Altered Carbon: Resleeved (2020) Script

In the 21st century, mankind began colonizing outer space... expanding the world they live in, as well as life itself.


Move! You idiot!

Go around that way.

Get lost.

You little twirp!

Damn it...

The hell are you doing?

-There she is! -Get her!


The heck?

Over there, the elevator!

Close... Come on, close!

Damn it!

The fuck she playing at?

Consciousness was digitized and stored on a device called a "stack."

Digital consciousness became one's identity, the body, nothing but a replaceable vessel.

In an age where bodies became disposable objects called sleeves, physical death no longer inspired any fear or dread in people.

The rich started to enjoy lifespans that were as long as the stars.

The world's a stage with players and voyeurs!

If it's all the same, you might as well dance, come on!

For tea to raise your spirits, go straight to the left.

If you want to screw a dead lover, come around back to the right.

We've got a premium sleeve waiting for you.

Sick of Latimer?

The needlecast behind the dance floor will send you to another planet.

Here we go!

-There she is. -The world's a stage...

-Come here! -...with players and voyeurs!

This one's been transmitted from another planet.

Hand him Case 305.

The needlecast?


Get me a mirror.

At least put something on, will ya?


Mr. Tanaseda told us to give this to you.

Let me through!

Out of the way!

Boss is worried about you, Miss Holly.

It's dangerous for you to be out alone.

Come back to headquarters.

Let go. I'm leaving this planet.

You can't protect me.

What the...?

Holly Togram?

Come with me.

Liar! You said you'd needlecast me over there.

Are you listening?

We had a deal.

Mute member three.

-Muting member three. -Hey!

I see you met my guy, Takeshi.

How does that sleeve suit you?

We prepared the highest grade soldier's body available there.

Reflexes are good, but it has a heavy nicotine addiction.

Still get the urge to smoke in VR, do you?

The hand remembers.

So Mr. Tanaseda, didn't you want me to look into your brother's death?

I doubt the girl knows anything.

That girl is a tattooist for the Mizumoto syndicate, the yakuza organization my brother used to head.

She'll get you into Mizumoto HQ without arousing any suspicion.

I don't need her to get in.

I don't doubt it. You are an Envoy, after all.

However, the mystery of my brother's real death lies in the succession ceremony.

A tattooist is needed for the ritual.

I need her to get into the ceremony?

That's right. The ceremony is in two days.

If we miss this one, we'll have to wait years for the next one.

Mute deactivated manually.

We had a deal!

-You said you'd transmit me! -Mute member three.

-Muting member three. -Why--

Adjust display levels.

Your payment is as we discussed.

The grudges against you in Harlan's World...

I'll make them disappear.

That's it?

What more could you want?

End command entered.

Takeshi Kovacs, the last living Envoy who brought down the Saito syndicate.

What? You're Takeshi Kovacs the Envoy?

It's been a year since Quellcrist Falconer and your sister died.

What more do you have to lose?

I'm counting on you, Takeshi Kovacs.

We're going to Mizumoto HQ.

No way!

Plus, Envoys are terrorists. You're a fugitive.

What do you think you're doing?

If the assassin comes back, we're done for.

That brat...

What am I, a babysitter?

What's your problem--

Holly of the Mizumoto syndicate?

I'm Gena of UN's CTAC.

I need you to cooperate.

CTAC? What do you want with me?

You were talking with the Tanaseda syndicate.

They're under strict CTAC surveillance.

I learned about you from that communication.

Thought we wouldn't know?

How careless of you.

As are you.

I'm her babysitter.

Come over here.

Are you a Mizumoto yakuza?

There's no bigger scum than gangsters who use children.

Requesting backup! Second platoon, come in--

Get behind me.

Are they with you?

What do you think?


A "real death"...

His digital consciousness won't be retrievable.

His sleeve... it's enhanced for combat.

CTAC and ninja sleeves...

This job can't get any worse.

It's after her!

There are more?

Duck, Holly!

This is Gena.

Enemy fighters have wiped out the unit.

Requesting body collection.

Holly of the Mizumoto syndicate, why would they target a tattooist like you?

I'm... leaving the Mizumoto syndicate.

CTAC is looking into the Mizumoto syndicate.

What's going on inside?

Who hired those mercenaries?


He's planning a coup.

Shinji... The incoming boss?

I'm taking you back to the syndicate. We need you to cooperate.


Hold on. We have business with the Mizumoto syndicate, too.

Step aside.

Why don't I arrest you and hand you over to the UN, Mr. Babysitter?

Planning on walking into a yakuza headquarters wearing that?

Damn it.

Neither of us want any more trouble, do we?


I'm not going back there!

Let me go! I want to get off this planet.

Forget it. Tanaseda won't listen to you.

Pretty open for a yakuza headquarters.

They run a hotel, too.

It's connected to headquarters.


Holly. I see you went out again.

I told you it's dangerous.

So is this place.

Thank you both for escorting Holly here.

She's always going off by herself.

The Mizumoto syndicate proudly presents the oldest luxury hotel on Latimer, the Wild Geese.

I am Ogai, your guide.

Do you have a reservation?

You can also choose to just dine.

Let me know if you'd prefer that.

However, the karaoke house on the 11th floor is only open to overnight guests.

-We hope you understand. -Holly.

Turn him off.

Ogai RM 62217 can only be deactivated by Genzo.

Genzo... The boss?

Yes. Ogai's master is Genzo, head of the Mizumoto syndicate.

Of course, that will switch over once the succession takes place.


So you're back.

I keep telling you not to go out alone.

You must be Genzo.

Turn him off, will you?

What did you just say?

What kind of way is that to talk to Mr. Shinji?

You want your ass kicked?

Looks like there was no need to change after all.

Shut up. It's not my fault.

This is Mr. Shinji, our incoming boss.

You better show some respect.

Put the gun away, you bastard!

Shinji. These two are my bodyguards.

They saved me from an attack where two of our men were killed.

You were attacked again?

This is...

Ken Kakura.


That's still no reason to disrespect Mr. Shinji, is it?

There must be consequences.

Mr. Shinji? Wait...

Sorry about that.

A token of remorse.

No, thanks.

It's too much for him to accept.

Give it the burial it deserves, will you?

You're one lucky guy.


Take these guests to our most expensive room.

This suite is the crown jewel of our hotel, Vita Sexualis.

We also offer various kinds of room service to fit your needs.

It's the perfect room for newlyweds.

Excuse me.

I'm going to see Genzo. Come with me, Mr. Bodyguard.

I pass.

Lead the way.

Please. Follow me, sir.

So you're Ken?

I'm Genzo, head of the Mizumoto syndicate.

Sorry to be lying down like this.

You can get up. I can do this part without looking.

In this room, Holly is the boss.

She's been a troublemaker ever since she was little.

Glad you survived, kiddo.

You're with the Tanaseda syndicate, aren't you?

Right now, I'm just Holly's bodyguard.

I'm inside the Mizumoto headquarters.

Find out anything about the coup?

Holly Togram claims the incoming boss Shinji is behind it.

A coup by the incoming boss?

But why...?

Anything else to report?

I haven't killed any yakuza yet.

I'd almost forgotten your motive.

I was surprised when I heard that an Envoy defector would be joining a CTAC mission.

But now you are considered a hero among the top brass at CTAC, Reileen Kawahara.

Though, I suppose your code name on the job is Gena.

Good evening.

It seems I've gotten lost.

I'm trying to get back to my room.

Can you point the way?

Your boss Tanaseda is the son of our founding boss.

This was our second boss, Tanaseda's younger brother.

Tanaseda is still alive, isn't he?

Using sleeve after sleeve.

He's one of the most feared yakuza in the entire universe.

Why would a fearless man like him send one of his men our way all of a sudden?

What did you come here for?

Come back here, Genzo.

If there's a coup brewing... you'll want help.

Again with the rumors.

I'm sick of it.

A coup is unthinkable.

There have been attacks, though.

Tell me, Ken.

Do you know why Mizumoto became the biggest syndicate on Latimer?

In our syndicate, the previous boss always dies when a succession happens.

Not just the sleeve... the stack dies too.

A "real death."

This tradition was created to prevent any one boss from holding onto power forever and ruining the syndicate.

The boss gives his life to the syndicate.

The men also give their lives to the syndicate.

That is our code.

What's the point of choosing death in the world we live in?

Humanity has more or less achieved eternal life.

That is all the more reason to have death as the foundation of a giant entity such as Mizumoto.

All right, that's it for today.

That's amazing!

Can you get in anywhere with that?

I'll show you something more amazing.

Come here, you.

One down.

I saw your brother's picture.

He died according to the syndicate's code.

A code, you say?

You don't believe it?

Perhaps if it had only been my brother.

But my father was a wicked man, the very embodiment of evil.

To think that scum of a human would give up his life to honor a code... it's unthinkable.

You believe there's something behind this tradition?

It seems that way, yes.

That tattooist girl seems to be crucial to the succession ritual.

She needs to be protected. At least until the ceremony begins, in two days.

Someone's here.

I'll get it.

Who's there--

What's this, a part of your consciousness that failed to upload?

What're you doing in here, idiot?

Who are they?

Someone's here.

I'll get it.

Who's there--

It's Dad and Mom.

I thought Genzo was your dad.

Of course not.

Look. Dad was shot in the head, and Mom's stack is intact, too.

They haven't found the stacks?

They're both still alive.

You need Mizumoto's help to find your parents' stacks?

Genzo says he'll help look for them.

But I can't bear it any longer.

You should delete this data.

How can I?

You're just clinging to the memory of dead people.

Let's go.

Spend too much time with fragmented data and it'll take over your consciousness.

Holly... come on.

Who is--

You idiots.

How long does it take to kill one kid?

Two days...

Only two days to the succession.

Get it through your head!

You okay?

Tell me, are you?

I'm sorry.

You have to understand, it hurts to hit you, too.

Those damn bodyguards...

Next time, you're finished!


Just as I thought.

The damn yakuza.


Why are all these yakuza here?

One of our security guards, Nogaki, was found dead.

Boss ordered increased security.

I see.

I'm going to see Genzo.

Will you come with me, Gena?

Fine, then.

What is this, a parade?

No need to get cheeky.

What the...?

Who's there?


The fuck did you just do?

What are you standing around for? Get him.

You bastard!

Kill them!

Taste this!

What are they doing here?

That won't work.


Come on, follow me.

Miss Holly?

What the...

The fuck? Watch it!

Help us, Ogai!

Property destruction detected.

Calculating amount of damages.

Insurance will not cover for depreciated...

-Ogai! We're being attacked. -My, oh my!

Holly is my friend.

It seems I've caused the most destruction.


Why are they so desperate to get you?

Well... that's because...

Tell me everything if you want to live.

I'm not throwing away my life because you wouldn't talk.

I'm... going to kill the boss.

To help realize the founding boss' idea for a succession system, the tattooist Margot invented a piece of technology to embed a special program into the tattoo traditionally worn by the Mizumoto boss.

By performing the succession ritual, the program runs, destroying the stack contained in the previous boss' sleeve.

The tattoo is passed onto the next boss, and the ritual is repeated.

If Shinji kills you, he'd be able to avoid real death. In other words...

He stays in power forever.

Is there a backup of that tattoo technology?

So only you can access it?


Gena... we should treat your wounds.

Let's go back to the room.

Aren't you going to see Genzo?

Your treatment comes first.


According to the data I acquired, Shinji is definitely behind the coup.

How shall I proceed?

Your mission is accomplished.

We have enough leverage over Mizumoto.

If the coup succeeds, we can blackmail Shinji.

If it fails, we still have intel on the boss' tattoo.

It's time for you to withdraw.

Your source, was it Holly Togram?

She needs to be eliminated.

That's all.

CTAC is no better than the yakuza.

He'll chop your off your limbs And rip off your skin And sew your pieces onto him Stay at home, don't go out alone Or the Patchwork Man will crack your bones

Or the Patchwork Man will crack your bones

Big brother...

What were you singing?

A song my baby sister used to like.


I'm going into VR.

Watch her while I'm away.


Yeah, okay.

Do you believe it, Takeshi?

That their code is real?

That they're willing to tattoo themselves with a self-destruction device?

Who knows?

I have no insight into the thoughts of an old geezer.

What does age have to do with it?

We live in an age where bodies are replaceable.

I could be 2,000 years old, or I could be 18.

No 18-year-old talks like that, old man.

My brother...

I missed you.

I was the one that rescued you.

Will the men honor the code?

I wonder.

I for one wouldn't trust a guy with such an obnoxious laugh.

Obnoxious laugh?

Yeah. Genzo laughs like a strangled chicken.

Anyway, something will happen at tomorrow's ceremony.


Takeshi, there's something I'd like you to investigate before the ceremony.

Welcome back.

So, what were you discussing?

Apparently, there's more to the ritual than what Holly told us.

I need to look into it.

Shinji will want to kill Holly before the ceremony begins.

Look after her while I'm gone.

I'm not her babysitter.

Why are you still here?

None of your business.

There's no sign of reinforcements coming or you leaving.

What's CTAC up to?

I received orders to withdraw earlier.

I see.

You should get out, too.

Didn't think you'd be concerned.

Face those ninjas alone and you'll die.

Your stack will be destroyed.

I can't back out now.

You should run.

What's the point of dying for someone else's cause?

If I run, I'll be surrounded by enemies.

It's suicidal.

Why are you always putting your life on the line for other people?

What do you know about me?

To increase security ahead of tomorrow's ceremony, we will now conduct a system update.

There isn't much time. I'm going to check out their HQ.


You'll need a security pass.

A souvenir, is it?

See ya.

Holly, wake up.

What's the matter, Gena?

Listen closely.

There's something you need to know.

Bingo, old man.


-Really? -Ogai.

What's the news?

Mr. Ken and Ms. Gena, have you seen the flying firework devices around the building?

Not interested.

What do you want?

I'll be controlling the fireworks display after the ceremony.

It's my time to shine.

Over here, you two.

What did you do?

I took a picture.

Show us the picture, Ogai.


Enough joking around.

What do you want?

Due to increased security levels, certain areas are off-limits today.

The communal bath on the tenth floor and the 11th floor--

What the...?

What was that?

Something must have happened.

I'll go check it out.

Holly's gone.

What was that?

The fireworks have exploded.

Perfect timing.

Use this diversion to get rid of the bodyguards.

The tattoo won't be finished until just before the ceremony.

There's still time.

Yes, sir.

Don't screw up this time.


A firework malfunction caused the explosion.


We can't let it interfere with the ceremony.

We're finishing the tattoo now.

You bastard...

Miss Holly is missing.

Sweep the hotel and headquarters.

Yes, sir.


Holly is probably at the ceremony.

Why would you know that?

Ninjas took her, didn't they?


I was sent here by Tanaseda.

I'll share everything I know.

We need to join forces.

That can wait.

Damn it. They had to show up today?

Your precious ceremony is a farce, too.

Our current boss Genzo has faced death in the name of honor.

But this is not the end of him.

Untethered to the body, his soul shall transform into a dragon, leading me along the path to glory.

Congratulations on your inauguration, Mr. Shinji, or shall I say Mr. Genzo?

Or did you go by yet another name before that?

Who are you?

How did you gain access?

How many times have you ascended to boss now?



It's just like you to come up with a hairbrained plot like this.

Ogai, what's going on?

I'm working on it.

By having the boss give up their life, you ensured absolute loyalty from your men.

But in reality, you've been taking over the new boss' sleeve.

You robbed them of all the hard work they put into the syndicate.

How despicable... and utterly shameless you are.

Shut off the audience.

In other words... the boss of the Mizumoto syndicate has always been... you and only you, Father.

Ogai, shut it off, now!

Father... did you kill my brother, too?

I've closed down the system.

Holly. Hurry up and finish my tattoo.

All I need is to complete the ritual.

Why is it red?

It should be blue for inaugurations.

Did you just try to activate a stack destruction program?

You want me dead?

I've had enough.

I'm sick of all the lying, the killing.

Shut up!

Hurry up. Finish the tattoo and complete the ritual.

Then give me back my parents' stacks.

What are you talking about?

Gena found the records.

I know my parents' stacks were purchased by the Mizumoto syndicate a long time ago.

So it's true?

Give me back my mom and dad!


Dad... Mom?

You fool.


You traitor!

What's this?

Don't worry.

They know who you are.

You've got to be kidding me.

How many... How many men gave their lives for you?

What about the code of honor?


None of you were interested in honor.

You just wanted a cause to blindly fight and die for.

Must be nice to live in ignorance.

You have no idea the sacrifices I've made to build up the Mizumoto syndicate.

You kill boss after boss and yet you speak of sacrifice?

I gave their worthless existences meaning.

You all, too. You just wanted a stage to dance on.

You ought to be grateful.

Me. My very soul... is the essence of the Mizumoto syndicate.

An actor who doesn't know his time is up will have to be dragged off stage.

After him!

Get him!

Where is he hiding?

That piece of scum...

What's this?

What's going on?

Get away!

Hey! What do you think you're doing?

I can't stand yakuza who use children.

I can rebuild the syndicate whenever I want.

All I need is for you to die.

Get behind me, Holly.



You bastard!

Ogai! You have to defeat him.

Please help us, Ogai!

My master is... the new boss, Shinji.



What a tearjerker. Poor little Holly.

Mom and Dad dead. No more friends either.

I see your horrid laugh hasn't changed...



You were here on Latimer?

They say you should be there for a parent's death.


Mr. Ogai. I believe I sent some data to your customer service station.

Did you see it?

Allow me to check. One moment, please.

What are you up to, Hideki?

Ken found consciousness transmission records for each of the past bosses.


That body is Shinji's, but the stack belongs to the founder.

So what?

I'm the boss.

In the past... and until the end of time.

The current boss is Shinji.

You are not the boss.

Holly is my friend.


Please wait three seconds.


My brother!

My brother...

Big brother...

Big brother.

Show us your true self, you coward.

I don't know about tradition or honor... but all I see is a man hiding in someone else's sleeve.

You maggot.

Bring it on.

You god damn piece of shit!

You little punk!


We haven't completed the ritual yet.


Die, you devil!

You only die once.

Make sure you remember it.

I don't want to die...

I don't want to die...


I don't want to die.

Help me, Hideki.

Do it for your father.

I still want to live--

My last act of filial piety.


"I got rid of Holly."

That's what I told CTAC.


Now you can needlecast anywhere.


Are you sure you don't want this picture?

Delete it.

I don't want it.

As you wish.

By the way, Mr. Ken, Mr. Tanaseda is waiting for you upstairs.

Got it.

All right... Guess I'll head off.

Goodbye... my brother.

So, Margot...

You're starting to grow tall.

Would you like to switch to a new sleeve like always?

I'm thinking of growing old in this sleeve.

I want Ken and Gena to recognize me when I reunite with them as an adult.


Have you talked to the yakuza on Harlan's World?

Talked to them?

Not yet.

We had a deal.

I have another mission for you.

You said if I did the job, you'd mediate with the yakuza.

I never said it was just one job.

You've got to be kidding me.

Are you ready?

Mr. Tanaseda... you might be more like your father than you think.

Where's the next job?