All of My Heart: The Wedding (2018) Script

[goats bleat]

Morning everyone.


Good morning.

Good morning to you, too.

Mmm, pumpkin pancakes.

House speciality.

You know, I just love cooking according to the seasons.

Especially this season, because I'm gonna be a fall bride.

Is that a thing?

It's a thing to me.

Really, it's just the most gorgeous time of the year.

Actually, gorgeous is looking into those eyes for the rest of my life.

And eating very well.


And laughing a lot.

You know, if this is the next chapter, sign me up.

I can't believe the wedding is just two months away.

I mean, there's still so much to do.

We gotta do the flowers and the cake.

Yeah, but-

[phone rings]

Oh. Hold that thought, babe.

Emily's Country Inn.


When were you uh, planning on arriving?

Well, I don't know if I can promise you romance but I am the proprietor and I'm getting married.

Alright, Mrs. Morgan, we'll see you then.

Alright, safe travels. Bye.

You know, it's interesting.

Every time someone makes a reservation they always mention the review in Susan Barry's travel blog.

What she said was true.

People who stay here leave a little bit happier and some even find love.


Yeah, you know, like Abby and I.

Yeah, just like you guys.

Ok, look, if we get overbooked I'll go stay at Tommy's and you can rent out my room.

You know what, that's not a bad idea.

We could use the extra cash.

The wedding is costing so much.

Well, yeah, yeah. I know, I know.

Because you, you know, invited half the town.

Well, I just want everyone to share the joy I feel.

And who doesn't need to feel a little more joy?

And carbs.

I'm taking one for the road.

Double dipping.

Gabby! Lucy.

No, no.

Come here. Come here.

Ricky, stay.

Come here. Lucy-

I don't think goats stay.



I don't think goats actually stay.

I can't hear you, I'm goat herding.

You two.

What's that honey?

Alright, so we have to choose a wedding invitation.



Hang on, I think I've narrowed it down to these three.

Here ya go.

What do you think?

Grab Ricky for me?

Hi. Of course.

What do you think, little Ricky?

I like that one.

That one's nice, too.

Honey, I like 'em all. You decide.

No, I can't decide.

That's why I'm asking you.

Gabby, I need your expert advice on which one you like.

Which one? This one?

That one?

What about this one?

Anyone? Anybody?

Oh, oh, oh.

That's the one.

Lucy likes this one.

Good job, Lucy.

There you go, that's the one. Awesome.

Thanks, Gabby.

Is that the one, Lucy?


Clearly I've made some great choices.

Goatly expertise.

I got it.

What about under this tree?


You know, in my-in my storybook wedding fantasy...

Never mind. It's already-

No, no, no. You've already started.

More perfect would be?

More perfect would be a gazebo.

A gazebo, huh?

Well, then I guess it looks like I will have to build my bride a gazebo.

Oh... really?


I didn't say it would be symmetrical or anything, but it'll make for a happy marriage.

Yeah, if it lasts through the ceremony.


Come on. Love me, love my toolbox.

I know, I should put that in my vows.

Right here.

This is where I wanna make you my wife.

This is it.

Maybe we should practise the kiss.


Pretty good.

Just pretty good?

Pretty good.

Would it be better if I build you a gazebo?

You don't actually have to build it.

Are you kidding me...


You invited the mail man?

Ok, I know.

But he's gonna be delivering the invitations and I didn't want him to feel left out.

He's such a nice man.

Oh, really?


[phone rings]

Hey, Harry. What's up?

Tell him I say hi.

Oh, yeah. Jenny says hi.

Tell her to save me one of those scones.

You got it.

Hey, I finally closed on that condo.

Congrats, buddy. That's great.

They ask so many questions.

It's kinda weird looking at your life on paper like that.

Lives alone, single, no pets.

I mean, it kinda makes me sound lonely or something.

Are you?

What? No.

Just uh, consider yourself lucky that you inherited that house and all that came with it.

I certainly am.

Except for the goats.

That much contentment I cannot handle.

Oh, hey, I gotta run to a meeting to pay for my fancy new address.

Congrats again.

Alright, take care.


You know, um, Harry just closed this deal and got himself a condo to celebrate.

Really? Good for him.

Yeah, yeah, good for him.

Yeah, I was just wondering how many innkeepers got their MBA's from Wharton.

I just wanna make sure I'm using my bottom line sensibility.

Where is this going?

I was thinking maybe I'd build a company.

You know, instead of trading on Wall Street.

I mean, come on, Jenny's Home Baked, it's got a great product, all it needs is a little more exposure.

So I bake it you sell it?

I think we'd make a great team.

I think this is a great idea.

Better get to those phones and start making some calls.

I think you're gonna love this one.

I love all of them, that's the problem.

I can't decide.

It's wedding fever, it'll pass.

I hope not.

I've been to so many weddings I think I've lost count.

Always a bridesmaid is my middle name.

Your turn's coming, Casey.

Casey, I think this is the one.

Are we talking about the groom or the dress?


Ok, let's see it.

I love it.

I'll need to hem it, but it really is lovely on you.

I'm afraid to ask the price.


It's a wedding present from your maid of honour.

I- I can't let you do that.

It's already a done deal.

I don't even know what to say.

You say "I do" and Brian does, too, and then we all eat cake.

Thank you.

Just-thank you.

I look like a bride.

The prettiest one I've ever seen.

Whatcha eatin', huh?


I'm Jenny.



I was just looking around.

Were you hoping for a room at the inn?

Because we actually just had a cancellation.

You own the house?

Yeah, with my fiancé, Brian.

He's just in town.

He's actually buying some lumber

'cause we're building a gazebo for our wedding.

Yes, I'd like a room at the inn.


Follow me.

I see you have goats.

We actually have four now.

This is little Ricky.

Come on in.

Gabby, say hello to our new guest.

Come on in.

How old is the house?

It's over 100 years old.


Yeah, it needed a lot of work when we first got here.

We've actually done a lot of remodelling.

You and your fiancé?


We each inherited half of the house from Emily.

We didn't even know each other and now we're getting married.

Half the house?

Yeah, she left it to my- my mother's Aunt Madge and the caretaker who looked after the property.

And you never met Emily?

No. I wish I had.

She's given me so much.

Yes, I mean, the house and all this land.

How big is the property?

Uh, it's about 20 acres.

It's a beautiful place.

I just walk around and fall in love with nature.

I'll have to try that.

You should.

In the meantime here is your room.

Please make yourself at home and I will um, I'll just be in the kitchen there.

I'm gonna do some baking so let me know if you need anything.

I will.


Look, a gazebo is pretty ambitious.

I- even for somebody who knows what they're doing.


Well, let's just hope it's sturdy enough, you know, to hold your height and weight.


Tommy, I uh, I want you to be my best man.

I'd be honoured.

Come here.

Woah, ok.

Easy. Easy, I need that.

I'm building a gazebo.

Come on, right?

It's about time you're my best man.

You know, we've come a long way.

Yeah, I wish I could say as much for your carpentry.

That's a low blow.

Look, I can help you build the gazebo.

It can be my wedding present to you and Jenny.

Really? Thank you, Tommy. I appreciate that.

Yeah. I feel like I owe you.

You know, if Susan hadn't stayed at the inn I...

I never would have met her.

Is she gonna be your date for the wedding?

She's my date for everything.

That's so sweet.

Oh, we were about to have lunch.

Oh, there she is.

Hi Brian.


How're you doing?

Good, how are you?

Susan, I have to thank you on behalf of Jenny and I.

That blog that you wrote about the inn is the gift that just keeps on giving.

Oh, good.

I thought it was just a regular old B&B on my fall itinerary but that charming inn casts a romantic spell.

It's a good thing I happened to be hanging around.

Yeah, you're pretty hard to miss there, bud.

Good to see you.

Can I grab that?


Thank you.

Enjoy your lunch.


I am going to get wood.

To the left.

Ok, you get this side.

Ok, so the Duncans checked out.


So we have a new guest, Meg.

Alright. Who?

Her name's Meg.

She was walking around the yard and, I don't know.

She kind of asked all these questions about the house.

Well, maybe she's looking for her own B&B, she's just checking out the competition.

I don't know, something feels off.

Well, listen.

I've been doing a lot of thinking and a lot of research about selling baked goods.

We need to land ourselves another coffee shop franchise like Creamaccino's.

Perfect. Sounds like a plan.

Awesome. I love it.

You know how you were talking about the inn being the perfect little B&B&D, you know, bed and breakfast and dinner?


I mean, come on.

The dining room could be its own little restaurant, right?

Maybe we should try that after the wedding.


We can promote Jenny's Home Baked and vice versa.

There's one more thing I wanted to ask you about.

Oh, come on.

I don't like the look on that face.

I know you.

Please tell me you didn't invite somebody else to the wedding.

It's who we didn't invite.

There's no family.

I mean, my-my parents are gone.

I... wish more than anything they could be here, but...

Brian, your dad is still around.

He should be there.


I know, but a wedding is- it's a perfect way to reconnect.

It's been too long, alright?

I mean, after he remarried everything went downhill and Helen and I, we never got along.

And I heard through the grapevine they're getting a divorce, so-

Ok, so that's even more reason to reach out.

Honey, I haven't spoken to my dad in over two years.

And when I was a kid all he cared about was stocks and bonds.

Not me.

So... what do we have in common?

Maybe you should call and find out.

[snapping photos]

[snapping photos]

[goat bleat]

Oh! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!


Duty calls.




[sing-songy] Here comes the bride.

Can I interest you in one of these?

You bet.

Alright, well that danish comes with a request.

I'm listening.

I want you to give me away at the wedding.



I think I'm up for it.

Thank you, that- that really means a lot.

I'll probably have to buy a new suit.

And it'll cost you a few more danish.

Oh, all you can eat.

Thank you, Vern.

Oh, boy, oh boy, oh boy!

[phone ringing]


Uh, hey-hey dad, how are ya?

I'm happy to hear from my son.

Yeah, listen.

I- I wanted to start off by just saying I'm sorry about what happened to you and Helen.

That's generous of you to say.

I know the two of you didn't get along.

You know, there's nothing more beautiful than Greenwich this time of year.

Except Bucks County.

Are you on vacation?

No, dad. I um, actually I inherited a-a house from mom's side of the family.

I moved in, I fell in love, and uh, I decided to leave Wall Street.

Why on earth would you do that?

Yeah, dad, look.

I know we've been distant in the last couple of years so I don't even know how to tell you this

'cause I'm sure you'll disapprove.

I'm certainly surprised.

I'm getting married and I want you to come to the wedding.

Why would you leave the city?

Because we turned our house into a bed and breakfast.

Are you an innkeeper now?

Yeah, dad, I'm an innkeeper and Jenny and I really enjoy it.

I take it she's the bride to be.

She's the best thing that ever happened to me.

Of course I'll come to your wedding.

I'm glad I called.

I missed you very much.

You-you too.

I'll send out the invite uh, in the morning.

Look forward to it. Bye son.


So I-I called my father.

How'd it go?

Well, it was a little strained at first like it always is, but I think it ended pretty well.

He's coming to the wedding.

That was the right thing to do.


Marrying you is the right thing to do.

I'm so glad.

Oh, hi, Meg.


Can I-can I get you something?

There's no good time to tell you this so it might as well be now.

I'm-I'm sorry, tell me what?

Jenny, I'm your second cousin once removed, and I'm entitled to an equal share of this estate.

I'm-I'm sorry, I- I don't understand.

What she's trying to say is that she's contesting Emily's will, right?

Yeah, that's what she's saying.

Emily's will was written in 1965.

She left her estate to her caretaker and her cousin, Madge.

My mother's aunt.


I am related to her on my father's side of the family.

The will was written before we were born but we're both her descendants.

The lawyer never mentioned anything about you, so we're obviously gonna need some proof of what you're saying.

Of course.

It's all here.

So you and I are family.

On paper, but I mean we don't really have any history.

That's alright, you're certainly making history today.

Brian, I understand that you're descended from Emily's caretaker?

Yeah, on my mother's side.

Look, what took you so long to come forward?

Well, I work for an accounting firm in Chicago, which is where I normally live.

Right. My mother was from Illinois.

Right. But I've been away working in Tokyo for an extended period of time.

The lawyer sent the letter about the house to my address in Chicago.

I finally received it and now here we are.

And where is that, exactly?

Technically it could be argued that I supersede Jenny in the will.

But you have a valid claim and you've made improvements on the house so I am willing to settle for a third of the estate.

This is-this is a lot to take in.

I understand.

Consult your lawyer, but I can assure you that all of my documentation is correct.

So what happens next?

Well, I will do some research to assess the value of the property.

You can buy me out or we can sell it.

I have no preference.

Well, I'm afraid we do.

I have no living relatives.

It was just so unexpected to find out that I have family.

Yeah. That matters.

I'm just-I'm so upset about the house.

We may have to sell it if we can't buy her out.

What? I'm sure it won't come to that.

Not to mention I'm about to get married.

Yeah, you certainly are.

Right? I'm just-I'm happy, I'm excited, I'm worried all at the same time.

Slow down and take it all in order.

I just feel like my brain is just this avalanche of what-if's.

I mean, maybe we should move up the wedding date just in case we lose the house.

To when?

Sometime before Meg checked in?

I don't know, I just don't want Jenny to know how worried I am about her, you know?

Then I suggest you wearing a bag over your head.

Yeah, thanks, Tommy.

I think I, you know, worked on Wall Street, I can hide my anxiety, but I appreciate it.

Well, that's 'cause everyone there is too anxious to even notice.

Do you know we took a second mortgage out on the uh, on the house to do the remodel?

Tommy, we can't afford to buy Meg out.

How much does she want?

I don't know, she hasn't given us a number or anything but whatever it is it's a whole lot more than what we've got.

Maybe Susan could write another review.

Listen man, um, I've taken up too much of your time.

Thanks for being a friend, ok?

Listening to my problems.

Hey, your problems are mine.

I'm your best man.

You are.

I'll talk to you soon, buddy.


Andy Howard, nice to meet you.

Meg Riley.

Have a seat, please.

So, what brings you to Danfield, Miss Riley?


You know, I've never met a Meg I didn't like.

Even in movies and books Meg's always the one you like best.

I'm just trying to determine local property values.

Ok, do you have a specific place in mind?

Yes, it's a house on Maple Lane.

Emily's Country Inn.

Oh, that's not for sale.

The owners are friends of mine.

I own a piece of the property.

And I'd like to see the comps.

Well, I could show you comps of the neighbouring houses but not all the comps are comparable.

I mean, how can you measure a good time?

I'll settle with square footage and selling price.

It's such a cute little B&B.

You know, everyone who stays there leaves happier than when they arrived.

I'm just gathering information.

Ok, well um, why don't you give me your email and I'll send over what I have.

There you go.


How do you feel about Megs now?

I guess it depends on how this goes.

I feel like I should knock.

Why? You're a guest here.

Or the owner.

This is all so awkward, I- I'm sorry.

I just don't really know what to say.

That makes two of us.

Have a seat.

I mean, we are related.

I would love to know more about you.

You're from Chicago?

Born and raised, by my mother.

My parents divorced when I was a kid.

I was raised by my mother.

My father passed away.

I'm sorry.


So do you have any other family?

Just you, I guess.

Are you married?

I was engaged but that didn't work out.

After we split up my whole world was up in the air.

Then I found out about this house.

You know what?

The same thing happened to me.

I- I had a boyfriend, Darryl, and we broke up and that's-that's when I found out I inherited this place.

[phone rings]


It's my boss.

I have to take this.

Yeah, no, of course.

Yes, Madeline.

Ok, I'll check my laptop and I'll call you right back.

I do all the work and she gets all the credit.

It's getting really old.

So in a fall wedding the flowers are everything.

Carnations are a little overdone, don't you think?

But to be honest, they're calling to me.


This ties in all the colours of the season.

Orange for the altar.

I think lavender would be a really nice contrasting colour.

What do you think?

Oh, yes. Absolutely.

What? I'm just practising for married life.

Handsome and witty.

What do you think?

I think it looks fall-ish.

I'm a little worried about the gladiolas overpowering the yellow roses.

Brian, those aren't gladiolas, they're orchids.

Ok, I have no idea.

I predict a happy marriage.

You know what?

Do you want to come to the wedding?


I... I'd be delighted.

There you go.

Standing room only, so...

Thank you.

Anybody else wanna come to the wedding?



Are you leaving?

I can't take any more time off work.

I have to get home.

What about the house?

I've calculated everything from property values to taxes.

My share of the estate is worth $126,000.

I've tried to be as fair and accurate as possible.

Oh, of course you were.

Feel free to show it to your lawyer and let me know if you have any questions.

Right. Did you at least have a good time here?

It was very nice.

But is it a good financial risk?

The number of B&B's in this area is statistically very unfavourable.

That sounds pretty cut and dry.

I mean, you know, I'm a bottom line guy myself.

It's a professional hazard.

I turn everything into numbers.


Look, let me know what you decide and we'll take it from there.

Of course.

And the food was really good.

Thank you.

I'm not good at goodbyes.


I mean, what're we gonna do now?

You know, the first time we met was in a lawyer's office.

Yeah, seems like a lifetime ago, huh?

So much has changed I can hardly believe it.

Here we are.

Positive thoughts. Let's see how this goes.

I reviewed Emily's will and all of Meg Riley's documentation and what she asserts is correct.

Well, then why didn't anybody tell us about her?

Well, the will was written in 1965, over 50 years ago.

Tracing down the descendants of the beneficiaries who deceased was a very difficult task.

Mr. Simon sent out letters, made many calls.

You two were the only ones who responded.

Ok, well then so what are our options?

Well, I suppose you could go to court but that could cost you more than you owe her.

My advice? Just pay her off.

I mean, I wish we could.

Well, it might just be easier to sell the property.

I'm terribly sorry but I'm due in court.

Um, yes, well listen, thank you for seeing us on such short notice.

Have a good day. Thank you.

You too.

Appreciate it.

It makes me think about the first time I went to see the house.

Yeah, I thought it was a wreck.

I thought it was perfect.

Remember how I was so determined to sell the house?

Now I'd do anything to keep it.

We're not gonna lose our home.

I know.

[goats bleat]

Listen, come on.

Let me just bring you some samples.

You will not be disappointed, trust me, these are the best muffins you've ever eaten in your life.

Ok, that's what I like to hear.

Ok. Thank you very much.

Look forward to seeing you. Bye.


Ok, now you know I've been chasing all these orders.


Unfortunately, honey, it's not gonna be enough.

We need to land ourselves a big fish.

Ok, so do you have any particular fish in mind?

I do, I mean, it's a long shot because obviously they're a huge chain, but I was thinking Township Foods.

They would be the perfect fit.

They would be the perfect fit.

I know, right?

But I just-I can't get an appointment.

They have all these suppliers, it's like you need to know somebody to get in the door.

So we'll find someone.

I love your optimism.

I love you.

Ok, wish me luck.

Good luck!


So listen, I have been studying the marketplace.

It is all about finding the right vendors.


Listen, I'm sorry to interrupt but we have an appointment with the baker.


Cake before commerce.

Alright, let's go.


Have you decided what kind of cake it is?

Why are we way out here in Buckingham again?

Because he's the best baker in Buck's County.

Except for you.

Aw, thank you.

But I'm the bride, I can't make my own cake.


Now listen, I have been dreaming about this forever so just let me take the lead with frosting and filling.




So, I want all the tiers to relate, yet be distinct, gaining in flavour and intensity as they ascend.

She's a baker.

Can you add Grand Marnier to the batter before it thickens?

Sure, I-I guess I could do that.

I would love a chocolate ganache filling with ribbons of buttercream on every tier except the third.

Oh. What happens on the third tier?

A raspberry buttercream filling with a white chocolate amaretto glaze and a crown of flowers that match my bouquet.


I've been baking wedding cakes for 22 years and nobody has ever been that precise.

How about you?

Do you have any tier-by-tier requests?


A lot of couples come through those doors.

But you two, you two I won't forget.


Do you want to come to the wedding?

I've never been asked before.


Thank you.

What do you know?

I finally get to eat my own cake.


You better show up early because half the planet's coming.

That's beautiful.

That's going backwards.

How're you doing, buddy?

Good, you?

Getting the hang of it.

Oh, hold on.

[phone rings]


Hello, yeah.

How are you? Thanks for the call back.

Oh yes, of course.

Pricing is always negotiable with a first-time vendor.

You know, I was thinking let's start with the croissants and let's see how it goes.

Alright, looking forward to it.

Alright, thanks. Bye.


Don't forget to get married, huh?


I already ordered my suit.


They make them that big?

The sleeves are a little short but all eyes will be on the bride.


Here put this-

Yeah, babe?


Ok, I just talked to Nancy.

Who's Nancy?

The mail man's wife.

Right. of course.

So her brother works for Township Foods.

They're giving us an appointment.

Are you serious?

Way to go, partner!

Isn't it amazing how things work out?

See? We're just gonna have to keep the inn.

Let's not tempt fate here.


Until we have a deal.

Good point.

Up top. Too slow.



Every time. Every time.

I'm hungry.

Good for you.

Doing a lot of hard work out here.

Mmm, mmm.

These are really, really good.


Those are gingerbread scones with a candied cranberry filling.

Township Foods likes to help their customers celebrate the seasons.

Well, you certainly have enough samples.

Did you try the cornbread baguette?

Try that, let me know what you think.

I just worry that you're taking on too much.

Oh, Brian's at the inn and... look, it is a lot of work but there's just so much at stake with this meeting.

You guys are gonna do great.


So listen, the samples will sell themselves, alright?

We don't want this pitch to become too pedantic.

She's a regional VP.

She's not gonna give us much time.

The pitch is perfect.

Okay. Well, thank you.

And you look cute in your suit.


I was kinda going for hot but I'll take cute.


I don't know when she'll have an opening.

I'll let you know.

Hi. Uh, we are here to see Janet.

Oh, uh, Janet got delayed at corporate headquarters in Denver.

She missed her flight.

So she's not here.


[phone rings]


Her schedule's just so jam packed, it could be weeks.

I'll let you know.

Uh, we're from Jenny's Home Baked.

We had-we had an appointment.


I'm sorry, it couldn't be helped.

Uh... oh, oh, these look really good.

Would you like to try one?

I am on a diet.

Um, can you do me a huge favour, then?

Give this to Janet, have her take a look at it.

That's our history, projected sales back on the list.

Uh, you can leave the samples if you'd like and I'll let you know when there's an opening.

Thank you.

You're welcome.


You're welcome.

These look really great.

If we move I'm taking this sink.

I don't want it singing to anyone else, either.

I better get ready.

Alice went through a lot of trouble to throw me a shower.

[indistinct conversations]

Ladies, the wedding is only three weeks away.

We're so excited.

Thank you, Alice.

This is just so nice.

I'm having such a good time.


As far as bridal showers go you pretty much nailed it.

Why thank you.

Speaking of good times, how are things going at the inn?

Ok. You know what?

We're getting a lot of reservations thanks to your blog.

I'm happy to hear it.


Wow, hi. In the front room, sorry.

Ladies, I didn't mean to crash the party.

The more the merrier.


Um, Jenny, this news couldn't wait.

Um, the regional VP, not to mention all of her staff, loved your samples so much, we just got an order from Township Foods.

I don't know, big deal.

Does this mean I won't be losing my favourite neighbours?

That, and if we sell well I think we're gonna get a contract.


So we may be ok?

I think we're gonna be great.

Well, it's Emily's Country Inn and there's only happy endings allowed.


[phone buzzing]

Hey, Harry, what's up, buddy?

Hey Brian, how's everything going?

I'm just expanding Jenny's Home Baked.

It's my new calling.

Maybe I can help you network the company as it grows.

You know what? I think that's a great idea.

Uh, hey, I uh... had a quick question for you about the wedding.

Ok, what's up?

I was thinking of asking Casey to be my date.

Ooh, I think I like that idea.

But don't say anything to Jenny. Not yet.

Why, are you nervous?

I don't do nervous.


I just uh... we flirted a few times and I thought it would be fun.

Alright, I'll tell you what. I will text you her number.

Ok. Thank you.

Alright, lover boy.

It's like, guys, this gazebo has all these angles where the wood intersects and stuff.

I mean, don't you guys have anything like a curved nail or something?


Yeah, we can-we can barely keep 'em in stock.

You find that funny, right?

You're the pros.

Tommy, Frank, come on. You guys gotta help me out.

You know what you're doing.

Well semi-pros.

I actually got laid off by my boss recently, not enough gazebo's going up I guess.

You're a semi-pro now.

You brought a semi-pro?

He's been working for me part-time.

Hey, if you know anybody that needs a handyman or whatever I could use the work.

Actually, you know what? I think I do.





Tommy, come on.

I mean, Jenny and I, we're working full-time.

We're running the B&B, we're preparing for our wedding, we're slammed.

We need somebody that can deliver her baked goods to all the vendors in the state.

What do you say?

That does work perfect.

I delivered pizza out of that van before.

See? He delivered pizzas out of that van.

Yeah, seems like a win-win.

Hey, you know what?

I'll even throw in a box of curved nails.

Why don't we just throw you in the box?


I can't believe we're about to make our first delivery to Township Foods.

How's everything going with the wedding?

There's still so much to do.

I just feel like my day never ends.

Harry called me.

And what'd he say?

He asked me to be his date for the wedding.

And what did you say?

I said yes.

I didn't even hesitate.

Coy has never really worked for me so I thought I'd try honest.

The thing is, I like the guy.

You know what?

If I've learned anything about love it's that liking the guy is all that matters.

I mean, I'm about to marry my best friend.

You're about to burn your strudel.

Oh, thank you.

And think about it.

If I hadn't inherited the house I never would have met Brian.

I never would have met you or Vern and you wouldn't have met Harry.

It's just one date.

Yeah, but you met at Emily's Romantic Country Inn.

Come on, that's all I'm gonna say.

Until I say I hope it works out.

Oooh, what're you doing?


Well, you know, you weren't here so I figured I'd start breakfast.

I am making pumpkin pancakes.

I mean, come on.

How hard could it be, right?

I've seen you make it at least a dozen times.

It's a little well done.

That one's hard.

Yeah, that one going to the goats.



You wanna play with it? You wanna play frisbee?

Yeah, no.

We could, but let me take over.

I'll do this batch.

I'm doing good.

No, you did great.

I'll handle this next batch.

Ok. Alright.

Well, then I guess I will go set the table.

Good idea.

It's just terrible.


[goats bleat]



Got one more?

Good way to start the day, right?


Alright Frank, it's time to hit the road, buddy.


I will call you guys as soon as I make the delivery.

Thank you so much.

No problem.

Good luck.

Ok, we can finally relax for a minute and talk about the wedding.



I'm here.


So I need to call the florist.

Um, I've also ordered all the champagne.

Oh, perfect.

Do you think Frank could pick up the extra chairs with his van?

I just wanna make sure we have enough.

Sure, honey. Yeah.

Speaking of Frank, I don't know why he hasn't called me yet.

He's probably stuck in traffic or something.

Absolutely not. This is not... happening.


This is not-this is not happening.

Oh no.



Oh boy.

Oh boy.

This is... oh, this is not- this is not ok.

Brian, it's not gonna help to watch the clock.

We need to plan.

I know, he's supposed to make this delivery by now so...


[phone ringing]

There he is.


Frank, hey.

Yeah, can you hear me?

[cutting in and out] Brian?

Frank, I can't hear you.

What's wrong?

Brian are you there?

Yeah, I'm here.

Did you make the delivery?

The van, it-it broke down. I've been...

Where-ok, where are you?


[cutting in and out] I can't hear anything.

Frank? Hello?

Brian, are you there?

That's great. I lost him.

His-his van broke down.

Oh no.

Yeah. Oh yeah.

Oh yeah.


Um... ok.

I'm gonna fix this, ok?

I'm gonna call Township Foods.

Trust me, I'm gonna fix this. I need a moment.

Where is their number here?


Well, um, we lost the account, and our reputation, I think, just took a hit.

Jenny, I don't know.

It's a lot harder building a company than it looks.

We can come back from this.

Jenny, the timing couldn't be worse.

Come on, we're getting married and we don't even know if we have a home.

Come here.

I'm sorry.

[goats bleat]

We need to call Meg.

I know, I know, but what're we gonna say?

Don't get upset.

I was thinking that maybe we would just postpone the wedding and use that money to pay off whatever we owe her.

Brian, we've sent out invitations.

People have accepted.

I mean, we've ordered flowers and cakes and we've put deposits down.

Look, I know those are just logistic issues but there's a bigger issue.


I don't wanna wait to be your wife.

And I don't wanna wait to be your husband.

Come here.

Hey, listen.

I don't have any paper.

Princess, I don't.

I have this, ok?

Remember, a little feed for once.

[phone ringing]

You're gonna act like a little princess, aren't you?


Oh, man.

Hi dad.

Hi Brian, how are you?

[goats bleat]

Where are you?

I'm... well, I'm actually in my barn.

That was one of my goats.

Unlike your goat I don't know what to say.

Well, uh, why don't you start by telling me why you're calling.

I have to be in the city tomorrow and I was hoping we could have lunch.

Perhaps you could bring the bride to be.

We've never met.

Uh, you know, dad, it-

Jenny and I are really busy.

It's not really-

We haven't seen each other in quite some time.

I think we need to break the ice before the wedding.

Um, yeah. Ok, fine.

You know what, dad? You're right.

Heritage House, one o'clock?

Sure. Sounds great.


See you then.

Bye son.


So am I as forbidding as my son suggested?

In a really good way.

As tactful as she is pretty.

It's impossible not to like this girl.

She's also an amazing chef.

Ah, he's just prejudiced.

And clearly in love.

As am I.

As the wedding would indicate.

We're so happy that you can make it.

I'm looking forward to seeing this rural paradise the two of you have inherited.

Oh, it's beautiful.

It's actually really especially lovely this time of year.


I hope you'll forgive me for being frank.

Frank is overrated, dad.

I'm your father.

If I don't say it, who will?

It's ok.

What do you have against New York?


I used to live here.

I just really prefer my home in the country.

You know what?

Hey, why don't we order and then we can continue on with the inquisition.

I just find it regrettable that my son has to choose between his career and the woman he wants to marry.

Yeah, well it's a decision I made of my own free will, dad.

You're an innkeeper with a herd of goats.

You find that fulfilling?

You never met my goats.


I apologize if I'm overstepping, I just felt it needed to be said.

I appreciate your honesty.

This is actually him on his best behaviour.

Who would I be if I didn't meddle?

I have no idea.

I have a great idea.

Let's try and find out.

What do you think?

I'll try my best.


To trying your best.

To trying.

[phone rings]

Honey, will you grab the phone please?


[phone rings]

Emily's Country Inn.


It's-it's Meg.

Oh. Hey there, Meg.

Um, I was wondering if you could tell me what you've decided.

Um, you know, it's funny you should say that.

We were just talking about you.

I was actually gonna call you, um...

And what were you going to say?


Brian I can't wait much longer.

Look, obviously we're trying to expand Jenny's company.

She makes these incredible baked goods.

Yes, I've tried them.

And-and we just need more vendors to carry her product.

It could take years to turn a significant profit.

Well aware of that which is why we're looking at other options.

Look, I'm planning a trip there this weekend.

Let's try to get this resolved.

Great. Can't wait to see ya.

Bye bye.

[goats bleat]

Hey babe. Oh, that's nice of you.

Take a break.

Yeah, good idea. Thank you.


You alright? What's up?

I just can't stop thinking about- about Meg and what we're gonna tell her.


Yeah, I've been thinking about that and...

I could go and ask my dad for a loan.

But of course he's going through the divorce, I'm sure money's tight.


It's not a good idea actually, is it?

No, I agree.

There's Harry.

He's got lots of money, but he just bought that condo.

You know what? We'll figure it out.

[goat bleats]

Well hello.


We could breed goats.


We seem to be good at that.

I'm not exactly sure Meg would see the potential in that.



I could be a stand-up comic.

Yeah, I mean, you don't even need an act.

You just need your toolbox.


If we have to sell the house we could always come out here to the gazebo, stay with the goats.


When they tap on the wood, it's actually soothing.

It puts me to sleep.

It's cold at night but their fur makes me warm.

Thanks for always making me laugh.

As long as we have each other, right?


I love you.

I love you.

[goat bleats]


[mimicking] Mehhh....

Shoo. Shoo.

Get away.

Hi Meg.

You need to curb your goats.

They're very friendly.

I have a new room ready for you.

Sorry about the welcoming committee.

I'm sure she's harmless but it was a little jarring.

Technically one of the goats is yours.

Oh, well you can consider my third of the herd a wedding gift.

Look, I need you to make a decision on the house.

Meg, we're trying. Believe me.

If you can't afford to buy me out we can sell it.

I'm sure your attorney agreed it's the only practical thing to do.

That's the thing, though.

This house has never been practical, and that is just what I love about it, you know?

The-the singing sink and the creaking stairs and... it's just all the memories they bring to mind.

How can you have an emotional attachment to plumbing?

I'll be in my third of the house.

You know, Jenny and I once divided this house in half.


But we shared the kitchen.

We were barely speaking.

Then we fell in love.

The romance of this place escapes me.

Family, huh? Wow.

Hey, how's it going?

How's it going?


Hey, look.

I'm sorry about the van breaking down.

Don't worry about it. It's fine.

It's uh, it's ok.

I'm still out of those curved nails.


What do you need?

I don't need anything, Tommy. Just a friend.

You came to the right place.

Tommy, it looks like we're gonna have to sell the house.

I'm really sorry to hear that.


You know, that house feels like home.

It's hard to come by, so...

Yeah, it is.

I wish there was something I could do.

You're doing it.

I don't know, I just- I came in here and I...

I don't know, I felt horrible and...

Now I just feel short.


Well, I can't help you with that, buddy.

Have a good day, stretch.

...I'm glad.

I hate to overshadow the groom but I look oooh, mighty good in my new suit.

I am sure you do.

I have to tell ya, I think I'm more excited about this wedding than the bride is.

I have to tell you something.

You're not getting cold feet.

About me and Brian?


No, never.

Then why the furrowed brow?

Emily means so much to me.

Sorry, I just don't know what to do.

We may lose the house.


That's not what Emily would have wanted.

I know.

I hate the thought of losing you and Brian.

We don't wanna lose you, either.

We really don't.

The real estate market is stable but this house is old.

It's not increasing in value.

And B&B's often go under.

Do you like being an accountant?


Numbers are always predictable, no surprises.

Unlike people.

That's right.

Yeah, I know the feeling.

Uh, so, the barn.


That won't appeal to everyone.

Oh, well I-


Hey Andy.



Hi. I know this is odd to say but I'm sorry you may be selling the house.


But you know what?

If it has to be with someone I'm glad it's with a friend.

I know you'll be fair to everyone.

I mean, it won't sell right away.

And then there's the escrow.

Are-are you going to the wedding?

Of course she is, you're family.

You too, Andy.

I hope you can make it.

Oh, nothing I love more than a wedding.


I have to get in and make lunch so...

They don't make them nicer than your cousin.

Distant cousin.

We hardly know each other.

Well, maybe you should close that distance.

Maybe so.

Oh, I love everything about that house.

I know you do, honey.

I know we have to sell it, I just haven't wanted to say that out loud.

Well, you did.

The world didn't end, right?

Come on.

It's a wonderful chapter in our lives.

I just hope whoever buys it knows how lucky they are.

I hope whoever buys it doesn't decide to tear it down.

What do you mean?

Jenny, come on, a developer goes in there, they're not gonna appreciate the idiosyncrasies as much as you and me.

I can't think about that.

Let's just... let's just think about the memories.

Ok, the memories.

Do you remember when it rained in each one of our bedrooms?


Do you remember our first kiss?


Gabby having the kids in the barn.

And when I proposed to you.

And then you proposed-


All over-


Hey, we may lose the house but it's the memories we keep.



[goats bleat]



Hi there.

Hi there.

As goats go I guess you're kinda cute.

[phone ringing]

Emily's Country Inn.

Um, yeah, I'm-I'm afraid the inn is going to be closing.

Yeah, I'm sorry too.

Well, thanks for calling. Ok, bye bye.

Hi, I'm actually just making lunch.

I have to work.

I could bring a sandwich to your room.

Why are you so nice to me?

Because that's who she is.

House or no house, nothing is going to change that.

Spoken like a man in love.

I am.

Let me know if you change your mind.

About selling the house?

No, about the sandwich.

Oh, my mistake.

I'm not used to trusting people.

Yeah, I wasn't either until I met Jenny.


I envy you both.

I'm hungry. I'll take that sandwich.


I don't get it.

How can you be so fond of a sink?

You had to be there, I guess.

Be where? When?

When we first moved in the sink stopped up and we couldn't afford a plumber so Brian fixed it himself.

Fixed might be a misnomer.


Every time I turn it on I just remember how proud he was.

And I get serenaded at the same time.

I'm not sure a prospective buyer will see it as an asset.

Like I said, you had to be there.

We are watching every single sunset until the day we move.

You do know that you can take the sunset with you, you know that, right?


We're gonna have to find a place big enough for four goats.

No, no, no. Four goats and a gazebo.

After all that hard work I'm not leaving that behind.


That's so cute.

I want the wedding to be our big send-off.

You know, like a celebration of all that Emily's given us.

That's a lot of pressure, honey.

I'm gonna have to practise that kiss.

Come here.

This is as good as a sunset gets, isn't it?



Come in.

I brought you some hot apple cider.

I thought you might like some.

Thank you.


It's from our apple tree behind the barn.

I just want you to understand why I love this place so much.

You know, maybe if you knew more about Emily-

Who neither of us ever met.


When I first moved in I found this card.

It was from someone named Lester, and Vern told me that was actually his brother.


You'll meet him at the wedding.

He's giving me away.

[message alert]

Lester and Emily were deeply in love, but he died in the war, and after that she just, she closed herself off and she lived the rest of her life alone.

Why are you telling me this?

Because Emily's your family and she connects you and me.

After I got engaged I went out and bought the dress.

I had the guest list, the whole nine yards.

And then it ended.

I haven't been particularly lucky in love.

I'm so sorry you went through that.

I'm not good at talking about myself.

It never seems to get me anywhere.

Well, I appreciate you opening up.

I really need to get back to work.

Yeah, of course.


[gasps] Ohhh...

Hey babe.

No, no, no, no! Don't look! Don't look!


It's bad luck to see the shoes before the wedding.

I think that applies to the dress, honey.

I'm not taking any chances.


Ok, you can look.


My father just called.



Ok, what'd he say?

Yeah, he said he's coming tomorrow and he wants to stay at the house.

I think that's really bad luck.

And that's Meg and your dad at the house at the same time and the wedding's in a week.

I was thinking maybe skip town or elope.

That's a bad joke poorly timed.

Ok, I'm outta here.

Didn't see the shoes, bet they're to die for!


I'm getting married, oh!

I'm getting married!

Uh huh.

Uh huh what?

Why did you get a pick-up truck?

It came with the house, dad. Let's go.

Get your bag.

Ah, I left my magazine on the train.

Oh, that's too bad.

Gabby will be disappointed.

Gabby the goat?


She can read?

No, she eats paper, dad.

You know, newspapers, spreadsheets.

In fact, she also eats all my resumes

'cause she knows I'm not gonna need them anymore.

I hope she's mistaken.



It's smaller than I imagined, but quite charming.

Ok, yeah.

Except for the for sale sign. Appreciate that, dad.

Feed it to your goat.


So glad you're here, pops.




I just wanted to bring you some towels and a blanket.

Thank you.

Of course.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Well, there is um, something actually.

Some perspective.


Does Brian ever talk about me?

Of course, yeah. He does.

I could use a little guidance.

Just a sense of where I stand.

I think he misses you.

And not just recently, but what might have been when he was growing up.

I put my work first all too often.

And then after the divorce his mother remarried and they moved away and uh...

You need to get to know him.

Thank you, Jenny.

Of course.

Hey, babe. How're you doing?

Hey. Great. Does this look ok?

I mean, what does your dad normally eat for breakfast?


I- that's something a son should know.

I have no ide-

I mean, we've never even had breakfast together.

So I'm sorry, honey.

I have no idea what he would like for breakfast.

I don't even know if he likes me, really.

Are you ok?

Apparently not.

But I-I'm sure I'll be better if he approves of the way I set the table.

Ok, I don't know whether I should worry or laugh.

Yeah. Neither do I.


The eggs Benedict is remarkably good.

I'm so glad you like it.

Your talents are wasted in a B&B.

Why limit yourself to breakfast?

Actually, dad, it was gonna be called a B&B&D.

Bed, breakfast, and dinner.


Why not just open a restaurant?

Well, that was kind of Brian's idea.

We might do it, right?

I mean, it doesn't have to be at the inn.

But what about the company?

I mean, would you have enough time?

Well, Jenny's Home Baked has been taking off, right?

I mean, a lot of vendors are carrying her product.

Yeah, and thanks to Brian.

I'm just building something I believe in.

[goats bleat]


Uh, if you'll excuse me I have to feed the goats.

Words I never thought a son of mine would say.


How about you join me?

If only as an observer.

If you'll excuse me, ladies.

Thank you so much for joining us.

I really wanted everyone to meet.

You are determined to turn everyone into family.


I'm not used to anyone being aware of me, how I might feel.

Sandwiches and the hot apple cider.

I don't quite know what to make of you.


Look, I came here for the wedding, not to meddle.

It's just really hard for me to grasp the appeal of a provincial life.


You know, dad, my interest in stocks when I was a kid was my way of trying to communicate with my intimidating father.

That was never my intention.

Sure. But it's not who I really am.

It's who I was trying to be for you.

We have things in common.

Really? Like what?

What about sports?

We played our share of basketball in the park.

Dad, come on.

We were horrible.

That's something we share.

Our lack of athleticism.

Not to mention our sense of humour.

You know, Jenny says it all the time.

I'm always trying to say something clever or try to be funny.

You know why I do it?

Because it reminds me of you.

I don't know.

What will you do once the inn is closed?

Continue to help build up Jenny's Home Baked.

Maybe we'll open up a restaurant.

I know it's not much to you, but what's important to me now, dad, is being true to myself and doing everything I can to give the love of my life a chance to fulfill her dream.


Pivotal conversations should not take place in barns.

Come on, dad.

Maybe you're allergic to goats.

I was.

And then I built up an immunity.

Come here. Come here.

There you go, Ricky.

And you know what?

Then these kids arrived and I'm fine with them.

My son the shepherd.



And you thought we had nothing in common.


Come over here.

Come over here! Come on!

I'm good.

Oh, seriously. Take your jacket off.

No, seriously, I'm good.


The land will be the attraction for the out-of-towners.

The scenery really is beautiful.


You seem different.

In what way.

I don't know.

Maybe a little less uptight.

Maybe I just needed time off work.

Maybe it's this place.

Or maybe you're just trying to talk me out of selling.

Come on, that's a little cynical isn't it?

I- I hope not. I don't wanna be.

You can believe the best or the worst about people.

I think it's a little less lonely to believe the best.

Maybe you're right.

You-you don't like the bodice?

Is it too tight? Too loose?

Because it looks great.

No, I... the dress is perfect.

It's everything I dreamed it would be.

It's perfect.

Then what's the matter?


I'm fine.

As I was leaving Brian told me we might have a buyer for the house.

You're selling the inn?

I'm afraid so.

No. I'm the maid of honour and my job is to keep you in bride mode until the wedding.

You look beautiful in that dress.

Just focus on that.

Sorry, no.

No, no!

I- I am not gonna let anything cast a shadow over the happiest day of my life.

I mean, life is a rollercoaster and so is marriage and...

Brian and I are so- we're so lucky because no matter what we have each other.


The beautiful bride is going to be a very good wife.

You have this maid of honour thing down, Casey.

How does it feel?

It feels like happily ever after... in lace.


Are you nervous?

No, no.

No Tom, I'm not nervous about the wedding.

I'm nervous about the house.

And yeah, we've got quite a nice acreage, we've got some uh-

I think it's gonna sell.

Ah. He doesn't look like the Buck's County type.

No, he looks like a developer.



We're gonna fix that, don't worry about that.

So as you can see it's quite a spacious living room area here.

Um, that brings us into the kitchen.

[humming sound]

What's that noise?

It's singing.

Yeah, it is.

The plumbing needs to be redone Oh, um... The house is pretty old.

Well, it's got a lot of charm. I-I like to think.

Nah, I think I'm gonna wanna rebuild.


So um, we just got an offer on the house.

It was fun while it lasted, wasn't it?


I'm really glad you're here, buddy.

Brian and Jenny mean a lot to this town.

So does the inn.

Alice would like to say a few words.

Jenny and Brian make me happy.

It's that simple.

I can't let them lose that place.

I'd like to make a contribution as a measure of my gratitude.

Well, I met Tommy at the inn.

I mean, I kept asking for more outlets in my room.

It was just an excuse to see you again.

I gave the inn five stars in my review, But if I could I would give it ten.

Thank you, thank you.

That house gave me a lot.

Jenny and that guy she's gonna marry.


Emily's Country Inn is not gonna close, I guarantee you folks.

Not on my watch.


When I try and do the right thing I ask myself what would Jenny do?

She would make sure that I'm ok.

You betcha.

And thanks to the inn I now have a date for the wedding.

Oh, ho, ho.

Sorry, Vern.

Well, um...

I've never been so happy to lose the commission.

Let's save the inn!

(all) Yes!

Look, it's-we're obviously at Creamaccino's.

We've also got 10 other locations around the county popping up because we're- we're uh... um, Alyssa, I'm gonna have to call you back, is that ok?



You guys are early.

The wedding isn't until tomorrow.

That's not why we're here.

Where's Jenny?

Uh, she's... come on in.

Wow, they just don't stop, do they?

Hi everybody.

She's upstairs, I'll go get her.

Uh, hey, honey?



Um, everybody's here.


You might wanna see this.


What-what-what's going on?

Well, we all have something we'd like to give you.

Because of everything that you've given us.

So you can stay where you belong.

This is from all of us.

That's $32,000.

It's the down payment on what you owe.

We're hoping it's enough to um... buy them a bit more time.

I mean, I-I don't even know what to say.


This is remarkable.

I've never seen anything like it.

Look, I don't wanna be the bad guy in this story.

I want you and Brian to keep the house.

We're gonna pay you every single dime.

I know.

I trust you.

We're family.

Meg, thank you.

You guys, this is um, wow.

From the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you so much.

You guys are way too generous.

I don't know what to say.

I am beginning to understand what you see in this place.

Yeah, tell me about it.

[goats bleat]



Can you help me with this tie?

Oh, sure.

I don't know if it's straight or...

I'd be happy to.

You just have to make that back loop a little bit there.

So, how do you feel?

Like a son.

That's funny.

I feel like a father.

Well, whatever it is and however we got here, I'll take it.

There you go.

I wish for you a very happy life.

Go get married.

Thanks dad.

This dress is so perfect.


But there's something missing.

There is?

I thought you might like to wear these.

Meg, these are- these are beautiful.

They're only on loan.


Something borrowed, something blue.

They were my grandmothers.

She said they were a gift from her cousin.

Maybe they were from Emily.

That's what I was thinking.

What I was hoping.


Coming here and meeting you has made me rethink my priorities.

I'm thinking of opening my own firm.

Maybe even here.

So I'll be seeing more of you?

A lot more.

You know, I always thought I was alone.

But now we have each other.


Knock knock.

It's almost time.

Are you ready?

Ready as I'll ever be.

And unbearably happy.

[goats bleat]


♪ ♪ I guess that's our cue.

♪ ♪

♪ Forever can never be long enough for me ♪

♪ To feel like I've had long enough with you ♪

♪ Forget the world now we won't let them see ♪

♪ But there's one thing left to do ♪

You are one lucky duck.

And so is the bride.

♪ Love has surely shifted my way ♪

♪ Marry me, ♪

♪ Today and every day ♪ We're gathered together today to join Jenny and Brian in marriage.

Brian, do you take Jenny to be your wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward?

I do.

And Jenny, do you take Brian to be your husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward?

I do.

Forever and ever and ever.


Jenny, you are my north star.

I believe in you and I love you more and more with every breath.

I'm honoured and I'm privileged to have you as my wife.

Brian, you are the love I always hoped I'd find.

We just needed Emily to introduce us.

You are my destiny.

You are my happiness.

You are my heart.

And I love you.

Toolbox and all.

I love you.


♪ ♪ With this ring I thee wed.

With this ring I thee wed.

I now pronounce you husband and wife.

[cheering and applause]

You may continue to kiss the bride.



Are you ready to start the rest of our lives?

I am.

After you.

[cheering and applause]

♪ Marry me ♪

♪ If I ever get the nerve to say hello in this cafe ♪

♪ Say you will ♪

[clinking glasses]

Alright. Alright.

♪ Say you will ♪ Ok, ok, ok.


Brian and Jenny are a lesson in love.

The inn was just a house until you brought it to life.

All of us are mighty grateful you did.

Thanks Tom.

To the bride and groom.

(Vern) To the bride and groom.

Thanks, Tommy.

And to Emily, wherever you are, I'll bet you're smiling.

To Emily!

(all) To Emily.

Our cake.


You ready?

(All) Yes!


You're gonna feed me first?

...two, one...


♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪