

Oh, I hope that shit was gluten free.

Come on, bitches.

Terry! Maddy!

♪ I don't know but I've been told

♪ Killing pussies, going home ♪ Mad, we have to do this together!


Maddy! Maddy!



Oh, my God!


No, no, no, no.


Come on, Leena. We gotta talk.

You're gonna tell me how to use these.

She just died, didn't she?


Trap must've ripped that stone right out of her.

And you feel it.

Is that it?

But I feel fucking great.

Why is that?

Because you're an interloper.

Like a free agent? More like a leech.

I'm so sorry.

What can I do with these?

You wanna show me?


I can see what happens...

When I carve that one out of your throat.


It's your call. No, you...

Holy shit!

I've never done that before.


This is a new and improved Terry.

Oh, it's gonna be a hell of a season thanks to you.

You know, I never did get a straight answer on that.



Girlfriend, bitch!




Ah, no!


No, no!

No! No!

No! You're not leaving me.

I won't let you go.

Crazy wicca bullshit.