Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds (2017) Script



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(When a person reaches the Afterlife, they are judged 7 times over the course of 49 days.)

(Tried by deceit, indolence, injustice betrayal, violence, murder, and filial impiety, only the souls who pass all trials are reincarnated.)

(- Buddhist Scripture)

(HA Jung-woo)

(CHA Tae-hyun)

(JU Ji-hoon)

(KIM Hyang-gi)

(AND LEE Jung-jae)



Take my hand!

Give me the kid! Grab my hand!

Come on!

Reach out your hand!


The rope! It's on fire!

Take my hand!


Ja-Hong! No!

We made it, we're alive!

It's okay, sweetie.



Hey! Get over here!

That was close!

That could've ended badly!

Little lady, what's your name?

Kim Ja-Hong!

That's my name, cutie.

How did you know my name?

What's yours?

Your name...

Kim Ja-Hong!

Kim Ja-Hong!

You there!

Get out of there! It's dangerous!

Get a stretcher! Hurry the hell up!


Mr. Kim Ja-Hong!


How the hell did you think to jump from there?

You fell from such height, and honorably saved a girl...

A paragon!

The last honorable death was 422 years ago.

I am honored, Mr. Kim Ja-Hong!

The last one was Nongae in 1592.

He's a paragon?

You passed away on April 28, 2017 as scheduled.

We are the 3 guardians of the Afterlife who will defend you through 7 trials over 49 days.

I'm a security specialist, Deputy Guardian Hewonmak.

I am Assistant Guardian Deok-choon.

It's good to meet you!

It's an honor, sir!

We said 3 guardians, so why are there only 2?

It's an obvious question.

The last guardian is... at your funeral home.

It's protocol, but I think he went for food.

He's a strange one, don't you think?

Mr. Kim? What's up?

Everything's fine, you're a death virgin.

That's why it's confusing and awkward.


I can't die just yet.

My mother...

I can't leave my mother!

Afterlife Law, Article 3.1!

One cannot wander the living world, and there's no time for farewells!

If you plead the Fifth, you'll be at a disadvantage...

He's following the protocol like a real paragon.

Good, keep going!

Up! Up!

Let me see my mother one last time, please!

I have something to tell her!

Love for his mother...

Please, I'm begging you!

One last time!


This is bad even for me.

Casketing for Kim Ja-Hong will begin shortly.

Once again, casketing for Kim Ja-Hong will begin shortly.



Snap out of it, Mom.

He's ready, let's go.

Mom, we should go!



That's King Yeomra.

The judge of the Hell of Filial Impiety, and the king of kings.

And he's Guardian Gang-lim.

The leader and our boss.

He's reincarnated 47 souls in the past century.

Paragon Kim, it's nice to meet you. Make way for the paragon!

I'm not a paragon.

Over here!

Here! Here!

Let him through. Make way.

Mr. Kim, please hurry! Make way.


Incredible! He's the one!

Mr. Kim, you really are an honorable paragon!

It's been 19 years!

Your chance for reincarnation after 49 days is very high!

An honorable soul! Paragon Kim Ja-Hong!


Why the hell is the Hell of Murder our first stop?

The Hell of Murder! The Volcano!

You said he was a paragon.

Did you really kill someone?


I didn't kill anyone.

There are a total of 7 trials: betrayal, violence, filial impiety, murder, indolence, deceit, injustice.

The order of the trials is determined by King Yeomra himself, who judges your sins from lightest to heaviest.

Other than Yeomra, no one knows the order of your trials.

Murder? I've never harmed anyone.

This trial will also look at indirect murders.

If your past actions influenced someone's death, that is enough cause to be charged.

So don't post mean comments online hastily!

It's all recorded!

No need to worry, guess what she's doing.

Our baby has a special power.

She's scanning a list of all your charges in order to defend you better.

It may seem like a skill but it's like karma.

It must be taxing on her.

Who did he kill?




Give me your hand!

Just a little more!

I got you!


You insolent prick!

How dare you!


This trial is about leaving a doomed colleague behind.

Despite having enough time, Kim's desire for his own safety and his indecisiveness ultimately caused his colleague's death.

If he'd acted in time, the victim could've survived, therefore, this could be seen as an indirect murder!

This indirect murder was a direct result of his willful negligence, and he must suffer in the volcano for 50 years...

5 years!

You can't demand 50 years from a paragon!

He's a paragon!

Be respectful with your demands!

We demand a punishment of 5 years that feels like 50!

Because he's a paragon!

Guardians, begin your defense!

I'd first like to question the defendant.

Do you remember your colleague's last words?


Listen. Help!

Help the injured first.

It'll be safer if you control the fire.

Puncture the outer wall and lift this with a pulley.

Got it?

It might cave in, get going!

Get out!

Go on!

I'll be back shortly.

Stay right here!

That's all I can do.

I'll be right here.

Here, take this.

You'll need it!

Go! Go on!

Kim Ja-Hong, raise your head.

You're not guilty yet.

Raise your head, Mr. Kim.

One more question.

During the fire that day, you followed his order and couldn't save him.

But how many others did you save?



I'm not sure, I can't remember...

Please pay attention to the Mirror of Karma.

May I borrow this?

As you can see, his memory may be foggy, but he saved exactly 8 lives from the vicious inferno.

He was on the nightly news for his heroism.

Let me ask you this.

The defendant saved 8 total strangers, but in order to do so, he couldn't save his colleague.

How, then, are these lives weighed differently?

I await your answer.

Such nonsense on the first trial?

How do you weigh lives? They're not even tangible.

If something invisible has weight, they're all the same...

Honorable God of Murder, please take into consideration the prosecutor's last statement as you weigh in on Honorable Kim's charges.

It's too dangerous! Get back!

Don't go!

No! No!

My daughter...

Ji-yeon, my baby!

Here is my final verdict!

The defendant's decision to save many lives instead of his colleague's is paradoxical, but his death breathed life to many!

His indirect murder charge is thus rejected.

This court finds Honorable Kim innocent, as his murder charge is completely without merit.


Mr. Kim.

The next trial determines how well you lived your life.

Whether you lived it to the fullest...

Guardian Gang-lim!

It's like we hit a jackpot!

Finished scanning already?

There is no arraignment at all, and he just has to step in and say how hard he lived.

We were even assigned the shittiest prosecutors.

This'll ensure Kim a smooth ride!

Do not underestimate the prosecutors.

Starting off with a loss, they'll be armed to the teeth.

If they indict a paragon, they'll get promoted.

What's in it for you all?

Why are you trying to save someone like me?

Don't be so cynical.

Reincarnation is good for you.

But I don't want to be reincarnated.

Mr. Kim, that's for the Afterlife to decide.

It's a century-old promise.

A promise with King Yeomra.

If we help reincarnate 49 souls over a century, he'll reincarnate us as well.

As whatever we want!

I've already decided to be the son of a Fortune 500 CEO.

Anything else is more hellish than hell in Korea.

However, that's only possible by defending paragons like you.

For a normal soul to pass all trials in 49 days is next to impossible.

Be our 48th reincarnation, I beg of you.

What if I wasn't a paragon?

What would you do then?

Let me stress again, that's for the Afterlife to decide.

Don't look at it!

No eye contact!

They see people's eyes and prey on them.

They come after souls that look at them.

They'll tear you up.

Mr. Kim.

Think of the Hell of Indolence as a tourist stop, but remember one thing.

Do not talk back to the Goddess of Indolence.

No exceptions.

Your feet.

Grab it!

There, grab it!

Article 2.3 defines Indolence as

(HELL OF INDOLENCE) wasting away a noble life given to the subject, with endless idling and negligence.

But as you see, indolence and laziness are inconceivable to Kim Ja-Hong.

I present his life to you, Honorable Goddess.


Be careful! Almost there!

So close!

Good! So close! Grab it!

Eh? A bee!

A bee!

His passion for saving lives wasn't limited to just humans!

Amazing! Incredible!

His affectionate gestures reached out to even the smallest and weakest organisms.

Everything he touched was filled with glimpses of sacrifice and salvation.

Don't look at me, look at Navi!

She's over there, get her, now!

Talk to her, convince her to come.

Oh gosh!

His vocational ethics that know no boundaries often put him into dangerous situations...


You're not at fault, Kim Ja-Hong!

We understand you, Kim Ja-Hong!

How could anyone fault him for anything?

Your Honorable Goddess.

Those guardians, they're patronizing your court by turning it into a show and tell.

Hold him in contempt...


Forget it, it's all settled.

Let's erect his statue here.

Raise it!

If not for someone like him, then for whom? Right?

Let's erect one!

Of course, Your Highness.

While we're at it, make it a big one, order an extra large statue.

Good, something big.

What compelled you to throw yourself in the face of danger to save others?

Or did you want to live each day to the fullest?

It was all for money.

Say what?

Did I hear you say money?



Yes, I... had to make money.

Mr. Kim!

Your Highness, we'll start the lift.

Sure, go on.


Was money your god?

You served a terrible god.

I'll make you feel sorry for choosing the money god.

Hewonmak! Go save him!

He's gonna fall!

Merciful Goddess!

I beg of you to look at the Mirror of Karma!

What do you think you're doing?!

He worshipped the wrong god!

Yes, he did.

And for that reason, he extinguished fire during the day and lit one at night.

Get him charcoal fire!


Watch out! Fire coming through.

Due to utter poverty, Kim delivered veggies on his off days and cleaned sauna floors on the weekends.

And when that was over, he was forced to work as a temp driver.


You bastard!

Drive straight!

Even on days off?

Then when did he get any rest?

His true day off was the day after his death.

He did not rest for a moment when he was alive.

His ailing mother required treatment, and his brother's law school wasn't cheap!

Without Kim's money, they wouldn't have survived!

Money was everything to him!

He was only able to sever the reach of this god by dying!

I beg of you to embrace this soul, a soul that only looked after his poverty-stricken family!

Thank you.

Good afternoon.

My verdict is as follows.

The defendant's reason for not being indolent was said to be the accumulation of money and goods, which were not for his own selfish interest, but to support his ailing mother and his younger brother.

(BLADE FOREST) Therefore, I find the defendant not guilty.

The Hell of Deceit judges the lies one has said in one's life.

The branches are razor sharp, hence the name Blade Forest.

The reflection of the moon on the blades... is quite beautiful, right?

But if you touch anything out of your curiosity...

If you did out of curiosity,

the blades will slice you open and you'll feel incredible pain.

I begged you not to talk back to the Goddess.

You broke my promise again.

I won't be making any more of those.

It'll be orders from here on.

Free him!

Why are you so rebellious?

It'd be nice if you'd do what you're told.

We'd get a 48th paragon, and you'd get a reincarnation.

And you'd get a dream visitation before reincarnation.

You could appear in your mom's dream.

Please hold on, it'll heal shortly.

What did you say?

Wounds heal faster in the Afterlife...

No, the dream visitation?

You don't know? Appearing in dreams.

It's a privilege given to those who receive reincarnation.

Really? I can meet my mother?

I thought we told you.

Before you reincarnate, you're allowed to see anyone to say farewell one last time...

People who say they met their dead father in a dream, that's what this is.

What's with him?



Yes, Ja-Hong, it's me, your mother.


Should I stay in character? Sure, sure.



This place feels eerie, even after a century.

We could just walk...

Kiddo, explain this to him so he doesn't screw us up again.

Think of this as a special treat for the paragon.

It's a fast transportation system to pass through this area.

What's he up to?

Let's get going.

A hell ghoul? What's it doing here?!


Even time is speeding up!

From the living world...

Is it a vengeful spirit?

You got any more immediate family in the living world?

Drastic changes in the Afterlife mean that your family member has become a vengeful spirit.

I don't understand...


The head!

Get rid of it!

Captain! Pull yourself up!

Cap, you okay?

There! What?

Smash it!

Smash the column!

Hurry! Please!

Don't you understand?

It's either your mother or brother!

Somebody has died with a grudge!

And they've become a vengeful spirit!

With that roaming the living world, the Afterlife has gone to shit!



Deok-choon, put a blindfold on him.


Could something have happened to her?

We're not sure, but I doubt that.

Please, I need a firm answer!

Is she alright?

You want a firm answer?

Whether it's your trial or not, if hell ghouls are wreaking havoc and time has speed up, at this rate we'll never reach the final trial in 49 days.

Deok-choon! Guardian Lee Deok-choon, here!


I'm gonna take a detour, so take over for a bit.

He's a paragon, so there won't be any victims.

If there's a problem, stall the trial until I signal.

I'm counting on you.

Don't forget that you and I are linked.

Don't worry, cap.

I'm here.

No, I don't want you to think.

Do me a favor.

Whenever you get an idea, make sure to doubt it before acting on it.

If it's good, then verify with her.

Correct him instantly.

Easy, eh? It should be.

So aside from protecting Kim, I don't want you to think.

It's my sincere hope.



(ITEMS OF THE DECEASED Accepted by: Kim Su-Hong, brother)

These are Ja-hong's personal items.


Why are you taking that?

It's dead! Throw it away!

My mother is a mute.

She can't talk.

I've never heard her voice since I was born.

Just wait 2 weeks.

After my discharge, I'll always stay with you.

Kim Ja-Hong, that bastard!

(Who are you?)

My deepest condolences, ma'am.

Mr. Kim saved my life, and I was given a new life because of him.

I saw the news on TV and came right away.

I wanted to say farewell...

I haven't had a chance to say goodbye.

If it's not too much trouble, may I do so privately?

Thank you, ma'am.

Kim Su-Hong.

Where is the place of your death?

I must be close to my death.

I can see the Grim Reaper.

Don't say that!

You're not gonna die, Grandpa!

Look at the sky.

Is this the Afterlife or a club?

How does time pass so quickly?

No tickling.

Excuse me.

Any news of my mother?

No tickling.

Excuse me? Wake up!

Don't disturb her, she's not taking a nap!

She's looking up the next trial's charges!

You really don't get it. Are you dumb?

Why did you take that off? Put it back on!

Forget it, it's too late.

Get up, wake her up too.

Open your eyes! Hurry, come on.

Is it over?

Yeah, over for us.

It's King Yeomra!

Bow, bow!

Bow your head!

He's already dead, but does he wish to die again?

He's the first paragon in 19 years, Your Majesty!

And why does our honorable guest bring forth hell ghouls and disturb my realm?

Guardian Gang-lim has gone down to investigate.

He's going as fast as he can, Your Majesty.

How will he calm the spirit?

The body will be burned and its soul eliminated, but without disturbing the order of the living world.




No, you bastards!

No! Stop!

You can't do that! Please stop!


Who the hell are you? Answer me!

Don't you dare touch my mother!

I'll beat the hell out of you!

Get him off. I'm so sorry!

Who the hell are you?!

How dare you eliminate my mother!

Get him off of me.

Do you know her?!

Don't pretend to be cool! I'm sorry!

My apologies, Your Majesty!

Calm down!

Hold still!

Shut up!

Shut the hell up!

Please give us more time, Honorable King!

Go tell Gang-lim, that if he eliminates the...

Don't bullshit me!

What's with him?

Go tell Gang-lim!

If he doesn't eliminate the vengeful spirit soon, I'll go down to the living world myself!

Yes, Your Majesty!

My apologies!

What the hell are you?!

I'm so sorry!

Is it true that Sgt. Kim deserted because of his brother?

I dunno...

Do you know anything?

He deserted? It's been 3 days.

Why'd he desert just before his discharge?

I feel so bad...

If it were me, my guts would rot.

And full of fucking maggots.

I'll ask you again, who was it?

Sorry, sir!

Buddy, look at his face.

I'll do the same to you and go to military prison.

I'm sorry! Sorry, sir!

He's on suicide watch!

Something over my heart!

Very nice!

A watch badge!

My lyrics are so good!

I wrote it for you, dude!

I love it, sir.

Dong-yeon, get up, dude.

Sir, I can't walk any further.

Of course you can.

Get up, come on. I'm so exhausted.

You can do this.

It's not that, I can't sleep at all.

So why can't you?

It feels like someone's watching me at night, and I get the chills...

Lieutenant! Salute!

An investigator's here about Sgt. Kim's desertion.

Is that so?

They sent a Lt. Colonel.

HQ investigator? Yes, sir.


"Dad will always watch you from somewhere nearby."

"So study hard and become a good person.

(GODDESS OF DECEIT) If you're a good girl, over Christmas..."

What's that?

Kim wrote a letter to the dead colleague's kid.

As her dad...

"We'll go to Disney Land together.

I'm so sorry, and I love you."

The dead man?

Isn't that the will, then?

That's forgery of a private document!

"Don't get sick and always be healthy."

This is just a sample of the defendant's fake letters.

Before this court validates the nature of his crime, I'd like you to pay attention to the sheer number of letters.

How many did he write?

98 letters!

That's the number of letters this "paragon" sent under the pretense of giving hope!

98? That many?

Why didn't he write 2 more and make it 100?

Are you insane?!

Answer, defendant.

Your legal representative asked you if you're insane.

My heart ached so much...

They were too young.

Much too young...

That was the only thing...

I could do for them...

Salute! At ease.

I won't mince words, let's cut to the chase.

Sgt. Kim has deserted, but his family doesn't know yet?

It's only been a few weeks since his brother died.

He could be hiding in the barracks, but more importantly, his mother could go into shock...

Your compassion brings tears to my eyes.

What's with the bullshit?

Sgt. Kim was like my own brother.

Unlike others his age, he looked after his men, and thanks to him I received some commendation.

We will be contacting his mother soon.

Where did you bury him?

Defendant, please answer.

Do you refuse to answer?


Her Majesty is asking you whether you knew about their pain and despair upon discovering the truth!

Please answer!

She knew the letters were fake, but she still waited every day, rain or shine, day or night!

Is the defendant refusing to testify?

You may think that silence is the best defense, but I'll gladly cut off your useless tongue.


Cap! Cap!


I'm a busy man.

For the last time, where did you bury him?


I'll report you to the MP for false information!

That's enough.

No need for that.

Is Kim's last duty report correct?

Kim had night guard duty with Pvt. Won Dong-yeon.

I gave you a chance.

Watch your tongue later.

Assistant Guardian Lee Deok-choon!

No! Not yet!

Assistant Guardian Lee Deok-choon!

Lee Deok-choon reporting!

Initiate link.

I'll now begin our final defense.

Hold on for a bit.

Your Highness. Your Highness.

Defendant Kim Ja-Hong is indeed a liar.

Is indeed a liar.

What you're seeing now are not only fake letters to Ji-yeon, who lost her dad, but also fake letters to his mother for the past 15 years.

For the past 15 years.

What the heck?

Shoo! Go away!

Here he comes!

Catch him!

Mother, I injured my arm while playing with my son.

He lied about a boar injury, saying it was his son's playful trick.

My wife made scorched rice today.

Fearing that his mother would give up fighting her illness, he breathed hope into her by creating a wife.

Then what happened?

His mother overcame her incurable illness, made a full recovery! And now leads a fulfilling life!

Mom, try it.

Is it good?

If she knew how he braved death to earn money and pay for her hospital bills, I'd like to ask if her recovery would've been possible.

But if she ever found out!

That all those letters were lies, imagine her despair, and would that be treatable?!

I'd like to add that everyone grew with despair.

One last question.

Do you deny writing all of these fake letters?

With the anticipation and hope in those letters, their sense of loss would've been equally great.

But they! Those of the living!

They grew up as much as their loss.

My dear Daddy! Are you doing well?

Your firefighter friends are taking good care of us.

I'm doing well in school...

I can do laundry and make dinner too.

You may be away, but you're always in my heart.

Watch over me forever.

Your jewel, Ji-yeon.

Prosecution, were there any similar cases in the past?

No, well...

The Admiral!

Admiral Yi said not to announce his death.

To the enemy forces, of course...

It was a strategic tactic...

The Admiral said that to his allies.

So that his men would keep their morale high.

This is why...

I ordered all paragons to just pass through without a trial, didn't I?

In the case of defendant Kim Ja-hong's fake letters, this court will dismiss all charges against him.

Any pieces of evidence presented here today are removed, and all charges are dropped immediately, and he may proceed to the next trial.

And if you two aren't busy, come with me.

Outside, now!

I'm getting wrinkles thanks to you...

Why are you so desperate to see your mom?

Let's hear why you're a mama's boy.

Is there something you want to tell her?

I've been curious too.

Read over the next charges.

Electric rice cooker.

I bought a cooker that makes scorched rice.

It smells so good!

I always had to eat it as a kid.

Mother only made rice with an old tin pot.

But her memory's not the same as before,

and she burned so many pots.

Come on!


So many pots were thrown away...

Mom, do you have dementia?!

Wow! Junk!

But you know what?

Electric cookers nowadays can make scorched rice.

It's a new model!

So I bought one as a gift and left it in the storage.

I really want her to have it.


Is the cooker the only thing you want to give to her?

That is so stupid...

Or the letter inside?

You still had one left.

An unsent letter.

Not a fake one, but a real letter.

Mr. Kim!

Your mother is alive and well.

Guardian Gang-lim, thank you!

Thank you so much!


What about my brother?

He's healthy and doing well in the military.

Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you so much!

Sorry about that.

Listen up.

His brother is dead and became a vengeful spirit.

I'm looking into where and how he died, and I'll incinerate his body.

So long as the spirit is out there, Kim's trial will be in danger...

You lied... in front of the Hell of Deceit...

If he knew the truth, the trial would go to shit.

I understand fully, why the cap is doing this.

Remove Kim Su-Hong from your head at once.

It's his fate to be eliminated.

Could you just hurry up?

It's been 3 days since you...

It's alright, dude, don't worry.

I'll come see you often even after my discharge.

If the others bother you, go tell Lt. Park.

It's not about that...

Your brother passed away.

I feel so bad watching you bear it all.


Private first class, Won Dong-yeon.

Let's not waste new tears on the past.

That's what my brother said to me, dude.

So stop crying like a bitch.

I'm gonna forget him too.


Hold the rifle properly.

I'm sorry!

Dong-yeon, what's this?

Why is it so hot?

What do I do?


Radio Lt. Park.

Don't let the others find out, just him, okay?

Just get Lt. Park...

Get Lt. Park!


Good, very good!

Look how happy you are!

The next round is the Hell of Injustice.

A trial for those who were unjust.

We're exactly halfway there.

But you said there are 7 trials, and we've only done 3.

Because you'll walk right through this one.

It's a hell that punishes those who were unjust, so this one is not applicable for a paragon like you.

My family's okay, so why is this happening?

Indeed, very curious.

Could we think about that while we run?

Get in! Hurry!

Hewonmak! Hurry!

Hurry, get in!

Get to the front! Now!

Su-Hong! Su-Hong!

What happened? Su-Hong! Hey!


Wake up!

Su-Hong, please...

Open your eyes, asshole...

Kim Su-Hong!



I held him and...

The gun... it fired by accident...

I held him, and it just fired...

Let's clean up.

You bastard! Clean up the blood!


Let's move him first.

Listen to me, okay?

Dong-yeon, look at me, you didn't do it on purpose.

It's okay, I can take care of it.

My promotion is next month, asshole!

We gotta wipe the floor, go find a mop.

Clean it here with this, let's hurry.



These are cold-hearted souls.

They're being punished for refusing to help those in need, so they're locked away in ice.

(GOD OF INJUSTICE) Whether for a decade, or for a century.

The worst crimes in the Hell of Injustice are those that have passed the statute of limitations.

Where the truth was concealed for selfish gains.

The statute of limitations does not exist in hell.

A crime in the living world will never be erased.

What do we do with him?

I can't do this, sir!

A crime doesn't disappear even if you keep quiet.

You got me into this mess!

Snap out of it! You just killed a man!

The longer you hide your crimes, the harsher your punishment in this hell.

Su-Hong cared so much about you!

He'll understand!

Your son deserted his post last night.

We'll conduct a house search.

Did he ever contact you?

What is cap still doing in the living world?

When I was young, Su-Hong pestered mother to go on a cable car ride.

Cable car? Jeez...

I wanted to scold him for being so immature.

I envy you.


We don't have any memories of our past.


We don't know how we died.

Not a single memory.

That's what I envy the most while doing this work.

All 3 of you have no memories?

Except Gang-lim.

Hewonmak and a petty guardian like myself have no memories.

I wish I had some...

Is this a confessional? Stop it already.

There's an interesting truth when you listen to the souls.

Even the tragic memories become beautiful ones when they reach the Afterlife.

Just like this place.

Isn't it beautiful?

Lee Deok-choon!


How does this place look beautiful to you?

This is hell!

You like this place too?

Your brother'd love it here, riding a cable car and all.

But he's a vengeful spirit, he can't reach the Afterlife...

Pardon me?

What do you mean?

Screw it!

Your brother's dead! He's the vengeful spirit!

The Afterlife's all screwed up because of him!

This is why the living world should be left alone!

Hold on!

Hold on tight!

Hold still! Don't move!

Don't move!

Hold still!

Grab my hand!

My mother is all alone now.

With Su-Hong gone, I'll have to reincarnate!

I have to meet her!

So please help me! I'm begging you!

Grab my hand!

How can I? I only have 2 hands!

Her! Help her!

Grab her!

You sure love to mess with the living world.

It's your hobby.

He should be incinerated, so why bother unearthing him?

To give him a funeral?

Or let the world know where he's buried?

His mother...

She'll never know the truth.

Let's give him a proper burial.

A proper burial?

We're the ones about to get buried.

With both brothers dead, do you feel sorry for her?

Are we in Saving Private Ryan?

Let's burn him.

Afterlife Law, Article 8.2!

A vengeful spirit must be eliminated and its body incinerated immediately!

Are you breaking the law?

You are disobeying my orders.

Go back.

I'll catch the vengeful spirit.

Alright, I'll sign you off on a 3-day vacation.

There's some money inside, so go rest for a few days.

I'm okay, sir.

You're okay?

Look at your face right now.

Why are you shivering? Still cold?

What if you get interrogated in this state?

Look at your face. Look at it!


Go and think about it for a few days.

We have to be strong.

Do me this favor.

(HEAVENLY PASSAGE) This is the Heavenly Passage.

We'll reach The Hell of Betrayal through here.

Souls who betrayed faith are locked away in a mirror

(HELL OF BETRAYAL) and get destroyed.

The Goddess of Betrayal is beautiful.

(GODDESS OF BETRAYAL) And just like her beauty, she'll only forgive beautiful betrayal.

Isn't that beautiful betrayal?

A beautiful betrayal is selfless betrayal, or a righteous one, or a betrayal of the conscience.

So a righteous man like you gets a free pass through here.

Shed this futile grudge that is disrupting the two worlds and give up your revenge!

If you comply, I'll defend you till the end so that you'll be reincarnated.

Screw reincarnation.

And why should I do what you ask?

Your brother is in danger because of you.


I don't have one.

Why should I care about someone who left home 15 years ago and came back as a dead body?

I understand your rage and grudge from that day.

So please stop.

How would you know that?

I didn't die that night!

I was buried alive!

How would you understand the pain of being buried alive for a whole day?

I was suffocating, and in that wet shallow grave, I begged for help!

Begged for help...

A desperate and painful cry for help.

Just like my father.


But they didn't hear you, they thought you were dead.

So you'll calm my vengeful spirit?

No, I'll decline.

You don't know!

They buried my trust and hope that day!

They betrayed me!

So you'll betray me?

He was so good to me...

It's too hard...

You got me into this damn mess.

Cap, why are you back already?

Go, keep going!

He didn't visit home even once for 15 years after high school.

I thought he was a good son.

So he just sent money home after all that?

Who cares!

Cap, you should go eliminate the vengeful spirit.

At this rate, the hell ghouls will get us, or we'll be eliminated.

What the hell!

I'm begging you.

Please do not eliminate my brother.

Why not ask us to raise the dead instead?

If that's possible, bring him back to life.

Mr. Kim, we're only capable of bringing souls here and eliminating the vengeful spirit.

No way!

Save him!

I know you all can do it!


Save him!

Please help my brother...

In despair because of me!

On a suicide watch list, Private Won Dong-yeon!


This is the entrance to the Hell of Violence.

The depth is depended on the defendant's crime.

You're a paragon, so it won't take long.

I saw you saving dogs and pigs during a flood.

Don't be scared, this is far easier than that.

She'll go over the charges as soon as we jump so let her do her thing, and just jump!


In despair because of me...

On a suicide watch list, Private Won Dong-yeon.

When you reach your barracks,

don't ask the seniors their age.

Help that stupid idiot.

I beg of you.

A guardian cannot interfere with the living world.

I won't flee again.

I won't.

Making any physical changes is prohibited...

Just save that pathetic bastard! Please!

I'll do what you ask.

I promise.

Whatever it is.

A figurative question!

What's causing this phenomenon?

The captain has done something he should never do!

He's meddled with the living world!

Stay back!


He'll live through this.

Yes, thank you.

Let's go. The ambulance is coming.

Hey buddy, hold on right there.

I've got some last words for him.

I want you to pass it along.

So demanding for a prick who wants a favor.

So fucking disrespectful.

Respectfully, sir, please do this for me.

I'm willing to do whatever you ask of me.

I'll be respectful.

Dong-yeon. Dong-yeon.

It's me, Sgt. Kim. It's me, Sgt. Kim.

Arriving at the base, assigned to a barrack.

Surrounded by

my seniors, notified of the draft...

Something over my heart!

A watch badge!

Angry faces of my seniors, everything is scary.

In despair because of me!


Sgt. Kim...

Grab Deok-choon!

Grab her!

No! No!

Kim! My hand! Grab it!

Grab my hand! Hurry!

My hand!

So what did you do?

Tell me again.

I didn't do anything wrong.

Right, you didn't do ...anything wrong.

Let's make a promise.

From here on, from this moment on, let's never

ever waste new tears on the past.

Promise me.

Assistant Guardian?

Wow! Korean firefighters should join the Avengers!

Are you okay?


This trial has a victim.

A victim?


What's going on?

Who did he beat up?


Your Majesty!

This case is about an indiscriminate beating of the defendant's own brother when he was in high school!

You may say that brothers get into fights often, but there is something you must pay attention to!

His brother was suffering from malnutrition at the time!

This was a time when he required protection from his brother, so the nature of Kim's crime is extremely heinous!


Don't hit me!

Don't do that...

No, Ja-Hong, don't do that...

I knew this'd happen.

Irresponsible bastard...

Let's leave.

What the hell?!


I won't flee, I promised you!

Shut up and walk.

We must recover your body first.

What's interesting is that this case is tied to the final trial.

Any record of forgiveness given to the defendant?

No, Your Majesty.

After the incident, neither the perpetrator nor the victim ever apologized, and it all simply ended sloppily, ambiguously, and fizzled!

That's how it ended in our records.

But that doesn't make any sense.

They had to live together.


After the incident, the defendant ran away and didn't come home for 15 years until his death, never once stepping his foot inside this house again.

Your Majesty!

Honorable God of Violence! May I begin our defense?

I've heard enough! What's the point?

No forgiveness and there's a victim.

It's over!

Convict him at once!


I'll carry out my idea without consulting you first.

Get in there.

Go on!

Cap! Cap!


Lee Deok-choon.

Assistant Guardian Lee Deok-choon here!

Request a combined trial.

A combined trial?

It's my brother! Hey, Ja-Hong!

Kim Ja-Hong! What're you doing there?

Request it at once!

But cap...

Let's cut our losses here.

Hold on! Lee Deok-choon!

I'll now read Kim Ja-hong's final verdict.

We did it! Good work!


Your Majesty!

Your Majesty! Sir!


In regards to the defendant's violent crimes, I'd like to request a combined trial at the next trial.

A combined trial?

You hear that?

What say you?

I'd like to know if the assistant guardian knows what she's requesting in her own words.

If he's found guilty in the next trial,

where the crime is related, he'll receive a double punishment,

and his guardians will be stripped of their privileges in the Afterlife...


Do I go to the Afterlife now?

Take the lead.

To the base first.


This is it, (ETERNAL DESERT) The Hell of Filial Impiety.

A combined trial, Mr. Kim!

Deok-choon, stay alert.

We must visit where you lived 3 times before moving on.

Don't even think about taking off.

That idiot.

That pussy, I knew he couldn't go through with it.

Back at that trial, do you know why he beat me up?

No, let's go.

We must go up before the final trial.

That night, I woke up to find Ja-Hong hesitating before Mom.

So I asked him what he was doing.

What are you doing?

Ja-Hong, what's up?

What are you doing with the pillow?

Don't do it!

Don't do it!

Stop it! Don't hurt her!

That hurts!

Don't hurt me!

On the night of the incident,

did you try to... kill your mother?

Is that so? That's it?

That's why the last two trials are related.

You attempted murder on your mother?

So the Hell of Filial Impiety is the last stop...

I see it now.

Answer me, Mr. Kim.

Were you trying to kill her that night?


Not just her.

I wanted all 3 of us to die.

We had no hope whatsoever.

I'd kill my terminally ill mother first, and then,

my brother and I were going to take sleeping pills.

Is that when you decided?

The day you left home out of guilt, you decided to live for your mother and brother until your last breath.

Is that it?


Don't look at her.

Can't you read? Don't look at her.

Let's hurry up.

Sure thing.

She's back again.

Go stop her.


Ma'am, you can't keep coming back.

Sgt. Kim isn't at the base.

Ma'am, you can't come inside!

Ma'am! Please don't do this!

You're making it difficult for us!


Huh? Mom?

Why is she here?

Ma'am! Please stop!

Mom, don't cry!

After I left, I couldn't bear to see her again.

Time simply passed after that.

So whenever you missed her, you wrote her letters.

You can't be here, get out of here!

What is he doing?!

Kim Su-Hong!

It's no use.

There's nothing you can do. Get out.

I can empathize.

A terminally ill mother, a brother with malnutrition, but no one ever offers a hand.

So you made a decision!

Kill your mother first, your brother, then yourself!


He's the furthest thing from a paragon.

Where did you get this?

What are you waiting for?!

Throw her out!

Ma'am, I told you, you can't come in here!

Deok-choon, let's start over, that'll be faster.

You know that.

Of course you do.

We can start over.

A century flies by fast.

Time flies quickly. Reincarnation is a pipe dream.

We're better off in the Afterlife.

Please, ma'am!

Don't do this, please...

Your son is a deserter!

Kim Su-Hong, let's go.

Your mother is living her life.

Kim Su-Hong!




No! Please!

No! No!


Take a look, Kim Su-Hong!

The last image of your brother, as remembered by you and your mother.

It's the Hell of Filial Impiety...


Defendant Kim Ja-Hong!

I will now begin the final verdict for your sins against your mother!

Your Majesty! Allow us to defend him!

The final verdict! Defendant Kim Ja-Hong!


The defendant!

After that night! Attempted to murder...

The defendant did not yield to his mother, After that night, despite all the hardships he did not rest at all yield to his mother, his mother suffered... to support his family!

How dare you!

This trial is wrong!

She was unconscious!

There is no victim!

You don't know that!

You don't know anything...

Bring up the Mirror of Karma!



Don't do it!

Don't do this! What are you doing?!

I don't know?

You're the ones, who don't know anything.

Only your mother, knew the truth.

The defendant's mother, wasn't unconscious!

She knew that only her death would allow her children, to live comfortably!

She knew all along! Do you not see?

Your mother lived her painful life with, a spike through her heart!

She buried the memory, of that night in her heart and waited for her, pompous son to return!

I deserve to be punished!

I'll accept any punishment, please let me see her!

I must apologize to her!

You couldn't even do that alive.

I gave you plenty of time!

15 long years!

Read the verdict.

The final verdict!

The defendant Kim Ja-Hong!

It's over, we're done.

Good job, captain.

What do we do with him? Bury him again?

Or eliminate him?

And the guardians are, to be stripped of their powers!

The defendant blamed his life problems and attempted murder on his own family.

And as if that's not enough...

As if that's... not enough, he wasted 15 years...



Continue reading!

Despite causing mental anguish, he fled home for 15 years, a filial impiety sin in itself!

Therefore, this court finds Kim...


Mom, wake up.

Come on, wake up.

A dream visitation! He's in her dream!

It's Gang-lim's doing!

Gang-lim, I order you to halt her dream!

Your Majesty, you must summon him at once...

Mom, wake up, hurry.



It's me, Su-Hong.

Look at this.

I'm a Supreme Court Justice, aren't you happy?

How do I look? It fits so perfectly.

See? I did it.


Why is it so long?

Look, my minions.

Good afternoon.


I can't visit you anymore.

Because I'm assigned to be heaven's judge.

I gotta punish bad guys there.

So don't come to the base looking for me.

Understand, Mom?

Got it?

Okay, Mom?


Do you remember...

A long time ago,

when you were in the hospital, I was sick with malnutrition.

You were in pain and couldn't wake up.

Those were hard times, right?

And Ja-Hong... that moron...

I heard you knew he tried to kill us.

You knew all along, is that true?

And this bastard of a brother, he couldn't come home because he felt bad, so he worked like crazy to send us money.

Ja-Hong, that bastard...

Worked all his life...

For you and me...


My baby...

You boys didn't do anything wrong.

It was all me, it's all because you had a terrible mom.

Do you understand?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

My baby...

I love you.



She can talk?

It's her dream.

Mom, Mom!




I love you.


Mother! Mother!


All humans live with sins.

Only a few ever have the courage to beg for forgiveness.

And only a fraction of them...

are truly forgiven.

Afterlife Law Article 1.1!

A sin that has been forgiven in the living world will not be judged in the Afterlife.

Therefore, this court finds Kim Ja-Hong innocent of all charges, and orders immediate reincarnation!

Thank you.

Bye, Mom!

So what do we do now?

Isn't it obvious?

Take him to the Afterlife.


Another paragon?

He's a vengeful spirit, so how could he be honorable?

This is all wrong, it's an error!

Are you sure?

And a vengeful spirit can't even enter the Gate of the Afterlife!

Oh yeah?

You didn't know what happened, and decided to come for the show after all was done?

You came down to meddle when I didn't need you...

What? When did I?

I only came down because you called me.

You told me not to act on my instincts!


"Hewonmak!" and you summoned me.

You sure love to mess with the living world.

Or let the world know where he's buried?

Are you breaking the law?

Anyway, he can't go to the Gate.

There's no need to go there.

Go to the Hell of Filial Impiety, where Yeomra is.

Am I going to hell? He didn't mention that.

This is so dumb...

A massive tornado touched down yesterday in Kangwondo.

Such is not a common sight in our country.

A tornado can be seen on an island, but it was the first time one touched down on the peninsula.

Parcel delivery.

There weren't any casualties, but a military base nearby was heavily damaged.

Experts believe that...

"Cook... scorched... rice... with... electric rice cooker... comfortably."

Mother, it's your son Ja-Hong.

I heard that your condition improved drastically.

Kim's last letter was delivered to his mother.

I do not know what he wrote in the letter that contained the real truth.

I'm not curious either.

He was just another soul, who tried to do the right thing after death.

Mother, all the letters I sent you were lies to make you feel better.

I lied about having a wife who made scorched rice, or a son who looked exactly like me.

I will come back home before it's too late.

What I'm really curious about is why I'm not being punished for meddling with the living world, and why Yeomra tried to test me.

I need to ask him that.

We have an audience with King Yeomra!

If you do not step aside, you will perish!

Has he gone absolutely mad?

I'm sure he has a plan. He's very considerate.

Yeah, he's too considerate.

He's so considerate that I can't figure him out.

Kim Su-Hong... will be our 49th paragon.

The last one needed for our reincarnation.

Let's go, Hewonmak!

I'll be back.


Hur Choon-Sam!

Hur Choon-Sam!


You're the troublemaker household god?

Damn, he's so cute.

Too bad he'll ride the train to hell.