Amanda (2018) Script

Sub By Black Hawk

See you tomorrow. See you!

You're still here?

David's picking me up today.

David? Mummy's brother.

Anyway, come in.

You can't sit there all alone.

Hello, I'm here for Amanda Sorel.

Door's open. Thanks.

Great little routine you have.

If your meal has things you don't like, do you eat them up first or save them for last?

I start with what I don't like. Same here.

I'm not picky but sometimes I scoop stuff I don't like into the mint.


That's naughty.

What's your favourite meal?

Fish fingers and macaroni.

Joke for you. What's the youngest fish?


What happened? School left me four messages.

My Indian tourists arrived 30 minutes late.

Sorry, I was stuck.

She was alone in the street. Just imagine.

It's cool, she was inside.

Come on, she's 7 years old, on the street while you run your scam.

It's all OK, calm down.

Mummy, honestly, it wasn't for long.

See? Leave her out of this.


See you soon, Amanda.

What are you doing? Catch you later.

Yeah, right.


Is David angry?

I don't know.

If he is, not at you.

Any homework? Yes.

Can I see?

Are you angry?

No, sweetie, don't worry.

What's that mean?

It's an expression in English.

From America, in fact.

What's an expression?

An expression is...

It's when you say something in a language using imagery, kind of creating images.

For example, out like a light.

It's imagery. Someone's passed out.


And Elvis whatever? What's that?

Elvis Presley was a famous American singer.

He's dead now.

He was really famous with lots of fans.

And lots of people, after his concerts, hung around the hall in the hope of glimpsing Elvis again.

One day, a man went back on stage, grabbed the mic and said...

It was a way of saying, Elvis has gone, go home now.

You see?

And now, it's become a famous expression that people use to say...

Don't bother hanging around, hoping. It's done, it's over.

All right. That's funny.

I'll play you an Elvis song And we'll find the man on the internet.

Excuse me!

You're not David, are you?


Léna, is that right? Yes.

Did you have trouble finding it?

I got a cab from the station. It was fine.

Any other bags?

The trunk there.

Hold on, I'll carry it up.

Ok, thanks.

It's on the 3rd floor.

That's the front door.

The round one's the courtyard. After 8pm, it's locked.

WiFi info is on the box in the dresser.

Password and stuff.

I nearly forgot, the shower...

The tap's upside down.

You need to turn it hard to get hot water running.

Just be patient.

Looks like someone came by to repair it. That's great.

Sorry to bother you but have you got a pen?

Sure, won't be a second.

Thanks. No problem.

Have a good evening.

Hello, your bag, please.

That's fine.

I'm looking for the language lab, the English room.

Languages, down the hall on your left.


You know what you did was wrong.

You won't get away with this.

I'll sue if necessary.

You won't sue. Watch me.

What's going on?

Sue if you want, but it's not the solution.

Let's discuss it, all four of us.

We'll come to see you with Rudy.

Thank you.



Shall we go?

I'll just pick up my things from the staff room.

What happened exactly?

A kid who's driving me crazy. I shook him.

That's all.

Sorry for arriving late the other day.

That's why you came?


No, I have a favour to ask.

Simonian wants me to translate rental agreement clauses into English.

You know English is not my first love.

I knew you'd have an ulterior motive.

There you go, seeing the bad in everything.

When are you going to buy a real bike?

What's wrong with my bike?

It's an antique, it goes at snail speed.

Don't talk nonsense.

Hurry up and get your licence.

He attacks!


What do you mean? I don't have any gears.

And I do? It's all in my legs!

Wait for me!

If you put air in your tyre, you'd go faster.

I don't own a pump.

I'll bring mine next time to see to it.

Your translation by noon, OK?

Any time, thanks.

Come and eat one night. I'll call.

Sure, you bet.

Love ya!

Hi there.

What are you doing here?

I came for a run.

So I see. Looking good.

You're also a gardener?

No, I'm a trimmer, up in the trees.

For the city's Parks and Gardens.

It's occasional. They call me when they need me.



And the socks?

I don't carry socks around.

I know, I'm kidding. It was a joke.

Thanks a lot.

Have a good day.

Léna, Flat 104 How about a drink this evening?


Call me. See you later.

How'd you end up working for Simonian?

By chance basically.

I was working as a painter when he bought part of the building.

He was looking for a kind of coordinator.

He offered me a studio apartment in return for my work, and that was that.

Right, so he exploits you.

You've summed up my job.

Why did you leave Bordeaux?

Bordeaux? I grew up there.

I give piano lessons for a living and...

Really? Yeah.

I was in a band, too, playing gigs locally.


Nearly there, how about we sit down a while?

Sure, fine.

You don't want me to go in?

I'm keeping you here with me.

What kind of band was it?

Rock. Big melodies.

Pop, basically.

What are your plans? Giving lessons and stuff?

You have contacts? Yeah, some.

I need to advertise for pupils.

I was just thinking...

My sister's daughter wants piano lessons.

I could ask. For sure.

Definitely. I appreciate it.

How old is she?

She's 6 or 7.

7 maybe.

Are you sure? Not 15 or 16? No, I'm sure.

Watch out!


Is the truck open? Sure.

I'll take this.

You do this every day? Every other day.

It's our new ritual.

She eats a cream cake every other day? Sure.

Coffee, then?



What about Axel? Still separated?


But they split up every week.

He's taking it bad. Seems to be for real this time.

Are you blushing?


You are!

As soon as you finish, bedtime.

Hitting on married men again on Facebook?

You know I had no idea he was married!

No, I'm done with married men.

What? Come on!

I want a smoke.

Enjoying it?

OK, I'm seeing someone.

A shrink?

You idiot.

Who is it?

An acquaintance of Icham and Severine's.

Where did you meet him?

On Facebook.

He's not married, honestly. He's separated.

Just like the other guy.

Until he posted pics of his wife and children on holiday.

He's separated, I said.

Guys on Facebook love girls like you.

Like me? It's easy for you, but I've got Amanda.

I'm stuck here every night.

He's different, works at the National Library.

Yup, that's different.

His name's Ivan.


That can't be easy.

I like it a lot.

At first, it was complicated but that's changing.

He wants us to give it a try.

That's great.

I'm happy for you.

If you need me to vet him...

Can we read a story?

Yes, I'm coming.

First, though, a surprise.

For me?

A surprise?

What is it? Open it.

You're nuts!

Thank you!


I got three, so we can tag along.

Let me think about it.

What's the surprise then?


A tennis tournament in London.

It's a chance to get away together. Cool.

It's Wimbledon! Sure!

It'll bring back memories. Stop it.

And it's London. Amanda and I keep saying we'll go.

Two birds with one stone.

My down-to-earth sister.

Alison's entirely different.

So we're going on a trip to London and all?

And all what? Seeing Mummy's mummy.

You get the train tickets, I'll handle the rest.

A friend's family has a place there.

It's way out of town to the south but near the grounds.


Sandrine, I know you mean well but I have to tell you, I won't stand in your way but...

I won't go there to meet Alison.

I got her letter, asking to see us, but I'm not interested.

It's your call anyway.

Her letter triggered this? You could've said.

You got it too.

She wrote to both of us.

Except I threw it in the bin.

You don't just resurface 20 years on.

I'm very touched, thanks. I should hope so.

London? Yeah!

Who is it?

David. I'll come back later if you want.


At the local market, I bought kesra.

I got two. Want one?


Come in. You have time for coffee?

I met Amanda and your sister yesterday.

Just for coffee but...

Amanda's very keen.

We'll try out together tomorrow.

I'm glad she's learning with you.

You're really close to your sister.

So she was as discreet as ever.

No, we're very close.

But not enough according to her.

She must've had Amanda young.

And the father? She decided to leave.

It was a fling.

She raises Amanda alone.

He's not in the picture.

That's something else, raising your kid on your own.

It's not always easy.

Anyway, it's always worked for them both.

They seem happy.

We were raised by our father.

You just brought me a kesra?

For sure.

It was a bribe.

Saw you, don't try to hide it.

Leave some for others.

Hey, David, it's me.

Can you pick up some bread on the way?

I got some but maybe not enough.

I won't have time to drop by the baker's.

I'll never make it on time.

Great, thanks.

Hi there. Hi, sweetie. How are you?

Evening, Emmanuelle. You ok? And you?

Running late.

For tonight, help yourself in the fridge.

Can I carry something downstairs?

No, I'm good. I have a CitiCar booked at the stand.

Bravo for your licence. It's what we're celebrating.

Have fun. Don't pester Emmanuelle if she's studying.

Save me some cheese pie.

We'll see about that.

Enjoy your evening. Have fun.

Hey, Léna, it's me.

Do you mind going alone?

The train's late. It was 20 minutes, now it's more.

It doesn't even say how much.

No, you go ahead without me.

Yeah, sorry.

Hold on, can you pick up 3-4 baguettes?

I know it's asking a lot but Sandrine told me to buy bread.

See you there.

Yeah, they arrived in the end.

I'm on Avenue Daumesnil. I'll be 5-10 minutes.

Excuse me, can I borrow your phone, please? I lost mine.

Here. Thanks.


Amanda, it's me. David.

Is Mummy still asleep?

She's not here.

Where is she?

What are you doing here?

How about we get breakfast and walk a little?

Where is everybody?

What's wrong? I want to see Mummy.

Last night, something serious happened in the park, with Mummy and our friends.

Men came along.

They were armed and...

They shot at people who were there for a picnic or a walk.

They shot a lot of people.

They shot Mummy too.

Why did they shoot people?

When will we see Mummy again?

We won't see her again, Amanda.

She's dead.

We won't ever see Mummy again.

We'll never see her again.

I want to go. Can we go now?

Good morning.

Can't we go in? Closed today, sir.

We can't go there?

Sorry, Amanda.

It's not a good day to walk around Paris. Go home, sir.

Thank you.

Hi, sweetheart.

Come in.

A rabbit's got out.

He'll be back. He knows his way around.

I made sure of that.

Can I get him? Of course, sweetheart.

He doesn't bite. You can pick him up.

What's his name?

He has no name. We'll find him one.

How can anyone do something like that?

It's so awful.

How's it going with the rabbit?

He seems nice.

He's soft.

She fell asleep in the end?

Yes, but it was a struggle.

She kept tossing and turning.

Did she mention Sandrine? No.

I didn't dare either.

Give it time.

So are you going to the mortuary?

Yes, I am.

A friend's coming with me.

Take the keys on the dresser.

I might be in bed when you get back.

I'll be going.

The attack was the work of four men, none of whom are visible on videos shot at the scene.

The attackers fired rapid bursts before escaping, according to eye-witness accounts given to the police.

Islamist terrorism is the most plausible explanation.

Good news.

Axel's mother says he's fine after the op.

Any news of your friend?

Léna? Sure.

She's fine.

Lost a lot of blood, needed a transfusion, but she's improving.

Could you see her? Not so far.

They gave me a number to call her tomorrow.

What are you going to do?

I need a shower and then some sleep.

And you? I'll go back to my aunt's.

To be there when Amanda wakes up.

Thanks for coming.

How will you get back? Walk.

It's all I've done for 24 hours. I left my bike somewhere.

I'll catch a cab, want a lift?

No, thanks.

There's one, there.


Are there family members who can help?

There's my aunt, Maud.

My father died 3 years ago, my mother lives in London.

She's never even met Amanda.


The priority is for Amanda to have legal status, if only for travel or medical purposes.

That means naming a guardian, you see?

Not really.

The judge will ask a family panel to convene.

From what you say, three people could care for Amanda.

Your aunt, yourself and your mother.

At the family panel meeting, the judge asks you who agrees to raise Amanda until she's 18.

As her guardian.

And appoints a subrogate. A subrogate?

That's someone who shares oversight of the guardian with the judge.

I understand. What's the deadline for...

A few weeks maybe.

Your niece needs a father in the legal sense.

For things a minor cannot decide alone.

You're at least 15 years older than her?

Yes, she's 7 and I'm 24.

Legally, you could be her guardian.

The decision is yours, of course.

How do you see it working out?

I don't know, I never imagined raising my niece one day.

I love her lots but...

Does raising her scare you?

It's only natural at your age.

And you're grieving too.

What are we doing today?

When I'm done, we meet tenants at the station.

Why the long face?

We never do anything. We could go out!

Go out where?

People go to see things.

Monuments, parks...

Don't throw stuff on the floor. I have work to do.

There's no school today. Nobody's working.

I am!

Can't you see that?

Look, I'm sorry.

We'll go out tonight if you want.

I'll see about a playdate for you.

Are there games on your phone?

I don't know, I'll look.

Can I borrow it?

If you want.

Hi there.


Hello, Amanda.

She chose the flowers. They're really pretty.

How you doing?

Come on in.

Shit, didn't offer you a drink.

I've got it. No, I gotta move.

They told me to keep moving.

What do you want to drink?

Dunno. I have orange juice.

I have water.

I also have orange juice.

And I have water.

Orange juice then. Great.

Excellent choice.

A beer?

Coffee's fine.

OK, let's go. I'm gonna have a beer.

I hear it relieves pain.

How do you feel?

I'm OK.

Seeing a shrink.


Three sessions with her this week.

If anybody had said to me, Axel, you'll see a shrink.

Is she good?

It feels like I tell her the same thing every time, but yes she's good.

I don't get why you don't go see one yourself.

It would do you good.

The Victim Support Group is great.

Yeah, I called them.

They told you how to cover your bases if this goes to a trial?

Did they tell you? Sure.

I'm not sure I want to get involved in that.

Meet them.

I have no time right now, like I said.

You realise what's going on, right?

You think it stops there? Those guys won't keep going?

Do you realise that?

You OK, Amanda?

I have tummy ache. Tummy ache?

Maybe you drank too fast.

Do you know what we can do?

Put the flowers in a vase.

All right.

Tummy ache all gone!

You scamp!

Hi there.

Hi, David.

You OK?

Yeah. Visiting the patient?



She brought us flowers.

They're really pretty!

I brought you something too. You did?


Colour-In Workbook.

Mine! I want it.

Let's take a look.

You guys go for a walk and I'll stay here with Amanda.

Sure, we'll go out. Walking does me good.

Let's go.

See you, girls.

See you later, Amanda.

You know the Game of the Goose?

It goes round and round? Exactly.

Are things better with Raja now?

I guess.

We're in a period out of time.

She felt so scared that...

But we both know we're taking a break.

At some point, we need to get a grip.

You mean splitting up?

It's not what I want.

It's a bit intense.

The ginger guy's on it.

A good player.

What about you?

Picking her up from school, trimming trees, working for Simonian, honestly, I never stop running.

And Amanda? How's she doing?

She hardly ever mentions Sandrine.

Whenever I raise it with her, she changes the subject or gets mad.

How have you got organised? Did you move in there?


How do you see things working out?


I'm scared, Axel.

I don't know what the future holds.

I hung in there till the funeral but honestly...

I don't know, I've no idea.

What future do we have? What will I do with her?

I'm so scared.

I'm not ready to raise a child like that.

I don't know what she eats, I forget homework...

She's not my kid. I don't know what to do.

She has nobody. We have nobody now.

Did Raja tell you about the Children's Home?

I'm going to see the director.

Could be the solution for now.

Until you're back on your feet.

That's funny, coming from you.

OK, smartarse.

What's wrong?

Amanda, what's the matter?

A nightmare? What's wrong?

Calm down, it's still night.

What's the matter?

Go back to sleep now.

Sleep, lay down.

Calm down.

Amanda, talk to me.

Talk to me, please.

Fuck it!

I'm here, it's fine.

Hold my hand.

I'm here.

Hey there.

I told you not to bother.

I could call a cab.

It's not about a cab or not.

Hold on, let me help.

Are you OK?


Sorry, David, I...

I'm sorry but...

I don't think I'll be good company.

I think I need to be alone.

I'm really sorry.

No, I totally understand.

I'll carry this up, get you settled in and leave you alone.


What's that? A yurt.

A Mongolian dwelling.

It's about raising their awareness about alternative and eco-friendly housing.

As I was saying, the idea is for the children to escape being conditioned like performing animals.

Instead, they should learn to be uncompromising and inquisitive in their daily activities.

It must always connect to something practical.

Are you Amanda's only family?

There's my father's sister.

All these children are orphans?

For the most part.

There are also children who have been removed from their parents.

I was wondering, are you flexible about home visits?

We're very flexible about what happens inside school but very strict about days out.

The kids, especially younger ones, wouldn't understand some going home while others stay here almost all year round.

The two periods when we relax the rules are the holiday period in December and the summer, in the first half of August.

You seem perplexed.

Not at all.

I'm running late, I've had a tricky day.

Don't worry, we did her homework, we ate...

We played even, didn't we, Amanda?

I'm starting to teach her chess.

Really? Isn't she a bit young?

No, she's picking it up.

The horse is hard.

We'll revise the Knight and Bishop.

We'll be going.

Ready? Grab your bag.

I don't want to go.

Why? You're seeing Maud tomorrow.

I want to stay here tonight.

You're always welcome but school's miles away.

It means an early start. I'm sick of always moving around.

Who am I going to live with? You or Maud?

It's a strange time we're going through.

For you, obviously and most importantly, but for David too.

I really enjoy spending time with you but it's good for you to be with David.

He has energy I don't have, see?

I'm changing schools, too?

No. We're going home tonight to be closer to school.

I want to stay here.

This isn't funny.

I want to stay!

What time is it?


Hurry or we'll be late.

I'll buy you a croissant for breakfast.

A pain au chocolat. If you want.

Go and wash.

Where's her toothbrush?

Where's Mummy's toothbrush?

I put it away. We can't leave it there.

Don't you think?

You have no right, it's not yours!

This isn't your house!

You don't decide on toothbrushes.

OK, I'm sorry.

I'll put it back. Right now.


I swear I will but we need to hurry now.

Let's go.

Shit, your bag!


Have a good day!

Maud's picking you up tonight.

You'll sleep over at hers.


How are you? It's been ages.

You haven't changed.

Didn't you move to Lyon?

I moved back to Paris two years ago.

The company Victor and I started didn't work out.

Then we split up and that's it.

I took over from my parents. The restaurant?

I'm manager-slash-server.

And Marco, my cousin, you know...

He's in the kitchen.

Drop by. You guys know where to find us.

What about you?

I keep pretty busy with various things but my main job's with a big-time landlord in Paris.

I'm the interface with tenants or tourists.

Last time I saw your sister, she said you were with Parks and Gardens.

That as well.

OK, so how's Sandrine?

Did she said we talked? Maybe 18 months ago, when I moved back.

We said we'd meet and then time flies by.

How old's her daughter now? Five?



I gotta go. Tell her I'll call in the next few days.

And drop in for dinner, both of you. Evenings are better, we can talk.

See you, David.

How are you? Good, and you?

What brings you here? We came to see you.

Hi, Amanda.

How are you?

Here, take a closer look.

He's funny!

What's his name? Jean-Marco.

That's a pretty original name.

I never met a Jean-Marco.

How did it go, back at work?

You saw me.

Géraldine puts trivial stuff my way.

It takes me 3 hours to her 10 minutes.

Obviously, it takes you time to get back into it.

It will improve with time and some rehab.

You sound like my mother.

Actually, we don't know it'll improve. We have no idea.

It's a firecracker, don't worry.

Are you OK?

I'm sorry, I...

Don't apologise.

I'm sorry, Amanda.

No, don't apologise. Let's go.

Smell that. It's not your basic vino.

Why smell it?

People who taste wine to see if it's good start by swirling it in the glass.

Then they smell it.

They taste it.

And spit it out.

That's icky.

Not in the glass usually.

It's very good.

At leats eat some of the beans.

I ate lots already.

Look, eat half of what's left.

Next time, the cream cake at 6 o'clock, forget it.

Come on...

She takes ages to drop off. If I don't stay, it's even longer.

You weren't bored?

It's horrible for her, this coming out of the blue.

It's lucky she has you.

You know...

It's sweet of you, but I can't go on living like this.

I need some peace and quiet.

If you want, move into my place.

Take your time to process it all. It's no problem.

I'll go back to Périgueux to my mother.

You said it's tricky, living with her.

Here, sure.

Down south, we have more space.

I'll pick up with old pupils, even if I can't play.

Having already worked together makes it much easier.

You need someone who gives you support.

You need someone who...

Who carries you.

Who's there for both of you, who's reliable.

I'm not that person right now.

Come here.

Hi, David. Hi, Moïse.

Sorry for your friend but Simonian...

No problem.

When did she leave?

This morning.

And the new people?

A Russian couple. I meet them at the station in 30 minutes.

See you later. Bye.

Mr and Mrs Orlov?

Nice to meet you. I'm David.

A good trip? Yes, thank you.

It's this way.

Hey there.

How was your day?

Are you OK?


What's wrong? Did I do something?

What's the matter then?

I got punished.

Don't worry about it.

I thought it was serious. Who cares!

I don't want to go.

I thought you loved being at Maud's.

Tonight I'd rather stay with you.

You can't keep changing your mind. It's organised with Maud.

What difference if it's tomorrow?

The difference is it's organised. And I'm busy tonight.

How come? I'm having dinner with friends.

Why can't I come with you?

Because it's far, it'll be grownups talking.

Because you just can't.

Don't cry like that.

You'll see me tomorrow.

My little lamb chop. Don't cry, please.

Come in. The rabbit's in the living room.

Have fun tonight.

You have fun too.

Do you mind if I tape this?

No, fine, it was agreed.

Where should I begin?

It's up to you.

The idea is to get a firsthand portrait of your sister.

Without entering into intimate details, obviously.

It may be easier to begin with her work.

You said she was an English teacher.

At Arago High School.

She loved her job, although she said it was getting harder in recent years.

Why did she choose English?

Our mother's English. Really?

That's interesting.

She lives in London.

So Sandrine had lived in London also?

No, never.

But she got tickets for Wimbledon for her daughter and me next week.

She had a daughter?

You didn't mention it on the phone.

How is that relevant to a portrait of Sandrine?

Usually, when people have children, it gets a mention.

I mean, is it your readers' business?

The idea really is to...

To tell the story of these people who were just like you and me.

Who had children...

The children are part of their stories.

I'm sorry. I know you've put in an effort but we can't go on.

Look, it's...

I understand, it's sensitive.

It's not sensitive. I just changed my mind, sorry.

Leave it, I'll get it.

No, you came down here. I really do apologise.

No, it's fine.

Shall we go? Sure.

See you!

Did you enjoy that?

Arms up.

Remove your shoes, please.

Try again.

You're good.

Aim straight for the hole.

Visualise it.

No, not strong enough.

It stresses me out, I don't like it.

Don't stress out. You need to be relaxed.

My stick's bent. It's twisted. No, it isn't.

Come on!

It's not like yours. It's not bent.

Not like mine? Mine's way bigger.

You want it? It's as big as you.

Hold on, you know what?

I'll move it closer. It's a heck of a way.

There you go. It'll be easier now.

There! You see!

Just shows. Nice and relaxed.

Sure, but it was closer, too.

It was closer but so what?

What are they arguing about?

Is it because of her clothes?

Yes, looks that way.

Why don't we believe in God?

We just don't.

At school, they say I'll burn in hell if I don't believe in God.

That's absolute nonsense.

Does hell exist?

No, it doesn't, it's bullshit.

I mean, believers believe in it but...

They don't actually know. Nobody knows.

So if it's true, you don't know either.

Could be, it exists.

One thing's for sure...

Those kids at school are only repeating what their parents say.

They have no right to scare you, OK?

Next time they say that, tell them I'll kick their behinds!

OK, hard right!

Not right away.

I'm just putting you straight, come on!

I'm not the driver, you are.

Watch out! Leaves! Which way?

There. Turn right.

I can do it now. Straight ahead.

Were you really a tennis champion before?

Not a champion, no, but I was...

One day, Mummy showed me a film of you two when you were young.

You were playing tennis and everything.


Our father...

Your grandfather was always making home movies.

I didn't know that.

More wine? Go on.


Time for bed, Amanda.

Not just yet.

It's getting late.

Take Caramel with you, if you want.


It's the name we gave him. It's a white rabbit.

We have more imagination than you.

Taste this.

I kept it from the restaurant we had in Clichy.

Everyone's trying to get me off my head.

No chance with that. It's made from brambleberries.

Goes down a treat.

Did you know our mother well?

See? Not so bad after all, my berry brandy.

Funny you should ask.

I was thinking of Alison only a few days ago.

We saw a lot of each other in the early days. We got on well.

There was something free about her.

Very open-minded.

For me, the shy introvert back then, meeting your mother was very beneficial.

And when she left him, Luc was crushed, of course.

He wouldn't let anyone say her name even.

Did he never talked about her?

Hardly ever. I have some memories of her.

But mostly after she left, and that didn't last long.

Whenever we asked Dad, he said she'd broken off all ties.

She had a new life and there was no room for us in it.

He wasn't completely wrong.

Alison wears her heart on her sleeve. She's very impulsive.

She was soon in another serious relationship.

Nothing happened without your father organising.

Did you still see her around that time?

She wrote occasionally, asking after you two mostly.

When Luc found out, he flipped his lid, threatened us...

Or kind of told us to choose sides.

I must have her letters somewhere.

Assuming you want to see them.




When your father died, I thought about contacting her.

I know she found out from a mutual friend.

I didn't do it. Time had gone by.

Anyway, you know...

Hi, David, this is Léna.

It's late. I hope I don't wake you.

I received the little electronic keyboard you sent.

I played it with my good hand.

I even recorded a song on my phone.

You and Amanda are in my thoughts.

Words can't express how much I think of you, my distant friends.

Excuse me!

Can I help you?

Hello, are you Léna's mother?

Yes. I'm David, a friend.

I've come to say hi.

Come up, I'll call her.


I was in the area so...

You never listen, do you?

I don't want to intrude.

I can come back later or not at all.

It's funny imagining you here.

I've spent so long living in cities, only cities.

So here we are, town mouse and country mouse.


You remember that?

Once upon a time, town mouse invited country mouse most courteously to share leftovers of ortolan...

You still know it.

What's an ortolan by the way?

A bird.

You really are a town mouse.

Tell me about Amanda.

It's difficult to know how she's doing.

She's strong.

She amazes me.

Often it's as if she's there for me.

I think of her a lot.

She asked about you, too.


Her piano lessons mean a lot to her.

I'm going to start the process.

I'll look after her.

Take care of her.

I'll be her guardian.

I think I'll adopt her, too.

I came to take you back to Paris.

I never asked anyone this and never thought I would.

I'm really touched but we hardly know each other.

I know it might seem absurd and you're right, this must be our fourth time out together.

I'm not crazy, honestly.

When I had to decide about Amanda, thinking of you helped me.


Amanda needs you. She needs peace and quiet.

We have time.

How can you think we have time?

Seriously, David.

We have all the time in the world now.

Do you want to stay with me tonight?

David, I'm Ivan.

I guess Sandrine mentioned me.

I wanted to write rather than call.

I'm more comfortable writing.

I don't know if you want to but I'd like us to meet.

Sandrine told me about her little bro. It's dumb we never met.

Apparently, we have lots in common.

Looking forward to hearing from you, Ivan.

Is it like the cars, wrong way round?

More like we got the wrong keys.

Now we're in the shit.

Can I try?


It's not supposed to be like the cars.

It'll do us good to kick back.

Nice place, isn't it?

It looks old.

Yeah, it does.

Go on up and choose which bedroom you want.

She must be there.


I heard something about a beached whale.

They got her back in the water but she hangs around here.

Apparently she pops up now and then.

Let's see.

What did he say?

Apparently she was here 10 minutes ago.

How old will you be when I'm your age?

Really old?

Really old with a long, white beard.

No, honestly?

When you're my age, I'll be 40.

40 isn't very old.

No, it's not very old.

So you'll still look after me?


How long will you be with me?

I'm with you at least until you're 18.

Every day?

Every day.

So you're OK with staying? We'll put up with each other?

We'll see.


Yes, at the top of the slope near some trees.

Hello, David.

Thanks for coming.

Yeah, it's...

Shall we sit down?

So, do you live locally?

No, a little further west of here.

Just after Bayswater.

I thought about suggesting you pop round but...

No, the park's just fine.

Did you arrive this morning? Yes.

We're staying in South Wimbledon.

Quite a trot.

We came for the championships, so it's practical.

Sandrine wrote to tell me that you were all going this year.

She talked about this trip.

We discussed possibly meeting up.

She told me, yes.

I know it mattered to her, especially you meeting Amanda.

Can we talk about you?



Well then...

What are you doing right now?

For a living? I'm in arborism.

In trees, trimming branches.

I see.

And you? Me?

I spent a long time working as deputy curator of a museum.

In Hampstead Heath.

Since it closed down a few years ago, I give French lessons.

It will take a lot of time for us to be able to really talk.

For me to be able to...

To explain to you...

Try to explain to you...

I know it must feel strange, perhaps even intolerable to hear this but...

I also came here to tell you I'm there for you both.

For you and Amanda.

If you ever want one day to...

This is Alison, who I told you about. Mummy's mother.

I'm really delighted to meet you.


Thanks for coming.

You're very beautiful.

If you still have time, we could get an ice cream.

There's an ice cream shop nearby. They're really good.

Do you want one?

I like our street.

Pretty, isn't it?

Early start to see the matches.

We'll watch on Centre Court. You bet we will.


Alison's nice.

You think?

Great. She enjoyed meeting you.

You know, I think Sandrine would be pleased to know you two met.


If Alison is Mummy's mummy, she's yours too.

You have the same one? Sure.

I hardly knew her, hardly know her but she's my mother too.

Hope you both had a great day, not too gruelling.

I'll be watching on TV to see if I can see you.

Can't wait to be with you again, my handsome David.

I miss you. Léna.


It's done.

It's over.

Hold on, it isn't over yet.

He's only three points down.

What's wrong? Why are you crying?

What's the matter?

Stop. I don't like to see you unhappy.

What's wrong, lamb chop?

You see?

It's not over.

You see now?

Hang in there all the way.

Sub By Black Hawk