Am zin (1999) Script

Not good. It's spreading fast.

How much time do I have?

Four weeks.

But if you start bleeding internally, you may die anytime.

That's fine.

Just give me 4 weeks' worth of painkillers.

Looks like we won't see each other again.

Just not in this lifetime, doc.

Officer Ho, the suspect is inside. Officer Wong is at the command car.



They blew up the surveillance camera. We can't see what's going on.

And we have no idea how many suspects and hostages are inside.

Have we talked to them?

That was 20 minutes ago.

You did it again!

You must've told them that you're Inspector Wong, and that they have 3 minutes to surrender, right?

Let's hear it.


- I'm Chief Inspector Wong. Are you the negotiator?

Sounds like he's masked. I'm the commander of this case!

You are now heavily surrounded.

Release all hostages in 3 minutes, drop your weapons and surrender!

You can get somebody killed with what you'vejust said.

Tell him your name and your position.

Alice Lau... I'm a teller... help!

What do you want?

Dismiss the snipers from the opposite building.

Move all the cops back by a block.

And get me a bulletproof Benz with a full tank of gas.

I want the car here in half an hour.

Why don't you ask for a chopper?

- Fine. A chopper it is. Don't be a negotiator if you're not!

Stop wasting my time. I'm done talking with you.

You have half an hour. The clock starts now.

Hey! That's not what I meant...

I'm done talking with you. You have half an hour.

Stop wasting my time. I'm done talking with you.

You have half an hour. The clock starts now.

Forget it. The nutcase wants a chopper!

I thought he's very calm and professional.

Turn on the walkie-talkie. I want to hear every word!

As long as you don't say a word.

Go over there.

What is it?

Just daydreaming.

I am Inspector Ho.

Due to the neon light signs, the chopper couldn't land outside.

I suggested a car for you.

But first, I need confirmation that the hostages are safe.

Get out.

If I don't see a chopper in 5 minutes, I'll kill a hostage.

I'm here to help you.

My job is to resolve this case in a peaceful manner.

And also, I'm unarmed.

Get out!!

You've already killed someone, Keung!

Why are you calling my name?? I've told you not to use real names!

If it's not for your chicken shit brother, we would've gotten away!

So shut up!

Stop crying!

Hey brother, why don't we do this?

Let me take the wounded hostage out.

He's bleeding and in danger of dying.

I promise you. We'll drive you to the helicopter port.

No one is leaving!

If any hostages dies, then this will become a homicide case, not a robbery.

That's serious shit.

Police will not negotiate with suspects under those circumstances.

Since you've already killed one, why not just let the others go?

No way!

I know you didn't do it.

Because you don't look like someone who can fire a gun.

You can be a hostile witness.

Even if the judge sentences you to five years, I guarantee you'll get out in about two.

Don't let him use you.

If he fires one more shot, the SDU will storm in here.

They don't care how many hostages are still alive.

They will not let you live.

Also, they can hear everything we've said.

Time's up!

If you don't get out now, this will be her last day alive!

And it'll be your fault!

Don't do it, Keung!

You called my name again!!

Keung! If you're going to kill the hostage, you might as well kill me!

- You'll get us all killed! You trust that cop?

Keung! No robber has ever escaped in a hostage situation!

- Shut up, asshole!! Keung, you're so selfish.

- You want us to die with you. Let's see who'll die first!


The hostages are coming out. Repeat, the hostages are coming out.

Sir, I'm from the Kwun Tong precinct. I'm off duty today.

This is some fucked up shit!

Do you have a cold?

I'll help this security guard out first.


Don't be scared... hang in there.


The person on the phone was you.

And you want to kill me too?

You're not too bright, I'm afraid. How could a dead man talk?

Shooting me with your own gun won't look good on the report.

You can't get away now. Let's go.

Inspector Ho Sheung-sang! What's going on?

Why did you turn off the walkie-talkie?

I almost lost my life.

There were three robbers.

Two of them were killed by one of our own.

And he is the prime suspect! What??

What happened?

Probably a suicide.

I want a report!

Not only are the pants tight, the shirt is tight too.

But we followed your measurements.

I've already fixed the buttons many times.

Have you ever seen a cop's pants dropping while he's on the beat?

They make me look like shit!

Who looks like shit? Here, let me measure it.

Your next one will fit like a glove. If not, come and beat me up.

Thanks, sir. My pleasure.

36 inch waist.

Have you checked the parking tickets? All done.

Check again. Cops today are pretty illiterate.

I've already sent them over to the Judiciary.

Come with me to check the warrants.

How many more times do you want to check?

You've already arrested everyone you could possibly arrest.

Let's clean up the warehouse then. It's really messy.

Sir... I did it last week.

Who told you to?

You did.

Executive Support.

I've already told you. Sister Cute called in sick.

I'll tell her to pick it up... when she's back. I'll go! What is it? I'll do it!

Some crackhead took a shit on the 4th floor corridor, and no one wants to clean it up.

Piggy, you go.

Let's go together.

Have the shoes arrived yet?

They're already at the warehouse.

"Big Arms Smugglers Raided And Most Wanted Leader Captured..."

"By SDU Captain Ho"

Hey, kiddo!

What's up, inspector?

Check please.

Someone has already paid for you.


Don't know. Here's a note.


He was sitting at the bar, but he's gone now.

It was a man? Yup.

Sir, may I help you?

I have an appointment with Mr. Lee.

Have you brought your house's deed?


This won't take long.

If all the documents are here, then we'll be done in 15 minutes.

Sir, is this a joke?

Are you laughing at me?


Go home!

Run! He has a gun!!

Take a break.


Someone is holding our manager hostage!

According to the staff, there's only one suspect.

He's wielding a gun-like object. And he's holding the manager hostage.

Call the SDU.

Call the negotiator too.

It's almost time. Get up.

Sir, please remain calm.

I am the negotiator. I am here to help you.

I'm coming over. Open the door.

Don't worry, I'm not armed.

The police have surrounded the entire building.

You have no way out. Let him go first.

Then why are you here?

To hear your demands.

You're here to talk to me? Unlock the door.

What's your name?

I'm Hui.

Mr. Hui, I don't like your voice. Find someone else to talk to me.

Open the door. Let's go.

You go over there and tell them to leave.


Fine. Then move!

Sir, you heard him. He won't talk to me.

I'm Chief Inspector Wong of OCTB... Leave!

You can talk to me.

I'm the commander of this case. I said, LEAVE!

Find someone else to talk to me if you want him to live.

Get up there.

The suspect has now taken the hostage to the rooftop.

Go to the opposite building. I want to know their exact position.

No need to salute. We belong to different departments now.

Now go to work.

The suspect has taken the manager of finance...

Where is he? Right over there.

Sir, the area is now sealed. There's no elevator access.

I know. Which floor is the rooftop?

The 28th.

It'll take me at least 8 minutes to run up to the rooftop.

If anything happens within these 8 minutes, will you take the heat?

I'll have to take the heat for sure if I let you go up there.

You take care of him. I have no time for this.

Can't you see I'm trying to save someone's life here?

You need to be more flexible! Did you... did you lock the elevator?

Where's the key? I don't have it.

Are you pressing the button? No.

You're blocking the door sensors! Stand back!

Stand back some more!

He was blocking the sensors!

Inspector Wong's already here. Walkie-talkie.

Where's Wong?

Who's calling me?

There are elevators here, you know.

You've got some good contacts.

Even SDU is willing to deal with this petty stuff.

The suspect does not want to talk to Hui.

We have to find another negotiator.

He's definitely stalling.

Don't tell me you've talked to him.

I didn't say much.

Why can't you keep your big mouth shut??

How can I not say anything when he's right in front of me??

There you are! I've been waiting forever.

I'm sorry. I was stuck in traffic.

This is too long a distance for conversations.

Can I come closer? I'm really not armed.

Sniper one, report your position. Sniper two.

Sniper two, wait. Wait.

Sniper one report. We can't cover the target.

Sniper two report. Target is blocking himself with the hostage... and hiding behind the pole.

I'm Inspector Ho Sheung-sang. How can I help you?

I think you pretty much know what they usually want.

Sometimes they want money, a car, a plane, or sometimes just to see their wives. Do you have a girlfriend?

Doesn't matter.

I don't want those things anyway.

Don't move!

Officer Ho is blocking the target. We can't get a good aim.

Am I smart or what?


May I know your name?

You can find that out yourself.

Then what the hell do you want?


I just want to play a game with you for 72 hours.

Oh, shit. It's Lunatic Meets Lunatic.

You just want to play a game with me after all this?

That's right.

We can play, but the hostage is innocent.

Let him go. I'll take his place.

The suspect has shot the hostage! A Team, break in!



This is a pressurized detonator. If I let it go, the bomb will explode.

Wong Kai-fat, look around where you're standing.

You want me to believe that piece of shit you're holding is a bomb?

You don't' believe it? Try me.

I don't believe it. Let it go.

Go ahead!

I believe you! Don't let it go!

That bomb is a fake!

How can you be sure?

Would you please trust me for once?

Why should I trust you and not him?

If it goes off, then I'm fucked. If it doesn't, then I'll be fine.

You're a COP! Can't you be brave at least for once?

Even YOU don't know whether it's real or fake!

Don't move. There are more than just two bombs.

I won't take the responsibility if they explode.

Everyone, don't move!

So, you'll have to watch me take off.

Command car!


Tell Bomb Disposal Unit to get up here now.


See for yourself!

Help... I'm not dead. Help... Is anybody there?

What does it say? What do you mean?

It's a fucking cracker box!!

Can you now call and ask where this shaft leads to?

Tell the building manager to get up here now!

How can you let him get away?

That's not your problem!

I'm asking you where does this shaft lead to?

All shafts lead to the control room.

Relax. He can't escape from this building.

Let's check the blueprints!

You've lost our golden opportunity... and said something that you shouldn't have.

So, here we are.

You tell me how we're going to catch him now.

We had the whole building surrounded. How can he escape?

He could've disguised as a SDU member.

He's probably walking on the street by now.

No shit!

What's up, pal?

He attacked one of our men!

Officer Wong, we're now on the 18th floor.

The suspect dressed as a SDU and attacked one of our men.

I'm on my way!

Hey! 18th floor is up there!!

What the hell are you saying??

Where in Tsimshatsui?

By the pier.

Where are we going?

To the nearest police station.

Just by yourself?

More than enough.

But you're not armed.

Aren't you afraid that I might shoot you?

If you shoot me... I'll flip the car over.

Yeah, that can be dangerous.

If you can take me to the station, then you win.


I'm not such a good shot all the time.

I'll shoot after I count to three.




OCTB will take your statement now.

I can't hold it anymore!

You can't remove it just yet! We need it to do tests!

I really have to go shit!

Don't wash your face!

Don't wash your hands either!

Be quiet and you'll be fine.

Lean on me.

What are these?

Just some old clothes.

Let me see them.

Where are you taking them?

To my relatives in Mainland China.

Driver, go ahead.


Stop at the intersection please.

Stop at the gas station please!

Why are you following me?

I live here.


This is yours.

You have to remember one thing.

Sometimes one plus one doesn't equal two.

I can bet you that he will not leave Hong Kong.

Sir, is he waiting for us to catch him then?

You have to think over the entire case.

Then you'll realize he's no ordinary thief.

Who is his target? What is his motive?

Don't you think it's worth thinking it over?

I know he's been transferred to clerical.

He ruined the whole case because he wasn't following orders.

That's why the suspect was able to escape.

I've had enough with him.

And this is not the first time, like that bank robbery...

I... I don't mean to give you a hard time.

I know that you two are friends.

I understand.

The best thing is to put ourselves in the robber's shoes... and think what he is thinking.

Of course, you have to be smart to do that...

Follow up on the evidence.

Many military shops sell SDU uniforms. Go check it out.

The sergeant is doing that now.

Take this to the weaponry department and have them verify it.

They said these are sold regularly on the streets. Nothing special.

Check for fingerprints then.

Officer Ho said there weren't any.

He must have put glue on his fingers.

Do a sketch for me!

It's done. We've even gotten the warrant.

Then what are we forgetting?

Stupid! I'm so stupid!

I totally forgot about our most important clue, the finance company!

How could I have forgotten such an OBVIOUS clue?

We can go there and check it out.

Before you do, fix the faulty lights in the corridor first!

Haven't seen you in ages. I thought you were dead.

I'm not here to help you.

I just want to take a look at the diamond.

It's short $5 million.

Each person gets $2.5 million. But the other two guys didn't come.

They're dead, and the Russian Mafia is still looking for us.

It's your problem, not mine.

If the diamond's real, then you can leave.

Is it real or not?

It's real.

I say it's not.

I say it is.

It's not.

I know a buyer if you want to sell it.

Clean them up.

Call me. Don't forget my 20%% commission.

I really have nothing more to say. I've told you everything I know.

Yes, yes...

You've been asking me the same questions!


I'm bored. Aren't you bored too? Yes, I understand.

Don't worry. Just give me all the details.

Whether it's a stare, a movement, or a smile.

Anything he said that you can remember...

I've got your card. As long as you remember.

I'll let you know. -Just call me anytime.

It's 3215!

That stone is worth 80 million.

I want you to keep an eye on it at all times.

Got it!


Nothing. Just looking.

Your company...

It's beautifully remodeled. Which field are you in?

Why do you ask?

I'm a cop. Transportation!

There was a robbery over there. Did you see anyone suspicious?

Your men had already asked me thousands of times.

Thousands of times!

Sorry to have bothered you, Mr. Thousands Of Times.

I was just going to the restroom.

Never mind!

There are now two unanswered questions.

First, why did he rob a finance company... in the same building that also houses jewelry and antique stores?

He could've just robbed those stores if it was for money.

Why did he rob the finance company?

This shows that his objective is not money.

Second, why me? Why did he choose me?

Why did he do all those things on the roof?

Therefore, I'm positive that either he wanted to get something from me, or he wanted to achieve something by using me.

So everyone, please help me think it over.

What do you think?

It's... it's already 5 o'clock.

Right. Your son is getting off from school.

You're late for mahjong. You need to go home for dinner.

And you want to go party in Shenzhen.

Aaron Kwok's concert is tonight.


See you, sir.

Sir, I almost forgot. This was for you.

Here's what you asked for.

Not bad! If you work fast, you'll get promoted fast.

No one else knows as much as you do.

You've worked in almost every department.

Luckily you're no good in music.

Otherwise you would've joined the police band too!

I hate blowing things.

Who's this guy?

He's Peter Cheung. Most likely he's Baldy's master.

But Baldy kicked him out three years ago, and we haven't had any news on him since.

We heard that he might be in England.


I've emailed the UK Interpol, requesting assistance.

It's now lunchtime over there.

We probably won't get feedback until later.

Where are we going for dinner?

Here's what I think.

There must be some British there who're on diet... and stay behind to work at the office.

Why don't you go back to the office, wait for the info and let me know?

You don't have a wife, and you don't fool around.

Do you know many of your colleagues thought you're gay?

Well, are you?


What about the finance company?

All clear. Their business is clean.

There's no reason for the guy to rob that company.

What did you just ask me?

Never mind. Can you take me to my car?

Let me know if you hear anything.

OCTB. Please hold.

Officer Wong, line three.

Hello? Speaking.

You have an Officer Ho here who wants to survey the crime scene.

Our superiors told us to notify the station first.

Don't mind him. He's not even in charge of the case.

Call me if he returns. I'm not the wimp he thinks I am!

That officer said that you're not in charge of the case.

You'd better call him and straighten things out.

I have to lock up now.

Come on.

Excuse me. I won't walk you out.



Where did my Coffee Mate go?

Shit. I forgot to tell him the number.

It's 3951.

Very photogenic!

Check the back door!

Suet, can you hear me?


Somebody came in.

Yes, somebody came in.

Somebody came in.

Somebody came in!!

You go up that way. I'll go in from the back!


Boss, someone came into the office.

Is the diamond still there?

Yes, but we found a camera that's pointed at the safe.

Take the case and wait for me at the garage in 15 minutes.

Got it!



Why did you hang up on me?

Who are you??

It's me, Inspector Ho.

Do you know that screw of yours almost got me killed?

Are you having fun with me?

Don't take the elevator.


No need to look.

They're coming up.

They have three guys and three guns against you.

And what do you have? An ashtray?

I hate it when someone messes with me.

Me too.

What now?

What time is it?

10:29. Don't you have a watch?

Which floor are you on?

The Fifth.

How many floors can you run in a minute?

What are you up to now?

There's an emergency exit on the ground floor... that locks automatically at 10:30.

You have 30 seconds... No... I mean 28. 27, 26...

10, 9...

It says the door is armed! 8, 7, 6, 5...

So, you used me to draw everyone else away!

You asshole!

Don't curse. Think of a way to get out.




A flat tire!

Get in!

Wake up!

Wake up!

Go after him!

Want to play with me?

You're something else! How dare you used me!

Look what happens now!

You're not bad in keeping up either. But look where you are now!

What do you suggest?

Don't ask. You'll soon find out.

There's no need to light the fire so soon!

Give me a gun. I'm getting off!

The car is on fire! It's going to blow up!

Has it exploded yet? Shut up. Let me see.

Is it going to blow up? Nothing's happening.

Go take a look.

I haven't had such excitement in years.

Thanks to you. What did you steal?

It's from the bald guy. A diamond that's worth 80 million.

Hey, we've swapped our positions. I drove last time, and you had the gun.

You heartless bastard.

Don't forget how you got out of the building.

But if it weren't for me, how would you have escaped from the bullets?

We were just using each other.

That's why you should always watch your back.

Yup. You know where the nearest police station is, right?


Same rule.

If you can take me to the station, you win.


You can forget about getting away.

What are you doing??

Your brain is fine.

If you're still concerned, come back for another checkup in two days.

Thank you, doctor.

Officer Ho.

Sorry, but Officer Wong wants you to wait for him.

Tell Officer Wong that I've waited too long, and I have to go now.

No, Officer Ho. Don't give us a hard time...

Officer Ho, get over here.

You two wait for me at the lobby.

Don't you lie to me about this.

I had a lunch date with a friend.

On the way, I... We've already found your car.

It's riddled with bullet holes, just like the other car that crashed!

There's nothing I can do if someone's after me.

We're cops. Of course we have enemies...

Are you still going to lie to me? What's this then?

This was found near your car. I asked the doctor.

He said these are painkillers for terminal cancer patients.

What a waste. You're still so young.

It's my fault too. I'm always biased against you.

But you always pick on me. I'm still your Senior Chief.

These pills can make you feel very agitated.

You have to be honest with me. Perhaps I can help you.

Officer Wong!

Any news?

What happened? It's only been a few hours since I saw you.

Peter Cheung is dead?

He died at Britain's Birmingham Hospital last October.

It'll be a year tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the 13th. Right. Friday the 13th.

Who's this?

The guy who robbed the finance company.

He's Peter Cheung's son. He's been residing in England.

But since his father's death, no one knows his whereabouts.

You may be gay, but I'm not!

Sorry for all your trouble. Thanks!

Are you alright?

I'm fine. I owe you dinner. I'll remember.

I'm leaving now.

What kind of an informant is she?

Head of Interpol.

Why didn't you tell me earlier??

Madam, let me walk you out. The elevator is here.


I'm Chief Inspector Wong Kai-fat...

Boss, a DHL document for you.

That's quite a game you're playing, Peter.

An eye for an eye.

I've kicked your ass once.

What makes you think you can beat me now?

Then we have nothing to talk about.

What exactly do you want?

Money. I only want $20 million.

That's too large a sum for you to take to your grave...

When and where?

I'll call you. Bye.

You know where the bar is, right?


I'm going now, but remember, don't... Don't use the walkie-talkie.

I won't make a move until you give us the word, right?


You're early today, Inspector.

Yes. I've got a date.

Have a seat.

You've made some pretty accurate predictions, Mr. Cheung.

So, you found out.

You've stolen the diamond and avenged your dad.

Why do you still want to see me?

I've told you. This game lasts for 3 days.

Have you forgotten?

That includes today.

But you're no longer in charge. Don't forget, I'm a cop.

Who cleans the warehouse and fixes the lights.

How are we going to spend all this time?

Aren't you bored? Or are you afraid that you might lose?

If you are, then take me back.

Aggression tactics won't work on me.

Besides, you don't have to worry about me cuffing you... or putting you behind bars.

You would be dead before we even send you to court.

Right. Nothing to be afraid of.

How about this? I'll give you one minute to convince me.

If you can, then I won't ask my buddies to come in.

59, 58.

Baldy will have to deliver the diamond in 3 days.

I've got the diamond.

If I make an appointment, he's bound to show up.

You can catch him then. I'm helping you out.

30 seconds left.

Many at Interpol are following this case.

You'll be recognized if you nail him.

And you'll get your transfer.

15 seconds.

You were enjoying this game.

There's one more day. Why don't you finish it?

10, 9...

Do you know what you looked like in these past two days?

Like a K-9 without a tail.

I dragged you to wherever I wanted.

You were tricked into meeting me here.

The rear exit is that way.

I'll mess with you again.

He's not here yet?

He's gone.

What's wrong with you?? You know we're outside!

My urine was really yellow this morning.

That's no big deal. My urine was yellow too.

I have a plan that will get you promoted for sure.

I'm really sorry.

Sit down and we'll talk.

What did you guys talk about?

Minibus License Plate #DW9363, pull over to the side.

Turn off the radio and engine.

What is it, officer?

You just ran a red light. No, I didn't!

You didn't?? Everyone on our EU car saw it!

Give me your driver's license and ID card!

You're cited for running a red light. Here's your ticket and your license.

And keep your radio down. Now move on!

Asshole. Gave me a ticket for no reason.

Motherfucker. Goddamn cops!

Everybody off!

Borsh soup and a fish filet, please.


Don't you want to eat?

What's your name?

My name is Leung Yuen-ting.

Knowing my name won't do you any good.

I read the papers. I know who you are.


You're welcome.

Too bad I don't have much time.

Does it matter?


Boss. Well?

Not to worry. We've checked. Everything is cool.

Keep an eye on all the exits. Don't let anyone leave once he arrives.

Got it!

Calling Officer Wong. Target has appeared.



You've got quite a crowd. Even Officer Wong is here.

You'll try anything, won't you?

Sit down.

Who's that babe?

Go over there and tell them Peter sent you.

If Baldy starts playing games, tell him the stone is a fake.

But before you go, can you at least give me a kiss?

Get ready.

Why aren't you guys playing?

Peter asked me to make the deal for him.


Hold! Hold!

Open it!


Officer Ho said we should only move when Baldy takes the case.

Clear? Damn sissy!

Are you trying to rob me, brother? Where's the money?

How do I know whether it's real or not?

You show me real money and I'll show you the real stuff!

Is she your girl?


You stay here. Your girlfriend will get the money.

She gets the money? Yes.

Honey, they want you to get the money for me.

Watch your back.

Follow the girl.

Hung, do you read?

Send someone over there and check it out.

Got it. Copy.

You stay put here.

Cheung, find out what's going on.

Calling Hung... Go over there!

Chung, what happened? Hung, what happened?

Chung, what the hell happened?? Hung, what happened?

Get over there.

Don't you worry. Your stuff is here.

If you don't trust us, you can have it first.


Hold! Hold! The robber is here! Keep an eye on him.

Mr. Chen, Peter told me to come and make the deal.

What the hell are you trying to pull, kiddo?

His stone is a fake. The real stone is here.

You're still in the dark.

You don't even know what game you're playing.

Stop thinking that she still likes you.

You've been fooled, dumbass. Yours is a fake.

No one ever tricks me.

I'll show it to you.

Well? Is it real or not?

How could this be?

Do you want to see the real thing?

Goddammit! You're conspiring with her!

Let go!

The necklace is mine! It's mine!

No action yet! No action yet!

Don't move in until he gives the stuff to Baldy!

Officer Wong, someone knocked Hung out.


They're both unconscious, and the money is gone.



One dresses as a woman, and the other is full of shit.

Trying to trick me with a bowling ball? Think I'm stupid?

Bowling ball?

Police! Freeze!

Drop your gun! Show me your hands!!

Police! Freeze!

You're a cop!

That's right. I'm Chief Inspector Wong from OCTB.

Both the thieves and the goods are now ours!

I have reasons to believe that these diamonds... are the stolen properties of the finance company.

Hands on your heads, everyone! On your knees!

Get in the car.

Did I pick the wrong person?

If I can take you to the police station, I win.


Still, I count you as a friend.

Is this how you treat your friends?

You can't be too careful.

It'll take less than 5 minutes from here to the station.

One turn and it's right there. Even a blind man knows where it is.

Let's see how you'll get away this time!

We are here. Now make your move.

I've done everything I've set out to do.

Not for me. If I don't take you in tonight, it'll be the greatest regret of my life.

Then you'll remember me forever.

Don't you worry. I'll always remember you.


No way! This again?

This is real.

You don't believe me?

Press it yourself.

You're kidding this time, right?

You pressed the button.

Everyone, keep your distance. There's a bomb on this car.

A bomb?

Everyone! Don't get too close!

Are you scared?

I'm not.

How will I die? Where will I die? It doesn't matter.

The most important thing is that... I don't die at the police station.

Do not approach! Stop the cars!

Listen, everyone! This is Chief Inspector Wong of OCTB.

Suspect has a bomb in the car and it will go off at any time.

Be careful! Take cover!

Go after him!

Why did you let him go??

He said there's a bomb in the car.

A bomb?

You always trust him when you shouldn't have!

You've been fooled, stupid!

Where are you going?

I'm hungry.

"An Unnamed Donor Contributed $20 Million..."

"To The Children's Cancer Fund Under The Name Of Ho Sheung-sang."

Sorry, Miss. I thought you're someone else.

That's a beautiful diamond. Where did you buy it?

A friend gave it to me. It's not worth much.

May I?

From your boyfriend?

Haven't seen him for a long time.

Why? Did you two have a fight?

Don't know.

I haven't seen him since he gave me the diamond.

He's got great taste.

Even though it's fake, it looks just like real.

You should keep it.

You never know when he'll show up and scare the shit out of you!