Altered Carbon S1E6 Script

Man with My Face (2018)

-[indistinct whispering] [theme music playing]

[thunder rumbles]

[lightning cracks]

♪ He'll chop off your limbs And rip off your skin ♪

♪ And sew your pieces onto him ♪

♪ Stay at home Don't go out alone ♪

[distorting] ♪ Or the Patchwork Man Will crack your bones ♪

[Ortega groans] Stay with me, Ortega.

Hey! Hey, I'm talking to you. I'm three feet away.

Where is Samir?

Don't worry about him. He's fine. Just concentrate on staying alive.

He took the hit for me. [beeping]

[groaning] Sit still or you're losing that sleeve.

Oh, shit! Fuck.

Hey, hey. Stay awake! Stay awake!

Open your eyes! I'm so tired.

Hey, talk to me. Talk to me!

Hey, hey, hey! Tell me about Ryker. Hey, tell me about Elias.

He had the most open cases on the squad. Yeah?

Drove me crazy.

Dumb and pretty, huh? Wouldn't have thought that'd be your type.

He wasn't dumb and you're not that pretty.

Kristen, we're almost there. Almost there. Hang on. Hey, hang on!

[alarm wailing]

[woman coughing]

I need some help here. Put her finger on the scanner.

That gonna stop the fucking bleeding? You need to pay for services.

I'm sorry, but Miss Ortega has insufficient resources for specialized treatment.

Gonna let her die? Of course not. We don't turn anyone away.

We'll help her as soon as we can.

I um... I just assumed that...

Yeah. Please. Right this way.

Gonna be able to save her, right? [doctor] Her stack is intact.

The danger is to her sleeve. Her arm, it's too badly damaged.

We need to amputate.

However, we do offer a wide range of limb replacement models for someone with your considerable financial resources.

These are our most popular options: biomech, gene-spliced, cloned, or full mechanical.

Personally, I would recommend the Jager-Schuster model 16.

Reinforced titanium mechanical substructure covered in a neurachem-enhanced cloned human skin.

Seamless interface with the patient's nervous and musculoskeletal systems.

And the real selling point: completely natural-looking.

Truly the best of both worlds.

Any interest in an extended warranty?

Offer me one more thing and I'll put your head through the wall.

[distorted automated voice] Payment accepted. Congratulations...

Just fix her.

[Poe] Your father mentioned that my design sense reminded him of antacid.

I thought we should vary the color scheme a bit.

[Lizzie] I was in the black, and the monsters turned my insides to red.

[Lizzie sniffling]

I cannot begin to imagine what was done to you in the real.

But I know something which might help.

Would you like to hit me?


I don't wanna hurt you.

You won't.

Understand that in my making this offer, I can feel no pain.

[breath trembling]

It is not our enemies that defeat us.

It is our fear.

Do not be afraid of the monsters, Miss Elizabeth.

Make them... afraid of you.

[Poe groans]


Wonderful! Would you like to try again?

You want to get hit, I'll fucking hit you!

You must leave at once.

Ladybug. This is dangerous.

It's me. I'm here.

I was in the forest, Daddy. It was dark and full of monsters.

I couldn't get out. Where were you? I didn't know...

I screamed and you never came!

What the hell do you think you were doing?

Did you see what just happened? I did.

You came in and disturbed her treatment when she was making progress.

Treatment? You were telling her to hit you, you sick fuck!

I am teaching her to feel safe again, defend herself, body and mind.

Vigorous self-defense curriculum, paired with psycho-surgery and trauma therapy, can be beneficial to survivors... [grunts]

You're the hotel and the hotel is you, right?

Can you feel pain?

[glass shatters]


But I can feel anger.

Come on, Tin Man.

I'm receiving notification from a local hospital.

Lieutenant Ortega has been injured.


We're not done, Poe.

[thunder rumbling]

[Quell] Locals.

Ultimately, they're all expendable.

[Kovacs] Kristin isn't. First-name basis.

Bad sign.

I didn't say she was...

It's in the details. Don't tell me you haven't noticed a pattern here.

She's not gonna die.

That will be a change for you.

I won't let it happen.

Not this time, not ever again.

This is what you do, love.

Stride across the centuries, and death follows, churning in your wake.

That's poetic.

I'm a figment of your tortured psyche, I say what you're thinking.

A man who never loves gives no hostage to fortune, to paraphrase a great scientist.

A man who doesn't love isn't really a man.

To paraphrase you.

Just... sleeve memory... pheromones.

A ghost that belongs to...

To me?

That isn't who we were to each other, Tak.

Love isn't finite.

Maybe life shouldn't be either.

Maybe we should keep living, forever.

Maybe we all fought for nothing, maybe you died for nothing.

[Elliot] How is she?

[Kovacs] She's in surgery.

Son of a bitch practically tore her arm off.

Your girl seems like a serious badass. She'll pull through.

She's not my girl. Right.

Wait, surgery? Why don't you just buy her a new sleeve?

She grew up Neo-C. Damn. She got religious coding?

No. She renounced it.

So then she could be legally resleeved, right?

Doesn't mean she'd want me to. She'd probably never forgive me.

[ONI beeps]

Not the best time, Poe!

Nor for me. If Elliot is there, please tell him I'm not speaking to him.

Look, you tell him yourself! Obviously, I cannot.

What do you want?

I have information that may be time-sensitive.

After searching through a dizzying number of shell companies and cover identities, I found the provenance you requested for the paintings in Isaac Bancroft's apartment.

The buyer hails from Volgograd. He financed the purchases deploying a shell company called Ural Syth Co., whose real owner is one Sergei Brevlov.

Sergei Brevlov. I know that name. He was at Bancroft's dinner.

Send me his address. I'm heading over there now.

So, your girl is being operated on and you're still investigating for the bloodsucking Meth. Why do you even care?

I thought we already established that. I don't.

So Bancroft gets his killer, you get your freedom, and nothing else matters?

Sergei was at the party, so was the Ghostwalker that slagged Abboud and almost killed Kristin.

You coming?

Sure. Could use something to hit.

Well, this certainly inspires confidence in Bay City's finest.

I'm a little busy right now, Ms. Prescott.

Not too busy for me.

You have something that belongs to my client. He wants it back.

You tell your client he can file a request through the proper channels.

I can see you're having a bad day, Captain, so I'm gonna save you from yourself before you make it worse.

If I have to file anything at all, Mr. Bancroft will make this look like a picnic in the park.

You think you've seen blood? Wait until you see your own.

Metaphorically speaking.

What is it you're here for?

Mr. Bancroft's been informed you're holding a clone.

It is entirely unacceptable that any clone of his would be kept, well... somewhere like this.

Davis, take Ms. Prescott to Evidence and help her with whatever she needs.

Don't take so long next time, Captain. My client doesn't like to wait.

Go ahead. She'll catch up.

What is this, a holiday and somebody forgot to tell me? Get back to work!

You wanna keep that hand? Don't touch me again. Ever.

You may work for them, but you're not one of them.

Don't talk to me like that in front of my people.

You're ground-born, just like me. We're the same.

Is that what you think?

We're not the same, Captain.

One of us is a powerless puppet being used by forces that can't quite be comprehended.

And the other one is me.

[Tanaka] What is it?

[officer] Found Levine in the basement, like Abboud.

Stack ripped out and crushed. It's RD'd.


[Tanaka] There were two attackers. Why am I only seeing one?

[Mickey] He deleted himself from the system.

The whole fucking system, which is not possible.

Our tech is designed to be tamperproof. But, hey, watch this.

What the hell am I looking at? I got a theory. Sort of.

When Ortega went to Bancroft's party, she might have scanned a few guests.

Yeah, of course she did.

But one of them didn't show up on her ONI.

The way he removes himself from the footage, deletes himself, it's similar. I can't be certain, but it's...

Mickey, I got two dead cops and one torn to pieces, so if you got a lead you'd better be certain.

I think it's the same guy. The Ghostwalker.

Why the hell am I just hearing about this now?

What the fuck have you people been smoking down here?

Anything. But that's not the point. I... We thought...

Don't think, you hear me? No more thinking. That's a fucking order.

I'm streaming an arrest notification on Kadmin, who, thanks to you, is in that gang sleeve running around the city.

Captain, when you see Ortega, will you just tell her that I'm sorry?


[man] Sit.

I suppose I should thank you, Hemingway, for sending Leung to save my life.

Now I have another chance to kill that fucking lying murderer.

His name is Kovacs, and he's an Envoy, and you are never to go near him again. An Envoy killed my brother?

Please stop referring to your double-sleeved copy as your "brother."

It's inaccurate. And I hate inaccuracy.

Two hundred years we have been working together.

Side by side. Back to back.

In and out of I don't know how many sleeves.

The only thing we had was each other.

And then this skulljump shows up and takes him out.

You think I will allow this? Loyalty.

I understand it. I respect it.

I have family myself and I would protect them at any cost.

But this other Dimi was an idiot.

I sent him to pick up Kovacs at the Raven Hotel and bring him back.

That is all he had to do.

Instead, he allowed his temper to get the best of him, and he picked a fight with a trigger-happy AI and ended up getting killed. Very publicly.

I want my revenge. My brother...

Your copy. I want Kovacs dead!

Then you are destined for disappointment.

One moment, please.

If you dare to interrupt his backup cycle, I will end you. Painfully.

I need Mr. Kovacs to remain alive.

The reasons behind that are none of your business or your concern.

All that matters is that you understand that you are not to touch him.

You have so accurately pointed out that the other one of you is dead, so you need to think very carefully about what you want to do next.

Your copy allowed his emotions to dictate his actions and ended up getting scattered across the lobby.

So whatever family honor you believe that you are owed inside that scrambled multi-sleeved mess that you call a mind is over.

Mr. Leung will take you to one of our safe houses where you'll remain until the larger situation is resolved.

What the hell? You could have knocked.

I know you. You're Laurens' Envoy. [grunts]

You funneled money to Isaac by buying artwork through a shell company.

A lot of money. Going on the run kind of money. Where is he?

I don't know. Get down!



You were pretending to be your father for the Osaka deal.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

You're gonna pay when my dad finds out you laid a hand on me.

You and your waiter friend.

I'm not a waiter. And I never laid a hand on you.


Now I laid a hand on you.

Do you understand who I am?

I know exactly who you are and who you murdered.

What? You think I killed my dad?

Look, you're crazy, okay? You're both crazy!

How do you know Dimi the Twin? I don't know anyone named Dimi.

Let him go. He didn't do anything.

You even know how to use that thing?

Yeah, he knows how to use it. [groans]

No! Look, shoot me, okay?

I'll do whatever you want. Just leave him alone.

You are accusing my son of murder?

[Kovacs] Just giving your husband information about the 48 hours he lost.

You had no right to speak with Isaac. He has nothing to do with this.

[Bancroft] Miriam.

What information, precisely?

You cast back from Osaka, you went to Fightdrome.

You saw Isaac there, exchanged a few words with him, and then you beat him within an inch of his life.

Why? Probably because he was running around sleeved in that clone, pretending to be you.

[Prescott] My apologies, Mr. Bancroft.

Forgive me, I thought you'd want to see the... your... the asset right away.

We can come back. Oh, no. It's all right, Oumou.

Thank you, Curtis. You can go.

Oumou, you stay.

I don't want to intrude. It's not a request. Who is that?

I should wait outside.

Yeah. Probably a good idea.

[Bancroft] So it's true, huh?

Thought you could impersonate me? You could replace me?

Make me just... [imitates whooshing]

...disappear forever?

No. That's not what it was. What was it then?


How far will you go with this until you realize how completely unjust it is?

You refuse to see the... Shut your mouth.

Dad, I wanted you to see what I could do, realize that I'm not a rich, spoiled fuckup.

I wanted to show you you don't have to be disappointed in me.

You should be proud of how you raised me, of the man that I've become.

I should destroy your backups.

I should just erase you. You leave him alone.

He's like this because you've coddled him.

[Miriam] He's our son. [Bancroft] No, he is a grown man.

Shouldn't need his ass wiped every time he makes a fuckup of things.

You did this. You did this to him.

You kept him from having a chance to become himself in life.

He didn't do it.

Isaac didn't do it. Why not?

It takes a deep kind of despair for a son to kill his father. It's... a kind of rage that you can't escape from.

He doesn't have it. [Brevlov] He's right.

Isaac couldn't have hurt anyone, he was with me.

I took him to a grounder hospital after you beat him. No records.

Why didn't you say this before?

Because you shouldn't have to be told, Laurens, by me or him or anyone, the kind of man your son is.

[Isaac] How could you believe that I would shoot you?

All that I have ever wanted was to prove myself to you.

[shakily] I don't want you dead, Dad.

I want your respect.

You know, it's a father's duty to... be sure their children have a fighting chance in the world.

But sometimes... sometimes regardless of how much one would hope, the apple falls far, far from the tree.

Don't you touch him.



[breathing heavily]

[blood dripping]

Thank you for the update.

Very good work.

I look forward to the next one.

[scoffs] Still want to be one of them?

I have what it takes.

You know him? He was at Bancroft's party.


[Dimi] Why do you take orders from him?

[Leung] I take orders from no one.

I serve only as the right hand in a holy cause.

[Dimi] You make it sound like you're a priest.

[Leung] If we do not know our role in this world, why are we in it?

[Dimi] I cannot speak for you, my friend, but I am here to kick great amounts of ass.

Call it what you like.

You are an attack dog on another man's leash.

I make my own way. I'm not a tool for someone else to use.

A pawn in the army of the righteous can be more powerful than a king who is without faith.

Me, I prefer checkers.

This does not surprise me.

Tell me, are you a believer?


[in Russian] Bitch!

[woman screams]

[Dimi grunts]

[man yells] [woman grunts]



[people screaming]

[indistinct police radio chatter]


[indistinct chatter]




The offer you made to me, I've reconsidered.

With one condition. I need an extraction now.

Fine, fine, fine. We have a deal. Transmitting coordinates now.

[grunts and pants]

Looking forward to working with you, Mr. Kadmin.

[door opens]

[Alazne grunts] Aah! [groans]

I barely know him.

[in Spanish] I'm going for a coffee.

That went better than you have any right to expect.

This looks pretty good. Like, "Hallelujah, it's a fucking miracle" level good.

[softly] Hey.


Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where do you think you're going?

Isaac was a dead end. I got work to do. So move.

Or what?

Okay, I already know what, but before you put my head through a wall, just hear me out.

Keep your voice down.

I'm not the person she wants there.

Maybe. But you're the person who's here.

So you stay.

[overlapping advertising chatter]

[Ortega inhales sharply, exhales]

Hey. Hey.

You might wanna take it slow there. [exhales]

It's okay, I'm just a little sore.

Which is weird, I thought I was gonna wake up in pieces.

How is Samir?

No. No, no, no, no, no, no.

You said he was all right. You told me he was fine.

You told me not to worry. You said he was fine.

He didn't make it.

Real death.

You lied to me.

You were dying and there wasn't anything you could have done.

You lied to me! [gasps]

What the fuck? What the fuck? So, about the arm...

I'm unconscious for ten fucking minutes and you start replacing my body parts?

Was either replace the arm or lose the sleeve.

And that's the best Bancroft money can buy.

Anything else you told them to change out while I was under?

Since you were doing renovations.

No, everything else was great. You made Bancroft pay for it?

State of the art. You can use it to bash my face in if you want.

Give you an Ortega family bulk deal. Don't tempt me.

Am I interrupting? Oh, please. Interrupt.

[Ortega] Yeah, come in.


The whole arm, huh? Apparently replaceable.

How's Mickey? Is he okay? Don't worry about Mickey. He's fine.

He's on the case. How are you?


Samir was a hero, Kristin.

I saw the footage. He died saving your life.

I'm putting in a recommendation for him.

The Medal of Valor. He'll be on the wall alongside your father.

He told me to stop the Ryker case... Don't do this.

This is my fucking fault. You can't blame yourself.

[Kovacs] Nice flowers.

So Mickey... Mickey's not suspended?

No, of course not. Why would he be?

Really nice flowers.

Really nice, expensive flowers. Kovacs?

Forgive me for being sorry for her loss.

It's too much. You're asking for forgiveness.

Which makes me wonder for what.

You son of a bitch, let's take this outside.

And Mickey's "on the case"?

He shouldn't be in the fucking building. He lied to you.

So why is he still employed?

Maybe because if you suspend him, there'd be an investigation, and you'd have to document what he was hiding from you.

Someone doesn't want that information out in the world, so you're keeping it quiet.

But you're here. You're concerned.

You brought the bouquet of guilt.

You clearly didn't expect the attack, which means they don't own you. Boss?

They just pay you to look the other way from time to time.

No one was supposed to get hurt.

Could you give us a minute?

Take as many as you need.

[Ortega grunts]

I trusted you. My father trusted you.

Samir trusted you!

Look at where we are. Why your sleeve is even alive.

Meth money.

Do you really think we have any power? The police? We're nothing.

The best we can do is keep our heads down, do a little good when we can. We are not going to change anything.

So you let cop-killers into the station because you're a victim of society?

Huh? I didn't let them in.

I didn't know anything about it! Not convinced.

[grunts] [groaning]

I just...

I just take a few credits on the side to keep him in the loop, to keep him informed about what's going on at the station. That's all.

Who do you talk to? Who?

I don't know. I've never actually seen his face.

I ping him on a burner, and we meet at a cheap VR cafe in Oakland.


[Ortega] Ping him.

And send me the address. All right.



[ONI beeps] You had a productive conversation?

He gave me what I wanted and I let him live.

[in Spanish] Where the fuck are my clothes?

[Kovacs] Let's go.

[indistinct chatter] [club music playing nearby]

[club music continues]

I'd like to buy some time.

Pay by the minute, credits up front. Low-rez only.

[Ortega] There's no ID on the VR address Tanaka gave me.

We're going into the pipe blind.

[Kovacs] All right, patch me in. No. I go in.

Look... there's an Envoy thing called controlling the construct.

I can modulate the system to make myself look like Tanaka. So just...

I hate it when you're smug.

Pay by the minute, credits up front. Low-rez only.

Hey. I'll find out who he is. For Abboud.

[electronic whirring]

[Hemingway] What's so urgent that it couldn't wait?

You heard what happened at Fell Street?

[Hemingway] Unfortunate casualties, but the results were achieved.

I never agreed to this. Not anything like this.

I want a meeting in the real.

I want to speak face to face with you and I want an explanation.

[Hemingway] You know the terms of this arrangement.

You're not Tanaka. Who are you?

Of course I am. Who else could I be?

Takeshi, is that you?

Wh... Why'd you pull me out? Something's wrong. Do you hear that?

I don't hear anything. Exactly. Come on.

I've been thinking that's fucking enough.

[Ortega gasps] Move!

[Dimi laughing]

Hello again, Lieutenant. And Mr. Kovacs.

Nothing quite like a familiar face, is there?

It's impossible not to see the person you once were.

Like an afterimage burned onto living flesh.

This used to be your sleeve, yes?

That has added value to me.

What would it feel like, dying at my hand, your hand? Your face, my face?

[laughs] You sick son of a bitch.

Dimi. We're gonna fucking erase you, Kadmin.

But not today.

What the fuck do you want?

You RD'd my brother and now I have to replace him.

A mind for a mind. Double-sleeving, it's not cheap.

You owe me, Kovacs.

Oh, I'm gonna pay you back. [Carnage clicks tongue]

It's time. Carnage.

I can't have you telling people the Panama Rose isn't what I claim it is.

Never threaten a man's profit margin.

Let her go. You only need me.

They're paying for a love story. You and your girl die together.

She's not my girl. I'm not his girl. I don't even like him.


Seems like a lot of people don't like him.

[crowd chanting] Ryker! Ryker! Ryker! Ryker! Ryker!

[crowd cheering]

[chanting continues]

I'm not fucking Ryker.

They don't know that!

[imitating crowd] Ryker! Ryker!

[bell dings]



Ladies and gentlemen!

Welcome to Fightdrome!

[crowd cheering]

Tonight, we bring you a very special, very exclusive Fightdrome event.

One time, and one time only, you alone in this room with the man who has hurt you and those that you love.

And so tonight, you will see the love of his life hurt, her stack cut from her sleeve, her very soul destroyed!

All in front of this monster's eyes!

You will see the final and the most terrible humiliation of Elias Ryker!

[crowd jeering]

[man] Remember my brother, motherfucker?


Ryker was a real charmer.

And you make friends wherever you go.

For this is a love story... with a body count!

[crowd cheering]

Real blood, real pain, real death!

[door lock buzzing]

Not good.



[growls] [Ortega grunts]

[Ortega's arm clangs, whirs]

What the...?


[Ortega shouts]

[crowd cheering]


[Kovacs] Ortega!



[Ortega grunting] [growling]


[Carnage] Kill them!

[pants] I think we're a hit. [panting]

[crowd jeering]

[Dimi grunts]

[crowd cheering]

Right now, I bet you're starting to wonder, "Why didn't he open my artery?"


Huh? [grunts]

"Why didn't he take my arm off?"


"Is his aim off?

Am I that lucky?"


"Or are his blades laced with Reaper?"

Just a taste. [grunts]

[Dimi laughs] [crowd chanting] Real death! Real death!

[chanting continues] [gasping]

[Dimi laughs]

[breathing heavily]

[Dimi chuckles] [woman laughing]

[audience jeering, muted] [Dimi laughs]

I'm not even trying. [groans]



I'm going to cut her apart piece by piece, okay?

[crowd chanting] Kill! Kill! Kill!



[Kovacs groaning] [crowd cheering]

[Dimi in Russian] Die!

[grunts and breathes heavily]


[crowd gasping]


[crowd booing]

[groans] [sighs]

Kovacs, I...

I really like my new arm.

[breathes heavily]

Kill them both! Now!

[crowd screaming]


Close the gates!


♪ Yeah, I am the jigsaw man ♪

♪ I turn the world around With a skeleton hand, say ♪

♪ I am electric head ♪

♪ A cannibal core A television said, yeah ♪

♪ Do not victimize ♪

♪ Read the motherfucker Psychoholic lies, yeah ♪

♪ Into a psychic war ♪

♪ I tear my soul apart And I eat it some more, yeah ♪

♪ Yeah, I am the ripper man ♪

♪ A locomotion mind Love American style, yeah ♪

♪ I am the nexus one ♪

♪ I want more life, fucker I ain't done, yeah ♪

Hey, big brother.