Amaanat (1994) Script

Baba! Listen..

Brother's here.

Bijli, listen.. brother has come.

You! He might be your brother, but he's my would-be husband.

Aunt, listen.. my brother has come. Ok.

My brother has come.

Some girls are crazy about their lovers, their husbands..

..but she's crazy for her brother.

Her brother is everything for her.

True. People worship God..

..but this girl worships only her brother.

He's an angel!

True. He works as a driver and gets our goods from the city.

Got our stuff? Yes.

Pumpkin for Shehnaz, cucumber for As|am..

His watch.. here you are.

Comb for lyengar.. here's uncle's cloth..

..potatoes for the priest, sweet potatoes for you..

Cigarettes for Mohan.. Give it to me.

And here are Bij|i's bangles. You only get bangles for me.

When will you put them in my hand?

That's not my cup of tea. Search for someone else.

Did you get spinach for me? Wait, aunt.

I'm running out of breath. Careful..

First it's Mr. Rajeshwar's turn.

Lord Hanuman's photo. You had asked for it.

Good! It's an auspicious day too.

Aunt here's your spinach and meat for you.

Oh God! This is sin! What happened?

You gave me meat. Oh God!

And veggies for me? Oh God!

One minute. Just exchange it. Everything will be alright.

Someday you will get beaten for the pranks you play on them.

You've grown up but you still behave like a kid.

Keep all the stuff out. They will take what they need.

Alright. Make it fast.

Hey Vijay, the bangles are lovely! When will you.. - You!

When will you..

Ms. Vandana, the medicine which you had asked for your child..

You didn't tell me about it. What happened to him?

The water in the well has become polluted.

He drank that water and has fallen sick.

Munna, take the medicine and you will be fine.

God, let the rains shower!

God, let the rains shower!

God, let the rains shower!

Quench their thirst and grant them a new life.

God, let the rains shower!

God, let the rains shower!

God, let the rains shower!

God, let the rains shower!

God, let the rains shower!

Quench their thirst and grant them a new life.

Grant them a new life.

Grant them a new life.

Brother, you dig the pot out as soon as you come from the city.

It already has money and you add more money to it.

What's all this? This is a bank.

It has an account in your name.

I'm saving money for your marriage.

After all, it's a brother's duty.

What's this? Our father's memento.

He used to wear it.

Don't keep it. Our father used to wear it..

But now onwards my brother will wear it.

Hurry up, serve the food. I'm famished.

You care for me like a daughter..

..not even my daughter would do so.

Really? Uncle..

When brother is out of the city, it's you who looks after me!

Since my daughter is dead, I look upon you as my daughter.

One shouldn't lament over the dead one's.

You should enjoy life with the one's who are with you.

You are a kid and you preach like a grandma.

Have your food, I'll leave.

Listen.. What's it?

Ask your brother to meet me before leaving for the city. - Ok.

We've to solve the water problem which we are facing.

Okay, I will tell him!

Folks, there was no rainfall this year.

All the wells have dried up.

There's only one well which has a little water in it.

The water is polluted. There's more of dirt in it.

You will find only greenery in Mr. Lankeshwar's region.

His wells are full of water.

And the canal too flows through his region.

Rajeshwar, Lankeshwar is your brother, isn't it?

Speak no more about him.

You think he will keep my word and give you people the water?

Even if everyone dies of thirst, he'll not give a drop of water.

He is cruel and inhuman. That's why I hate him.

Rajeshwar.. cool down.

Forget your anger for the benefit of this village.

And seek Lankeshwar's help. It's of no use.

It's no harm if we seek a little water for the villagers.

We aren't going to fight. We will request him.

Alright. As you people wish.

Why have you come here? To meet Thakur (landlord).

He doesn't meet poor people like you.

Shut up! Else you will face dire consequences.

Tell him his brother Rajeshwar wants to see him.

Whoever you might be, my duty is to guard the water here.

Bravo! The politicians keep a stronghold over their power.

The goons over the property but keeping a stronghold..

..over the water.. this is something new to me.

Better get lost or you'll be killed. - We want to meet Thakur.

He will not listen to your nonsense!

He can at least hear our pleas!

My child has fallen sick clue to the polluted water.

Look over there.. we are dying of thirst..

..and you people are bathing an animal in the water!

She's not merely an animal but Thakur's favorite one.

Thakur has only her milk. What if we bathe her in water..

What are you doing? He'll die.

Leave him.

I'm Thakur Lankeshwar.

This is my Lanka (region). And I'm the Lord here.

Bravo, young man! That was fun!

Look at his zeal! Look at his youthfulness!

And here he is, to fight for water.

Sir, people usually fight for wealth and property..

..not over water.

Brother, we aren't here to fight but to request you for water.

Rajeshwar, God has gifted us with the same looks..

..but our fates are different. You are indeed unfortunate!

Alright, I might be poor and unfortunate.

I beg of you to please give us some water.

I will give away all the wells to the villagers.

I won't mind at all. Take as much water you need.

Thank you, sir!

Sir, you are great! Thank you!

Brother, you've done a good deed!

Sir, what's this?

Young man, you started off before listening to me.

What more? Take as much water you need.

But I too should benefit. In exchange, I need your lands.

Give and take!

No, dear.

100 buckets of water for one acre of land.

10 million buckets of water for a thousand acre.

You want our lands for free!

Indeed I'm a businessman!

What a barter system! Land in lieu for water.

Everything else is worthless.

Only one's need has a price!

No one dares to take a drop of water from here!

No, brother. Don't heed him.

No, brother. Stop him.

Don't, he'll kill you. Listen to me.

Thakur, fear the God.

You won't know when He could strike.

Too much of pride will destroy you!

Remember, they are dying of thirst. Their curse..

...will destroy your happiness.

I curse you!

You will beg for death, I curse you!

Let's go. Let's go.

Come, Munna.

I'll possess.. their lands one day!

I hide a volcano within me! I'm known as Lankeshwar!

This is my region and I'm the Lord here.


Vijay, didn't I tell you, he's a fool, an idiot!

He'll not part with a drop of water.

He has not done a good deed. Why will he benefit us?

I agree, all our hopes are shattered.

But there's still a hope. The Collector.

If the government installs a tube well in our village.. will solve our water problem.

They are big shots. It will take us some time.

Even fortune doesn't have time to look upon this village!

We've to fight the bad times and somehow meet the Collector.

It's five p.m. now. Meet me tomorrow.

Sir, please listen to me. Not at any cost.

It's months now, please show some mercy on us.

I can't do anything. Assume you're still on duty.

Strange person! Can't you see? My duty's over.

What are you doing?

I'll not let you move till the clock doesn't strike five.

What do you want? A tube well for our village.

Sir, there has been no rainfall in our village since three years.

The woman have to get water from far off places.

Even those wells have dried up. The whole village is in a fix.

Can't your government install a tube well in our village?

It's not so easy. Do you know it's cost?

Thirty thousand.

One lakh tube wells have to be installed.

That amounts to 30 crores. The government lacks the funds As soon as we have the funds, we'll install the tube well.

I promise. I have understood.

Your duty is really over. You can leave.

Tell me, pal. How was your exam?


What's wrong with Vijay? Let's see.

Vijay, what happened? Why are you sad?

Speak up! - Why are you sitting here quietly? - Speak up.

Hitler attacked Mussolini".

And Bush fired a missile on Saddam.

What does the world wish? Only money.

All the relations are merely based on money.

You need love, spend money.

You need a lover, spend some money.

Everyone here is a cheat. From an officer to a top one.

Black marketers are now in the open. And the thieves too.

Politics is in a great mess.

Shame on this system. There's no democracy.

Get rid of these politicians.

The gong has struck..

Our hearts are swaying to it's beats.

Let me have a betel leaf. The one from Benaras.

I'll have the betel nut and let them have the lime.

Hell with them!

We die here working hard. Whereas the rich enjoy life.

He gets all the goodies, whereas we get nothing.

What does the world wish? Only money.

All the relations are merely based on money.

You need love, spend money.

You need a lover, spend some money.

Whatever you do, but please do think before.

Why do you differentiate between yourselves?

Everything else is useless. Only the powerful dominate here.

Goons are found in every nook and corner of this city.

Nothing works here. Bribe them and your work is done.

Everyone has become corrupt.

The yes-man here have benefited.

You enjoy the delicacy and ask us to have simple meals.

Enjoy life, Let everyone know.

Love has no value for them. They just laze around.

Hell with them.

First they rob the people.

Commit sins and then wash off their hands.

Don't get scared of them.

They should be beaten to pulp.

What does the world wish? Only money.

All the relations are merely based on money.

You need love, spend money.

You need a lover, spend some money.

No rains, the well's are dried. The taps are running dry.

He lies in the pool, whereas we die of thirst.

Tears flow in our eyes, the children are in tears.

The old are dying for water. People only desire for water.

Oh water.. what a tragic story you have.

There's so much of water here, still our fields lay barren.

The woman are depressed, there's no sign of water.

Let the rains shower and fill our well's with water.

Their tears have dried up. Whereas we die of shame.

We starve. Whereas the bugs have their fill with our blood.

What difference does it make? You enjoy yourself.

Hell with him!

What does the world wish? Only money.

All the relations are merely based on money.

You need love, spend money.

You need a lover, spend some money.

Lankeshwar, here's the money for the land deal.

When will you transfer the lands in my name?

As soon as I possess them, I'll hand them over to you.

With so much of land, what business are you going to start here?

I'll open the world's largest gambling den on this land Only the millionaires will come to this den Liquor worth lakhs will be sold here.

There will be entertainment round the clock.

Deals worth millions will be struck at every hour.

And I'll be a billionaire!

Good! I'll be a millionaire, whereas you, a billionaire?!

I'm a selfish man!

If you get the land transferred in my name..

...I'll give you half partnership in my business.

That's a clever move! 50% partnership in your business!

Why only this village?

All the villages will be in your name.

Hey.. Yes, sir.

Kill the buffalo and throw it in the well..

..from which the villagers draw water.

But that buffalo.. Yes, it's my favorite one.

But I desire the land owned by the villagers.

On finding the carcass, the villagers won't touch that water.

They will come begging to me for water.

I'll give them water.

But in exchange I'll have their land in my name.

I got it. Get going. - Yes, sir.

You're responsible for all this, Vijay?

We went there with a request and not to fight.

You messed up everything. What did he do?

You all were with him. But we didn't pick up a fight.

Great! He was talking of disgracing the women folks.

Would he listen to everything quietly?

He's not a coward like you. Vijay has got the guts.

Now Lankeshwar is our enemy. Was he a friend before?

He was eying this village.

He has polluted the water by throwing carcass in this well.

Till now we survived only on this water. But what now?

I knew, that fool is heartless.

Now the entire village is having enmity with you.

All this would've not happened had you not gone there..

..and now we've landed in a new trouble.

You wanted to be our leader. Now arrange for the water.

Now, we'll have to give our lands to him for water.

Water in lieu of land!

If we transfer the land in his name..

...he'll kick us out of this village.

Vijay, there is only one way out.

Either give him our lands or die of thirst.

Mother, I'm thirsty. Please give me water.

Yes dear, I'll get water.

Just a minute.

She was stealing water from the well.

No, sir, I'm not a thief. But a helpless mother.

Have mercy on me. Just give me some water.

Not for me, but for my child. Just a bucket of water.

Hey, get a bucket of water. Okay.

I'll give you water but you've no land in exchange.

But you still have..


Lankeshwar! Brother, help me!

How dare you disgrace our women?!

You disgrace our women?!

What do you think of yourself?!

You think it's easy to strip her?

You will tear her clothes! You will dishonor her?!

And I.. will I watch all this quietly?

No.. I too will have the fun.

I too..

Brother.. Don't call me brother..

Call me lover instead.

Beast! I won't spare you.

Remember, their curse will ruin your happiness.

You cursed my brother?!

God, give us rain and shade.


Mother.. My dear..

What happened to you, mother? My dear.

Rajeshwar, fix them both!

Great! You entered my house, that too alone!

A man is born alone and when he dies, he's alone.

Then why fear loneliness?

What brought you here? I want to sell my land.

You had said, land in lieu of water.

I've come to arrange for water for the villagers.

In exchange for your land, I can provide one month..

..of water supply to the villagers.

Exactly 30 days. Not a good deal!

But still I accept it.

A need always has a price!

Right! Now, I'm the one in need. So you will put up the price, Then go on, sign it. You too will have to sign.

On this paper. It states that for 30 days the villagers".

..can have water from your well.

No law nor any goon can stop them.

Great! You have come here fully prepared.

You've fixed the problem.

In exchange for the land, I can sign as many times you say.

Brother, what have you done?

You've given your well for a month to the villagers?!

So what? I'll be the owner of the land after a month.

Didn't you save the money for your sister's marriage?

You will buy a tube well for the villagers with this money!

What does marriage mean? Getting settled in life.

Without water, many families in this village will be ruined.

How can I make my sister happy by ruining all these families?

I pray that God gives a brother like you in every family.

When you are there, how can this village be ruined?

Vijay, you are indeed an angel!

So he's become the saviour! The saviour of the village!

We want to extricate the village from your clutches.

That's why he's off to the city to buy a tube well.

He will not head for the city..

..but to the cremation ground.

My men will fix him on the way.

Villagers, you abused him. Thought him to be your enemy.

But he's our real friend.

Not only a friend, a human but a Saviour of this village.

You know, he had saved money for his sister's marriage..

..and now with that money he's going to buy a tube well for us.

When he returns, every house in the village will have water.

Then no one will have to leave the village like Vandana.

What! Did Ms. Vandana leave? Yes.

The problem about water took her away. God knows where she is.

Folks, I beg of you..

..please don't leave this village.

I'll get a tube well from the city at the earliest. I promise.

Brother, come back soon.

Take care of yourself.

Son, take care.

Take care. We will miss you a lot.

Vijay, take care.

Folks, Vijay has not only gone to buy a tube well..

..he has also arranged water for all of us.

Look at this. Rajeshwar, have a look.. sister Shanti.

He has sold off his land to Thakur Lankeshwar.

In exchange Thakur will provide water.. us for a month.

Bravo, my son! I'm proud of you!

Go on, son! Our good wishes are with you.

Sir, fresh fruits!

Rupees two for a kilo!

Tea! Hot tea!

Hot tea! Brother, one tea! - Here you are.

Thank you! I would've died had you not warned me.

You know them?

Who are these fools? Why did they mess with me?

So you didn't get Vijay's corpse?

But I need a corpse today.

Discuss amongst yourself and give me a corpse.

Look over here.. this is a gun!

It can save life and it can also take life!

Whoever comes over and takes it, will save his life.

Come.. show your powers, take this gun and save your life.

Come on..

Fix them.

It's not loaded.

He's dead!

He was of no use. But Vijay is still alive!

Listen.. once again, thank you. Bye! - Bye!

Sir, give me a helping hand.

Did you see my bag?

I haven't seen a mirror since morning, forget about your bag. Get lost!

Did you see my bag? No.

Sir, my bag was here. No.

Constable.. Go in.

Sir. Over there.

The party was wonderful! How did you feel?

Sir.. I'm busy over the phone.

Can't you see? Sit there. Go on.. I am talking over phone.

The party was exotic! And the girl..

She was beautiful! Sir, in Mumbai Central..

I said, sit there. Listen to me first..

I'm busy talking. Sit there.

The whisky didn't suit me. I'm on lime juice today!

What! Not at all. I'm not used to the English ones.

I'm used to the local stuff.

Sir.. I lost my bag at Mumbai Central.

It had 32,222 rupees in it.

Instead of filing my complaint, you are busy over the phone.

It's your duty to serve the citizens..

..and not to speak nonsense over the phone. Do you get it?

One minute, hang on. I'll file your complaint.

Constable.. Yes, sir.

Arrest this fellow. Two days in the lock-up..

..and he'll learn how to speak with an Inspector.

Lock him up. Sir, listen..

He teaches me duty!

Hello, Not at all! The routine one..




Wait! I'll not spare you.

Look at your condition. Let them go.

How can I? They have robbed me.

What! It means, your condition is similar to mine.

What happened with you? What do I tell you?

I had got Rs. 32,222 from the village.

As soon as I reached here, someone flicked my bag.

Sir, give me a helping hand.

Oh! That money was yours. Which money?

The one you got from the village.

My dear, this is Mumbai. You've to be smart.

Thanks, you saved my life!

What's your name? - 32,200..

Vijay. I'm Amar.

Where do you stay? Why rub salts on my wound?!

I don't have a dime in my pocket.

Friend, I've a room. It's quite small.

If you wish, you can stay there. We'll share it.

No! Why do you take the trouble? Trouble! Not at all.

After all you saved my life!

As soon as you came to the city, your money got stolen.

Now I'll have to repay you. The amount is quite big!

Why will you repay? You didn't take the money.

Of course, I didn't take it.

But you saved my life, so it's my duty.

We both are alone in this city. So we are like brothers.

Great! This city not only has thieves..

..but also noble people like you. Hell with it. Let's eat. Come.

Nothing happened to me. - Tell us, who hit you? You are bleeding.

Tell me, who hit you? Nothing much, pal.


What happened? Who hit you? Tell me. - Nothing happened.

Ghanshyam! Pinto! Jahnvi! Yasmin!

Come here..

..someone has hit him. Tell me. Nothing..

Uncle John, I agree, a savior is greater than the killer!

Hadn't he been there, it'd have been my last day today.

Who has the guts to kill you? Our blessings are with you.

Brother, you did us a favour by saving his life.

He provides food to many. And money to so many families.

He helps everyone who is in need in our locality.

He's like a son to everyone. Uncle, now he'll stay with me.

Wonderful. You mean.. from now on, we will have two sons. Who is he?

He's Vijay. You people can see my wounds..

..but he's wounded from within. His story is quite sad.

How can anyone enjoy by stealing a poor man's money?

I swear, if I get him, I'll break his bones.

If I get my hands on that thief, I'll take him to my par|our..

..and along with his nails, I'll cut off his fingers too!

I'll shave off half his head, blacken his face..

..and parade him through the city.

I swear, I'll slit his neck like a piece of cloth.

I'll take him to the hotel and tell the chef to have..

..him roasted in an oven.

If I get my hands on him..

...I'll put him in a coffin and throw him in the sea.

Looking at your love, your sympathy towards me..

...I remember my village.

People say, there's no other relation than your kin.

Believe and love all. Or else, all are strangers.

Till people like us live, humanity will continue to exist.

It's my 19th birthday.

You had celebrated it last year! This year too! Are we fools?

I'm stuck at 19. What difference does age make?

Let's have a party. Congratulations!


Whatever happens here, let it happen, This is a happy moment.

Don't let it go, Meet the loved ones.

Don't lament over what is lost.

Let it go.

Whatever happens here, let it happen.

This is a happy moment.

Don't let it go.

Don't ever break a heart.

Didn't break it.

Don't ever leave a friend.

Didn't leave.

Don't ever break a heart.

Don't ever leave a friend.

God, I don't mind if I don't get happiness.

But please don't give me sorrow.

Don't give me less than what I need.

People wait for me there. How can I go there?

They trust me, how can I face them?

I'll have to get back their happiness.

Whatever happens here, let it happen.

This is a happy moment.

Don't let it go.

I have promised..

I have promised.

I have decided.

I have decided.

I have promised.

I have decided.

No one will understand me.

The promise is dearer to me than my life.

Don't question me. I'm what I am.

Different from others.

Let me give everyone a befitting reply.

Whatever happens here, let it happen.

This is a happy moment.

Don't let it go.

Listen to a couplet.

Think of what you think.

Understanding what you think, itself is what you think.

When one doesn't understand what he is thinking..

..then he is a fool Did you understand?

Listen to it once again.

Think of what you think.

Understanding what you think, itself is what you think.

When one doesn't understand what he is thinking..

..then he is a fool. Hey.

When you are not bathing at least shut the tap.

The government supplies the water. Whether I use it or waste it..

..why do you interfere? One minute.

The water is being wasted.

Let it be wasted. Why interfere? Get going.

Why are you wasting water?

Let it get wasted. How does it affect you? Get going.

Acting smart! Sit down.. Yes.

Else I'll bury you. Vijay, what are you doing?

Fatso, if I see you again, wasting the water..

...I'll skin you, is that clear?

Vijay, why get angry over such a trivial matter like water?

It's not trivial. If you want to know the depth..

..of the matter, come to my village.

I'll show you the importance of every drop of water.

One needs water to survive, to live.

I had come to the city to arrange for water.

Had I not been poor, I wouldn't have seen this day.

What do you mean? Only if I could help you.

But I'm helpless. I live on my daily earnings.

You have given me shelter. Don't worry about my money.

I'll earn, work hard and collect the money.

It's hard to find a job in the city.

When one desires, he even seeks God. So why not a mere job?


Vijay, after all you didn't land a job!

So what? He will surely get a job.

How will he work if he's not in good health?

What's wrong with him? He doesn't have his breakfast.

Nor does he have his dinner. Son, it's bad to starve.

I've got food for you. And also a dessert.

Brother.. only poor people dwell here.

We are poor in terms of money, but rich at heart.

Vijay, where have you been? You're not to be seen.

Great! It's you who are not to be seen. Where had you been?

You know it. My work demands me to be in and out for days.

You too are starving. Come, let's eat.

Come on.. hurry up.

The money which he has lost is too much.

We can't even think of collecting that amount. Impossible.

Brother Rajeshwar, you?!

Yes.. Radha, any news of your brother? Did he write to you?

It's only a few clays since he left. How will I get his letter?

True. Only a few days since he left but I feel it's ages!

I'm worried about him.

Let me have his address if you have.

I'll write to him.

Not only you, we all are going through the same thing.

Had I known his address, I would've written to him.

We'll know of him only when he writes to us.

Yes.. as soon as you get his letter, inform me first.

It will ease my tension.

Okay, I shall leave now. Goodbye.

He loves Vijay a lot.

I have no idea of Vijay's whereabouts.

But there's news. What's that?

Vijay's sister has grown up..

"I've gone crazy over her.

Rajeshwar, control yourself.

Keep an eye on the land.

Once we have the land, the new bud which has blossomed..

I can have her. Yes, you can.

Suzy, you've made me happy. Go enjoy.

Hello. Lankeshwar.

Yes. What's it?

You did strike a deal with me for the land. What about money?

I'm a millionaire's son. I can take as much money".

...I need from my father's safe.

Then open his safe and send me my money.

Don't worry. You will get your installment. Okay?


Yes, dad? Where were you last night?

At our bungalow. It was Vicky's birthday..

You threw a party. You guzzled liquor and you slept there.


The path which you tread upon misleads you.

You are a millionaire, but why spend money unnecessarily?

As far as your friends are concerned..

...fireflies are always found where there is light.

Once the light is out, the fireflies disappear.

Once your wealth is over, these friends will leave you.

No one will even show sympathy towards you.

Alright. Henceforth I will not contact my friends. Ok?

Daddy, I need some money. Again?

I gave you 50,000 last week. - Times are hard now, do you know that?

It's difficult to manage a week with only 50,000.

The judge's son spends 20,000 daily.

The minister's son spends 50,000 daily without hesitation.

I don't want to know what others do.

But what you're doing is wrong.

Work hard to earn money, then you'll know it's value.

Sometimes I feel you love wealth more than me.

You are wrong. The parents' only asset are their children.

But my son treads on the path which will ruin him.

Control yourself..

..else you will regret very badly one clay.

It's not too late. Control yourself.

Good morning, sir. Good morning.

It's pay day. Here's 10 lakhs Oh, yes.

Count it. No need. I trust you.

Let's go.

Come on, out!

Hand over the bag, else you will lose your man.

Your bag.

Can I know your name, brave man? I'm Vijay.

You know, this bag had 10 lakhs.

Whatever the amount, you own it. Only you have the right over it.

It's my principle.

I was looking out for an honest man like you.

Resign from your present job.

I'll pay you double the salary. You will work for me.

Actually I was looking out for a job.

Here's my card. Come over at 10 tomorrow.

Should I assume that I have got the job?

You couldn't even do such a small thing.

You just had to snatch a bag. Great, my son!

I'm ashamed to call you my son.

The thieves too spare their house but you!

You robbed your own house. You want to rob your father?

When a father doesn't care for his son, then the son.. helpless to take such a step.

Shut up! I don't have wealth to squander over your friends.

What didn't I give you? A car, luxurious house..

"Servants and an identity of being a millionaire's son.

And you.. instead of apologizing.. dare argue with me!

Gone are the times when a son used to fear his father.

This is the modern generation. A man is free to live his life.

You want to live like you wish?! Alright, go ahead.

Work hard and earn money.. I don't need to work.

I have a share in your wealth. A right over your money!

Legally I also have the right over your wealth.

A son who forgets humanity, his blood relations and..

...assaults his father for the sake of 10 lakhs..

..has no right over his father's wealth. Never!

Before I take a step which can ruin your life..

"Control yourself.

This is my last warning.

Henceforth if you repeat such a mistake..

...I'll disown you.

It's not too late, reform yourself.

Go, I'll tell you later. Oh God!

Uncle, I got the job. Really?! - Yes.

God is great! Did you hear? He has got a job.

Hey baby! What are you doing?

Don't jump! What are you doing? Stay back. - Don't step forward.

Don't step forward, please!

Baby, I beg of you, stay back. Bet, she'll jump now. - Get lost!

Please, move back!

Very good, dear.

You saved my life, now why do you want to die?

I don't want to live. Let me die. Why did you save me?

Committing suicide is cowardice Alright. I'm a coward. I don't want to live.

Let me go. Why do you want to die?

You want to know? Then listen.

What nonsense is this? It's true. Believe me.

Our parents had us engaged when we were children What? Engagement, with you?! Have you seen yourself?

Look at yourself. You are a village bumpkin.

You aren't fit to be a servant and you talk of being my wife!

Had I been engaged to you, I would've never accepted you.

Get out!

Sir, don't do this. Get lost. Or I'll throw you out.

Please don't do this. Where will I go?

I had hopes on you. I have no one besides you.

Great! You made up a nice story to possess my wealth.

It's not a story. You can ask your father.

I'm Kedarnath's daughter from the village Sonpur.

I see! So you are Mr. Kedarnath's daughter Geeta.

Yes. But he's no more.

Even my mother is dead.

I have no one besides you now.

It was my father's last wish that I get married to you.

I don't know any Kedarnath, nor his daughter.

Poverty stricken worms! God knows from where they come.

Get lost! Sir, please don't do this to me.

I know how to deal with girls like you.

I've no one besides you. God is there for you.

Go seek his help. Get lost Leave me. Go and die. Throw her away.

Niranjan is a devil! You want to die for him?

Instead you should avenge for your insult.

Teach him a lesson! He deserves a good trashing.

She's a simpleton, he's a crook.

There's so much of difference between them.

How can it happen?

How can this girl face that devil alone?

Just like he refused to recognise her..

..we should do something that he too doesn't recognise her.

He should crave for her.

She should teach him a lesson which he'll remember all his life.

It is said that only a weapon kills the mighty..

..and beauty kills the opulent.

But how is it possible? Let me make it clear. Come.

Let there be applaud Let there be applause.

Hey girl, change your style.

Then get ready to fight. Put everyone in a fix.

Change your looks, style. Let there be a miracle.

Let there be applause.

Let there be applause.

Apply powder, lipstick, change your hairstyle.

Wear high heels, and walk with a style.

Apply powder, lipstick, change your hairstyle.

Wear high heels, and walk with a style.

Put on some airs and play hard to get.

Let there be applause.

Let there be applause.

The world is crazy. People do as they wish.

Even the good ones fall into trouble.

Only looks are. important, a human's heart has no value.

Just kick off such people.

The world is crazy. People do as they wish.

Even the good ones fall into trouble.

Only looks are important, a human's heart has no value.

So, they break your heart.

Show him your cruelty, teach him a lesson.

Let there be applause.

Let there be applause.

Hey girl, change your style.

Then get ready to fight. Put everyone in a fix.

Change your looks, style, let there be a miracle.

Let there be applause.

Let there be applause.

Even a single grey hair.. visible to my eyes.

But Vijay's out of our vision. How do we find him?

We have lost touch of Vijay.

Now he is in the city.

What if we ask Niranjan to search for him there?

Not at all.

If Niranjan is aware of the happenings here..

..then the entire deal will be ruined.

We'll fall in grave trouble. What do we do?

Right now, dye your hair.

Later we'll plan a move which will ruin the villagers.

Thief! Thief!

Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief!

Thief! Thief! Thief!

You creep! How dare you steal a girl's purse?

Excuse me.

I've fallen in love with you.

I've lost my heart.

I've fallen in love with you.

Your purse. Thank you.

Excuse me.

If you don't mind, should I say something?

Yes. - God has created you with utmost care.

God has gifted you with such vigor!

I would've lost my credit card, passport had you not been there.

Thanks Mr.. Niranjan.

What's your name? She's Meghna.

Princess of Meghalaya. ls it?

Princess. Princess of Meghalaya.

I'm pleased to meet you.

Thank you very much.

Excuse me, if you don't mind..

..can you come over for tea tomorrow?

Tomorrow? - You've a dinner appointment with Shah Rukh Khan. - Yes.

He has taken the appointment six months ago.

What about day after tomorrow?

You've an appointment with Sachin Tendulkar.

When next?

No chance. Impossible.

Ms. Sharmila has specially recommended for Junior Pataudi.

Friday.. T.T Birla.

Saturday? Anil.. - Kapoor? - Ambani.

When is my turn? How about Sunday?

I'm doing nothing. I'm totally free

_ Tell me the time. Should I p|ck you up? Where do you stay?

I stay in Meghalaya. But you can pick me up from Hotel Oberoi.

What time? Around 6 or 7.

Alright. - I'll be there at 6:00 a.m. - Not in the morning..

..but in the evening. I'll be there in the morning.

May be you like to have breakfast with me.

As you wish, Anjan. Niranjan.

Ms. Meghna.. the Sunday date is fixed!

Yes. I'll be there. I'll wait for you.

Okay, bye-

To the governor's house. But madam.'ve to meet the ambassador of Japan.

I forgot. Take me there. Okay.

I've fallen in love.

God you are indeed great! What a girl!

What happened son? We've hit the bull's eye.

Niranjan is floored in the first round itself.

He just got crazy over her beauty!

I didn't deserve all this. I was going to die.

But you people gave me the courage to live.

I'll never forget your favour.

Vijay has done me a great favour.

Had Vijay not saved my life, I wouldn't have done all this.

He has given me a new life. He gave me the courage.

You give him all the credit. What about my efforts?

At least you could praise me falsely.

Amar, I've thanked everybody, even you are included.

True. But you have thanked him specially.

Save a girl from committing suicide.. too will be thanked in a special way.

I've fallen in love.

I've lost my heart in your love.

You look terrific!

Why do you always remember God when you see me?

Your beauty strikes me like a thunderbolt!

Meghna, You've wounded my heart.

I can't stay without you.

Meghna, my butterfly.

Madam, shall I have the food served? - No. I'm not hungry Meghna, I feel like I have seen you somewhere I just can't recall. Might be in my dreams Meghna.. I'll fulfill your desires.

Just accept my love.

I can't stay without you, Meghna.

What are you up to?

Niranjan, I can't promise you right now.

My father has given me the right to choose my partner.

But I don't want to marry in haste.

What if I land up having a wrong partner?


Look at your state. Don't strain yourself so much.

I don't have the time and the amount is too much.

I'll have to work hard, toil day and night for it.

I don't want any guests on my birthday party.

Tell them I'm sick. I'm off to the doctor. Okay.

Darling.. darling.

Just as you said, I canceled everything.

Only we two will be there.

Niranjan, why this haste? It's your birthday.

I'll give you a gift. Your life's most precious gift. - What?

What! You asked him not to invite anyone?!

That means you and Niranjan. This is not right.

Why? What happened?

She has to do something to avenge her insult.

Right. You people are aware.

It's dangerous for her to meet him all alone He's right. One has to face danger.. defeat the enemy. He's right.

You said only a weapon can kill the mighty..

..and beauty can kill the opulent. Right?

I did. But there are other ways too, what say? - Yes!

It's her style. What difference does it make?

Make clever moves and defeat the enemy.

Right? Yes I have an idea.

Come. Come.

I've fallen in love with you.

I've lost my heart to you.

I've fallen in love with you.

I've lost my heart to you.

Did you ever fall in love with anyone else? ls this your first love?

You are mine, I'm yours You are mine, I'm yours.

I don't trust the love which happens before marriage.

If you accept this then you can go ahead.

I don't trust the love which happens before marriage.

If you accept this then you can go ahead.

I accept. Tell me, when will you be my bride?

At least my dream has come true.

You are mine, I'm yours.

You are mine, I'm yours.

I've fallen in love with you.

It's only you whom I love.

Madam! Oh no! What's it?

You've to leave for England right away.

But why? The Queen of England..

..wants to shop with you. There's no flight now.

Madam owns a chartered plane.

Meghna.. - I am sorry, Niranjan. I'll have to leave.

You can enjoy the candlelight dinner alone, okay? Bye.

Bye. Miss you!

She has escaped again!

Enough of your revenge. Henceforth you won't meet him.

But why? Let her go ahead. You don't understand.

Niranjan is a crook. So what?

She will take care of herself. Why do you worry?

Who will worry about her if not us?

I see. Everyone is worried about her.

But you seem to be more worried You don't seem to understand.

I do. I've understood it well. What did you understand?

When you saved her life, it was mere humanity..

..then there were emotions. And you started liking her.

But this is something different. Now the matter..

Nothing of that sort. I know the ways of the city.

I know who eyes which girl.

You are my friend. Won't I know what's in your heart?

Geeta, he's a fool. Don't trust him.

What! Am I lying? He's a liar. Don't trust him.

It's true. He's a fool. He's crazy. He loves you.

He can't stay without you. He dreams of you. He loves you very much.

Did you believe what Amar said? No.

Why not? He was right. Yes.

What? Marriage! You mean marriage? Yes, darling.

Yes, darling. Honest, darling.

Let's hurry up and get married in a temple Darling. We'll get married later. But there's a problem.

What? My family members.

They want to meet you. Really?

Alright. I'll meet them. Where's your palace?

I don't understand. Why did she call me in this rotten place?

You? Yes, it's me.

Geeta, who had pleaded at your doorstep.

I begged for mercy. But you kicked me out.

Did you remember?

Forget what had happened? I love you, Geeta. I love you.

I hate you!

I had never loved you. It was a mere relation..

..which was imposed on me by my parents.

I had come here to fulfill the relationship.

Today I will teach you a lesson.. so that you will never behave with a woman..

..the way you behaved with me.

Hey mister, I am warning you people.

Hit him! Hit him harder!

Hit him! Hit him!

Hit him harder! Yes, harder!

Our friendship should not sever due to a girl.

Yes. Tell me, do you like that girl?

Which girl? Geeta.

Not at all. I don't love her.

I was in a quandary.

If you love Geeta tell me, I'll not venture forth.

I've told you. Are you serious?

If you indeed love her, let me know.

I won't be able to tell anything in my senses.

I think I better drink before I speak anything.

What do you say? Should I?

Why do you ask me? Why do you get angry?

As a friend, I seek your advice. Should I tell her?

Go on. Thank you.

You are indeed a friend and I'm a true lover.

We are travelers of love. Don't tell us anything.

Sit. I'm already sitting.

Sit down!

One whiskey!

Amar. Geeta, I love you.

Really? I can't stay without you.

I too can't. I love you.

Amar.. Oh, Amar.

Amar, I..

What happened? You don't love her, eh?

Geeta, didn't I tell you? He can't stay without you.

He's always dreaming about you. What rubbish!

What happened? - Think of what you think.

Try to understand what you think..

...If you still don't understand. Then, you are a fool.

Let's go. Leave them alone. Come on all of you.

He doesn't even know how to love!

I'll get it for you with love.

I'll get the necklace for you.

I'm your lover, you are my love.

You're my lover, I'm your love.

O beloved, I'll lovingly..

..embrace you.

If you wish, I'll get the stars from the sky.

I'll even get the moon and adorn your beauty.

I'll not fall for your words.

I'll embrace you only when..

My dear beloved, gets me a necklace.

I'm your lover, you are my love.

O beloved, I'll lovingly..

..embrace you.

You are the one whom I love and you love me too.

This exchange of hearts has put us in trouble.

I spend sleepless nights. My heart palpitates.

I keep changing sides and sigh the entire night.

I'll get it for you with love.

I'll get the necklace for you.

I'm your lover, you are my love.

I'll get it for you with love.

O beloved, I'll lovingly..

..embrace you.

Why worry? Vijay will surely succeed.

Greetings, chief. Greetings, brother.

Radha, where's your brother? Our saviour, wasn't he?

He said, don't leave this village. Should we die?

Days have passed by. He gave us false hopes.

Only a few days for the month to get over.

What after that? How will we get the water?

Shameless people! He sold off his land..

..and arranged water for you. And you abuse him instead.

She's right. We ought to be ashamed.

Will anyone amongst us give his savings for a tube well? ls he only responsible for getting water for you people?

Go on, speak. We wait here for him..

..and God forbid he meets with some accident.

No! Please don't say such things!

For God's sake, don't think like this.

No harm will come to my brother.

You all watch. He'll surely come. He will come.

Look over there.

Where will we search for brother in this huge city?

Keep faith in God. We will surely find him.

Don't worry.


Please help me.

Vijay, are you writing to your sister?

Yes. Today I remember her a lot.

True. You remember her. You write to her..

But you forget to write the address.

Who will write the address? How did you get this letter?

Not only this. Look over here..

Sir, come in. He's here.

Go and meet them.


How did you come here?

We wouldn't have reached here. It's only due to him.

He has done us a favor. As soon as we got down..


Friend, you've done a great favor to me!

But this favor I can never repay.

My sister is everything for me. My life!

I would have died had anything happened to her.

Vijay, the villagers are in trouble.

Lankeshwar has stopped the water supply.

What? They hope that you will get the tube well and solve this problem.

But why did you take so long? How could he return?

Someone stole his money. True. Some selfish person..

..for his own merriment, has put us in trouble.

If we don't take the tube well, everyone will die of thirst.

Everyone will sell off their lands to Lankeshwar.

They will become homeless.

What! You want me to have that thief released?

It's impossible. At least listen to me.

I'm responsible for everything. What!

Yes. I'm a resident of village Gangavati.

There's scanty rainfall there.

To solve the water problem, I took all my savings..

..and came to the city to buy a tube well.

As soon as I reached here, someone stole my money.

I worked hard in order to collect the money.

But I couldn't.

Sir, if I don't reach there with the tube well in 10 days..

..then the entire village will be ruined.

When my friend heard this, in order to save the village".

..from ruination, he tried to steal in your house.

I know he was wrong. But he was doing a good deed.

Please have my friend released. I beg of you.

Brother, I've hit a jackpot worth 10 lakhs. ls it? Congratulations!

This is all clue to the amulet which you wear.

This locket? My father's memento.

What's your father's name? Shankar Narayan.

Go clear; your friend will be released. I'll take back the case.

Thank you, sir.

I know, you tried to steal just to relieve my tension.

Didn't you think, you would get defamed?

People will call you a thief. This world..

Enough! I'm already ashamed of myself.

Please don't make me feel guilty.

What are you saying?

I'm a sinner.

A criminal. What?

Yes. I'm a criminal. I'm hiding a secret within me.

You know who that selfish, merciless thief is? It's me.

I had stolen your bag. What?! You stole.

Yes, I stole your bag. Stealing is my profession.

This is how I earn.

You cheat! Fraud! Vijay, leave him.

You let my villagers die of thirst for your merriment!

It's due to you that everyone is dying thirsty.

Vijay, let go off him!

You are the root cause.

Vijay, forgive him. vij§ly- . Vnjay-

Vijay, let go off him!

I'll teach you a lesson which you will remember forever. vij§ly- . Vnjay-

Leave him. Move aside Radha.

Let him go. You know what he has done?

I'll not spare him.

Forgive him. - Get lost! - Forgive him dear. - Who am I to forgive him..

Even God won't forgive him.

You can at least forgive a friend.

I don't care for such friendship!

I've no relation with him. Now I won't stay here.

Viiav, Wait!

Vijay.. Where are you going?


Don't punish me in this way. Please forgive me.

Move aside.

Only a friend can guide a friend who is misled.

A person doesn't become a criminal out of his will.

His helplessness turns him into a criminal.

Vijay, what you heard was the past. Just forget it.

Forgive him. You have changed his life!

Don't leave him.

When parents can't reform their child..'s the friend who can reform him.

Brother, please forgive him.

Vijay, I promise..

...I'll do as you say.

Yes, I promise.


I've stolen one more thing.

That too from your house. What?

Radha and I.. Speak up! l.. -What?!

I mean, I would like to be your brother-in-law.

Nab him! Move aside! Vijay!

Vijay! Hey, wait there. on, vijay!

Hey, don't do that.

Listen to me. Uncle, what did you say?

Tell him. Think of what you think.

Understand of what you think. If you still don't understand.

Then you are a fool. I got it.

Did you understand? Of course.

Walking along hand in hand with you..

I really feel good.

I really feel good.

Walking along hand in hand with you..

I really feel good.

This world is full of cheats. Only you I feel is true.

Only you I feel is true.

My heart wishes to see you and love you forever.

It's my promise, your wish will be fulfilled.

My heart wishes to see you and love you forever.

It's my promise; your wish will be fulfilled.

Walking along hand in hand with you..

I really feel good.

This world is full of cheats. Only you I feel is true.

Only you I feel is true.

Wherever you go, I'll always walk with you.

I feel like taking you in my arms forever.

Wherever you go, I'll always walk with you.

I feel like taking you in my arms forever.

Walking along hand in hand with you..

I really feel good.

This world is full of cheats. Only you I feel is true.

Only you I feel is true.

Sir? How come you are here?

I've bought a tube well for your village.

For my village? Yes.

I was in tears when I heard about your village.

And as humanity.. I admit I'm in need.

But I'm not so helpless as to burden someone else..

..with my problems.

This is a very big favor. I won't be able to repay it.

Great! That day I saw you crying over the ruination of your village.

You portrayed the helplessness of people dying for water.

You said, the entire village had drowned in tears.

And now when I've got the tube well for your village".

..your conscience pricks you.

You speak of pride now?

I'm not donating this tube well to you..

It's like a loan. When you are capable to repay.. can come over.

He's right. We too take things on credit from each other.

When we have the money, we repay it.

Nowadays one country takes loan from another one.

It's a crime to steal, to deceive someone is a sin.

But to take a loan is no crime.

Brother, uncle is right.

Sir, you have done me a great favor.

I'll never be able to forget it in my life.

My first priority now is to repay your loan.

You alone will not repay it.

We will repay the loan together.

Welcome, daddy. Welcome.

Bravo, my son!

Now you even have the guts to sit with your shoes..

..on the table in front of your father!

And you too gave a tube well to Vijay..

..and ruined my destiny!

Being a father you've destroyed your own son!

How come you're connected with all this matter?

I had struck a deal of the land there.

I was supposed to open a gambling den there.

I would've gained in crores.

But by giving him the tube well you have..

If the tube well reaches there, the villagers will get water.

If the land yields water..

..then we are bound to lose the land.

You?! You are with my son?

Yes. And also a partner in this deal with your son.

This is not possible.

A son always learns from what his father does.

You forgot so soon? Those tears, the blood..

..the story which is written in blood.

Daddy, I thought you to be very noble, pious..

..a gentleman who always trod on the right path.

But you are a murderer.

You past is stained with someone's murder.

I feel ashamed to call you my father.

I haven't murdered anyone.

This is a plot hatched by him and his brother Lankeshwar.

They had trapped me.

I'm innocent, my son. ls it? If you were innocent, then why hide this matter?

It's only for you.

I didn't want the society to address you as a killer's son.

I didn't want you to become an orphan.

But now even you are trapped in their ploy!

These serpents will not spare any human being.

Leave their company, else they'll turn your life into hell.

Tell me, will you take back the tube well from him?

Son, recognize who is friend and who is a foe!

Will you take back the tube well from Vijay?

They'll spoil your life!

Will you take back the tube well from Vijay?

You have time till evening. If you don't take back..

..the tube well, the photographs you see lying in your house..

...will be given to the police. The decision is yours.

Whether you will take the tube well back from Vijay..

..or will you like to be hanged to death!

Let's go, partner. Come on.

Here it is. Now our village has got a tube well.

Henceforth there will be no water problem here.

True. Now you people are rejoicing.

The other day you abused him. Go on, abuse him now.

Isn't he a brave men? He has got the tube well.

Very true. You've come as a light of hope in our lives.

People will bless you when they get water.

You've bought a new life to everyone in this village.

Enough! You've praised me too much.

Come.. meet him.

He's my sister's would be husband, Amar.

Greetings, Mr. Amar. Congratulations!

Now you too have become a part of our village.

Not only him, she too has become a part of this village.

She's my sister-in-law to be.

Geeta, I had kept these bangles for Vijay's beloved.

I thought, these bangles will change her destiny.

You are indeed fortunate!

Trouble! Brother, trouble!

Vijay has got the tube well.

I'll destroy the tube well itself.

The tree and the root both will be destroyed.


I need both the tree and the root.

I will not destroy any of them.

I'll play such a move that everyone will leave this village.

There will be corpses all over.

This is what she says, day and night..

This is what she says, day and night.

This is what she says every morning and evening.

This is what she says, day and night.

This is what she says, every morning and evening.

It's not bad at all.

She calls him her life.

But who is it?

Her beloved" her lover.

Yesterday my beloved had come on the roof top.

He took my arms in his and said..


Come into my arms, my dear.

I said, don't force me.

Then, what happened? How do I tell you?

He must have kissed the flowers in your hair.

You must have swayed in his arms.

He must have hugged you tightly and loved you.

Oh God!

It's not bad at all.

She calls him her life.

But who is it?

Her beloved" her lover".

This is what she says, day and night.

This is what she says, every morning and evening.

This youth is killing me.

I'll go crazy.

I spend sleepless nights.

My heart craves for love.

You are in a bad state.

You are bitten by a love bug.

Go, meet your beloved on the sly.

Oh God!

She says it in the bus and also in the train..

She says it in the theater and also in the hotel.

She says it on the streets and also on the avenues.

It is not bad at all.

She calls him his life.

But who is it?

Her beloved" her lover".

This is what she says, day and night.

This is what she says, every morning and evening.

This is what she says, day and night.

This is what she says, every morning and evening.

This is what she says, day and night.

This is what she says, every morning and evening.

Villagers, until I'm alive only blood can flow here..

..and not water.

Hey, savior! Dare you make a move!

The villagers will all be shattered to pieces.

Rajeshwar, you? You are hands with him?

Shut up, oldie! Venom mixes with venom..

Fire rages with fire!

Then how can a brother leave his brother?




Sit back and enjoy yourself.

Hell with him.

Now I will surely enjoy myself.





Take this! Take this!

You are done for!

What did I say?

I'm Lankeshwar.

This is my region. I'm the Lord here.

Did you enjoy?

Now there's something more.

Your father's name was Shankar Narayan.

You know the cause of his death.

You don't?

I'll tell you.

15 years back..

Hey brother..

Listen.. It's a wonder..

Look at this.. What happened?

Look, I've hit a jackpot worth 10 lakhs.

Really? Congratulations!

The jackpot you've won is all clue to this amulet.

Congratulations, Shankar! You've turned a millionaire.

Won't you hug me?

Yes, brother.

Lankeshwar, what have you done?

Shankar is dead and Agarwal is trapped.

After that, three things took place in our life.

Your mother died of the shock!

You became an orphan!

I grabbed the jackpot and made all this property.

Great! He's of no use.

Throw him in the valley. Leave us.


Vijay! Let go off me!

Leave me.

Villagers.. you have 24 hours left.

Give me your lands and vacate this village.

Else.. you know, I'm Lankeshwar..

This is my region. And I'm the lord here.

My Lord.. Take them away.


Don't worry. I've made arrangements for.. also. I'll teach you a lesson too.

Take him away.

Hey! GO!

Hey! GO!

Chief, save me!

Save me.


No, Vijay.. don't..

No, Vijay.. don't..

L beg Of you!

L beg Of you!


Take your papers back. Take it.

Take it. I don't want them.

No, Vijay. Save me, chief.

Villagers, save me.

No.. wait! I'm coming to you.

Forgive me. Save me.

Please.. I'm not your culprit.

It's Lankeshwar who killed your father.

It was he who stopped the water supply.

He is responsible for the state you are in.

I haven't done anything.

I too stay in this village. Vijay, please save me.

Where's Lankeshwar? I'll tell you.

That son of a bitch, is in the sugar factory.

And he has taken your sister, your friend..

..Geeta and Bijli along with him.

Vijay, kill him! Kill him.

But please spare me. Forgive me.

I'm dead!

Brother Vijay, forgive me.

Only the villagers will decide about your fate.


Hey, chief..

No. No.

Hit him. Kill this idiot!

Kill this idiot!

Please don't hit him. Let him go. For god's sake.


Let go off me!

Let go off me!

Niranjan, you are still sitting here?

Take that girl away.

Dare you touch her!

Bijli, cool down.

Vijay, your he-man is in the heaven now.

No! You're lying. It's impossible.

It's true. And you know, your lover..

..too will soon give company to your brother.

Don't worry, I will not do anything with you.

You are Rajeshwar's guest.

You are my sister-in-law! He'll soon be here.

Where's Rajeshwar? The address of this place?

Hey! Why is he still alive?

Kill him. GO!

Come on!




Come on, go and kill him!



What have you done?



Where's uncle John and rest of the people?

They are busy.. Busy?

Busy preparing for your marriage.

Mine? Yes.

This is your gift.

Legally you are the sole owner of Lankeshwar's property.

You've done us a favor by returning what belongs to Vijay.

Now there will no water problem again.

Vijay, now your water and marriage problem are solved.

But what about my problem? Why do you worry?

You too will get married.

Sir will give away my sister in marriage.