Amar Prem (1971) Script

Where are you taking me in a palanquin?

Seated in the wedding palanquin..

..are you taking me to my beloved's house?

Where are you taking me in a palanquin?

Following two days of happiness..

..l've had a thousand days of sorrow.

Where are you taking me in a palanquin?

l had to leave on my death.. l had to leave on my death..

..from my husband's house. l was forced to leave when alive.

As many as the flowers, there are blisters on my feet..

..having walked on thorns.


Autumn has come..

Autumn has come following the Spring.

Where are you taking me in a palanquin?

l have so many tears.. l have so many tears in my eyes..

..the water in the river seems little.

Oh writer of destinies..

..what destiny have You bestowed upon me?

The oarsman is angry..

The oarsman.. The oarsman is angry..

..the oarsman is angry. What can l do?

Where are you taking me in a palanquin?

Lakhaniya, take Nandu inside.

Good Lord! At such a young age his mother letf him.

God has been very unfair to you, Mahesh.



Are you coming from your in-laws house? - Yes.

Tattered state, sulking face.

Something is definitely fishy. But uncle Nepal, who is she?

Do you know Damodar Dayal who was fond of hymns? - Yes.

She's his daughter.

Mother. Mother.

Pushpa, how come you are here, dear?


What happened? Why are you crying? Did you fight and come? l'll never go back now. l'll live here with you.

Are you mad? Tell me what happened. l couldn't conceive, hence he got another wife.

What? Yes, mother. l endured this too. l was tolerating the atrocities by the two of them day and night..

..and living there.

Yet you shouldn't have letf your house this way, dear.

Your home is where your husband is. l wanted to die there.

But l was compelled to come here today. l don't believe you. lt must have been your fault too.

My only fault was that..

..l lived there enduring their kicks and abuses.


Look. God!

They hit me with a burning stick.

They pushed me out of the house.

My child! lf you also don't support me, mother..

..where will l go? l am myself living at other people's mercy, dear.

How will l feed you?

Don't worry, mother. l will beg. l'll find a job somehow.

But don't ask me to go there, mother.

Don't ask me to go there. Don't cry, dear. Don't.

Come in. Come on.

Mahesh, this time you should get married in great pomp.

What are you saying, uncle Nepal?

Had Nandu not been this small..

..l wouldn't remarry. Of course, l know, but..

Why did Pushpa come out from your house? l am wrong again. Why did she come here?

To ask for a job.

Job? - Yes. l know her in-laws very well. They are well-off.

Something is fishy. Must be. l didn't ask.

Forget them. When is your wedding?

24th of this month.

Good! Quick engagement and a quicker marriage.

Son, don't worry about anything. l'll arrange for everything. Okay, l'll leave.

Hey, Pushpa.

Come on! Are you feeling shy of me?

As a child, you used to sit on my lap.

Wrong again. You used to play in my arms as a child, remember?

You forgot me? Why did you go to Mahesh to ask for a job?

When Mahesh told me, l felt very bad.

How can you and your mother be in trouble with me around? l'll give you a job.

You? Yes. l have a vast business in Calcutta.

A land, a house.

But no one to look atfer it.

Whenever l go there, l sweep the floor, cook food. lf you handle this, it'll be beneficial to both of us.

But.. Uncle Nepal.. l.. l'm saying it for your own good.

Otherwise is there any dearth of servants.. a city like Calcutta?


How can l leave my old mother and go?

Yes, that's your problem. l'm in no hurry.

Think about it and tell me. But yourjob is fixed at my place.

Okay. l'll think and tell you.

You! What is it?

Sister Mandira, will you lend me some grains?

Lend? Why don't you say you've come to beg?

Think of it as that. lt's not for me, l can stay hungry, but mother..

Get lost!

Having letf your husband..

..aren't you ashamed of begging on the streets? lt is a sin to even look at you. Go!

Pushpa. You had been to my place, hadn't you?

Did sister-in-law humiliate you and get you to leave?

No. How can someone that has no standing be humiliated?

Don't say that, Pushpa. Here, keep this money.

But.. Keep it.

Keep it.

Your timely help.. Forget that, Pushpa.

One has to help another. l helped you, and you.. Meaning? lt is deserted across the lake at dusk.

Aren't you ashamed? You are like my elder brother.

By helping me, do you want to dishonor me?


You saw it with your own eyes?

Yes, mother! Uncle held that lady's hand and gave her money. ls it?

Come with me.

But what happened? At least tell me.

Your girl trapped my brother-in-law and took money.

He saw it with his own eyes. Ask him.

Tell me, did you see or not? Yes, l did.

Couldn't you satiate your hunger by begging that.. called your daughter to woo others?

Lowly woman! Shut up!

Quiet, sister-in-law. We are not lowly.

Your brother-in-law is.

Shut up! You wanton, shameless, characterless girl!

Tell me, how much money did you take from her brother-in-law?

And why? Mother!

Don't dare call me mother.

Why didn't l die before hearing all this because of you?

Mother! Mother, listen to me.

Get out of my sight.

You are a harlot! That's why your husband threw you out.

Go! Go and drown yourself!

Come on.

My brother-in-law is lowly? My foot!

Hey Pushpa! Hey Pushpa!

What is this?

Are you going to commit suicide? Very bad.

Get up! Am l dead?

With me around, if you are in trouble, then it's a shame.

Come, let's go to Calcutta. Come.

l told you girls to watch a lot of films.

Nowadays people prefer film songs to classical songs.

But all of you have become lazy.

Aunt, greetings. Greetings.

Mr. Nepal, atfer a long time? Please come in.

Aunt, l had been to my village. Pushpa, come in.


Who is she? Pushpa.

A girl from my village. She's very unfortunate, poor thing.

Very sad! Come, my dear.


Don't get scared. Aunt has opened this 'ashram' (Home)..

..for destitute women like you.

Yes, dear. This is my musical institute.

Girls learn dance and music here. Can you sing?

Aunt, she is a nightingale.

Her father was a great singer. ls it? - Yes.

He taught her to sing.

Let the teacher come. Only he can judge her voice.

Aunt, when do l come? Atfer one week.

Okay, Pushpa. l'll go. Will.. l stay here, uncle Nepal?

Yes! What else? lf you consider aunt as your mother and keep her happy..

..all your sorrows will be over. Right, aunt?

Yes. Don't worry. l'll keep coming.

Aunt, take her. Come, dear.

Consider this your house. Come.

Come, sir. You have come atfer a long time, sir?

There goes the heartless man leaving e heartbroken.

There goes the heartless man leaving e heartbroken.

There goes the heartless man leaving e heartbroken.

There goes the heartless man..


Should l take you to the jewel of this lane?

To Munnibai? Come on.

Get lost! Don't you see he is educated?

Trap someone else for Munnibai.

Sir, come here. You must've heard about Sushma.

Come on. Don't touch me.

What a dirty place you have brought me to?

Sir, when a passenger tells me at this hour.. take him anywhere, l get him here.

Let's go back.

The night is passing..

..Krishna hasn't arrived.

The night is passing..

..Krishna hasn't arrived. l can't sleep. l can't sleep.

The night is passing..

..Krishna hasn't arrived.

The night is passing.

Hey! Mr. Anand!

Welcome, Mr. Anand! You have come to this temple? Didn't recognize me?


Why did you stop?

Sing, dear.


Krishna forgot..

..his promise.

Krishna forgot..

..his promise.

Along with the lamp..

..Radha is awake, too.

Sleep is slow to come.

Sleep is slow to come.

The night is passing..

..Krishna hasn't arrived.

The night is passing.


..crazy in love.


..crazy in love.

With heart and soul yearning..

..and tears in her eyes.. l can't sleep. l can't sleep.

The night is passing..

..Krishna hasn't arrived.

The night is passing.


You've turned this room into a temple.

Whoever you are..

..the grief in your voice can soothe a grief-stricken heart.

Did you hear that, aunt?

What could be a better compliment than this?

Do you know who he is?

Mr. Anand, the richest man in this city, my old acquaintance. ls that so?

She is very lucky.

She sang for the first time, and Mr. Anand is here.

No. l didn't come here.

The magic in her voice pulled me here.

Then come here every day, Mr. Anand.

Pushpa's house is your house, too. ls your name Pushpa?

lt should have been Meera.

Eat one betel leaf from my hands, sister-in-law.

Seeing your rosy lips, Mahesh will forget his first wife, too.

Nandu, go to your new mother. Come.

Nandu, come soon.

Lalu, look, a bird's nest. l'll place it on the tree.


On the full moon night..

..the mother bird will lay three eggs in it.

And we will play with her little ones!

On the full moon night? Yes. l won't be here. Where are you going?

Calcutta. My new mother said we will live there now.

Then won't you come back to the village? - No.

Father has gone to look for a house.

Once he gets one, we'll all shitf there.

The house is nice.

But if the rent could be.. l am sorry.

Had this house been in another locality..

..the rent would have been twice as much.

Besides, you can use this furniture too.

As you wish.

When are you coming? - On the 1st.

Two months advance? Sure. Sure.


Thank you. l have got the receipt ready. Alright.

Okay, goodbye. Goodbye.

Amazing twists of fate..

Brother Mahesh!

You? Didn't recognize me? l'm Pushpa.

Who Pushpa? Great!

You forgot me? Your sister from the village.

Remember? l had come to ask you for a job one day.

Oh yes! But what are you doing here?

Me.. Come in.

You'll get fully drenched. No, l'm in a hurry.

Let it stop raining. Come in.


ls everyone fine at home?

Yes. And your son, Nandu?

He must have grown up. Yes.

Sit down. l'll come soon.

..the sky of my dreams.. l don't like it.. l don't like it without my sweetheart..

Oh, you are still standing?

Sit down. Have sweets. No. l won't eat anything. How can this be?

We met atfer a long time. Without eating..

No. No, Pushpa. l'm in a hurry.

The rain has also stopped. l'll take the evening train.

Going to the village? Yes.

One minute.

There's lightning.

Please pass on this Rs.50 to my mother.

Your mother? Yes. l'm quite worried about her.

Hence l keep sending her some money whenever possible.

Through whom?

That.. That Mr. Nepal..

..thanks to whom l'm here today. l keep sending something or the other through him. l'm not able to face anyone in the village.

Here. Give it to mother.

Here. Keep this money..

Pushpa. Pushpa.

Sorry, perhaps l came at the wrong time. - No.

He is a distant cousin of mine from my village, brother Mahesh.

Sorry. l saw the money in your hand and misunderstood.

This is Pushpa's money. l'm sending it to my mother.

Oh yes. You otfen send money to your mother.

Keep it. You need not send it anymore.

Why? Because your mother..

..died long ago.


No one told me.

You are dead to the villagers, Pushpa.

How can one give the news of someone's passing to the dead?

Okay, l'll leave. Goodbye.

Don't cry, Pushpa.

Today, whatever and wherever you are..

..your tears of sorrow..

..are not more than just saline water.

Hence, wipe them, Pushpa. l hate tears.

Yes.. You are right, Mr. Anand.




Let it be.

Let us go out. Where?

We'll look for such a place..

..where we won't remember anything at least for some time.

Neither you nor l.


lf a spark flares..

lf a spark flares..

..the rains put it out. lf the rains light a fire..

..who will put it out?

Who will put it out? lf autumn lays a garden to waste, spring brings that garden to life. lf a garden is ruined in spring, who will bring it to life?

Who will bring it to life?

Don't ask me.. the temple of dreams was broken.

Don't ask me.. the temple of dreams was broken. lt is not for everyone to know. lt's a story for one's own. lf an enemy hurts you..

..a friend cheers you up. lf a loved one hurts you..

..who will erase it?

l don't know what would have happened. l don't know what l would've done. l don't know what would have happened. l don't know what l would've done. l'm alive because l drink. lf l didn't drink, l'd have died. lf the world lets you thirst.. quenches that thirst. lf wine leaves you thirsty, who will quench that thirst?

Who will quench that thirst?

l agree no one can..

..stand strong in a storm. l agree no one can..

..stand strong in a storm.

How can you blame the waves?

Someone else is at fault. lf the boat rocks mid-stream..

..the oarsman takes it to the shore. lf the oarsman sinks the boat, who can save it?

Who can save it? lf a flame..

My darling boy will become fair soon. Very soon he'll be fair.

Apply it. Apply it.

Kamla, l'm going to market to buy something.

Keep my clothes ready. l'll go to work as soon as l come.

Okay. Father, l'll also come with you.

No, son. You have to go to school.

Take him to see the shops. lf l need anything, he can get it for me.

Eat this, my son. Okay, come on.

Take this.

My darling son. My prince.

Pushpa, last night you were fighting a lot with your sir.

Nothing. He was too intoxicated. l had to forcibly send him home.

Aunt! Come in.

You are strange. Do you want him to worship you if not fight?

He does that, aunt.

Whatever it is. l'll tell you the truth..

..whether you like it, or not. lf you rebuke him, you'll repent all your life.

Don't give me sermons early in the morning.

Here. Take your commission.

You are very considerate. You never trouble me for money.

So girls, there was a commotion in your rooms last night?

We've kept your money separate, aunt. Take it.

Let's go.

Saw that? How they walked away in arrogance.

As if l'm begging from them.

They spend thousands of money on their cosmetics.

But when they have to pay me, they make faces. l will go now and ask them!

Good Lord!

Father, we have reached home. Yes. Don't run.

You may fall down. Nandu. Brother.

You called me? Yes. Do you stay in this colony?

Have you rented that empty house in front?

Come on, father. Hey! lsn't this Nandu?

He has grown up. l saw him when he was so small.

Take this home. l'll come. Okay.

How big he has become.

Look, Pushpa. Don't talk to me henceforth.

Why, brother Mahesh?

Because the filthy atmosphere you live in.. ostracized by society. l live in the society.

By meeting or talking to you, l could be defamed, insulted.

Hence, l don't want anyone to know that l know you.

Hey you! Why are you peeping?

Naughty boy! lt is you?

Hey, Nandu! Listen.

l say, open the door!

Shankar, what is the matter?

She's not opening the door.


What's wrong? What is this commotion for?

Sister Pushpa, all hell has broken loose. - What happened?

Shankar is standing outside Durga's room with a knife.

She's not opening the door. Where's aunt?

Aunt has gone out with the teacher.

Shankar is drunk. He will kill Durga.

Anything done in a drunken stupor is forgiven. Let's go and see.

No! l won't let you go there.

Shankar is a dangerous man.

Sometimes one should take risks, Pushpa.

There is no thrill in life. Let us see.

Knife in hand and eyes turned red with liquor..

..with this modern pose of classical dance.. had to come back again to earth in these modern times, my lord?

What? Give me the knife please.

Give it to me.

Such a small knife!

Where have you forgotten your trident, Lord Shiva?

What nonsense, sir. Didn't you understand?

Your name is Shankar and you are Lord Shiva.

Actually, you've mistaken your concubine to be your wife..

..who'll throw open the doors for you.

You tell me, how can country liquor taste like sherbet?

What are you saying?

Alright, alright.

Durga.. Durga. Open the door, Durga.

Mr. Anand is here. Don't get scared.

Not at all! Not at all! ls anyone in?

Then why aren't you opening the door?

My child is burning with fever. He's not leaving me.

Sir, please tell him to leave today.

Understood! l understood.

Wench closed the door again!

You are still intoxicated? ls the child burning with fever yours?

Mine? No way! l am not his father.

Whoever the father is, Durga is yours.

Undoubtedly. Then her child is yours too.

Yes. lf you love her.

Go get the doctor, the child is not well.

Doctor? Durga is ill? l'll get the doctor now. Shankar. - Yes.

Take your trident. Oh, l forgot.

Durga is ill. The show is over.

Pushpa. ls there a little?


l was scared. What if something had happened to you?

What has to happen, will happen.

But man should get an opportunity to become a hero.

Didn't you see how l became a hero?

Make a drink quickly, my kick is wasted.


Oh! Mr. Anand! Greetings!

Sorry to disturb you.

Don't feel bad.

What are you saying, mister?

How can you disturb us?

You are the owner of this garden.

Atfer all you did the pious deed of getting a decent girl here.

Had it not been for you then who would bring..

..this flower into this wilderness?

Mr. Anand.

You are embarrassing me. Am l? l won't wait for long.

Pushpa, l'm going to the village tomorrow.

Last time your mother asked for another Rs.50.


Mr. Nepal. Yes.

While grazing, the cattle also look up at the sky..

..perhaps to thank the Lord.

But you must never have looked up, isn't it?

Up! The Lord above.

Don't you fear him at all? l didn't understand. You didn't?

Come out. l'll explain.

Pushpa knows.. What?

Even the colony people know.. What?

That her mother is dead.

Hence drop the curtain. The show is over.

Where are you off to, Mr. Nepal? Take this.

No. Take it.

No Take it, mister.

When you didn't feel ashamed earlier, then why today?

Until you are alive, continue embezzling like this.

Go, Mr. Nepal. Get lost.

Hey, Nandu!

Coming from school? Yes.

Mother. What is it?

Give me food. Atfer a while. l'm very hungry, mother. - l told you once, right, come atfer a while?

Won't you have a bath, brother? Yes, go and bathe first!

Should l go to the pond in front and bathe?

Go anywhere, don't bother me!

Mother, l'm hungry. l'll give my darling boy now. Come to me. My prince. Are you hungry?

Mother, l'm back atfer a bath. Now give me food.

Don't you see l'm boiling the clothes? Can't you wait?

Give me anything, mother. l'm really hungry.

Want a beating? l told you once wait a while. Are you going or should l..

ls my darling boy still hungry?

Here, eat.

What was that? What did you break?

What happened? What broke?

How did it break? Answer me.

Tell me. Speak up. Why don't you say anything?

Have you started stealing and eating now?

What are you looking at my face for? Get down.

Rascal. Scoundrel. Loafer.

You steal in the house. Stealing at home?

Don't dare step into this room. l'll break your bones.

Get out! Out!


Nandu, why are you sitting here? lt is quite late. Won't you go home?

No. New mother will beat me. Why? l broke the pickle jar. l was very hungry.

Oh! You haven't eaten as yet?

Don't cry, son. Eat.

Eat sweets. Open your mouth.

Whenever you are hungry, come to me. You will, right?

But don't tell anyone.

Now don't cry.

Good boys don't cry. Tell me.


Oh! Nandu, dear.

Wow! You have worn a nice shirt.

Father bought it? Yes.

Whom are these 'samosas' (Snacks) for? No! No! - Give them to me.

They are stale, dear. l love samosas. ls it?

Tomorrow l'll order hot 'samosas' for you.

Eat sweets today.


Take more. Take.

Now go. Why?

What why? lt will be evening soon.

Go home and study. l do that in the morning and play in the evening.

Even then, go dear.

Guests will be here. You shouldn't be here in front of them.

Why? What will they do?


Yet, l'm telling you. So go.

Who are they who are going to come here?

Your brothers?

You won't understand that.

Go. Come early, tomorrow. l'll get lots of samosas for you.

Yes. Okay? Okay. lndeed, the entire day was bad.

Not a single job was done. No, we did some work.

We realized that the man who just letf..

..was absolutely useless.

He's a rascal.

Forget that! Tell your wife to prepare tea.

Of course, sure. Anita. Anita.

Master, madam is not at home.

Never mind. So you prepare two cups of tea. - Okay.

You sit. l'll change the cover and come. - Cover?

Cover? Oh! Listen. Leave the cigarette.

Oh, sure. Thank you.

What's all this? This servant is a good-for-nothing.

Balram. Balram. Hey Balram.


What's all this? Pick it up.

Listen! When l call you, why don't you answer?

How will l, sir? You only call Balram. My name is Hariram.

Oh, yes! l forgot.

But Hariram, Balram was your elder brother.

Whatever, he was a very nice man.

Very brave! People feared him.

And do you know? ln the evenings, he also had the habit of drinking liquor, like me.

Understood, Mr. Balram? Hariram, master.

Oh yes. l made a mistake again.

Mr. Hariram, l want to change my clothes.

Can l get one pajama? Right away, sir.

Where are my slippers?

Hey, Hariram! Where are my slippers?

Pajama is wet, sir. lt is still wet.

Do l have only one pajama, Mr. Hariram?

All the rest are locked in the cupboard. Madam has the keys.

Then get one 'dhoti' (loincloth). Alright.

Sir, l can't find the 'dhoti'. l searched high and low.

What are you saying, Hariram?

You had supplied an unlimited number of saris..

..when Draupadi was being stripped.

But not a single dhoti for me.

Very bad!

Must be in the laundry. First prepare tea for me..

..then go to the laundry and get my clothes. - Okay, sir.


..haven't changed your cover as yet?

Do you know when we change covers, friend?

When people love the book.

When its new edition is released. But in this house..

..l have become an old book.

Neither does anyone want to look at it, nor read it.

Sir, it's difficult to prepare tea. Why?

The milk is spoiled. Repair it.

Pardon? How can l do that?

Do you know where your madam has gone?

Yes, to the saloon to set her hair.

Saloon.. To set her hair?

Brother, modern age! Modern housewife..

..figure maintenance, hair dressing, etc, etc, etc.

Get two cups of tea from the restaurant in front.

No, let it be.

Come with me to my house. lt's nearby.

You know what you'll get with tea?

Fried bread potato vegetable and hot 'halwa' (sweet).

My wife combs her hair at home itself.

At home? l must say you are a very lucky man.

Look at me. l do have a house and l don't. l have a wife and still l don't.

Anand, shall l tell you something? Don't feel offended.

You are responsible for it. However a wife is..

..she wouldn't want her husband to spend the night out.

Vijay, a man can work all day like a machine.

But when he returns home he wants something.

When he doesn't find it at home, he looks for it outside.

Hello. Madam? Yes, sir is at home. lt is madam, sir.

Let it be? Okay?

Fine. Very good. lt was madam.

She said she will go to the party from the saloon.

She'll be very late. Did you see, brother? l'm not the only one who comes late at night.

Forget it. You won't understand. Didn't l tell you?

You are a very lucky man.

Go home. Won't you come?


No. Some other time.

Okay. Good night. Good night.

Sir, shall l get tea? Will you go now?

Forget it. Go get my clothes from the laundry. - Yes, sir. Money?

My wallet is on the table, take it. Okay.

Hello. Mrs. Anita? Who is speaking?

She's not at home.

She's gone to some party.

Don't know. She will be late.

Pardon? l'm her husband.

Why? You felt bad?

Good day.

Pushpa. Oh, Pushpa.


Atfer searching high and low l realized that.. life there is sweetness only in two places.

One at the sweet shop and the other in your voice. l have got hot jalebies (sweets) for you.

You sit. l'll serve them on the plate. - No. l don't like eating sweets. l only love to see them.

When you don't eat, why do you bring it everyday? l've got into the habit. l enjoy it.

You love savories, don't you? Yes.

Salty, hot and spicy..

..which gets inside and reduces everything to ashes.

Get it. Get the bottle.



Get some 'samosas' and 'kachories' (snacks) tomorrow.

Will you eat?

l won't let you drink on an empty stomach. l'll prepare something soon.


Do you know to prepare 'puris (Fried bread)'? - 'Puris'?

Potato vegetable, hot 'halwa'.

Can you prepare this?

Will you eat all this? Sure. lf you sit beside me and feed me with love. l'll just get it.

Mother has sent these clothes to be washed. - Keep them here.

Send father's clothes tomorrow morning ironed. - Okay.

Here now, youngster. Greetings, sir.

Mr. Natwarlal.

Newspapers are meant to be read..

..and you use it to hide your face? Mr. Anand.

There's danger. Danger?

Yes, a Pathan is atfer me. Pathan?

Yes, l had borrowed money from him. l thought you are hiding from me, Mr. Natwarlal.

From you? We are two sides of the same coin, Mr. Anand.

And besides, as far as coming here is concerned..

..l'm more shameless than you. l am going. What is the hurry, Mr. Natwarlal?

Mr. Anand, Pyari and Dulari..

Are waiting for you? Yes.


Why are you late, son?

Mother had sent me to the washer man.

Will you have hot samosas? Yes.


Eat. Who is this young man?

This is Nandu. You had met brother Mahesh.

He's his elder son. He stays opposite me.

Nandu loves samosas?

Yes. - Have more.

Okay, son. Come tomorrow.

Will you give me samosas tomorrow as well?

Sure! Now go.

You love him a lot?

Mr. Anand.

How many children do you have?


And wife?

She.. ls there.

She is an ideal housewife.

Then leaving such an ideal housewife..

..why do you come here?

You are a decent man.

Pushpa. The more decent a man is..

..the more evil he can become. l come here only to see.. evil l can become.

Do.. you.. really..

..come here for this?

Tell me something, Pushpa.

You are a defamed woman.

Then why does a decent boy like Nandu come here?

His is a different case.

His step-mother doesn't love him.

No one loves me either.

Don't say that.

Hence l come here.

Don't ever ask me that question again.


Make a peg.

Rascal! Where did you get the samosas from?

From there. There? Where?

The one who stays opposite, she gave it to me.

Rascal, shameless! Why did you go there?

Throw it.

God help us! You eat from her place? Dirty.

Why? What is at her place?

You don't have to know that. lf you go there again l'll break your legs!

Munni, stay with him. Come in, Raju.

Ashok Kumar's performance in 'Sangram' was excellent. l am crazy about Dev Anand. l saw his film and l kept dreaming about him.

That rascal Ashok Kumar and Dev Anand became a hero.

And this Natwarlal who bought balcony tickets for you..

..became a zero?

You unnecessarily got angry. Yes.

You are our real hero, Mr. Natwarlal. - Oh.

Mr. Natwarlal.. - Yes. lf we'd met your wife at the theater today..

How would we have met her? l don't do things without planning.

People like me keep a strict watch..

..just like the ClD, over our wives.

What about them?

They are like spectacles, always in front of our eyes.

What are we then?

You? Goggles.

You keep the sun out and us cool.

Caught you today.

Who caught me?

You.. - Mr. Khan. Mr. Khan, Greetings.

Mr. Khan, do you also come here to listen to the songs?

Quiet. l want my interest. lnterest.

Yes. You'll get it. You'll get it. Get to know them first, Mr. Khan.

This is Pyari, and this is Dulari. lf you see them sing and dance, you'll be enchanted.

Are you trying to sway me? lt has been three months. There is no news about the interest.. news about you. l'll take the money today.

Very sorry, Mr. Khan. l can't give you any today.

Today is Monday. l don't take 'Lakshmi' (goddess of wealth) out of the house on Mondays.

Okay. l'll spare you today. Okay. l'll come to your house tomorrow morning.

You'll come tomorrow, for sure?

Promise? lf you don't come, Mr. Khan, l won't talk to you. l'll definitely come tomorrow morning.

And l'll take the money and leave.

Mr. Natwarlal? Yes?

You borrow money from Mr. Khan? l have to.

To come to you, l have to first go to the Pathan.

You joke a lot.

Pyari, will you have 'Pani Puri' (snack)?

Pani Puri? - Yes. Let's have some, Mr. Natwarlal.

Don't be that harsh on me. l just took you to the movies.

So what? You like both of us, right?

Yes, a lot.

Then let's have 'Pani Puri'.

Come on. Yes.

Hey vendor! Prepare 'Pani Puri'. lncurring some more losses won't make any difference. Make some.

You are giving only them? Give me too.

Actually, only l should get it. No. Don't put tamarind water. l'll be done for. l have the water. l'll add my water. Fresh water.

Give more. lt's over.

Over? Never mind.

Darn it. My water is also over.

Hey, how much? Rs.15, sir.

15? Never mind.

Oh no! My pocket has been picked.

Picked or torn, you have to give the money.

Yes, l will. ls there any money in your purses?

Empty. Empty?

What is your name?

Bindu, sir. Bindu, keep this. l don't drink, sir.

Who is asking you to drink? l'm mortgaging it. l'll get the money tomorrow and release it.

Come on, ladies, let's go.



Look, l've got samosas and 'kachories', too, today.

Where is your son?

Are you fooling?

You are fooling..


Should l serve you some?

No, atferwards.

Give them to the one l got them for first.

He hasn't come yet?


Brother, you are going there again? l'll tell mother.

Mother, he is going there again.

Nandu, are you going there again?

Wonder what spell that concubine has cast on you!

That witch is not ashamed of spoiling respectable children.

Come in. Come.

Don't look there. Come in.

Darn it. l am fed up.

That little boy has made life miserable.

What is the matter? Tell me.

There! Tears in your eyes again? l've told you so many times, Pushpa. l can't see tears. l hate tears.


You are heading towards a deep, dark well, Pushpa.

Your thirst will not quench. You'll drown.

Now what is letf to be drowned, Mr. Anand?

There is! lf there wasn't, this Anand would never come to you.

He wouldn't give you money every month.

Nor would he keep you bedecked like this.

Honestly, Mr. Anand. l never thought that..

..l'd start loving Nandu so much.

Like every woman l thought..

..l'd have a house, too.

A husband, children.

But.. nothing happened.


Mister, aren't you ashamed of staying here with your wife? l feel so ashamed that l have to go stealthily from here.

You do that. But what do l do?

Because of these women l can't come out of the house. - No matter.

People will talk. lt is their business to talk.

Forget this useless chatter..

..else the night will pass away.

People will talk. lt is their business to talk.

Forget this useless chatter..

..else the night will pass away.

People will talk.

Some of the ways of the world are such..

..but every morning has an evening.

Some of the ways of the world are such..

..but every morning has an evening.

Who are you? What's your name?

Even Sita was defamed here.

Then why have your eyes grown moist..

..hearing what the world speaks?

People will talk. lt is their business to talk.

Forget this useless chatter..

..else the night will pass away.

People will talk.

They taunt us..

..that we're lost in decadence.

They taunt us..

..that we're lost in decadence.

We've even seen them..

..stealthily come into these lanes.

This is the truth, it's not false.

Tell me, isn't it true?

People will talk. lt is their business to talk.

Forget this useless chatter..

..else the night will pass away.

People will talk. lt is their business to talk.

No, Laxmi. l don't want to live here anymore.

Where will you go?

Wherever you go, people will taunt you. l've told him to look for a house in a decent locality.

Of course! Mr. Anand is a rich man.

He can.. Excuse me. ls there a woman named Pushpa here?

That's me. l want to talk to you. Yes?

Here? Which is your room?


This is my room. Please sit.

Does Mr. Anand come here?

Who are you? Does he come or not? Answer me.

Lower your voice.

When l don't know you.. Anand is my brother-in-law.

My sister doesn't want him to come here.

Why does your sister let him? He forcibly comes here.

When your sister can't stop him.. l don't want to argue with you. lf brother-in-law comes here, ask him to go back.

How will that help? Will you be able to hold him?

Besides, l'm not the only one in this big city. l don't care how many you are. l'm here only to tell you to stop him from coming here. That's all! l can't.

Why don't you say that you'll be at a loss?

You don't have a brother or a son.

How will you understand my sister's sorrow?

Money is your life. Hey you!

Hey. Why are you talking nonsense? Who are you?

Mr. Anand's relative.

With whom do you want to form a relationship here?

Mind your language. You mind your language.

Shouting at us in our own house!

Get out! Out!

Out! What are you doing, aunt?

Please go. l promise you..

Mr. Anand will never come here. l'll be obliged.

Pushpa, what have you done? At his behest, you'll leave Anand? l forgot my fear of what others would say the very day..

..l came here, aunt. Then the reason for this madness?


You won't understand, aunt.

Why are you crying? For you.

Why didn't you come yesterday?

Father and mother stop me from coming here.

They say dirty people come here.

Now no one will come, dear.

Now l won't let anyone come, except you. No one!

The clouds send down showers.

And there's lightning..

The clouds send down..

Pushpa. Why is the door closed today?

Open it.

Your lover is at your doorstep. Open the door.

Why are you so late today?



Please go from here, Mr. Anand.

Go away? Why?

Don't ever come here.

What's wrong with you suddenly?

Open the door. Oh, Pushpa.


Go back.

To your wife. There!

Do you want to send me back.. the one l leave and come here? l don't come to go back, Pushpa.

Then stand outside!

Hey! Hello, Mr. Anand!

You on the road? The door is closed. ls there a festival today?

There's a crowd everywhere and queue before every room.

What queue are you standing in, Mr. Natwarlal? l don't believe in a queue. My principle is..

..when one door closes, the other opens.

Hence, l love two girls at a time. lf not Pyari, then Dulari. Come on. With you?

Hey, don't worry. l have this black knight country liquor.

Mr. Anand, sometimes one should enjoy country liquor too.

Come on. Come.

Hey, Mr. Anand. - Yes.

First keep your letf leg.

Letf? Yes.

This is also good.

Hey! How are you?

Pyari, Dulari, look who is here, in your room.

Mr. Anand. You?

We are so lucky!

Whose face did we see early in the morning?

Mine of course. You forgot?

Donkey praises its own tail.

Please, come. Sit down.

Sit down. l got you here and you are being pampered.

Here, take this.

One glass for me and one for Mr. Anand. Go.

Mr. Anand.

Mr. Anand.

Why are you quiet? What's wrong? Nothing.

Of course there is. Don't lie to me.

Tell me. Go on. Mr. Natwarlal.

What do l say? Tell me what happened?

Should l?

What is this that happened?

How did it happen?

When did it happen?

What am l supposed to tell you?

What is this that happened?

How did it happen?

When did it happen?

Why did it happen..

..when it happened? lt happened when it did.

Oh forget it, don't think about it.

What is this that happened?

How did it happen?

When did it happen?

Why did it happen..

..when it happened? lt happened when it did.

Oh forget it, don't think about it.

What is this that happened?

Why should l falsely complain?

So what if l'm heartbroken?

Why should l falsely complain?

So what if l'm heartbroken? lt was a glass toy..

..something was bound to happen. lt did.

What is this that happened?

How did it happen?

When did it happen?

Why did it happen..

..when it happened? lt happened when it did.

Oh forget it, don't think about it.

What is this that happened?


Whatever l'd seen and heard..

What should l say it was?

Whatever l'd seen and heard..

What should l say it was? lt was a pleasant dream. lt had to end. lt did.

What is this that happened?

How did it happen?

When did it happen?

Why did it happen..

..when it happened? lt happened when it did.

Oh forget it, don't think about it.

What is this that happened?

Oh heart, let's have a drink and sway..

..let's roam these lanes.

Oh heart, let's have a drink and sway..

..let's roam these lanes.

You had to lose here..

..and be defamed. You were.

What is this that happened?

How did it happen?

When did it happen?

Why did it happen..

..when it happened? lt happened when it did.

Oh forget it, don't think about it.

What is this that happened?

Come, sir.

What time is it?

Sir, two o'clock. Two?

You haven't slept as yet?

No, sir. Even madam hasn't returned.

When your master got tired waiting for your madam..

..why are you awake, Mr. Balram?

Hariram, master. Oh, younger brother?

Go and sleep.

Lock the door and sleep.

Pushpa didn't do the right thing by sending Mr. Anand away.

When one is not bothered about one's own welfare..'s futile talking about her, aunt.

Here comes the devil! Naughty fellow!

Hey! What are you doing there?

Nothing! Nothing!

Lord Faulkland's grandson. Pushpa has unnecessarily pampered him.

Hey, Gopal!

Only three days letf for the festival.

The idols aren't ready as yet.

You haven't brought mud from the courtesan's courtyard. l don't understand one thing, uncle.

Why is their impure mud mixed.. the idol of goddess Durga?

Who knows? lt is an old custom.

Without mixing that mud, Durga's idol is not fit for worship.

You continue. l'll get the mud.

When will you paint the idol, uncle? ln a day or two.

Where did you get the blooming dale sapling from?

From the garden there ahead.

Plant it in your house. lt will bloom with many flowers.

Really? Of course.

Go quick, otherwise it will wither. Go.

What will you do with this mud? lt will be mixed with Durga's idol. ls this mud very nice? - Nice? lt is very pious, son.

Then can l plant this here?

Sure, why not?

Go ahead and plant it.

Okay, ladies. Thank you very much. Good day.

What are you doing? l'm planting the blooming dale sapling. - Oh!

When it grows, lots of flowers will bloom on it.

What will you do with them? l'll pluck them for you.

Me? Yes, because you pray.

You know, when it grows..

..a bird will come and build a small nest.

Oh! Then what will happen?

Then? On the full moon night..

..the mother bird will lay three eggs in it and go.

Great! On the full moon night..

..the mother bird will lay three eggs in the nest..

..who told you all this? Lalu did.

Who? Lalu? My friend who stays in the village.

Have you ever been to Madhavpur village?

Madhavpur? Yes.

We used to live there before.

Near the lake, below the tree..

..there was a big nest.

Lalu picked it up and placed it on the tree.

He said the bird will lay eggs on the full moon night.

Aren't you listening to me? l am, son. Look. l have planted it here. Don't let it wither.

No, son. l'll never let it wither.

Never. Never.


Yes, l remember. l remember.

You had stopped me from coming here.

Then why have you come?

To know why l can't come.

Your wife doesn't want you to come here.

No wife in the world would want her husband to come here.

Then what will you gain by hurting her?


The little joy that l got in life, l got it here.

My marriage is the biggest curse of my life, Pushpa.

Even then she's your wife. Yes.

That is her trump card.

Hence my house is a house of cards.

Every time l try to build it.. collapses.

Wonder how she is..

..who cannot be happy with a man like you.

Forget her.

You also don't want me to forget my sorrows for some time.

Mr. Anand!

Did you water my plant?

Plant? What plant? Blooming dales.

Nandu has planted a blooming dale sapling in our courtyard.

Good. Good.

What l was here to ask you, l got the answer from Nandu.

Nandu there will be flowers in your courtyard.

Blooming dale flowers. l'm so unfortunate..

Don't say that. - There's no harm in telling the truth. lf l come here, this plant will dry.

Blooming dale will wither away. No.

You don't know how much faith l have in you.

How much l like you!

You do? Yes.

That's why l don't want you to come here. lf you don't want to, l won't come.

Perhaps we won't meet each other again.

But yet..

..if you need anything anytime, don't hesitate. l'll leave.

Mr. Nandu, l'm going.

But before going l bless you that..

..may lots of flowers bloom on your tree.

Will there be many flowers?

Yes, plenty of flowers.

Far and wide, the fragrance of your flower will spread.

Your life will be filled with joy, Nandu. l'll go.

Okay, Pushpa.


You are in bed early.

What is it, son? l'm having a bad headache, father.

God! You're burning with fever.

Listen! Nandu has high fever!

Why won't he? He gallivants in the sun.

Doesn't listen to me. Now suffer.

Call the doctor and look atfer him.

You yourself attend to your dear son. l don't have time. l've got lots of work.

Where are you going? To the temple.

Sister Pushpa, where is your son these days?

Where has he gone? l don't know. His parents don't like him coming here.

Perhaps they've stopped him.


Oh, Nandu.

You didn't come for two days. What happened to you? l have fever.


Where is your mother?

Sleeping in the next room.

My sister is awake, if she sees you..

..she'll wake mother and mother will scold you.

You go. When l feel a little better, l'll come to you.

No, come when you are completely cured.

All right.

Here, drink this.

Why did you leave it? l don't like sago.

Will you eat sweets when you have a fever?

Will you drink it, or not? No. l won't.

Oh God! ls he a child or my old foe?

Come, Raju. Let's go. Let him die.

He won't drink it!

Hey, Nandu!

Oh, Nandu.

How are you feeling? The fever is not subsiding.

Why? lt has been so long? Doesn't the doctor come?

He does.

Homeopathic doctor. Homeopathic?

Why didn't you call a big doctor?

Their fees are high and my father doesn't have money.

Look, l've got grapes and apples for you.

Do you want them? Yes.

Take this.


Hey, Nandu! Whom are you talking to? Who's there?

No one. No one, mother. You go to sleep.

Now go. Mother will get up.

Accountant. Greetings. - Greetings.

Mr. Anand has sent this letter.

Look, please tell Mr. Anand to see me once.

Okay. Tell him it is urgent.

To come this evening. Okay.


Brother, are you having a headache?

Yes, Raju.

Don't worry at all.

Dr. Ghosh will reach there.


What for? lt is yours.

Give it to the doctor.

At least let me prove helpful for this small thing.

Keep it.

Listen, brother Mahesh shouldn't know that..

..we arranged for the doctor.

Understood. Understood.


You are very kind-hearted..

..l already knew that.

But today l learnt how big-hearted you are.

The more l meet you, the more euphoric l get.

Now call a senior doctor. Senior doctor. - Yes.

The case is getting complicated.

On seeing the child's condition.. can only depend on Dr. Ghosh.

Dr. Ghosh?

Yes. But his fees will be high, right?

Yes. Heard he doesn't take a penny less.

Yet, he is a renowned specialist.

Mr. Mahesh.

Who? Dr. Ghosh!

Dr. Ghosh.

Doctor. You are Mr. Mahesh?

Yes. Your son is ill?

Oh! He is here. Let's see to him.

Hello, Doctor!

Show me your tongue, son. Nandu, your tongue.



Okay, give me a paper. Here.

What's his name? Nandu.

Send for this medicine from my dispensary.

No need to worry. Everything will be all right.

Okay. Okay, doctor.

Thank you.

Doctor, your fees?

Don't worry about that. Get the medicine first and give it to him. l'll leave. l'm in a hurry.

Good day.

Anand? You are still here. l thought l'd ask you and go.

Nothing serious, l hope. lt would, if l'd been late. lt's Paratyphoid. Nothing to worry, l hope.

Nothing to worry about. He'll be okay.

Doctor, don't worry about the expenses.

Kindly accept this advance. Here is Rs.200.

How can l accept money from you? lt's not mine, but on behalf of the mother.

Oh! Tell me, what relationship do you have with Nandu?


When someone is very dear to you in spite of not being related..

..isn't it a wonderful relationship?

You won't understand. You won't.

Good night. Good night.

Nandu, now you're completely all right.

When can l start eating food, doctor?

Wait for two days.

Then eat to your heart's content. Okay.

Now l'll go.

Mr. Mahesh. Yes.

Don't change the medicine.

Continue for two days.


Will you tell me something? Yes!

You've been coming here from so many days.

Neither did you take your fees, nor the medicine money. l don't understand.

But l understand. What?

That you are a simpleton. Meaning?

The child's mother gave me money in advance.

And you don't know?

Simple man, besides office and head clerk.. don't know what's happening in your house?

Kamla, l don't understand. Who gave him so much money?

God knows. Even l don't understand.

Amazing. l'll find out at the clinic while returning from work.

Listen, we should fix the date to leave. l've applied for leave. lt'll be done soon. l'm going to the village atfer so many days..

..l don't have a nice sari. Get me one please. l'll get my salary today. l'll buy one.

My Nandu is absolutely all right, isn't he?

Absolutely. Give him sago even today.

He can eat anything he wishes to atfer two days. - Okay.

Doctor, is your account settled?

Yes. Tell me something. The fees that you gave me.. come Mr. Mahesh doesn't know about it?

Well.. Actually. l am not Nandu's mother.



Pushpa, listen!


Pushpa. l made a mistake in understanding you.

You not only gave the doctor's fees..

..and money for the medicine.

But you gave Nandu a new life. l didn't have the capacity to treat him. l can never repay such a big favor. l misunderstood you.

Forgive me for that, sister.

Brother! Yes, sister.

Other than respect and worship, l can't give you anything.

This is an ordinary sari. lt is 'Bhai Dwij' (Brother's day) the day-atfer-tomorrow.

Wear it on that day, as a remembrance of this brother.


My son is here.

Now you've become absolutely all right. - Yes. l've got a box of biscuits for you.

But before that l'll get an amulet for you.


Whose amulet is this? The goddess'. l had prayed to Her to cure you soon.

Always keep this tied to you.

You'll never fall ill. ls it made of gold?

You are gold.

My darling boy.

Wait, l'll get biscuits for you.


Oh, Nandu.

Where has he gone?


Where is he?


Oh, Nandu.

Krishna is very mischievous.

What should his mother Yashoda do?

Krishna is very mischievous.

What should his mother Yashoda do?

He is very mischievous.

My eyes look for him everywhere.

Where has Krishna hidden?

My eyes look for him everywhere.

Where has Krishna hidden?

He's flown away, as if he's the wind.

What should his mother Yashoda do? His mother..

What should his mother Yashoda do?

He is very mischievous.

You are the only dream of my life.

Whoever sees you thinks of you as his own.

You are the only dream of my life.

Whoever sees you thinks of you as his own.

You are everybody's favorite..

You are everybody's favorite player of the flute..

What should his mother Yashoda do? His mother..

Krishna is very mischievous.

What should his mother Yashoda do?

He is very mischievous..

You know, we are going from here in two days?


Where? - To the village.

You'll leave me and go? What do l do?

Everyone is going. So even l have to go.

Then you'll never meet me. Why not? l'll come.

Just watch. l'll surely come. Can l go now?

Go, son.

Don't untie it! Leave! - Please don't.

You tied an amulet from that dirty woman's hands?

Scoundrel! Bindiya! Hey Bindiya!

Yes, madam. Return this to Pushpa!

Tell that witch that as it is she's a sinner..

..why is she casting her spell on children with this amulet?

Throw it at her face.

Listen, Nandu. We'll be going atfer two days. lf you go there before that, l'll break your bones, got it?

Madam Pushpa! Madam Pushpa.

Yes? Here is your amulet.


Are you through with everything inside? - Yes. - So are we. l'll get the cart. Okay.

Hey! Nandu! Come!


You've cut your leg. Never mind. l'll apply lime. lt'll become all right.

No, l'll get medicine. Hey, Nandu.

Let it be, Nandu!

Mother, brother is back. ls he?

What are you doing?

Where had you been? What is in your hand? Show!

Show me that.

Medicine? Who is hurt? - Hers.

Oh! Madam Pushpa.

Now you are stealing medicine for her? l'll go! Leave me! Give it to me.

Give it. Let me go.

You answer back to me!

Answer back?

This audacity? Just come back. l won't spare you.

What are you doing, silly boy?

You got medicine for me? Dressed the wound?

So what happened? What happened?

You won't understand. l'll never forget this day.

Will you go today itself? Yes. ln a while. Father has gone to fetch the cart.

Then you won't meet me again?

Why not? When l grow up, l'll come to meet you.

To take my amulet. Preserve it carefully.

Yes, son. l surely will.

Okay l'll go. Otherwise mother will beat me.

Go, son.

Hey! What is this!

Being a Brahmin's son, you touch my feet?

You love me so much. Then shouldn't l bow to you?

Go, child. May God and always keep you happy!


Mother, brother is back.

You are back?

Rascal! Devil! Shameless!

You're back.

You went there? You bit me and went to give her medicine?

Who is she to you?

She means everything! l'm nothing! l won't spare you! Not at all. l'll skin you alive. Answer me!

Never ever go there. My wish! l'll go.

You'll go there! Yes, l'll go!

You answer back?

You answer back?

You answer back?

You answer back?

You answer back? l won't spare you.

Will you go there? My wish! l'll go!

So it is your wish. You are answering back?

Don't beat Nandu. lt is not his fault.

Here! Here! l'll still go there.

However much you beat me.

He'll never come to my house. l request you. Please stop it.

Don't beat him anymore.

You want to go there? Go die near her.

Why had you come? Tell me.

Why had you come?

Because you got hurt.

So what? You should've let me die.

Tell me you will never come to me? Tell me!

You also stop me from coming?

You also don't want me to come? l won't come! l won't come!

No, son. How can l stop you?

But.. But what do l do?

What should l do?

Madam Pushpa.

Go away from here! We'll be leaving in a short while.

Before going, we don't want to see an accursed woman's face!

Oh mother..

Sister Pushpa, do you know your Nandu is going? l know.

Oh mother..

Are there many cars in Calcutta? Yes, many.

Double-deckers, too! Huge ones. ls it? And many delicacies too!

'Samosas', 'jalebis', 'kachoris'.

'Kachoris'? How is that?

Very tasty.

Your father used to give you every day?

No. Then your new mother?

No! She used to give me. Who she?

She was very nice.

She loved me a lot.

The Ganges, Jamuna, Saraswathi, Kaveri, Godavari.

The Ganges, Jamuna, Saraswathi, Kaveri, Godavari.

The Ganges, Jamuna..

Hey! Nandu!

You! Didn't recognize me?

Why will you recognize your village friend?

That too 10th fail Chander.

Chander! Forgive me.

Sorry l couldn't recognize you. You've changed completely.

You expect a man to survive in Rs.150..

..and still not change.

Not possible! Not possible!

What do you do? A sales agent in a fraud company. l sell spurious oil and toothpaste.

Forget it, you tell me.

Heard you've become an engineer? Yes.

Five years ago l was in Patna. l got transferred last week.

And family? - Still there. l'm looking for a house.

Oh l see!

But how come you are here, early in the morning? l was passing by. Suddenly l stopped to look at this place.

Something special about it? Yes.


The sewage of the entire city..

..flows through this gutter..

..into the heart of river Ganges.

Atfer that, it no longer remains dirty. lt becomes holy water.

This place reminded me of somebody. Who?

There was somebody.

Her life was also like this sewer.

But her heart was as pure as the holy Ganges.

But who was she? No relative of mine.

But the love she gave me..

..perhaps my own mother wouldn't give as much.

Good! Very good! l am glad to meet you.

Okay, l'll leave. l'm getting late. l've to go and sell oil.

Hope to meet you again.

Search for a house. l'll come there for tea someday.

Sure. Okay, bye.

The Ganges, Jamuna, Saraswati, Kaveri, Godavari.

The Ganges, Jamuna, Saraswati, Kaveri, Godavari.

The Ganges, Jamuna, Saraswati, Kaveri, Godavari.

The Ganges, Jamuna, Saraswati, Kaveri..

Hey, fool! Why are you shouting? ls mother Ganges deaf? Of course. l've been worshipping her from 14 years.

What did she give me? An oil salesman job!

That too screaming at the top of my voice!

The Ganges, Jamuna, Saraswati, Kaveri, Godavari.

Being a Brahmin's son, he sells oil, poor fellow.

Fate! l must see his horoscope someday.

Brother, read my hand. l got you with great difficulty today.

Look, l've washed my hands clean with soap.

What's this? You used my soap?

Give it to me! Now go! Astrology is no child's play..

..and you are not a conjurer.. make me dance anywhere.

Hey old woman, have you gone deaf?

Room seven's occupant has been shouting out for water.

Go and give it to him.

Yes, l'll go and give it now.

And these vessels.

Until now you're scrubbing these.

Everyone's going to harass me for this.

Meanwhile l'll prepare the meal. l wonder how my horse lost.

His father had won the derby twice.

Forget it, Shyam. Our forefathers did not leave back anything for us..

..then how will the horse's father help?

Who will win? - West Bengal.

West Bengal. Silence. Silence.

ls a ghost chasing you?

Excuse me. lt happened by mistake.

Fill it with water. Give me some water.

Take it.

Hey, Ramu! You son-of-a-slop! l think l will die a bachelor..

..serving all of you, day and night, Mr. Pondri.

Call me Mr. Pondri Katch. l'm sorry, Mr. Pondri Katch Where were you for so long?

Where hadn't l been? l had gone to buy sweets for Mr. Ghanshya,..

..savories for Maharaj..

..and to get Mr. Sitaram's shoes polished.

And for Mr. Lal, two packets.. Quiet. l had told you to fill water for me in the night. lf l don't get water in the morning, l get a stomach upset.

Go, get water. l'll get it right away.

Give this water to him.

But this is for the one who stays in room seven.

Not the man in number seven, he will have it first..

..or else he gets a stomach upset. Understand?

Greetings, brother! Please read my palm.

Tell me when l will marry.

You'll get married when you die.

Rascal, you make fun of my knowledge. lt's already.. l hope we won't be late.

Yes, even if we are late ..



You! Here? l want to ask you the same question. You.. Here? l work here.

Oh! l hope you are fine?

Wrong! You should ask me whether l'm happy.

What's the matter, Mr. Anand? The maid used to..

Pushpa, what is this?

Atfer so many years, you saw me and you began to cry?

Did you forget? l hate tears. Wipe those tears. l've gone through many ups and downs in life. l thought l won't be surprised about anything now.

But today, l'm surprised to see you.

But isn't this place better than the place..

..where l was earlier?


You will never change, no matter where you stay.

Earlier you used to clean people's minds.

Today you clean their vessels.

By touching dirt with your hands.. make it pure.

You know..

..l've met you atfer so many years.

But l feel that l've never been away from you.

Let's go, Anand.

Mr. Chatterjee is waiting.

Where are you lost?

What's the matter?

This maid.. Pushpa?

Any old relationship with her?

My friend, you are a share broker. You won't understand.

There are some things in life..

..which only that person can enjoy..

..who bears sorrows knowingly.

What? You won't understand.

Let's go.

Okay, Mr. Ram Ratan. l'll leave. l have to board the 8.10 train.

Take care of him. He is very ill.



Who is it?

l.. l am the new maid here.

Where is Ramu?

Don't know. l have been thirsty since some time. l am blind.

l can't take water on my own.



'Sister-in-law! Brother got a second wife! - What?'

'Yes, sister-in-law.'

'He has got her along.'


'Think of her as your younger sister and mind you..'

'..she should have no problem.'

'But.. Without telling me?'

'lt was not necessary. Come.'

Here. Have you letf? lf you see Ramu..

..please send him.

My head is splitting.

Okay. l'll send him now.

King Ram of the Raghupati dynasty..

..the pious couple, Sita and Ram.

King Ram of the Raghupati dynasty..

Looking for something, sir? Yes.

Many years ago Durga, Jharna and many girls stayed there.

They letf long ago.

Some say Jharna died.

ln that house lived a girl called Pushpa.

No news about her. She letf long ago.

ls that house in front vacant?

Yes, go and check. Talk to that watchman.

Thank you. Good day.

Come here. Let me hug you close.

May no one cast an evil eye! l'll keep you safe.

Come here. Let me hug you close.

May no one cast an evil eye! l'll keep you safe.

This world is the sunlight. Maternal love is cooling shade..

..what can mother Yashoda do?

He is very mischievous.

You are the only dream of my life..

Whoever sees you thinks of you as his own.

You are everybody's favorite player of flute..

What can mother Yashoda do?

He is very mischievous..

Get this medicine. Okay. lf necessary l'll give an injection.

Doctor, your fees?

Rs. 4. - Rs.4? l only have Rs.2.

And l have to renew the monthly pass too.

Should l give you? You? - l have.

Listen, you inform his relatives. Relatives? - Yes.

He has no one. Hence l got him here.

Anyway, he had two wives.

Two wives. He letf the first one.

And the second one committed suicide.

Take this. Here.

Here, doctor.

Thank you.

God help you.

You keep these Rs.2.

No, you have to get his medicine too. Yes.

There's milk near the stove. Heat it and give it to him. l'll get medicine. l'm late for work.

'Get out.'

'l won't go! Out, l say!'

'l won't leave this house and go.'

'Why won't you?'

'Listen carefully. Either she stays here, or me.'

'This is my house, too. Your house?'

'Barren woman! Why are you just looking?'

'Throw her out.'

'Will you go or not?'

'No! Kill me! Cut me!'

'But l won't leave you. You won't?'

'You won't budge like this.'

'Pick up your clothes and get lost!'


Samosas? Yes, brother-in-law bought them.

You love them a lot. A lot!


Madam, he's crying a lot today.

Give him to me.

His body's warm.

He's got a temperature, l think.


Don't worry. l'll get the doctor.


Nothing to worry about. Just common fever. l'll prescribe medicine for two days. He'll be fine.

Of course, with your touch.

Perhaps you don't remember, doctor.

You had cured his father, too.

When his father, that's me, was 8 years old.

What's your name? Nand Kishore Sharma.




Yes, now l remember.

Great! Atfer so many years? l was in Patna. l have recently been transferred to Calcutta.

Oh! What do you do here?

An engineer in the corporation.

Engineer! Good! Good!

Here. Send for this medicine.

Nothing to worry about. lf necessary, call me. Sure.


Sir. Sir.

What is it, Ramu? The man in room seven expired.

Mr. Ram Ratan? Yes. - Good Lord!

Doctor. Yes.

Write a death certificate.

Come with me. l'll write it.

First you broke my heart..

First you broke my heart then the bangles on my hand.

All my dreams already were broken. lt was such a blow..

..such a fierce wind that took away my husband.

Taken away.. Oh Lord..

Taken away.. All my finery has been taken away.

Where have you bought me seated in a palanquin?

To my husband's house?

Where have you bought me seated in a palanquin?

Anand! Come in.

Where had you been for so long?

Sit. ls everything fine?

Can't l come to visit you if l'm fit? l felt like meeting all old acquaintances today.

So l'm here. l have no problem.

Neither physical nor mental. l'm happy and peaceful.

Peace and happiness in today's world?

What formula have you got, sir?

Formula? Simple.

Open all the doors of your mind.

And all the peace in the world will blow in like the wind.

Take me for instance..

..l always kept the doors of my mind closed. l used to visit brothels, was a heavy drinker. l thought l'd find happiness in these things. l was wrong.

From the time l've well ventilated my mind, doctor..

..l stopped everything. l found peace and happiness on my own. lmpossible!

How can you stop drinking? l did.

Wine, women.

Moreover, my wife too. Wife too?

No, actually l said it wrong.

Actually my wife letf me. lt was a serious problem for her.

On one hand husband, on the other party.

Party? Which party?

Not a political party, of course.

Buffet parties, dinner parties, cocktail parties, etc. etc.

Forget it. You tell me.

How are you? l'm fine.

But, Anand, l never imagined that you'd change so much.

Such a drastic change suddenly? lt happens, doctor.

The course of life is not always smooth.

There is a turning somewhere.

You know Pushpa? Pushpa?

You forgot Pushpa? How can you?

Pushpa! Whose foster son you had treated?


Now l remember. And always remember.

That very Pushpa ventilated my heart and mind.


Look at the coincidence, that boy Nandu.. an engineer in the corporation here.

And stays in this locality. ls it? He must have grown up now.

The coincidence is recently his son fell ill..

..and l'm treating him.

Doctor, may l come in?

There. Talk of the devil.. Come, Nandu.

Greetings. We were just talking about you.

You'll live a hundred years. What is the use?

There should be someone to give me this blessing.

Why not? l'll bless you! May you live a thousand years, notjust hundred.

You! Didn't recognize me?

When you were small, you would come to Pushpa's house. l would bring 'samosas', 'kachoris' and sweets for you?

Remember? You! - Yes.

Mr.. Anand! Remembered! - Yes.

Nandu, did your son get fever again?

No. Then stop the medicine.


Nandu. ls the blooming dale sapling that you planted still there?

Yes. l've purchased a flat opposite that house.

Oh! Do flowers bloom? Many! l want to see it, will you show me?

Come on.

Let's go.

Okay, doctor.

Mr. Anand.

Do you know where she is?



Are you yearning to see her? A lot!

Want to meet her? Yes.

Come on. You also see her.

Bye, doctor.

Hey! Hey old lady!

What are you doing? Wash that big vessel soon.

Pushpa! Oh Pushpa! Here is Pushpa.


Look who is here? Look!

Recognize him? Or should l tell you his name?


Saw? You stood dazed.

But Pushpa recognized you. l never had forgotten.

Can this face ever be forgotten?

You talk to your son. l'll just come.

Come, son. Let's sit there.

You've become taller than me.

But you haven't changed at all.

The same big eyes, that innocent face.


Sit, son.

What have you done to yourself?

Are you okay? l remembered you just yesterday. l cut my finger, while chopping vegetables. Remember?

l've preserved the bandage that you had tied.

You have something else of mine, too.

My amulet. Remember? l had told you l'd come back for it.

Yes. l remember.

Will you give it to me? For your grandson.

My grandson?

Your son?


Today l was going to take him to the goddess' temple.

And l found you.

Wait, son. l'll get it.

Good lord! Where is that woman?

Hey old lady! Who'll wash them? Your father?

Wait, l'll do it.

What? Good-for-nothing! l'll get a new maid today! lt's a sin to keep these whores to work! Great sin!

Here, son.


Oh, Pushpa.

Look. l have got 'samosas' and 'kachoris' for your son.

Serve them to him.


Not only me.

Even Mr. Anand remembers everything.

You remember, Nandu?

You loved to eat these as a child.

They're hot. They'll become cold.


Hey, you queen!

What are you doing there? Come and wash these vessels!

ls he a man or a beast?

Tears in your eyes?

Mr. Anand. How do l explain it to you? l understood everything. You don't have to tell me.

Wipe them. l hate tears, Nandu.

Have you washed these vessels? Are you blind?

Look, how greasy it is below!

My finger is cut. Perhaps that's why..

Finger is cut!

Hey delicate darling. lf that's the case, leave this job.

Go elsewhere. Work in a dancehall. Shut up!

Hey! Great!

Who are you to shout at me? Mind your language.

What happened? Look!

Wonder how they came here? l was scolding my servant and they got angry.

Who are you? Old flame of this whore?

One more word against her and l'll break yourjaws! l won't say anything.

Nothing at all.

Sir, you are supporting our maid a lot?

What is so special about her?

There is, son. There is.

Doesn't she remind you of your mother?


This is the time to repay your old debts. - Debts?

What debts? The debt of a mother's love..

..of childhood.

This is the time, Nandu. Take your mother home. - No.

Mother. l won't listen to you.

Today you'll have to come with me.

Today is the festival of Durga.

On this day devotees bring the goddess Durga home.

Today if my mother won't come to my house..

..l'll think that love, affection, attachment.. all a farce.

But.. but.. No buts today, Pushpa.

Your son is taking you home, go!

Come on, mother. Yes, yes, Pushpa.


Rickshaw, stop.


Sit. lt's okay.

Bless you, son. Go.

What's this?

Tears in your eyes?

Tears? ln my eyes? lmpossible!

Oh, yes!

How did they flow?

For someone who always wiped people's tears..

..there's no one to wipe his tears?

Let them flow, Pushpa. They have come with great difficulty. l didn't know.. is such a pleasure crying. l'll never say that again..

..Pushpa, l hate tears.

You really didn't get anything in life.

You didn't take anything from anyone.

You only gave, only distributed.

Go, Pushpa.

Your son is waiting for you. l'm going. l got a lot from you..

..but couldn't give you anything.

Today, while going l'm taking and going.

The dust off your feet.

On reaching home look at the blooming dale, Pushpa.

Lots of flowers have bloomed.


Take mother.



Oh mother..

Oh mother..