Amazon Obhijaan (2017) Script

No animal was injured during the realization of this film.

The animals were created on the computer.

Such scenes violate the law / rules, they must be avoided by humans.

All the characters, the incidents and events are fiction.

Any resemblance to the people in life or deceased is pure coincidence.

Dedicated to him Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay ADVENTURE ON AMAZON

Thx to:Julia Semykina Translation:Lukyan

A missing world Arthur Conan Doyle.


The second largest continent in the world, is Africa.

The first signs of human life in Africa, are 7 million years old.



Where are the first discovered caves?

In Africa. Good.

What is it, Nokur? Why are you agitated?

I have a telegram for you, from Calcutta.

I got a telegram from Calcutta from an Italian.

What's his name?

Anna Florian.

And what is it? A love letter?


She wants to meet me.

Who knows what he wants!


Do not walk with foreign girls!

What will people say?

Well mother ...

He will not ask for your consent to get married.

You wish.

But he could do it.

It would be a chance to become a family member.

Then you will stop to travel around the world! You have to calm down.


At my age I have to travel.

Enough! Go to Kalighat and pray to the Goddess!

But I sent her a telegram, Mom!

"Dear Anna! Welcome to Queutia! "

Anna. Anna Florian.

Shankar Choudhury.

I'm an anthropologist in Italy.

An anthropologist? Really?

Yes, sir! I like to work with tribes around the world.

Congo, Africa, Central America, India and so on.


Here in India, I studied Khasi tribe, Naga, or Munda and Toto.

Really? It's incredible!

I would also like to study tribes.

But I came to meet you from one completely different reason, Shankar.


Cauliflower and rays (tortilla). Do you want to taste?

Rays! Sounds like something Italian! I love you!


Where will he spend the night? My mother has already told me!

Ma ... I'm going back to Calcutta tonight, me.

Do you speak Bengali?


Dhokar dalna, do you want?

Tell me.

We are from Sardinia, Italy.

Twelve years ago, my father brought me from Sardinia to São Paulo.


Yes, Brazil!

My father is pianist Marco Florian.

He led the piano section at the Sao Paulo State Theater.


But in recent years, lives ours have changed.

Why? What happened?

Dad had a dream.

He wanted to be a researcher, seeker, you know?

That's why he abandoned his job as a musician and joined the Amazonian expedition.

He sailed to the top of the Amazon.

Did your father explore Amazonia?

But why?

My dad went looking for Lake Parima.

The legend says that the Golden City is located on the shores of Lake Parima.

Manoa City!


The golden city. Yes!

Francisco de Orellana, conquistador who explored the first part of the Amazon, was the first man who drew a map.

Part of this map my dad got it.

Marks the route to the legendary city.

Your father has a piece from the map of Eldorado?

Yes, but this map is encrypted.

Besides, it's broken and incomplete.

And nobody knows where is the other half.

The expedition failed because of the occurrence of a cyclone.

Because of the cyclone, on The Amazon was a shipwreck.

The piece of map was lost, and the rest of the crew died.

Dad was able to swim and reach the shore.

Adventures of the father yours are like a fairy tale.


In the jungle, my father was found by the Moore Indians.

They saved him, and returned to civilization.

But my father got sick with yellow fever.

He was stung by a mosquito.

His old Portuguese friend Carlito Benitez, He took care of him and saved him.

How is it now?

It's bad.

He became an alcoholic.

He is a man alone and defeated.


He is not defeated if they fight fiercely.

Only one person is defeated can not fight.

Marco Florian still thinks in the existence of Eldorado.

He thinks the golden city is located in the Orinoco valley.

The legend of Eldorado it's not a myth, Shankar.

The tribes of the Amazon believe in him.

And the same faith my father went mad.

And you came by far tell me that.

But why?

Why do you share this with me?

Help me.

I want you to save him from this spiritual agony.


You're a real explorer, Shankar.

I read about you.

You can do it.

With you, I'm sure that father's dream will be fulfilled.

And you do not want to see The city of gold?

When planning an expedition?

It was the beginning of the First World War.

All Europe fought in the war

to expand empires and influence.

Bengali of colonial India was embraced

and received help from abroad.

The northern territories South America called him.

The world created another for him vast battlefield - Amazonia.

Shankar decided to become one of them few who have studied the Amazon.

DEV David James For the first time on the screen Svetlana Gulakova In other roles

Anna and Shankar traveled long time at sea.

Bombay Harbor, Piraeus Port of Greece, The Seville port of Spain and the port Portuguese delegation were visited

before crossing the Atlantic and arriving at the port of Santos in Brazil.

Incitement to see new places helped him Shankar to overcome fatigue.

The desire to travel, it finally came true.

My friend.

Welcome to Santos! Thank you very much, Carlito.

My friend in India, Shankar Choudhary.

India? Subcontinent, different cultures.

I like India.

Glad to meet you, Carlito.

Let's go home, Shankar. Dad's waiting for us.

Marco is not home. He did not come back last night.


She has to be at the Opera.

Who ... Who's there?

This is your daughter, Marco! He came back from India.

I have missed you so much!


Father! Anna!


Father! I missed you too.

Look at you! Skin and bones!

Do not worry about me! No no no!

Tonight ... Tonight we celebrate your return home.

Today we drink all night!

Do not drink, Dad! No alcohol, please.

Look who came to help us on our journey.

Who is?

A gentleman Bengalez. Fitzgerald told me about him.

Shankar, explorer of Africa.

This East Man will help us in our mission in the Amazon.

Hello. Shankar Choudhury.

You're crazy! Stupid girl!

You brought a gentleman from Bengal to help us in tropical forests?

Not! Not!

He is a useless ballast!

Enough! Dad, wait!

He does miracles.

This boy... This boy is an illiterate guy!

Enough! Enough!

I dragged him on this Asian lord ... and now you can not humiliate him. He is our guest in Sao Paulo.

I refused to stay in my villa, yes?

He will have to prove his worth.

You have the same illness as your mother.

You can not find it in your life quality people!

And that includes you, Dad.

Sorry my friend ...

A wise man from the East!

What do you know about Amazon?

The Amazon is the green realm.

A carbon incubator which we are gradually destroying.

Like a cigarette destroys the lungs.

You see, the cigar is my old friend.

Francisco de Orellana called the river - Amazon.

Do you know why?

The warriors of forest reminded the Amazons.

These are the warriors in the Greek myth.

From Greece.

That's normal. Everybody knows the story.

The Virgins of the Sun.

Have you ever read about them?

Because I, Marco Florian, I saw them.

This is your room. The camera guests from our Rufolo villa.


Grazie (Thank you).

Aha! Italian!

No no. I'm just trying.


Lasagna "Napoli".

Ravioli with meat and ... my favorite cake. Lunch is ready!

So ...

Theodore Roosevelt and Signore Candido Rondon ...

That was a few years ago. They started an expedition to Amazon.

They started the expedition from Chacharas. A small village on the Paraguay River.

Then they reached Tapirapua.

And then ... Paresis plateau.


We have to go to the map so you can see ... how do you get to ...

The new river.

To the river no doubt.

And here because of the lack of food, the expedition is over.

This was the last attempt exploration of the Amazon.

Seniores Shankar!

Champagne from Hotretere!

You think an Indian man does that work?

I do not know, sir.

Thank you, but ...

I do not drink.

No no no...

In Italy, we mix the work and life, such as food and wine.

Alcohol is a choice ... not so good.

Do not judge me!

South America has long monons, and heavy showers.

During the monsoon, the water level of the Amazon and its tributaries

increases more than usual, about 15 meters.

During the monsoon, navigation the Amazon becomes impossible.

Thus, the forces of nature have impeded Shankar's adventures.

Thank you.

Hello, dear sun!

Finally, we have a beautiful sun!

Anna! Father!

The weather has changed in our favor!

Yes. You have to write Carlito. Yes!

And we can go on a trip!

Father! Father!

Dad, the ship is already built in Amazonia!

In, Belene du Para.

Excellent! It's a great thing!

Aloisio Nunez not will lead you to Manaus.

I'm glad for your family. Thank you.

I feel a bolero in the veins!

Let's go, Carlito!

Goodbye, Santos!

From the port of Santos, they traveled on the Santos-Jundiai railways

through the Serra do Mar mountain range

Then Shankar, Anna and Marco they went to Sao Paulo.

Shankar never believed that he will have the opportunity

to travel to Brazil.

Sao Paulo is named after St. Paul.

Located beside the Parana rivers, Pinheiros and Tiete.

Our first camp will be on the banks of the Tiete River.

Shankar, Sao Paulo is now one center of culture and commerce.

Andradi, Malfatti, football clubs.


The city has a Latin motto, a slogan.

"Non ducor, duco".

This means: "They do not rule me, but I lead."


Hello, Alariko!

How glad to see an old friend!

Here is Sao Paulo, the playground!

Remember, we are Paulistas and you are Paulist.

That is, the separation between the village and the city.

What brings you here, boys?

Sorry, Signor Alarico, please ...

We need three Brazilian horses good athletes.

The best you have.

Why do you need them? Where are you going?

More exactly, in Eldorado.

Amazonia? Yes.

Not! There is only death.

What did he say?

Alarico asks why Amazonia?

The realm of death.

The realm of death.

In Bengal - Mritupuri.

Friend, I have to tell you, sir.

No, we do not say in Portuguese.

"Volte breve" - ​​Soon.

See you soon. Yes!

Carlito stayed with Alarico, his old friend.

Brazil, the state of Mato Grosso do Sol.

The Mato Gross area is divided into three parts.

The Pantanal is a swampy plain in the south.

Cerrado, the savanna with bushes, forms the one most of this state.

And in the north, dense tropical forests.

This river is called, Tiete.

The Indians call it the "River of Truth".

Bourbon, Santos?

Arabic Coffee in Latin America.

Thank you.

In this adventure we will meet people from different tribes of the Amazon.

Tupinkim, tupinamba, tapuya and mura.

Are they friendly?

Yes Yes.

Some. Some of them do not like us.

We are so-called civilized people who drink Arabic coffee.

Coffee... And you do not drink anything today?

You ask a lot of questions, boy!

And you talk too much!

Going out of the camp to Thiete, they went ahead.

They went through Mato Grosso and they had arrived in Cuiaba, Cuiabá-Varzea-Grandi.

The Bororo people call it "The French Cave".

Protective shower.

Are they warriors?

Yes, boy, occasionally.

Often, He prefers to attract you.

Here you go. Thank you.

From these artists to another artist a little different.

Emanuel Bowen's map.

This is from the Ramsey collection, 1747.


And we're right here.

Yes, right here.

Look around.


Down! Down!

Dear good! How beautiful!

Dad, Shankar, come here!

Look! Is awesome! Natural swimming pool!

Come on! Come come!



The bridge was built by the Kulina Indians.

Very old. Very fragile.

The bridge is of vineyard.

It is possible to collapse any time.


We should not go this way.

No, we have no choice.

We have to go around here!

Anna! Anna! Go and be very careful.

Understand? All right, Dad.

Go, Shankar.

Go slowly, Anna.

Go slow!




You are fine?

Yes! Good!

Come on!




Wait, Marco!



Father! Father!

Help me!

Wait, Marco!


Come to you!

Grab the liana!


Be careful, baby, do not rush.

Dad can not, Dad!

Marco, be careful!

Dad's here!

No no no! Dad, help!

Dad, fast!

Hurry, Dad!

Just calm down, Anna! Relax ...



Boys, come on!

Keep going!

Come on, Anna! You must go! Come on!

Come on! Come on, Anna!

Go! Hold your horses!

That's right, my girl.

Marco, go!

Jump up!







Marco! Marco!

Father! Marco, wait! Wine!


Get the horses now! Shankar!


What should I do?

Drop the rope!

Come on! Grab the rope!

Dad, stay well!

Marco, now! Wait, I'll help!



Dad, stay well!


Marco! Hold the rope!

With both hands!

One two Three... Stay!

Come on, come on!

What are you doing? I'm with you, Dad!

There is not much more!

Hold your father!



Come to Dad!

You! You're an angel!

You are a gift fallen from heaven.

Rubber plantations were one of the main

Brazil's income sources at that time.

At the end of the nineteenth century, Brazil's economic growth

Focused on rubber production

mentioned in history as "the first rubber boom".

The rubber barons came with a name for area - "gold mines from Mato-Grossu".

The rubber tree was like a gold mine, and brought tears to the Indians in Brazil.

You will meet friend, Dr. Clayton.

He will give us a boat and we will be able to sailing along the Madeira River, to Porto Velho!

It is ruled by barons of rubber.

Spanish, semi-breed Caucheros. guys, helps him to control Indian slaves.

Slaves? Slaves ...

The worst result of colonization European South America.

The so-called "rubber boot".

Good, very good.

Sir, your friends are here. Eh?

Your friends.


Marco! Friend!

Marco! Welcome to the rubber country!

Glad to see you again, my friend!

I have not seen you for a long time! I did not hear you for a long time singing a sonata!

It's an honor for me to play with you again.

Thank you! Thank you!

Allow me to introduce my daughter Anna. Do you remember?

Yes of course. Hello!

And my new Shankar friend in India!


Ankom! Ankom!



This is Ankoma. Great hunter. Hello.

He's Marco Florian, an old friend. Nice to meet you.

Brazilian coffee? Ankoma.

Who ... are you hunting?

Crocodiles, uakari, snakes, Wolves.

But only when it hurts people.

For me, hunting is not fun.

This is a profession.

And the jaguars?

Meet Isabel, my fiancee.

Welcome! Hi!

Would you like a snack? Thank you very much, Isabella.

Delicious Amazonian. Yes!

Life in the Amazon is not at as tasty as tapioca.

Tapuyas welcomes you.

Stop, Agusto! Stay calm.

They're my friends.

Friends? Intruders! That's what I am!

They come to steal the gold.



Sorry, sir! Just a minute, please.

Understand ...

We did not come here to rob.

We did not come to take somebody's gold. Please!

We came to see, to discover, to feel, and to understand Eldorado!

Eldorado! Yes!


Mr. Barrett, we'll see you for dinner.


Another thing...

Do not forget to wear a gun.

Jaguars will certainly eat you.

So Clayton prepared the boat.

He asked me to take drugs for his friend.

Dr. Dittmer.

Dittmer is a German crazy doctor who lives alone in Barcelos.

But he will be our only one contact with the Yanomamo tribe.

But I do not understand. What the?

Why does Dittmer live alone in the jungle?

Does not he get bored there?

You will soon understand.

Guarana! Yes! With pleasure!

From Barrett farm. Yes!

For you. Thank you!

Isabelle is making a drink great guarana.

I'm sure of this.

Tell me ...

How long have you been working for Barret?

Nearly 6 years.

Six years? Yes! I feel like I'm passing my years here.

Why? That's right.

But as soon as I get married with Isabelle, I'm gonna get out of here.

I will live in Madrid.

I'll open a restaurant.

Madrid? Yes.


Excellent! You have to live the dream, boy!

I will do it!


How about jaguars? Jaguars are not cannibals.

But now it's drowned in Pantanal and marshlands.

So they migrated north.

Do I live in groups?

Not! They are solitary.

Guard and attack. Predators.

Do not hit me!

What have you done these days?

Where is the rubber?

Hey! Hey!

Stop it!


Leave it.

Leave her alone.

Come on.

Congratulations, my friend.

Wonderful! Excellent!

"Pomp and circumstance".

Sir Edward William Elgar. Yes.

Reminds me of London.

Thank you.

Time for lunch.

Join, ladies and gentlemen.

Isabel, please bring me a bottle of cachaca.

Of course, Mr. Barrett. Thank you.


Tell me why I should not to be proud of my race?

We have a new world.

We teach others to live in a civilized manner.

Maybe I can play the piano.

Sorry, sir, but I do not agree.

Every realm has its own civilization.

And they're older than you.

White people kill the Aborigines.


I'm sorry, but the most heavily survives in the jungle.

Weapons talk in the wild.

If the gun speaks in the wild,

outside her who is talking?

Aboriginal people should be protected, not expelled.

Dear, these people are savage.


Even cannibals.

They'll die anyway, right?

In the jungle, it is difficult to you say who kills first.

Prada or the predator.


Isabel is in danger!

Come on! Fast! Quick!


It goes in that direction.





Clayton, be sure Dittmer will receive the medicine.

Oh! Give him this letter.

Tells you everything about you.

About me? Yes!

Goodbye friend! Thank you thank you!



Indigenous people in Brazil call this tributary of the Amazon River, Cuari.

The Portuguese called it - Rio Madeira.

Forest River.

Marco, Anna and Shankar decided to navigate to get to Amazon.

Marco, are we on the same river?

I do not know, Shankar.

I'm not sure. Remember, Roosevelt was lost here.

This river is very dangerous.

Judging by the map, we are Far from our purpose, Manaus.


Take a look.

Shankar, keep close to shore.

We leave the boat, and we walk.

They lost the route along the river

So Marco and Shankar decided

to leave the river.

They decided to go through the jungle to Manaus.

It's a long way through ...

Territory of the Tupinamba tribe.

Yes it is long!

Come on. Urmaţimă me.

Come on!

We are here.


Lapacho and yerba mate.

From the woods.

Prepare an antiseptic drink based on herbs.

In Amazon, about 500 species of herbs, were discovered by indigenous people.

Behind the coast is the valley.

Valley of the Amazon River.

We're almost there.

I have arrived.

Oh, my mother!


Is there!


Manaus was called Cidade da Barra do Rio Negro.

Two of the most important tributaries of the Amazon, Rio Negro, or the Black River, and Rio Solimoes, or the Sandy River, flowing near Manaus Harbor

Many people think that Manaus is a tropical Paris.

Manaus is beautiful.

Come on!

It's rubber.

He makes a big profit.

Therefore there are Indians, blacks of Africa and whites in Europe.

The Africans did the same in Trinidad and Tobago.



The "Fighter" ready to fight with Rio Negro waves!

Now is the weather!


Rio Negro is so dark, almost like a strong tea.

Do you know why? Thanks to humic acid.

The map says we're in near the Miratting beach.


"Endor's Witch."

In my last expedition has hidden in this area.

She's waiting for me.

You really think the map It is still there?

I feel it.

Glass with the map inside is closed with stopper. Safely, in the vault inside the boat destroyed.

It's whole.

Shankar! Do you have diving experience?


Of course I'm a champion of swimming.

Good! Good! Go with Anna. I'm not going Why? But why?

Let me see my sunken ship, that's too much.

I do not want to see my miserable past.

We have to look at the past.

Because of concern for the future.

Come on. Let's go.

Anna, let's go.

Come on, Dad. Come on.

Marco Florian.

Juma leader!

It's so good to see you after all this time!

What occasion? You are fine?

I came again to I'm exploring Amazonia.

It's impossible! No one returns to life.

Yes, I understand, but we we are an exception.

I need your help for to find my ship in the Black River.

I need a map for Eldorado.

Thanks a lot!

Thank you!

Anna, let's go! He will help us.

Shankar, be careful in these waters, are piranha, black snakes and black caiman.


Juma ...

1,2,3 ...

1,2,3 ... 4!


God, please!

Oh boy!

Thank God!

Anna! Father!

Stand there!

Father! Help me!



Let's go!

After recovering the map Eldorado on the sunken ship, Shankar realized they were with one step closer to their destination.

In Bengal, we call these Mohiru's trees.

They saw the Spanish invasion.

They were witnesses to the war of Spanish and Portuguese.

Wow! Orellana Map!

Yes. But we have to decipher all hieroglyphs.

This is Rio Negro and the lower Orinoco basin.

And somewhere there's a key for our door to heaven.

But the magnitude of the map is arbitrary.

Coordinates are absent.

But somewhere there is the rest of the map.

To understand the mystery of maps, we have to find the rest.

The encrypted instructions seem to be incomplete.

So you noticed them?

I noticed. But I can not understand them.

Did you study cryptography?

Yes, I studied. A little.

The question is boy, can you decrypt the code?

If I were successful in my expedition previous to Eldorado, Anita would not have left me so fast.


Time is the best doctor, sir.

It will heal the pain. I promise.

Everything will be fine.

Shankar, time heals pain, but the scar remains in the mind, and in the heart.

My father died two years ago.

I still think about him.

The length of the Anavihanas archipelago is about 90 km.

It consists of 400 islands.

They sailed along the narrow curves of the picturesque archipelago Anavihanas, on the Fighter.

Anna! Yes, Dad?


See the house on the water?

According to Clayton, Dittmer lives there.

A long time ago, Anna did not see the smile on her father's face.

But in the middle of the tropical forest

Shankar's optimistic spirit

has influenced all of them.

Marco, buddy! Get in! Get in!

Your trip to Barcelos, I think it's very intense!

Here, I have your medicine Oh! My medicine. Come on, come on!


Yes! This is...

Oh! Brazilian food! Yes of course.

And the Brazilian food should to be accompanied by cachaca.

Cachaca? Yes! Yes!

It's pretty strong.

You want Cachasu? No, thanks.


Very strong.

And a little for Anna.

Yeah, give it a little, please.

A little. Very strong.

Thank you.

The golden city.

The Spaniards called him Eldorado.

The whole world went crazy.

Everyone wants to rob it.

So many stories, both of many songs about him.

But did anyone really see it?

We're not here for gold.

We're here to find out the truth.

It's fine.

Some say that the old civilization, the Muisca people of Colombia, they threw gold in Guatavita Lake.

There is a lot of fiction in this story.

It is said to be near Lake Parima, the mythical parism, is the city of Manoa.

The city of gold.

But no one put it on the map.

Why do not you do it?

Why do not you go there and open it?

You are on the yanomamo.

Hope you'll help us.

Come on! I'll help with you maps, routes, everything!

Really? Yes!

Can you help us? This is good news!

Yes! Is awesome!

Let's drink for that.

"The Witch Tongue".

Doctor! Yes?

Can I borrow this book from you?

Are you interested in witchcraft, son?

Not really, sir.


It is necessary to decrypt the code on the map.

Good. Take one.

It is a pleasure for me.

Thank you.

I got it from a shaman.

Oh, Anna, please! Yes, Doctor!

Marco! Come here.


You have to keep it, Anna, to you.

This is the Yarima Medallion. Good luck.

Take this photo as well use it as an identifier.

Yanomamo will recognize me. Good?

Thank you.

Doctor, thank you! Thanks a lot! But please! Please... show me the way and tomorrow we will sail there.

But use a cork, not a boat.

The boat will not pass through the San Gabriel River.

It's clear.

Good. So this is the map. This is the route.

Here's the route to Terra Incognita.

Unknown realm.

Starting from Barcelos, Marco, Anna and Shankar have sailed on Rio Negro, to get to San Gabriel da Cachoeira.

Quiet, Marco, Quiet! Marco!


Why are you afraid, Shankar?

Why are you so excited?

I think...

I think somebody is following us.

In this jungle there is a a lot of lighion.

Stay calm, Shankar.

Stop being nervous.

Shankar, it's the fear of you that makes you anxious.

Fear is inside!

Father! How are you?

I'm in the trees!

Anna! Down!


Who are you?

Stay! I'm throwing a grenade!

This is Spanish gold! We discovered it for the first time!

I called him the first-come-first-time gold.

I discovered the Amazon.

I drew a map.

Eldorado belongs the Spanish people.

This city belongs the people of Amazonia!

Do not dare rob him!

This is their inheritance!

Marco, how are you?

Father! Dad, is everything okay?

Anna! I can handle!

Come on! Put your cork in motion! Come on, guys! Paddle!


The flow has become strong.

Shankar, Anna, keep your balance.

This is! Okay, okay, okay ...

We're going in the wrong direction! Shankar, help me!

Look! The front is a cascade.

Prepare yourself! We'll have to jump! Understand?

To the left! To the left! To the left!

Jump up!

You are fine?

Marco! Father!

Dad, are you all right? Dad, tell me! Tell me!


Everything's fine, Dad.

I think...

You are fine.

We will not be able to fulfill our mission.


You've ever experienced such a great pain?

Have you experienced?

When a person dies of pain?

Yes! No no!

Look at me, Shankar!

Look at me!

In front of you you see one soul conquered, drowned in the alcohol pool English nasty and cheap!

Infinite guilt.

You think you're ready to accept Defeat, boy?


Do not worry!

Fortune ... Anna!

Fortune favors those brave.

If I had the other one half of the map, I could probably decode this code.

Could you do it?


Dittmer said that Francisco de Orellana has traveled to the land of Yanomamo.

Maybe they know where she is the other half of the map.

At dawn, Marco, Anna and Shankar have left San Gabriel da Cachoeira, to reach the Vopes River.

There, on the banks of the Vopes River, There have been villages Indians of Moneyva and Vereken.

They are known as speakers of the Tupi-Guarani language.

The three explorers have continued the trip with a canoe, a tribe borrowed from them.

The Lazinho River, the Caburai River, the La River and the Toucano River

You need to navigate on them to reaches the foot of Mount Pico da Neblin.

These were the instructions Dr. Klaus Dittmer.

Venomous tarantula.

The most dangerous spider in the Amazon.

Usually, I do such dense cloth.

Is he safe here ... for us?

I think they left this one place long ago.

First he finds an insect.

I'll shoot a nap.

I'm going to get some water. I'm thirsty.


It can be so unfavorable. What do you think, Shankar?

Plants, rubber production, ports, ships are unfavorable for tribes, especially undiscovered.

They are free in the jungle.

The civilized nations, state borders, this is a cage for them.

Putting them in the cells we all will die.

They'll die anyway.

Know. We will all die.

We'll die.

Even with the best drugs and weapons, we have no rescue.




What is this?


Pheromones of a large reptile.

Shankar, we are in great danger.

What kind of reptile?

Anna ...


Now Anna!

Anna, run! Run!

Come on! Get up!






Father! Father! Marco, get up! Marco!

Marco! Everything will be fine...

Father! Please! Marco! Marco!

Marco! Marco, get up!


Father, You were a great pianist.

As a child I was asleep in while my father played the piano.

And my mother ... sang me a song.

I think all mothers do that.

How far should we go now?

More miles.

Then, directly to the mountain.

And after we cross the mountain, is terra incognita.

The unknown realm.

In this case, let's go.

I have to stay here for a day.

I have a debt which I have to pay.

Anna understood that Shankar would not go any further.

Until he takes revenge on a boa or a giant anaconda.

But he could not understand how will the anaconda kill?

Shankar knew the most poisonous creature from the Amazon is

The golden frog has length three centimeters.

The amount of poison in a frog's skin

is sufficient to poison twelve adults.

Shankar was gathering these frogs among the bromeliad leaves.

Then he started to trap huge for a giant anaconda.




I said to jump!

Jump up!

No, Shankar! I can not!

Come on! Jump up! I can not!

Having revenge for his death Marco, Shankar tired and Anna

They spent the night in the Boca do Toucano jungle.

The next morning they went to the camp near Mount Pico da Neblin, Bededouro Novo.

Then, by plan, they had to to go to the mountain.


The dangerous road stretches from Bedouro-Nova to Garimpo do Tucano.

Anna! Come here!

Look at this!

Pico da Neblina is located at the border between Brazil and Venezuela.

This is the highest point of the Guiana Highlands.

Their task was to get to the top covered by clouds ...

Picot gives a bell

I'm like a lemon squeezed.

Climbing is so tiring.

Shankar, have you seen? What shines there?

My eyes blinded me.

It's ... intertwined with gold ...

You know ... pure gold, shine on the rocks.

That means we're close.


Anna! You are fine?




We are friends! We are not enemies.

We are friends. Believe us!

Not enemies.

We have a medallion!

Anna, Anna! Listen! Listen!

Do you have the medallion? Show them!

Come on!

How do I do that, Shankar? What do you mean?

It's at my throat.

Oh dear!

Listen! We are not dangerous! No, no, Shankar!

Not! We are not friends! No enemies! Do not touch it!

We are not enemies! Friends! We are not evil!

We are not evil!



Map. I search... full map.

Did you see her?

This is part of ...

I'm half.

That is, Orellana map!


I did it!

Yes, it's with us! We are here.

The rest of the trip will be in Orinoco inferior.

Maybe I can fix it encrypted instructions.

Father's prediction begins to is fulfilled, Shankar.


Do not worry. We'll do it.

Can you apriope a torch?

Oh dear!

Eureka! What the? Show me Take it ... Take it.

See for yourself?


Anna, I'm done. I think it's in Spanish.

Really? I studied Spanish! I can read!

Do you want to translate?

"At the tab, at the tab. Rema su barco ".

Rowing in a row, board your boat. Lower the oars.

What's next? Further?

I'm going through the smoky horns of the deer.

The earth is on fire.

Yes! Yes!

"Vestibulo palido".

Close the ash corridor, and up on the head that weeps.

Yes! Further?

It looks like there?

"Laberinto siniestro". Almost everything.

Go through a dangerous labyrinth, in the golden box.


On the gold box!

Thank you.

Row one at a time, get in the boat. Lower the oars.

Pass the deer's horns. The earth is on fire.

Close the ash corridor, and up on her head crying.

Pass through a dangerous labyrinth

in the golden box.

The next morning, Shankar and Anna have got a canoe from the people of Yanomamo ...

and went to Terra incognita or the Unknown Land.

Nobody navigated this river.

Nobody knows the name of this area.

They called it the Rio Esperanza River.

According to the map, this river is will lead to Lake Parima.

On the shores of Lake Parimez there is Eldorado, the city of Manoa, the city of gold.

There seems to be no fish in this river.

Let's try to hunt capybaras, Shankar.

The food is over.

Are you crazy?

This water is not good for drinking.

I do not drink!

I'm thirsty.

We will not survive without water.

The realm of death, Shankar. Let's go back.

Death is better than defeat.

Come on.


Wake up Anna!

Not. I can not.

I can not open my eyes, Shankar.

In the trees there are fruits.

This is food for us.

Anna! They will help us.

We need them.

Anna, to go after them.

No, Shankar. Go in peace.

I can not...

There is no fish in the Rio Esperanza, the animals are not showing.

A hope was the fruit, but Shankar he did not know how edible they are.

Stay here. Good?


I dragged you into this nightmare. Sorry.


You gave me a reason to live.

I have the opportunity to explore the Amazon.

Where can I find such a friend?

My mother's medallion.

Keep him safe.

He gave it to me before she died.

Just in case of something.

Anna, we'll be fine. Believe me.

What happened to your mother?

Now a while ...

Three years ago, he died in Sardinia.

He had a heart problem.

When he died he was so alone.


I think I have visions hungry for me.

My head rashes.

But the body is fine.

Soon we will feel drowsy.

"Sleep, baby."

"All night."

"All night."

Do you want to sleep?

We're full of fruits.

Residents of Amazonia ... do not consume them.

How do you know?

Why... no longer stopped.

This is the fruit of Virola, Shankar. Anna ...

We need to dream.

We'll sleep.

Anna! Anna, wake up!

We'll pass the first sign.

"The earth is on fire."

"The Earth on Fire".

Days and nights have passed. They lost time.

Anna and Shankar continued to weaken, because

did not have the minimum meal on this long journey.

Hope, enthusiasm and their determination has disappeared.

And they still could not find the first key.

Shankar! Get up! Get up! Get up!

My eyes did not open.

So ... where are we?

Look at the mountain. The toads of the deer.

Do you remember?

You are right.

This is a sleeping volcano, Anna.

Suppose that, is on the map.

Anna! That means we're near Eldorado, right?

Yes! Exact!

Come on! Paddle!

It seems like nature is back to life.

We're looking for a gray corridor.

Limestone powder.

Entering the Golden City is somewhere here.


Look, Shankar!

The river flows through a narrow passage.

Let's go. This is the gray corridor.

Faster, Anna! Come on, support me.

Mission accomplished!

Mission is successful!

Not yet, Anna! We have to find a "crying head"!

We have to go up to reach the mouth.

"Ominos Labyrinth".

It's written on the map.

Come on.

We overcame everything, Shankar!

Finally we are here!

I did it.

It feels like ... as though we were again in pre-Columbian civilization.

What a magnificent one!

I am the legendary leader of the tribe!

The indigenous people of Colombia Muiska!

I've come from far!

I did it! I succeeded!


The city of gold.


I succeeded!

We have a company, Shankar.

Anna ...

Come on!


Anna! Get up!

Shankar, run! Run! Leave me alone!

I will never leave you! Good?

Anna, come on! Come on! Get up!

Get up! I will help you.


I can not go on, Shankar!

If... you die here, so I will. Understand?

Anna! Take a look!

The Virgins of the Sun.

National Geographic Magazine.

The discovery of Rio Esperanza and an active volcano.

Coffee? Thank you.


They wrote about us, as we have explored Amazonia.

And I discovered Rio Esperanza.

But did not you tell them about Eldorado?

I did it intentionally.

So nobody knows that I discovered Eldorado.

This is sad.

No, Anna. Is not.

May everyone believe that there has never been a golden city.

So many lives can be saved.

So much blood loss is avoided.

You will continue to are you studying in Brazil?

I doubt.

I have to go home.

For Mom.

But it was amazing to I'm traveling with you.

I felt the same, Shankar.

I'd like to go back to the Yanomamo tribe.

Not looking for gold.

But... looking for a new way of life, probable.

Best wishes.

Well. I have to go.

It's time to go to India.

Safe trip, Shankar. Thank you.

I hope to see you.

Thank you.

Stay! I forgot.

I brought you a gift from Eldorado.

It belongs to you.

Valuable work.


Take one. This is for you.

Anna, the Florian family ...

I will never forget her.

Come on. Let's go to the harbor.

Thx to:Julia Semykina Translation:Lukyan