Altered Carbon S1E9 Script

Rage in Heaven (2018)

-[indistinct whispering] [theme music playing]

I know what happened to Bancroft.

This pardon is extensively thorough.

Hear what I said? I'm autonetic, not deaf.

You discovered the truth, whatever that may be, after enlisting all of us in an elaborate ruse that required, among other things, that I kill a fellow AI.

Whom you hated and was trying to make Lizzie into a sex slave.

I like to think that would have ended poorly for him, or anyone else who would harm Ms. Elizabeth again.

[ONI beeps]

Kristin, pick up.

Did you tell Mr. Bancroft the truth? What do you think?

I think your relationship with honesty is passing at best.

[ONI beeps] Elliot, pick up.

I believe the Elliots went for dinner. I recommended a place nearby.

There's still tension between the two of them.

[ONI beeps]

Kristin, call me back.

Why isn't she answering?

Perhaps because the last time you saw her, you told her you cared for another woman.

It's purely conjecture, of course.

[breathing heavily]

Lieutenant? [Ortega groans]

Is this because of our deception? Where have you been?

Killing your sister. A bunch.

[Ortega groans]

What kind of sick person uses the sleeve of a kid?

I don't know what the hell you were thinking.


[gasps] She's got backups. Fail-safes.

She's gonna be putting herself back together.

You make her sound superhuman.

I thought by aiding Mr. Kovacs... I would help us all feel safe.

Instead, I'm finding violence seems to beget violence.

It's called fighting back.

I believed I was helping you.

I worry if I've shown you the right path.

It was the only path.

I go out on the Array sometimes by myself.

Just look and listen and find things out.

You spy on people?

I collate data.

It makes a web inside my head.

Spiders can spin webs that cover whole trees.

But they have a signal line, a single thread they touch, and they know what's happening anywhere in their web.

They can even feel vibrations if something is about to hit the silk before it even happens.

Lizzie, I don't understand.

You will.

I have to practice. It's almost time.

[continues sharpening knife]

She's gonna be coming back for you.

You didn't think to mention that before you sent me to kill her clones?

Before I what?

Yeah. Outside of Psychasec. I know what you really meant.

What are you talking about?

Maybe you didn't say it explicitly, but it was clearly what you wanted me to do.

I was trying to protect you.

I know.

I also know what else you meant, too.

No, I didn't...

Oh, come on, Kovacs. You always mean something else.

Do you want to give me a straight answer for a change?

Do you love me?

It's not a complicated question. Everything about this is complicated.

Yes or no. Is that simple enough?

[stammers] Why're you playing games?

Maybe I like games.

What did you do with her?

I told you, I killed all of her clones.

Ow! Ow! What did you do with Ortega?

Ow, you're hurting me. Where's Ortega?

[breathing heavily]

That took you way too long, Tak.

What gave it away?

What did you do with her, Rei?

I can see what you like about this sleeve.


nice. What'd you do with her?

Relax. When you've lived long enough, you'll get it.

There are no rules. We do what we want.

Is she still alive?

People still argue, "Is DHF the human soul?"

Well, if it is, I've got hers.

Is she alive?

Yes, fine. She's alive.

Although she shouldn't be, after what she pulled.

I'm sorry, Tak.

I should have trusted you.

This was fun, wasn't it?

At least now I know I don't need to deal with both of you. Just her.

Take the money Bancroft paid me. That's not the kind of coin I require.

Blood was taken from me. Blood is owed.

Whose blood?

[thunder rumbles]

[Rei] Leung. Now he believes in souls.

Collects them.

He's a bit of a zealot. But he understands respect.

Whose blood?

Careful. Remember whose sleeve you're bruising.

You tell him to back off.

I won't let anything come between us again.

Ortega messed with my family, so I'm going to take hers.


Let go of all these fireflies, Tak. If you don't, I'll do it for you.

I'll burn every one of them down, if that's what it takes to bring you back to me.

[indistinct chatter]

Xalbador Ortega?

[in Spanish] Yes. What is it?

Are you a believer?

[in English] Uh, I am, friend. Are you here from the church?

Father Huerta said someone might be coming by.

May I come in?

[Xalbador grunting] [clattering]

[Alazne in Spanish] Come to the kitchen! I made cookies! [chuckles]

[Leung in English] Are you a believer?

[in Spanish] Hail Mary, full of Grace, the Lord is with thee...

Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is...

Pray for us now... [whimpers]

[boys speaking Spanish]

[video game playing indistinctly]

[boys continue speaking Spanish]

[VR soldier in English] There they are. Let's move!


[indistinct chatter]

[boys cheering, chattering]

[man] Hey, what the fuck?


["God's Gonna Cut You Down" playing]

[gunfire continues from video game]

♪ You can run on for a long time ♪

♪ Run on for a long time ♪

♪ Run on for a long time ♪

♪ Sooner or later, God'll cut you down ♪

♪ Sooner or later, God'll cut you down ♪

♪ Go tell that long tongue liar ♪

♪ Go and tell that midnight rider ♪

♪ Tell the rambler, the gambler The back-biter ♪

♪ Tell 'em God's gonna cut 'em down ♪

♪ Tell 'em God's gonna cut 'em down ♪

♪ Tell 'em God's gonna cut 'em down ♪

♪ You can throw your rock And hide your hand ♪

♪ Workin' in the dark Against your fellow man ♪

♪ But as sure as God Made black and white ♪

♪ What's down in the dark Will be brought to the light ♪

[door chimes]

You called sooner than I expected. It's only been a day.

Should I know who that is?

Hell of a loose end when the police lost Mary Lou's body.

Then it shows up without a stack.

If you don't want her...

She worked for you. But she was never Neo-C.

That's all you figured out? I'm a little disappointed.

You found a way to fake religious coding.

Okay, less disappointed.

You recruited street whores. Secretly recoded them, served them up.

And if they die... they stay silent.

Now I might even be impressed.

So how many lives have you taken? How much blood's on your hands?

Girls like Mary Lou are only a small part of the services I provide.

I built an empire that spans the Settled Worlds and I did it for us.

[sighs] You keep your empire. I'm leaving.

I'm going on a little island vacation and then I'm casting off this rock. I'm...

I'm done.

When we played, I'd always win.

Pretending not to care won't work on me.

What about Ortega? I gave her to Leung.

Not quite sure what he's doing with her, probably something in virtual.

I don't care about her. I don't care about you.

I don't care about anyone.


You left me once.

I didn't have any photos of her. Of us.

Remember what Mom used to say?

"I love you so much, I could eat you up."

When you were arrested, they put me in an orphanage.

All I had left of you was one of your old shirts.

When the yakuza came, they said I couldn't take anything.

I fought them.

They ripped that shirt out of my hands.

I can still feel it tearing, the threads still in my fingers, and I knew they were gonna take those too.

So I swallowed them.

Just to have something, anything, left of you.

It's in the past.

Doesn't matter.

You're the only person who knows me as I was.

The sister I remember... she was kind.

I can't save you.

I can't save anyone. I'm done trying.

Abandon all the rest of them, turn your back. That's fine.

They deserve it. But not me.

You'll come back.

[ONI beeps]

Follow him.

Hello, Takeshi-san.

[Mickey] There he goes.


There I go.

[Rei] I'll burn every one of them down, if that's what it takes to bring you back to me.

Shit. [ONI beeps]

Poe, give me the address of that restaurant.

I barely understand what Lizzie's turning into.

[sighs] But I can't stop thinking about those men.

What they... What they did to her...

Men like Bancroft...

It makes me... It makes me wanna kill someone.


I can't ever expect your forgiveness. Or hers.

We both left her.

Vernon, what happened?

Someone broke her mind.

I'm not sure who, but...

[sniffles] We are getting her back.

Ava, she's coming back.

And we're gonna be together again, in the real.

[Ava gasps]

[Kovacs] We gotta go. Now.

[indistinct chatter]



[Kovacs] I thought you were dead.

You should keep your fucking ONIs on.

We were having a private conversation. [Elliot] Why would we be dead?

[Kovacs] Look, Ortega went after my sister.

Reileen's got her and I thought she'd come after you.

[door opens]


I'm guessing you heard. It's all over the precinct.

Everybody's running scared. I'm running scared.

[Poe] I'm feeling singularly uncharitable toward strangers at the moment.

I recommend you vacate the premises.


Let's hear what he's got to say.


I told Ortega to get out of my office. I told her I wouldn't help her anymore.

And now I don't know where she is. I don't even know if she's alive.

Her whole family.

No one's gonna do anything. Tanaka's not gonna do anything.

I finished the trace program.

Tanaka doesn't know, but I tracked the Ghostwalker.

I know where he is. What's a Ghostwalker?

His name is Leung. He works for Reileen. He's got Ortega.

We got the target. What's the run?

I'll need a tac-op workstation installed in my room.

Wait. Where are you going?

You need to get the fuck outta here. Uh, excuse me, what?

I just got here.

I mean out of Bay City. You need to pack up and leave.

Leave? What about Lizzie?

[Kovacs] Put her around your neck. Take her with you.

[Ava] And go where?

Far away from here as possible. You get them new IDs. I'm buying.

[Elliot stammers] Wait a second.

I need to get my birth sleeve back. I have responsibilities.

I'm going after my sister. I can't be worrying about you.

And I need your identity code tag.

Here. Why did you say you needed it?

I'm gonna break into the evidence lockup and steal some shit. No.

That's a security violation. [stammers] I'll lose my job.

Kovacs, wait.

When I get back, you better be gone.

[Rei] Wake up.

[grunting and breathing heavily]

[Ortega in Spanish] Let me out.

Let me out, bitch!

[in English] You wanted to take my brother away from me.

I killed the last woman who did that.

You're going to spend some time with Mr. Leung in VR.

Pay for your sins.

And I want you to know I told Tak I have you.

And he doesn't care.

[breathing heavily]

Let me out! Let me out! Let me ou...

[raven cawing]

Sir, I believe the Elliots would like to speak with you.

I told you. Get them new IDs and get them out of here.

Just fucking do it. And, of course, let no one in your room.


[knocking at door]

[knocking continues]


What the fuck?

You didn't answer.

I did not let Mr. Elliot in.

Oh, let me guess. We're not friends. You don't care about me.

Something like that?

All this is because of me. That's why I gotta fix it alone.

[Elliot] Here we go again.

Whoa. Is that... Did you grow a...

You force-grew a clone? Where'd you get the cell mass from?

Just get the fuck out of here.

Microwire cam.

Schematics for Head in the Clouds.

The whole ship is comm-jammed, conventional tech.

But these rooms here...

That's a military-level dark field and it opens like clockwork every 24 hours, just long enough for a DHF backup to cast out.

I bet that's Reileen's quarters.

Why do you care? I don't care about you.

That's what we Envoys do.

We make neat little rows of friends wherever we go, and then line up behind the cannon fodder and watch you die.

We're friends?

Not really enough of us for cannon fodder.

[Ava] Do you really think you can solo a full DHF copy and download without defrag?

This microwire camera needs to be installed surgically in your eye.

You got a lot to lose. I don't. Why don't you listen?

You gave me my daughter back. And my wife.

You helped my daughter and my husband when no one else would.

I want Ortega back. If this bitch has her, she's going down.

This fight is not just yours anymore.

Doing a double sleeve requires a DHF copy transfer.

Conscious mind-cloning. It's... gonna hurt.



This is weird.

It's about to get weirder.

I don't know how that's possible.

We got a decision to make.

You trying to get drunk?

I don't see the point in going through this sober.

Just like to believe I'd beat you fair and square.

Fair is for dead men and losers.

I know what you're thinking.

All the shit that you've done, you should get to go on the suicide run, and I go on vacation on orgy island.

You can throw the game.

You can't throw the game. That's the point of the game.

Don't try to guilt me.

I'm you. I see what you're doing.

What am I doing? Trying to throw the game.


Two out of three?

Three out of five.

[both chuckle softly]

[Mickey] There he goes.

There I go.

So, you won and he gets to go to the tropical sex paradise?

I won the right to decide.

And technically, he hasn't had sex yet, so... seemed fair.


Do you remember me?

You're Tak. You came to find me before.

Thanks for bringing me here and getting rid of the rats.

I'm glad I could help.

I'm going away for a while and I wanted to come and say goodbye.

[sighing] You can say it later, when one of us is dead.

Can't remember if it's you or me.

No one's gonna die, Lizzie.

[grunts] [glass shatters]

They said Cassandra of Troy was insane, but she just remembered things backwards.

She fell asleep in the temple and snakes went into her ears.

That worm. Have you seen it before?

They used them to drive me mad, to make me quiet, to close my mouth.

But I'm not quiet now.

Where? Where did they do it? The Wei Clinic?

I'm going to miss this throw.

Lizzie, I need you to tell me.


I'm going down the wrong side of the street.

I won't talk about this anymore. You have to go.


Or is it hello?

It's hard to keep them straight.

I'll see you soon.

I know.

[Kovacs] You've done this before, right?

[inhales through teeth]

Would it make you feel better if I lied and said yes?

Wanna tell me what you wanna do with a microwire camera?

Gonna make her confess. She's gotta pay for what she's done.

Hmm. And that's gonna help how?

She'll lose her backups, the money, power.

Wake up in a century or two, maybe be a human again.

It's the only shot I have at saving her.

What if that doesn't work?

Reileen's next backup is in exactly 3 hours, 47 minutes and 12 seconds.

This antenna is slaved to the frequency. But it has to be within one meter of her when her backup starts. So I gotta get close.

Window of opportunity is seconds. Hell of a needle you're trying to thread.

What about heat sensors?

[Mickey] All guests are given a thermal tag.

Any untagged body temperature is gonna set off the alarms.

I can spoof you an all-access tag, but only if I can get into the system from onboard.

No problem. I got that. Head in the Clouds only serves Meths.

Mickey and I constructed Mr. Elliot's upgraded military identity as a general, and we purchased the most expensive package, the Iridium Experience.

However, it requires that you have completed several introductory sessions.

Doing what, exactly? Doesn't matter. You're not gonna do it.

Damn straight he's not.

So, we smuggle you onboard, I avoid some freaky Meth sex thing, and get Mickey into the tag system, then get out. Got it.

[Ava] I'll piggyback on their grids, hack their signal for our comms until you get into Reileen's stateroom.

Once you go through those doors, we lose contact with you.

Your ONI won't stream, nothing. Except for the microwire cam.

[Ava] Yes. It's self-contained, no uplink, couple hours of storage. But you'll have to get the cam off the ship for us to retrieve the recording.

Any good news?


[Elliot] Okay.

Comm check. Kovacs, read me? Five by five.

- [Elliot] Ava, do you read me? Yeah, I can hear you fine.

You're supposed to say "five by five."

Oh, no. I just ruined the mission.

Hon, turn left to bearing 223 and descend towards docking bay three.

Reileen's backup is T-minus 17 minutes and counting.

Copy that.


Welcome, General, to Head in the Clouds.

I'm certain the general will find everything to his satisfaction.

This floor is entirely yours.

Doorway, end of the hall.

Leads to an access panel to get Mickey into the system.

That's how we'll get Kovacs past the heat sensors.

We offer your fantasies... but you... make them real.

So, General, are you ready to fire your gun?

Vernon, dose her and go.

How old are you?

[chuckles] Don't worry. I'm not some old hag resleeved into this.

This is my flesh. All 19 years of me.

But if you don't wanna take me first...

I guess we can get right to it.

Get right to what?

Iridium Experience. I'm all yours.



Is that what you want?


Then you can...

You could cut holes in me anywhere.

Fuck me in them.

Tear me apart, General.

Rip me open with that big dick.


Do you want me to scream? Huh?


Please. Please, don't. Please.

[crying] Please. Please, don't. Please. Please. Please. Please.

Head in the Clouds runs girls as snuff whores?

Kovacs, did you know?

Reileen told me she provides a lot of services. I didn't ask for details.

This is not what I want. [crying] No. What?

This is not what I want.

Uh, what? I'm not coded or anything. Really.

No. No. It's... It's okay.

No. It's not okay. They're gonna resleeve me.

Really, it's okay.

No, it's not okay.

I'm not supposed to talk about it. They said it'll ruin the fantasy.

Did I ruin the fantasy?

Oh, God. Oh, no. [crying]


How many times have you done this?

It's my first.

Do you know of any other girls that come back?

Well, turnover's pretty high and... we don't, you know, socialize.

But you have to kill me.

If you don't, they're gonna fire me. Please.

[sniffles] Please.

You want a drink? I need a drink.

Yeah. Yeah.

That's why you have to qualify.

They must put the johns through virtual first, because the ones that come sniffing back will pay anything for the real thing.

Killing a girl who doesn't know that she'll never come back.



Oh. [chuckles]

Take it easy.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.


Okay. It's okay.


It's okay.

Honey, we are gonna shut this whole place down. Okay?

You're never gonna have to do anything like this again. I promise.

Clock's ticking.

[Mickey] 10:27 to backup and counting.

[Ava] Vernon, we need to hurry.

I'm on my way.

[Ava] Access panel's across the corridor to your right.


Okay, I'm in.

Swipe the sub-menu docking bay three, go into the tag file.

[Elliot] Docking bay. Tag file.

[men chatter indistinctly]

[guard 1] Real death'd every person in the building.

Slagged the fucking receptionist.

I was just lucky I was late for my shift.

[guard 2] What's that?

[alarm beeping]

Okay. So, a little issue here. Shit.

[Ava] Come on, let's go. Fuck.

[Elliot] Shit. It's not letting me in.

Worst backup ever. Hold on, man. I got this.

[Poe] You must exit the car immediately.

[Mickey] He'll set off the heat sensors. - [Ava] Vernon, you tap into the security subset of docking bay three's power loop?

[Elliot echoes] Working on it. [Poe] We do not have time for this.

[Elliot] I think I said I was working on it. [echoing]

[alarm continues beeping]

[guard grunts]

[both grunting]

Kovacs, you okay?

[Kovacs] Yeah, I'm okay. Please tell me you saved the antenna.


Why are the alarms not going off?

It's Reaper on the blade. Lowered my body temp to fool the sensors.

Did he just say Reaper? Is he gonna pass out?

Mr. Kovacs has a singular force of will.

What does that mean?

He's a suicidal idiot who never gives up.

Sir? Are you...

Oh, I was looking for you. I had a fantastic time. Outstanding.

I hope the general's experience was as satisfactory as it was quick?

Oh, I see you took a souvenir to remember the occasion.

Maybe we could find you another young lady?

Or a man?

Or perhaps a child?

Oh, my God.

I think it's time I was going.


[Mickey] Three minutes, 23 seconds to backup.

Wait, where are you going?

Take the starboard service corridor. There are no guards there.

This way is faster.

[grunts] Gotta risk it. Not enough time.

[Kovacs groaning]

[Mickey] One minute, 38 seconds to backup.

Kovacs, can you hear me? Kovacs, can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

Kovacs, can you hear me?

Fifty-seven seconds to backup.

Kovacs, are you there?

God damn it. What's wrong?

Sir, please.

Your pleasure is my only concern.

All you need is to tell me what you want to do.



Mickey, I need a fix on him.

What are you doing? [Elliot] Tell me where he is.


Kovacs, what's wrong?

[Kovacs grunts] [Mickey] Thirty-two seconds to backup.

I'm okay. I'm okay. Just the fucking Reaper. [echoes]

[breathing heavily]

Ten seconds to backup.

[Elliot] I got it! I got it!

Three... two...

Make me proud, baby. Go to work.

[Mickey] One.

[powering up]


Shit. Fuck, we're down!

It's some kind of counter-intrusion surge. We're shut out of the system completely.

We're blind. [breathing heavily]

Did you have enough time to get in?

Fuck, yeah. [sighs]

That's made for killing livestock. Not a lot of range.

I can make it work.

[sighs] It was all a trick. Not caring. And I bought it.

And who is that with Miriam?

You double-sleeved.

And you lied to me. To me, Tak.

The only person who's ever truly loved you.

And you did it for her?

Jesus. Wait.

Leung's in there with her.

If we pull her out, he'll know something's wrong.

Nice try.

[Rei] It was so much better when we were on the same side.

No outsiders getting in your head.

Which one's this again?

Let me shoot her. Please.

Oh, it's Elliot.

[Rei] Honestly, all grounders look alike to me.

Must be the film of dirt.

You may wanna reconsider insulting the guy with a bolt gun pointed at your head.

Aren't you forgetting something?

Kill me here and I'll be resleeved from my last backup, which just happened.

So it doesn't matter what you do.

I'll come back and I'll remember you were here.

If you'd really walked away, they would have all lived.

But now, I'm coming for your pathetic little pack and they're all going into virtual for years.

[Kovacs] Shut up.

Gonna watch Ortega eat her own fucking eyeballs!

I said shut up.

I had Ava spike your backup with Rawling.


You don't have access to stackpox.

I stole the Envoy stacks, Ava stitched the virus.

Your backups are gone.

Jimmy de Soto says hello.

Tak, you wouldn't.

You got one life left and you're wearing it.

Why are you doing this?

'Cause I saw my sister for a moment.

And I'm gonna get her back.

You never lost me, Tak.

A full confession.

Bancroft, 653, Mary Lou Henchy, all of it.

No one will believe you.

Microwire cam.

Tell me everything. It's your only chance.

Chance to what?

Become a human again.


You wouldn't let them put me on ice, Tak.


No more alarms, no more bullshit, no more games.

One more mistake you're determined to make.

Remember, when it's time to pay, I tried to stop you.

Start with the night Bancroft got torched.


I knew he liked to choke girls out.

I knew he was coming back from Osaka angry.

That night, I needed him to go further.


So I could blackmail him into stopping 653.

You had him drugged with Stallion. How did you do that?


Through a kiss.



[Rei] She owed me.

She knew once he was dosed, he'd kill the next thing he fucked.

She also knew it wouldn't be her.

And Mary Lou Henchy?

She jumped.

Yeah, but why?

Because she didn't wanna die at Bancroft's hand.

[Bancroft grunting] [woman panting]

I'd invited him to Head in the Clouds.

Made sure he was dosed, and it worked.

He went further, all right.

[Bancroft grunts] [woman groans]

He real death'd the first girl, smashed her stack.

[thuds] [stack crackling]

Even I didn't know there was that much fury in him.

So, Mary Lou ran.



[Mary Lou gasps]

[gasping and panting]


Don't worry about him.

Worry about me!

[Rei] She did the one thing she thought could checkmate us both.

She thought her body would die, but her stack would be found, that they'd spin her back up, she'd tell the police what happened.

What she didn't know is I recoded her the moment I hired her.

Brings us to Ryker.

He wouldn't back off.

He was a piece that needed to be taken off the board.

So when Mary Lou washed up, coded and dead, he guessed what happened.

I was lucky he was so unstable. He wasn't hard to frame.

But 653 was moving forward and...

I'd be ruined. Erased.

So you used Bancroft for his influences at the UN court.

It took planning, being ready to leap at the perfect moment, force him to do what I wanted.

Once he'd slaughtered two Neo-C-coded whores, he had as much to lose as I did.

He did what I told him, derailed 653.

But what happened next, I couldn't predict.

He has an archaic streak.

You'd call it honor.

The fool wanted to forget.

As if that would make him clean of what he'd done.

He slagged his own stack.

[gun fires]

His arrogance wouldn't let him believe he killed himself.

He insisted he was murdered, wouldn't let it go.

Which brings us to you.

You needed somebody that Bancroft could trust. An Envoy.

I didn't need someone.

I needed you.

You're right about the blood on my hands. I drenched myself.

To build a future for us.

I waited.

I waited for you, Tak.

I waited for the perfect moment to get you out so we could start again.

I missed you so much.

Never thought I'd be whole again.

[weapon whooshes] [groans]

Until now.