All Things Fall Apart (2011) Script


Okay, first and ten and Deon Barnes on a roll with three touchdowns and a hundred yards rushing.

He gets... yeah, yeah, hoo...


And, go baby!

Get it! Get it! Get it! Get it!

Good job!

You know you got it! Yeah, you know you got it!

Oh, that's my boy.



We're up by so much.

Do you think we could put my brother in the game?

Yeah, Sean Barnes, you're in, come on!

Sean! Your glasses!

Come on!

Come on out, Jimmy. Good job, buddy.

Let's go, come on.

Coach wants a 34 dive. Sean, you okay?

I'm okay.

Ready? Right!

Get in there, baby! Go for it!


Come on, boys!

Set! Hut!

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Come on. Okay, come on.

Come on, baby boy. Come on.

Come on. Yeahhh.

Blue and gold!



Can I get a... Hold on.

You don't get a drink until we win or go into overtime.

I just want a beer. Uh-uh! Look.

You come into my bar on a Saturday afternoon you'd better order your drinks before or at half time, but when the game is on, nobody interrupts. Okay.

Hey! Bee's bar.

My bad, y'all.

35 seconds left. Let's bring it up!

I want it! I want it! I'm ready.


Fourteen! Fourteen!

Who is that?

That's my baby!

There's more action from the dealer.

When will it be turned around?

Man, you see I'm watching the game here, Sean.

When you gonna sell this old 'vette of yours?

When I feel like giving you a commission.

Now sit down and watch your brother play ball.

I can't mess around. I'm up for promotion.

Hey, you think I can get a ride back?

Sean, I'm watching the game. C'mon!

Jeez, man.

Watch this, watch this!

Do it D. Do it D.

You have to watch this.

Oh, yeah! Do it D!

Timeout! Blue.

Time out!

Shut the fuck up!


...back on their eleven yard line.

Raise that hand again and they gonna be calling you Stubby.

Yeah, and don't think she's playing around.

I've seen that action before.

Let's go Twizz left, 80 to slice...

Stop running that bullshit.

The line is too strong.

All right. Fuck it!

Line, let 'em come through.

We'll hit 'em with base, Seattle Blue, on one on one.

All right!




Hey! Hey, could I get that ride?

Right now, Bernie's gonna buy you a beer.

Wow! Yeah!

Gimme some dap.

Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo!

One, two, three, D!

Hit the showers. Good game!

Deon, a word.

I just wanted a quick word with you.

I'm gonna make this quick.

I don't want to put you on the spot.

You did something tonight that was really wonderful to see.

You showed tremendous character.

Don't ever forget it. You won the game for us without scoring touchdowns.

I want you to know that every sportscaster in the country, from ESPN, CBS is gonna be showing highlights of this game and they're gonna be showing you taking people out.

Because of that, I'd like you to have this game ball.

I want you to take it to the N FL with you and put it on your shelf and then invite me over, so I can... hang out in your big house, pretend it's mine.

All right?

Thanks, Coach.

You have a good time, tonight. Not too good.

Four three.

What's that?

What was your fastest time off the line tonight?

Because, uh, I ran a 4-3-40.

I was All State in three different sports.

Come on, we heard this before.

Then why didn't you take it?

You got all these scouts in the stands taking down your stats every night.

Deon, you see the endzone in your sight, you take it.

Don't throw your opportunity away, like I did mine.

You got one season left at this university.

You don't forget that.

We won the game.

Son, I didn't have anyone watching my back who knew the game.

I'm watching your back. Okay?

You go have fun.

And you party, but keep your nose clean.

And your dick clean. I know yo' ass.


Yes, sir.

Yeah, I'm watching yo' ass.

You were amazing tonight.

Alright, alright, how?

How did you see that shit out there, man?

You had two guys on you.

Man, you boys never play flea flicker when you was a kid, man?

We been running the same plays since peewee leagues.

We took the ball every practice.

See how many times you make it change hands before we cross the goal.

No shit?

I had two choices out there tonight.

I coulda held onto the ball and went down with it, or when my quarterback is running on the right, I flick that ball out and we in the end zone!

It was incredible to see you.

But I didn't see it.

No, you didn't see it?

You had too much to drink.

Ladies, ladies, ladies.

I overheard y'all conversation and I got one question to ask.

Are you all here for the love of Deon?

You're friends with Deon?

Hell, yeah.

Y'all wanna meet him?

Ya gotta dance with me first.


He wants to dance. You wanna dance?

Let's make it happen. Come on, we at a party.


Come on.

Oh, I like what I'm seeing.

Hold on. Let's make a sandwich.

Five dollar. Going down.

I'm interracial datin'.

That's my motherfuckin' man showing off.

That's my boy right there.

That's why we win the motherfucking games, man.

That's why we won.


Yo, Sean.


Yo. Hi, man.

What's up, man.

It's a party, man, enjoy yourself.

I know, I'm fine.

I knew you was gonna be here.

Congratulations on the game.

Yeah, that went good.

Yeah, I'm gonna leave. This ain't my scene.

What you need to do is take care of this shit right here.

Turn you into a up and comer.

That way one of these bitches around here keep you up and coming. Know what I'm talking about?

Nah, that's alright.

Man, fuck this shit, man. Fuck beer, man.

Man made beer. God made weed.

See them little bitches over there?


Like 'em? They're something.


Excuse me, sweethearts, I told y'all, come here.


We can go upstairs and be away from all this noise, if you want.

Okay, let's go.

It's that easy when you the big bad ole cat.

I'll holler.




Nine five. Nine nine. Eleven one.

Come on.

That's good, that's good.

That's not bad.

Come on, get up. Open up your chest. Get air.

Are you alright?

Yeah, probably just a little dehydrated.

You wanna quit?

Hell no. Reset that.

I thought so. Alright, and... go!

High step dancing now.

Okay, as Ben Jones said, American jobs are jobs installing insulation, putting in solar paneling, putting in weather proofing, and we have to decide do we want to support a dirty fossil fuel industry or a clean green one where are the jobs gonna be?

Drill, baby, drill, becomes spill, baby, spill.

Well, that's what I say. What do you say?

There's no clean green coal, come on.

It's an illusion. Poof.

Man, what we coming up in here for?

Gonna get something to drink.

In a bookstore is the last place a nigga like me is trying to be.


Yo, what you doing in here, brother?

We've been looking all over for you, man.

We gonna get lunch.

Y'all go ahead, I'm busy.

I know what he in here trying to do.

He wanna holler at that baby.

That's what you was doing?

She ain't got no ass.

You like that? I got you.


He gonna hit your girl.

Can I have some assistance, please?

I'm just playing. How you doing? My name is Deon.

Sharon. Nice to meet you.

You like football, Sharon?


We got a big game coming up this weekend.

Never mind him, he's crazy.

But if you like, I'd like you to be my special guest.

Okay. Yeah.

So if you write your number down and I can... know how to get in contact with you to get you you the tickets.

Okay, Sharon.

I can't believe you fucking did that, man.

What? Here, man, I got it for you.

Yo, this bitch last night, her ass was like this!

I'm telling you, she was standing up off her back like this, whoa!

Y'all did the ass hash bash.

I love a tiger body pussy, great.

I'm gonna pass on lunch.

Catch up with you guys later.

Alright. Hey, don't forget Sunday.

Mom's expecting us.

Yeah, I'll be there.

Your brother's a fucking weirdo, dude.

He can't even come to places when we go places, shit dog.

He don't wanna go with us anyway.


Mm, mm, mm.

Just a little more hot sauce.


You smell good.

Well, baby, you don't.

You gotta go wash the gasoline off of you.

BMW, Black Man Working, that's a good thing in this economy.

You like that.

Ten seconds left, last play of the game, y'all ready for this?


You with me, little man?

All right, check it out.

You ready?

Getcha all pumped up. Who wanna go out, who wanna go long?

Throw me the ball.

You ain't gotta push.

Shut up.

Alright, go ahead, go long.

Alright, you can run faster than that. Come on, man, run.

I'm gonna hit you at the hump. Go ahead, run.

Here, y'all take the ball.

Don't let him push you around, man.


Oh, and please, get that scarf off your head.

Or you will not get the result you want tonight.

You gonna play the p-card with me?

I'm just saying.

Get your hands outta... what am I gonna do with you!

Didn't even hurt.

I know she was trying to show me love and affection.

You see that? You see what he's saying?

He's saying he gets away with it. You spoil him.

And I don't.

That is my son.

That's my problem with women.

I always put them up against my mom and they don't stand a chance.

Oh, that's my baby.

That's right.

Do... do... do you know the song "My Girl"?

You should sing that. This here is my girl.

All right, all right.

Dinner's in ten minutes. Get your brother.

All right.

You get the shower.


Would you please.

Halftime is my time. I'll wash up.



And put on that cologne I like.

Wait until you taste, baby, this cheddar corn bread, baby.

You gonna love me all over again.

I like what I'm seeing.



Buddy, what it do, big homie.

What up.

Man, I came over here so we can go to the mall, and I can get at some bitches.

What do you need me to go with you for?

I don't need you to come.

A good pimp need an assistant. Go get the car.

Hey, June. I don't know where you gonna put this third helping.

Aw, man.

June, why in the hell do you come in my house smelling like that?


But this is my special cologne.

What? New Cannabis Cold Water?

No, it works.

The hood rats love it.

Ms. Barnes, you think I can get a plate too?

You can go in and make yourself a plate.


Thank you.

Hey, man, your momma got wild.

Don't be looking at my momma like that.

Just playing.

I ain't playing with you.

Aw, shit. Here come Poindexter.

Hey, Sean.

You gonna chill and watch the game with us?


What about that girl? You call her?


Why not?

I didn't feel right about it.

I mean, how would that look?

Me calling after you talked to her?

What? What the fuck?

Man, you shoulda gave me the number.

Your brother don't want no pussy.

Sittin' up with in motherfucker reading books playing love jeopardy.

I did not want to fuck that bitch...

Fuck you, man.


Yo, chill out.

Say that one more time.

He didn't mean nothing by it.

One more time!

One more time for what?

What is going on in here?

Baby, are you all right?

I'm all right, I'm all right.

He pushed me over the table.

Why you do that, Sean?

What if he hurt himself?

No matter, you always take his side.

This is not sides, baby.

You coulda hurt your brother, you coulda hurt yourself.

It's nothing.

It's over some girl he like and I got her phone number and I asked him if he called and he got mad.

Sean, what are you thinking?

We got the biggest game of your brother's career coming up.

Now what if he cut himself on that glass.

What if he didn't play to his fullest in front of all the scouts that we know are gonna be there.

Your actions affect the entire family.

I didn't mean it. I'm sorry.

It's all right.

Don't worry about it.



I don't need you getting into any kind of dick waving contest to see who can lift the most weight.

You gotta keep your legs alive for Oregon on Friday night.

I'm focused on the ball game, Coach.

I'm not gonna mess it up. I promise.

I believe you.

But I don't want you in here after another hour.

One hour, you're done. All right?

I mean it.

I'll be outta here.

One hour.

What the fuck you doing in here with the regular population, homie?

Coach said if he caught me in the gym over an hour he'd kill me, so I came over here.

You wanna lift weights?

Just a few minutes.

Yo, D. How much you weighing there?



Let's get this money, big homie.

Let's do this. You gonna get far, baby.

This is lightweight for me.

Let's make it happen.

One for the mansion, two for the Maybach, three for the bitches, four for the highlight.

Five for the fame. I said five for the fame.

Man, you always got to go all messed up.

Man, you ran it on me.

Boy, get mine.

Oh, God.

Hot hot damn.

What the fuck you laughing at?

What you get mad at me for?

Fuck this shit, man. I'ma stay skinny.

That way my dick look bigger.

The only Heisman trophy pose I want to do is when I grab a bitch purse.

Get back, bitch!

I'm outta here. You can have that shit.


Hey, you think you can give me a spot?

You want me to spot you?

Why not?


Here comes the muscle.

Okay, you don't need me so I'm gonna go.

Help, help.

Say please.

Help, please.

Please, baby, help me.

See, I did need you.

How was I?


It was my first time.

Your first time?


Twelve. Thirteen.


Hey, yo, D. What up?

You just can't be busting up in here like that.

Your brother downstairs. You want me to send him up?

Tell him to give me a minute.

Right. You want me to tell him ten?

Tell him fifteen.

I was sitting right over here.

I know, it's cool.


Why'd you hit my head?

"Oh, give me fifteen. "

I was just playing. Forget about ten.

Explained this happened, man. Set that up, dog.

It's going down tonight.

It was crazy.

You okay?

No problems.

Give me a call the next time you need help with your homework.

I'll do that.

Hey, what's up?

What's up?

Who's that?

It's my gyology tutor.


Yeah, that. Hey, how you doing?



I remember. Tickets. I promised her tickets.

Yo, June.

What you need, cuz?

Those tickets for my brother.

Man, I don't know.

What you mean you don't know, man.

I hope you ain't rolled 'em and smoked 'em.

Come on, man. Actually, you know where they at?

They right over there on the desk, right next to the computer.

Where, I don't see no...

Right next to the computer.

I got it. It was in the drawer, man.

Here. These are for you and my brother.

Thank you.

It's nice to see you again.

You too.

Thanks for coming over.

Alright. We'll catch you later.


I can't believe he called her.

You can't.

Look at Sean.

Yo, you tell 'em June's popping party extravaganzas is top notch.

If they want the deluxe tent, it's gonna be 2,000 dollars.

It's set up time. I'm not going in that shit for free.

That's money outta my pocket.

Where they do that at? Damn, man!

All these bitches want me to throw these big-ass parties after the game but don't nobody want to pay for shit.

They trying to stress me son!

Hey, don't be hotboxing up in my car, man.

There you go, acting like Officer Ricky.

Chill out, chill out for real, or you're gonna have us in central booking.

Harry, Harry, why you trying to beat me up on the price, man?

This here is a classic.

Oh, bullshit. You know the blue book price says 9,000 dollars.

How about if I give you eight?

No, no, hey, no, Harry, I... I put it out for 10,000.

I don't know if I can take anything less than that.

Eight's a good price for it.


You told me you'd give it to me for 12.

Who's this schmuck?

I spoke to my mom. She said she'd co-sign a note.

His mommy.

Come on, you got two men talking business here.

Huh? Kid.

Alright, look, look.

Uh, you just said 10,000 dollars, right?

Is that what you want?

You know how much a car like this is worth?

I ain't never seen a '66 Stingray in this kind of shape.

All you gotta do is put some rims on it, man, and a system in it, ooh, you know... look, I'll give you 12-5 for it.

What is going on here? What, are you gonna let that Bob Marley here outbid me on this car? Come on.

Harry, for Heaven's sakes, let the kid have the car.

You're too old for it anyway.

Wait a minute.

Look, you know this has always been my dream car.

Deon. What the fuck you doing?

I just want my roses when I can still smell 'em.

I know, sweetie. But it's only a car.

No, not for me. Look, let me handle this.

Why don't you go outside and enjoy your minivan?

It's what you like.

I need this deal, man.

Alright. Look, here's my final offer.

11,000 dollars.

I'll go get my checkbook right now.


I'm sorry, kid.

Man, this is bullshit.


I'll be right back.

Excuse me.

11,000 dollars.

This... he's a natural, man.


I had no idea you were gonna do that, man.

You see that? 11,000 dollars.

But I don't get it.

Doesn't the old guy know he won't get a chance to drive it long?

Oh, he knows.

Yeah. He just wants to go out on top.


Tickets for you and Mom, last game of the season.

Oh, good looking out.

Ha, ha, ha. Oh, that's my bro.

Listen, don't go passing the glory.

I know, I know.

Yo, I'm gonna run back to campus.

My ride better not coming back smelling like weed either.

Oh, it ain't. But it might smell like sex, dog.

He's stupid.

Hey, you joggin back?


Okay, six minute miles, keep your pace even.

I know, I know.

Okay, alright.

Hey, hey. 11,000 dollars.

You the man.

From your mouth to God's ears.

Oh, what's up, Sharon?

What are you doing out here this late by yourself?

Just closing the bookstore for the night.

How far you live from here?

A couple of blocks down the quad.

I'll walk with you. C'mon.

So Sean finally called you.


What'd he say?

Nothing, he just offered to give me the tickets and brought me over and that was it.

He didn't say nothin' else?

No. What was he supposed to say?

I don't know.

I appreciate you walking me home.

It's nothing. It's no problem.

Okay, I have to ask you something.

Why'd you have your brother call me instead of you?

I don't know.

I mean, I was busy.

And it, you know, he... I wanted to make sure you came and he's good with that kind of stuff.

Okay. Well, if you wanna go out, you should just ask me.

Well, I'm asking you now.


Look at that pretty smile.

I didn't wake you up, did I?

I'm good.

Got a seven o'clock with Coach this morning.

Wanna come check me out?

I'll be there.

Now you make me not wanna go.

See you later, alright?

One minute, 39 seconds left in the fourth quarter,

Defense, defense!



Ran the ball up the middle.

No gain on the play, that's gonna force the fourth down.

And the clock is ticking, no time outs remaining.

It's gotta be frustrating for the Lakers.

Get past the gunner, the gunner from the left, we'll have a wall for you. Feel me?

Okay. Got it.

Get it!

The clock has stopped.

Let's go!

Just 21 seconds remaining in the game.

Enough for two plays.

Play, Deon.


Come on, Deon, go get them!





Incomplete pass to stop the clock with 13 seconds remaining.

Seems we can get the fucking Gatorade.

Bring it up! Bring it up!

Bring it in, fellas, here we go.

Let's go PA. Gator 92. Let's buy protection up front.

This is it, fellas. Last chance.


Home town, baby, this is where you do what you do.




Yeah, baby!

That's what I'm talking about!

Yeah. See that? See that? That's it.

We just won, but we wouldn't have if you hadn't caught them passes.

Don't touch me, boy, alright?

You didn't even wash up yet.

Oh, shit.

Hey, D!


Is anyone there?

Can anyone hear me?

Is anyone there?

(doctor over mic] Relax, Deon, you have to stay still.

Can I get you something, baby?

I'm okay.

What could they be doing? We've been here all day.

Sean, go find somebody, please.

Momma, I already checked. They're busy.

Look, just go out there and bring somebody back who knows what the hell is going on.


What'd I tell ya?


I told you to get your ass in that endzone.

Guess what, Bernie?

SportsNet just bumped your boy up.

That means we're going to San Diego, Denver or Miami.

We moving!

Look, we gotta you outta here, get you all fixed up.


Oh, baby.

I'm sorry I took so long.

Oh, that's okay, Doctor. What you got for us?

We got the M Rl results and what it's showing is a growth, a medio-spinal tumor in your chest cavity.

And that's putting stress on your heart and your lungs, and that's why you fainted.

What does that mean?

But can he still play?

He's playing in the national championships.

At... at this time, with the placement of the tumor any kind of physical activity could cause more damage.

Can we have it removed?

Our preference would be non-invasive.

Radiation and chemotherapy will shrink the tumor.

What I think we have to do is we gotta take a wait and see approach.

We gotta start chemotherapy though immediately.

And then within the next four months we'll see where we're at.

Okay? I'll give you some time.

Excuse me for a second.

We'll work through this. It'll be alright.

Hey, Doc.

Excuse me for a minute, Doc, Doc, hold it.

Do you know who that is in there?

No, he...

That boy has a future. He has a gift.

The N FL draft is not until June.

Are you saying we can expect a full recovery by April or May?

We'll know more once we see how his body reacts to the treatment.

Chemo and radiation?

Hold on, that's six months.

You said it would just take four.

It's always best to remain optimistic, don't you think?

Now look, Doc, I know how the game's played.

We're just a little worried.

Eric, please don't...

We are. But all this stuff is just between the family.

I need to know it's not leaving this room.

The hospital maintains the strictest confidentiality. He'll be okay, okay?

Thank you, Doctor.


Alright, we gotta keep a lid on this bullshit, okay?

So we're gonna tell them you got pneumonia.

No one has to know the truth but us.

It does not leave this room.

No, no, I don't agree with that, I mean, we might as well tell them anyway because they will find out.

Bernie, I can deal with Coach Harper and the university.

What about Miami? What about the Dolphins?

It's not a physical limitation.

Worst case scenario, you're gonna be dropped down to 9th or 10th or 11th pick.

But you'll still be first rate.

You'll be okay.

Listen, I know the championships are in two weeks, but you know what?

What those people saw you do the other night, they will not forget you. I promise you that.

I promise you that.

That's right.

1969, the summer of love.

So I've been told.

America is the first country to land a man on the moon, and at that same time, we're number one in education.

Now, we're number 18.

And as more and more jobs require a college education, fewer and fewer of us are actually graduating from college.

In the year 2040, ladies and gentlemen, China will be the big player, the big dog, America not.

So where are all these new jobs going to be when you graduate in the spring?

I would like you all to come to Thursday's class prepared to discuss that. Okay?

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. See you Thursday.

Be prepared.

Thank you. Thank you.

Hey, stranger.

Hey, Sharon.


Look, this is kinda awkward but...

I've been trying to call your brother for the past couple of days but I haven't heard back from him.

Everybody's saying he's got pneumonia.

Is he alright?


You don't like talking about your brother much, do you?

I think he can talk better for himself.

Fair enough.

So, what's up with you?

I'm on my way to the crew lab, working on my resume.

Oh, well, show it to me.


'Cause I got some resume skills.

No, for real. I look at a lot.

Alright, look...

Let's see what you got.

Don't clown 'cause it's not finished yet.


You interned for a designer in New York City?

Yeah. I've always wanted to be in fashion, so I took a chance and went to New York.

Okay, well, I'd move it up on your resume.

Alright, you might know a little something about resumes.

Yeah, I think I do.

Can't you give me pills or something instead of that?

He needs to relax.

I told you he doesn't like needles.

Come on, Deon, you gotta do this now.

You remember when you was six years old, and we had that big thunderstorm, scared you so much you hid under the bed you thought it was the wrath of God?

That was a long time ago.

I know, baby, I know, but listen.

Do you remember what I told you then?

I told you there was nothing to be afraid of, that it wasn't God punishing you, that he was trying to give you something.

All that lightning and thunder, light so bright you could see inside your eye?

What'd I tell you?

It was God giving you superpowers.

I remember.

Yeah. So now, I want you to lay back.

Lay back. Come on.

That's right. Just relax.

Close your eyes.

And let God bathe you in His light.

Absorb the power.

Okay. Okay, just lay down. That's right.

Close your eyes now.

Take something scary and turn it into a strength.

And the next day, oh, I can still see your little face.

You marched out onto that football field with those super powers like you could fly over anybody and land in the end zone.

Like you could run like the wind and never get caught.

And I was just screaming.

Come on, D, come on.

Use your super powers. Use your super powers.

I am disappointed in you!

You are not my son!

Excuse me.

Excuse me, I told you on the phone, we can't continue like this.

We are following the treatment plan that you signed off on.

No, these costs are out of control.

We are going to need an updated credit card on file for you.

For what?

Any ancillary charges that...

Oh, ancillary charges like...

129 dollars for a mucus recovery system?

Fees like that are often charged.

It's a damn box of Kleenex.

Now I am not giving you another credit card and I'm not signing any of your papers until somebody in this administration explains to me why I have to take out a loan to cover the costs of buying Band-Aids and gauze pads!

I'll provide my own.

I will provide my own.

Excuse me, Doc, Doc, do you know where Dr. Brintall is?

I'm covering for him but...

Oh, you cover for me, listen, listen.

Deon Barnes. We brought him in four months ago.

He's a football player. We did the chemotherapy, radiation, all that, and it cost us a great deal of money.

Oh, I don't get into billing issues.

Wait, hold on, then.

When we brought him in, he was 214 pounds.

Now he little and skinny.

We trying to get this boy ready for the N FL draft.

All he does is sleep all day.

Well, in aggressive cases like his that's not uncommon.

It's a side effect of his radiation.

What you need to do is get him out of bed, get him active and see how he feels.

That's the best thing right now.

Oh, but he...

Home sweet home, baby doll.

Now you stay right there.

I'll come around and get you.

Okay. Okay, take your time.

There we go.


Here we go.

Oh, look! It's Deon.

They're so happy to see you.

He's gonna play with you later.


Okay, come here.

I'll get this.


I'll take your shoes off.


Oh, I... I talked to Sean.

He called.

Wait, I'll help you.


I'll get you in there.


There you go.

You want some of that ginger ale with crushed ice like you had in the hospital?


It's good for your stomach, right?

I'll be right back.

The interviewer made me so nervous.

How did the interview go?

They had me meet with the supervisor and her direct manager, and I was there for over three hours.

Oh, well, that's good. Yeah! Real good.

Well, that was a lot.

I think they liked me.

What's not to like.

I mean, worst case scenario, you know.

If it doesn't work out, there's a position over at the dealership.

I mean, it's not fashion, but...

Sean, it is so nice to get a job for Sharon.

I would appreciate that 'cause...

Hey, D, go ahead and eat your food.

I'm almost half done with mine.

Eric, if he's not hungry... you don't have to eat, Deon, okay?

But I did make some of that pecan pie.

You want some?

Pecan pie everybody?

I love pecan pie.

Bernie, you gotta at least let him get his own stuff.

I mean, he's been home for two weeks.

He's just been sitting on his ass.

Look, you have to be patient.

It takes time. I know Deon.

He's going to do things in his own time.

He goes to take a dump, you're there to help him.

Okay, that's disgusting, that's enough.

I don't feel like hearing that.

Look, the cancer knocked him down.

We just have to be patient.

It's not how many times you get knocked down.

It's how many times you get back up.

Would you please stop with that ra-ra football bullshit?

I know my boy, I know he's gonna be okay.

He's not a boy. And you can't teach him how to be a man.

The goddamn president of the United States was raised by a woman.

Barack Obama was raised by single mothers.

He don't play football, do he?

He play basketball. Shut the...

Look, get the pecan pie. I'll get the dishes.

I have finals and stuff so I think I'll be heading out.

I'll walk you out.

I got it.

Sorry about that. That was embarrassing.

No, no, it's all good.

They're all trying to help you from their own perspective.

What about you?

What about me?

Things different now that I got sick?

No. It's been tough.

It's just...

You interested in somebody else?

Not at all.

I've just got...

I'm sorry.

It's my mother.

I'll call you later.






That is great!

You couldn't even do that this time last week.

Look, I just came to apologize.

Eric acted so damn crazy.

You know, fussing in front of... Sharon and everything.

Do you like her?


I see you boxed up the TV.

Well, we just have to send some of this stuff back, that's all. It's just a delay.

I know how much you like that flat screen.

I do but it's just a hiccup, that's all.

Sweetheart, you gonna get better in your own time and we gonna get rid of this crappy ass little house and we gonna be down in Miami, livin' it, honey.

And we gonna get everything we deserve in life, you'll see.

I'm sorry, Ma.

I didn't mean to get sick.

Oh, sweetie. Don't apologize for that.

What you sayin'?

I don't know why this is happening.

I mean, I didn't do nothing to nobody, I didn't do anything.

Well... it's a challenge.

It's just another challenge, that's all.

And you will be fine.

We will be fine, I promise you.

Why is God doing this to me?

Oh, no, no. Don't say that, sweetheart. Don't.


Hey, baby. What's up?

Hey, Momma. I'm just checking out the status of some applications.

I thought you said the party was supposed to end early.

Well, it was, but one of my servers didn't show up.

So I had to fill in.

I've been on my feet all night.

I can stop and get some pizza. What do you want?

Oh, I'm the only one home.

Eric and Deon aren't here.

They're not there?

Well, where the hell did they go?

I don't know. They haven't been here for hours.

I called both their phones but nobody answers.

Look, just meet me outside in five minutes.

I'll be right there.



How long ago did they leave?

I don't know. Hours ago, Ma.

Oh, Lord.

Damn. What's your brother's cell phone number?

Oh, it's in the phone. It's in the phone.

Ma. Mom, look!

What the hell is he doin'?

Jesus. Pull over. Just pull over.

Look at that time, 44 seconds, that ain't shit!

My grandmother could do that in her wheelchair!

I'm trying.

Get those knees up. Don't try, do it!

You gotta get them. Go get them.

Everything you ever wanted is on the line.


It's do or die time.

You don't have to do that, Deon! Stop!


No, no, no.

Don't you fucking look at them!

I gotta get him!

Don't let them distract you.

Oh, you want a break? You wanna run to Momma?

You wanna cry to your mother or you wanna play football?

Show me something, Deon. Show me something!


Bernie. Now you guys stop.

You have no idea what it takes to win.

You want it, you gotta show me something.

You stop it! Eric! You're gonna kill him!

Don't do this! He needs to do this!

What is wrong with you? He has got to do this.

That's enough! He's got to do this on his own.

Bee, you got no idea! This is it!

He's passing out!

Sorry, guys, you're gonna have to wait back here.

Seems Deon was working late tonight.

Your son, he had a... a heart arrhythmia, and that depleted him of his oxygen.

Is he gonna be okay?

Yeah, he's stablized for now.

What the hell happened?

Because the specialist on duty said we need to get him up and active.

Now he's got pro football tryouts in less than a month.

Professional football? You kidding me?

He can't play football. He's got a tumor a centimeter away from his heart.

Your son, he's never ever gonna become a professional athlete.

He's lucky if he ever rides a bike again.

You did this.

You did this!

These motherfuckers don't know shit!

Everything they told us was wrong.

We oughtta sue that hospital for malpractice.

We should sue the university.

They tested him every year.

They had to know this was coming.

That would call for lawyers, Eric.

Lawyers cost money. Who's gonna pay for that?

What you trying to say? I didn't pay for shit?

I leveraged my garage, baby.

I could lose my business.

I put it on the line for your son.

Please don't talk to me about money when they're about to foreclose on this house.

Everybody knows about your little dream to ride on my son's coat tails for the fame you didn't get.

Your little dream to manage my son.

Well, Eric there's nobody to manage now.

Who you gonna manage now?

Know when the best times of my life were?

When I was on that football field.

I don't care.

I wanted your boy to have something good to look back on.

I'm tired of all your loser football stories.

Every step of the way, you blocked me.

He coulda done it. He had the talent.

And remember, when you ran off his real daddy, truth be told, I was there.

If that man couldn't see that he had two beautiful sons and a beautiful wife, that was his goddamn problem.

Now let me tell you something.

Me and my sons were fine long before you came into this mix and we'll be fine long after you leave.

So you can just hit the road right now because it's empty. There's no money.

Overdrawn, insufficient funds.

There's no pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, so get the fuck outta here!


I'm right here!

You talking about me like I'm dead already.

I'll pay this back.

I'll find a way to pay everybody back.

I'll find a way.

Hey, I have an appointment to see Steve Fisk.


That's me. You are?


Deon, please have a seat.

What's your last name and student I D?

Barnes. Zero five one five.

I'm sorry, zero two five one five.

Barnes, Barnes. Deon Barnes.

You know we used to have this all star football player by that same name.

Had an ego the size of Texas.

Oh, man.

Listen, I'm sorry about that.

Yeah, just tell me what I gotta do to graduate, alright?

Well... it appears as though you never actually declared a major.

GPA's at the minimum.

But you dropped out during fall semester.

Probably looking at the full two years.

It's... here are some financial aid forms.

See if you can have those completed and back to me later this week, alright?

Financial aid funds? I'm on a scholarship.

Come on, Julio, my granddaughter can run faster than that.

Get the piano off your back, Jonas!

Let's go! stride out!

Listen, I heard you revoked my scholarship.

I didn't have any choice.

Once you dropped out of school, it was an NCAA thing.

Nothing else I could do.

I just wish you'd told me.

And what would that have changed?


Go! Bring it!

Come on, baby! Let's go!

I thought you were a running back, Deon.

That's who gets all the pretty girls and make all the money.

Now give us some running back time. Get back down there.

You got another one in you?


Just stride out. stride out.

This kid's nuts.

Yeah, he's the best I've ever seen.

You know, I can remember the exact moment when I realized that I wasn't gonna be playing professional football.

What are you gonna do now?

I don't know.

Look, if you need a job, why don't you come see me at the end of the summer.

I'll see if I can get you on the staff.

You'll work with the running backs, keep you close to the game.

Ray. That's the last drink for you.


And I called a taxi, it's on the way.

Bacardi coke?

Yeah, make it a double.

You girls talking about me?

Yeah, about how much of a red hot stud you are.

So who's taking me home?

She is, baby. I lost the flip, sorry.

Respect your elders, now.

Oh, we gotta get him out of here.

We don't have that kind of insurance.

When'd you start smoking again?

Well, Eric left.

My son's sick. The bills are mounting up.

And everywhere I look, I'm in the damn brick wall.

You know what I did, I put all my dreams in one basket.

Here I am back here at square one.

I thought my days of spoon-feeding infants was over.

And I'm here with... what?

Oh, shit. Deon!

Deon! Wait, baby, wait!


Stop, look, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean it like that. I just...


I'm sorry.

Hey, man, I'm looking for a job.

You hiring?

Hey, I'm looking for work. You guys need any help?

Hey, Kerry, what's up?

Hey, do I... do I know you?

Yeah, you... remember we used to hang out.

I'm sorry, I don't remember you.

So how did it go?

It didn't. I quit that bullshit ass job.

Minimum wage, stand on your feet all day cleaning up after motherfuckers.

Man, I don't know how regular people do that shit.

To top it off, man, this chick I used to hit, she didn't even recognize me.


I don't need that bullshit.

Man, fuck them bitches, man.

They were only there for you because you was up.

Now that shit got kinda hard, you know, bitches ain't nowhere to be found, man.

You don't need that shit.

You still Deon.

Hey, how you doin'?

My name is Deon.

Maybe you can give me your number, I'll call you, we can hang out sometime.


See if we can put something together, right?


Karen. Alright, I'll holler at you.

You're right.


Hey, you got a little change I could borrow till I get back on my feet?

Man, I ain't got nothing' right now, till I get paid for that last little party I did.

Soon as I get the money for that, man, I got you.

Don't trip.

Hey. Hey, come in.

I was in the neighborhood. Thought I'd bring by some food.

Well, Deon's not here right now but I'm sure he'll appreciate you stopping by.

I hope so. We haven't been talking much lately.


Have a seat.

I'm sitting here finishing up Doctor RandalI's assignment.

The Green Project?

Let me see what you got.

Take a look.

That's exactly what I thought.

Right? Solar power.

Yeah, solar.


Especially in the inner city.

We get hit the hardest with cellular towers, pollution, everything.

This would be beautiful.

Exactly. I just want everybody to jump aboard with that, you know?

Yeah, I think that's good.


Do you know how you met?

Huh? Excuse me?

Deon. Do you know how you guys met?

At the bookstore.

Through me.

That day at the bookstore, I was gonna come ask you out.

But before I could, Deon blocked me and got your number and then handed it to me outside the door.

You're tripping.

Why do think it was me that called you instead of him?

He had a lot going on.

Oh, please.

He was busy.

Come on, Sharon. Come on.

Do you really think you were anything special to him back then?

Why are you telling me this now?

You're a good woman, Sharon.

Yeah. Thanks.

I don't want to see you become another one of his fools.

Hey. It was me that was interested in you.


Shhh. Me.

What the fuck?


Get out!

Deon. Let me explain.

Just leave.

No, you ain't gotta go nowhere. You, too.

This is more my house than it is yours, okay?

You got it twisted.

Twisted? You're the one here trying to fuck my girl.

It wasn't even like that.

No, tell her.

Tell her what?

How you don't give a shit about anyone else but yourself.

You don't care about women.

You don't even know how.

You jealous?

You always did want to be me, didn't you, Sean?

What is that supposed to mean?

You probably cheated on every woman like a dozen times.

You too?

So I get sick and you start this bullshit, and you start talking this shit.

I'm not covering for you anymore.

It was all true, huh.

You said you loved me.

I do love you.

Why do you keep messing with all these other girls on the side? Huh?

Why you say that like you know for sure I'm doing that?

Why can't you just stop?

You're making this bigger than it actually is.

Bigger than what it is?

When I close my eyes and I think about my future, I see your face.

Do you have anything to say?

I'm not the one that got some explaining to do.

You were kissing my fucking brother.

And you the one been lying.

I don't want any part of this.


Hey, Sharon.

Let her go.

Hey, Sharon.


Hey, you happy, man? She's gone.

Fuck you, man.

Fuck all of this.

Now you listen.

You've been living off of us, man.

Alright? The family is broke and divided because of you.

Mom has to work two, sometimes three jobs to help support you.

I got work study, man.

I got to take out all these loans for my college education.

You get a full scholarship and you don't even go to class half the time.

You think you're so fucking smart.

Nobody fucking knows you, Sean.

Everybody you know knows you as Deon's brother.

Don't you forget that.

You listen.

Now Eric ain't here to back your ass up.

And Mom ain't nowhere around.

You need to step off.

You always was half a man.

Get off!

You think I meant to get sick? Huh?

You think if I leave all your problems will go away?

Then I'll leave then.

Yeah. Yeah, right.

As if you don't think Mom's gonna come chasin' after you!

Fuck you.

You can't stand on your own two feet.

You never have.

Hey, brother.

I tell you you can't sleep out here, man.


Hey, partner.


What the fuck you doin' man?

Can't find a job.

Got no degree and I can't stay at home.

Come on out of there.

Okay, you can stay here.

You can stay with me... till you get your shit together.

Operative phrase, you get your shit together.

I ain't gonna be bringin' to you your lemonade and your biscuits like your momma does.


Don't thank me. You gonna work.

You always talk shit like you know cars.

We about to find out.

Hey, call Bernie.

I don't need no more momma drama up in here.

Come on.

Start cleaning up right there.

Right back there.

Bizzy Bee Catering.

It's me, Mom.

Deon, baby, where are you?

I'm fine, Mom.

Look, I'm gonna be moving out for a little while, alright?

I need you to respect this.

What are you talking about?

What the hell is going on? Where are you?

Mom, I'm gonna need a little space, okay?

I am not going to have this conversation with you on the phone.

Where are you?

I'm at the garage.

Deon, come on, let's go.

I got a big catering job at the yacht club and I'm late, so get your stuff, let's go.

Mom, I gotta handle this on my own.

This is ridiculous, you know that?

Go get your things, I'm gonna take you home, and I'm gonna go to work.

Why you not hearing me?

I can't go home right now.

I am not leaving you in this greasy ass garage with all these oil fumes and gas fumes and all that.

Baby, look at your hands. You can't do this.

Mom, it's alright.

It's not good for you right now.

You shouldn't be exposed to germs like that.


Look... okay.

Look, I gotta handle this.

If I make mistakes I gotta make 'em on my own.

Okay. Whatever I did, I'm sorry, okay?

Mom, you didn't do nothing.

Listen, when your daddy left, I was so busy trying to be mother and father that I would go and work too hard and I'd come home feeling guilty and then I'd love you all too hard, you know?

So maybe if you feel like I smothered you or... abandoned you or something like that...

You didn't smother us. It's not you, Mom.

This is too hard for me right now.

I need you to come home with me. Come home.

I need this. I gotta figure this out for myself.

Just go home.

You mean it?

Wait. Who's gonna take care of you?

I'm gonna take care of me.

You promise me.


Will you come home for Sunday dinner?




No, please, listen, I'm here.

I'm here right now, yeah, you know...

I just had a family emergency.

Everything's been... Miss White...

What do you mean you don't need... wh... but I'm here with the food and everything's here, Miss White.

You know I'm always the...

What the... fuck...

Wh... What...

Fuck it.

Fuck it.

Goddamn it! I don't know what anybody wants me to do.

I can't do it anymore.

I can't... can't... I can't do any better than I've done.

I've done the best I can. God, you gotta do the rest.

Do the rest for me.

That's 40 dollars plus 2.75 and then 1.50 for...

Hey, Carlos.


He gonna have it for you, don't worry.

Hold the fucking light still, man.

What that mean?

Hey, D.

God damn.

What you call me?

Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Damn, man, careful with that shit.

Get some skills.

Leave him alone, he's the new guy.

Go home.

Get the hell outta here. I'll see you all tomorrow.

Oh, hell no, no, no, new guy gets the beers.

Right in there.

Well, it's official.

Your mechanic skills are for shit.

It costing me paper.

I'm sorry.

I'm the one that should be sorry, man.

I didn't do everything I wanted to when I was at the top of my football game.

Bernie once said to me, "Eric, you a well-balanced brother

'cause you got a big-ass chip on both shoulders. "

She said that?

I was messed up.

Maybe she's right.

Maybe I was too hard on you, Deon.

For trying... for trying to live through you.

But whatever I did or didn't do in my life, that's on me.

What about my life?

What do I do now?

Well, you know our people.

Black folks... most of us we wanna play ball, and we never learn to own the team.

Look here.

This is made in China.

Why is this made in China?

I don't know.

'Cause the Chinese man will work very hard for very little money.

So what you do is you take the best of each race, right?

For example, work like a Chinese man but get the education of a rich white man.

Learn to make deals like a Jewish man.

And have the heart, flavor and spirit of a black man.

You take that shit and put it together, it's done.

Then you just apply it to being in the business of whatever you love.

But that's what I'm sayin'.

Without football, I don't know what I love.

What the fuck else can I do?

Well, for me after football, it was cars.

Garage ain't much, but at least I own it.

I'm the boss.

But look at you, Deon, people like you.

You got charisma.

You make people believe in you.

You got people skills like the way you sold that man that car.

I didn't do that. You did that.

You could sell shit, Deon.

That's a legit skill.

Well, I'm gonna go see Coach.

See if I can work my way up into that assistant position.

If you're gonna go see Coach, you can't go dressed like that, man.

You know what my daddy always said?

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

I got something for you.

I got something.

Hold on. Uh-huh.

You could fit this. Look at this.

Designer shit. Stand up.

I call it Negro Make-Do. Look here.


Yeah, look like Negro need money.

Come on, man, it'll work.

I'm taller than you, man.

Look, sagging is in style.

Just sag this shit a little bit.

Put your hands in your pockets, you know.

It's gonna look like I wore it.

Hey, hey, hey.

Stop standing around. Let's set it up and run it again.

Defense gonna eat 'em up if they don't fall deeper into that pocket.

Deon, what can I do for you, son?

I just came to see about that assistant position.

Hey, Soris, run it again till they get it right.

Alright, boys, let's go. Let's run it again.

I went to the administration, I asked them about putting you on the staff.

And they said that well, the budget cuts and a lot of mumbo jumbo about people losing their jobs.

They're pretty much afraid to say yes.

So they're saying no?

Deon, the real reason I can't put you on my staff is because the university feels because of your condition, that if something happened to you and you're uninsured, they'd be on the hook for the costs.

I'm so sorry, son.

In other news, unemployment figures are in and the numbers are not good.

Cheap labor continues to be outsourced abroad.

Particularly hardest hit are minorities.

Black unemployment is almost twice that of white.

Unemployment amongst blacks has risen 33% over the past two years.

Manufacturing and construction jobs have been hit the hardest.

Unskilled workers and those without college degrees are finding it increasingly difficult to land gainful employment.

Okay, I will transfer you.

Mr. Barnes, someone is here to see you.

Deon, you can't just show up here like this, man.

I got no more money to give you.

I'm not asking for money. I'm asking for a job.

You don't got any experience.

Is this some kind of joke to you, Deon?

It's not a joke, man. I just need a job.

Just give me a chance, please.

Please, I can do this.

Look, I'm a Finance manager, not Sales.

Even if I could, I can't make that kind of decision.

Please, man. Just try me out, man.

There's gotta be something I can do.

I can't.

I'll work for free.


Please, man. Don't make me beg.


I'm sorry, man.

I'm sorry for everything I said, for everything I done.

I apologize. I don't know what else to say to you.

Sharon, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to say the things I said to you.

I didn't mean it.

I just need a little bit of help, man.

I didn't mean to say it. I mean it.

I just need some help.

Come on, get up.

Come on, get up, get up.

You're embarrassing yourself.

Just... I'm sorry.

I was just trying to find a job.

Hey, son. You work here?


I want to talk to you about this car right here.

This car?


It's a Chrysler 2005. It's listed at 11,150 but I could probably get it for you at ten five.

Sean. What?

That's your brother out there, huh?

Is this gonna be a problem?

No. No, sir, no problem.

Well, if you can do ten five, I don't see why you can't do ten.

I might be able to get it for you for ten.

Then you might have a sale.

Hold, one moment please, one moment.

Deon. Deon, what the fuck.

Please, I got this.

What the fuck are you doing?

I'm up for promotion here.

I won't mess up, I swear.

You gonna get me fired.

I won't, please.

Just let me do this.

Fuck. Fuck.

Fucking manager, he's pissed.

I'm sorry, I can't sell it to you for that price.

If I do, we're gonna actually lose money.

You told me I could have it for that price.

Either you're a man of your word, or you're not.

The owner's gonna be here in 15 minutes.

And if the paperwork's isn't done, chances are he's gonna shut down this deal and me with it.

Hey, hey, hey!

Not so fast.

You better get that paperwork started right now, 'cause I'm writing you a check, end of story.

It's a good try, man.

He says it's good for selling shit.

Obviously, she sell you some bullshit.

Man, that's a power tie.

All the big sellers wear this shit.

The tie helps you sell stuff.

71,000 miles. It's actually priced at 3500 dollars.

Here we are, a beautiful car for a beautiful lady.

My brother runs the finances.

If you can get them in that margin right there, we in business, brother.

You never know if you don't try.

That's right.

See? Same suit but you change the tie.

You're ready.

A 2009 Jeep Cherokee.

Got enough space for you to take the dog.

I know how much you love the dog. Hey, Noah.

I'm gone for a couple of days and new car sales double.

Hear that, Gerry?

He beat your record.

Good initiative using your brother, Sean.

Thank you, sir.

Come on, let's talk about moving you up to General Manager.

D, what up, baby?

What up?

Shit, what's this?

I told you I was gonna pay you back.

I didn't believe it.

I got something else you ain't gonna believe.

Check it out.

Ooh, damn.

I'm seeing eye candy.

Yeah, but this how brothers be fucking up.

They end up buying some shit that's too expensive on credit, and the banks win, man.

As soon as the car pulls off the lot, it's considered a used car.

Believe it or not, this is a used car.



Does it run?

It still got the factory warranty.

Eric says it runs beautiful.

And you know that brother don't play.


What about the gas though?

Gas? It's a hybrid.

You goin' green, nigga.

You know I like that green.

And it's American made.

So you there ain't that shit with the accelerator getting stuck and all that shit.

Can I afford it?


Get a white bitch to co-sign?

You might.

No, you can do like Sean taught me, and incorporate.

Then you're not buying as an individual, you're buying as the actual company.

You pay it off through your taxes, you know, like the big boys do.

Damn, man, you gettin' kinda smart, nigga.

Now you know it's hurtin' my feelings to find that you just now realizing that I'm smart.

Smart as the new gangsta.

Man. Let's go get the keys.

That's 12 new, 2 used. You did good, man.

Hey, I got promoted to GM because of you.


Yeah. Me.

Good. That's real good.

I got a favor to ask you.


We don't get paid till the end of the month.

So I was wondering if you would pull a drawer for me.

That's a lot of money, Deon.

I know, but where else am I gonna go, Mr. GM?

Alright. Hey, Sharon, could you pull some cash from the lock box?

Thank you.

Here. You take this so you can pay back some of the student loans you got.

I want to thank both of you for letting me in here and do my thing.



Ooh, look at you!

Look at you. You look so good.

You gained weight.

Yeah, I been handling my business, trying to get it together.

You got a job?

Sean gave me a job.

I'm selling cars over at the dealership.

Wait a minute, you and your brother are working together and nobody told me about that?

Yeah, Ma, I thought that would help with the bills.

Look, I told you, I don't want you worrying about that.

I know, but I'm tired of watching you do everything for everybody else but yourself.

Ooh, you did it to me again.

Alright, I guess you were right.

You said you had to do it yourself and you did, And thank God I was able to listen to you and just do it.

But don't you be giving up on your mother, hear me?

I'm not promising anything but maybe I can go back to college and get that degree.

Oh, man.


Well, what the hell are you looking so sad for!

Big D is back.

Hey, Big D!

Baby, are you hungry?

Sherry, I want you to get him some smothered pork chops.

Collard greens? With collard greens, yeah.

Collard greens, corn bread.

Okay! I'll do it right now.

And what you want to drink?

Cranberry juice for you, right?

Yeah. Oh, I'm sorry.

I'll get your refill.

Deon, I'm not supposed to do this.

I'm required to refer you to the oncology team.

Is your family going to be here soon?

It's just me this time.

Look, I started to gain my weight back.

I was feeling good... and my hand just seized up.

Look, you're the only one who's been straight with us, Doc.

Just tell me the truth.

New MRI tests show that... the cancer's come back.


You got a metastatic tumor in your brain that's appeared.

It's right above the motor cortex, and that's what's affecting your hands.

I've 9,000 dollars left to my name, Doc.

Can't drag my family through this again.

Come on. Come with me.

Isn't it fuckin' ironic?

I'm a cancer doctor but I enjoy second hand smoke.

I quit a year ago but I still like coming out here.

I figure as long as I'm not lighting up, it doesn't count.

Fuck it.

I don't understand, Doc. I did all the treatments.

What's causing it?

I don't know.

I mean, environments, cigarettes, genetics, the sun. I mean, there's hundreds and hundreds of reasons.

It's impossible to pinpoint just one, Deon.


Look, when I was a resident, there was a patient that I'll never forget.

She and her husband saved for years

'cause they wanted to take a trip to Africa to see the silver back gorillas in the Congo.

We saw her tests.

We knew that any treatment that we gave her would just be postponing the inevitable.

I mean, she was dying. She was riddled with cancer.

I wanted to tell her, we all wanted to tell her, but the hospitaI's policy was pursue a very aggressive and expensive series of treatments regardless of the fact that her insurance dropped her.

Her husband lost everything.

Their house, the savings, he never got to take that trip with his wife.

She died a few months later.

Right there. In this hospital.

Look, you came to me because I've been straight with you, right?


Okay. Here it is.

The 9,000 dollars is not gonna go very far.

This costs upwards to 100,000 dollars, and even that's only gonna buy you a few months, four months, five months.

And I die anyway?

I'm telling you...

I'm telling you what the tests are telling me, alright?

There's always hope.

But you can never run again. There's no athletics, that's over.

Look, the question is... do you wanna do it in there... with those machines attached to you?

Or do you want to do it on your own terms?

That's the question.


I know it's raining right now, but you're gonna have many more birthdays, okay?

Be happy and celebrate today.

Alright? Will you do that for me?

Deon, you better wipe the shower down when you use it.

Congratulations, Momma. You movin' on up.

Like the Jeffersons, baby.

What you talkin' about?

We got this big order for Saturday night.

Top of the line.

"Sean Barnes has been accepted

"into the Masters of Business Administration Program at Columbia University. "

You knew about this?

They offered me a scholarship.

Oh, baby. We've been going through all this and you've been helping me and you had time to apply?

Oh, baby. I'm so proud of you.

And you know what? I know I haven't said that enough.

And I haven't said thank you enough.

You've been helping me so much.

What? Ooh.

Check it out. Check it out.



Oh, that's beautiful.

Oh my goodness.

It's what you're wearing.

Who the hell are we catering for, Michelle Obama?

This is beautiful. Who set this up?

Somebody must have recommended you.


Can I help you with those?

You look so handsome.

You look beautiful.

Really though.

I mean...

Well, it's a party, Momma.

This is beautiful.

You didn't tell me it would be like this.


This is great.

I'm telling you.

Bizzy Bee Catering is a big star right now.

But you know, I'm so excited.

I went and looked in my recipe book, my gourmet book and I found...

Hey, Mrs. Barnes, you brought me some more of that delicious food.

What's up, Sean?

Did you set this up?

You like?

I love it. It's beautiful.

I had to grow up one day, Mrs. B.

Plus you know I've always been an entrepreneur type.

How else was I gonna pay for my weed?

You are...

Have a good time tonight, man.

Let's do this, y'all.

It's beautiful.

Ooh. What is this?

Momma, I think the guest of honor would like to dance with you.

Look at my two young men.

What is this?

Yeah, alright.

They're playing your song, Momma.

This is a very special request coming up, right here for a very important lady out here.

And it's a special request from our own host, Deon.

Let's get it down.

I don't believe you all.

Here we go.

I need you to do me a favor.

What is this about?

I need you to promise first.

What is this? Come on.

I know you up to something.

Somebody wants to dance with you.

Go ahead, go ahead.


Come on now.

It looks beautiful.


Thank you for this.

Thank you, man, I couldn't do it without you.

Yeah, they're men now. Look at them.

They're some good men.

You remember this place?

Yeah, we used to play pee wee league here together.

We had good times, man.


That's where all the bullshit started.

Where it all started.

Hey, man, I have something I shoulda done a long time ago.

Just wait a minute.

Sherry, can I borrow Sharon for a minute?


What's going on?

You two look great together.

I wanna see you dance.

You hesitate, this is gonna start all over again.

Get out of here, man.

I can't dance.

It's okay.

Beautiful party.

And beautiful lady.

Oh, can you believe this shit?

I couldn't find a tux in my size so I had to settle for a size smaller.

I started out as a young man playing quarterback and I got old and became a lineman.

Well, you busting out of that, coach.

It makes me look slim, don't it?

I'm glad you came.

Well, it means a lot that you called me.

A lesser man would've held a grudge about what went on.

Life's too short for that kind of shit.

Sure is.

We had some good times together, didn't we, Coach?

Yes, we did.

Hey, I want you to... hold onto this for me.

I know you know where I got it from.

I know. Thank you.

It's a party, man. Get your groove on.

Yeah, okay.

Come here.


I thought he was sick. What's he celebrating?

I don't know.

I think he just wanna go out on top.

Go! Go!

That's it.

That's my boy!