Altered Carbon S1E5 Script

The Wrong Man (2018)

-[indistinct whispering] [theme music playing]

[Kovacs] When everyone lies, telling the truth isn't just rebellion.

It's an act of revolution.

So think carefully when you speak it, because the truth is a weapon.

So how'd she die?

Did she fall? Jump?

Was she fucking pushed?

[whimpers] Who?

[man gasps]

Just a little bubblefab street whore named Mary Lou Henchy.

I never heard of her.


[sniffles and sighs]

From that height, it's the impact on the water killed her.

But when the cops went to spin her up, they found out she was coded Neo-C.

Maybe she kept it secret.

Not from me. We grew up together.

[man gasps]

You're a senior sys op, interplanetary record and coding.

Listen, you got root access to the entire Protectorate database.

I'm just a systems tech. I don't handle religious conversions.

But you didn't do a religious conversion.

You faked her code.

You can't fake religious coding on a stack.

What the hell do you want from me?

How did she die?

Oh, God, I don't know.

How did she die? I don't know.

How did she fucking die? [sobs] I don't know!

[Ortega] Put the gun down. Step away from him.

There's no witness on Mary Lou's conversion, no personal statement, no four levels of fucking protocol.

Just his office writing the re-code. I don't know what he's talking about.

Someone runs you.

And you're gonna tell me who.

[Ortega] Hey, think about this.

CTAC doesn't handle religious coding. That's domestic systems jurisdiction.

They only touch DHF when someone's shipping between worlds, and I don't think Mary Lou ever got close to jumping planets.

The reason why he has no answers is because what you are talking about is not real.

There's no conspiracy.

Just a dead friend.

And you and me. You and me.

Yeah. Yeah. Oh...


Go, go. Go. Go.

[nearby door opening and closing]


[soft sob] [Ortega whispers] Hey.

She's all alone in there. [sniffles]

I know, Ryker.

I know.

I'm wearing your fucking boyfriend?

You didn't think to mention that? I have trust issues.

Yeah? With me or him?

With you. You don't find a killer, you go back on ice.

Little conflict of interest there. Bancroft sleeves me in a crooked cop.

Might as well have "shoot me" branded on my forehead.

And you don't say anything because you want me to fail so you can get Ryker back. Ryker wasn't crooked.

[in Spanish] In case you hadn't realized. When are you gonna get it?

[in English] Bancroft wasn't murdered.

So you've been following me to make sure this sleeve doesn't get damaged because you knew people wanted to damage it.

You ever think some of them might be gunning for me, not Ryker?

I followed you because you're a terrorist.

Dimi 1 came after me at the Raven.

Ever wonder why he was here? Why he knew my real name?

Then we got Dimi the Second, Mr. Disembodied.

Works me over in virtual, only he doesn't know my real name.

Just sees the skin, calls me Ryker.

But here's the best part.

He thinks that Ryker killed his so-called brother, Dimi the First.

Now why would he think that? Just get to the point.

Because Dimi the Second framed Ryker for the murder of a CTAC.

Dimi's a real fucking talker when he's chopping your body parts off.

Dimi the Twin framed Ryker?

Ryker's conspiracy, Bancroft's murder, they're connected.


Fuckin' ask him.

I want to go in and see her.

Lizzie's getting better. No thanks to you.

This is not your decision. Oh, it most certainly is.

You empowered me to make medical decisions for Miss Elizabeth.

That is what I'm talking about.

No one's ever called her Elizabeth in her life.

[elevator dings]

Kovacs. [Kovacs] Not now.

I need to talk to you about Lizzie and this megalomaniac you call a hotel.

I don't have time for this.

I told you before, we're not friends. I don't owe you a goddamn thing.

I'm chasing down my fucking leads to get what I need.

Which, in case anyone is interested, is my freedom.

If I may... Did I fucking stutter?

No, your speech was quite clear, if a trifle laden with obscenities. That's not what he meant.

Don't talk to me again unless you have something useful to say, okay?

[thunder rumbling] [elevator dings]


That is a piece of rare, antique linen that...

you obviously are going to have dry-cleaned?


[thunder rumbling]

[soft ethereal chiming]

[Curtis] Hey, Kovacs. How'd you get in here?

The guards'll be fine. Well, except for the broken jaw and shattered leg.

Yeah, well, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave. Hey!

[groans and gasps] [Miriam] Takeshi... stop damaging the help.

[Curtis gasping]

Where is he? [classical piano music plays softly]

Can I get you a drink? I asked you a question.

Laurens has gone to the Old City to minister to the masses.

I could get you a car if you'd like.

Or you could stay a while. With me.

Did you like what we did together?

Seems like a long time ago.

It was night before last.

Well, I've been in virtual for a while. Busy screaming and dying.

Because of the case?

Not a lot of other reasons for people to wanna kill me.

Takeshi-san, listen to me.

I want you to drop the case.

I'll double whatever he's offering you.

Buy you a new identity anywhere in the Protectorate. A new life.

He'll never find you.

My husband dragged you here and he locked you into a deal you had no choice but to accept.

Do you really think he'll set you free?

That's what the lease says. I expect him to honor it.

Mmm. Honor.

He threw you into a fight pit.

No. When you learn the truth, the only possible truth, that Laurens pulled the trigger, that he was weak and he gave up, he's a coward, he won't forgive you for that.

Your freedom, that thing you want so much, he'll make sure you never see it.

You have no idea what he's capable of.

You're terrified.

He will want someone to punish.

And my family means everything to me.

Laurens will not allow what he loves to grow and change.

Our children, he's trapped them in kind of a benevolent dependence forever.

And when a Meth says "forever," it isn't hyperbole.

So you're afraid of what he'll do to all of you.

I don't believe in punishment.

I believe in reward.

I have an island. It's mine. Not even Laurens knows about it.

Built a complex there, with a clone tank, resleeving facilities...

Sometimes I decant the clones and let them play.

Do you understand what I'm offering you?

Imagine more of me.

A pack of bodies, orchestrated by the same mind, with a singular focus.


I'm multi-sleeved.

[Kovacs] That could get you erased.

[Miriam] Mmm. Uncountable, my sins.

And you can have all of me, for as long as you'd like.

And when you're finished, your freedom.

I'm not here to save you, Miriam.

I believe I'm the one offering to do the saving.

Think about it.

But don't take too long. We're running out of time.

[door opens]

[door shuts]

[thunder rumbling]

[Ortega grunts]


[ONI beeps]

Hey, Mickey... I have another job for you.

You're gonna have to keep it quiet.

Whatever you say, Lieutenant.

[indistinct chatter]

Number two.


Officer Levine.

Are you a believer? What?

Faith, Officer.

You wear it openly.

[Levine] Ah. It's just a ring, man. Is it?

I see a proud artifact of your heritage.

Forgive me.

You meet too few of the Chosen in this city.


You a believer?

This is a restricted area.

[door lock buzzes nearby]

[Kovacs] I work for Bancroft.

[automated female voice] Warning. You are entering...

You're gonna need these.

No prolonged skin contact. You touch them, you die.

[indistinct chatter]

[all] City Father! City Father! City Father!

[Bancroft] Want chocolate? [boy] Yeah.

[Bancroft] Who wants to play rock-paper-scissors? Yes!

[all] Rock, paper, scissors. [kids chattering]

What are you doing here, Kovacs?

I didn't send for you.

You put me in this body just to punish Ortega.

Go wait for me by the truck, little ones. Go on. Run along.

Keep your hands covered or risk getting infected.

You needed an effective sleeve.

She needed to be taught some respect.

Two birds, one stone.

[Kovacs] Petty move. Wasted my time. Childish for someone your age, isn't it?

What could you possibly know about my age, Kovacs?

Good point. I'd have chosen a younger sleeve. Something more virile.

Oh. Yes.

No doubt.

But then a young man sees himself as a fighting and fucking machine, huh?

But the truth is, it's at this age that a man achieves real respect, for he has battled many times and clearly triumphed.


Who are the most potent gods after all, huh?

[man] Thank you. Odin.

Jupiter. Zeus.

A colossus is rarely a young man.

He is father. With many children.

You're infected.

Well, no one from the outside world will touch them.

So this is my sacrifice to help them feel noticed.

It's spreading fast.

Is it some kind of bio-weapon?

[voice strains] A contagion bomb went off by accident.

[Kovacs] These are the survivors? [Bancroft grunts] They're descendants.

The plague killed thousands within hours.


But left these carriers, you see.

And they were sealed off in hundreds of camps like these.

This isn't sacrifice. It's theater.

If you care so much, why don't you buy them new sleeves?

You're saying because I cannot fix everything, I should fix nothing at all.


Where is it? Where's the coffee?

Jesus. You, coffee. Hot.

Hey, hey.

Hey. Found my Ghostwalker yet? Working on it.

Gonna get you to stop asking me to do things off the books?


[whispers] God damn it.

It's Dimi the Twin. I need to spin him up in virtual.

Then we got him? The double-sleever, that's great for erasure.

I need to ask him a few questions. About Ryker.

You don't want this logged. I don't want this logged.

There's no way that we spin him up in virtual without logging him.

We'd have to sleeve him in the real. Fine. Then we sleeve him.

Okay. All right. I'll open a personality-fragged sociopath with several decades' worth of counter-infiltration firmware and a reputation for wanton real death, and throw him in the first available body.

Great. You're the best, Mickey.


You really are the best. I'm pretty good.

Mm-hmm. Mmm! Oh, my God, this is cold, God damn it!

Call me when you're done.


[Bancroft] I give them something to believe in.

It's just another display of power.

Then you have misunderstood me.

For power, true power, is... is hidden.

Like a mammoth sea creature just beneath the surface of the ocean.

Nothing but the faintest of ripples.

I'd love to stay and debate the finer points with you. [coughs]

I... I'm gonna cast out soon.

How long do we have?

[crowd moaning in unison]

[raven cawing]

[jazz plays softly]

[thunder rumbling]

Are you stealing his liquor now?

It's only stealing if you get caught. See any cops?

[Abboud clears throat]

Oh, I'm sorry. Is this a bad time?

[sighs] Nope.

[exhales] Why are you here?

Because I'm her partner.

And because you wearing that face is tearing her apart.

So she told you I found out?

This gonna be one of those friendly warnings?

It started friendly.

Ryker and Kristin, they were close.

After he went down, she came apart at the seams.

She believed she was responsible, so she convinced herself he was set up.

But the man had demons.

And enemies.

You know she's been paying his sleeve mortgage?

And on a lieutenant's pay. That's not an easy thing to do.

She never figured on an overbid like Bancroft pulled. It was terrible.

I know what you are.

And I know that men and women in harm's way grow closer.

[Abboud sighs]

Promise to treat her with decency and fairness.

And whatever this insanity is with Bancroft, you keep her away from it.

So what's my word worth to you?

Then I'll make my own promise.

Hurt her, and I kill you.

You think you can keep that? I do.

You will take care of Kristin or you will answer to me.

I'm not here to save anyone.

Not even yourself?

I brought you something you can actually use.

I spoke with a member of my union.

You're part of a union? The AI Management Association.

We manage a plethora of establishments.

Music performance halls, restaurants, and various entertainment venues.

The point, before the next fuckin' ice age.

Ah, yes, well. It's Madison.

The AI who manages Fightdrome.

[automated female voice] Welcome home.

[Alazne yelling in Spanish] [Kovacs in English] Calm down.

[Alazne continues yelling in Spanish]

[gun fires] [Kovacs] Oh!

[in English] You're an abomination!

Don't shoot!

[Ortega in Spanish] Mom, give me that.

[in English] The hell's going on?

[in Spanish] I've got this. Give me that.

Okay, well, that explains everything.

What the hell? Guess she didn't like Ryker much, huh?

[Ortega] Yeah, well.

You know, it's getting easier to imagine putting holes in you every time you open your mouth.

[knife chopping]

I got a lead on Bancroft's murder. [Ortega] Oh, yeah?

He was at Fightdrome the night he was killed.

AI that manages the place says there's footage.

Fightdrome doesn't do footage. That's the whole point.

People pay top dollar for once-in-a-lifetime bloodlettings.

Just trust me.

[sighs] You sound just like Ryker.

You guys used to be partners.

[sighs] Okay.

What are you getting at?

[Kovacs] Ryker have any mannerisms or speech patterns I should be aware of?

Well, I did the talking and Ryker mostly stood there looking angry.

I can do angry. Yeah, no shit.

Just cross your arms or something.

[chuckles] My, my.

Elias Ryker.

So the rumors are true.

You're back from the rack and riding your old skin.

How'd that happen, Lieutenant? None of your business, Carnage.

Is that a new synth sleeve? Thought the whole point was you could rearrange the face into whatever you want.

It is.

And I did.

Ah. Sorry. Private property.

I think my all-access pass is that you have cameras recording the fights.


I built my brand on never broadcasting, never recording anything...

[Ortega] Laurens Bancroft was here the night he died.

We're following up. We'd like to look at what happened.

Or should I return with a warrant? [chuckles]


Take it down a little bit.


Stocked up on inventory.

Ever expanding.

We have a humiliation bout coming soon.

Very exclusive. [Ortega] Oh, yeah?

Still working out the details. But we do have our subject matter.

Classic or modern? [Carnage] Oh, bit of both.

So, who talked?

[Ortega] We have data rats. Rats dig. They dug something up.

Does your rat have a name? I'd like to meet him. Or her.

Or it. [Ortega] Sure. I'll introduce you.

Hot rod Envoy flesh, with all the modern accoutrements.

Taken from DNA harvested on Harlan's World.

You like it?

Yeah. I can tell.

I found a single cloning facility in Edmonton willing to stitch together something ancient and illegal for a one-time bloodletting.

Cost me a king's ransom to grow him, but people love the classics.

Would you like to see it fight?

Would you like to see it die?

Or maybe you'd like to wear it?

This old thing's worn out.

Come back Friday.

I'll put on a private show.

Come on, Ryker.

[Ortega] Pre-digital tape?


Practically pre-school and thus unhackable.

But apparently still whispered about in the datastream.

[crowd shouting]

[Ortega] Hmm. That's Isaac.

And here comes Bancroft.

Bancroft was clearly on something.

Or clearly wanted to kill the shit out of his son.

[thunder rumbles]


I've given you a free show, which is more than anyone else alive has ever gotten from me.

Show's over.

You know I can read lips, right?

[thunder rumbling] See, Bancroft kept saying, "You're not me. You never will be," over and over again.

What do you make of that?

[Ortega] Look, you want to believe the guy was murdered, so... father attacked son. That goes to motive.

But Isaac and just about everyone else on Earth didn't have the means.

No one can open that gun safe except Miriam or Bancroft.

It's gene-locked.

I was trying to get Ryker to quit this shit.

[scoffs] Jeez.

This is it.

I could call for a search warrant, but it may be faster to go for a knock and...

Or Kovacs. We could Kovacs.

[alarm beeping]

[Ortega sighs]

[ONI beeps] [alarm deactivates]


Security alarms all call the police. And I am the police.

Bills of sale.

These are real.


[Ortega] They're ONI-keyed.


I can override the security seals.

Why is he watching this?

He hates his father.

How do I know you are who you are?

Before stacks, yeah. A face is a face. But now, could be anyone in there.


It's up to you.


There you go.


Portable 3-D bio-organic printer.

Do you have any idea how illegal and expensive these are?

The cell mass you need to print is just...


Even Bancroft slow-grows his clones.

This must have cost Isaac everything he had.

[Kovacs] Guess we know why he was selling art.

[Ortega] Bancroft.

The Japanese didn't deal with Bancroft in Osaka.

Bancroft wasn't Bancroft.

It was Isaac.

Japanese told me they'd been dealing with Bancroft for months.

Then Bancroft closes the deal in less than 48 hours?

Doesn't let Isaac use an older sleeve, keeps him young so no one takes him serious.

But if Bancroft dies... the kids get nothing.

So he can't die.

Isaac didn't have to compete with his father. He could be his father.

Replace him, take everything he had.

So how does it feel... to be a few hours away from freedom?

I have to call this in. [ONI beeps]

It's Ortega.

I need a team for a gene-mat sweep and transport for an unlicensed sleeve.

3-D printed.

Yeah, might as well pick up the printer, too.

Sure. I'll wait here.

[Kovacs] Finding truth is more than a search for data. It's an excavation of self.

You have to keep going, no matter where it takes you.

Because nothing can stay hidden forever.

You're coming with me. Now.

You're gonna need this.

This is Ryker's place? It's our place.

Or was gonna be.

Take that off.

Sit down.

This is gonna hurt.

[Kovacs] I guess you stitched up Ryker a lot, too?

Someone had to.

Where's this from?

A dealer in the Mariposa district, high on synamorphesterone.

It's a male aggression enhancer.

They call it Stallion.

Guy killed half his family by the time Ryker got there.

This is what it took to save the other half.

What about this one?

Steel-tipped boot with a toe blade.

Right Hand of God martyr, resisted arrest in New Haight.

When you look in my eyes...

what do you see?

They're not your eyes.

What about this?

That one's from me.

I forget why, but you deserved it.

This is a mistake.


When I look into his eyes, I see you looking back at me, and...

it's been a long time since someone looked at me like that.

I'm sorry I'm not Elias.

Just shut the fuck up.

[both panting]

[Ortega moans]

Wake up.

Hey. Hey.

Who's this?

Mary Lou Henchy.

Someone offed the CTAC and pinned it on Ryker.

[rapid knocking at door]

[Tanaka] BCPD! Open the door! Ryker!

What the fuck? Ryker, you're under arrest for the murder of Leonid Kye Harris, a senior sys op and CTAC administrator.

What the hell are you talking about? Kristin, stay out of this.

Captain, I didn't kill anyone.

Then you won't mind coming in.

They got to you.

Whoa! Whoa! They get to everyone.

Elias... Nobody got to me, son.

This doesn't have to happen.

Elias. [Tanaka] Now just put the gun down.

[Ryker] You fucked me.

Elias, put the gun down.

You gonna arrest me for doing my fucking job?

Elias. Put it down. Put it down.

Just... look at me. Look at me.

If this is a mistake...


You have nothing to... If?



How could you not fucking believe me? How could you not fucking believe me?

[cries] Don't fucking...

Mary Lou's mother came to the station. She was...

She was desperate, so... [sighs]

I made sure she got Mary Lou's sleeve back.

But I kept her, just in case by some fucking miracle we get to ask her what happened to her.



Look at all these people.

All my answers are right here and I just can't have them.

I've got nothing.

You will not be forgiven.

I've seen these two before.

They were murdered?


Every one of them sleeve-dead and every one of them supposedly converted Neo-C.

You believe the conversions are fake?

Ryker did.

Be a hell of a market for that. Mmm-hmm.

Except it's impossible, like a lot of things right now.

There's this man who doesn't exist.

Mickey calls him the Ghostwalker. I saw him at Bancroft's party, but somehow he wipes his image from all recordings on the fly.


What does it look like?

[Ortega] I'm not sure about the mustache.

This guy and Dimi are the only leads I have left on the Mary Lou Henchy case.

So you figure if he can cover his tracks, then maybe he covered hers?

Erased information on how she fell, where she fell from?

Yeah. I mean, maybe. I need to question him.

Mickey's trying to put together an algorithm to trace the untraceable man, but so far, no luck.

Ryker's case. Bancroft's murder. Ghostwalker.

They're connected. Yeah.

But they fucked up. How?

Because they haven't killed me yet.

[ONI beeps]

Hey, Mickey. What you got?

I take lead.

[Russian accent] You had to put me in sleeve with a fucking hangover?

Tastes like cat vomited in my mouth.

I'm glad you like it.

[groans and laughs]

I see you grew your legs back since we parted. That's nice.

[grunts and laughs]


I have rights, you know.

Who do you work for, Dimi?

Hoping for a confession, Lieutenant? [chuckles]

Elias Ryker? Or whoever you are.

You could be anyone.

A cunning CTAC agent, huh?

[in Russian] Oh, the crudity!

[in English] This man? This woman, maybe?

Even a dog could be trained to say as much as he has, given the right tranquilizers, of course.

They do tend to go pitifully insane when you decant them if not.

But, yes, even a dog.

She's got you cold for double sleeving, Dimi.

Limited vision.

Where is the voice that said altered carbon would free us from the cells of our flesh?

The visions that said we would be angels.

Instead, we became hungry for things that reality could no longer offer.

The lines blurred.


You want to know who I work for?

The people who understood that, who used it to become wealthy beyond words in the only currency that truly matters: the appetites of the immortal.

Just tell me who had you frame Ryker.

Come on, Dimi. Give him up, you skip real death.

A hundred years in the dark instead.

[in Russian] Oh, this is hilarious.


[in English] I know police do the real thing in virtual.

There is no deal on the table.

There's a fucking gun on the table!

Talk and I don't blow your stack out. Ortega...

Know the difference between virtual and life?

[Tanaka] Where are they? One's real.

[Dimi chuckles]

In a construct, you know everything is being run by an all-powerful machine.

He's stalling. Reality doesn't offer the same assurance, so it's very easy to develop the mistaken impression that you are in control.

I want a name! I want a fucking name! Okay. Okay.

[Tanaka] Ortega, where the hell are you?

Bob. [laughs]

Kill him. Blow his fuckin' stack out. Yeah.

Ortega? This is over!

Grab the Envoy. Get this fucking guy out of here.

No. Tanaka!

[Ortega] No! I should not be surprised.

Tanaka, just please, let me... I should fire you.

He framed Ryker, God damn it! Oh, yeah? Who is he?

Dimi the Twin.

Dimitri fucking Kadmin? Yeah.

Kadmin? Are you out of your mind? [Ortega] Okay.

Give me five minutes in virtual, that's all.

You partnered up with an Envoy and he played you.

I will keep my promise. You don't have a clue what's happening.

[Ortega] Kovacs, shut up.

Let me ride down with Dimi.

A few more questions. Please.

All right. Go. Thank you.

Not without me you don't.

Get the fuck out of my station.

[Ortega] I know what I'm doing. [Abboud] You're out of control.

[Ortega] Samir...

[Abboud sighs] I'm done covering for you. Never again.

Samir... [Abboud] Stop.


Are you a believer?

[screams] [all grunting]


[Ortega screams]

I appreciate that you are no quitter.

But there is a time for letting go.

[screams] [grunting]

[Dimi shouts] [Abboud grunts]

We have to go.



May the Lord, in his love and mercy, help you with the grace of the Holy Spirit.

You're doing this in a fucking police precinct?

May the Lord who frees you from sin...

save you and raise you up.


[gun clicks]

We have to go now!


Abboud. Abboud.


Abboud. Abboud.

[elevator dings]

[whimpering, gasping]

[panting] Help him.

Help Abboud.

Get out of the way! Help Abboud.