Always Woodstock (2014) Script

My dad would always say, "Never sell out.

Always put love first.

And if all else fails, there's always Woodstock."

Oh, God. Oh, God.

Oh, God. Did you come?

Oh, God.

Oh, God.

I'm sorry. It's okay.

I just always want to feel so close to you but I'm really not.

Like you love me and... like you're listening to me... and listening to my bo... my body.

I feel like I'm hurting you, but you're just letting me hurt you, and it's so so sweet! It's so nice!

I don't want to hurt you, though.

I mean, I also do, you know? Yeah, I know.

I pray for sound...

Ever feel like you're staring at the life you want... but from too far away to actually live it, like you're the plagiarized version of yourself?

My parents died too early for me to know them.

It's not as tragic as it sounds. I was fine.

I am... fine.

Why did that war have no heroes?

Because we were too wild and jovial to know the brutal...

That is my fiancé, Garret Brener. ...truths of the fight.

He is an actor. He is really good.

He told me himself.

I work here, Abundant Records, where every song sounds better with a beat.

If you're signed here, you have a real shot at making it, a shot at being her, Jody Sinclair.

My best friend Ryan is the PR brains behind the highly grossing Jody brand.

She got me this gig to get my foot in the proverbial music door.

She knows how to handle talent.

And this is me, Catherine Brown.

The real me is a songwriter.

The real me is signed at Abundant Records.

The real me wouldn't be planning a wedding because she hates weddings, and anyone who takes them seriously is a ridiculous person, but this me, the me that is actually living my life...

Oh, no, it's so good.

This me is stuck... stuck at home, stuck at work... and stuck with this damn song.

Oh, yeah. Lately, I've been doing that.

I don't really know why. I think it makes me feel better.

Hey, at least I'm not a cutter.

Oh, shit!

Garrett, I am late, And I molested that little marble man for a full minute.

That marble man is a De Fontana. It's worth a fortune.

Oh, God, my eyes are so blue.

You want to do lunch at noon?

My eyes... No, I can't. I can't today.

Sorry, babe, therapist. On a Monday?

Twice a week, digging deep.

Have a good morning, Pete. Thank you, Cath. You're the best.

Alex Calucas wants to see you upstairs. Thanks, Sally.

Turner, hey... Turner, do you know why they want to see me upstairs?

No, no clue. Well, how was the shoot?

Flipped her shit. And then she threw a muffin at Ryan.

What the hell? What a crazy ass.

And you know how I feel about carbs.

Okay, she is only in town for two more days, just... breathe.

The little bitch doesn't even sing... Well, yeah, she spins.

Picks a song and presses play. And that wins you a Grammy?

What can you do? People are into post-Internet scene kids and robot dubstep.

Why does Alex want to see me upstairs? Maybe they finally listened to your demo.

Right. Makin' big money.


Caitlin! Catherine.

Catherine, come on in. Come on in.

Please, have a seat.

We have some exciting news for you. Important and exciting.

You are about to win at life.

You're gonna be a life winner. Listen... we would like for you to shadow Jody Sinclair.

You're gonna be her new wrangler. Wrangler.

Are you excited? You excited?

Yeah! I told you.

Great. See, I love her.

Great. All right, thank you.

Okay, bye-bye.

Sorry... what do you mean by wrangle?

I can't go out there.

One minute.

Do you want to talk about it?

How can we talk about the pain that's in the world right now?

You know, like, it's just so much.

Sometimes you just don't know what to do, and when there's that much pain, it really gives no meaning to me spinning my amazing records.

Yeah. And I'm really good.

And I wish I could help them. Let me help you out.

Here we go. It's gonna be okay.

No... Yeah, well...

I don't want to go. Oh, you're not going, okay.

I'm gonna get you on the floor then.

Let's just get on the stage and then we can keep...

Drag me... drag me gently. Okay.

This is a vintage McQueen. I'm sorry if it's gonna get torn.

I don't really want to mess up your clothes.

This is... kind of romantic. Oh, I'm sorry.

My dad produced that album and my mother sang some of the vocals.

I walk by this store front every day, and I think about that drive and that Woodstock house, and the box with my mom's wedding dress... and my dad's lucky quill that I buried under the fourth tree from the porch.

Can you believe this?

Thank you.

Catherine. Sally.

They want to see you upstairs again. Oh, probably getting a bonus.

Fired? We never said to physically assault her.

Yeah, "wrangle" wasn't literal. I was pulling, not assaulting, pulling.

Pulling, assaulting, who knows the difference? She felt violated.

She said it was either you or her. Yeah, and we chose her, obviously.

Wait, I got her there just like you said.

Your actions jeopardized the biggest client we have at this label.

Your bad decisions almost made me almost fire Ron.


It's clear-your-desk time, Catherine.

I want to thank you for this opportunity and let you know that I have a bruise on my hip because of last night's assignment, and I was the one assaulted, and I was the one abused, but I will be fine, because that is just what I do when things are not... fine.

I just... I... make them fine.

Were you... were you really going to fire me? No.



Hey. Catherine...


Bonjour? Wh..

This is... this is not what it looks like. Yeah?

I know it looks really bad, and it's a version of what it looks like, but it's not this. It's much more innocent than...

Therapist, Garret? I should have known that "digging deep" was literal.

This is Sylvia. She's my... she's my dialect coach.

And she... she was helping me with some vowel sounds the director said that I needed help on. Vowel sounds?

Okay, Catherine, just listen to me for one second.

She showed me a scar that she has on her leg from a horseback riding accident when she was five, and she said it makes her feel ugly, and so all I was trying to do is convince this broken girl that she was okay.

What am I supposed to do? Anyway, the point is...

I don't know how I got here. I really don't know I got here. Why are you here?

Why aren't you at work?

I... was... fired!

God! Oh, she got me right...

Baby, when you touch me I lose all sense of time Is he dead, is it love?

Taste your lips upon me, girl Feel your skin next to mi...

Really, this song is about... it's about this... the monster that was living under my bed as a child.

You're joking. No, I'm not... I'm not joking.

What? He was my mate, but I also feared him.

This song is like a love song, but, like, also like a dream of somebody in a mental institution.

Is anybody watching this disaster?

What would you like to say to your fans? I don't really like to call them my fans.

I want to call them my friends. I hate you.

We're all one but I would die without them. You should be dead.

Yeah, it's ironic, you know, that's why I do what I do.

Cath? Yo.

I'm not... I'm not just a deejay.

I'm a rhythm poet. Hey! No, I was watching that.

You look crazy, right now. You are a crazy lady.

That's it. One week is enough time to mope around. Up we go.

No. We're going out, yes. Come.

Dr. Phil said I'm a codependent.

Okay, first of all, never trust a bald man.

I learned that the hard way, and second of all, psychology is like the horoscope. We're going out.

I am never going near a man again, not even a...

I will not be a codependent astrologer!

That's fine. Okay, now wash your face.


Oh, my God. You are so fun.

Garret, he was not fun. He was one of those artistic types... super needy and blah.

Who's Garret? I don't know.

Hey. Hey.

Hi. Hi.

I'm Ryan. This is Ryan.

It's nice to meet you.

Yeah, we have to go, like, right now. Why? No, I'm having fun.


It's good to see that you're alive.

What's up?

Not much. Hello, Ryan. Don't speak to us.

I'm gonna make an effort to be nice.

Oh, you know what, Garret, I'm actually really happy that you're here because I wanted to introduce you to my new man, Dylan.

New man? What?

Dylan, Garret, Garret, Dylan. It's... we can all just...

Are you crazy? What the hell, man?

Are you crazy? What are you doing? I was lying, you animal.

I was trying to make you... Why would you lie to me?

You should not lie to people. Look what you made me do.

You're an asshole. You need some ice. Ryan, real mature.

Oh, God. What?

You know what? I think you're right.

I think maybe we should have some time apart. I can't do this right now.

This is crazy. I can't have this kind of press.

I'm punching people. Yeah...

Look who's got it together.

I'm moving to Woodstock.


This is the house I grew up in and this whole time, I forgot I had this option.

I mean, I haven't been there in 20 years, but I do technically own this place.

Is this about last night? No.

And what are you gonna do there alone?

Write music... and do crafts, which I love.

You're moving to Woodstock by yourself to a house you haven't seen since you were four, with no one there that you know so you could write and do crafts.



This is a horrible idea. Hey...

Last night was supposed to be about you getting out of the house, getting some fresh air because you spent a whole week on that damn couch, and you looked like this tiny, little Prozac commercial all curled up.

And we know this about you.

You run from things. I am not running away from anything.

I'm running to something. And I have laundry.

So my dad called this morning, asked me if I wanted to meet Shelly again.

Said it's important. He said it's mature.

He said that she means everything to him... and we wonder why I sleep around so much?

We know this about him, okay? He doesn't know how to protect your feelings.

You just have to do it yourself.

You're gonna be fine. I'm gonna be... super fine.

Come here.

Let's pawn this bitch and get me a car.

Woodstock, New York, is exactly one hour, 55 minutes from the city.

You take the George Washington Bridge over the Palisades Parkway, then west on route 28, and right onto route 33... and you're there.

In Woodstock, you can plant a daisy and out pops a rose.

Even the soil here is creative.

Historically, a town full of legends, all these romantic nomad people who were always drawn to this one town, this beautiful, creative spot, this Mecca, and I was going back there to be an artist, to become the singer I'd always hoped to be.

Back to this rich, powerful, creative Mecca.

Very good, thank you.

Hi. A white wine, please.


Thank you.



Okay, thank you. One more, please.

Seriously? Yeah, seriously, and a beer.

You know, I should be...

I should be feeling good right now.

I'm, like, good after this, right?

We are young Heartache to heartache, we stand No promises, no demands Love is a battlefield

We are strong No one can tell us we're wrong Searching our hearts for some love Both of us knowing

Love is a battlefield

Got to give her credit.

Hey, you didn't pay!

Emily, I got her, okay?



I lost my stud.

I can't find it, and Garret gave me those.


Here it is.

That's so... how did you find that?

That is so... it's the tiniest thing that's ever existed. You've got to have... you've got to have binoculars for eyeballs.

I'm sorry. I don't normally karaoke.

I just got lost in the song.

You were... fine.

I can't believe that you found that.

Oh, the light just hit it perfectly.

It lit up at me.

I'm a professional. Oh, yeah?


Some things are hard to ignore.

I love you.


I got to stand up.

Is everything moving?

Hey, are you okay?

Woodstock Clinic, Susie speaking.

Oh, hi, Mrs. Colson.


Do you know where Catherine Brown is?

So this is your version of super fine?

Really? What happened?

I don't know.

You tell me. I was the last person on your call list.

The last thing I remember was losing my earring.

I guess I found it.

Catherine, I see you're awake. How you feeling?

I'll take the silence and blinking as "better."

Any shortness of breath?

Headache, nausea?

No and no.

All right, well, this has been a great talk.

Try to stay hydrated. Call if you need anything.

What have you got?

Oh, my God. No.

You cannot like him. No, I know him.

Oh, God.

Oh, no.

Home, home, please get me home.

What do I do?

Well, got a weekend and a credit card.

Yeah Send in the cavalry

Travel round the world and I've searching for a place With something new You only get one shot You've got to give it everything you got You've come a long way, baby When I will fall You catch me when I go You're much closer than you know...

We're such good dancers.

Books on friendship should be written about people like you.

I love you. I love you, too.


Hey, Cat!

You came here to write, so just start writing.

Are you artichoking? 'Cause there's a doctor in the house.

Hi. Hi.



I don't love you. What?

I said that at the bar, and I don't... I didn't mean it.

I don't say things like that, and I don't dance like that. I never dance like that.

So I'm sorry for the awkward "I love you," yeah.

And I got to go to this thing that I have. So I'm gonna go to this thing.


Catherine, wait up.

Go to dinner with me?

Like on a date?

Yeah. Are you insane?

Because I'm acting like...

Never mind. Just... Look, Doctor...

Please call me Noah. I... technically would never ask a patient out so every time you call me "doctor," I can't help but feel a little pervy.

Okay, Noah, I'm on a little thing called the rebound.

I'll tie you up if you're into that. What?


I'm sorry, that was bad... bad joke.


All right, I'm gonna go. Okay.


It was really great talking to you.

You too.


Hi, could I get a large coffee with some ice in it, please?

You mean, an ice coffee?

No, like a hot coffee but just with ice in it.

I just like to drink it right away.



Hey, you're the bartender from the other night, right?

Yep. Yeah, I think I owe you money.

Noah took care of it.

So when's the next show? Most weekends.

But Lee Ann doesn't play here anymore.

Why not? Well, she doesn't perform anymore.

Sorry. That's yours.

Last time I'm scraping this off, Emily. I'm warning you.

Find another window.

I've no idea what you're talking about, Mr. Harmon.

I'd put that on my wall.

It's really good. Whoever did that is, like, brilliant good.

You should come to the barn tomorrow night.

Just up the creek about a half-mile down from the race track.

Everybody's gonna be at the farm.

Aaron Embry's playing.

Bye, Mr. Harmon.



This place is amazing.

It's starting.

Every part of you is just another part of me Every part of you is just another part of me Every part of you is just another part of me Every part of you is just another part of me Every part of you is just another part of me Every part of you is just another part of me Every part of you is just another part of me

If you follow how the river finds its way to the sea You'll notice every part of you is just another part of me Every part of you is just another part of me Every part of you is just another part of me Every part of you is just another part of me Every part of you is just another part of me Every part of you is just another part of me

Every part of you is just another part of me

Every part of you Every part of you is just another part of me

I really needed that.

So I think everybody's gonna go to Noah's after for dinner. Do you want to come?

To Noah's?

He owns the barn.

Linda Carr owns the barn. That was his mom.

No way. Linda Carr Bernstein.

She died a couple of years ago.

I think it's pretty cool that he kept this place going.

So you coming?

You need help down there?

Who need some more wine? A little bit more of the red.

Who listens to the radio anymore?

98.3 is part of the perks of living in Woodstock.

And I love the radio. Remember the days when you had to wait for a good song?

Instant gratification is the tagline of our generation. So I get you.

They play all the local bands and new stuff people are still working on, which is cool to hear.

It's the reason why I listen to music.

I always have it on at my office. It's just the best.

So, Catherine, what brought you up here?

Well, I own a house here, and I haven't been back in years and years.

Just thought I'd take a break and do some writing.

You're a writer?

Yes, singer... well, songwriter/singer... so, whatever, yes, I'm a writer.

Cool, what kind of stuff do you write?

I guess you could say that it is in the folk family.

It's a good family to be in. Yeah.

Why don't you play something?

Come on, play something. No... no, it's okay.

This is a great audience. Yeah, I can tell...

Well, actually, I did just finish one song that I can play, but... So there we go.

Come on. Yeah!

Do it. Let's hear it.

No I really don't think so Did you think I'd be incapable of being on my own?

No I really don't think so That I would for a second let you back in through my door I have spent many a night even when I was by your side I shed tears I couldn't cry I shed tears I couldn't dry But I should thank you for taking my blindfold off Now I ain't jaded no more, no more And I take pride in being the one that said good-bye That could only mean I am me once more That can only mean I am me Once more

That sounded great.

Why haven't you ever come back?

Just... you know never got around to it.

It wasn't on the old agenda.

Also my... my parents died when I was little here, so...

I guess it kind of... brought back some memories.

Where's the... where's the bathroom? Is that on the... in the veranda?

Okay, I'm gonna run to the bathroom.

Bobby Charles.

"I Must Be in a Good Place Now."

I used to hear this song all the time when I was a kid.

I'd sit under the table in the kitchen and watch their bare feet swaying around.

They'd pretend not to know I was down there.

"I wonder if Catherine is sleeping tight?"

Jackie De Shannon.

Oh, "The Weight."

This must be the best song ever written.

Like, it must be.

The first night we met when I brought you to my office...

I watched you sleep the whole night.

Well, that's borderline creepy.

And I thought...

this is the most beautiful person... ever made.

I should go.


Thank you.

I never got a chance to thank you for last week, so... thank you, and for the compliment.

I don't think I've ever gotten a compliment like that.

Is Emily here? No.


You're Lee Ann Frank, right? That would be me.

I'm a huge fan. Oh, thank you, honey.

Can I get you something? Yeah, a coffee would be great.

Yeah, it's a cold night.

It's freezing. I don't know how you guys do it.

That's the best part.

The weather these mountains make. Are you just visiting Woodstock?

Actually, I moved back here, I guess.

That's great. Where to?

The Brown house on Gray street.

It's right next to the Gilard farm. Yeah, I didn't know that house sold.

Oh, it's mine... or it was my parents'.

So what do I owe you? On me.

You sure? Welcome back.

Oh, hey... I didn't catch your name.

Catherine. Catherine Brown.


Well, welcome back to Woodstock, Catherine Brown.


And it was really special to meet you.


Oh, God, you scared me. Sorry, your coffee. Sorry.


Are you that way? Yeah, I'm on Gray Road.

That's close to me. I'll walk with you.

Okay. Yeah, yeah.

Ryan and I are just covered in red wine.

And we're just laughing so hard, and we're so scared that the headmaster's gonna come find us.

Nice. And so Ryan looks at me and she goes, "Hey, do you know the one with two sailors who go out to sea and get covered in red wine?" I knew that one.

And we figured out that we could laugh at the same things, and... so she's... she's family.

And you've no other family?

Not... not anyone close enough to count.

And Ryan got you the job at Abundant?

Is this gonna be a one-way street the whole way?

'Cause I feel like I'm talking too much.

I like it.

I also like it.

You're with who?

I know, it's kind of crazy.

Yeah, pretty crazy.

We just made love to your song.

Oh. That's... special.

It was amazing, and your song was amazing.

Say thank you. It was a compliment.

Thank you.

Hey, Ryan, Ryan. What are you doing?

I'm getting ready. It's Jody's press junket tonight.

Jody... Sinclair?

Why are you working with her?

I have my reasons. Trust me. I have my reasons.

It feels good, man. I'm feeling it. Yes, I'm feeling it.

It's like this that hippie hit. We've hit the nail on the head.


Not you. Bam, we did good.

Good job. Good job.


So you seeing anyone at the moment, Ryan?

Can you stop breathing on me? Thank you.

Oh, you're closed, sorry.

Oh, hi, Catherine.

You want some coffee?

No, no.

So what do you do? Oh, I'm a singer and a songwriter.

I think. You think?

Yeah, well, I'll know when I write something brilliant and people listen to it.

"Brilliant." Kind of overrated.

Yeah, I've actually been having a really hard time writing.

And I'm just not censoring myself, and the thing that I really like about your music is your lyrics, how sly they are, how smart they are, just... the song is so much cooler than whoever's listening to it.

It's just totally... it's totally uncensored.

Well, thank you. That's sweet.

You know my dad used to listen to your music all the time?

He'd sit out on the front porch and play your album.


Well, we wrote some songs together, your dad and I.

You did? Yes, we did.

I knew there was a reason I was looking for you.

Well, why don't you come by one night after we close?

I'll give you some pointers, help you with those lyrics.


It's still here.

Hey, Mr. Harmon is gonna kill you.

He'll leave it up eventually.

Yes, he will. So what happened the other night?

You left so fast. Nothing. I mean... nothing at all.

It was really nice. Noah's... very nice.

Apparently, he's boning a Namibian model.

So he's that guy.

I just wanted you to know.

I'm just saying you should be careful.

A model?


I've collected Broken parts Too many lovers with empty hearts The only son of a loveless war Made my home at any open door Now this lonely world that rises cold Above my story that remains untold I pray the time would come This heart would find the sun Oh I was a runner man A lost boy Never had a plan Then your love showed me The other way Now from you I will never run away No I won't run away Run away Won't run away I won't run away From you

That sounds like him. Thank you for playing that.

Oh, sure. I had to go find it yesterday after you left.

All right, let me see.

"Follow the River to Me."

It's dumb. No.

No, it's not dumb. It's just maybe there's something, you know, more poetic.

I feel like I'm trying too hard. And working too hard.

Is there such a thing? In art, yeah. It's a balance.

You definitely have to put in the time, but, you know, then you also just have to let it flow.

You just have to be easy with it. Where would you follow the river to?

Literally, to the sea.

Follow the river to the sea Follow the river to the sea And that's why you're a genius.

Why don't you perform anymore?

You know, if there's any advice I can give you, it's don't love anyone who makes you hate your art.

I remember you In fragments of the past I knew But lately, it escapes me Reserves itself to the moments I feel most alone When I play familiar tunes... There she is.

The prettiest voice in Woodstock.

Walk me home?

...I can see you in a song I can hear you hum along And I know every word, too And I will find you in the hills tonight I will meet you in the moonlight You'll be here by my side Take back all the tears I cried I am home, I am home now I wish you could have known The world I built all on my own All my triumphs, my disasters The lies that I've known I'd have told you could I have called you on the phone And I will find you in the hills tonight I will meet you in the moonlight You want to feel like you're floating? You'll be here by my side Take back all those tears I cried I am home, I am home I fell asleep here once.

I just couldn't manage to leave one night.

The barn used to be my mother's.

I know. Emily told me.

It's strange to own something that used to be theirs.

I still feel guilty about changing the drapes.

Like you'll get in trouble.

This is crazy 'cause it happened so long ago for me, but sometimes like it's where they just went out to a party.

Or the whole day goes by and I wonder why my mother hasn't called.

I know, it's weird. Sometimes more weird than sad.

My friends complain about their parents, how they yell at them or they hate them for being human and failing.


And they're just lucky.

Lucky ducks.

Turn down the bed sheets

In the spare room

To catch up on the life That seems to stand still She wakes to find A souvenir

And glass cabinets With fingerprints...

Hello? Morning, Catherine?

Who is this? It's Ron. How are you?

Ron, hi.

I'm not calling too early, am I? Yeah, no, it's not too early.

I listened to those tracks that you... You did?

No, I didn't ask Ryan to do that, but... No, but she sent us them.

Yeah, you called me, though. Well, I'm not a hustler.

No, that's okay, that's great. Like, how many songs?

It's not a problem, is it?

Yeah, I think I can do that. Brilliant. By the 24th.

The 24th? That's... On the 24th.

That is in a week.

No, I think so. I think, yeah, I can do that. I think I can do that.


Yeah, that's... thank you.

I will see you... I will be there.

Okay, bye. Okay.

I... am going to Abundant Records on the 24th.

I have a 2:00 in the studio.

What? I don't even know what to say.

Oh, this is crazy. They want me to prepare all of my tracks.

I only have... I have one good one so far.

Would you ever move back to the city?

Yeah, I mean, for a record deal, I would do anything.

You... are a good luck charm, Noah Bernstein.

They don't call me the magic stick for nothing.

Oh, you did not say that.


I can't.

I have to prepare all these songs and this week just became really important...

Come on, I will cancel my 12:00 at the office, make you breakfast.


Fine. Fine.

But you're here now!


I know, I just thought what's another couple hours?

Hi. Surprise.

I just couldn't help myself.



What? What?

After you, miss.

Noah You're an asshole Noah You're a jerk

Noah I really don't think so I think you hate women And you are an asshole Oh, my God.

They all just want to break our hearts, don't they?

I blame Eve. That's what it comes down to.

We are being punished because this selfish naked gal who just couldn't help herself, we are left on this planet, and we're trying to, like, do what's right by life.

Never give it up, Lee Ann. Never.

I don't think that's possible, even if I tried. Look where we live.

You know what? They only like you until they get you, and they're gonna lie, and they're gonna cheat, and steal until they get you.

And... no, nothing is gonna get me down this time. Nothing's bringing me down.

Chastity belt all up in here.

I forgot to tell you something. This is gonna make you feel so much better.

Have you ever heard of Billy Todd, Classic Soul Recordings?

It's this awesome, I mean, awesome little indie label outside of Nashville, and Billy's an old friend of mine.

And he is the real-deal kind of music guy.

I never asked him for anything, ever, and I called him.

And he is gonna come here to Woodstock on the 24th to hear you sing.

I'm telling you, I just got a feeling that this is gonna be the perfect match.

You'll come here after closing just like you've been doing, and you will sing for my friend.

You good?

The 24th? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Is that a problem?

No, not.

I will be here. It's gonna be so great.

I love this cake. I know, man, this is my favorite cake.

Focus, focus, focus.

Think, think.

Think, think.

If I stop too...

If I stop too long to think

Nothing good can come from that

You don't have to tell me

That I'm running scared

I am fully present I am

Totally aware Nothing's gonna break me down

And I don't know anymore Than I did way back then It's just that I am done with moving In the wrong direction Love, I wouldn't change a thing, you know I never could pretend

Nothing's gonna break Nothing's gonna break Me down

Nothing's gonna break me down

That was dope.

Thanks for helping. Yeah, of course.

I should get going.

He's a weirdo.

You know, I should probably go, too. Yeah.

You gonna come? No, I'm gonna wait for Lee Ann.

Have a good night. You, too.

Dear fellow traveler under the moon I saw you standing in the shadows And your eyes would bloom You put your hand down, opened the door...

Hey, Em. Hey.

Is Catherine here? Nope.

Actually, I haven't seen her all day.

Right, the 24th, she's in the city.

Is she mad at me? Has she said anything to you?

No. She's kind of a private person.

I'm sure if she's mad, you must have done something.

Look, she really likes you. Don't be a dick.

I'll work on that. Thanks, I wasn't planning on it, but thanks for the advice.

One thing I know about men, you can't help it.

You just sneeze the wrong way, and you break our hearts.



Ryan? What? I'm not sleeping.

Surprise! I forgot to call you.

I've noticed.

How very coming of age of you.

I miss you. I have something... incredibly important to tell you, like, it is insane.

Can I come by after the meeting? Yes.

Okay. Good luck and...


It never hurts with those two.

Thanks for the pick-me-up.

Your little hippy polka song sounded weird at first, I'm not gonna lie. That wasn't even finished.

It was a mess. It sounded like a Bar Mitzvah video or something.

Yeah, it sounded Jewish.

Yeah, like really, very Jewish, actually.

But people are into hipsters. Everyone's moving to Brooklyn.

We took your song and pumped it up a little bit, put a little beat behind it, and immediately... I saw fragrance.

Oh, yeah, fragrance. I saw girls crying about their boyfriends.

Just crying. I saw covers of magazines.

Magazines. You are relatable.

Yeah, and relatable sells. Do you understand what we're saying?

I think so. Catherine, get a lawyer.

We want to sign you. See, you plus a beat, it's record gold.

Okay, record gold, baby.

What... what do you mean by "plus a beat"?

Party over here. Party over there.

See? A-mazing?

Just one moment.

I love it.

Let me play you the new stuff.

Catherine. Hey, can we talk?

No. No way, no. Please, please. Please don't walk away.

Please just don't walk away. How did you even know that I was here?

Sally. Sally.

It's good to see you.

Can we just go get a glass of wine and just... please?

Just one little glass.

You know, no. Just to talk.

You know what, I have this thing tonight in Woodstock and I was supposed to go say hi to Ryan, and, shit, I don't want to go back in there.

Listen, look, look at you. Look how stressed out you are.

Let's just go focus on you for one night.

Come on.

God, I real... I miss this, like, being open with you and I'm just being so open with somebody.

You're not open with your French girl?

I think I need to go into treatment, like a rehab. I...

I think I'm a sex addict.

I need to curb this thing in me that just wants to sabotage things and have sex with them and just be gluttonous

'cause I think have boundary issues, and I... I...

I think I... you know what? I think I want to be gluten-free, and I just want to change everything about myself so you won't even recognize me, and I'll do that today, I will change everything... right now.

I mean it.

Where... where's your ring?

I sold it.


Well, I deser... I deserve that, but here's the thing, Cat.

Ten years is ten years, and things were getting weird between us.

You know, and I messed up. Everyone messes up. You make mistakes.

Okay, I made bigger mistakes, but...

Catherine, you know that we always come back to each other.

You know we do, and I have always been here for you.

I know everything about everything about you. Doesn't that mean something?

And I...

I mean, I'm an idiot, but I'm your idiot.

And your idiots are hard to come by.

Tell me.

Where is my phone? Come on.

Lee Ann, I am so sorry.

I just have a lot going on.

And I was in the city, and Abundant Records wants to sign me, but they ruined my song. Abundant Records?

Garret showed up. That's where you were?

It's a long story. I just... last night was not working out for me.

That's what I've been helping you write for, that horrible sell-out company?

See, this is why I didn't want to tell you, because I thought that you would react like this. That company is pretty major.

Did you forget how they fired you without a glance?

They make music that you hate.

Well, maybe I don't care. You don't care about your work?

Yeah, maybe I want to sell out. Maybe I want to stop trying so hard.

Honey... you are so much better than what just came out of your mouth.

I should just go back to the city. I don't belong here.

Wherever you go, you take yourself with you.

You think the gauge for not trying so hard is that it feels easy?

Well, you're wrong.

Yeah, says the woman who won't sing in public anymore

'cause some guy told her that her voice quivers on the wrong octave.

Oh, yeah.

Right, yeah, you're right.

Who am I to lecture you on good choices?

For the record...

I went out on the line for you.

You should go back to the city.

You don't belong here.


Hi. Hi, I thought you were in Woodstock.

I was. I just had an awful 24 hours, and I really do miss something.

I don't know what. I just... I need a hug.

I don't know if that's right or whatever, but I just need a hug...

Yeah, of course, come here.

Why are you... why are you greasy?


It's... I... Garret?

What? Why are you greasy?

It's a... it's oil, and it...

I don't know. You're supposed to... it's supposed to like sort of...

No, no, Catherine, don't go in there! We were never officially back together.

Come on!

You remember. This is Sylvia. And this is her very close friend, Matilde.

Sorry, can you leave us alone for a second?

Catherine, it's all out of con...

Don't you dare. Give it to me. I implore you to hand me that marble man statue because it's a De Fontana, and it's insanely expensive.

Don't, don't, please, please, please... Going down.

...and every part I get, I rub him on top of his head! Please, don't!

No! No?

Okay, Catherine, Catherine. Good, you... keep control, okay?

Let's just be reasonable here, all right. What are you doing? No, no, no!

Don't, don't... no, no, no, no, no, no...

You chopped his little penis off. Yeah, it's called retribution, Garret.

You chopped his little penis off.

Just be happy I wasn't being literal.

"Very good friend"?

Yes, and the whole place is just covered in, like, baby oil, and Noah is with this tall, Namibian lady and Lee Ann is...

You know what, Catherine? I can't be here for you right now.

Why not?

Do you know that I called you seven times last week and then waited for four hours for you to stop by after your meeting?

I was having one of the most important weeks of my life.

Yeah, well, so was I.

Right, right, because the world cannot revolve around me for just a second.

What? Are you a mental?

The world's axis sits on your tiny, little person and spins out of control and all I do is clean up your mess, your constant emotional mess.

What a joke! I am an emotional mess?

You're obsessive and sleep around so much, I have lost penis count.

You know what? I don't give a shit what you think about me.

I am no mental when I am standing across from the single most insane, wildly inappropriate, just downright wrong person I've ever met.

I'm pregnant.

Of course you are.

Get out. Great.

And I hate your baby.


Stop, stop. Stop.

Jesus, dude, I thought you were dead.

I mean, you look all cracked out and dead right now.

I feel like a version of that.

What the hell happened to you?

I failed at life. Everybody hates me. I'm about to sell out to Abundant tomorrow.


I'm dying.


I mean, I'm not really dying, but it kinds of puts shit into perspective, doesn't it?

Plus you'd feel like an asshole if I was.

Somebody should definitely feel like an asshole right now.

Look, dude, what do you want?

If you could want anything and it didn't matter, what would you want?

To make the record I wrote out here.


But how it sounds, you know, not like... and I don't care who puts it out, who it's through, I just... I want it to sound like how it sounds here, like...

I want it to sound like me. Good. Let's record it.

Tell Abundant to take it or leave it.


My meeting's tomorrow.

Where would we even record it?



Will you be my emergency contact? Thank you.

You can step right in, just leave the paperwork on the desk.


Hey, doc, I got this.

What are you doing here?

We wanted to... well...

We need to use the studio at the barn. That's why you're here?


Also if you don't mind, cancerous?

You're fine, but you should be seeing the dermatologist at least once a year.

What was that? I don't have cancer.

No, I know, but, for him to walk out.

I found the cold-hearted-snake tone of voice a real doozy.

Should we leave?

You can go.

I set it up.


No, he cannot just...

Hey! Excuse me?

What are you doing? No, Noah, no.

You do not get to snub me. Do you understand that?

You are not allowed to be cold to me, when I should be cold to you.

You slept with me, and it was...

I mean, it was the be... it was ama... four times!

Okay, no, that's not the point.

The point is... the point... the point is this...

Catherine, what is your point?

I can't remember!

Okay, I saw you kiss Garret.

I drove to the city, like an idiot, to see you.

I stood outside of that building for an hour and you walked into someone else's arms.

Okay, and I was hurt. Understandable.

You know what? I know what you are.

You... are a player.

What the fuck?

I'm sorry, Mr. Harmon, but this little liar man here has this tall Namibian girlfriend that he is hiding away somewhere.

He's just storing her, and you know what?

I came to see you, too.

After I left your house I drove to your office to surprise you, and I see you walk out with legs-for-days over there.

So you didn't warn me about you, but you should have.


Laura is the new physician assistant at my office.

Catherine, I have been single since my mom died.

You know what? Catherine, you should go. You should go.

But I never slept with him, no, I didn't. He kissed me, and then I slept over at his house, but that was later, hours and hours later, and we did sleep in the same bed, but that was it.

I couldn't do it, and I thought that you were ditching me.

You are the one that I want to have sex with, not Garret, just you, Noah, like, I want to have sex forever.

I want have forever sex with you.

Thanks for the studio.


I'm so sorry. I'm really sorry for what I said.

It wasn't your most tactful moment.

But there was some truth in all that.

There was.

Thank you for helping me, for being so generous, for showing me how to write.

And showing me how... just... what I was looking for when I came here.

I think you're doing the right thing today.

You do?

'Cause it sounds like you. As long as you're being honest, then it doesn't matter who puts it out.

I'm proud of you.

I think your dad would be, too.

Come on.

Can I come in?

I'm so sorry.

That was our first fight.

I know. Unless you count the time you slapped me after prom.

Blake Rutherford? No. That was like a "slap back to reality" slap, so it doesn't count.

I don't hate your baby. You don't?

No. I love your baby.

It's gonna be the cutest.

Look at us... just a couple of grown-ups having babies.

Come here.

I miss you. I miss you, too.

And I'm hungry. I'm always hungry.

And I don't know...

Let me think about it. No.


...way back then...

I understand.

...done with moving The wrong direction

You don't have to tell me

How it's gonna end...

All day love songs coming right up.

We want to hear your stories, folks, as we jam out these love songs all day long.

But they can only be told if you call in, so give us a call. 555-ROCK.

Hey, there, our first caller.

What's your name?

Hello? Hello, there.

Yeah... this is Catherine.

And you have a love story for us, Catherine?

Yes, I do.

But you know, it's more than that. It's... it's... it's kind of about...

music and Woodstock and growth and then love.

Love is kind of the cherry on top of my story.



I think that I may have... pushed away the only guy that I've ever...

loved. The only guy who's ever made just complete and total sense and...

and my dad used to say that love... forever love was just all resistance and pain at the beginning, and I think that we got through that, so we're good, and he might be listening to you right now.

And if he is, I just want him to know that... he feels like family to me and... we both don't have any, so...

I'm on my way home, and if he could just forgive me or chalk it up to...

I don't know, rough beginnings, I would just be the happiest, most in-love lady from, I don't know, Kingston to Woodstock.

Just setting it all up so it comes to me if it wants to...

if he wants to.

And that's my story.

You acted crazy at my office.

Mr. Harmon got an earful.

I think he's still recovering.

I'm serious, Catherine. After you left he complained about heart palpitations and told me about his first time. Her name was Leslie.

She was blonde and plump and had perfect lady parts.

I'm sorry.

So you're staying here?

I remembered the point.

Oh, yeah?

Love is a battlefield.

That's your point? Yeah.

That's your great, big, epic point?

Look, can you just tell me if you love me or not?

I know that's a lot to ask of somebody.

I know that's a lot to ask someone to be that clear, but I just really need to know the ending to this part of my story.

Are you kidding me?

I fucking love the shit out of you.

Forever sex time?

You're a serious perv.

That's Noah Bernstein, my husband.

He's a doctor. He's really good.

And that's me, Catherine Brown, the new me, lives in Woodstock, New York.

The new me is signed to a small Indie label because she hates the corporate music biz and thinks that anyone who takes it seriously is a ridiculous person.

But this me...

This is so much more than I could have hoped for.

The me that's finally living her life, remembers what her dad would always say, "Never sell out. Always put love first.

And if all else fails, there's always Woodstock."

They're coming over on the wind

They're coming over playing horns and violins The saints and sinners are all marching back in To lead me on Lead me on I've been walking round in a haze

I have wasted all my nights and all my days I've been lying to myself I've been trying to be someone else It's so simple now It's no secret how Follow the river Down to the sea Where you're supposed to be

It's never easy That's a fact Nothing's for certain You can't always take it back On this sad romantic planet You might make a pact A promise to love A promise to love But you've got to learn to love yourself Then you can try to love somebody else

I've been trying But it's hard I've been playing with some shaky cards But it's so simple now Once someone shows you how

I follow the river Down to the sea To where you're supposed to be

Yeah, I follow the river Follow the river Back down to the sea That's where you're supposed to be