All Day and a Night (2020) Script

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[instrumental piano ballad playing]

[rapping] ♪ Scared to go to church I wouldn't blame you for it ♪

♪ Murder, they gonna hang you for it ♪

♪ Incarcerated my brother Tried to take it for him ♪

♪ Tried to make it to the pros He tried to make it for us ♪

♪ They'd rather break us ♪

♪ They'd rather break us than... ♪

They'd rather break us than build us In this fuckin' system ♪

♪ We ain't the same If we ridin' round killin' niggas ♪

♪ We ain't the same If we ridin' round killin' niggas ♪

[car engine starts]

["What a Friend" by Mary Lewis and ACCSU playing in distance]

♪ What a friend ♪

♪ All our sins and griefs to bear ♪

♪ What a privilege to carry ♪

♪ Every, every, everything To the Lord in prayer ♪

[dog barking in distance]

[song fades in distance]

[rap song playing in distance]

[people laughing]

[rap song fades in distance]

-Malcolm... -Come on.

Malcolm, stop.

Hey, now, you know you dealing with a straight-laced young playa here, girl.

[woman groans]

[Malcolm] Mmm.

Mm-hmm. Yes, and I'm lovin' how you got that ass shakin' from side to side going up these stairs too, girl.

See, now you puttin' too much on it, nigga. Chill.

I'm about to put in some work on that ass tonight.

-Shh. -Come on now, let's put her ass to sleep before my dick stop workin'.

-Malcolm. -You know I been drinking.

What you mean? Don't tell me what to say, girl.

-Don't you tell me what to say. -I want another one of those, okay?

-That's what you want, we can do that. -Another one tonight.

-I'm with it. -Mm-hmm.

So this...

You gonna rub my little girl out, dawg?

You here to rob me?

Take whatever you want.

Just let my lady and my little boo go.

You remember me, nigga?

Hell yeah. We folks, right?


-[gunfire] -[girl screams]

[lawyer] Your Honor, there are a number of people who would like to speak before you deliver the court's sentence.

The first is the mother of one of the victims.

Thank you.

[lawyer] State your name, please, spelling it out for the court reporter.

Leslie White.




I hope you rot in hell!

Two lives gone.

[camera clicks]

And not one bit of remorse.

My granddaughter is only ten years old.

For you to murder her peoples like that... and for what?

You took away her whole family, ain't never even given a reason why.

That's all I want to know.


Can you answer that?

You say you knew my son-in-law, but you won't say how.

Malcolm ain't never mentioned you to me.

[inhales deeply]


My daughter was all I had left.

[crying] The joys of motherhood have been stolen away from me forever.

So if you have any kind of justice... [clears throat] your heart, I beg that you don't never let this monster out of jail again!


[young man] People say they wanna know why.

But they really don't.

They want an easy answer.

[indistinct conversations]

[young man] If you had all day and a night to understand your life... where would you begin?

[chattering continues]

[young man] I see faces of fathers from back home.

They just disappear.

And now I know where the fuck they went.

-[man] That was the shit. -[man 2 laughs]

[young man] Teenagers who were arrested over a bag of weed... that are now OGs.

Spent their entire lives in prison.

...drop of water and voila, bitch, I had my rouge.

[young man] Generations of men: brothers, uncles, cousins.

All of us... are part of the same story on fuckin' repeat.

It's supposed to feel different in here than the outside.

But back home...

I just couldn't see the walls.

This yours?

Yeah. You can look at it if you want to.

Man, shut up.

Hey, yo, give me back my stuff.


Give it back, punk!

[grunts, groans]


Who hit you?


I fell.

That's why I'm moving out the hood when I get older.

People always fight.

[scoffs] Nigga, you ain't moving nowhere.



My name Jahkor.


[adult Jahkor] Some people try to escape.

Doing everything right made Lamark feel like he could get away from a world that wasn't safe.

[school bell rings]

You like football?


Dem Raiders?

I mean, they sorry.

But it's better than nothing.

[Lamark laughs]

[Jahkor] Instead of banging on the yard... it was your neighborhood... you fought to survive in.

What happened to you?

High school niggas.

Wanna jump one of they cousins? I know where they live at.

What they cousins do?

[Jahkor] I'm good, TQ.

[Lamark] You can walk with us.

I live that way, nigga.

[Jahkor] By the time my father was six... his father had already been to jail nine times.

You should come to my house.

My corny sister gon' be there, but she'll leave us alone if I tell her to.

Your family gon' be mad about your toy?

I don't know.

[Jahkor] Niggas used to clown sayin' he was too yellow to be my old man.

But he made sure them niggas knew he was black.

Get up and take this ass-whoopin' like a man, nigga!


Move your hand, nigga! Yeah!

Don't you ever let nobody take your shit!

You understand me? Huh?

'Cause if you don't...

I'mma make you understand!

Ow! [wailing]

Stop crying, boy!

Wit' your punk-ass!


Go on, bitch.

-[door slams] -[panting]

[Jahkor] When violence is all around you... you get used to it.

[woman] I don't see why you always gotta be beating on him like that, JD.

That ain't gon' teach him nothing.

What, you ain't stepped outside lately?

It's dog eat man out there.

If he don't learn that in here, he ain't gon' make it.

-Hey, Jahkor! -[young Jahkor] Yeah?

[JD] I hit you too hard?



'Kor, this the fuckin' mark. You better knock his ass out!

[Jahkor] So you grew up learning certain rules.

Hit first, niggas think twice before they step to you.

["Shut Up" by Mozzy playing]


[Jahkor] If I don't know you... don't fuckin' speak to me.

♪ They know we got butter ♪

♪ Grew up in the gutter Raised by Grandmother ♪

♪ Seein' all that wolfin' he doin' He better shut up ♪

[Jahkor] Take what you want.

Do what you want.

Get yours.

But fuck everybody else.

Run that shit, nigga.

[Jahkor] Me and TQ... lived by them rules.

[TQ] Thought 'cause it's daytime, you was safe, nigga?

Came out yo pockets, nigga. Breathed on.

The fuck on the ground!

I don't even rob motherfuckers.

You just something to do on the way somewhere.

Next time, bring a gun with ya.

I'mma see you again, nigga. It's gonna be your turn.

-[TQ] What you say to me, nigga? -Now get your ass on the ground.

-[TQ] The fuck you say to me? -Get your motherfucking ass on the ground, nigga!

[TQ] Fuck you, nigga!

Who the fuck you think you're talking to?


You ain't think your face was gon' get busted, huh? Hmm?

Opening up your motherfuckin' mouth?

Threatenin' me? I better already be dead, blood.

Got stomped out, nigga.

East Oakland, motherfucker.

[instrumental music playing]

[TQ] Hey, Lamark.

-Lamark? -What?

How long you been back, man?

A week.

Yo, we ain't got no engineer, producer in here?

It's cheaper this way.

[instrumental piano ballad playing]

This shit hard, right?

Hell yeah.

-Yo, ain't you supposed to be going back? -Nah.

Just got discharged 'cause of my injury.

Still moving though.

Just waiting until I get better and out of this chair again.

You're always trying to leave, man.

Everybody that go always comes back. That's just wasted time.

That's not true.

It's a hundred percent true.

But check this out, man.


Watch this.

All that shit.

Like this, what's here? Huh?

You don't want this?

You don't want it?

You know, on Grandmama's, I'm about to be running shit anyway.

You already know.

Gotta dip downstairs right quick.

-All right. -Hold it down.

T-Rex in the building, nigga.

A-plus professional sucka ducka.

What's good? This my nigga Malcolm, The Almighty, a.k.a. A Real One.

This is TQ.

My auntie used to live around the corner from you.

-Oh, for real? -I might've seen you before.

Rex swear you one of them real niggas.

You know, ignorant as fuck, just doing it.

[softly] ♪ You live or you die Nigga, I wonder why ♪

♪ The 40 on me running down Why would you try? ♪

♪ Yeah, why would I lie? ♪

♪ The 40 on me right now Why would you try? ♪

[clears throat]

In the field with my guys Split a mil with my guys ♪


[rapping] ♪ Why would I lie? The 40 on me right now? ♪

♪ Why would you try? ♪

♪ You reach and you die, nigga ♪

♪ I wonder why ♪

♪ I only get a phone call When they needed the five ♪

♪ But I ain't got it this time ♪

♪ I got a lot on my mind ♪

♪ Ma still on my line She think I'm still on the slime ♪

♪ In the field with my guys ♪

♪ Split a mil with my guys ♪

♪ It's cool to be a boss But don't belittle your guys ♪

♪ Wounds heal over time And over time they heal ♪

♪ Still turning down deals I'll never turn down a drill ♪

♪ Nobody wins on appeal ♪

♪ Shit killing me still Simply kill to be killed... ♪ I understand that.

-I don't even try to keep my nose clean. -♪ For real, nigga ♪

[Lamark] Yo, who down there?

What I don't know... don't hurt me.


[instrumental music playing]

I stay outta people business.

Know what I'm saying?


I'm trying to get up outta all this shit.

[Lamark] I feel you.

[Jahkor] The judge told me... this was the end of my freedom.

But I can't remember ever feeling free.

[indistinct conversation]

What, you got a green thumb, nigga?

You know Stunna, right?

I might.

I'm his little brother.


He said you took care of something for us.

Shit, there go Malcolm people right there.

I'm hearing they got hella paper on your head.

That's where we at.

You need shelter, come to Grandma house.

Stunna told me to tell you your broad and your baby is doing cool.

You stay in the right lane, and they'll always be taken care of.

Quiet-ass nigga.

[Jahkor] This nigga I rode the bus up here with said... slavery taught black people to survive, but not how to live.

And that's what we pass on to each other.

My father taught me... how to take your fucked-up life out on everybody else.

Welcome to the yard, fish.


They're just trying to bait you.

[Jahkor] And here I am.

Come on, walk.

Make your next move your best move.

[Jahkor] Like walking in this nigga's footsteps was for my own good.

[guard] Arms out.

Okay, next.

Hey, wait up. On the line.

All right, next.

Arms out.

That cat you was rapping with, somebody you know from back home?

[guard] Come on, move up!

You can't survive on an island in here.

Gotta hop in the car with somebody.

Need to be smart though.

Nothing for free.

[guard] Spread 'em. Arms out.

Shit, you stay out of trouble, they give lifers family visits now.

Forty-eight hours in a little cottage with real pillows.

You been?


Too many write-ups. That's what I'm sayin'.

[Jahkor] Watching him... fuck off his life...

I swore I would do better.

That I was better.

-[gospel music playing] -[woman singing] ♪ Undertaker ♪

♪ Won't you please ♪

♪ Drive slow ♪

♪ For this lady ♪

♪ That you carried... ♪

This shit happen before they can react.

Shooting up a lot of corners right now.

You always see it when it's too late.

You got some new music?

[scoffs] Yeah, of course, nigga.

[scoffs] Shoulda been letting me put you on, -so you can do this shit right. -Nope.

Nigga, you know I don't fuck with that dope money.

Nigga, bands is bands, nigga. You got way too many fucking standards.

Watch out.

Oh, that reminds me, I've been kickin' it with this rapper nigga.

He dope. You need to meet that nigga.

He dope.

You're dope.

[crowd shushing]


I see y'all got everything under control, but you know I had to make my macaroni and cheese.

I got some turkey necks in there for you too if you want.

Y'all all right?



None of this shit would've happened if I was running it.

Take something of mine, I'll sacrifice everything.

Hey, Ma.

[woman] We brought a little something to help you out.


Thank you, La-Trice.


Thank you.

[La-Trice] We got you.

[sighs] What y'all know about the nigga behind this?

Nobody really see him out like that.

He got his people doing all his dirt.

I don't know shit.

His name Malcolm.

We gonna put that nigga on a t-shirt.

Your old man used to run pretty tough till he got caught up in them drugs, huh?


Just trying to... trying to escape some shit.

["Hyphy" playing]

[woman] When you comin' through again?

I'm trying to do a song with you, and I ain't no bopper.

Don't even trip on that shit.

You know I fuck with you. Plus... you keep a nigga blood pressure down.

I'mma hit you.

Is that T-Rex in there?

[rap song playing over stereo]

In the flesh, baby doll.

How you feelin'?

Shit. High as a motherfucker off that barney.

You know I rhyme.

When you gonna let a bitch get on a verse?

I know where to find you. Stay thick.

Just post up right here for a hot one.

Hey, this nigga T front like he a rap star and shit.

But he really got the connect from Mexico on speed dial, you feel me?

I'm a true-to-life capo, playboy.

Full-time hustler, part-time rapper.

Greatest trick the devil ever pulled, believe that.

That little piece of work up there, that's your broad?

[Jahkor] Nah.

I'm fucking with a girl named Shantaye.

Shantaye, what's her last name?

[Jahkor] Layton.

[T-Rex] She live in her cousin old house?

Had a Backpage ad for a minute but never did no dates.


What, you know her or something?


A lightweight.

Had a little episode in the past back in the day.

-She was a freak back then, bro. -[chuckles]

Used to pop them pills and shit.


Letting niggas do all the camera work.

Shit was crazy.

Nigga, you fucking up my high, bruh.

That shit real funny though.

Here, nigga, smoke.

My bad, dawg.

My bad, bro.

[TQ chuckles]

This nigga Q was telling me you do the music.

-Yeah. -Let me see that page.

Send me that link.

Check that shit out.


[Jahkor] I met Shantaye at a sideshow.

She came up and sat next to me on the hood of my Sentra...

Why didn't you tell me you was getting us a room?

...then wouldn't hit me back for two weeks 'cause I pronounced her name "Chantelle."

She said if it was important enough, I would have remembered.

["Every Kind Of Way" by H.E.R. playing]



I've got something to tell you.

-It ain't nothin' bad, nigga. -Wassup?

Well, wassup?

-I'm pregnant. -Wassup?

I'm pregnant!

-Oh, yeah? -Yeah.

-Yeah? -[chuckles]

-Yeah? -Yeah.

Oh, shit.

How long-- How long you known?

-A week. -A week?

-Yeah? -Been a little scared to tell you.

I ain't know what you was gon' do.

What I was gon' do?

Yeah, what you was gonna do.

Shit, I'mma... I'm gonna take care of that shit.


I'mma take care of that shit!


I'm gonna take care of that shit!

-I'm gonna take care of that shit. -Yeah.


[laughs softly]

-[laughs] -[exhales]

-[exhales] -Yeah?


[both laughing]


Come here.

[Jahkor] It's crazy... to have nothing to give... and wanna give everything.

[line ringing]

[woman] Thanks for calling, but we aren't looking to fill any positions.

[man] Wish I could help you out. We don't have anything available, bro.

[man 2] ...and he robbed me. No offense. I'm sure you're nice enough.

-I just can't take that chance again. -[woman 2] We just hired people.

[man 3] We require a background check...

[woman 3] ...least some higher education.

-[man 4] Nothing's open at our stores. -[woman 4] We're not hiring right now.

[man 5] You hit the jackpot, bro.

Somebody just quit. You wanna talk to the manager?



-Hey. -Good to see you.

-You too. -[Jahkor] Outside the hood, people think every family's messed up like mine.


[Jahkor] But that ain't the case.

Lots of people take care of business.

And if that ain't you...

-What up, bro? -Wassup? put your faith in them.

-How are you doing? -I'm good.

-Jah. -Wassup, man?

All right.

-Good to see you, son. -You too.

-Thanks, man. -Hey, little bro.

-What's the deal? -What's good, man?

-Not much. -Chillin'?

-Chillin'. -Yeah?

-Yeah. -Where's TQ at?

He not answering his phone.

[Lamark] Hmm.

I'm talkin' even the craziest shit that happens over here don't got shit on what happens overseas.

It's desperate out there.

Yeah, nigga, like it's not desperate over here?

[Lamark] That's facts.

Hey, how your mom though?

She cool.

What's up with JD?

He ain't ever getting out. And...

I ain't heard from him.

[chuckles softly] Hey, nigga...

I do got some good news though.


Me and Shantaye having a baby.

-What? -Yeah, nigga.

Say you swear.

Bruh, I swear, bruh.

I swear.

Wait, when? What?

I don't know, that shit just fuckin' happened. I mean...

Like, it won't be here in a minute.

Oh, man.

No, but your ass should be back hitting corners in no time, nigga.

Back up and kickin'.

[Lamark laughs]

I gotta have a couple operations first though.

Just found out.


Hey, man, don't even be worrying about me. Feel me?

Just a couple burns on the back of my legs, you know.

IED got us. Whatever.

It's nothing.


Hey, stop looking all mad, fool.

Hey, I'm proud of myself.

I was protecting what we got here at home.

So smile, nigga.

[laughs] 'Bout to be a dad. Congratulations.

Respect, bro.

I'm about to be an uncle, nigga?

-Aw, yeah, bruh. -Basically.

-Basically. Basically. -[Lamark laughs]

[Lamark] Shit.

Yeah, life up in here is... shit.

It is what it is, you know?

I've been, uh...

I've been thinking a lot.

It ain't shit really else to do in here. [scoffs]

But, uh...

Hey, listen up.

I know you was planning on coming up here.


Taye, I don't want you to bring the baby.

I'm not who he should be looking up to.

Baby, Taye...

Yo, just listen to me, all right?

Don't bring him up here.


-Grab that card, boy. -He wants you to work, man.

He did that shit on purpose.

["Bring It To Ya" by Paris playing on car stereo]

[Jahkor's mom] This dumbass got suspended for beating up that boy.

And listening to you.

[stereo volume increases]

[tires squeal]

[Jahkor's mom] I have to do shit 'cause you ain't gon' do it!

I got to be the mama and the motherfuckin' daddy around here!

Goin' up to that fuckin' school, teacher telling me he ain't doing shit!

In two fuckin' weeks, the lights gon' be off!

-[JD] Fuck a light! -Yeah, fuck a light!

'Cause you ain't got to be here with him! I do!

What happens when he gets sick, JD?

We can't even fuckin' give him lunch money.

Fuckin' lunch money!

-I said I'm tryin', all right? -Yeah, you tryin'.

A real fuckin' man would take care of his goddamn family.

Not fucking snortin' that shit. Don't you--

Watch the way you fuckin' talk to me, you hear me?

-Get the fuck off me. -I ain't getting the fuck nowhere!

You hear me?

You ain't hear?

You act like some little lunch money gonna change something at that bullshit-ass school.

Make them garbage-ass teachers give a damn.

Like he hella smart or some shit.

He ain't no smarter than nobody else around this motherfucker.

And just like all them other niggas around here, he ain't gonna do nothing but end up just like me.

Trying to make it the best he can.

My son won't be nothing like you.


Come on, man.

Let's ride.

Get the fuck up outta here!

[door buzzes]

[man] You stayin' out of trouble?

[indistinct conversations continue]


Well, you done did it this time with your dumb ass.

Fucked your whole life up.

You ain't gon' say nothin'?

Like why you did this shit?

I can't believe you always gotta act like this, Jah.

You gonna have to say something.

I'm here.

I ain't got nothin' to say to you.

I don't even know why you in here to see me.

I'm here 'cause you're my son.

You are my son, Jahkor, whether you like it or not.

Me and JD are the ones God gave you.

You can't blame all this on me.

We didn't do everything right.

And I take responsibility for that.

But all this can't be my fault.

All this?

There's a lot of shit we did wrong.

For bringing you into this world.

[Jahkor] I'm not... in here... because of you, Mama.

The reason I'm here... is inside these walls... with me.

So go.



You're wrong about your father.

I'm sorry we couldn't do better.

But he did want a good life for you.

JD wanted everything for you.

He ain't even know why he was livin' most of the time.

He gave up on hisself 'cause he felt like he failed you.

And now, you have a son, and you ain't even gon' try?

What you gon' be to that boy?

What you gon' be for him?

-[Jahkor's song playing on stereo] -Hey! Hey! Hey!

Hey! Hey!

♪ Young Jah, nigga ♪

♪ Jah, nigga ♪


♪ Young Jah, nigga ♪

♪ If you scared, go to church I don't blame you for it ♪

♪ Manslaughter over murder They gon' hang you for it ♪

♪ Incarcerated my brother I tried to take it for him ♪

♪ He on his way to the pros He supposed to make it for us ♪

♪ They'd rather break us Than build us up in this broken system ♪

♪ Ridin' round smokin' niggas ♪

♪ But I'm just thirsty for revenge It'll soothe the pain ♪

♪ And the prescriptions I be poppin' Don't reduce the pain ♪

[song stops]

Jah, nigga.

All right, I think I'm about to go bounce. A nigga first day.

Thank you for my bracelet.

I just need to get it adjusted, and it'll be perfect.

-Yeah, that shit look good. -[chuckles]

You know I got you. [kisses]

Anything for my baby mama.

Thank you.


-I'll see you when I get off of work. -Yeah?

Let me get that one more time.

All right, babe.

["Heart You" by Aisa playing in store]

[door chimes]

What are you doing?

Where's the salesperson?

I work here.

[Jahkor] Pain.

It ain't only real if other people believe it.

No matter how many times... they tell you it's all in your mind.

It's like tiny cuts.

You know it don't matter... but you still feel that shit.

[man] I went out the other night with this chick, bro.

[T-Rex] You need some hoes, I got those too, straight from Mexico.

[TQ] Where you at?

[Jahkor on phone] I just got off, nigga.

[TQ] You a fool for getting a job.

Shit hella funny to me.

Your ass about to get active tonight?

-What, that Stunna shit? -Yeah.

Hell nah.

You ain't goin' to his birthday shit?

[T-Rex] You need to try to pop that nigga as many times as you can.

[TQ] No.

[T-Rex] As many times as possible.

[TQ] You shouldn't go neither. It ain't gonna be all that, trust me.

You should go get high with Taye or some shit.

All right, Cupid.

[T-Rex] Let me pull his picture up on my phone.

[TQ] I'm serious, nigga, don't go.

I got reasons for that shit, all right?

["Cusswords" by Too $hort playing]

[indistinct conversations]

[TQ] Damn. What the fuck you doing here, nigga?

Didn't I tell you not to come?


On the phone.

Whatever, cuddie.

You don't listen, man.

She on go, nigga?

Hey, let's go.

Since y'all here.

[Jahkor] Loyalty is currency.

It's your name.

The credit line at the liquor store.

Your hall pass when you outta pocket.

It's that thing you worry about most when niggas be taking trips on motherfuckers daily.

[woman] Shantaye!

[woman laughs]

Hey, girl! You look hella cute!

Hey, baby.

Man, we gotta hurry up. Damn.

[man 1] You don't put no mileage on it, it ain't gon' look right though.

-Know what I'm saying? -[man 2] Got that thumper on it.

-[man 1] Come on. -[man 3] Real talk.

[man 1] Man, don't listen to this nigga, man.

Come on, man, you smell dope!

Hey, what's good, cuddie?

What's up, B? Holla at yo man.

[indistinct conversations continue]

[man] 'Sup, Q?

[Jahkor] You can find some kind of sideshow somewhere every night of the week living in The Town.

But at Stunna's birthday get-down, you showed up here... and your ass wasn't family... you better have a chaperone.

[rap songs playing over trike speakers]

[Jahkor] Even though there was a war going on... everybody came out.

It was supposed to be always soil first.

Stick to what you know... and who you can trust.

[engines revving]

[tires squealing]

[people cheering]

[cheering continues]

[Jahkor] With niggas dying everywhere... the best way to stay alive... is knowing your lane... staying loyal... and close to home.

Wassup, nigga?

Shit, bruh.

Just out here campaigning, man, shaking hands, kissing babies.

You feel me?

Doin' what it do.

I was tellin' this nigga how motherfuckers keep chirping about that Malcolm cat.

-He got the hood on hot. -Hella real.

Hey, wassup, baby?

Yeah, I see you looking. You know, we factors over here, baby.

Yeah, baby, I see you peekin', but you ain't speakin', you feel me?

Shit, you lucky I'm married too 'cause you thick as fu--

Hey, baby, find me on Instagram.

-[gunshots] -[people screaming]

Malcolm sent you, nigga?

He gonna have to come greasier than that.

Get in, nigga!

-Ey, where your car at? -Right around the corner.

-Y'all good? -Yeah, we good.

-Get the fuck out of here. -Yeah, we straight, nigga.

Get in, B.

[tires squealing]

[Taye] It's Sunday, and we went to church with your mother.

She been helping me out.

You know my family ain't in no position to.

So it's been good.

Your son enjoyed the service, but people kept calling him Brian instead of Zion.

And Delanda got hella hot about it.

She made me send that picture.

I'll bring you some of Zion when I come.

I miss you, baby.

Be safe.

Got any kids?

[chuckles softly]



I just had it.

You get to see it?


That shit bug you?

Missing it being born?

Not knowing what it look like, stuff like that?

Probably got about a month.

They'll let him come up.

But I wouldn't do it.

Let his mother take care of it.

You and me ain't no good for kids.

[Jahkor] Taye's letter reminded me of my Grandma T.

♪ Because we do not carry ♪ Mamas and grandmamas is always expected to hold shit together.

I have 30 students, most of whom are behind the curriculum for this grade level, in a class that should only have 20 students.

I've got 15 math textbooks and only 13 English textbooks.

-I-I go home... -Say "I" one more time. Say "I"--

[Jahkor] Mine... did the best they could.

I-- I don't understand this.

He can do better than this.

He just needs someone to believe in him.

-"No Child Left Behind." -[teacher chuckles]

The principal said two weeks.

I don't know what you were thinkin', boy.

You know you know better than that, Jahkor.

There are better ways to deal with things.

Everything doesn't have to be settled by hitting somebody.

[JD] Bet that little nigga don't take nothin' else from him though.

All he did was let it be known not to fuck with him.

Sometimes you gotta do that.

I still say it don't have to be that way.

The Lord gave us the power--

Believe me when I tell you you can miss me with all that religious shit.

-[T] Hey. -[JD] Come on, now.

-Come on. -Hey.

Jahkor likes the church.

That's 'cause he ain't figured out yet that half the motherfuckers in there...

Hey, your language.

...and do the exact opposite of shit coming out they mouth.

You are not talking like that in my house.

I'm talking the truth.

What you do ain't the only way to live...

-Why you rubbin' all up on me? -...JD.

-[Jahkor] Before Grandma T died... -He is better than you.

...she told me, everybody has one moment where they know they'll live a great life.

To find the thing I love...

-♪ Why would I lie? ♪ -...and pour my heart into it.

♪ The 40 on me right now Why would you try? ♪

♪ You reach and you die ♪

♪ Yeah, I wonder why ♪

♪ They only call my phone When they need the 05 ♪

♪ But I ain't got it this time I got a lot of my mind ♪

♪ Ma still on my line She think I'm still getting high ♪

♪ I'm in the field with my guys I split a mil with my guys ♪

♪ It's cool to be a boss But don't belittle your guys ♪

♪ Wounds heal over time And over time they'll heal ♪

♪ Still turning down deals... ♪

[Stunna] So what's your script, fam?

You ain't pitchin' no dope.

You ain't out here robbin' niggas.

You ain't hoopin'.

You for damn sure ain't gettin' it up out a bitch.

What you tryin' to be when you grow up, nigga?

Shit, bruh.

Trying to...

I'm trying to do this music.

Nah. Straight up though, like...


[Stunna] Okay.

Okay. [chuckles]

So what, you make them beats, or you spit them lyrics?


You make paper doing it?


-Nah, but I will soon though. -[Stunna] Mmm.


As soon as one of these motherfuckers put me on.

-[Stunna] Mmm. -Got a fuckin'...

Facebook page, Myspace page, fuckin' SoundCloud, mix tapes, all of that shit.

[La-Trice] And how many views you gettin'?

That's what I'm sayin'.

Right now, niggas is asleep.

So, how you making money in the meantime?

Shit, I was knockin' niggas out, snatching chains.

Now I got this job at a shoe store.

And my girl breaking bread for me.

[Stunna] Man...

Uh-huh. Yeah, TQ said you hit like a sledgehammer.

He said you the only skinny nigga he know like putting hands on people.


You know, a nigga like me can't never... have too much muscle.

Yo, what is this? Some type of... job interview?

[Stunna] I'm serious, nigga.

I been reachin' out.

Doin' my due diligence.

Background checkin'.


I know you got a couple bodies on you.

You a lightweight hangin' with the right people.

-[La-Trice] Mm-hmm. -♪ I'm curious


And shit, you always stay mad and stressed out anyway.

You may as well take that shit out on somebody.

-Shit, I cook to relax. -[La-Trice] Mm-hmm.

-You know my brother Raalo? -Nah.

Well, he upstate, and, uh...

I'm shorthanded.

Marinate on that.

And your first job could be to pop Malcolm's ass if you can find him.

Hell yeah, that mark-ass nigga.

[La-Trice shakes and rolls dice]

Something wrong, nigga?


-I'm good. -Smile then or something.

You fucking up my mood right now.

They sayin', uh...

Lamark's surgery ain't go too good.

Shit, I don't know why his ass joined the military in the first place.

Motherfuckin' government don't give a fuck about us.

I'll be damned if I lose my life over they asses.

I can do that shit right here and get rich in the process.


Fuck it.


He still comin'?

Yeah, nigga, I told you we got business.

You want in?

Partner up with your boy finally?

I told your motherfuckin' ass, I don't fuck with dope.

None of that shit, I don't even wanna touch it.

You already fucking know that shit.

I don't get you, dawg.

Your pockets is touching.

Nigga, you about to have a baby.

You bleed the game, but ain't trying to make no money.

Whatever, nigga.

[ringtone playing]

Stay tuned, my nigga.

I'm doin' big things.

Ey, he outside.

Yeah, I was hopin' you was gon' be here, bruh.

You listen to my YouTube page?

Shit, man, I forgot.

My bad. Ey, send it to my phone, okay?

Got that sex tape for you to peep out.

[woman moaning]

That your broad, right?


Look, man, I'm gonna keep it playa, cuddie.

You gotta be careful who you fucking with out here, man.

Can't be trusting these bitches, man, believe that.

For real. What's good, playa?

Just another day in Cokeland, nigga. Waitin' on you.

Man, I'm going to the studio later today, man.

Tryin' to go to the stratosphere with his next album.

You feel me? I'm doing it all independent, shining.

Feel me? Keepin' it a hundred.

But the real thing though? That shit looking good, man.

Ready for you to step in as soon as the way clear.

That's what's up.

What's wrong, man? We good?


-[engine starts] -[rap song playing on stereo]

Man, fuck, bruh.

I can't fucking stand that fuckin' nigga.

-Hey, let me use your bike right quick. -For what?

What the fuck, Jah?

What is you doin'?

I came here to grab all my motherfuckin' shit.

Why, nigga? What happened?

What happened?

-T-Rex happened, Taye. -T-Rex? I don't know what the fuck

-you talkin' about. -I'm talking about that nigga showing motherfuckers a video of you fucking other niggas, Taye.

Plural. Niggas.

That was after my brother got shot, Jah.

Oh, fuckin' miss me.

I told you I acted wild then. I didn't know you then.

-Miss me with that shit! -I didn't know you.

I don't give a fuck about none of that fuckin' shit, a'ight?

I don't want my baby mama being a goddamn ho!

Fuck you, Jahkor!

'Cause me and this baby gon' be straight regardless.

All 'cause your motherfuckin' pride is hurt.

-Yeah. -Yeah.

-Yeah, all right. -Yeah.

And you can take your motherfuckin' ass in the fuckin' house, go your ass inside of the fucking house, grab my motherfuckin' shit, and bring my motherfuckin' car keys.

-Go get my fuckin' car keys! -I'm getting them!

I'm getting your fuckin' keys, nigga!

Yeah, a'ight.

Take your keys, nigga!

'Cause I've been takin' the motherfuckin' bus.

And you know what? You ain't nothin' but a hypocrite.

-'Cause I know you been cheating on me. -Come on, babies.

I know you been cheatin' on me, and I ain't done shit with nobody!

Know what, Taye?

If I did... it's because I never trusted your motherfuckin' ass in the first place.

I mean, how you expect me to be faithful to a goddamn ho?

Fuck you, Jahkor.

-Yeah, a'ight. -Yeah, because I loved you, that's how.

And that's all that should motherfuckin' matter!

[introspective piano music playing]

[Jahkor] It's like... a million tiny cuts... that don't seem to matter until you realize...

-I ain't being racist either. -...your ass is bleeding to death.

I'm just tired of people like Jah acting like bein' gangsta about your shit is just a black thing.

'Cause all I do... all I do is ride and keep it lit.

A'ight, a bitch like me don't even fuck with nobody that ain't gangsta.

See, my nigga a fucking D-boy.

Moving zips... sippin' codeine.

All that.

So I don't give a fuck.

I'm a down-ass ratchet bitch. A'ight, I...

I bleed this shit with ten toes down in it.

Follow that motherfucker right there.

It lit?

About to get some rims, nigga.

-Say "lit." -Easy mark.

["Ayy" by Slimmy B playing]

[TQ] Police everywhere, nigga.

Today ain't gon' be my day, Jah.

I ain't going to jail off no bullshit.

Bruh, we on one way the fuck out here.

I'm about to bounce back to the crib, nigga.

This is fuckin' ridiculous.

Talkin' all that shit.

And livin' all the way out here.

White people get on my fuckin' nerves.


Why does what some white bitch do even matter?


Why do anybody matter?

If all you gonna do is react to other people, what they say, what they think of you, and what they do, then you ain't shit but they puppet.

'Cause I could give a fuck about white people.

I'm a predator, nigga.

All that matters is me.

You need to open up your eyes, cuddie.

'Cause that's the American way.

-[siren whooping] -Damn.

[Jahkor] Do you ever notice how police act just like they do on TV?

It's like they watch that shit just to see what to be like.

So what were you doing in a neighborhood like Blackhawk?

You sure you want to play dumb?

Now, come on, Jah, you and your ace motherfucka, Anthony McFadden, a.k.a. TQ the dope dealer.

Oh, you didn't realize we knew about him, did you?

Damn, if we didn't find a brick of that white girl in his truck.

Cocaine. Yeah.

That's ten years, Jah.

He don't want to do that bid.

So, Q...

That's what I like to call him.

Y'all usually got people on the other side of this watching me and shit, right?

Says you work for Stunna.

See what we got here.

You've already pled down an armed robbery.

Robbing a liquor store, resisting arrest, home invasion.

Juvenile report.

Your father's serving life?

Says he, uh... spent a couple months in the psych ward.

He's a dope head.

Is it genetic?




It ain't.

Doesn't matter.

Want me to call your parole officer?

Don't let me find out that you missed an appointment, lost a job--

This is some fuckin' bullshit, and you know it, man!

I don't know why the fuck I'm up in here, bruh!

I want to believe you, Jah, I do. I do.

But you gotta give me something here.

You know, just... something I can use, just some... fuckin' information, man, just...

What about that turf war that's brewing between Malcolm and Stunna?

-Can you talk about that? -I don't know shit about that.

Come on, you must know something. You roll with TQ, right?

Is it true he's working with Malcolm to unify the organizations behind Stunna's back?


You know, Malcolm's been around a long time.

He's a big fish.

Like I said...

I don't know no niggas... named Malcolm.

Or Stunna.

[Jahkor] They pick you up for anything when you on parole.

TQ never carried dope in his whip.

You need to get rid of that old thing.

D'you bring that money like I asked for them tickets?

Ray Ray got it.

Who the fuck is Ray Ray?

My new man.

-Ey, what's up, young playa? -What up, bruh?

-Yo, how much was that shit? -Nah, don't worry about it.

-Do anything for your mama. -Say thank you.

Yeah, a'ight.

Where we taking you?

Got my car over there... in the east.

Boy, I'm not even gon' ask you why you was all way out in Blackhawk around all them white people.

Just hope you breaking her for some money.

-It ain't even like that. -Okay.

So you like them white girls, huh?

-Wassup? -You ain't gotta front, young blood.

I see a bunch of you youngsters out there running with them pale faces.

-Hey, nigga, you don't fuckin' know me. -Jah, stop.

-Ray, open the door. -Might know my mama, but you don't know me, bruh.

Now you wanna get serious? You feelin' hurt?

-Open the door. -Yeah, I am feelin' hurt.


My bad, baby. My bad.

I just thought your son was grown.

I didn't know I had to walk on eggshells around him.

Young boy be feelin' fragile and shit.

Open the car.

Jah. Jah, don't fuckin' do--


-Nigga, you out your motherfuckin' mind? -I might be, nigga!

Jah, I'm fuckin' tired of this shit!

-I'm just opening up my mama's eyes. -We're outside the station!

You wanna come around, walkin' around here like a motherfuckin' boss, nigga?

Listen to me.

-Just get in the fucking car. -Then school me.

-Get in the-- -What do real-ass, savage-ass...

Jah, shut the fuck up!

...OG-ass niggas do when a young blood like myself step outta pocket?

This is shit. Baby, look at me. Get in the fuckin' car.

-Jah, what the fuck? -Man, fuck that nigga, Ma!

What the fuck is wrong with you, Jah?

Why you always gotta fuckin' be acting like this?

You're just like JD was, fucking crazy!

I don't want you nowhere near me no more!


I'm through with your ignorant ass!

You understand me? Fuckin' through!

-You gon' choose this nigga over me? -Get the fuck outta here!

I'm fuckin' through with you!


[Ray Ray muttering]


[La-Trice] TQ with somebody.

[television playing in background]

Aw, shit, man.

-We got celebrity niggas up in the house. -T-Rex, baby.


-Yeah. -If it's trill, I came before it, illustrious, notorious, and oh, so glorious, I'm so stone-cold, baby.

[Stunna] Yeah.

Wassup, man?

You ain't tell me you was gonna be here.

What's goin' on with you, T?

Come on. You know how niggas from The Town get down.

I'm tryin' to get high, get rich, and break a bitch for everything she got.

This nigga right here, man.

Nigga, where that weed at? I know y'all got some fine kush in here.

Say less, my nigga. I got you.

[Jahkor] I quit the shoe store after Stunna started paying me to post up.

And shit, mostly just watch that nigga cook.

Told you this thing was gonna be smackin'.

And you didn't catch her 'cause you couldn't check her phone?

-Yes, ma'am. -I never cheated on him.

I never cheated on him.

But she hasn't caught me physically.

They stupid.

There you go.

Rest your feet, blood, roll one.

Hey, taste this.

Motherfucker's smackin', ain't it?

-This shit fire. -Smackin', right?

That shit's smackin', right?

Shit, man. I told that nigga it was gonna be good.

Where that YouTube at?

Thought I forgot, nigga. Put that shit on.

[Jahkor] The top song right there.

[television cuts off]

[rap instrumental playing]

[Jahkor on recording] Yeah.

-It's Jah, nigga. -Jah, nigga.

♪ Milli on top of milli, gotta feel me ♪

♪ Hustle on top of hustle Until much less as you hear me ♪

♪ Clearly, I gotta get it for the family ♪

♪ Mama did it proper... ♪ You got another track?

♪ By any means I'm on the corner with candy ♪

♪ I sense the chance in the air And the packages landed ♪

♪ I was stranded On many different occasions ♪

♪ And always kept it silent When facing them situations ♪

[song stops]


[chuckles softly]

I do.

[rap instrumental playing]


[Jahkor on recording] Yeah. Ey. Ey.

♪ If you scared, go to church I don't blame you for it ♪

♪ Manslaughter over murder They gon' hang you for it

♪ Incarcerated my brother I tried to take it for him ♪

♪ He's supposed... He's supposed to make it for us

♪ They'd rather break us Than build us up in this broken system ♪

[song stops playing]

So what you think, bruh?

I mean, that shit cool. I just... I really can't fuck with it.

[Jahkor] It's all good.

It ain't shit to a giant, nigga. It ain't stopping shit.

I'mma be good.

Man, do you, little nigga.

[chuckles softly]

[JD] You know I love your mother, right?

But I done...

I done did too much time.

Put too much work out here in these streets to let her talk to me like that. What you think?



One felony and they got you.

Trapped in this shit.

Won't nobody hire you.

They block you from food stamps, Section 8 housing.

How you supposed to live, no job, no help?

My hands been off in a little some of everything trying to keep a paid roof over y'all head.

You're young, see, everything look dreamy.

It's hard out here, man.

Don't do like me, Jah.

Be somebody, like your mother said.

I believe in you.

He the best cook on my tier.

I don't know how he do it.

He get his little meats, buy his little season packets, and throw down.


So I put in a little legwork for you.

The Mexican who chin-checked you... go by Matón.

You know a cat named Q?

People chirpin' about a TQ that was under Malcolm thumb.

-Yeah. -Listen.

They new boss want you dead.

And them screws don't wanna get caught up in it.

Everybody know somebody coming for you, but I got your back.

Don't trust nobody TQ send your way.

They give you a celly yet?


That's 'cause they want you alone.


You ain't gotta be worrying about all that.

I got me.


You need to stick with me, young'un.

In here... ain't nothin' what it seems.

These niggas don't need a reason in here.

And just like on the outside... they'll kill you without a second thought if they can get something out of it.

They're holding something over that nigga.

Either he help them get to you, or they gonna out him to his own people.

You hear me?


[indistinct conversations, laughter]

[indistinct chatter]

[monitor beeping]

[Jahkor] So, how is he, uh...

How's he doin'?

I... [sighs]


The military ruined him, Jahkor.

They did.

The doctors say that he'll never walk again.

I hate the Army.

I don't get why they even sent him there.


It ain't fair.

He did...

He did everything right.


Everything. Everything right.

It ain't fair.

[JD] Nigga, who the fuck you is? Motherfucker talkin' crazy.

I want my motherfuckin' money now, nigga, period!

Ey, I only look this way, boy.

Trust it, I will fuck you up.

Believe me when I tell you I'm strictly 'bout this business.


Nigga, I don't wanna hear that shit! I've got mouths to feed too!

Nigga, do you know I will kill you?

I don't give a fuck what I'm putting up my nose.

I better have my fuckin' money 'fore the end of this day.

Watch what I tell you.

Ey, listen, I'mma talk to you like I talk to a bitch, you ol' bitch-type nigga.

I'mma make you do one thing, only one thing.

I'mma make you wanna do something for this nigga JD.

Hey, Jah!

I'mma roll up the block. I'mma be right back.

[Jahkor] When the average life seems less likely than hitting the lottery... sometimes... the choices in front of you... don't really seem like choices at all.

And what power do we really have... outside of being somebody's boogeyman?

[JD] Told you, I ain't playin'. I want my fuckin' 100.

-[man] Nigga, I ain't scared of you. -Hey, I ain't askin' again.

Man, you must be deaf.

I ain't giving you my fuckin' rent money for you to go and get high.

Long as I known you, you gonna have to shoot me--




["Unfortunately" by Mozzy playing over car stereo]

[music stops]

[indistinct conversations in distance]

[exhales, sniffs]

The rest of them niggas know they can't handle all the dope they holding right now.

That's why they at us so tough.

They need clients, customers, knocks.

And this plug gotta be one of them Mexicans.

The fuck you thought?

They don't wait on no money. You gotta pay them on time, feel me?

[Stunna] They don't want the new clientele he tryin' to push.

-[La-Trice] More weight. Exactly -More drama.

We getting a little too loose with all these niggas around here.

Well, that's why I'm here, nigga.

Let me get that nigga Malcolm for y'all.

Oh, you been thinking about what we talked about, huh?

Is that an answer, nigga?


I don't play around with shit like this, nigga.

This grown man business.

Don't get yourself into something you can't handle.

T, baby, tell this nigga what you was telling me.

I was saying...

Malcolm punk-ass be over at his baby mama house damn near every night, over there near the U & I.

His bitch be down at the hairdresser always talkin' about she got that nigga on a leash.

Checking in to put their little girl to bed.

My little square homie down at the zoning office got me a copy of his driver's license, layout of his bitch' whole neighborhood.

My nigga, if you hungry, I'mma put you to work.

Otherwise, I got some smothered pork chops in the back, nigga.


I'm good.

Yeah, a'ight, blood.

Since you so serious, nigga, when you tryin' to body him?

How about tonight?

Oh, this motherfucker right here.

-Go! -[La-Trice laughs]

I'mma need half my money first though.

It's a done deal, nigga.

You need something to work with?

Both of 'em clean as a motherfucker.

[girl] Jahkor!

My uncle said your daddy a cokehead.

Well, that's yo daddy.

He be buying it on the corner of 89th and MacArthur.

You don't even know what my daddy look like.

I know he drive a Cadillac.

[Jahkor] ♪ We ain't the same If we ridin' round killin' niggas ♪

♪ They don't reduce the pain ♪

[softly] ♪ Tryin' to feel the pain ♪

♪ The same prescriptions I be takin' Don't reduce the pain ♪

♪ So pass the package to your man And let him do his thing ♪

[engine starts]

[dog barking in distance]

[Jahkor] A nigga on my bus said slavery taught black people how to survive... but not how to live.

There's whole neighborhoods that know more about life inside prison than out.

Generations of... men and women... brothers, sisters, mothers... fathers, aunties, uncles, cousins, all of us.

All part of the same fuckin' story on fuckin' repeat.

Makin' this into a life... while everybody on the outside looks in pretending... they would do better.

Or worse... they don't look at all, and just act like we ain't here.

[man] Is that cool? Like, let me take the babies after that?

[woman] Yeah.

[children chattering]

-[woman] Y'all calm down a little bit. -[man] Hey, baby, you want potato salad?

All right, this is for your mama.

That nigga TQ had shit set up perfect.

We had a shooter at the sideshow, and he was gon' slide on La-Trice, man, our nigga just got spotted.

Q want that throne hella bad.

So he handled all that shit. Believe that.

That nigga hungry.

[Malcolm] I been in this shit too long.

I don't play. When I know what I want, I go get it.

What, little nigga?

What's your name?


You know JD?

The basehead that just left? Yeah.

Well, that's my dad.

So, can you please not sell drugs to him anymore?


Nigga, that's my best customer, man.

You remember me, nigga?

Hell yeah.

We folks, right?


[gunshots ring out in previous scene]

[Taye] Who is it?

Stop fuckin' around. Open up the door, all right?

I got a knife, nigga.

I need you to hold something for me.

[Taye] They dirty?

Just make sure you don't get your fingerprints on them shits.

[comedian] Wouldn't you just wait in front of the school with a list of all the kids that are on meds?

Be like, "Hey... got any meds today?


Get the fuck back on the bus.

[audience laughing]

We can't help you today. You're a liability."

So I'm sittin' in this room with Catboy right?

Who did you do, Jahkor?

Don't worry about that shit, baby.

Sharpening his pencil. No fucking pencil in his hand.

All right, it's...

It's just better that way.

Now get your fine ass over here.

Come watch TV with me.

'Cause once you make cat noises in school, guess what?

You don't go back to the general population.

[audience laughs]

I can't pick up the phone and be like, "Hey, he's purring now.

Can I send his crazy ass back to class?"

I knew he was gonna snap. He did.

Come here.



You forgive me?

Are we good?

Yeah, we good.

[chuckles softly]

Oh, shit.

This clown ass nigga.

But then I was like, "That's a pretty good goddamn answer."

Your dick might pop out.

'Cause at that age you got no control of yourself.

You don't even have to see anything sexy.

Somebody can be like, "Who wants Pop-Tarts?"

Your dick's like, "Pop-Tarts!"


"I love Pop-Tarts."

Oh, shit.

Kid with the cornrows is like--

Freeze! Do not move!

[man] Runner! Runner!

Police! Freeze!

Runner! Runner!

-[man 2] We clear? -Clear! Go.

-Fuck! -[man] Stop running!

Show your hands! Freeze!

Get down!

Get down! Down! Down, down, down, down, down.

Come on! Show me your hands!

Give me the other hand. All right.

That's it.

-Easy. -Go.

Coming out!

Coming out!

Stop resisting!

Coming out!

[Jahkor] The only way to understand someone else's life...

is to walk in their shoes.

But you get to pick your role models.

Just 'cause I ended up like my father... don't mean my son got to.

[Jahkor on phone] I got something to tell you.

You sound different.

Well, maybe I am.

What's that mean?

It means I want to see my son.

Are you there?


Just surprised is all.

Hey, want to hear the baby breathin'?


[baby cooing softly]

You don't know how happy you make me feel right now.

I want to be there for my son.

It's fuckin'...

This shit's fuckin' hard, baby.

I don't know what to do while...

I'm still in here.

You see those walls, Jah...

but he don't.

They don't mean nothin' to us.

[indistinct conversations]

What it do, brah brah?

I get it.

You post up here, so you can see niggas coming.

Shit. I don't blame you. It's crazy out here.

Your peoples coming to see you next week, right?

You ain't even seen your baby, huh?


Waiting for my baby mama to come up here.

You know?

I feel it.

So you ready?

For what?

You, nigga.

You ain't gon' get your hair lined up or nothin'?

Shit, nigga.


DJ across the yard, he'll do it for you.

I can show you how to get the wrinkles out your clothes.


Stunna said your ace about to take that bus ride too.

Who you talkin' about?


Who else?

Parole violation.

Q said he think T-Rex is behind that sideshow shit with Malcolm too.

We gon' handle that nigga.

[TQ] This nigga T front like he a rap star and shit, but he really got the connect from Mexico on speed dial.

You feel me?

Stay tuned, my nigga.

I'm doin' big things.

I'm a predator, nigga.

All that matters is me.

Wassup, blood?


You the one nigga that can get close. He over by the garden.

[indistinct conversations]

[Jahkor] Ey, yo.

What up, bruh?

-For real, man. -What's goin' on, bruh?

[both straining]


[Jahkor's shank plunging repeatedly]

[grunting softly]


[baby babbles]


Wassup, little man?


Wassup, bro?

[baby crying]

You're okay.

[Jahkor] We were born in prison.

But I am not your prisoner.

Well, come on, old man.

Come on, man.

Let me show you how to grow something.

Yeah, man, go and, uh...

[JD] Watch.

He gon' rise above all this bullshit we struggle with out here.

Do something with his life.

["Choices (Yup)" by E-40]









-♪ Ever told on a nigga? ♪ -Nope!

-♪ Ever squeezed a trigger? ♪ -Yup!

-♪ Ever set a nigga up? ♪ -Nope!

♪ Ever helped a brother out ♪

-♪ When he was down on his luck? ♪ -Yup!

-♪ You a sap? ♪ -Nope!

-♪ You a boss playa, you a mack? ♪ -Yup!

-♪ Let me hold a couple dollars ♪ -Nope!

-♪ Y'all still be poppin' y'all collars? ♪ -Yup!

-♪ Stock rims on a scraper? ♪ -Nope!

-♪ Paint wetter than a lake ♪ -Yup!

-♪ Poodle in my blood ♪ -Nope!

-♪ Bitch, I'm a thug ♪ -Yup!

-♪ You a loser? ♪ -Nope!

-♪ Winner? ♪ -Yup!

-♪ Starvin'? ♪ -Nope!

-♪ Dinner? ♪ -Yup!

-♪ You still sell dope? ♪ -Nope!

-♪ You cleaner than a bar of Dove soap? ♪ -Yup!

-♪ Got a little gouda? ♪ -Nope!

-♪ Got a thumper, got a Ruger? ♪ -Yup!

-♪ You in love with the ho? ♪ -Nope!

-♪ She bringing you the dough? ♪ -Yup!

-♪ You gon' cry if she leave? ♪ -Nope!

-♪ You gon' fly overseas? ♪ -Yup!

♪ Everybody got choices ♪

♪ I choose to get money I'm stuck to this bread ♪

♪ Everybody got choices ♪

♪ These bitches is choosin' I'm all in they head ♪

♪ Everybody got choices ♪

♪ Keep it one thou I'd a liked it, I chose ♪

♪ Everybody got choices ♪

♪ These niggas be hatin' I already know ♪

-♪ But I never go broke ♪ -No, no, no!

-♪ I'mma stay gettin' money ♪ -Yeah, yeah, yeah!

-♪ And I ain't gotta sell my soul ♪ -No, no, no!

-♪ I'mma stay gettin' money ♪ -Yeah, yeah, yeah!

-♪ If you broke, you ain't like me ♪ -No, no, no!

-♪ I'mma stay gettin' money ♪ -Yeah, yeah, yeah!

-♪ I give a fuck if you don't like me ♪ -No, no, no!

-♪ I'mma stay gettin' money ♪ -Yeah, yeah, yeah!

-♪ Ugh! Lazy? ♪ -Nope!

-♪ Got dick that'll drive a ho crazy? ♪ -Yup!

-♪ Hater? ♪ -Nope!

-♪ Wanna see a player get paper? ♪ -Yup!

-♪ Traitor? ♪ -Nope!

-♪ Loyal to my soil, not a faker? ♪ -Yup!

-♪ Sleep? ♪ -Nope!

-♪ Bust moves, hella active in the streets? ♪ Yup!

-♪ Scared of the dark? ♪ -Nope!

-♪ Have money, have heart? ♪ -Yup!

-♪ Narc? ♪ -Nope!

-♪ Shark? ♪ -Yup!

-♪ Gossip like a broad? ♪ -Nope!

-♪ Check a bitch like a smog? ♪ -Yup!

-♪ Slippin'? ♪ -Nope!

-♪ Trippin'? ♪ -Yup!

-♪ Sober as a gopher? ♪ -Nope!

-♪ Higher than a rollercoaster? ♪ -Yup!

-♪ Star Wars? ♪ -Nope!

-♪ Yoda? ♪ -Yup!

-♪ Neva leave the house without my strap ♪ -Nope!

-♪ Shoot a motherfucker in his nap ♪ -Yup!

-♪ Never been a sucka or a pussy ♪ -Nope!

-♪ Blow cookie, neva cough like a rookie ♪ -Yup!

♪ Everybody got choices ♪

♪ I choose to get money I'm stuck to this bread ♪

♪ Everybody got choices ♪

♪ These bitches is choosin' I'm all in they head ♪

♪ Everybody got choices ♪

♪ Keep it one thou I'd a liked it, I chose ♪

♪ Everybody got choices ♪

♪ These niggas be hatin' I already know ♪

-♪ But I never go broke ♪ -No, no, no!

-♪ I'mma stay gettin' money ♪ -Yeah, yeah, yeah!

-♪ And I ain't gotta sell my soul ♪ -No, no, no!

-♪ I'mma stay gettin' money ♪ -Yeah, yeah, yeah!

-♪ If you broke, you ain't like me ♪ -No, no, no!

-♪ I'mma stay gettin' money ♪ -Yeah, yeah, yeah!

-♪ I give a fuck if you don't like me ♪ -No, no, no!

-♪ I'mma stay gettin' money ♪ -Yeah, yeah, yeah!

-♪ Was it love at first sight? ♪ -Nope!

-♪ Did she ride you like a bike? ♪ -Yup!

-♪ Was it ripe? ♪ -Nope!

-♪ Was her pussy tight? ♪ -Yup!

-♪ Got some property? ♪ -Nope!

-♪ Drive a Maserati? ♪ -Yup!

-♪ You softer than a sock? ♪ -Nope!

-♪ You solid as a rock? ♪ -Yup!

-♪ Slow? ♪ -Nope!

-♪ Trained to go? ♪ -Yup!

-♪ Your team weak? ♪ -Nope!

-♪ You respected in the stri-neet? ♪ -Yup!

-♪ Shallow? ♪ -Nope!

-♪ Di-neep? ♪ -Yup!

-♪ Broke? ♪ -Nope!

-♪ Chi-neap? ♪ -Yup!

-♪ Not a BB or a pellet gun ♪ -Nope!

-♪ But a long-barrel bass drum ♪ -Yup!

-♪ If I get into it, won't ride? ♪ -Nope!

-♪ I'mma give a nigga fair one ♪ -Yup!

-♪ Still live in the trap? ♪ -Nope!

-♪ You ever go back? ♪ -Yup!

-♪ Wear a wire and a camera? ♪ -Nope!

-♪ Ears to the scanner? ♪ -Yup!

♪ Everybody got choices ♪

♪ I choose to get money I'm stuck to this bread ♪

♪ Everybody got choices ♪

♪ These bitches is choosin' I'm all in they head ♪

♪ Everybody got choices ♪

♪ Keep it one thou I'd a liked it, I chose ♪

♪ Everybody got choices ♪

♪ These niggas be hatin' I already know ♪

-♪ But I never go broke ♪ -No, no, no!

-♪ I'mma stay gettin' money ♪ -Yeah, yeah, yeah!

-♪ And I ain't gotta sell my soul ♪ -No, no, no!

-♪ I'mma stay gettin' money ♪ -Yeah, yeah, yeah!

-♪ If you broke, you ain't like me ♪ -No, no, no!

-♪ I'mma stay gettin' money ♪ -Yeah, yeah, yeah!

-♪ I give a fuck if you don't like me ♪ -No, no, no!

-♪ I'mma stay gettin' money ♪ -Yeah, yeah, yeah!

[rap instrumental playing]

♪ Milli on top of milli, gotta feel me ♪

♪ Hustle on top of hustle Until much less as you hear me ♪

♪ Clearly, I gotta get it for the family ♪

♪ Mama did it proper She hardly can understand me ♪

♪ By any means I'm on the corner with candy ♪

♪ I sense the chance in the air And the packages landed ♪

♪ I was stranded On many different occasions ♪

♪And always kept it silent When facing them situations ♪

♪ Mileage, honey Go hand in them litigations ♪

♪ You know I'm paying well Don't plan on going to jail, nigga ♪

♪ Ain't nothing worse Than waking up in the cell ♪

♪ Hearing the homie died I'm tired of taking these L's, nigga ♪

[song fades]

[rap instrumental playing]

Yeah, bruh! Yeah, nigga!

Y'all niggas out here lookin' shook, bruh.

Y'all need that "God is good," that "God is able" or something, bruh.

Yeah. Hey! Hey! Hey!

♪ If you scared, go to church I don't blame you for it ♪

♪ Manslaughter over murder They gon' hang you for it

♪ Incarcerated my brother I tried to take it for him ♪

♪ He on his way to the pros He supposed to make it for us

♪ They'd rather break us Than build us up in this broken system ♪

♪ We ain't no different If we ridin' round smokin' niggas ♪

♪ But I'm just thirsty for revenge It'll soothe the pain ♪

♪ And the prescriptions I be poppin' Don't reduce the pain ♪

♪ I throw your partner a pack 'Cause you let him do his thing ♪

♪ Here go the load, it's a phone And you can use the chain ♪

♪ They heard about the dirty work Before they knew the name ♪

♪ Find yourself in a pickle And try to use the name, Jah, nigga ♪

[song ends]

[instrumental piano ballad playing]

Hey! Yeah!


♪ Why would I lie? ♪

♪ The 40 on me right now Why would you try? ♪

♪ You reach and you die ♪

♪ Yeah, I wonder why ♪

♪ They only call my phone When they need the 05 ♪

♪ But I ain't got it this time I got a lot of my mind ♪

♪ Ma still on my line She think I'm still getting high ♪

♪ I'm in the field with my guys I split a mil with my guys ♪

♪ It's cool to be a boss But don't belittle your guys ♪

♪ Wounds heal over time And over time they heal ♪

♪ Still turning down deals I'll never turn down a drill ♪

♪ Nobody wins on appeal Either kill or be killed ♪

♪ Shit killin' me still ♪

♪ You ain't felt how I felt It's a real feeling, for real ♪

♪ Real feeling, for real ♪

♪ Real feeling, for real ♪