Alone (2020) Script

Please, no please, please, stop, I'm pregnant!

No, you're gonna hurt my baby!

Please-- Oh my god, Hailey!


Please, stop!

Hailey! Mom.

Hailey, oh, honey.

Sheriff's department, lemme see your hands!

Where's this blood from?

Turn around! What is this?

You don't understand, she's my friend!


Turn around!

It's okay, honey, I'm here.

Keep your hands where I can see 'em.

Walk towards the sound of my voice!

You have the wrong guy!

Honey, it's okay.

Nothing much has changed around here since we left.

Hey, I'm so glad you called, Jill sends her regards.

She's sorry she couldn't be here to greet you.

But we'll be around if you need anything.

That wouldn't be a problem.

I don't need much nowadays.

I think you're handling everything really well

considering all that you've been through.

Thanks, Robert.

Forgive me if I seem difficult.

I'm just trying to get some work done.

So you're writing, right? Yes.

Well, then, the house is perfect.

I go there to fish sometimes.

I could take you to the lake if you want to.

It's probably better to leave things in the past so we don't repeat the same mistakes.

Honestly, right now, all I need is some peace of mind.

Well, peace of mind is what you're gonna get.

There she is.

Honey, what are you doin'?

I thought you wanted to stay home today.


I had to show her the house.

Honey, you didn't have to do that, I had this handled.

I can find my own way around, thank you.

Thank you once again for letting me stay.

Oh sure, don't mention it.

Oh, let me show you something.

Can I take your hand? Mm-hm.

Now, you probably won't need to use this, but in case there's some kind of an emergency, the security code is five ones.

If there were an emergency, a signal would go out to the nearest police station.

Most people use a telephone.

The signal here's pretty weak, darling.

So don't expect to be getting any calls.

It's okay, Jill, she just wants to finish her book.

Oh, let me show you something else.

Now, you feel this?

This is so you know where the basement is.

It's not safe down there with all the exposed wires and everything, it's a real mess.

Isn't this nice?

I thought of it myself.

It's getting pretty late, honey.

Why don't you go ahead, hon.

I'll catch up with you later.

I've got some errands to run around town.

I think Emma wants us out of her hair.

Well, all right, then.

I can't thank you enough.

I'll see you after the weekend.

Same time next week?

I'm afraid I'm not gonna be in town.


Headin' to Cabo with my wife.

Just for a couple weeks.

But doc, doctor-- Don't worry, you'll be fine.

You're doing great already.

Please, I--

In fact, I'd suggest that you get outta town yourself.

Some cozy little country place, fresh air, tranquility.

A place where you can gather your thoughts.

Is it working for you?

A little bit.

It's not going to bring her back, but it has been known to help.

Believe me when I say this'll help.

It'll help you filter your thoughts, it'll help you focus on what was good instead of what happened.

It'll help you get your hope back, well, rediscover it.

It's in you, you just need to find it, hm?

Remember, hope comes from within, not without.


Is anybody there?

Still got your tape recorder?

You're not gonna suggest one of those exercises, are you?

When mothers talk to their unborns?

I don't think I can.

A book.

A book?

A book about love and loss.

A book always leads somewhere, right?

A book has a plot, story, twists and turns, thoughts, conclusions.

I don't think that's a good idea.

Don't think of pregnancy as a blessing.

Instead, see it as a noble sacrifice some, not all, women undertake for many reasons.

Instinct, social obligation,

loneliness or, in some cases, we don't even have a choice.

We thanklessly undergo stretch marks, swollen breasts and feet, sore backs, little to no sleep and more.


Don't think of pregnancy as a blessing.

Instead, see it as noble sacrifice some, but not all, women undertake for many reasons.

Instinct, social obligation.

Who's here?

Robert, Robert.

There's someone in the house.

Please come!

Who's there?

It's okay, it's me.

I'm here.

No one's here to hurt you, I'm here.

It's all right.

Oh, sweetheart.

It's okay, come on.

Let's get you off the floor.

Put the knife down, come on.

I've got it. Oh.

I've got it, it's okay.

Come on.

Oh, come on.

It's okay.

It's all right.

It's over.

Jill, Jill.


It's okay.

I don't know what's going on.

Someone or something attacked me, and I, I--


Did you call Robert? Emma?

Is anybody here?


What's going on here, what happened?

What are you doing here?

Well, I was nearby, and I saw you speed up here, I thought something might've happened.

She's fine, just scared, that's all.

No one seems to be here, it sounded like a false alarm.

Well, I'm gonna check the rest of the house.

You stay here with her.

It's, it's not a false alarm.

He ran after me.

Are you hurt?

No, no I don't think so.

Something was here, 'cause I'm, and they ran after me!

Oh, I see.

Are you sure it isn't just your imagination, dear?

Someone in your condition?

Where are you going with this?

I'm just saying, women aren't meant to be alone.

It goes against our nature.

What the hell is that supposed to mean, and what does that have to do with my condition?

Well, the rest of the house is clear, top to bottom.

You didn't notice anything strange?

Ah, the rope and the bell are missing.

I did that.

I heard them ring, I.

Sweetheart, I'm just trying to help.

And I'm putting this back where it should be.

What did she take?

A knife.

Right, of course.

You're not used to this yet, are you?

Is the medication that you're taking the right--

Please, leave.

Instinct, social obligation, loneliness or,

even to save another life.

Let me go!

No, no!

Oh my god, I remember that.

I mean, the classes are okay, but the teachers are really great, that's what I'm excited about.

But it's not a big deal.

Wait, you bring it up every 10 minutes so I'm thinking maybe it is a big deal.

I'm sorry, I do wish the break was longer, though.

Yeah, I don't think we'd last more than a weekend without wifi.

Really, wow, I thought you liked it.

Yeah, I do,, it's just, Jesse doesn't.

He didn't wanna come.

It's not for everyone, you know?

If you like peace and quiet, you'll get a kick out of it.

I like peace and quiet, although if you wanna take it up a notch, we totally can.

What is the deal with this thing?

Weak signal.

Ah, has been a minute since we passed a tower.

Look, Hailey, I've been meaning to ask--

Seriously every single station's dead.

They are, are they?


To be honest, I don't really feel like drinking tonight.

I'm sorry, I don't wanna be pushy or anything, but Jesse told me that you and Nate broke up, and--

That was a while ago.

Why didn't you tell me?


What, I thought we shared these kinds of things with each other, you know?

Luke now is not really a good time to bring it up, don't you think?

All right.

Let's just try and have a good time, all right?

Otherwise, what's the point?

All right. Okay.

But you guys are like, done for good though, right?

Luke! What, I'm sorry!

I'm just surprised you didn't tell me, you know?

No, it's just.

It's more complicated than that, okay?

How could it be more complicated that you guys are together, you guys aren't together?

Can we please just drop it?

All right, yeah.


Hey, Jesse. What?

Which way are we going?

I was sleepin' back here.

Well, which way is it, man?

It's to the left man, right there.

Are we there yet?

It's freezing back here.

Why don't you let me warm you up?

Ew, don't touch me.

Next time, keep your eyes off Hailey and on the road, all right?

You're one to talk.

You've been staring at my ass ever since we left.

Yeah, well.

Jesse, you behave or we'll leave tonight.

I wasn't. Ah.


Oh dear lord, help me.

This it it? Yeah.

This is it.

Get me out of this car.

It's beautiful, guys.

Get me out of here. Okay, come on.


Wait, where did they leave the keys.

Ah, somewhere by the stoop, under the mat?

Can't recall.

Well, we got the stoop, you got the mat.


Don't miss me too much, princess.

Hailey, please tell your brother that if he keeps acting like a pervert, I'll slap him like a little bitch.

Hey Jesse, if you keep acting--

I heard her the first time.

Where should I park?

Over there, follow me. All right.

Is she still dating Daniel?

Yeah, I think so.

Man well, I ain't lettin' that get in my with her, dude.

That would be the only good thing to come outta this place.

A hook up, seriously?

I mean, what is it about this house?

Bro, this house is a nightmare.

You can't imagine what it was like growin' up here.

Yo, just don't be judgemental.

I'm not being judgemental.

It's just, Hailey thinks different.

Yeah, I know.

How come you guys don't have your own set of keys?

They're selling the house.

Well, we should call your parents and ask where the keys are.

We don't have any service, so I don't know how that's supposed to work.


Did you hear that?

Too busy freezing to death.

I thought I heard footsteps inside.



Don't try to freak me out, you know I get scared easily.

Come on, let's check another door.

Let's try this one.


Of course.

God, you scared the shit outta me, you asshole.

Hey, I said I'd be right back, relax.

Did you find the keys?

Yeah, follow me.

I'm so gonna get you back for this.

Oh, is this your room?

Yeah, it used to be.

Holy shit, how are we gonna fit all this stuff into Luke's car?

I'm not taking everything.

Just some of my favorite stuff.

You help me with the top?

Yeah, no problem.

So what I need you to do is just, can you pull--

Yo, isn't it time for an upgrade?

You've had this since you got your permit.

All right, all right, I don't need you.

Let's just, let's just get this out, okay?

All right, you just gotta pull.

Yeah. Okay, keep goin'.

Is it goin'? Yeah, yeah, it's goin'.

But you gotta go like, half way, and then it starts working.

All right.

Okay, can you hold it like that?

Uh-huh. All right, cool.

Hustle up. Okay.

Is it goin'?

Yeah. Cool.

I mean, can't you take it to, like, a mechanic?

I mean.

Eh, I can't really afford it, you know.


So, how's Hailey?

You know, she hasn't really, she hasn't been telling me that much lately.

Yeah. Yeah.

Are you gonna have a hard time choosing what stays and what goes?

Yeah, probably.

Who's that creepy-ass man?

That's my dad. No, it's not.

No, I'm just kidding.

That's my great-grandpa.

He's the reason we have all the deer stuff around.

He's a hunter.


Kinda looks like Jesse.

I'm so gonna tell him you said that.

Please do.

So tell me, how are you and what's going on?

I'm just, it's a little weird, you know?

Don't stress too much about it, okay?

Let's get you loosened up a bit.


Hi. Hi.

So, you wanna tell me about the conversation in the car?

Oh, come on.

Always taking initiative.

Oh my god.

This place is awesome, man.

I can't believe you haven't taken me up here.

You were always invited, you were just never interested.

I was interested.

I'm gonna have a beer, you want one?

You're joking, right?

No, why?

It's pretty early, I don't know.

Hot, right? Ooh!

Who you wearing that for?

I don't know, just.

So whaddya wanna do while we're here?

Ooh, hello.

I don't know.

I could show you all the stuff from when I was a kid.

Yeah, we can do that.

How about we make drinks?

I don't really feel like drinking, though.

I just--

I don't know, I'm just not in the mood.

Well, where's the Hailey that I know?

The Hailey that you know is trying to be responsible.

For what?

I don't know, life?

When was that ever your thing.

How about you, what do you wanna do on this trip?

Stay away from Jesse, 'cause I don't know how you deal with him to be quite honest.

I don't know either.

Folks been up here recently?

I think so, yeah.

You don't know?

No, not really.

Did something happen?

I don't wanna talk about it.

Well, if you do, um.

I'm gonna check the alarm system.

The alarm system?

Yeah watch this.

Help, help, mister, mister!

There's a murderer here!

Jesse, seriously?

Knock it off.

Hey, relax, I, it's not on.


Seriously, you probably shouldn't mess with it, man.

Lay off me, you know, I've been playin' with that thing since I was a little kid.

I know what I'm doin'.

That gap year really did wonders, didn't it?

You guys are so annoying.

Is that the basement?

It's probably just mice.

Ah, don't worry about it.

Hey, sweetheart.

Lemme get you something to drink.

Ah, do not touch me.

Jesse's enough of a fucking vermin to have around the house.

Take it easy, baby-- Who's your baby?

Don't call me baby.

Why you playin' so hard to get?

I'm not playing, just step away, step away.

Come here. Do not touch me!

Guys, come on.

Stop it, Hailey! Jesse!

Why aren't you drinking?

Lemme get you a cold one.

Okay, Jesse, it's way too early to be having drinks right now.

Not skull and bones!

That's enough, man.

Let him drink his ass off, who cares.

Let me clarify, I drink early--

What the fuck? I don't get drunk early.

Do not come near me!

Guys, relax!


Right, relax, ew!

I'm stuck in the middle nowhere between King Dork--

King Dork?

And a junkie tryin' to hump me every time I turn around.

Will you shut up?

Is this what you wanted?

To just scream and go at each other the whole fucking time?

I cannot believe you guys.

I thought we could do this one last time.

You know, after this, you guys are gonna leave and live your lives, but I'm gonna be stuck here in the same fucking town.

You guys may not be the best of friends, but you're all mine.

Just fucking remember that.


Wait, Hailey.

Come back, come back, please!

Come on. Please!

Okay, what is it, is it the house?

God no, it's not the house, it's you guys!

I wouldn't care if we were in a shitty tent in the middle of nowhere.

A shitty tent in the middle of nowhere wouldn't stop your brother from being such a jerk.

I'll turn it down a notch.

Thank you.

And maybe the party's about to start.

What's that mean?

Well, hopefully Jesse's the first one to pass out and maybe you'll give Luke a shot.


Oh come on, you guys look like the perfect couple, way more so than you and Nate, and I've known Nate for years.

I don't wanna talk about Nate.

You need to get over that.

It's more complicated than that, okay?

I think I know what'll cheer you up.


Let's go and raid my suitcase.


What the fuck was that about?

What are you referring to?

What you just did, man.

It wasn't cool, I'm cutting you off.

Hey, hey-- No, no, dude.

That wasn't cool, okay?

And Hailey hasn't been acting herself.

Is this because of Nate?

Nate? Yeah, Nate.

I already told you, Nate's in the past, that's over and done with, you're in the future.

Oh shut up, man.

The lights not working?

Not a single one.

Where's the fuse box?

It's in the basement.

Do I need keys or anything?

No, just don't lock yourself in there.

Did you even tell your parents you were coming here?

What for, I mean.

They don't even care about this place.

Nobody's been here since forever.

Yeah, I'm not so sure about that.

Why didn't you close the door?

I didn't.

So what are you in the mood for?

Oh, get off me, put me down.

What the hell is wrong with you?

Oh, baby!

What are you doing here?

I missed you. Oh, fuck.

What's he doing here?

Nicole, she invited us.

Uh, I did not invite you, but I definitely invited you.

Oh come on, nobody needs to see that.

I'm sorry man, I couldn't wait any longer.

Oh, it's all right, I was gonna fuck with the lights, but I guess someone got to that.

It was a long walk from the bus stop, but I'd say it was worth it.

Where's my kiss?

Okay Nate, just back off, all right?

Shit man.

You're not tryin' to say-- Hey, hey!

What's the fightin' for, man?

Hey, just leave him alone.

I got this, bro.

You know what, fuck you bro, fuck you sister, fuck you, you slimy fuckin' bastard.

Fuck you meathead, and fuck you, you brainless bimbo!

Fuck all you, if you need me, I'll be outside getting wasted.

Don't come lookin' for me, goodbye.

Jesse, wait!

Can't believe she invited you guys.

This is a nightmare.

Okay, okay, Nate, I really think you should go, all right?

I think you should go get the lights fixed.

Hailey and like to fuck with the lights on.

Oh my god, Hailey. You and I need to talk.

As soon as this afterbirth gets to work.

God, what the fuck is wrong with you?

How is it gonna fucking process that we're not a thing anymore?

We're done! Hailey!


Thanks for the support, man.

Yeah, please.


Cheers to that.

You're unbelievable!

You couldn't even give me a couple days with my friends?


You don't get it, Hailey.

You complain that I'm never around for days.

For days!

Now that I'm here, you don't want me.

Can you tell me how this always becomes my fault.

Ah, fuck it.

I just wanna have some fun like we used to.

How 'bout this, Nate.

How about when you start treating like Daniel treats Nicole because he treats her like she's a fucking queen.

A queen?

Don't be a fucking child, Hailey.

Do you know many miles it is from here to the bus stop?

A shit ton of miles.

I did not come up here to hang out with your drunk brother or your crybaby friends.

What the hell is that smell?

You know what I just realized?


We just had sex in Hailey's great-grandfather's bedroom.

It's probably the best sex this place has seen in what, decades?

For sure.

I came up here to be with my girl.

I am not your girl anymore!

Why the fuck do you keep calling me every night?


Talk to me.

Why do you feel the need to call me every single night.

You don't understand what's going on, Nate.

Why don't you try me?

I'm gonna go take a shower.

Wanna join?

Is there hot water in this shit hole?

If there's not, I'll warm it up for you.

I would do anything for you.

You're my girl.

I'm not your fucking girl anymore.

Jesse, Jesse, Jesse!

I'm sorry, I should really go check on 'em.

Come back.

I just need to make sure he's okay.

Okay, come back soon.

You go warm up the shower, and I'll be back in a couple minutes.



Jesse, Jesse!


Hailey? Are you fucking drunk?

So what?

Come on, Nate's losing his shit, and Luke needs your help.

Nate? Come on!

Nate's a scumbag.

God, this is so not the time.

He never took care of you, he never treated you the way he should.

Luke needs your help, would you please just fucking come?

Luke, Luke loves you.

Can't you see that?

Jesse, just fucking move!


You know, this is the only reason, Hailey, I don't feel so good. You guys, I can't let you go, I'm sorry.

No stop, Daniel, did Nate do something?

I'll explain later, but--

Hey, hey, what happened?

Did Nate do something?

Nate didn't-- Hey, if that piece of shit friend of yours did somethin' to Luke.

Look, I'm getting Nicole no matter what she says.

Get her out, we're leavin'.

I'm not bein' bossed around in my own house, man!

I said get Nicole.

No Daniel, wait, no wait, did Nate, no Daniel, look at me, did Nate do something?

He didn't do anything, where's the car?

Where is she, what room is she in?

She's upstairs! Daniel, hold on, hold on!

Gotta go! Calm down, okay?

Luke, Luke.

I'm right here.

I'm right here with you, buddy.

Come on.

Come on.

Oh, fuck.




Nicole, where are you?




What did I do?

What did I do?


What were you thinking?

Why would you do that?

Why, why?

Why, why, why?

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Stay with me, stay with me, stay with me, stay with me.


Daniel, can you please just explain what's going on?

Come on, come on, come on.

Okay Daniel, you're not being yourself.

Just explain what's going on!

Fuck, the keys, the keys!

I think Luke has them!


Okay, I'll go check.

No no no, no no, I can't let you!

You're hurting me! No, you need to stay.

Please! Daniel, okay.

I'll go get the keys, and then we can be on Our way.

Luke's dead!

Where's Nicole?



Oh my god, Jesse!

Please, someone help!

Jesse, someone help!


Jesse, no, no, no!

What's happening?

No, no!

No, no, no, Nicole, Nicole, just stay with me.

Oh god, oh.

Oh, god.



I shouldn't have went.

I shouldn't have-- Daniel.

I'm so sorry.


Jesus, Daniel.

Daniel, what the fuck happened here?

What did she ever do to you?


Daniel, where's Hailey?

Where's Jesse, where's Luke?

Man, what the fuck happened here?


You killed her. Fuck you!

Honey, go ahead, I'll catch up with you later.

I gotta check the mail, do a couple more things.

Go ahead. Okay.

Is anybody there?

Sore backs, little to no sleep and more.


Instinct, social obligation.

Something was here, 'cause I.

And he ran after me.

What are you doing here?

I was was nearby, and I saw you speed up.

I thought something might've happened.

She's fine, just scared, that's all.

Even to save another life.

I can finally take you down to the lake.

Get off me!

Stop fighting it!



Please, please, no please, please, stop, I'm pregnant!

No, you're gonna hurt my baby!

Please, please, please, stop!

Oh my god, Hailey!

Mom, mom!

Hailey! Mom!

Sheriff's department, lemme see your hands!

What happened?

Turn around!

You don't understand, she's my friend!


Turn around, keep your hands where I can see 'em!

Walk towards the sound of my voice!

Sir, you have the wrong guy!

What happened?

Call the ambulance!

Mom, Mom! It's okay.

What do you do when you have to choose?

Do you allow the past to haunt you and poison you from day to day?

Reminding you of your mistakes, your losses.

Your misfortunes.

Or do you stand up to your demons face to face?

Do you confront them?

Are you strong enough to fight them back, or are you so weak

that you will let them consume you?

It's okay to be weaker than others.

Because we're all given the strength when the time comes.

We might become impatient.

We might despair, but it always arrives.

I inherited my despair from those who were supposed to bring me happiness.

They made me think that I deserved what happened to me.

But I won't listen to them anymore.

The nightmare ends now.

Oh my god, I remember that.

Where did they leave the keys?

Somewhere by the stoop under the mat?

Can't recall.

I mean, what is it about this house.

Bro, this house is a nightmare.

You can't imagine what it was like growin' up here.

Is this your room?

I think you should go get the lights fixed.

Jesse, Jesse, Jesse!

Nice try, college boy.



Ah, shit.

I cannot allow myself to lose this battle.

It is time for me to gain my strength back and find the courage to get what I want regardless of the obstacles.

What does one do when hope is ripped out of them, when hope is ripped away leaving nothing but a dark and twisted world, one fights back with all their might.

You won't suffer like this.

I know I can't.

I've struggled with my own sorrow for far too long.

Made me think that I didn't stand a chance.

But I won't give up.

Not now.

You go warm up the shower, and I'll be back in a couple minutes.

The fuck.



I don't feel so good.

I can't let you go in, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Daniel, did Nate do something?

If that piece of shit friend of yours did something to Luke, I'm gonna--

Listen, go get Nicole no matter what she says.

Okay, get her out, we're leavin'.

Nicole, where are you?


Luke's dead!

Oh my god! Where is she, Nicole?

Jesse, no, no!


I've run out of tears and excuses that morbid feeling of emptiness that we all must come to terms with at one point in our lives.

It used to sicken me.

I ached for the longest time until I decided to deal with grief, to defeat it at any cost.

That emptiness is now replaced with endurance.

Once you feel that sense of purpose, you know you cannot stop.

You killed her, fuck!


Jesus, you fucker!

Remember that hope comes from within, not without.

How was Cabo?

I had to cut my trip short, and I've been told that your venture was really something else.

You read my book?

I did, and um.

I have to say there were parts that I found very disturbing.


Aren't you gonna ask me if I wanna talk about it?

I mean, that's why we're here.

Who was your favorite character?

Emma-- No seriously, who did you like the most?

Emma, please.

The rapist, the junkie?

The pushover?

Perhaps the whore?

This book was supposed to give you closure, right?

It was, the whole thing, the purpose was to take away your pain or at least numb it to some degree.

This book was supposed to help you get past the tragedy of your loss.

And who said it didn't?

¶ Lately I've been thinkin' you could chase me ¶

¶ But you never do ¶

¶ Of course you never do ¶

¶ But this time somethin's got me feelin' worried ¶

¶ Maybe it's the truth ¶

¶ I'm tellin' you the truth ¶

¶ I know I'm not perfect but I'm yours ¶

¶ I'm strong but empty only you can save me ¶

¶ I'm only alive with you ¶

¶ I'm only alive with you, no ¶

¶ I stand here breakin' ¶

¶ Only you can change it ¶

¶ I'm only alive with you ¶

¶ I'm only alive with you ¶

¶ Time is racin' ¶

¶ I'm still sat here waitin' ¶

¶ Am I too late ¶

¶ Is it too late ¶

¶ You see right through me ¶

¶ Oh you push and pull me ¶

¶ Showin' me the way ¶

¶ You're the only way ¶

¶ I know that I'm not perfect but I'm yours ¶

¶ I'm strong but empty ¶

¶ Only you can save me ¶

¶ I'm only alive with you ¶

¶ I'm only alive with you, no ¶

¶ I keep on fadin' ¶

¶ Only you can change it ¶

¶ I'm only alive with you ¶

¶ I'm only alive with you, no ¶

¶ I need you, woman ¶

¶ Can't you give me somethin' ¶

¶ I can't keep on runnin' ¶

¶ I just lay here broken ¶

¶ I can't keep on waitin' ¶

¶ Can't you hear me fadin' ¶

¶ You're the only way ¶

¶ You're the only way ¶

¶ I'm only alive with you ¶

¶ I'm only alive with you, no ¶

¶ I'm only alive with you ¶

¶ I'm only alive with you ¶

¶ I'm only alive with you ¶

¶ I'm only alive with you, no ¶

¶ I'm only alive with you ¶