All the Bright Places (2020) Script

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♪ Time breathed slower ♪

♪ When we were younger ♪

♪ And now it's racing so fast... ♪

-What are you doing?

Violet Markey?

Oh, my God.

Please go.

-Well, I don't think that's very-- -Just go!

What are you doing?

I asked you first.

This is higher than I thought.


Hey, look.

Look what I can do.

Stop. Stop!

Hey, Violet.

Hey. Do you have plans this weekend? My parents are gonna be out of town.

I was thinking about having a party or something.


You OK?

How's everything going?

"Everything" is a really big word.

-Let's start with-- Do you mean physically?

Emotionally? Those both could encompass "everything."

Or is "everything" encompassed by both things?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by anything?

If "everything" is encompassed by both things, are they a part of our reality, or are they somewhere else?

This isn't funny, Theodore.


I need you to take these meetings seriously.

I get it.

OK, do you "get" that you're on probation, and in danger of not graduating?

You've already missed two weeks of school this year.

Yeah, um...

-my grandma-- -Stop one second.

I just wanna clarify real quickly.

Is this the grandma who's died four times over the past three years?

Five times, actually.

This is the fifth.

She's our miracle.

I really wanna help you, but you've gotta take this seriously.

I mean, you agreed to these terms, these weekly counseling sessions, maintaining a B-average, extracurricular participation.

And I am loving pottery.

Come on, man.

Look, I get it.

If I screw anything up, I'm out.

We're not askin' a lot of you, Finch.

You just need to show up.

My parents are pissed because I missed early admissions, but it's not like that matters, anyway.

I mean, I know I'm gonna get in.

Did you apply anywhere yet?

-Hey. -Hi.

So, you going to Amanda's party?

It'll be fun.

So I've heard.

It couldn't hurt to have a little fun, right?

Yo, do you think it'd be weird if I named my kid after a famous person?

Like, if I named him Danny DeVito Donahue, do you... do you think he'd be mad about it?

Is "DeVito" the middle name?


Follow-up question: how high are you right now?

On the scale, I'd probably say very... this way.

On the scale... Yeah?

What are you looking at?

Just admiring the social norms of teenage angst.

-Are you looking at Violet Markey? -Yep.

Her, um... her sister died, right?

Yeah, dude.


Why ask about her all of a sudden?

I'm intrigued. A guy can't be intrigued?

Well, a guy can be intrigued. You being intrigued is weird.

Definitely weird. -No, I don't think it's weird.

I wouldn't say "weird."

Wait, if you don't think you're weird, well...

-Yeah, that's true. Very true. She has a point.

Your guidance counselor called. -Embryo?


His name's Embry. I call him Embryo. It's the little things, Kate.

Did you do something I should be worried about?

I'm genuinely offended by that supposition.

-Finch. -No.

It's fine. I'll deal with it.

I hate when you say that. -Why?

Because what you really mean is that I'm gonna have to deal with it.

Did you cut class again?

No! For fuck's sake, just go hang out with Tina or whatever it is you do.

I'm fine.

OK. I'm gonna be home late. There's food in the fridge.

-Mm-hmm. -Real food, Finch.

Where's Mom?

She had to go to Chicago for business. Remember?

-Oh, yeah, right. Cool. -Love you.


-Love you. -Love you.

No more cheese, Finch!

I'm gonna get the dessert.

Your mother and I know that today couldn't have been easy.

And it wasn't easy for us either.

-If you need to talk about it--

I thought this would be nice.

I've been making it for 19 years.

As some of you will be graduating and leaving us at the end of the year, I feel an obligation to make sure you see the wondrous sights of Indiana while you can.

To wander them, if you will.

For your class project, you must report on two or more wonders of Indiana.

You will write about them, explain their significance to you and to Indiana, and why you chose to visit them.

I want you to take time on this assignment.

Be thoughtful.


What just happened?

That was so weird.

-What? All right, settle.

Violet, are you OK?

All right, let's take our seats. Let's focus up.

If you're done, Mr. Finch?

Yes, I am done, and can I just say you are doing a fine job teaching this class.

My young brain is plump with knowledge.

Thank you, Mr. Finch. -You're welcome.

As I was saying, you'll be taking photos, doing some drawings, capturing detail.

You will be doing this in teams of two.

Can we choose our partners?

Yes, Mr. Finch.


So, um... do you think that there's such a thing as a perfect day?

I'm the last person you should be asking.

For my geography class, this teacher wants us to do this project with a partner, and I just don't wanna do it.

Well, did you ask for an alternate project?

Yeah, he just... he wouldn't listen.

Well, maybe it's time to get back out there.

That's the same thing he said.

I know it's hard.

-But you just don't go out anymore. -That's not true.

When's the last time you hung out with your friends?

I think it would be really good if you'd spend some time with them.

So, if I hung out with my friends, you'd get me outta this assignment?

♪ Speedy, speedy, slow down time Gas station is running dry ♪

♪ Mm-hmm, eh eh, mm-hmm ♪

♪ Sweaty, sweaty, wonder why Now it's always summer time ♪ Violet!

You came. I did.

Hey. -Hi.

-I'm gonna get a drink. Do you want one? -I'm good.

Come on, babe.




That's a heavy pour.

You know me. I love to rage.

So, you wanna go out back? Talk a little?

I think I'm gonna leave pretty soon, actually.

Really? But... I mean, I just got here.

It's just all a little much, you know?

How much longer are you gonna act like this?

It's been months. When are you gonna just...


Violet, you know I didn't mean it like that. Just...

Violet Markey, if you're seeing this, you're still alive.

Please call to confirm.


♪ I met you standin' on a ledge ♪

♪ What's going on Inside that pretty head?

♪ I met you standing on a ledge ♪

♪ Why don't you come talk to me instead? ♪

Theodore Finch speaking.

Take it down now.

The video will self-destruct in three, two...

...please refresh.

Why would you do that?

I wanna talk about the bridge.

"I feel we can't go through another of those terrible times."

One morning barely qualifies as a terrible time.

It's a quote.

Virginia Woolf.


Can I come over?




I Googled you.

You Googled me?

Yeah, what's with that... the website that you have with your sister?


I read some of your stuff. It's really good.

I don't write anymore.

So, you moved here from California.

How was that?

California to Indiana?

Must've been different.


I didn't know that it happened there.

At the bridge.

I'm not, you know...


You can say it.

Well, I'm not.

Whatever you are, I saved your life.

No, you didn't.

You're making a big deal out of nothing.

Mm... kinda looked like somethin'.

What do you want from me?

I was just thinkin' that we should be partners.

For the wandering project.

I think it would be good for you to get out.

Maybe I don't wanna get out.

Maybe I'm sick of people.

Yeah, people are stupid.

But the tiniest few might actually mean well.

Why do you wanna do this with me, anyway?

Because there are places that need to be seen.

Maybe even the smallest of places can mean something.

At the very least, maybe they can mean something to us.

Not an "us."

Maybe they can mean something to you and me.

Jesus, they call me anti-social.

Two wanders. That's all.

We can do more if you end up loving it.

I won't.

You might.

No, I won't.

Oh, I found another quote for you.

"I feel a thousand capacities spring up in me."

The Waves. It's from The Waves.

You've got at least a thousand capacities in you.

Even if you don't think so.

You can keep that one.

You know people call you "The Freak," right?


Sometimes I say and do things without thinking, and... people don't like that, people like labels.

They like putting you in a box.

They want you to be who they want you to be.

People don't like messy.

Or different.

My parents are calling Hudson to get me outta the project, so you need to find another partner.


Good night, Violet Markey.

Good night...

Theodore Finch.

Hey. Hey!


Hey, where you going?


How'd it go with Hudson?

Not great.


He feels pretty strongly about participation.


but no cars.

Come again?

If you wanna do this with me, you have to figure out another way because I'm not getting in a car.

Can I ask you a question?

Where would you go if you could go anywhere?

California. But you've already been there.


It's warm and it never snows.

Don't you wanna know where I'd go if I could go anywhere?

Where would you go if you could go anywhere?

I'd go to a place no one's ever been before.



You could come... if you want.

That's it?

Get on up here, Ultraviolet.


Come on.

Come on. The view is incredible.

Come on.

So, what do we think?

The highest point in Indiana.

I think if I were here for literally any other reason than why you and I are here, I'd be pissed.

Oh, wow. Is that a sense of humor you're hiding in there?


This is the lamest thing I think I've ever seen.

It's OK, you know? You're not going to hell for laughing.

It's pretty lame.

It was my sister's birthday.

She would've been 19.

That's why I was at the bridge.

Why were you there?

I like to run.

It's pretty early to run.


Let's jump.

You with me?

All right, on three.

You gotta get ready.

One... there it is, two, three.


All right.

These are the things we leave behind.

Pick one.

Not that one.

Yeah. That's a good choice.

-What? -You didn't know?

This is a motherfucking staring contest.

You can't be serious.

Look at my face. I'm really serious.


I'm very competitive.

Me too.

I'm staying over at Tina's tonight.




Usually, that incites a diatribe

-about how Tina's an asshole... -"Diatribe." Good word.

...and how I shouldn't spend so much time with her.

Yeah, well, it appears that my many rantings on this topic have stuck with you, and I don't have to preach anymore.

What's going on with you?


You seem, like... goofy.

You're goofy.

"I feel we can't go through another of those terrible times."

"Why are women so much more interesting to men than men are to women?"

"My own brain is, to me, the most unaccountable of machinery, always buzzing, humming, soaring, roaring, diving, and then buried in mud.

And why?

What's this passion for?"

"If you do not tell the truth about yourself, you cannot tell it about other people."

Tell me about Eleanor.

She was bossy... like you.

I like her already.

She hated reading.

She only liked this Italian poet, Cesare Pavese.

He said, "We do not remember days, we remember moments."

Any time I was having a bad day, she always said that.

Like it was supposed to fix something.

Did it?


It did.

What else?

She was my best friend.

"Eleanor Markey.

Sister... best friend."

That's a pretty good epitaph.

What would yours be?

"Violet Markey.

I was here."

Yeah, I'm gonna have to steal that one from you.

You making pancakes?


-Blueberry pancakes? Yup.

Lookin' pretty good.

-Wanna flip 'em? Yeah, are they ready?

Yeah. Well, give it a-- Almost ready.

-These look pretty good. Yeah.


There we go. That one's good.

Yeah, there you go. Golden brown

-Hey. -Hi.

Where've you been?

You're not mad that I'm doing that project with Roamer, right?


OK, cool. 'Cause it's, like, it's not a thing.

No, it's fine. I'm doing it with Finch.

With Finch?


You know that he's, like, kinda dangerous?

No, he's not.

He freaked out last year and threw a chair at Roamer, like, in the middle of class.

He did?

Yeah, like, Roamer was fine, but he's seriously fucked up.

So, I was thinking we should check out the Shoe Tree or the abandoned drive-in, depending on whatever you're feeling.

What is this?

That's a reminder that sooner or later, you're gonna have to get back into the world all by yourself.

But I'm happy pushing you for now.

Well, I said I was only gonna do two, so...

I prefer Private Violet to...

Public Violet.

Can you put her on?

I'll wait.

Maybe you should give her some space.

Nice sweater. What's that, a cotton blend?

People think this whole "freak" thing is an act. I know it's real.

Of course it is.

How are things?

Just your average teenage melodrama.

Come on. You gotta give me more than that.

People are always telling me what I am.

A freak.

I get it.

Doesn't mean it doesn't piss me off sometimes.

Well, that must be hard.

Come on, man.

Come on. Help me out here. Come on. Help me out.

Maybe if... you got a fainting couch, you could put it right over there.

It would really give me the mise en scène that I was looking for.

Tie the whole room together.

Did you look into that support group I told you to check out?

I might've lost the info on that one.

Come on, Theodore. It's a small ask, man.

All right. It's Mondays after school at First Congregational.

-It's called Fresh Approach... -Ooh!

...and it is confidential, so you can say whatever you want about anything that's bothering you.

It is a safe space, Finch.

I want you to think about it.

What now? Now what are we doing? What?

What's happenin'?

Is this a knock-off?

The Post-it?

-This is off-brand. -Please leave now.

Hey, heart, on the road again ♪

♪ Movin' on

♪ Forward ♪

♪ Sticks and stones won't break bones ♪

♪ We're in the car on the highway ♪

♪ It's a magical feeling That no one's got a hold ♪

♪ You're a catalyst To your own happiness you know... ♪ What are you looking at?

There's a kid on my lawn.

♪ And it's your heart, it's alive ♪

♪ It's pumping blood ♪

♪ And the whole wide world is whistling ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh ♪

Wake up.


Did you sleep out here?


I know you said that you were done, but what if I told you that I found the best wander in the state of Indiana, possibly the world, but... it was 160 miles away?

I'd say have fun, and I can't wait to hear all about it.

Come on! Just give it a chance.

-At least sit inside. -No, Finch.

I'm not getting in a car!

Look, here. I'll take the keys, and...

I swear not to drive faster than 30 miles per hour through town or 50 on the interstate.

If at any time you wanna stop, we stop.

You can't keep pushing people.

You don't listen. We did it. The project is over. This is over.

You know this isn't about a class assignment.

This is about you being holed up in your room or on your stupid bike, always circling the same three-mile radius.

And God forbid anyone risk upsetting "Poor Violet," but...

-they're wrong.


Is everything OK out here?

-Fine. -Hey.

Sorry. Hey. Hi, I'm Theodore Finch. Pleasure to meet you both.

-Little early, don't you think, Theodore? -Yes. Yes, it is early.

That is a fair observation.

But you see, I'm your daughter's partner for the school project, and we really need to get to this place.

Basically, I need her to get into the car.

That car.

That is extremely safe, insured, with an experienced driver who hasn't gotten so much as a speeding ticket.

This is for a school project?

Yes, sir. We're partners.

Well, Theodore, I think it's Violet's decision to make, but... maybe not a bad idea.

You think she's coming back?

Hey, your guess is as good as ours.


No, wait. No.

OK. If I were keys, where would I hide?

How are we doin' over there?


You sure?

Just stop asking me. You're making it worse.

Talk about something else.

Usually, that is my forte.

But right now, I got nothin'. this thing together ♪

It's a good song.

I don't remember how fast we were going.

It didn't seem fast.

Then we were sliding...

and Eleanor was saying, "I can't hold on."

And then the car slammed into the bridge.

I just remember the... the glass hitting my face and Eleanor screaming.

Then... after that, it just all goes blank.

When I woke up in the hospital,

my mom told me she was gone.

And that was it.

Still mad you got in the car?

You really built this yourself? -Yes, I did.

That's impressive.

All right. Here we go. Let's do it.

-I'm gonna do it.

Have a good one.

I can see my house from here.




-That was amazing. Good job!

Did it feel fast?

-Oh, yeah. It's just like the real thing.

Are you ready?

All right. Here we go. You ready?

Oh, my God.




Oh, my God!

I wanna go again.


When I was just a kid they said ♪

♪ "Kid, don't you cry" ♪

♪ I am older now, I say ♪

♪ "It's all right" ♪

♪ Every tear rolling down is a... ♪

♪ Lesson learned ♪

♪ Are you too old to turn? ♪

♪ Are you too young to burn? ♪

♪ Too young ♪

-♪ Too young to burn... I got you somethin'. It's in the door.

That, Ultraviolet, is a special place that I'm gonna take you to one day.

Oh, yeah?

Yeah, but you're gonna need to start pullin' your weight, OK?

I got you this... just in case you've forgotten this is a school project, you have to write about it.

Just me?

You're the writer.

"Wander number three..."

No. You gotta start with Hoosier Hill.

You know, you don't have to be so pushy.

You say "pushy," and I hear, um...




Uh... relentless. Irritating.



It's nice to have a friend again.

Don't let that go to your head.

Too late.

You know what I like about you, Ultraviolet?


You're all the colors in one... at full brightness.

♪ Ha-ha-ha-ha ha-ha-ha-ha Ha-ha-ha ha ♪

♪ Ha-ah-ha ♪

Too young to burn ♪

♪ Too young, too young ♪

♪ Too young to burn ♪

♪ Too young, too young ♪


Before we get started, we are nearing D-Day, people.

The day to present your wanderings.

That is correct.

Along with your essay, I'm going to be asking each group to do a presentation to the whole class.

But today, we're talking about the five themes of geography: location, place...

No, but honestly, I wouldn't even worry about it.

-This is just what Finch does. Yeah.

I've texted him for the past couple days, and he hasn't responded.

I mean, this is...

...I mean, sometimes he's gone for a day, like, maybe two, but he always turns up.

Yeah, there was that one time that he was gone for like a week.

-Oh, my God. -He came back and said he went camping, and he had all these poison ivy spots on him...

-Covered in spots. -...itching, it was like... yeah.

It was bad. It was so bad.

I think it's pretty fucked up.

It's easy to pick up your phone and respond.

It's... that's just something you have to deal with if you wanna be close with him, you know?

It just makes me mad.

Yeah. So, we've been to a lot of really interesting places so far.

Do you have an actual plan, or you've just kind of been shooting from the hip?

Honestly? I'm just trying to distract her into spending as much time with me as she can.

And has it been going OK, or--

Yeah, I think so. I've been really...

Look who stopped by.


Did you lose your phone? I've been texting. I've been calling.

Look, let me just show you this really fast. Hold on.

-You could've taken a second to respond... -I know. I knew you were OK. -I had to take care of a couple things.

It's supposedly bottomless.

In the '50s, a group of boys went swimming here, and they disappeared.

No one ever found their bodies.

They drowned?

Eh... maybe.

Or maybe they found the other side.

They say there's a force in the middle that sucks you into an underground river and leads you to another world.

You're not going in?

Oh, of course I am.

It'll be freezing.

It'll be fine.

You should come in.

-No, I'm good. -What are you afraid of?

-It's cold. -Serious question: what are you most afraid of?


I don't believe that.

Being ordinary.

So, don't be ordinary.

Oh, my God!

Oh. OK!

-Oh, you're right. Fucking freezing! Oh, my God!

OK, let's go under.

-Yeah? -OK.

One, two, three.



So, what are you most afraid of?


I don't know. I guess losing my sister.

My mom's gone a lot.

My dad left a while ago.

New town, new family.

So, Kate's basically all I have.

How'd you get that?

I'm going in search of the bottom.






Do you know how scared I was?


Hey, Violet. Violet, I'm sorry!

Violet, I'm sorry.


I thought you drowned!

I'm sorry. Hey, I'm sorry.

I didn't... I didn't mean to scare you.

Well, you did.

That was the last thing that I wanted to do.

Where do you go when you disappear?

Tell me something real about you.

Or I'm leaving.


Sometimes I have to go to places that make me feel like myself.

I need to do things that remind me that I'm in control.

My dad used to... get in these dark moods.

Did he do that to you?

I used to be a lot smaller.

I used to not know how to get out of the way.

People don't like messy, right?

Uh... Yeah.

-Oh, wait. Yeah, you got it. -I know, I had it!

♪ I met you standin' on a ledge ♪

♪ What's going on Inside that pretty head? ♪

♪ I met you standin' on a ledge ♪

♪ Why don't you come talk to me instead? ♪ And then it goes-- -There's the bridge.

♪ I... ♪

-Yeah. No, you got it. -OK.

♪ I met you ♪

♪ I met you

♪ I met you standin' on a ledge ♪


Finch, wake up. We gotta go.

Oh, shit!

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. My phone died.

Violet, inside.

-Finch, just... you should go home. Don't blame her.

-If I could explain. Please-- -It's not his fault!

Just get in the house.

-We'll talk about it later. -I lost track of time.

-Finch! -If I could--

I'm so... I'm so sorry.

It was my fault. I fucked up.

Please, just don't blame her. Please. I'm sorry.

Just... go home.

Do you have any clue what horrible situations we had you in, in our heads?

You have to understand how that felt, your dad and I not knowing where you were.

I said I was sorry.

But you didn't have to treat Finch like that.

Well, he's the boy that kept our daughter out all night.

I kept him out all night, too, Mom.


Hey, V. Hey, what's up?

How are you?

-Fine. -It's been a minute. What's been going on?

I can't deal with you right now.

Is everything OK?

Honestly, I don't know.

I'm not tryin' to be an asshole, but you should know what you're getting into.

-I do. -No, you don't.

-He-- -Let's go.

-Where've you been? -You know why she's hangin' out with you?

She's tryin' to fix you.

Shut up, Roamer! Just...

You have no idea who he really is, do you? He's a freak!

-Call me a freak one more time. -You're a fuckin' freak.





Finch! Yo, let him go, man. Get off him.

Finch, stop! Stop!

Oh, my God!

What the hell? He almost killed him.

He's crazy.


Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!


Guess he's gone again.

I've been friends with the guy since minute one, and I haven't waited for his call in years.

He just... gets in this mood sometimes, and... it's hard, you know?

He's not easy, and everybody who gets close to him gets burned out.

So, why do you stick around?


'cause I love him.

He thinks everybody leaves him and I won't do that.

This is what we do.

I'm gonna get mad, he's gonna come back and apologize, and it'll be like it never even happened.


Is... is Finch here?

Did something happen?

Yeah, come on in.

I'm Lindsay.

Um... I'm OCD and just got diagnosed with a social anxiety disorder, so being here with everyone is not intimidating at all.

Last year, I started cutting myself.

I still deal with it, but I'm here.

I'm so sorry.

No worries. Have a seat.

Hi, I'm Bradley.

Um... I am ADHD, OCD, BPD, DID, and bipolar.


Um... you'd think some of those would cancel the others out, but...

Yeah, my week's been OK.

I've been watching a lot of basketball lately, and that's been helping a lot, so...


Hi. Welcome.


I'm, uh... Theodore Finch.

No labels.

Not really sure why I'm here.


I guess it's 'cause I... I got in this fight at school and, like, I was there, but I wasn't there.

I was watchin' myself, and...


I-I-I just get a little lost sometimes.

I run... a lot.

Sometimes that helps.

Kind of.

I don't know. Is that enough?


Thanks. Glad you're here.

Amanda, why don't you go ahead?

I'm Amanda.

I'm bulimic.

I've tried to kill myself twice.

I think about it almost every day.

Hey, have you heard anything yet?

-No. OK.

I gotta go to work. I'm gonna be late. But you should stay.

Why does he keep doing this?

I don't know.

Have him call me when you hear from him, OK?


Bye. -Bye.

I heard you beat the shit outta Roamer.

Why do you keep doing stuff like that?

Aren't you tired of people talking about you all the time?

People are always gonna talk.

It's their specialty.

Are you OK?

I don't know. I feel like I keep messing things up, and I'm not sure I know how to not do that.

Does this work?

It's better than the alternative.

Your girlfriend's pretty worried about you.

She's been at the house all afternoon.

What's going on?

I don't... really remember...

Dad that well.

And everything I do...

remember is... is bad.

Are there any... good memories you have of him?

Well, the fact that he would beat the shit out of us kind of negated all the good times.

But why was he like that?

Was he like that because of us? Was he... like that because of Mom?

He was like that because he was a shitty person.

There has to be a reason, though.

Because if there's a reason, then he could get better.

Something or... someone could make him better, right?

I don't know. Who cares? Dude, he's someone else's problem.

Why are you asking me about Dad?

What's going on, Finch?

Come on. You can talk to me, man.

Nothing, Kate.

Sorry. Nothing.

I'm good.

Are you sure? Because I have to open the bar, -but I can find someone to cover me. -I'm good.

You know I love you, right, Theo?

I know.

You scared me.

What is all of this?

I'm trying to focus.

Focus on what?

On staying awake.

I don't understand what that means.

Sometimes I... go blank.

I... get into these dark moods.

I think too fast to keep track of anything, and then it's like... all my thoughts are gone at once.

And sometimes, if I put 'em up there, I can... focus and slow down, but...

I can't right now. I can't.


And this usually works.

Maybe there's too much clutter.

I can fix it. I just...

I just need time to figure this out.

I'm trying to help you. -I don't need your help!

This is on me! This isn't about you!

You need to tell me what's wrong.

You don't get it.

You're right.

I don't get it.

Don't you know, Violet?

I'm "The Freak."

I'm fucked up!

I need you to leave.


Hey, it's Finch. Leave a message.

Hey, Finch. Um...

I'm sorry.

I'm just sorry that I pushed.

And... I... just need you to come back.

I just really need you to come back, OK?

Hey, kiddo.




On Eleanor's birthday...


I wasn't really thinking.

I found myself at the bridge.

I was standing on a ledge.

That's how I met Finch.

He found me there.

He saved me.

You... you weren't gonna...

I'm OK.

I was... confused.

I was sad.

I'm OK.

I'm better now.


Well, I'm glad Finch was there.

Me too.

I just wish I knew where he was.


you two have been a lot of places.

Is there any place else he might go?





On behalf of Finch's family, I wanna thank you all for being here today.

We've gathered to celebrate and to honor the memory of one who will be incredibly missed because he has been so dearly loved.

The events of these past few days...

I'm gonna say bye.

OK, we'll wait for you.


I should've been there.

I miss him.

Just so fucked.

I had no idea.

Sorry that I wasn't there for you.

It's OK.

I didn't know how to tell you.

I would miss you.

Yeah, I know you would.

"Travelers' Prayer Chapel,

created as a sanctuary for the weary travelers to stop and rest along their way.

It was built in memoriam to those who have lost their lives in auto accidents...

and as a place for healing.

We remember those who are no longer here, who were taken from us too soon, and who we will always keep in our hearts."

I used to be worried about everything.

Things that seemed meaningful... were actually meaningless.

I worried about life.

I worried about what would happen if I let myself feel again.

I thought I didn't deserve to.

Then... without really knowing...

I changed.

I wasn't worried about what would happen if I lived.

I was worried about what would happen if I didn't.

What I would miss.

I worried about not remembering.

Not remembering all of the moments...

all of the places...

...and that's because of Finch.

Because he taught me to wander.

He taught me that you don't have to climb a mountain to stand on top of the world.

That even the ugliest of places can be beautiful, as long as you take the time to look.

That it's OK to get lost...

as long as you find your way back.

But in learning all of that, I missed seeing something more important...

seeing Finch.

I missed that he was in pain.

I missed that he was teaching me all along how to move on.

Finch was a dreamer.

He dreamt while he was awake.

He dreamt of all the beauty in the world, and he made it come to life.

Finch taught me that there's beauty in the most unexpected of places.

And that there are bright places, even in dark times.

And that if there isn't...

you can be that bright place... with infinite capacities.

Two, three, four... ♪

♪ When I was just a kid, they said ♪

♪ "Kid, don't you cry" ♪

♪ I am older now, I say ♪

♪ "It's all right" ♪

♪ Every tear rolling down is a... ♪

♪ Lesson learned ♪

♪ Are you too old to turn? ♪

♪ Are you... too young to burn? ♪

♪ Too young ♪

♪ Too young to burn ♪

♪ Too young, too young ♪

♪ Too young to burn ♪

♪ Too young, too young ♪

♪ Now I sit by my window ♪

♪ Watch the sun going down, down ♪

♪ And I see all the people ♪

♪ Walking around, around ♪

♪ Every tear rolling down is a... ♪

♪ Lesson learned ♪

♪ Are you too old to turn? ♪

♪ Are you too young to burn? ♪

♪ Too young ♪

♪ Too young to burn ♪

♪ Too young, too young ♪

♪Too young to burn ♪

♪ Too young, too young ♪

♪ Ha-ah-ha-ah-ah-ha-ha ♪

♪ Ha-ah-ha ♪

♪ Ha-ha-ha-ha ha-ha-ha-ha Ha-ha-ha ha ♪

♪ Ha-ah-ha ♪

♪ Too young to burn ♪

♪ Too young, too young ♪

♪ Too young to burn ♪

♪ Too young, too young ♪

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