Allied (2016) Script

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Your wife will be wearing a purple dress.

Look for the hummingbird.

Friends, colleagues...

...and those who thought he was a figment of my imagination...

...may I introduce, all the way from Paris... and completely out of the blue... my wonderful, wonderful husband!


I thought he was stuck in France forever!

So it is true.

You do exist!


Oh Maurice, how long do we have?

The company gave me six weeks leave.

Six weeks? That is a lifetime!

You know, Christine never stops talking about you.

All good things I hope.

All amazing.

Oh hell, now I have to be amazing.

Ladies and gentlemen...

I haven't seen my wife in many months.

I know you will forgive me if I take her home...

...we must renew our acquaintance.

I must give you some money.

No. Go, go. We will settle the bill.

You go settle your overdue account with your husband.

Maurice. You have a wonderful wife.

When you're settled, we must all meet.

You can tell us all about phosphate mining.

I look forward to it.

À bientôt.

Bonsoir. Bonsoir. Bonsoir.


Not bad.

You weren't so bad yourself.

Max Vatan.

Marian ne Beauséjour.

I've heard a lot about you around the circuit.

I've heard a lot about you.

Keep going straight. I'll tell you when to turn.

You were in Dieppe for a while?

A husband would offer his wife a cigarette before lighting his own.

Turn right here.

Thank you.

What went wrong in Paris? Your entire circuit was taken out.

I never discuss non-relevant operational information with anyone.

I'll try to stay relevant then.

That would be appreciated.

Do they trust you?

Two months ago, I got promoted to the Embassy Liaison Department.

I deal with the German legation every day.

But do they trust you?

How did it look?

They seemed to like you.

And I like them.

I keep the emotions real.

That's why it works.

Don't slow down.

This is how you drive in Casablanca.

Now that you're here I can show you off.

We won't be in the apartment much.

I have to go out there and sell you.

We'll have to be careful.

I've told everyone my husband is from Paris.



Your French is good, but your Parisian accent is terrible.

I've been working on it for months.

Let's hear it.

That was it.

Oh. So then we're in trouble.

That was pure Quebec.

With French Moroccans you might be okay, but we'll have to be careful in front of real Parisians until the party.

The party's in 10 days. Is my invitation gonna be a problem?

Now that you're here, I'm going to set up a meeting with Herr Hobar.

And then it's up to you.

Can you stand 10 days in this tiny little place, Le Québécois?

It's not so bad.

Water's hot, sometimes.

I'll take the couch.

Actually, you'll sleep on the roof.

It's cooler.

And in Casablanca, the roof is where husbands go after they've made love to their wives.

The neighbors will find it curious if I don't come to visit you on your first night.

I've told Madame Torgenot and Madame Petit all about you.

They'll be very excited.

They'll guess that the sex is already over.

And it was great, by the way.

Then, you went to the roof.

I missed you because I've been sleeping alone so many months.

So I came up to tell you I love you.

You're very thorough.

That's why I'm still alive.

Now we should talk.

And laugh.

Mmm. We're married. Why would we laugh?

Kiss me.

Now talk.

Tell me what you'll do after the war.

I don't know what I'll do after the war.


The lovely Madame Petit in apartment seven.

She's married to a German tank captain.

And she's watching us.

So we should talk. And laugh.


After the war, I'm buying a ranch.

With horses.

A ranch!

You mean, like in the movies?

Cowboys? Bang, bang?


Are you just saying this to say something, or is it real?

Mmm, it's real.

It's a ranch on a prairie outside a place called Medicine Hat.

Now I know you're joking.

You think you'll ever get there?

Well, I guess that's not the point of Medicine Hat, huh?


Okay. That wasn't so hard, was it?

Now this is the part where I tell you I love you and leave you to count the stars, or whatever it is men do on their rooftops.

Je t'aime.

Je t'aime aussi.

Now kiss me again.

Bon nuit.

You can come in now.


You are somewhat formal and reserved.

But you like expensive clothes.

And your shoes are always polished.

I told everyone you're quite a serious Catholic.

At least you can smell like a Parisian.

I'll leave you to choose.

Before I left London, Guy Sangster asked me to say thank you.

We flew Lizzies together.

You remember Guy? You got him out of Dieppe in '41.

Okay. What did he say about me?

He said you were beautiful.

And good.

Being good at this kind of work is not very beautiful.

You look okay.

Let's go.


It was a lovely mass...

...good sermon as well.

Did you get him an invitation to the Ambassador's party yet?

We're working on it.

We're meeting some Government people for dinner next week.

You should come.

Look at his face.

That fake smile.

Maurice isn't very sociable.

We'll do it for the women, yes?


Good. Until next week.

Au revoir. Au revoir.



You seem to have all Vichy under your spell, Madame Berne.

Turn around and smile, Québécois.


Ça va?

The German officer at ten o'clock.

The German officer at ten o'clock. I think I recognize him.

He was attached to the Abwehr.

He was attached to the Abwehr. In Marseille.

He interrogated me once.

He hasn't seen you. He's reading his paper.


You're sure that it's him?


Really sure?

60% sure.

Put me through to the Vichy Commissariat of Police.


Yes... I'll hold.

Sounds like somebody's choking back there.

Okay, chérie.


Maurice, meet my friend Vincent...

...he's also from Paris.

My love!

I'm bored.

Dance with me.

You're utterly crazy, Madame Berne.


You could do with being a little crazy yourself.

Well played.

Watch out for him.

A lot of jealous guys giving me the evil eye.

It's because they know I'm in love with you.

It's very obvious.


What went wrong in Paris?

V Section left us hanging out to dry.

How'd you get away?

I ran.

And ran, and kept on running.

Madam Petit. Lurking in the window.


This Herr Hobar we're meeting tomorrow, what can you tell me about him?

He's the Ambassador's liaison.

A high-ranking Party member from Cologne.

He likes golf and gambling.

He's our final hurdle.

You have two seconds.


The guns will be taped under the champagne table.

The Ambassador arrives at precisely 8:30.

If he's late?

He's German. He'll be on time.

How come you don't know Stens?

I do know Stens.

I didn't see you set the travel safety.

You'll be okay to use a Sten on the night, though?

I would be okay if I had to use cutlery.

The diversion attack will happen five minutes later at 8:35.

And then everything will be in God's hands.


Hopefully, he'll know how to work the safety.

It's hot.

What are you doing?

Testing you the way you tested me.

I know you are armed with a weapon, Mr. Vatan.

I'm just checking your safety catch is engaged.


We had our first fight.

Now we're okay again, yes?

Marianne, we both know people who've fucked each other.

Then they fucked up, and now they're fucking dead.

Wow, that's a lot of fucks.

Fasten your goddamn buttons.

Actually, Max, the mistake people make in these situations isn't fucking.

It's feeling.

Have you been waiting long?


Herr Hobarwill see you now.

Oh, merci.


My husband's trying to cut down.

He says the war makes everyone smoke too much.

I've only heard good things about him around town.

Good things.

Sit down, please.

Your husband doesn't speak English?

Only a little.

Your wife has asked if she could bring you to the Ambassador's Ball tomorrow.

Yes, but...

...if it's a problem, I understand.

He doesn't seem to want to come.


There is a stupid poker game in the Rue Valence.

I see.

What are you saying about me?

Don't embarrass me. You're coming and that's that.

So, your husband plays poker?

Oh, he's obsessed.

As am I. As am I.

And now we cut. High card wins.

Wins what?

If his card is higher than mine, he can go to his poker game.

If it's lower, he must come to the party.

This is too absurd.

Shuffle, Mr. Berne.

High card wins.



He works with phosphate, right?

That's right.

Now cut, Mr. Berne. For your freedom.

Too bad.

No pokerforyou.


Merci. Au revoir.

Ah. Uh...

One more thing. Boring. Procedure.

For new names on the list.

Mr. Berne...

...write down the chemical formula for phosphate, please.

See you both tomorrow.

So, it's in the cards.

We get our chance to make history.

I couldn't sleep.


I won't let you down, Le Québécois.

I know.

Let's get out of here. Let's go watch the sunrise.

What are our odds?

Of surviving?



Both of us, I don't know.

So, tell me about Medicine Hat.

Pretty green. Rolling hills. Clear water.

Just a place I go when things get dark.


You have a place?

When the war is over, it won't matter where I am.

We should be going.

If we're dead tomorrow,

no one would know.

You look beautiful.

The guns?



Merci, Le Québécois.

I'm from Ontario.


It's 8:32.

Three minutes until the diversion.

In this kind of situation, I find it useful to think about something funny.

Smile or something.

You look beautiful.

You already told me that.


Can you even see me?

Not really.

Ah. You two.

Ah. You two. Good evening.

Good evening. How are you?

Very well, thank you. And you?

Not bad.


So... It's lovely.


Heil Hitler.

He's late.


No one's following us.

We're alive, Max. We're both alive.

Come with me to London.

Come with me to London and be my wife.


Salute me, Frenchman.

Go to hell. This is hell, it's an office.

I heard an unspeakable rumor about you being in love.


Gotta go, George. Buy me a drink later.

Max, you appear to be walking on air. It's revolting!

Good morning, sir. Morning.

They said Frank wanted to see me?

Yes, straight away.

Max, please remember you're in the land of "Yes, sir, no, sir."

Don't throw anything or hit anyone.

Got it.

He's ready to see you.


They said you had news.

Yes, yes, I have news, Wing Commander, regarding Marianne Beauséjour.

It's been three fucking weeks.


"It's been three fucking weeks, sir."

It's been three fucking weeks, sir.

After a thorough vetting procedure carried out by V Section in Gibraltar, Marianne Beauséjour has been approved for passage to England.

That'll be all, Wing Commander.


You're a bloody fool.

Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.

Marriages made in the field never work.

You're absolutely right, sir.

You're invited to the wedding, by the way.


Careful, careful, Max! Hold on.

Here we go. Come on.

That's it.

Come on in, darlings.

Don't ask me why that's true.

What the hell have we here?

Here's a fun fact. Only thing in London not rationed, champagne!

Champagne and sex.

Oh, my God, Max, your sister is obsessed!

Yes. Isn't it wonderful?

To my formerly permafrosted brother, thawed at last by love.

That's rather poetic.

Oh, for goodness sake!

Honestly, I'll miss the Blitz.

I will. No one cares who does what to who.

So we should be drinking to war. And freedom.

To war! To freedom.

Marianne, I would offer you my congratulations, but I've known Max a long time.

I'll just wish you good luck.

Mmm, no, no, no.

Now my brother is just an ordinary man flying a desk in some boring office.

Oh, oh, a talented boy like Max won't be behind a desk with Frank for long.

Our spooky friends from V Section, they will come calling just when you least expect it.

You entirely okay, Madame Vatan?


Breathe, breathe, breathe.

Get up! Get outside!

Hang on! Get her out. Quickly.


I need that trolley. Help me.

Get this up now. Come on.

Get her on it. Away from the wall.

Come on. Come on.

Help me, someone! Come and help me!

That's it. I need some help!

Get me some light over here now!

Very close.

Good girl. Good girl.

Pant for me. Good girl.

C'est moi.

This is really me, as I am before God.

It's a girl.


Anna... it's you.


There. A celebration.

For what?

Your first weekend off in 57 days.

I counted.

Are the eggs from the hens? From our hens.

Ah, so they were a good investment, hmm?

Weren't they?

Max, let's go to the heath and pick mushrooms.

Tomorrow I want to serve stroganoff at the party.

What party?

Oh, darling, I've got lots of new friends who are dying to meet you.

You'll like them.

They're refugees. Intellectuals. Bohemians.

Hampstead is full of interesting people.



Poor Max.

In Casablanca, we pretended you hated parties, and voilà, it's true!

What's the new nanny's name again?

Miss Sinclair. Miss Sinclair.

Hello, Miss Sinclair. Hello.

Max has three days off. Isn't that great?

She just woke up.

We won't be long.

We're just gonna pick some mushrooms.

Oh, take your time.

It's always my pleasure.

Bye. Bye-bye.

I have to go and get Anna.

Just once you can ignore it. Just once.

Hampstead 235.

Sure. 1500. I'll be there.

When will you be back?

You know I don't know.

What the hell is it that's so important?

Liberating your country.

Then you must go.

Good morning, Margaret.

Good afternoon, sir. Afternoon.

George is in your office.

I thought you said to meet you in the mess.

Uh, I lied.

It isn't me you're here to see.

Oh, do you... No.

No, V Section want to speak to you.

Well, why didn't they call me?

Because V Section, they never say what they mean and they never mean what they say.

And they never say anything on the phone.

I told you they'd come for you eventually, didn't I, Max?

Such a clever boy.

Well, I suppose I ought to congratulate you on your promotion.

Since you seem to know so much, what is the position?

Oh, it goes way, way above my level of security, old man.

I'm just the messenger boy.

Wing Commander. Frank.

Have a seat.

We haven't been introduced.

Okay, Frank, whatever the job is, I don't want it.

I'm perfectly happy to stay with you.

Max, I'm afraid this really isn't what you think it is.

And, well, there's no easy way to say what we're about to say.

We believe your wife is a German spy.

Okay, wait. Wait.

Seriously, Frank, who is this?

I'm a rat catcher.

I also outrank you, so you can call me "sir."

You have to listen to him, Max.

He outranks both of us.

Over the past seven days, V Section has intercepted coded messages being sent from London to Berlin on a WT transceiver.

We haven't traced the signal to an address yet, but it's coming from the Highgate region of North London, and the information concerns the activities of SOE circuits in France.

In one transcript, the agent refers to his source as, "Fräulein." So it's a woman.

Okay, okay, Frank, can we speak alone for a moment?

Wing Commander Vatan, do you ever speak to your wife about your work?


Uh, sir, before this thing gets out of hand, may I speak? Hmm?

May I speak?

Yes. Yes?

My wife is Marianne Beauséjour.

Marianne Beauséjour ran the most effective resistance circuit in Paris until V Section fucked it up for her in '41.

We met in Casablanca, where together we assassinated the German Ambassador.

She's the mother of my child.

She gave birth to my child, for Chrissake.

This is a translated transcript of an interrogation of a German Abwehr officer captured in Tobruk.

Amongst many other things, he claims that Marianne Beauséjour was arrested and executed in May 1941 when the rest of her circuit was captured in Paris.

Marianne Beauséjour's identity was then given to a German agent of similar build and coloring.

She was flown to Casablanca, where no one knew the real Marianne.

And it was subsequently discovered that the German Ambassador who you assassinated in Casablanca was a dissident.

Hitler wanted him killed.

This is insane.

All the information in the intercepted communications had crossed your desk.

Yes, everything crosses my fucking desk.

Max, this is now an operational mission.

If Marianne is indeed a German spy...

My wife is not a spy! If she is, we need to keep her in place for 72 hours so that we can identify her handler and clean out the rest of her circuit.


Now we've got that out of the way, perhaps we could discuss the operational details of the next 72 hours?

So, this is gonna be a standard "blue-dye" procedure, blue dye being...

I know what a "blue-dye" is.

Tonight, you will receive a telephone call at exactly 2307.

Repeat the time, Wing Commander.

2307, sir.

You will take the call and you will write down a message somewhere your wife can read it.

It'll be false information, only you will have it.

But it'll appear to be of a high grade, so she will have to pass it on quickly.

By midday on Monday, our agents will have decoded enemy traffic from the weekend.

So if the false information is among the batches sent from London, we shall know for sure.

If you are right, Max, the information won't appear on the transcripts, and all this will be forgotten.

But if it is proven that your wife is a spy,

routine procedures in cases of intimate betrayal will apply.

You will execute her with your own hand, and if we discover that you are an accomplice in any way, you will be hanged for high treason.

Wing Commander Vatan, do you understand?

He needs to confirm that he understands routine procedures in...

He understands the procedure, damn it.


Max, it is vital you do nothing differently.

You are not to investigate or take matters into your own hands, do you understand?

Sir, I, uh...

I apologize for behaving unprofessionally just then.

But I know for a fact you'll be proven wrong.

Now, Wing Commander, you will go home and carry on as if nothing's happened.

You're dismissed.

You were ages.

You know how it is.

Once you get in, you can't get out.

A young pilot needed a pep talk.

Then I got dragged into a briefing.


What happened to my kiss?

How's the princess?


Well, the big news is I definitely have the weekend off.

Until the phone rings.


Definitely free the whole weekend.


The party is on.

Yeah, the party's on.

We'll need to get some drinks for tomorrow night.


I'll pick some up in the morning.

It's like they're watching us.

Honey... Honey, give me my arm.

Honey, give me my arm. Give me my arm.

Hampstead 235.

Wing Commander Vatan.

Honey, do you have a pen? No.

Mmm-hmm. Go ahead.




Yeah, I got it. I'll dispatch it in the morning.

Don't think I'm going to let you sleep, Mr. Vatan.

I keep the emotions real.

That's why it works.

Come back to bed.

It'll be okay.

It'll be okay, because it's not true.

Honey, you're in uniform.

Yeah, I'm gonna pop by the base and pick up some whiskey.

There's 50 cases of the good stuff stashed in the diplomatic hangar.

They won't miss a few.

Why not just go to the shop?

Nothing but the best for your intellectuals.

I'll meet you at the pub after and we'll pick up the beer.

Of course.

Hi. Max.

What the hell brings you here?

I just dropped by to invite you both to a party tonight.

Why didn't you just phone?

Max, you look like you did the day that you burned the barn down.

Marianne's cooking. Why don't you come by?

Actually, Max, tonight might not be possible.


Max, I heard that you were in V Section.

If they're offering you some kind of suicide mission, you can say no to them, you know that.

You hardly have anything on.

What's happened? Max.

They're running a blue-dye on Marianne.

Oh, my God.

But it isn't true.

And I will prove it.

I'd like you there tonight.

Excuse me. Where can I find Group Captain Guy Sangster?

He's in the chapel, sir.

Hello, Guy.

Wing Commander Vatan.

What do you want from me, Max?

I'm finished. You people just threw me away.

I need your help.

I have a question. Yeah?


I'm trusting you to tell no one about this.

Fuck you!

I've been left here to fucking rot, Max!

You told me you were smuggled out of France by Marianne Beauséjour.

Dieppe, 1941.

Is this her?

Why are you asking me about your wife?

Guy, please, is this her?

Oh, they didn't tell you.


My right eye has been shot out and my left retina is detached.

All I can see is a white shape.


Well, you know, Max, if you hadn't sent me into a strip covered in fucking German AAA!

My own son screamed when he saw me.

I'm sorry, Guy.



Delamare is still operational in Dieppe.

Hampstead 235.

Hi, honey, I'm at the strip.

They're asking people to give blood after the raid, so I'm gonna be another hour.

So meet you at the pub after?

Yes, I'll ask Mrs. Sinclair to look after Anna.

Okay, I love you. I'll see you there.

Love you.


Put two cases of scotch from the officers' crate in my car.

Keep a bottle for yourself. Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.

Who's flying Dieppe tonight? Hunter, sir.

Where can I find him? Try the shithouse, sir.

At ease.

Sorry, sir.

Something I've eaten.

These'll settle your stomach.

I'm going to save the amphetamines until takeoff.

Then barbiturates when I get back.

If I get back.

There's an operative in Dieppe.

His name is Paul Delamare. Do you know him?

No. This is my first time.

First time to Dieppe?

First time behind enemy lines ever, sir.

Paul Delamare runs the landing sites.

You can't miss him, he only has one arm.

He's usually had a few, but he's okay.

I want you to give him this.

Give it only to him, only to the man with one arm.

Is this Marianne Beauséjour?

Tell him you need an answer. A simple oui or non. Only that.

Yes, sir.

Wait for my call in the telegraph office.

I'll call you at midnight.

This is classified.

No one must know, you understand?

Yes, sir.

It's very important.

You can count on me, sir.

The fields in Dieppe are lined with poplar trees.

They're invisible if there's no moon, so climb quickly. I know. I've been briefed.


Who are you thinking about?

My mother.


Think about your father.

He's proud of you.

Yes, sir.

Oh. Sorry. Go ahead.

Thank you.

Hi, Billy. Two brandies.


I've ordered three crates of bitter.

Hazel, filthy pipe smoke.

Thank you.

Did you get the whiskey?

I did. Churchill's own.

A husband would offer his wife a cigarette before lighting his own.

You did give blood!


I thought perhaps you were out with your mistress.

It would explain why you were different with me last night.


In bed.

It felt different.


Excuse me!

Me and my mates would really love to see you two ladies kiss each other.

I don't believe it!

That was crazy!

Max, this is splendid.


Wonderful party! Brilliant!

Getting enough to drink?

Very funny, old man.

Hey, excuse me. We have a garden for that.

Take it outside, please.

Okay. You two, outside. Outside.

Come here.

My people are behaving so badly.

I thought they would eat something, not just drink and have sex.

Half of them I don't even know. I think word spread around Hampstead.

C'est Londres. C'est la guerre.

Would you go check no one is actually fucking in Anna's room?


Max! Max, Max.

Ooh. Ooh.



I've been briefed that you're operational, but I haven't been told why you're operational.

Now, look, I thought as a friend I ought to just give you a word of warning.

If the job V Section are offering you is the one everyone's talking about...

Max, if they want you to run the resistance in France on D-Day, you should know they wouldn't just call you in for a job interview.

They would test you somehow.



Way, way above my security clearance, old man.

But if I were you, I'd tell them to stick their job.

Careful, Margaret.


I was able to make it after all.

Frank! I didn't expect you.

Please introduce a little sobriety to the affair.

I wasn't planning on doing anything of the sort.

A large whiskey and soda, if you please.

Would you get it, honey? Frank still has his work face on.

You keep chickens, don't you?

Frank, you know too much.

Show me your chickens, Max.

You willfully and blatantly disobeyed orders.

First you visit Guy Sangster and burst half his bloody stitches, then...

Frank, if it was your wife, would you trust V Section?

Adam Hunter's Lysander was shot to pieces three hours ago.

On the ground. With him in it!

He's dead!

Because he stayed too long waiting for an answer to a question from a drunk.

Frank, tell me.

Is this a game? A game?

A game.

A test.

I was just saying to Max that he's taken to office life like a duck to water.

I wouldn't know.

I hardly see him.

Come on, honey, let's dance.

Frank brought you bad news?

Another boy dead.

Something more than that, I think.

I asked Bridget if there was something wrong with you, and she said you were fine.

But she's not trained to lie like you and me.

We've had a setback. I can't talk about it.

I think something's burning in the oven!

It could be the stroganoff.

Stand down, Flight Lieutenant.

Margaret? Sir.

Is the Dieppe drop still on tomorrow?

I believe it is, sir.

Forecast? Clear skies, sir.


The man with the pipe. Who is he?

His name is Lombard.

He has a jewelry shop on the high street.

He was trying to sell me a diamond broach.

But I told him we're broke.

Hey, where are you going?

Max! Marianne.

I really need to speak to you.

Oh. Jeffrey, you're too drunk.


Your wife changed her mind.

You mean about the earrings.

No, no, no, I was trying to sell her a broach.

I do have some beautiful earrings. I can offer you a very good price.


It's okay, Mr. Lombard. We really are broke.

Good night.

Good night.

I'll have to get Anna.

I didn't hear a siren. Where were the sirens?

Now they sound the alarm.

Bloody ARP, always two steps behind.

Get these bloody lights off!

They're targeting the East End again.

We should be all right here.

Max, no more.


By Monday morning, we'll...

We'll know for sure.

Try and get some rest.

Frank? It's not a game.

Even if it is, V Section wouldn't tell you.

Would they?

They wouldn't tell you, Frank.


We got one! Yes!

It's heading right towards us!

Everyone take cover!

Get down!


Will you get rid of everyone?



Tomorrow we have a whole day with Anna.

Let's forget the war.

Let's make the best day ever.


I'd like that.

Who's gonna jump first?

I've lit a fire. Come sit with us.

This one?

Flight Lieutenant!

I have good news. You have the night off.

Yes, sir.

What the hell are you doing? Why have you switched off the engine?

Where is Paul Delamare?

Paul Delamare???

He's in jail.


Delamare is in jail.

What? Gestapo?

No, local police.

Drunk as usual.

Take me to the jail.

How many inside?

This time of night, only one.

I don't want any trouble!

Where is Paul Delamare?

Cell number three.

I don't want any trouble.

Open it.

I'm sorry, Mr. Delamare.

I'm sorry, Mr. Delamare. I'm in a hurry.

What I'm going to say is top secret.

Do you speak English?

No. Why?

Look. Look closely.

Is the woman in this photograph Marianne Beauséjour?


Marianne Beauséjour!

Look! Is it her?

Give me the bottle!

Yes or no, and then you get a drink.

Marianne Beauséjour?

Marianne Beauséjour.

Marianne Beauséjour...


Yes. It's her.

Yes? Now let me have a drink.

Look again. Are you sure?

Fuck you!

Look. Look!

She look the same. Yeah. Yes?

She laughs a lot. Brown hair.

And she has brown eyes, yes? Right. Brown eyes.

She's got blue eyes! God damn it, blue eyes!

Right! I mean blue.

Don't you fuck with me, Delamare.

I made a mistake.

Look! She has blue eyes.

I know her. Sure.

She is the life of the party.

Go on.

And she paints.

Paints, yes. She paints what?

Wonderful watercolors.

That's right.

Give me the bottle. That's right.

The Krauts!

And she plays the piano like a goddess.


Don't move.

Who wants some American cigarettes?



Sometimes the Krauts...

...they come to get American cigarettes.

American cigarettes?

We confiscate them from the Resistance.

I remember Marianne.

I remember when I met her.

It was in a café. In Dordogne.

The place was full of German soldiers.

We gotta go!

We gotta go! Wait!

There was a piano.

She went to it and played La Marseillaise in front of all those Germans!

Hey, Pierre!

Lucky Strike?

Do you have the cigarettes?

Give them to him.

Allo, Pierre?

Pierre, c'est moi!

Behind the jail!

The Resistance are running behind the jail!

The Krauts are in the square!

A grenade.


I need you to come with me.

Drop off Anna and come with me now, please.

What the hell are you doing?


I want you to play the piano for me.

You want what?

Why on earth would you want me to play the piano?

I want you to play the piano because I love you.

What are you talking about?

You haven't slept. Let's go home.

I want you to play La Marseillaise.

Now, you have asked me some strange things...


Marianne Beauséjour played La Marseillaise in a café full of Germans in '41.

I want you to play it for me.

I know the story.

She was a very brave woman.

I thought they wouldn't find me here.

But they did.

And they threatened Anna.

And I'm... And I'm so sorry.

I am so sorry.

Did you send it?

The message! Did you send it?


I'm sorry.

I need to know, is this real?

Do you love me?

I love you. I love you.

I've loved you since Casablanca.

Okay, listen to me. This is how it will be.

There is a Medicine Hat in Switzerland or Peru or wherever the hell.

We won't make it.

If we stay one more hour, V Section's gonna order me to kill you.

And when I refuse, they're gonna shoot us both.

You understand?

We go now.

We have to get Anna.

Where is Marianne?

You used my child as collateral.

You've done far worse, Wing Commander Vatan.

Who else is watching us?

Ich bin einen agent des Reiches.

I will only give you my...

Come here, sweetheart.

It's okay, honey. It's okay. It's okay.

Very good, sir. You're free to pass.

Wait here.

It's over, Max!

The blue-dye came back positive.

But you already know that, don't you?

Frank, wait!

Wait! Let me explain.

The circuit's been cleaned. Max Vatan, in the name of His Majesty King George VI...

They had her boxed in, Frank!

I charge you with high treason...

No! Please!

...for aiding and abetting the German spy known as Marianne Beauséjour.

Frank, she had no choice.

They threatened Anna. They would have killed us all!

Max, have you lost your mind?

She's a German spy!

I won't let you do this, Frank.

I've done my duty. We've cleaned up the circuit.

They had valuable information, damn you!

She had no choice! They threatened Anna!

If you want to walk away from this, then do what needs to be done.

She had no choice. They had her boxed in.

They would've killed us all.

The Section won't care.

They threatened Anna!

For your child's sake, don't throw your life away!

We did our duty. Just walk away.

Walk away, Frank.


Je t'aime, mon Québécois.

I love you.

Take good care of her.

Stand down.

Wing Commander Vatan executed the enemy agent with his own hand.

That is how you will report it.

That is an order.

My dearest, darling Anna.

I'm writing this on a Sunday night in London.

If you're reading this, then you barely knew me and may have no memory of who I am.

I am your mother.

You were born in an air raid in the middle of a war to two people who loved each other.

Our year together in the house in Hampstead has been the happiest time of my life.

Today you took your first steps.

I am so grateful that I saw you walk for the first time with your father by my side.

Max, my love,

you are my world.

I hope you will be able to forgive me.

And I hope you make it to Medicine Hat.

I have a picture of it in my mind, and I pray Anna's eyes will see it.

My beautiful daughter, I love you with all my heart.

I hope you will live your life in peace.

I rest knowing your father will take good care of you.

I remain your loving mother,

Marianne Vatan.

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