Alleycats (2016) Script


Hello, girls.

Watch out!

There you go.

Right, I'll see you, boys.

Easy, fella.


Yes, mate.

Just one today.

Thank you, Chris. Thank you.

Sorry. No, wait. Stop.

It's not what you think. No, wait. Wait.

Stop him. Stop him! Merde!

Fuck! Fuck.


Putain de sa race!


No, wait, stop... stop, it's not what you think. No, wait. Wait!

I think you'll find it on his desk.

Oliver Yates's office.

I'm afraid the minister is tied up with party conference meetings for the rest of the day.

If you're looking for a comment, you'll need to speak to our press officer.

Thank you.

Yates. Yates.

I never...

I never meant to kill her. It was an accident.

She was gonna go to the press.

No, no. You broke her neck. You don't get to blame her.

Give me the package. They're blackmailing me.

Hey, I'll fix this.

No, that's absolutely fine. I'll send him a message now.

Ok, then. Alright. Thank you very much. Thanks.

Alright then, thank you.

Hey. Thank you, Chris.

Bye, then.

Hello. Yeah, it's me.

What do you think I'm doing?

Has Yates been in touch yet?

Well, why the fuck not?

Don't tell me to calm down. It's alright for you. They saw my face.

If they haven't been in touch by tomorrow, then we take the tape to the police. Look, fuck him! Fuck his money!

We should never have started this.




Fucking hell!

Oh, my god. Shit, are you ok?

You scared... You scared the shit out of me!

How'd you get in here?

Well, you know me. I almost fucking killed you.

Have you taken up golf? You're such an old man.

It's will's. It's will's.

So, how are you? Well, um, fine.

I thought you were in oz. Yeah, I was.

I missed the rain, didn't I? Yeah, I bet you did.

So, where am I sleeping?

Oh, what, till you decide to fuck off again?

Ok. Yeah, I deserve that.

Look, I know I just left, but I really messed things up and...

I'm only messing. Ah, it's good to have you back.

I missed you, sis.

Ah. I missed you too, bro.

But I hope that you've learned some cooking, because I know I'm not getting rent off you, am I?

Sorry, give me one sec.

Shit. What is it? What's wrong?

Nothing. Don't look like nothing.

Kinda fucked up.

Here, what's new? Oh, my days! Look what the cat dragged in!

Still pining for me? Desperately, babe. Well, come on.

Are you ok? Uh, yeah. Yeah, I'm fine, honestly.

Don't worry about it. Are you ready for that?


...qualifications that they will need in the marketplace.

- Oliver Yates, education minister... No. I'm not having it.

Fucking tax-dodging lizards, they are.

His wife's hot, though. I'd do her.

Yeah, you'd say that, wouldn't you? Will.

What? Fuck off!

Yes, Danni. You alright, mate? Nice to see you.

Fuck. Alright, Suze?

Are you staying here? Yeah.

Someone's gonna love that, I tell you.

Fucking prick, you nearly took out my front wheel.

I will fix it. Ok? Fucking...

Danni. Jake.

Trix. Look who's back.

Didn't think we'd see you again.

Um, yeah. Well...

What, you, like, found yourself or run out of money?

If you're back for the Alleycats, you're wasting your time.

There'll only be one winner.

Uh, I don't think she flew halfway round the world for an alleycat, mate.


For five grand, I'd fly anywhere, mate.

So, nothing's changed? Well, some things have.

Think you still remember how to ride that?

Alleycat. Alleycat. Has she gone soft?

No, I think that was always your problem, wasn't it?

Hey, amigos! Who's thirsty, fuckers?

Music to my ears, man.

Look out, motherfuckers!

Come on, Sid, get out of the way.



Come on! Whoo!

Come on, amigos!

You alright, Suze?

Are you sure?

Come on. We want to partaay.


Alright, c'mon, none of that, none of that. It's a party.

Let's find something cool to do, guys, alright?

Yeah! Hey, mate. Are you alright?

Ready to party hard, you crazy motherfucker?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Good to be back, Pedro.

Hey! Yes, man!

What you saying, Sid? Haven't seen you in time!

Come here, man, have some of that. Ooh, nice.

What do you think? Liking it, man.

Are you gonna have a go?

Chris! Oh, fuck. Are you alright? You need to slow down.

How many have you had? Not that many.

Are you alright? Yeah, yeah.

I was gonna tell you something but... Yo! Yo, yo, dude.

Whoa. Dude, you're going in at this party, man.

Listen, I'm gonna get a tattoo, yeah? You what?

Yeah. Oh, fuck.

Are you alright with them? That?

Forget it. I'm fine. Don't worry about it.

Yeah? It doesn't matter.

Do you wanna talk? Yeah... no.

I'm wasted, man. So, just leave it for now.

Yeah? I'm fi... yeah, I'm...

I'm just glad to have you back, sis. Yeah.


Danny. Yeah.

Fuck it, we'll just...

We should party. Let's party.


Come on!

Black with a splash of milk.

Like me.

Lifesaver. Fuck me.

Mmm. Ah, mate. Thanks.

God, I feel rough.

Could be worse. You could have a dick on your face.

Morning, ladies. All ready for the alleycat? Huh?

You want to shut the fuck up, Sid, cos I know it was you.

What are you saying, Jakey? Huh? Pumped?

I say coffee, man.

Ah, fucking hell.

You have a dick on your head. Yeah, yeah, I know.

Morning. Good morning.

Hey, little sis, will you stay on your bike this time?

Oh, mate, just don't.

Christ's sake, Suze, shut up, will ya? Let someone else talk for a minute.


Come on then, pussies. Come on!

Up, up, up, up, up, up, up!


Are you coming? Nah, I'm gonna sit it out.

You don't look too hot. Thanks. You stink. Shower, ok?

You do smell.

What are you doing? Nothing.

Are you making me wait?

Whoo! Come on!

Pumped. Come on. Ha-ha.

You ready?

See you at the end. Oi! Chris!

Hello. Hey.

Try not to puke in the wind, alright? Are you ready for this? Are you ready?

Come on, guys, let's get this started.

Are you glad I'm back? Hey, you changed your tune.

Bikes down. Come on, people. Come on, fuckers!

Hey, fucking move. Come on, man!

Hey, come on, man. Behind the line.

There's no line.

Danni's gonna stand here. Fuck this shit, man.

Don't forget the number-one rule. There are no rules.

Fuck you, man. To win this race, you must reach five checkpoints.

At each checkpoint, you must get a stamp.

Ok. See you at the finish, bro.

Miss a stamp and you're disqualified.

You'd better get some good stuff on that camera.

Yeah, whatever, mate. First checkpoint on clement street.

Remember, don't get caught by the police.

Ok, Chingones.

Get out of my way, man.

Ok. Cinco! Cuatro! Tres! Dos! Uno!

Go, go, go, go, go, go!


Whoo-hoo! Move!



Get out!

Watch out!

Come on, get out! Whoa! Move out!

Right, drink first, then stamp.

Easy! Come on!

Stamp your card. Next checkpoint, Ridley road market.

Drink first. Drink first.

Go, go.

Come on! Go, go! Calm down.

Alright, mate, you're next.

I told you you've gone soft.

Go, go. So. So. Sol whoo!

Yo, come here, motherfuckers.



Whoa, whoa! Wait! Stop there.



Oh, god! Get off me, Jake!

Someone get some fucking help, man! Get an ambulance.

Chris? Chris?

Call for help. Somebody help him. Please.

Yeah, can I have an ambulance, please?

We're on the corner of Underwood street.

Guys, come on. Go, go, go, go, 9°- please get help. Come on, get out of here.

The police are coming. Guys, come on. Go, 90. 90. 90. 90. 90!

I'll get a towel.

Get that fixed.

Rives. Yeah.

Courier's dead. Hit-and-run.

He won't be blackmailing you anymore.

Oh, Jesus.

Did anybody see you? What, what about the police?

Don't worry about the police.

He's just another road traffic statistic now.

Tell me you got the footage. Still working on that.

Oh, you said that was the main... Look, I had a shot, I took it. Ok?

Have you destroyed the photos he sent? Yes, of course I have.

I'll call you when I have the footage.

Till then, keep your head down, your hands to yourself and your cock in your pants, alright?

No drugs, no girls. Someone opens a bottle of wine, you leave the room.

Till this is sorted, you play happy families.

Daddy. Daddy. Mummy says it's time to go.

She looks pretty grumpy.

Oh, well then, we don't want that, do we?

Alrighty, here we are.

Sorry about that. I just had a couple of things to finish off.

It's your policy announcement.

Well, don't you two look gorgeous?

What did the police say?


I gave them the vehicle description, but...

They don't give a shit about us. They're not gonna find them, are they?

I'm sorry, Danni. It's the truth.

Danni... uh, Danni, is there anything we can do?

Just give her some space.

Fuck's sake...

Not now, man. Have some respect, will you? Fuck off.

You're not coming? I'll catch up with you.

Where are we going? Are we going...? We're going to...

Glad to have you back, sis. Yeah.

You'd better get some good stuff on that camera.

Yeah, well, I was thinking about exercising my thigh muscles.

Bottle of Charnwood cider, mate.

You alright, boss? Alright?

I was just saying remember that time when he had to courier in fancy dress cos he woke up on a bench in...

Ronnie went mental, he was still cut...

Are you ok? Yeah. He was still in his dress.

He was the worst lady-boy ever, weren't he?

Getting stuck in his spokes.

Jake. Hey.

Where's Chris's camera? His what?

His camera. Chris always has his camera.

That's more like it. Will, get her a drink.

No, I don't want a fucking drink.

My brother always has his camera on the front of his crash helmet, yeah?

Yeah, yeah.

It wasn't there when the police arrived.

And? It wasn't fucking there.

What if it recorded what happened?

It might show who knocked Chris down. Take it easy.

It could've got knocked loose in the crash. Someone could've run over it.

None of you guys saw anything. Fuck, you were close enough.

I get you wanna make something of this, but...

Whoa, Sid, Sid, listen. Danni, we know this is difficult, but...

We can go back in the morning.

We'll have light, and we can see what we can find.

It's not gonna be there, is it? The police have checked.

He's got a point.

Seriously, we gotta stop filling our heads with this shit, guys.

Chris is gone. He wouldn't want us to be down, he'd want us to be up and partying, wouldn't he?

What did he always say? We're nothing if we're not together. Come on, for Chris.

Huh? Danni, come on. Stay. He's right.

He's right. Chris would want us together. Have a drink, please.

It's stronger than you think, you know.

Knock yourself out.

Jesus Christ.

Cos that's a great idea. Yeah, well done.

Yes, come on.


Fair play, girl. Go on, have a seat.

Come on, take a seat. Yeah?

Come on, get another one down ya. Come on.

Forget about it all. You deserved that.

You're next. Stop.



Danni, are you alright?

Danni... Dan, what?

Oi. Another round?

Look at you.

Freelance ID. I went with Sid.

Excuse me. Sorry, guys.

Oi, hang on, hang on, hang on.

Hey. Hey, hey.

Can you step off the bike, please?

Step off the bike and out of the road. Step up.

What's your name? Danni. What's your name?

What have you taken, Danni? Nothing.

Nothing. Alright. Danni, where have you been?

Nowhere. I've just been... Whoa.

There was a biker following me. Hang on, where are you going? Relax.

Crucifix Lane and Shand road. Did you see him? Oh, come on.

White female, intoxicated... There's a biker in the street.

I just want to see if he's there.

Whoa, whoa. Hang on. Can you send back-up for the bike?

I'm warning you. Mate.

Come on, Lance Armstrong. Oh...

Don't even think about being sick.

Look, um, could we stop?

Because I have to go back, because I have to go and find him.

There's no mention of a biker in any of the witness statements, including yours.

Because I didn't know he was there, did I?

Oh, my god, the camera. He took the fucking camera.

No, I have to go. Excuse me. Let me go.

Yeah. Ok, chief.

He killed my brother. I swear to god, I'm gonna fucking kill him.

And I'm going to disregard you said that.

Easy. Ow.

Oh, fuck. No, mate, come on. You gotta let me out, come on.


See you in the morning, miss Robson, once your head's clear.

Man, what's wrong with you?

Jesus. Man, I'm gonna fucking find him!

If she talks to the police we're fucked.

We're not gangsters, Sid.

They'll probably shut down the alleycat too.

Exactly, fuck that. Well, Danni won't talk.

So what's she still doing there?

Showing 'em how to fix a brake pad? She's off her fucking nut.

Who knows what she's saying? Sid! Just stop.

We're in this situation because of you.

Hang on a minute. I tried to tell her. She's a big girl.

It's just a bit of fun, alright? Fun? For who?

Hey, listen, she's probably fine.

Let him say what he wants to say. Jake.

On. What?

No one's there to protect your girlfriend?

What the fuck?

Get off! Fuck! Come on!

Get off! I'll fucking murder you.

Stop, Jake! Your missus is right there.

What's wrong with ya?

Calm down, bro, just... Danni's fucking toxic!

She's trouble, and you're still her little bitch!

Our mate is dead, Sid. He's fucking dead!

I'm looking out for Danni for Chris. I owe him that.

We all do!

So if you can't get right with that, man, just go fuck yourself!

White. Unemployed. Come on. Over there.

Cheers. Thank you.

Ah! It lives.

Right, you. Autograph... here.

You're gonna check it out, yeah?

Miss Robson, we'll do what we can.

A "biker" is not much to go on.

Yeah, but the camera... If it turns up, we'll call you.

Is this a joke?

With your record, miss Robson, be grateful we ain't charged you for last night.

Try to stay on your bike this time. And clear of this place.

Try a proper job, perhaps.

Cheers, cunt-stable.

Yeah? I've got an update.

Tell me.

Morning, lads.

You should eat. It'll help.

Yeah, or make me puke.

Well, risk it. Rita.

Make it two full English and tea, please.

Thank you.

She loves me.

Jesus, you couldn't have found a less friendly place?

I come here to get away from the guys, but pissing the cabbies off is just a bonus.

Whoowee. Thank you so much. You look wonderful today.


Jake. Hmm?

I remembered something last night.

During the alleycat there was...

A guy. A biker.

And, it was like...

It was like he was after Chris or something.

A biker? I'm serious.

Chris saw him and... and freaked, obviously.

I mean he... he rode straight past me.

But, I... I didn't remember until last night.

You were fucked last night.

Come on. I know what I saw.

Jake, I think this biker took the camera.

Chris's camera? Yeah.

Ok, but what did the police say?

What do you think they fucking said? I was off my tits, wasn't I?


Sorry, Rita. Thank you so much.

Service with a smile.

They didn't believe a word. Fucking Sid, man.

Yeah. I had a word with him last night.

I mean, the police must have said something though.

It's just a hit-and-run. Another stupid courier.

Jake, I need you to help me.

What? Find the mystery biker?

You know what? Fuck you. I'll find him myself.

Come on, stop. Oi!

Relax, yeah?

Will you sit down, please?

I'm sorry. Ok? I'm sorry.

Danni, Chris was my friend.

I'd do anything for you, you know that.

But there are, like, eight million people in this city.

There's a shitload of bikers.

Yeah, I know.

It's Ronnie. I've got a delivery out west.

I have to go, ok? But use that.

You gonna be ok?

Hmm. Oh, I think I can handle a few cabbies.

No doubt.

Seriously though, you're cool?



I'm really sorry. Where the fuck you been?

I know. I got a flat. You got a fucking flat?

Are you kidding me? I've been waiting for 40 minutes.

I didn't want to come here to tell you this, I'm sorry.

Oh, my god. You were with her, weren't you?

No. With Danni.


Why the fuck are you following me? Where's my daughter?

I don't know what the fuck you're talking about!

You're fucking lying! You crashed that car!

I know you pricks are blackmailing Yates!

Beat me! Go on, do whatever you wanna do!

But I just wanna know where my daughter is!

Where's my daughter? Where is she?

Can I get you anything, sir?

When I hire you to do something, I expect you to do it.

You need to keep calm. You told me this was sorted.

You told me the courier was dead. Now he's got a partner?

And they've sent me another blackmail message.

About a week ago, I went round to see my daughter, Sarah.

She was expecting me.

I was downstairs, you know...

Cos, you know, we hadn't been getting on very well, so I was trying her on the phone.

A few minutes later your brother arrives and goes straight in.

About ten minutes later he comes flying out with some guy chasing him.

Screaming at him. I couldn't make out what he was saying.

Putain de sa race!

I'm there, you know. I'm on my phone, I'm trying her.

No answer. No answer.

I haven't seen or heard from her since.

That's why I was shadowing your brother.

I know he saw something. I think he was blackmailing Yates.

Chris took his camera everywhere. Maybe he filmed something.

It was him. Chris wouldn't have hurt anyone.

Not Chris. Yates. Yates!

That fucking bastard has something to do with it. I know it.

What, you mean the politician? Yeah.

I saw some emails. I think they were having an affair.

You think or you know? I know. I fucking know.

Well, did you... Did you save the emails?

Did you take them to the police? It's a lead.

No. When I logged on again, they'd been deleted.

Without proof, the police, they won't do anything.

Here's a new message. Play the damn thing.

First we saw you.

Then we saw your dog.

Now we want 250 grand in used notes or we go to the police.

Fix this.

Or we both go down.

I am not losing... what I have!

It was Thursday, it was really early.

Your brother and another courier turned up at Yates's office with a package.

It can't be a coincidence because whatever was inside it freaked him out, big time.

That's Ronnie, he runs the courier company. Do you recognize him?

No, it was dark. I recognized your brother but the other courier had their back to me.

Who's that? That's Sid.

He's a prick. Yeah. Yeah, he looks like one.

Look, just leave this to me, ok?

They know me, but if Darth Vader shows up, they might get a bit suspicious.

I'm not happy with you doing this alone.

Look, we need to find that footage. One of them must have the camera.

Ok, if you turn anything up or you're in any trouble, you call me straight away.

Yep. Please, be careful.

Yeah, I will. Get some sleep.


Anyone there?





What are you doin'?

Look, I get it. Ok?

Can you at least put shit back where you found it?

I didn't... You didn't what?

I didn't go anywhere near the window.

I found the biker.

His name is George Redman. His daughter's missing.

It's the girl on the news. And?

We think maybe Chris saw something.

We? Danni, you wanted to kill him, and now what, you're... you're a team?

He saw a courier with Chris dropping off a package on Thursday.

Was it you?


What are you talking about? Blackmail.

Really? What, you think this is funny?

No, I don't think it's funny. Chris is dead, Jake.

And there's a girl missing. And you think what?

That I stole Chris's camera. Well, by all means, don't let me get in your way. Did you check under the bed? Hmm?

Did you check in here?

Did you check this bag? I keep stuff in there too. Hmm?

I checked the roster, Jake. Hmm?

The only person not on it on Thursday is you.

Can you hear yourself?

I was in the office all day Thursday with Ronnie.

All day!

You wanna call him?

Call him.

No, call him.

Call him, Danni.

- What? Last Thursday, was Jake in the office with you?

What's it to do with you? Ronnie, was he working or not?

Yes. Can I get back to work now?

Danni, look at me.

I would never do anything to hurt you.

Yeah. I know.

Look, I'm sorry. It's ok. Hey.

It's ok.

You're with Trix.


Yeah, I know.

No, I don't think that's a good idea at all.

There's no way we're gonna be able to do this. Your alleycat is suicide.

It's only one. That's your big idea.

Shut up. The checkpoint's fine. No, you're wrong.

It has to be here. It's fine.

We'll never manage to get through all these checkpoints.

Whoever wins this, wins the fucking money, man.

It's the race of the dead.

It's the big one, it's not supposed to be fucking easy, man!

Honestly, that's a death trap there. Fuck. Jesus, Suze.

That is literally a death trap. Hey, what you doing, man?

Qué haces cabrén? Shh.

Hey, guys, it's fine. Come on.

You sure you don't want to ride? You can get a nice red bag.

Shut up. Shut up?

Yeah, I'm sure.

You put a checkpoint in Oxford circus.

Let's just all cycle off the side of the building. How about that?

That makes sense, doesn't it? No, man.

It's fine, mate. It's fine!

Oh, cheers.

The checkpoint is fine, man. You gotta go hard over these ones.

Are you ok? I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?

That's insane. That's bang in the middle of zone one.

It's crazy around there. Do you want a coffee?

Trix. Trix!

I'm just trying to be safe. Trix!

Oh, fuck...

No, I don't think everyone's gonna do it at all.

Morning, skank.

Trix? Trix!

Uh... yo, what the hell was that?

One angry motherfucker.

Shut up.

Hijo de puta!

This is like an Ace fucking telenovela. Eh?


You're such a dick.

Can you meet me in 20 minutes? Ok. Yeah, I'll see you there.


What do you want?

You're not gonna do anything stupid, are you?

What, like yesterday?

Like go see this biker. His name is George.


I can't let you go alone. Right, cos Trix would love that.

No, Chris'd kill me.

What is it with guys? I mean, I can look after myself.

We could use another set of wheels.

Who's this? I'm making sure she's ok, alright?

Hey, come on, guys. He's here to help. This is Jake.

This is George.

Look, the apartment had already been searched before I did it.

Well, if Yates's guy got there first, we're fucked.

Not if we go after Yates. You're talking...

It's ridiculous. He's not a normal person.

Let me speak, ok?

Danni, everything, everything is linked to Yates.

Well, we need proof.

What about Yates's guy? You've seen him, right?

Yeah, yeah. He's... He's got a scar here on his neck.

Yeah. Well, what if we could link him to Yates?

Then we might be able to get him. Jesus Christ.

This is a fucking terrible idea.

Of course we're well aware of the attainment gap, which is why we believe that every student should have the same opportunities regardless of their background.

It's something that Oliver has always said.

"A solid education lays the foundation for a solid future."

Great future.


Right, sorry, just an... Important phone call. Um...

Where do we stand? Couldn't find anything in their place.

It's a fucking shithole. I feel like I need jabs or something.

So what do you think the next step is?

We're going to arrange the drop now, so...

I'll let you know as soon as I do. Oh, and you'll need to access the cash.

You're gonna give it to them? No, I'm gonna let them think I am.

Trust me, Oliver, this is what I do.

I'm gonna get their footage, I'm gonna get your money back, and I'm gonna get them.

Darling. Yeah, right. Ok, make sure you do.

Whatever it takes, make it happen.

Radio check. - I can hear. Danni?

Danni. Loud and clear.

There he is.

Oliver, must be a welcome change having the family join you today.

Well, it's always nice to get out of the office on a day like today.

However, time to get back to work, isn't it?

Had enough of him, Elizabeth? Well, I do believe that select committee briefing is divorce grounds for anyone, huh?

See you later. Please, can I come?

I promise I won't get bored. Oh, you will, you will. Anyway, someone has to stay and look after mummy and the bump.

Love you, daddy. I love you too.


Daddy's always got work. What if he gets lonely?

Daddy's got plenty of people to keep him company. Promise you.

Elizabeth, just a word from the wife of a politician.

He just pulled over, Danni. Try and get closer.

Danny. Yep, I'm on it.

Jake". I'll head round the back.

Car dropped him round the corner. Maybe a back entrance to a flat or something?

I don't know.

Are you ok? Yeah.

You look wrecked. Says the man on the Suzuki.

Listen, if you need a rest, Jake and I can pick up the slack.

We're resting now.

What's he doing? We don't know yet.

Yeah, it looks like a little fuck pad on the side, doesn't it?


I'm sorry... No, it's alright.

Be good to have a proper look around inside, see what else he's hiding.

What? What? You're not going in there.

If you get caught breaking into a flat, you're done.

It was just an idea. It's a shit idea.

Yeah. Yeah, it is.

Fuck. Shit.

Hello, it looks like he's picked up a briefcase.

Could be the blackmail money?

Yates is pulling over. You got me? He's pulling over.

I've gone on ahead. I'm waiting ahead, opposite the station.

Across from the station entrance.

You stay here. No, Danni.

He's getting out of the car.

I'm gonna get a better look. I don't like this.

Nothing yet.

Danni. Danni! What can you see?

He's approaching a bus stop. No, wait, wait. He's making a stop.

It's all there.

The drop will take place at ten past ten.

I don't want to know.

Ok. Yates has dropped the briefcase with someone.

Danni. It must be him.

He's heading my way. He's heading my way. Fuck.

Shit, it's him.

It's him. I can see the scar.

It's definitely him. Yates is going back.

Have you got eyes on him? Yeah. Shall we follow?

- Stay with Yates. He's getting away, Jake.

What are you doing? I'll get the briefcase.

No, no, you stick with Yates. Danni, fuck Yates.

We know where he lives. Get after the briefcase, he's moving.

We can't lose the package. We'll lose you.

Better than losing him.

Are you happy now? Are you happy?

I knew this was gonna happen. I fucking told you.

It's Danni.

Danni? Jake.

You scared the shit out of me.

Jake, he saw me.

- Huh? He saw me. He took my fucking picture.

I need her files.

I'm fine. You're not fine. This is not fine.

We can't stop now.

They know who you are. Do you understand?

So, we stay here tonight and we try the police again first thing in the morning and then we're done. You're the one who started this!

Yeah, and I'm gonna finish it! Right?

Cos I don't wanna see that fucker hurt anybody else!

What about Chris? What about Sarah? Chris... Chris has gone.

He's gone, Danni! And Sarah?

Jake, keep an eye on her.

Fuck! What were you thinking today?

L just lost my best friend, Danni. I'm not doing that again.

I don't want to fucking lose you.

So, he's right. We're done.

Please. Please.

You're still a massive pain in the arse.

That's it. No more, ok?

Yeah, we'll see about that.

Yeah, I'm going to need a transaction trace.




Fuck! Danni! Danni!





George, Danni's gone.

George? Come on!

Huh? George. George, Danni's gone.

Jake. Jake? George, wake up.

She chained me to the bed. Huh?

She chained me to the bed!

Can you please come and get me out of here?

Hurry up!

I can't believe you've let her go. Yeah, yeah, I let her go.

She fucking tied me up! Can you help me?


Let me have a look. Yeah, it's really fucking sore.

I bet it is. Hold on. Come on, pull. Ok? We gently pull together. Ok?

Come on. Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop!

Over there.

Just leave. Leave. Get out. Go. Go!

Just leave.

Hey. What is it?

I told you to keep your head down. Where the fuck are you?

Why? What's happened?

What's happened now?

I'm not giving those blackmailing bastards another penny.

Are you drunk? You better not be with anyone.

Putain, mais il est tebé ou quoi lui?

Spare me your gutter French.

Alright. Sober up and go back to your family.

I'm hoping we won't have to make the drop but I don't need you making any more mess-ups.

I'm still trying to clean up this one!


Hey. Hey! Come back here, you little shit!

Oh, stop, stop, please, no... fuck.

Oh, that French fuck, man. He can't get to her.

What did you say? I have to fucking get out of here.

What did you say? I have to fucking get out of here.

No, you said, "If that French fuck gets to her." How do you know he's French?

What? Danni told me.

No, Danni didn't tell you cos I didn't tell Danni he was fucking French.

What the fuck...? So how did you know he was French?

Danni heard it. No, no, no, no!

No, no, no! You are delusional. Fucking crazy!

Stop talking! You just said, "that French fuck."

Now, how do you know he's French? You're lying to me, Jake!

I'm not fucking lying. You're fucking lying to me!

Look at me, you little prick. Look at me. Look at me!

Get your fucking hands off me. No! You're fucking lying to me!

You've seen the fucking footage, haven't you? Haven't you?

You piece of shit.

That's it, I'm calling the cops. I'm calling the cops right now.

You're fucked, mate. You're well and truly fucked.

Get up.

Everything was gonna be fine!

Everything was gonna be fucking fine!

You had to open your fucking mouth!

Get up.

Get up. Get the fuck up!

Sarah's dead.

Yates killed her.

I didn't want this.

I didn't fucking want this.

Kill me.

Kill me.

Jake! George. Oh, my god.

Come on, George. George!

Oh, Jesus.

Oh, god.

Yeah, I'm sorry you had to see this.

Oh, and by the way...

Yeah. You don't got Yates.

You bastard. What have you done?

Please, it's been a long week.

This is amateur hour.

Our blackmailer did this, I suppose. Whoever that is.

Do you know who he is?

No, I don't. No?

Right. Well, either way, I'm gonna need your phone and the photo and the necklace you took.

Come on, then. Ok, here's what's going to happen.

You're gonna help me catch this son of a bitch.

Why should I? They're using your alleycat race to cover their tracks when they pick up the money.

Catch him yourself. I would.

But they would ditch any tracers I use and lose me in traffic.

I need someone who can go where they go, someone like you.

You killed my brother. Fuck you! Yes. Yes, I did.

But I got two very good reasons why you're gonna do what I say.

First, you wanna catch this asshole too.

And second, if you don't, I'm gonna pin this on you.

They'd never believe you. No, of course not.

Grieving unstable girl with a questionable past who'd been obsessing to her friends about the biker who killed her brother.

Same biker who winds up dead, with his brains smashed in.

Prints all over the murder weapon.

Well, good thing is you didn't make any threats in front of the police.

Oh, does having contacts in the police count as reason three?

Fuck you.

Huh. I'm gonna make it very clear for you.

If you don't do what I say, I'm gonna kill you and still pin this on you. Ok?

I'm at the race now. It's gonna start soon.

Alright, get ready. They'll be carrying a red bag with the camera in it.

No bags, no entry.

It looks like everyone has a red bag. They're using the bags as a diversion.

So remember, all you gotta do, you blood-sucking freaks, is get the tokens from the checkpoints, pick 'em up, bag 'em up, get across the finish line.

Ah, could have made an effort. Lame!

Sid, where's Jake? Here's your bag.

I don't fuckin' know, ask Trix. Break a leg, Danni.

You lose your bag, you out!

And whichever one of you maniacs gets all the three tokens over the line first, gets...

Five thousand!

Let the best rider win! Yeah!

Yeah... motherfuckers!

We're going. Don't get too far behind.

Remember, the money bag is in the bin opposite the first checkpoint.

Los cinco, cuatro, tres, dos, uno!


Get out!


You're almost there. I'll direct you once you've picked up the bag.

- Have you spotted them yet? Nothing yet.

Watch it. Prick!

Watch it! Whoa!

First thing he'll do is ditch the tracer.

You let me know where he goes.

Don't get clever, ok? Whatever you say.

There you go. Oxford square. Oxford square.

Fuck, my chain.

What you doin'? Get out the way, Jake.

What you doin'? What you doin'?

What the fuck are you doing?!

You're dead!

I can still see you, bitch. It don't matter where you go, I'm gonna find you and I'm gonna fucking kill you!

Fuck you!

Give me the bag! Fuck you!

I didn't want any of this to happen!

But this is the best way to get back at Yates!

He was your friend. Your best friend!

Chris knew! Chris fucking knew!

Now drop the fucking bag!



What are you doing, Danni?

I made a deal with them, Danni!

Look, we can sort this out.

Split the money, you and me.

And we can leave.

Chris had enough. He wanted to get out of here.

Now you and me can get out, together.

Just come back to me, please. This was good.

I love you.

Give me the fucking bag!

Come here!

Where's the camera?

You're gonna pay for this.

Give me the money, Danni.

Look! Look at him!

Ah, fuck.

Give me the fucking bag! Give me the bag.

Look what you made me do. I need the money!

Please, give me the fucking bag!

Is it Chris's camera?, please, can you read through all these, proofread that, make sure it's all happening.

No problem. Excuse me. Can I help you?

Delivery for Mr Yates. Oh, you better just give it to me.

It's this way, right?

Sorry, miss, you can't just walk straight in.

Sorry, there's a young lady here to speak to you.

Yeah, it's alright, tom, I'll deal with this.

Sure? Yeah, just close the door.


How much do you want? Nothing.

Everybody has a price. My brother is dead because of you.

A girl is dead. Her father's dead because of you.

Trust me, all the world is gonna know what you really are, you sick fuck!

All this, it's gone.

Call your wife.

Go on, call her, so she can break it to your poor fucking kid.

You can't do this to me. You know what?

It's already done. You've got about two minutes before the police arrive.

It's funny, isn't it, how now they're listening to me?

Oliver Yates initially denied all knowledge of the disappearance of former intern Sarah Redman.

Denials new evidence has now obliterated.

A young bicycle courier has also been arrested in connection with several murders and a blackmail plot which police are linking to this crime.

Jane Roberts, BBC news, London.

Mr Yates, can we have a final comment before you're taken away?

Why did you kill Sarah Redman?

Do you have anything to say to Sarah's parents?

Could you call my wife? Tell her it's obviously mistaken identity.

Why did you kill Sarah Redman? I called the lawyers.

They'll be there when you get there. Speak to the chairman.

Do you have anything to say?

We'll release a statement later today.


Subtitles: Bti studios

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