Aloha, Scooby-Doo! (2005) Script


MAN1 : Over here!

-Over here! MAN 2: It was a blast!



Yeah, Manu! You show them, Manu! Yeah.


Hey, man. Chill out.

-Hang loose, bro. -Get real, man.

Just because you live here doesn't mean you own the ocean.

MANU: Whoa!




BOY: Yeah, that's right!

-All right! MAN: Nice work!

BOY: All right! MAN: Yeah!

Oh. Way to go, Manu. That was awesome.

You're my big kahuna.

Aw. Snookie.

Manu, you're my big kahuna too.




What's up with all these mainlanders anyway?

The Big Kahuna of Hanahuna contest is supposed to be a local thing, man.

Hey, do I look worried?

I've got surfing in my blood.

My ancestors have been riding these waves for generations.

I still don't think those mainlanders have any business here.

No worries, Little Jim.

The competition only makes me get more into my groove.

-I say, "Bring it on, baby." -Yeah.

I don't know, Manu.

The island spirits won't like it.

Spirits? Trying to scare us...

...with your island-spirit mumbo jumbo won't help.

You're going down this year, Manu.

Let's hit the waves, dudes.

WOMAN: Come on. Let's go.











Snookie! Look out!

Get off of me!

Help! Help me!



Oh, help!



What happened? Where's Snookie?

They-- They took her.

The tiki spirits. The curse of the Wiki Tiki!

Like, I don't mean to be picky, Fred, but are you sure you know what we're doing?


Of course. I read the instructions.

Well, part of them, anyway. Now, there's nothing to it.

Just wait for a gust of wind, and off you go!

Like, you gotta be kidding me. The problem with being chicken, Scoob... that chickens don't fly!

SHAGGY: Whoa....

That's it. You've got it. Now, just hang on.

No problem there.


I think we've got it, Scoob.


There was one thing I was wondering, though.

-What's that? -Like, how do you land these things?

I don't know. I didn't get that far in the instruction book.


GIRL: Aha. Hold it. Hold it.

Just stay right there, little fella.

Look, Daphne. I got a shot of a rare nene.

DAPHNE: Wow, cool!

Ah.... This is the life, isn't it?

Boy, it sure was neat of the Goha Aloha Company... let you try designing clothes. -I'll say.

VELMA: And this all-expense-paid trip to Hawaii sure is some perk.

I know. I think these geckos are going to look super...

...on my new swimwear line.


These digital pictures can be silk-screened right onto the swimwear.

I hope Jared Moon from Goha Aloha likes my designs.

Jeepers. Some of these critters sure are weird-looking.

VELMA: Tell me about it.

Now, that's what I call smooth sailing.


I guess us chickens can fly after all.

Yeah, they just don't know how to land.


DAPHNE: Jeepers. For a tiny island, there sure is a lot of traffic.

FRED: What the heck is going on?

Like, where's everybody going?

Anywhere but Hanahuna, that's where.

Hanahuna? That's where I'm supposed to meet the rep from Goha Aloha.

The island guide gives Hanahuna an eight on its charm-o-meter.

Yeah. Well, I give it a 1O on the it-creeps-me-out-meter.

That Hanahuna is one spooky place.

If you're heading there, you'd better hurry.

The place is being overrun by evil tiki spirits.

I'm so out of here.

Evil spirits? Like, you can count me out.

-Evil tiki spirits? I doubt that highly. -Well, whatever it is, we'd better go...

-...check it out and pronto. -Let me get this straight.

There may be something spooky going on on Hanahuna...

...and you think we better go check it out.

How about you send Scoob and me a postcard?

Well, if you insist.

But I wouldn't be surprised if over in Hanahuna...

...we found some delicious macadamia nuts.

Ooh. Macadamia nuts.

VELMA: Why would anyone want to leave here?

DAPHNE: Something must have frightened them to make them want to move...

...from such a beautiful place.

What's that stuff they're mashing?

VELMA: They're pounding taro into a unique Hawaiian food called poi.

It was a staple in the diet of ancient Hawaiians.

Would you like to taste it?


We are making this special batch as an offering.

An offering to who?


Never mind. Please enjoy your stay.


Now, that's what I call an island retreat.

Even the locals seem to be really spooked.

Maybe those surfers were right. There could be something weird going on.

I'll bet the Goha Aloha guy, Jared Moon, will know.

Beware of Hawaii's most terrifying spirit...

...the scourge of the Pacific.

Get your Wiki Tiki charms now.


Don't wind up as a human sacrifice.

Get your Wiki Tiki charms now.

That's it.

Better safe than sorry.

Folks, today only....

This is your contact from Goha Aloha?

Cool van.

Not as styling as the Mystery Machine, of course.

Mr. Moon. I'm Daphne Blake.

I was supposed to meet you.

Oh, yeah. Right. The hot new Goha Aloha designer.

The flavor du jour.

Step into my office.

-Your office? -Um....

Excuse me for saying so, but isn't it odd for a company rep... work out of a van down by the beach?

Company car, sweetie.

This little venture's something I'm doing on the side...

...when I'm not moving and shaking with Goha Aloha.

First thing you gotta learn about sales, sister:

You gotta strike while the iron's hot.

And these babies are H-O-T, hot.

-Boy, business is booming, huh? -Are you kidding me?

I can barely keep these babies in stock.

Once I sell my last batch, I'm out of here.

And if you know what's good for you, you'll do the same.

-What are these things? -Charms. Talismans.

To ward off the Wiki Tiki.

What exactly is a Wiki Tiki?

Everyone on the island knows the Wiki Tiki... an ancient spirit who dwells on Mount Pulanana.

An ancient spirit?

He's said to be 1O,0O0 years old, give or take a day.

And he must be appeased with a human sacrifice.

Human sacrifice?

I'm afraid so. Legend has it that long ago...

...the people of this island would appease the Wiki Tiki... sacrificing one of their own into the volcano.

Wait a minute! I recognize you from Surf Rider Magazine.

You're Manu Tuiama, the big kahuna of Hanahuna. Wow!

Surfing's not that important to me right now.

How would you feel if your girlfriend had been kidnapped...

...and was about to be thrown into a volcano?

Oh, sorry. But it's true.

The Wiki Tiki sent its evil tikis as a warning.

They came, and they took Snookie.

Are you sure she was kidnapped?

Well, Snookie's no rocket scientist...

...but she definitely knows her way around the island.

MAYOR: Now, Manu, Jared, Little Jim...

...if you keep up this silly Wiki Tiki local-legend talk of yours...'re bound to scare off these nice kids. Let me assure you...

...Hanahuna is 1 0O percent safe.

You're more likely to get struck by lightning...

...than become some silly sacrifice.


I still say you should ban mainlanders from the surfing contest.

Now, now.

You kids know that as your duly elected mayor...

...who got 51 percent of the votes...

...I have opened the contest to include everyone this year.

Yeah, and now Snookie's going to be sacrificed to the tiki spirit.

Oh, Manu. You and your colorful island stories.

Tiki spirits, sacrifices.

What an imagination.

I'm sure that you've heard that Hanahuna...

...scored an eight on the island charm-o-meter.

The charm-o-meter was my idea, you know.

Well, this tiki terror doesn't sound too charming.

You don't get it. None of you do. This isn't some kind ofjoke.

My Snookie's gone, and now we're all in danger.

Manu is right. We must not ignore the warnings...

...of the great and mighty Wiki Tiki.

Manu! Wait up!

Oh, poor Manu.

Look, another rainbow.

It's a paradise here in Hanahuna, isn't it?

If it's such a paradise, then why is everyone leaving?

Yeah. They sure seem scared of something.

Terrified is more like it.

And who wouldn't be terrified of the horrible Wiki Tiki?


But I do hope you'll stay for tonight's festivities.

Like, if it's all right with you, we'd rather not be human sacrifices.

What kind of festivities?

Local realtors are sponsoring a wingding with some entertainment and free food.

Like, you just said the magic words.

Well, gang, it looks like we've got another mystery on our hands.

And this time it's tiki-style.


CROWD: Whoa.

VELMA: Free food.

Hmm. I wonder what the catch is.

There's no catch. It's just my little way of saying welcome.

And there's entertainment too.

And a short presentation of an incredible real estate opportunity, of course.

Of course. Hey!

And the kiddies won't wanna miss seeing our Mount Pulanana dessert...

...erupt with guava lava ice cream.

SHAGGY: Oh, boy.

Uh-uh. Not yet. It's time to limbo!


How low can you go?


Now, that's low.

Wow, that's really low.

We have a winner!


Don't you just love all this local island charm?

Smile, now. People love politicians who love doggies.



-What's he saying? -He's singing to the Wiki Tiki...

...begging him to spare Snookie.

Has anyone actually seen this Wiki Tiki?

You don't have to see him to know he exists.

Or to know that he's plenty angry.

But why would the spirit be so angry? And at whom?

He's angry at the mainlanders for surfing our waves.

That's whom. And maybe he's angry at those...

...who would spoil the island for their own personal gain.

This isn't the first time the Wiki Tiki has spoken.

-What do you mean? -In 1815...

...the Portuguese ship El Guerrero anchored off our shores.

They came to discover new lands, but didn't realize...

...that their presence on our island would upset the tiki spirits.

The moment the sailors set foot on the beach...

...the Wiki Tiki became enraged.


MANU: And Mount Pulanana erupted.

Hey, I sure don't see any guava lava ice cream.

VELMA: An invasion is one thing...

...but a surfing contest is quite another.

I'd say this is one hypersensitive spirit.

Good evening, folks. I'm your host, Ruben Laluna of Laluna Realty.

Do you ever dream of having your own piece of paradise?

Well, folks, that dream can be a reality.

I want you all to take a moment...

...and imagine yourself as part owner in the soon-to-be-constructed...

...Coconut Beach Condominiums.

Laluna Realty is changing the face of Hanahuna Bay. Nice, huh?


WOMAN: What's happening?


RUBEN: People. People.

-No worries. Don't panic. -A unique perspective...

...considering a volcano has just exhibited characteristics of a stage-four eruption.

RUBEN: Uh.... -Ruben's right.

That volcano is completely dormant.

It says so in all our island brochures.


Folks, you don't get that back in Kansas.

Now, that is a mountain view.


BOY: It's those horrid little Wiki Tikis again.

Oh, no. Manu was right.

But I have more slides.

Oh, my. Oh, dear. This is not happening.

You with the video camera, turn that off.

I can't have the media getting wind of this.


Like, why aren't your legs moving, man? Run!

What in the world are those things?

SHAGGY: I don't want to know, and I don't want to find out.




Oh! Oh! Ah! Hot! Hot!


DAPHNE: Hey! Put me down, you freaky tikis.

FRED: Hey!

Those blasted Wiki Tikis are scaring everyone away.

Now, now, Ruben... you said before, let's not panic.

RUBEN: But people are moving out, not in.

Real estate values are falling faster than a lead balloon. I'm ruined.

Boy, that really puts the "ow" in "luau."

Are you okay?

I'm fine, I think.

But look at this. One of them dropped something.

-It's Snookie's puka shell necklace. -So those tiki thingies do have Snookie.

Those are called "Hahona Lohavas."

They are spirits that serve their master, the powerful Wiki Tiki spirit.

This is what we were talking about. Now do you believe us?

If we're gonna find Snookie, we're gonna have to find this Wiki Tiki.

This isn't adding up. I don't get it.

Why would an ancient volcano spirit care about a surfing contest?

Do you really think the Wiki Tikis got her?

-I don't know. -How are we going to find this tiki terror?

Maybe we can get him to find us.

I figure the best way is for me to join the surfing contest.

But, Fred, you don't surf.


Well, lucky one of us does.

Good thing I got a power pedicure for this practice run.

No sign of him so far. How about you, Fred?

FRED: Not yet.

How about you, Shaggy? Seen anything?

No sign of any spooky spirits here.

So far, so good. Over and out.

There's nothing like Hawaiian shaved ice, huh, old buddy?


-Whoa, excuse yourself, Scoob. -Who, me?


Like, it's time to skedaddle, Scoob.

It's the Wiki Tiki!

Faster, Scoob!

Now, that's what I call dog paddling. I think we lost him, Scoob.

False alarm. But as long as we're out here...

...what do you say we catch some wave-a-ree-no?

Look, Scoob! I'm hanging 1O!

Shaggy, me too!

SHAGGY: Oh, man!

Like, you're hanging 2O!


There's still no sign of him.

The sun's going down.

We better call it a day.

You're right. I don't see any sign of him either. How about you, Shaggy? Shaggy.


It's the Wi--

Wiki Tiki!

Say cheese.

DAPHNE: Where'd he go? FRED: I don't know. He just disappeared.

He's gotta be here somewhere.

There's something familiar about this tricky tiki...

...but I can't put my finger on it.

Well, we can't stand by and just let this Wiki Tiki terrorize Hanahuna.

There must be a way to track him down.

Come on, gang. Let's go back to the hotel.

Hey, look, a note.


Must be some kind of weird Hawaiian word.

I wonder what it means.

It's "begone," as in "scram," "beat it" or "leave."

-Good thinking. -By the looks...

...of the ancient Hawaiian markings on this spear... guess is it's from our friendly neighborhood Wiki Tiki spirit.

DAPHNE: It's a warning. -Or a threat!

Consider us warned. I say let's get the heck out of here!


It's him! It's the Wiki Tiki!

Why, aloha.

I see you kids are enjoying yourselves on our little island paradise.

Um, I guess so. Except for one little problem.

That's, like, not so little.

Oh, okay, I know!

It's horrible, simply horrible.

Somebody's got to do something, and soon...

...or our little town is going to go right from the 10-best to the 10-worst list.

And I'll have to go back to selling shoes.

Shoes? Well, at least it's not all bad.

There must be some way we can find out more about the Wiki Tiki.

Would you stop saying "Wiki Tiki"?

"Wiki Tiki" this and "Wiki Tiki" that.

It's driving me crazy!

-Sorry. MANU: You could go see Auntie Mahina.

Some say she's lived on the rainy side of the island for over a hundred years.

She's a medicine woman.

Ajungle visionary.

It's said that she knows most and sees most.

Dollars to doughnuts, she'll know something about the Wiki Tiki.

If she can help us learn more about the Wiki Tiki...

-...we'd sure like to meet her. -That won't be easy.

She's very mysterious. Very reclusive and lives in the deepest, darkest jungle.

-She doesn't like to be disturbed. -If it's the same to you...

...Scooby and I'll stay here and keep watch.

But she does make one mean macadamia-nut pie.

Well, on second thought.

Manu, could you take us to her?

I can't make any promises, but I'll do what I can.

MANU: Great rental, Fred, but I'm not so sure about the colors.

FRED: Works for me.

I appreciate all you're doing to help me find Snookie...

-...especially given the danger. -Danger is my middle name.

I thought it was Herman.


VELMA: You know, it seems to me that there are at least two people...

...who could possibly benefit from the Wiki Tiki.

Well, that Jared Moon guy sure is making a killing selling charms.

What about that realtor, Ruben Laluna?

If he has his sights set on acquiring property...

...what better way than to scare people, so they sell?

MANU: Turn right. Up there.

But there's no road.

We can't let that stop us.

All right, everybody. Hold on to your hats!


This jungle-trekking is making me hungry.

Everything makes you hungry.

Wow. Now that I think of it, you're right.

And that reminds me, I'm starving.

Hmm. A mango.

SCOOBY: Yummy.

Big, ugly lizard!


Same to you, pal.

This is it. We walk from here.

-How much further? -Auntie Mahina lives... the base of Monkey Mountain, just north of here.

Man, like, this would be one horrible place to get lost in.

No problem. You're not gonna get lost as long as I'm around. Shh!

-Did you hear that? -Hear what?

-It's him. -You mean...?

Yes. The Wiki Tiki. Run!

SHAGGY: The tiki!

-Hey, what are you doing? -Keep going!

I'm going to do what has to be done and get my Snookie.


Manu, no! You can't go alone.



FRED: Manu!


-He's gone. -It looks like the Wiki Tiki took him.

Just like Snookie.

Can we go back to the hotel now?

-We've got to try and find Manu. -And Snookie.

-I was afraid you were gonna say that. VELMA: The question is... are we going to find him?

This jungle is just too dense.

Hey, I'll bet Auntie Mahina will know.

Manu said she was just north of here, but which way is north?


-Uh, Daphne, what are you doing? -I'm checking my hair.

Not to be the master of the obvious, but, Daphne... always check your hair.

No, silly. I'm seeing which way it blows.

I can tell which way the wind is coming from.

Since the prevailing winds are from the north here...

-...that means north is that way. -wow.

I think it'll hold if we go one at a time. I'll go first.

If you insist.

Nothing to it. Come on.

After you.

Okay. Heads, you go first. Tails, we go second.

Heads it is. You go first.

I suppose it would be useless to point out your lapse in logic, so I'll just go.

Come on, Scoob, a deal's a deal.

SCOOBY: Shaggy!

Don't worry, old buddy! I'm coming!

SHAGGY: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa.

Are you two almost done?


-Hold on, Daphne! -Trust me...

...I wasn't even thinking of letting go!

Hey, neat trick, Daphne.

Dental floss, don't leave home without it.

Now which way do we go?

What is it, Scooby?

Like, what do you smell?

Auntie Mahina's macadamia-nut pie?


Well, lead the way, old buddy.


Man, that's one loud snore.

That's one loud muumuu.

She's a shaman. She's supposed to be eccentric.

Auntie Mahina?

Huh? Oh, well, aloha, children.

How kind of you to visit me in my loneliness.

What can Auntie Mahina do for you?

We wanted to talk to you about the Wiki Tiki.

The Wiki Tiki?


Uh.... Okay. Anyway, Manu Tuiama was bringing us here...

...when he was kidnapped by the Wiki Tiki.

The Wiki Tiki took Manu?

And Snookie.

Mmm. Are you sure?

Do you know what's happened to them?

For this, I must consult the bones.


The Wiki Tiki is angry.

Why would the Wiki Tiki be angry?

It doesn't make sense for an ancient spirit to go to this trouble over a surf contest.

It is not just a surfing contest!

The Big Kahuna of Hanahuna must be born of Hawaiian blood.

Ancients rode longboards into the wind, crashing waves...

...always Hawaiian blood.

She's right. Surfing was invented in Hawaii.

Yes, child. We called it "he'e nalu," or wave-sliding.

The Wiki Tiki believes...

...that the mainlanders have come to ruin the island.

The Wiki Tiki will have vengeance!


Man, I wish she wouldn't do that.

If the ancient mythology is true...

...the Wiki Tiki will sacrifice Manu and Snookie... throwing them into the volcano.

-Oh, no! -We've gotta climb there and stop him.

You must go and find the entrance to his lair...

...and enter through the mountain.

You mean, like, through spooky caves and stuff?

Yes, through spooky caves and stuff.


Now, go! You must face him with courage in your hearts.

And take this. It is filled with the extract from the bolan gawana root.

The ancients used it to repel spirits.

It's the only thing that works!

Thanks for your help.

We thought we smelled a macadamia-nut pie.

-Did you happen to bake one today? -Why, yes, child. I did.

Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy!

And I must say, it was delicious.


-Can you tell us how to get out of here? -Sure.

Just take the main road, right over there.

VELMA: That's strange.

I wonder why we had to take the long way to get here.

People, people, be reasonable.

This is no time to be running scared.


I won't stick around and risk becoming a human sacrifice.

This is a perfectly logical time to run scared.

Oh.... It's over for me.

MAYOR: As your elected mayor of the funnest little town in Hawaii...

...I assure you we are doing everything in our power... make sure Hanahuna remains safe and secure...

...for tomorrow's surfing contest, which will proceed as planned.

To help calm everyone down, I have some "Vote Molly" buttons...

...which I think are darling.

LITTLE JIM: Where's Manu? -Uh, he was kind of kidnapped.

Kidnapped? By who?

We didn't actually see who it was, but--

It was the Wiki Tiki, wasn't it? The Wiki Tiki has Manu!

Now, now, people. Aloha.

Let's not overreact. Just simmer down.

Here, everyone take a button.

Did I mention that they're free?

We warned you, and now look what's happened.

You must ban the mainlanders...

...from the Big Kahuna of Hanahuna Surfing Contest.

Oh, now, Little Jim, you know I can't do that.

You are responsible for Manu and Snookie...

...and whatever happens tomorrow will be your fault too.


Uh.... Uh.... Oh....

Oh, my. What am I going to do?

I was going to run for governor. If this keeps up...

...I couldn't be elected tollbooth operator.

Don't worry, we'll do everything we can to save Manu and Snookie.

Daphne's right. And since the contest is tomorrow...

...we've got no time to lose. Come on, gang.

We've gotta track down that Tiki.

Okay, we all saw the Wiki Tiki enter the lagoon and then disappear.

So the entrance to his lair has got to be here somewhere.

Like, I vote we bag this and just hang around the hotel...

...until the all-you-can-eat buffet opens.

FRED: Come on, Shaggy, where's your sense of adventure?

SHAGGY: Back at the hotel.

DAPHNE: We have to find the Wiki Tiki before the contest tomorrow.

Hey, wait a minute. I'll bet the entrance to the Wiki Tiki's lair... hidden behind that waterfall.

Hmm. Obvious, yet highly effective if you're right.

There's nothing here but rocks, rocks and more rocks.

Yeah, you're right.

-Let's get out of here. -Yeah, okay.

Jeepers! I found it.

The entrance to the lair of the Wiki Tiki.

Way to go, Daphne. You found our ticket in.

I just hope it's not a one-way ticket.



-Fred, could I make a suggestion? -Let me guess.

-You wanna leave and never come back. -Wow, groovy.

It's like you read my mind.

FRED: Now, everyone stick together.



SHAGGY: Rats? VELMA: Uh-oh. Pteropus.

Otherwise known as bats.

Don't worry, Scoob. They can't even see us.

Haven't you ever heard the expression "blind as a bat"?

Actually, most bats see well...

...but depend on echolocation to navigate in the dark.

Look, over there. That looks like a way out of this bat cave.

-Let's go. -Okay.

But we've gotta be very quiet.

Any loud noises or vibrations could spook them.

-Shh. -Shh.


FRED: Run!


Yuck! Any more of that and I'd have gone batty.

Get off, get off, get off!

FRED: If the Wiki Tiki spirit is angry at mainlanders...

...why not kidnap one of them to sacrifice?

Yeah, why take locals like Manu and Snookie?

Maybe the whole point is to teach the locals a lesson.

Maybe he doesn't care who he kidnaps as long as he's got a sacrifice.

Like, he might even go for a dog.


Guys, whatever you do, don't look down.


Well, I told you not to look down.

DAPHNE: Well, looks like going back is definitely out of the question.

Okay, everybody. Just be careful and keep moving.

SHAGGY: Wow. Like, it's a steam bath in here.

There must be an underground river.

Combining that cold water with the hot air from the volcano's core...

...creates this steam.

Look over here.


DAPHNE: Imagine how long it must've taken... carve these steps into this stone.

They've had plenty of time. I read the first Hawaiian people...

...may have arrived here as early as 7O0 A.D.

Hey, man. Where's the elevator in this joint?


Do you guys, like, hear that?


It's coming from up there.

No. It's coming from down there.

If I'm not mistaken, it's coming from both directions.

Man, these creepy tikis are everywhere!

VELMA: The logical thing to do would be run!

We're doomed! Doomed!

Look, Scooby found a way out.

Look at these carvings.

They're beautiful.

FRED: IfAuntie Mahina was right, we're not far...

...from the Wiki Tiki's sacrificial altar.


Okay, maybe it's, like, time to rethink this whole thing.

We can't turn back now. Come on. This way.



Snookie, wait!

The poor thing is terrified.

We've gotta save her.


Stay back!

Or not.

I've got a plan. Shaggy, we need you and Scooby to distract the Wiki Tiki.

What? Are you crazy?

Like, no way, man. Uh-uh.

We are not gonna be Wiki Tiki bait, and that is final.

Not even for a Scooby Snack?

-Uh-uh. -Nope.

How about a macadamia-flavored Scooby Snack?


[SINGING] On a moonlit night The time is right For some kissing and hugging In Hawaii And if you treat me right On this moonlit night We'll be smooching and cooching In Hawaii Huh?

SCOOBY: Oh, Shaggy!

Snookie, are you okay?

We've gotta find Manu and get out of here.

Follow me.


Let's get out of here!



FRED: Snookie, I'm glad to see you're okay.

SNOOKIE: I barely escaped.

But that thing still has Manu.

Where are you leading us?

SNOOKIE: Just follow me and hurry.

This way, in here.


Hey. Let go of her!


How are we gonna save Snookie now?

This amulet that Auntie Mahina gave us doesn't work.

Yeah, if you ask me...

...there's something funny about this whole setup.

FRED: Let's try and find a way out of here.

It looks like we took a wrong turn.

SHAGGY: Oh, man. It's a snake-pit cave.

Snakes. I hate snakes.

DAPHNE: By the looks of it, they're not exactly fond of you either.

If we could just get past those snakes...

...we could reach those roots and pull ourselves out.

Yeah. But there's no possible way to get past...

...that swarm of slithery serpents.


Scooby-Doo, come on!


Come on, Shaggy. Grab onto a root!

Roger that.

Sorry, won't happen again.

Whew! Boy, Scoob, that snake pit is, like, the pits.


Let's get out of here.


VELMA: Where are we?

FRED: How will we find Snookie and Manu now?

This has gotta lead somewhere.

SHAGGY: Shh. You'll wake them up. They're sleeping.

FRED: Wow, check it out!

This is hardly what I call ancient Hawaiian decor.

They're not sleeping. They're just turned off.

WIKI TIKIS: Wiki Tiki. Wiki Tiki.

Gosh, they're nothing but little robots.

Hmm. Yes. And very sophisticated robots at that.

FRED: Hey, look at this.

I wonder what this does.

Guys, I think we're looking... the heart of the Mount Pulanana volcano.

So it's not smoke coming out of that mountain after all.

It's just steam that someone's been manipulating for effect.

So that's the secret to the Wiki Tiki: smoke signals.

And I'll tell you another thing. That Wiki Tiki can't be ancient.

-How do you know? -Why would a 10,O00-year-old spirit... riding a Goha Aloha surfboard?

Because he's got good taste?

Maybe. Or maybe it's because he's not 1 0,O00 years old.

Take a look at this.

It's the same surfboard the Wiki Tiki used.

That's one tricky tiki.

VELMA: This entire Wiki Tiki volcano-blowing thing... just a hoax to scare the heck out of everyone in Hanahuna Bay.

Today's the surfing contest, and I have a hunch...

...Mr. Wiki Tiki won't be able to resist making an appearance.

Well, there's our way out.

Come on, gang, let's get out of here.

It's time to catch the big one.

Aloha. And welcome, everyone... the fourth annual Big Kahuna of Hanahuna Surfing Contest.

What a beautiful day for it. Don't you agree? Oh.

Dude, that mountain of yours can smoke all it wants.

I am still gonna smoke all comers, if you catch my drift.

I think it's time to stop talking the talk...

...and start walking the walk, dude.

Does everyone know the plan?


Well, gang, ready for a surfing safari?

Ready to shred, Fred.

Good luck.

CROWD: Yeah!

All right!

Good job!


Isn't this lovely? Isn't this just hunky-dory?

Absolutely no worries.

I hope you'll all remember what a fun time we had here...

...come election day.

Now, let's all try and enjoy the--


Whoa! Peace out, dude!


-Are you okay? -Yeah. Thanks.

FRED: All right, gang, this is it.

When the going gets tough, what do we do?

Bury our heads in the sand?

Hey, Scooby-Doo, you wasted the Wiki Tiki!

You were, like, totally radical, Scoob.


Way to go, Scooby.

VELMA: Now the question is, who is the Wiki Tiki?

I think it's Ruben Laluna.

How about that weirdo, Jared Moon?

If you ask me, it's that color-clashing Auntie Mahina.

All very educated guesses, but all incorrect.

Did anybody happen to notice what a rad surfer the Wiki Tiki is?

Ask yourselves one question:

Who's the best surfer around these parts?


-Manu? SNOOKIE: Manu!


Manu, baby, are you all right?

Manu wasn't kidnapped.

He only wanted us to think he was kidnapped.

To discourage us from solving the mystery...

...Manu faked his own kidnapping.



You were right about it being a real estate scam, Fred.

But it wasn't Ruben.

It was Manu and Snookie doing the scamming.

Manu knew all the local legends and was pretending to be the Wiki Tiki... scare off the locals and buy their homes for pennies on the dollar.

I checked the county registrar online, and all the properties sold recently...

...were bought by Pamela Waeewa...

...a.k.a. Snookie.

Who also happens to have degrees in rocket science and robotics.

So she is a rocket scientist.

Until she decided to team up with her boyfriend for this little scam.

Manu, how could you do this to your own people?

Sorry, Little Jim.

I needed the dough.

Being the Big Kahuna of Hanahuna doesn't exactly bring in the big bucks.

All Manu and I have ever wanted to do was surf.

We were gonna make a killing on the property.

Yeah, and then rake in the dough and ride the waves into our golden years.

And our plan would have worked if not for you meddling mainlanders.

Sorry, Manu.

But it looks like you're gonna be kicking back plenty behind bars.

Well, at least I'm still the Big Kahuna of Hanahuna.

No one can take that away from me.

MAYOR: Not so fast, Manu.


As mayor of this fine town...

...I am proud to announce that this year's trophy...

...for the Big Kahuna of Hanahuna Surfing Contest goes to...


Who? Me?

A dog? I lost to a dog?

No way!

And along with the trophy...

...our grand prize of...

...a year's supply of macadamia nuts!

Did you hear that, old buddy?

-Macadamia nuts. -Yum-yum.


I want to thank you for all you've done...

...and to show our appreciation, I want to give you each a button.

Oh, and invite you to tonight's luau.

Did someone say "luau"?


Thanks to you kids...

...Hanahuna Bay went up one notch on the charm-o-meter.

All the property Manu and Snookie bought...

...will be returned to the original owners. One other thing:

If you ever want some beachfront property...'s my card. Look me up.

Thanks, Mr. Laluna, we will.

Good news, Daphne.

The Goha Aloha company loved your designs...

...and wants to buy them.

Gee, thanks, Jared.

And I want you to have this, compliments of the house.

Wow, my very own tiki charm.

Well done, kids.

The real ancient spirits of Hawaii are in your debt.

Uh, thanks, Auntie. But it was nothing. We were just doing what we do best.

That would be meddling.




ALL: Huh?