All Things to All Men (2013) Script


I'll take it.

Munitions? Yeah.


It was good to see you.

Two carats a stone.

D colour.


Retail 20 to 22K a carat.

Two stones a pack.

Forty-four packs.

8K a stone.

I have to raise the funds, get them certified, then find a buyer.

When do I collect? 72 hours.

Almost like old times.

Don't answer it.

Why? Afraid it's your boyfriend?



Car was stolen in Manchester.


Matches Moorgate and Farringdon.

HQ confirmed it's our guy? Mmm-hmm.

Only a matter of time.

Time to pop your cherry. We got a new lead.

Mark Corso.

Son of Joseph Corso.

Runs a ticket business earning him a fast half mil each year.

But he's hooked on the devil's dandruff.

Moonlighting cocaine deals is a regular gig.

He checked in 45 minutes ago.

He's waiting on the bagman.

Here we go.

Okay. Thanks.

He's just checked out.

Bagman's mine.

We got the bagman.

What's our friend saying?

He got here 30 minutes ago, went in the back. Hasn't resurfaced.

Done a check, building's clean.

Anything else?

Paul Myers. Whereabouts?

In the back.

All right, let's roll.


Little fucker pulled a knife on me. Yeah?

Good information don't come cheap. It's evidence.

Think it's this easy?

He's the bait.

All right!

For fuck's sake.

All right. All right!

What's all this about?

Your son's been arrested.

Possession of cocaine, intent to supply. Three to five years minimum.

No suspended sentence, not this time.

Are you fucking with me?

No, your son is.

So what do you want?

I want you to hire someone.

For what?


Stupidity is better hidden than displayed, detective.

You heard about Moorgate? Farringdon?


I want you to hire the one that's been playing without your permission.

James Riley.

You supply the target, we'll assess the risk. Five mil limit.

What if he doesn't wanna work for me?

There's a recession, everyone wants to work.


I sold the stones. I'll have your money by tonight.

When? 9:00.

Where? Camden.

So you think he's up to it?

He wants to be. Don't they all.

We commend to almighty God, our brother, Adrian Peters, and commit his body to the ground.

Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

My condolences. Thank you.

I'm so sorry. Thank you.

He was a good man.

Where's the money?

My boss has it. He wants to talk.

Just a conversation.

I wasn't so sure you'd make it.

You're a high-line pro. I want us to work together.

I work alone.

Why don't you just take a look? Because I don't like the view.

Do you know what a merchant is?

I am the merchant of this city.

Anything with a centigrade of heat comes through me.

Adrian Peters knew the rules. Even if you didn't.

The money I took off you is the, uh, commission you owe me.

If we can work together, we become partners.

If we can't, then we become competitors.

I've become extremely efficient in eliminating the competition over the years.

I'm still here.

You'll be working directly for me.

The jobs will be laid out. Blueprints, schematics, whatever's necessary.

What's my end?

30%. Unnegotiable.

Only one job?

If that's what you want? I do.



These tactics?


What if Mark Corso puts in a complaint?

You wanna make detective?

Yeah. Then listen.

One day you're gonna have to shoot someone in the back.

And when that moment comes, you ain't gonna give a shit about procedure.

Our boy in May?


Difficult? No.

Medium level security, no more than five mil in the vault.

By the way, I still haven't spoken to my son.

I want assurances the next time we meet.

I'll look into it.

Fifth floor down. North-east corner.

I see it.

How are they looking after themselves?

It's a binary system connected to three independent alarms.

To where?

Scotland Yard.

Response time? Six minutes.

Proximity? Not close enough.


Mr Cutter will be with you.

If he steps out of line, I'll do what's necessary.

How secure is the box?

Two foot of titanium steel.

I'll need two weeks prep.


You've got it.

Under the seat.

Are we good?

Yeah, we're good.

We're good to go.

Earliest window?

This weekend.

The access codes?

We're on it.

That's not good enough.

We're experiencing a few difficulties.

The access holder.

You got a profile?


I've gone over it.

He can't be turned. Worked for the firm for 22 years.

We got no option but to go in hard.

Use his, uh... Use his family.

It's not my style.

It's not your style?


So what do you suggest? Nothing.

You said it would be a laid out, inside job.

Don't be a smartass.

You have an option without a 10-year default, I'm listening.



I'll need 48 hours.

I meant what I said.

You're just like your brother.

He thought he knew everything.

Why bring him up? Why not?

He was a prick.

Yeah. We need to talk.


I'll see you there.

I told you not to call me, Corso.

I want my son released. That's not gonna happen.

You stick to the plan, you'll be playing happy families by the weekend.

You're not listening to me, detective. Yes, I am.

Firstly, you don't tell me what to do. Secondly, stop wasting my fucking time.

I've spoken to my son.

He's being looked after. By who? By you?

When you've got a junkie for a son, detective, deaf ears become a necessity.

It's either listen to lies or listen to more lies. For years I never listened.

Then he mentions a black Range Rover.

I took in every word. Every detail.

I want my son released.

Audio recordings of our preparations.

Your contributions included.

You wanna fuck with me, do you? No, you fucked with my family first.

Your son wants to distribute cocaine, he should know it comes with risk and reward.

Same applies to me. Remember?

I remember we didn't have this problem.

We've had a problem with the access holder.

The codes are in Scotland Yard's mainframe.

I want the source recordings in exchange.


Great. Great.

Jonathan Parker.


You stay where you are.



We're good.

Get in the car.

Access codes?

This one's to run smoothly, Corso.

We have the access codes.

Give us a minute, George. Okay?

What is wrong with you?


I thought you would've learned your lesson after the Dover incident.

Wasn't easy to get you a suspended sentence.

I know.

They're never gonna let you be the merchant of this city.

I'll be fine.

It's too late. They all know your problems.

Sober or not, you'd be seen as a weak merchant.

I'd always keep you close.

I lost your mother.

I don't wanna lose you.


Come the weekend, I'm retired.

We're set.

Bag it.

What the fuck just happened?

It's 50 million we just stole.

We got lucky.

There's no such thing as luck.

Fool's thinking.


Three cushions, bit of right-hand side.

Do you mind? There's money on this. Let him play his own game.


How's Sands?

You still his eyes and ears of the world?

I've known that man since I was 14 years old. I'll always have his back.

And your Portugal project?

Coming on. Must be getting close.

Our line of work doesn't pay as well, does it?

Who you kidding? Who's kidding who?

Is that what you tell Sands?


I heard about the Turks.

It's nothing.

Well, that's not what I heard.

I mean, there are people that you fuck with, people you don't.

It'll be all right.

Just giving you a little heads up. Don't need it.

Gentlemen, good doing business with you.

My retirement? With no pension.

Where's Cutter? He didn't make it.

Has our commission been confirmed? Yeah.

How much? 10%.

How much we giving Dixon?

Haven't decided.

That's not a good look.

46 million.

Changed their policy three days ago.

Corso set us up.

All right, Sands. What do you think?

Tell them how it is.

Tell who?

Attorney General and Police Commissioner.

They're in the loop?

You need to step up your game.

I'm not sure he knows what game he's playing.

Listen. This ain't me.

What ain't? The snooker club.

Stop running before you can walk. I know what I saw.


Nelson and Roberts are narc. Check for yourself. Undercover last seven years.

And what about the bagman?

What about him? Never checked in.

No record of him at Wandsworth Prison. Nothing.

Gentlemen. Take a seat, Parker.

How could you be so stupid?

You should have consulted us.

Well, I didn't believe it was necessary.

I rather think 46 million makes it necessary.

We agreed a five mil limit, like before.

How do you mean "before"?

Fairfax case.

What about it? We employed the same tactics.

Who's the bait?

Joseph Corso.

Wasn't Corso the bait in the Fairfax case?



We need a result, Parker.

Recover the money, you can have your usual commission.

How long can you hold back the fire?

Twenty-four hours?

Can you press this?



Come on, Sands, open your eyes. Why tell us the bagman's in prison?

You wanna stop talking.

He's a criminal with a badge. No more, no less.

Watch your mouth. Why?

Because I'll make sure you never make detective, that's why!

Fuck making detective.

Okay. Suit yourself.

Robert Razsiak.

He killed my dad.

Got off soot-free. That's why I joined.

And you?

Do you even remember why you joined?

What are you gonna do about the Turks?

It'll blow over.

And they won't care about your badge. They'll take you out.

It's an easy fix. How?

Portugal fund.

What about Sands?

He's all right.

Got enough?

A bit light. How much?

One-fifty. It'll be all right. Go and see Mc'Deer. Cash in a few bits.

And you can clean this up in 24 hours?

I'll stake my badge on it.

You are.

Let's do it.

Twenty-four hours. Then it's a full-scale investigation.

What about the bagman?

I'll release him tomorrow.


I think I've got a lead on Corso.

Yeah? Well, I'll come with you.

I've already left. It shouldn't take too long.

- I'll call you in an hour or so. All right.

Why did you come back?

Adrian asked me to. He thought you set him up.

Because I never explained. You never once visited him in prison.

I left after my brother died.

He needed help moving some ice.

He was desperate.

Asked if Adrian would take them. I said not if they were from him.

Adrian couldn't stand my brother.

The police swooped so quickly, I still don't know how I got away.

My brother was a mess.

His associates wanted their share so he had to commit to another job.

Fairfax Security.

They found him a few hours later.

He'd been shot twice in the back.

It was Corso.

He'd set him up.

I lost a brother and a friend.

I need an address.

Curtis Carter.

How quick can you Get it to me?

All right. Well, let us know as soon as possible.

And let's keep Parker out the loop on this one, yeah?

All right. Cheers.

I have the money.


Okay. Where do we meet?

Battersea Power Station. Midnight tonight.


I'll be there.

Where's Parker? Told him we had a lead on Corso.

How long we got? Two, three hours max.

Got the bagman's address?


You got a problem?


Let's do it. Let's do it.


Curtis Carter?

He don't live here. He's registered as living here.

You got a warrant? No.

Then fuck off!


Where's your brother? How do I know!

He was here. Where is he?

I'm not his keeper.

You can't put that on me.

I can do what the fuck I like. Where's your brother?

Fuck you, man!

Fine. Call it in.


You just finished a three.

That means you're facing a five.

7-1-2-4, receiving. Go ahead.

What's it gonna be, five minutes or five years?

7-1-2-4, receiving. Go ahead.

7- 1-2-4, receiving.


Get out the fucking way.

Watch it, mate!

Get down! Get off me, man!

Come on. Get down here.

Oi, where you going? Stay there!

Stay there! Making me run.

What happened after you left the Westbury Hotel on the night of the 16th?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Mark Corso is in custody. So?

So we can put you at the exchange. You can't put me anywhere, man.

Oi, what are you doing?

Tell us what happened. You know what happened.

Dixon, what are you waiting for?

All right, look, look. I'll tell you what happened.

Yeah, go on.

Your man pulled me up on the Clerkenwell Road.

You're talking about Parker? Yeah.

He arrested me for intent to supply.

So why weren't you put in custody?

He made me an offer. 10%.

How much were you holding?


Doesn't make sense.

He shouldn't have slept with Velon's woman.

Told Parker he wants five mil to forget that it ever happened.

Most expensive lay that he's ever had.

How long's he got? What do you think? Time's up.

Time's up. Now, get off me!

You get out of here. Fuck off.


Who's Velon?

Heavyweight Turk.

So, it was never about Riley.

I need to check on something. All right.

- I'll come with you. It'll be quicker on my own.

And if Parker wants to meet?

Play along.

Apologies, Mr Sands, you weren't in the diary.

No, I didn't have an appointment. What can I do for you today?

I need to confirm a transfer into our account.

But we closed your account. Mr Parker came in a few weeks ago.

He told us you were considering another bank.

He signed off on it this morning.

We must have got our wires crossed.

Thank you.


You didn't have to choose the fucking top floor. Where's Dixon?

Covering our tracks at HQ.

Look, this lead on Corso.

The bagman never checked in to Wandsworth.

Yeah, I checked him in under a different name.

10%. He told me the deal.

I put it in the Portugal fund. What the fuck?

"What the fuck?" That's exactly what I asked myself when I checked the fund.

What the fuck!

3.2 million gone because you went to bed with a whore.

People used to tell me, "Be careful of Parker, you can't trust him".

I backed you every time.

All the way. Like a brother.

All these years and the fucking bagman knows more than me.

It's all right, I've got you. I've got you. It's all right.

Don't try to talk. Shh. It's all right.


Robert Razsiak...

The lead on Corso.


Where's Sands?

He'll catch up. I thought he had the car?

No, the car's a bit of a giveaway. He walked.

Where are we going?

To cash in.

Get the gun. Why?

Mc'Deer. He's a tricky customer.

Hand it over.

Where's Mc'Deer? Office.

How's it going, big guy?

Got the flake?


Where's Sands?

He's on a case. Oh, yeah?


Come on. Come on what?

Come on, Parky, it's me.

You still think you're one of us?

We made a good team. Yeah, back in the day.

Remember, it was me who looked after you "back in the day".

Fuck's sake.

High value robbery yesterday in St Paul's.

Who? Don't move in your circles.

They're pretty big circles, Parky. It's worth asking.

Fine. Robert Razsiak.

Never heard of him.

Right, let's talk.

Fifty a key.

Let's talk sensibly. I am.

Twenty-five a key.

Now we're not even talking.

It's the quality, see. Yeah?


I'll turn this into a bust if I hear any more of that nonsense.

How many pieces? Seven.

Thirty-eight does it for me.

Dixon. Count it.

Two-sixty-six, Robbie.

Have a seat.

You need to watch him. Appreciate the tip.

Ten years, I've never seen him and Sands apart.

Worked together that long? History's longer than the job.

Friends since they was kids.


Told you to watch him.


Velon. It's Parker. I got 4.1 million for you.

5 million by tonight.


You're an hour late.

Well I'm here now, ain't I?


One passport, one driving license.

You won't find better quality at such short notice.


I'm not the one who's paying.

Joseph Corso.

What about him?

I need you to help me to find him.

What is this?

Last night, St Paul's job.

Yeah, go on.


He was the bait.

He's killed Sands and Dixon.

Me and Sands, we went a long way back.

Okay. Give us a few hours. Yeah.

Have you spoken to Sophia Peters?

Rumour is Corso killed her husband.

Now she's looking for payback.

Police. Can I come up?


Balcony? Yeah.

Is there new information? About what?

My husband. Not my division.

What do you want, detective?

Well, where's Joseph Corso?

How would I know?

He killed your husband.

Then why haven't you done anything? Like I said, not my division.

What kind of detective are you? The kind who wants Joseph Corso.

My husband deserves justice.

I can arrange justice.

So where is he?

I don't know.

You used to live in Liverpool, didn't you?

Long time ago.

Do you remember an incident at the Malmaison?


I bet you don't.

You get me Joseph Corso, or I tell the fellas in Liverpool exactly how to find you.

Do you understand?

That's my number.

Call me.

I've heard he'll be at Battersea Power Station tonight.

No one kills Riley until I have the bonds.

Any questions?

Okay. Good.

Don't let me down.

I won't.

I've heard that before. This time it's different.

Why is that?

Because we're doing it together.

I'm coming with you.

If it's about anything, it's about them, mate. All right?

Where's Parker?

You've got the wrong man.

Fairfax Security was a set-up.

Your brother made a bid for freedom.

He died trying to escape. He was shot by a cop.

A cop who was blackmailing me.

A cop who's blackmailing me now.

And Adrian Peters?

A low-life. Got what he deserved.


No, no.

It's okay.

It's okay.

It's gonna be ok, Mark. It's gonna be ok.

It's okay.

Hands in the air.

I'm here for you, son.

Kick it over there.

And you, Corso. I'm not leaving my son!

The bonds.

My son is dying! Call an ambulance!

Not till I have the bonds.

He was bringing them to me! Now call a fucking ambulance!

Is he telling the truth?

Take me to them.

Get it.

And the other one.

Put the gun down.

You ain't gonna shoot me.

It's over. They found Sands.

It's over for you, mate. Where's your gloves?

You signed the murder weapon on the way to Mc'Deer's.

I told you, you're a hustler, not a gee.

I didn't want this.

If you don't like it, hit the fucking road.

You wanted to play, you're playing. It's fuck or walk now, mate.

You decide.

Five minutes on the scene, you bring me this shit.

Er, you gotta get with the programme, mate.

You're either on the inside or you're on the outside.

There's no right or wrong. It's just winners and losers.

What you're feeling right now, that's gonna go away.

I went through the same thing. We all did. It's your first time.

I'll hold your hand.

I'll walk you through it. No one needs to die here except him.

Look, you shoot me, you're gonna be portrayed as a traitor.

Internal Affairs are gonna fucking tear you apart. You're gonna be finished.

Dixon, Dixon.

Listen to me, listen to me.

Most people are only capable of looking forwards and backwards, yeah?

Never at the moment. Never at the moment they're in.

I've seen people fucking strung up, slammed down because they missed their moment when it came.

Now, Dixon.

Your moment's arrived.

This is it, mate.

Question is, are you man enough to take it?

Was Sands?

I carried him for 20 years, so fuck you.

I'm gonna put a bullet in this fucker's head and we're gonna move on, all right?

I was told that one day, I'd have to shoot someone in the back.

And he told me, when that moment came, I wouldn't give a shit about procedure.

Yeah, well, I'm not just someone.

Finally popped your cherry.

You were set up.

What now?

You were never here.

I want her buried next to her husband.

What do you want from me?

We want to know that the case is closed.

It's closed.

Can you be trusted?

He means, are you loyal to the system?

You think the public won't understand.

Won't understand that if a cop doesn't commit perjury, you're never gonna get a conviction.

That our undercovers cause more damage on the streets than those they're trying to catch.

That the only way to take a criminal off the streets is to take all their cash.

Because if you don't, somewhere down the line they're just gonna buy themselves out.

Even now it feels like I'm lying, even when I'm telling the truth.

Something like that. Yes.