Amber Alert (2012) Script

Okay, sam, you ready? I'm gonna mike you up.

Caleb, thanks for helping out, man.

Thank you.

You're a good little brother, Even though you're adopted.

Nate: Is he adopted? Sam: No!

Test the microphone. Okay. Test, one, two --

This is the beginnings of sam and nate --

Yes. ...And we have spent Many years together as best friends --

Yes. ...And now, we're gonna Continue our adventure. Our journey.

Nate: Some -- wait, wait. ( laughs ) wait, wait.

So, this is what I do for a living.

It's a family-owned business, and you'll see here We have a ton of different kinds of fish, Some morays, some red fins...

There he goes, vincent. Okay.

Okay, so you take this, you put it in the bag, And you fill it up.

This gives it oxygen so that they can live In there for about 24 hours while they're traveling.

And you take it under here, you seal it, And it's all ready to go. So, that is --

♪ that's my life ...What my day job is.

♪ what a great job You wanna do a dance number on here?

♪ oh, a-di-dee-di di-dee-di-dee di-dee-di-dee-di ♪

♪ we're pirates two, we're pirates three ♪

♪ we're pirates four and five ♪ Hi, how are you? Hey.

Please get off the structure.

Sorry about that. There you go.

Sorry. Thanks.

Okay, so we want to show you how resourceful we can be.

We're very resourceful. Winners are resourceful.

So we have this thing called free time! Free time!

Yes, free time.

What we do is we see how much fun we can have And how long we can go without spending one dollar.

So, when we come play putt-putt, We bring our own putters, and then I do this.

Balls galore!

Is that a good way to end it, caleb?

Nate: Caleb, did you know that you sister was such an athlete?

( chuckles )

So, we come here to blow off steam, to --

If we're upset about something, We can come and just hit the balls and let it all out.

It's part of our free time.

So, we try to see how long we can go Without spending any money, And we know the guys here, So they let us hit, and...

It's a lot of fun.

I really love going to batting cages.

You want more?

( chatter )

Should we just do our singing first?

It'd be another great way for us to express ourselves.

Not only that, but it'd be a great chance to travel.

Sam here... I've never left arizona.

Never left arizona. Not to say --

I've been down to tucson, And I've been up north, But I've never left arizona.

♪ she's never left arizona ♪ And I really would love the opportunity to travel.

♪ she'd love the opportunity to travel ♪ It would be the first time I'd get to explore the world.

♪ explore the world, circumnavigation ♪ And I would get to do it with my best friend, So that would be even more fun.

♪ best friends potty-trained together ♪ I'm pretty sure I was potty-trained before we met.

Okay, I w-- I wasn't. I wasn't.

♪ sam and nate

♪ sam, the best woman and the best man ♪ Bam!

Sam, you are so beautiful blurry.

Why are you so blurry?

'cause you're an idiot.

Oh! Watch it, buddy. Okay, well, let's go. We have one left.

Put this on you real quick.

Nate: Uh... ( snaps fingers )

This is not an interesting shot at all.

Do you mind if we go somewhere else?

Um, let's go to the go-karts.

No... How about camelback mountain?

We could hike up it -- why are you laughing?

...And do talking. Sounds good. Let's do that.

Okay. Let's do it. Go grab the car.

♪ onward

♪ ho As we're going, we're going to finish Filling out our questionnaire.

We have about, like, 20 pages worth of stuff That we have to fill out. No... No...

Too bad. You have to. I have been procrastinating for the past month.

I don't want to fill those questions out.

Okay. There are too many.

We're doing it anyway. All right, fine.

"what is the worst"-- I know, they always Have the hardest questions, too.

"what is the worst experience you've had with your teammate?"

Uh, let's see, I remember that one time You came over and you weren't invited, And you just knocked on the door, and I --

Sorry, I -- "excuse me, I just got out of the shower."

Um, no, it's hard to say with you.

You're so, like, little miss perfect.

I don't know, like, what's the worst thing you've ever done to me?

Oh, oh, that's easy for me.

Uh, the time you got so drunk I had to baby-sit you for, like, six hours.

When was that? Okay, so nate got so drunk, And we went to a movie earlier, And so he had eaten popcorn, And he puked it up and then he tried to eat --

I did not! Caleb: That's sick! That's gross!

You don't even remember anything from that night! I did not do that.

Don't film me eating this candy bar. I got --

I got her that 'cause...

( laughs )

It's gonna make her big and fat, And then she won't have any choice but to date me.

There'll be so much more of you to love!

"if a genii granted you one wish, what would it be?"

Caleb: Friends. Okay, if the genii granted one wish...

Uh, that's hard. Maybe some better friends.

Okay. Okay. Sam: One wish.

Uh, my own theme park. Okay.

I would want my own amusement park, And I would build rollercoasters That were, like, themed after my friends.

Like, you would have your own rollercoaster.

Awesome. The sammy rollercoaster.

I'll come and sign autographs. Yeah, definitely.

And it would be awesome because it would be Really, like, curvy like you.

Thank you. But it also will reflect your mood swings.

So, there would be one part that would be like, "aah!"

And then another part would be -- aw, how sad. Amber alert.

Caleb: What's an amber alert?

It's when a creepy dude puts you in the back of his truck And tries to tickle your wiener.

( sarcastically ) ha ha ha... Dude, you are nasty.

Okay, I think my one wish would be...

( laughs ) it's probably your scout master!

That's not funny! That's not funny! That's just a bonus.

What -- hey. Next question is...

Wait. Sammy, hang on a second.

Wait just one second. Okay.

I'm not -- okay. Is that a --

That's a gray honda, right?

It looks... More blackish?

Steel, maybe? Steel?

Okay, um, pretty sure that's probably a gray honda.

What reality show -- that's a gray honda there.

What reality show contestant do you relate with? That is a gray honda.

That's a gray honda. Okay, good job.

Oh, okay, well, on -- on the thing, On the sign thing it said gray honda.

Are you trying to get out of these questions?

Yes, I am. We're almost done!

I definitely am trying to get out of the questions.

Stay focused. What reality show contestant do you relate to?

I don't -- come on!

I don't relate to reality --

First of all reality shows are the furthest thing away From reality you could possibly get.

There's nothing about reality on those shows.

Okay, if you had to pick one --

And I'm saying that's a gray honda, And the sign said gray honda.

Do you know how many gray hondas there are?

That's probably the most common car In the whole entire world.

All right, okay. If you had to pick The most-selling car in the world, that's it.

Okay, but what if that's the one the sign is talking about?

Okay, the chances are very, very slim.

I will bet you -- okay --

Okay, I will bet you -- reality show!

You'll bet me that you'll finish the survey right now?

I mean, maybe.

I mean, that's kind of a big bet, Caleb: I don't think the sign said what color it was.

Okay, what reality show contestant do you relate with?

( sighs ) uh, fine! Flava flav!

Okay, if another teammate --

I think that's the gray honda.

Caleb: There's no way that's the honda.

I will bet you a million dollars.

I will bet you you stop asking me these stupid questions.

If that's the gray honda from the sign, all right, stay focused!

Come on, we're almost done with this. Sam! Sam, wait!

Stay focused! No, sam, I don't want to do this anymore.

Caleb: Why am I wasting tape on this?

Who wants to watch -- shh! Listen.

If this is the car, then you have to stop asking me these questions.

Okay, if this is the car, you can --

Okay. ...I will throw these out the window.

Throw them out the window. Yes!

Okay, if this is the gray honda on the sign --

Okay, but until then, we have to continue this.

Okay, well, look -- ...Piss off another team...


Sam: That is the car. That's the car.

Wait, wait. ( accelerating )

What do you want? It's right there.

Don't get too close. I'm not, I'm not.

I'm just looking at the license. What is it?

That is it. That's the license plate.

That's exactly what the sign said.

It's the same license plate.

Okay, let me call -- ( bleep )

That's the same as the license plate.

That's the same car! That's it!

Okay, okay, I'm calling the police.

All right, fine. He's probably whatever.

He's probably...

It's probably the, um...

Like a custody battle or something, you know what I mean?

It's probably, like, a parent who wants custody of their kid, And, you know, they're just fighting.

It's not like it's like, you know, serious.

Well, it could be very, very serious.

Should I keep taping? Samantha green.

We're traveling west on the 16 -- you got it?

I feel like we're on copright now.

Okay, I think we see the amber alert car.

No, no, no, we dsee the amber alert car.

This is the amber alert car.

Yes, gray. Yes. Yes!

Okay. Um...

You feel like cops, buddy?

Um, how fast is it going?

Sixty-five. About 65.

Caleb: Kind of shot like cops, yeah.

This is officer riley.

No, he's going pretty calm, not erratic at all.

I've been doing this beat for 20 years.

Watch the road! Just -- will you drive?

I'm all right. Be safe!

I am! Okay, yes.

So, should we follow it? What should we do?

Should we try and get in front of it?

Okay, okay. We won't -- okay. Okay.

Um, okay.

No, we can't see anything inside the --

Time to switch out the battery.

If we want to, we can just follow it at a safe distance.

Okay, well, then, we're not gonna do that.

We got a lot of stuff we need to do, So we're not gonna follow it, obviously.

We're not police officers, so, whatever.

No, we have to follow it. Get in the right lane.

What do you mean we're gonna follow it?

Get in the right lane. We have to follow it.

No, we don't. We're not policemen, sam.

They said we could as long as --

They said -- they said that we could, But we don't have to if we don't want to.

Get in the right lane. One more over.

Oh, my god. One more over.

Sam, this is -- this is not a good idea.

This is our civic duty, or our responsibility.

( laughs ) oh, my god.

Our civic duty?

I mean, to be good members of the community.

Sam, it's probably some dude Who has a custody battle over their kid!

It's probably a mom or a dad --

We don't know the story, and it's not our job --

Like you said, we're not cops.

It's not our job to find out what happened, It's just our job -- we saw it, we're following.

It's not our job to follow it!

It's not our job we can! They said we can at a safe distance.

Caleb: Look, just drive the car.

You called the cops. That's all we can do.

I mean, how long is it gonna take for them to get here, anyway?

Okay, there -- he's -- bah-bah-bah-bah!

What? Aw, come on. Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry.

You -- you said you called the cops, right?

Yeah. Okay, well then --

They said -- they'll be here any minute, right?

Well, they said there was a ton of calls right now, And so it could take up to 15 minutes.

What?! Caleb: They're probably just eating doughnuts.

Well, I don't want to follow this guy for 15 minutes.

All right, when you look inside And it looks like it's, like, nothing --

You stay normal, and I will try to look around.

Maybe it's, like, a little old lady or something and it's a mistake --

Can we please just go about our business?

Little old ladies could kidnap kids, too.

Caleb, get down!

No, it's fine. He can't see me.

He's fine. He's fine!

Can't see a thing. He's fine.

It's tinted. I can't see anything, either.

I know, I can't see anything.

( sighs )

Okay, I'm gonna call again.

I'll tell them that he got off.

Okay. So they know.

Traveling south, we think.

You think this is south?

On... Mcclintock.


Ask them how long it's gonna take.

How long is it gonna take for you guys to get here?

We're right here...

I mean, we think this is the car.

This is the car. This is the car.

It's the car, and we got shit we need to do today.

So -- and I'm not a policeman.

Shh! I'm not a -- I'm not a police officer!

I don't care what she hears. All right, thank you.

Fifty, right? But I think he's going way faster than that.

Okay, well, make sure you get up there.

I am not gonna get -- I'm not gonna break the speed limit.

You can just -- ugh! I'm not gonna break the speed limit because --

You're gonna lose him if you don't get up closer.

Do you know how many points I have on my license already, sam?

Get up closer. I'll take the ticket.

I have got so many points! Just hurry up!

I'll tell... Them. All right, I'm driving faster.

Okay, hurry, hurry, hurry.

I can still -- you're gonna lose him!

I can still see him.

Do you not care if we lose him?

If we -- do you understand --

Sam! Do you understand what is at stake here?

No, I don't. Please explain it to me.

This is not like -- this could be anyone.

This could be a little kid all by themselves in that car.

Yeah? A little kid that could be molested and murdered.

It's a stepchild. A little kid With their whole life in front of them, And we are the one in between this kid Getting murdered and killed or not.

No, I don't -- I totally disagree with that.

I think you're blowing this way out of proportion.

Don't get so close to it!

You're getting -- blowing this way out of proportion.

I think it's better if we stay back, anyway, 'cause then he won't be able to --

He can probably see the camera! We're filming him!

Yeah, caleb, don't let him see you.

He can't see me. Okay, he's turning. I'm going straight.

No! No! Go left! Are you freaking kidding me?

Go left! All right, hang on a second.

Oh, my gosh, don't lose him! I'm fine. We're fine.

Whoa! We're fine. We're fine. We're fine.

Oh, my gosh, watch that.

We're fine. We're fine. Oh, my gosh!

We're fine. We're fine.

We're fine. It's just a little bumpy road.

Hurry, hurry, hurry! We're gonna lose him!

It's better if we stay back.

That was stupid!

Just stay on the road and follow him!

Do you not care about little kids?

Do you not care? Do you have no herat at all?

Of course I care about little kids!

You like kids getting molested and murdered?

I hate that! That's horrible!

Are you trying to help this guy molest --

Of course I'm not trying to help him!

Caleb: Just stop arguing!

Where did they go? They're gone!

Right there, right there!

It's a yellow light. I can't. Oh, my gosh! Hurry!

Aw, shit. Oh, shit, oh, shit.

Nate, you're gonna kill us!

Just hold on. Aw, shit.

Oh, my gosh. Nate, what are you doing?!

I'm trying to follow him so you don't yell at me!

We just ran that red light.

I swear to god, if I get pulled over ( mumbling )

...That amber back there it'll be your fault, And you're gonna pay for my ticket if I get a ticket!

Just drive like a normal person --

I am driving like a normal person, But you're yelling at me!

Won't you get up there a little bit closer?!

We're freaking following him a mile away.

Swear to god if I get a ticket because of that, If there was a camera... I cannot believe that you're worried about a stupid ticket.

There's not a problem. Ooh, 60 is average!

There's no child being molested up here!

Oh, really? You know that? You know that for a fact!

I know that for a fact! No. No!

So you're thinking they put an amber alert up for no reason.

They just want to see if people will go chase around a car.

I think that most of the amber alerts --

The police have such a freakin' sense of humor!

...And those people -- they just think it's hilarious for us to chase around a car--

I'm not gonna yell over you. ...For no reason.

I'm not gonna scream and yell over you. Well, just follow this car --

I'm gonna be quiet and let you yell at me, And when you're done yelling I'll tell you what I think.

Okay, fine. Go ahead. Obviously you don't want to listen to me.

Okay, what? Oh, my gosh. Here.

Just... Stay back a little bit. All right, just calm down.

All right, look. If --

If anything, all -- most of those Are parents who are divorced And they're having custody battles with their kids, And they keep the kids for the weekend.

Maybe they kept them over too long over the weekend.

They kept them Monday, Tuesday.

The mom gets pissed the dad is spending more time...

And if that was the case, fine.

That's what this is. But you don't know what the case is.

And, yes, it's weird that it's tinted windows, But everybod -- there's a lot of people that have tinted windows.

It's sunny here!

He's braking here. All right, all right.

Just pay attention! We can't just goof around about this.

All right, nunchuck me.

Here you go, champ. Nice!

Yes! You guys!

Like nate's really gonna hurt anyone.

( imitates ninja yell ) put those down.

If he see us... I'm sorry.

This is not a joke.

Okay, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You're right.

So, now, get out of the car, then.

Come on. Get your butt in here.

Get out of the car! This is not a joke.

You're right, I'm sorry. Nathan!

That was stupid. I'm sorry. Just be --

Okay, I'm sorry. ...An adult for once.

Okay, I'm an adult. Okay, thank you.

Now try not to get so close next time. I'm sorry.

Look at you!

You are so messed up right now.

Well, let's just -- why are you so upset?

You don't even know who this person is. Well, we don't know Who this person is, but it could be anyone.

Yeah, but -- if it was caleb we would be right up there, And we would wanna bang on the door And break a window and pull the guy out.

If it were caleb, caleb would kick his ass.

What? High five. No one's touching my wiener.

It's not a joke. You're right, I'm sorry.

It's a little kid that can't --

That can't kick a person's ass.

You know, like, they're just -- I know, okay.

You're right, I'm sorry. ...In there by themselves, And we're the only ones that can help them and tell them anything.

So we need to follow them. Hey. Hey, sam.

It's just -- well, we just need to be on top of it.

I'm sorry. Don't let him get away.

Don't get upset. Are you okay? I'm fine. I'm fine.

Don't worry about me. Just make sure that we get up there.

I got all this traffic coming. I can't do anything.

Just keep your eye on him, okay?

Just keep looking. Caleb, can you see him?

He just pulled in to the gas station. Don't lose him.

I'm not gonna kill us over this, you know?

I mean... You don't have to kill us.

What is he doing? What is he doing?

Where'd he go? All right, getting gas.

Getting gas...

All right, well, I don't know what to do.

I mean, like, what are we supposed to do?

Okay, let's just watch.

Should I park? What -- I mean --

Okay, there he is.

We just sit here, and we'll just wait.

What is he doing? We're just gonna sit here and wait for him To start going in, and then we'll just -- okay.

...Maybe keep following him, I guess.

'cause we're supposed to... Where is he?

( sighs ) why is he just sitting there?

It's probably because he knows we're watching him, And he's watching us.

I know, we can't do anything.

Maybe he's staring right at us right now.

He probably is.

If he -- if he -- if he looks over here, Caleb, get the camera down.

Well, they could also use it to help prosecute him.

He looks like a regular dude, sam.

He looks like a regular guy. Look at him.

What do you expect him to look like?

I mean, I don't know, he's kind of, like, a good-looking dude.

He's kind of handsome. I don't know.

I mean, I don't know what child molesters look like.

Well, you can't, you know -- he looks --

Go on appearances alone. I'm not.

I'm saying he looks fine, like he --

Why don't you go tackle him?

( laughs ) oh, yeah. Like I could take that guy.

Caleb: Take him down, nate. Are you serious?

That guy would kick my ass.

Even if he isn't, you know, like, whatever, Even if he's completely innocent, He could still kick my ass.

He's going. He's leaving.

Yeah, well, just -- we'll just wait for him to come back.

Sam, what are you doing? Sam, you get your ass back in this car right now!

Shit. Sam. Sam. Sam. Come back here!

Oh, my god, what the hell is wrong with her?

What is she doing? What is she doing?!

( phone chirps ) oh, she's calling me. She's calling me.

Sam -- ( garbled phone voice )

Sam, you come back here right now. I'm get --

I'm gonna freaking kill you.

I can't see anything. It's too dark.

Listen, sam, if he comes back, I'll tell you.

Okay, I'll tell you if he comes back.

Just listen! Keep a lookout for me.

I can't see anything in this stupid car.

Wait, I think I saw ... Working.

The window!

The window's cracked a little. I can see in.

He's not coming yet? - No, he's not!

Just come back here!

Oh, my goodness. - What, what, what?

Hey, little girl. Hey, can you hear me?

Wake up! - Oh, my god.

Can you hear me? Are you okay?

Can you hear me? Hello, can you hear me?

Little girl, wake up! I can't get her.

Sam, there's a little girl in the car?

There's a little girl in the car?

Should I break the window or something?

No, don't break the -- it's probably his daughter!

It's probably his daughter, sam!

What if it's not? What if it's not?

Sam, there's nothing we can do, okay?

You just need to come back here.

What are you doing? What are you doing?

Caleb: He's coming out. Sam, he's coming back! He's coming back!

Tell her to come back. Get out of there! Get out of there!

It's him? - Yes. Just walk. Just walk.

Did he see me? - No. No, he didn't see you. Just walk.

Is he looking at me? What's he doing?

He's just -- he's -- he didn't see you.

You're fine. Just walk.

Just don't run. He did not see you.

You're fine. Just walk over to the car.

Everything is fine.

Does he see me? - Nope. No, he's not looking. No, he's not looking.

( static )

He didn't see you. Oh, my gosh, there's a little girl in the backseat.

That was so stupid! I cannot believe you did that!

There was a little girl in the backseat.

Okay, so give me the camera. I put my mike --

I put my mike in the backseat. What? Why did you do that?

Because if we have a headset, We can put the headset in the camera And listen to what's going on in there.

Well, yeah, but what about -- the little girl's probably his daughter!

We'll know! We'll be able to tell!

All right, all right, all right, let me --

Do we have a headset? I don't -- no, I don't have a -- no!

Caleb: He's leaving! Where's your --

We have to follow him. We have to save --

All right, hang on. Here, use my auxiliary cable.

Here, hook it into the back. ...Receiving.

We should be able to hear it on the car speakers. ...Plugged in.

Let me talk...

( static )

It's on the -- it's on the wrong thing.

Here -- here, push that.

God, I hope this works.

How's that?

No, that's something. Don't get too close to him.

And, caleb, get down. If we're close, we don't want him to see us.

We're not gonna get too close. What is that?

( dial tones beeping )

Is that his car? Uh, yeah, I think it is.

Hi, I -- - you totally did it.

We just got words. That's totally his car.

Oh, my god. I cannot believe you did this.

This is so crazy. ( caleb muttering )

You know how many laws we're breaking right now?

Who cares about laws?

You're forgetting...

I'm the driver up in here.

Abductor: That's 7028.

What'd he say?

I don't know, 7028?

Okay... That's what he said.

Caleb: That was his address. Thank you.


Well, um, I'm just looking at my bill, And there's this charge for..

Where's the little girl? Yeah, she's sleeping...

...$95, and I don't text that much, So I'm wondering... - ( laughs )

He's talking to his phone provider!

He's talking about his bill to his phone provider!

Why is that so funny? Because!

I'm not --

Why is that funny?

I just think it's funny because, you know...

I don't text. - Listen to him!

Listen to him! He sounds so casual.

He's talking about his bill. It's not like he's...

Don't you think if he kidnapped a little girl He wouldn't be talking to his phone provider about his bill?

Just because he's talking to his phone provider --

You need to stay close -- I'm trying.

I'm going as fast as I can here.

I mean -- just because he's talking to his phone provider, I mean, molesters have phones.

Yeah, but, I mean -- you're going out of the max range.

You can't go that far. Did we lose him?

We gotta get closer. Aw, shit reception!

Oh, there he is, oh, there he is.

Yes, sandhill. - Stay up with him.


That could be, like, his password Or the name of something.

Could be nothing. Or his address.

Sandhill... Or a city? I don't know.

Hey, I did that.

Just be quiet a minute. I don't know, like...

Sandhill apartments or sandhill retirement home.

You should be up close to him.

I don't have time for this. I need to, uh...

Is it his last name, mr. Sandhill?

Could be. I mean, I don't know.

Could be. Shh, just listen!

My ex-wife doesn't have a line to my phone, does she?

My ex-wife doesn't have a line to my phone.

Okay -- he has an ex-wife.

If he has an ex-wife, why did she divorce him?

Well, she's obviously still alive.

You know I don't text! - Maybe he's not a murderer.

It's not the -- it's not the money.

Don't you think if he was gonna kill somebody, it'd be his ex-wife?

Maybe he did kill her.

Oh, that 's classic.

Yeah, your supervisor can call me back At his -- or her -- earliest convenience.

The one that I called from. This phone.

Yes, it's 602 -- - get his phone number!

602 -- ( number bleeped )

No, you've done a great job. Thanks.

Uh... ( number bleeped )

That 's it. That's the number.

All right, great! Give me the number.

I'll give him a call right now.

I'll call him right now -- oh, yeah, you're gonna call him? No!

I'm gonna get involved! We can give it to the police.

The police will know -- they can track it And find out exactly who he is.

Give me the number. I'll call him and be like, "hey!"

Shut up! "are you a child molester?"

Now, that would put the kid in danger.

Oh, shit, okay, here we go.

All right.

Don't get too close to him.

I'm not, I'm not, I'm not.

I'm not getting too close.

Put your camera down.

What road are we on?

I have no idea. Okay, he's pulling over.

Yeah, well, good! He's pulling over.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Sam!

Whoa... Sam! Don't ever grab the --

Why isn't he getting out? Why isn't he coming over yet?

He's gonna come over here and kick my ass, that's what he's gonna do!

He's gonna come over here -- he might have a gun!

He might have a bat, a crowbar...

Do we have a bat? Do we have something That we can protect ourselves --

No, we don't have any weapons!

There's three of us and one of him.

My nunchucks, that's what we have.

Okay? Maybe we could nunchuck him with the tatted nunchucks.

Oh, my gosh. What? Oh, god.

He's getting out. I'm driving. I'm getting out of here.

Caleb, get down. Give me the camera. Give me the camera.

This is a bad idea. You are just not listening.

Hide the camera, for god's sakes! I can still see it.

I'm hiding it. Caleb: This guy could kill us!

How about right there? Is he looking at me?

Oh, my gosh, he's coming up! He's coming up!

Caleb: Lock the door! All right, all right.

What is he gonna say? I don't know.

Maybe we should just -- I'm just gonna drive.

No! No! Caleb: Yeah, get out of here!

What am I supposed to say to him?

We can't just leave the little girl here.

What am I supposed to say to him, sam?

I don't know. Okay, roll the window down.

Caleb: Do not roll down the window!

Roll it down. I don't want to roll it down.

Abductor: Hi. Oh, shit.

Problem? Having some car problems? Hey!

Oh, uh, are you okay? No, we're not having car problems.

Is your car? Are you having problems with your car?

No, we saw -- we saw -- pulled off, And thought you maybe you had some problems, So we pulled off to see if you were okay.

You been following me to find out if my car is running okay?

Yeah -- no! No!

Your car looks like my buddy's car, actually.

No, we are following you because --

I-I know why you're following me, okay?

I-I think it's that amber alert.

Sam: Yeah! Okay.

Uh... And you have a little girl in your car.

Yes, I do. Uh, is she okay?

Yes, that's my daughter. And we're gonna call the police right now.

I've already talked to the police. It's fine.

And you have to stay right here.

No, I've talked to the police. That's fine.

Have them come here, I'll talk to them again.

Believe me, it shocked the hell out of me.

I saw my license plate on the amber alert.

So I'm actually kind of surprised that you were paying attention, And now we're here. So, I just wanted to clarify And clear the air and come talk to you personally.

It's my daughter.

I'm trying to get her back to my ex-wife.

I'm about ten miles away, and I'm a day late.

Okay, well, if someone is on the amber alert We can't really trust, like...

Well, I know -- well --

You could be a big fat liar for all we know.

Well, sam, I mean, it's kind of what I've been saying the whole time.

I mean, I-I --

This kind of thing happens all the time --

No, yeah. ...With custody battles or whatever.

This is exactly what I've been saying!

Well, I -- I know I sound like a --

It's a typical story. I got a crazy ex-wife.

I never get to see my child, And I finally got her for a weekend And I kept her a little long.

Yeah. That's the story.

And I am a day late. Man...

Talk to the cops. I've worked it all out.

You can call them. I just got off the phone.

I've got the number. The phone is in my car.

We can go talk to them together, if you'd like.

Okay, yes. Yes. No, no, no. No, sam!

We want to call the police. No, sam -- hey, hey!

We need to make sure it's okay. Sam, we don't need to do that.

We've done enough. Or, better yet, my daughter's in the car.

We can wake her up and talk to her.

Yes! No, don't worry about that.

Would you like to do that? Let's wake her up!

Let's go. No, no, no, don't worry about it.

Yes! We have bothered you enough.

We've been following you, and I'm really embarrassed.

And to tell you the truth, I just feel like a freaking idiot!

No, no, no, don't feel like an idiot. I feel so stupid!

I think it's wonderful. I think it's amazing That you guys were actually paying attention and --

That's real nice that you --

Thanks for being so cool about it.

Well, well, cool? No! No, you were on the amber alert.

I know. He just -- sam!

Believe me, I was shocked myself. We need to call the police.

He just explained that it's probably -- I mean --

Okay, well -- ...His ex-wife.

Obviously you're not good with this, you're not cool, So what do I need to do? No, I'm not cool, because --

What do I need to do? Who knows?

I just -- I don't trust --

I don't know you, I don't trust you.

I just want to make sure the little girl is okay.

Sam... Do you want to come to my ex-wife's house?

I'm ten miles away. Listen, listen.

Just hang on one second. Sam.

I think we -- this is embarrassing.

This is embarrassing, And he's obviously just a regular dude, And this is stupid. Are you sure? Are you sure?

This is stupid! I'll do whatever you need.

You can call the cops, you can look at my I.D...

We appreciate it, man. ...Talk to my daughter, whatever you need.

We really appreciate it, man, for you being so nice.

I think it's amazing you guys were doing this.

I thought you'd be so pissed off

'cause we've been following you or whatever.

No, I was a little concerned, but I kinda figured it out.

When did you -- when did you notice us.

I thought I was being pretty stealthy, actually.

I thought I was hiding pretty good.

You've been watching too many movies.

Okay --

Okay, yeah, I guess so.

Okay, well, are we okay?

All right...

Are you sure? Sam, it's fine.

He's -- it's fine, dude. It's fine, dude.

Thank you. Thank you for being so cool about this.

I'm sorry for all the -- I feel stupid about it.

I feel really stupid.

You've got my license plate.

Turn me in. Yes, definitely.

Okay, good-bye! Have a good --

Have a good night!

So, wasted an entire day doing this stupid shit.

Let's just cut our losses and go.

We lost a microphone. Let's just go, okay?

Obviously he's a regular guy.

He seems like a regular, nice guy Who is having serious problems with his ex-wife.

We know he had an ex-wife. I mean...

No, he's pissed. I mean...

That does not seem like the same guy...

We're going home. See -- something shady.

Naw, he seems -- he's just pissed off about --

He's just pissed off at us!

Abductor: Get up!

Girl: Is that my daddy?

I told you, you're not seeing your daddy again.

I'm scared.

I don't care!

- Just shut up! - ( crying )

Nate! Nate! Oh, my god.

Oh, my gosh!

I know, I know, I know, I know.

Oh, my gosh! We let him go!

I know! I'm sorry.

Okay, okay, turn around. I'm calling the police.

I'm calling the police. Sam, we're not gonna turn around!

He went that way! I saw him go that way!

Oh, my -- we have to turn around, the next turn!

Look, all right! All right!

I'm sorry, but I still don't think We need to keep following him, though!

Oh, my gosh! Are you kidding me?

You let him get away!

You let a little girl who's gonna be killed --!

No, sam, there's -- what are we supposed to do?

What are we supposed to do?

He's obviously an --

Hello? Hello, yes!

We were following an amber alert car.

Caleb: Tell the police to hurry up!

He pulled over, we pulled over to talk to him.

We thought he was fine! He --

We heard the car -- sam, quit screaming.

Just talk to the lady.

We heard him, and he was saying that he was gonna --

It wasn't his dad! It wasn't her dad!

We need -- well -- well, we have a microphone --

We put a microphone in the car.

I know! We wouldn't have been following them And talk to him if you guys would show up!

There's no police! We haven't seen any police yet!

We have to turn around! We have to follow them!

Sam, just talk to the lady.

We argonna follow them! We are gonna follow them!

This dude could hurt us if we follow him.

We're on 347. They're going south.

We saw. He's going south.

Yes, we are gonna follow them!

No. Well, if there were police here we wouldn't have to!

Sam, we can't follow him. Yeah!

Sam, we -- we -- if we follow him --

Okay, turn around! Now, turn around and go back!

Wait, wait, wait, wait! Did you hang up on her?

You let him go! I know --

You let him go! Because, sam --

You talked me into it! Sam --

You talked me into leaving! I know, because --

You talked me into leaving the little girl! Sam!

Right here! Okay, okay, okay, okay!

Turn the car around! Sam! Sam!

We cannot leave her! Sam! Sam! Sam!

We have to! Sam, listen.

We have to follow them! I'm gonna turn --

We have to follow them! Sam, I'm gonna turn around, okay?

Okay, we have to hurry! Okay, just stop.

Just listen to me for a second! Just listen!

Caleb: He's gone already.

I know, we lost reception, obviously, because we're too far away!

We have to hurry! Move, car!

That is not fair for you to put that on me!

Go around! Go around! Do not put that on me Like I -- like it's all my fault!

It's my fault too! It's my fault too!

I should've followed my gut.

I should've said, "shut up! Shut up!

And we need to get in that car!"

That's what I should've done.

I should've gone with my gut!

No! And, no, I don't!

I just listen to you and I don't know what I was thinking!

I'm going over -- I'm pushing 100, sam!

I'm pushing 100 miles an hour. Come on, come on, come on.

We are gonna catch him, okay?

We're gonna catch up to him, we're gonna find him.

I -- can you see him?

I can't tell. I don't even think --

That looks like a mercedes to me.

I don't think that's him, sam.

No, that's him. Maybe I can zoom in.

Are you sure? Yes, that is him.

Get up there. Get up there closer.

All right. All right!

All right. Oh, shit, that is him.

That is him, you're right.

I don't want to -- you have to stay up there with him!

Caleb: What are we supposed to do, ram him off the road?

Sam, if he sees our car he might do something to the little girl.

He's already gonna do something to the little girl!

Yeah, but he knows what our car looks like!

Just stay so we can see him.

Sam! Sam! There's a police car!

Oh, my gosh. There's a police car right behind us!

Oh, my gosh! Yay!

Caleb: Freakin' finally.

( clapping, cheering )

You're going down, buddy!

You see him! Nail his ass!

Oh, man, this is gonna be great.

Caleb, keep filming it, man.

I'm getting it. I'm filming.

Make sure we get all of this.

Whoo! Whoo-whoo-whoo-whoo!

There he is!

Pull over. - Get him! Get him! Get him!

Go! You gotta get him! He's the amber alert car!

Wait, wait, wait, wait!

That's the car!!!

That 's from the amber alert!

That's the amber alert car right there!

Is this guy an idiot!

Look at the license plate!

Look at the license plate!

Sam! Sam, sam, he wants me to pull over.

No, because -- no, no, no, no!

He'll figure it out eventually. Keep going!

No, no, no, he's pulling me over!

No, go out in the left lane. Go in the left lane!

Caleb: Nate, just keep going!

I can't! It's a police officer!

No, we can't let him get away again!

I'm pulling off. I have to! No! No, no, no, no!

All right, just -- just relax --

Oh, my gosh. No, no, no, no, no!

Just stay in the car and we'll explain it to him!

Just stay in the car and we'll explain it to him! No, I have to tell him!

No! Ugh!

What should we do? Should we get out?

All right. Sam!

( road noise and indistinct commands )


What part of "pull over" don't you guys understand?

What the hell is going on?

Keep going! ...Amber alert car.

What car? It's a gray honda...

( road noises increases )

...Amber alert. When did you guys see it?

Like, an hour and a half ago.

I'm telling you, it's right there!

We've been following him for hours.

All right, stay there. Go get him!

Maybe the little girl is dead right now!

Relax. Stay right there.

Just relax. Sam, he is on our side.

I think that, you know, he's gonna help us out.

Caleb: He's long gone by now.

Okay, he's just gonna be gone.

No, he's -- no, he's not. No, he's not, sam!

He's calling in right now. He's gonna check it, And do you think that -- do you think that that --

The honda can outrun this, the police car? Hurry, hurry.

He's gonna catch up to him, and everything's gonna be fine, okay?

( sighs ) I guess we just need to --

He's on our side!

You said gray honda, right?

Gray honda, yes. All right.

They confirmed there is the amber alert.

I'll go track him down. Okay, great!

You guys, I need you to go back to the sheriff's office, Go back to the station... Okay.

Make sure you find the deputies there. Okay.

They're gonna want to take your statements and see that video.

Okay. All right?

We'll definitely show them the video and everything.

Go ahead and shut it off.

You can't videotape while we're out here on the highway.

Shut it off. Come on.

All right, well, we should get in the car.

We should go. We should keep looking.

What do you mean, get in the car and go and keep looking?

Well, this, you know, we should keep looking till they find her.

W-- no! No! Right?

That's what we just talked to him about.

We actually were face to face with a real police officer, And they're taking care of it. I know.

No, I know, it's great, but we -- don't you --

The more eyes out there looking for her, the better.

All right -- you know how long it took us to find him?

And then we want to make sure. I was just kinda --

Stop complaining with me and let's go.

Can we at least stop and get something to eat?

No! ...That she's all right. That 's when I'll be happy.

So, go right at this light. Okay, got it.

Okay, so take a right at this street.

Caleb: Should we talk to these people, or...?

No, those are just kids.

What's this car up here?

It looks like a gray honda or something.

This all feels really, like, just pointless to me.

Don't you think this feels kinda like...

Well, it's pointless unless we find her.

I mean... Ah.

This just seems like -- it only takes one street, One car that we happen to see, you know?

I mean, I know it's a long shot, but --

It is! It --

But why not take the long shot?

It's a long shot.

'cause it's worth it. Go left here.

I'm just trying to be realistic, samantha.

It's definitely, like, needle-in-a-haystack situation.

Officer murray gave me this number, And I just wanted to call and see If there was any word about the amber alert.

They're not gonna know anything yet.

Yeah, they would know if they found her.

Blood sugar is really low, and I just --

My hands are shaking. I needs something to eat.

Don't be such a baby.

I'm not being a baby!

I'm just saying, we haven't eaten anything all day.

I'm starving. It's been a crazy day today.

Can we at least get something to eat? That 's all I'm saying.

All right, like, 20 more minutes.

20 minutes?! Why are you, like, so gung-ho?

Like, we have -- there's a police officer --

Hello? There's a little girl missing!

I know! You keep saying that.

I'm trying to do the right thing here.

I'm driving around, but there's nothing we can do!

It's gone! They're gone!

Well, we just have to keep looking.

She's probably -- I'm saying she's probably already dead!

Don't say that!

If we had tried to attack him back there, He probably would've killed us, okay?

For all we know. I don't know.

But think about her.

Think? I am think -- think about her.

I don't give a shit about her! How about that?

I don't give a shit about that little girl!

I don't care about her!

Why would you say that?

I don't care!

What is wrong with you?

I don't care about her!

I want -- I want us to be safe.

I am not a police officer! She needs help!

She is alone in the car. She has nobody!

There's three of us. We have each other.

She has no one!

No one except that slimy, disgusting freak!

Just how can you not care about her?

I do, I care.

What if it was caleb? What if it was me?

What if I was in that car?

Sam -- what if he had me in there?

I love you more than anything in the whole world, sam.

If it were you, it would be different.

If it were you, it would be totally different.

What are you doing?

What are we doing?

I'm hungry.

Do you want me to keep filming?

Yeah, yeah. We need to keep filming.

I mean, that's our one...

Last chance, our one last hope of...

Him still being out there.

We could still hear him.

The car's off. Dang it.

Um... Do we have...

That headset around here somewhere?

( caleb mumbles )

All right, put these in.

Keep the camera on.

Let's keep listening.

I'll listen.

Hopefully we'll hear something.

I just wanted to talk to officer murray.

Is there any news at all?

All right, is there anything that we can do?

He got called away. They don't even --

I can't even talk to him for an hour, But obviously they haven't found anything.

They don't know anything.

Nobody's looking for her.

No, no, we need to hear. Shut it off.

Just in case we -- in case he drives by Or he lives around here, we'll be able to hear him.

We're gonna keep filming.

What are you doing?

Sandhill. Maybe it's his address.

I'm gonna do a search.

What are you talking about, sandhill?

He said "sandhill" on the phone.

We didn't know why, but I'm just gonna check And see if there's a street around here.


Sam, I-I...

I don't know how to deal with this situation, And I've handled it badly, and I screwed up, And I just feel like I need to say I'm sorry, That I feel like our friendship is more important.

There's a sandhill road. There's a sandhill road.

Two and a half minutes to get there.

We have to go.

We have to at least check it out.

We have to see, I mean...

If it's where he lives.

He -- that's where he would take her.

Right here. ...Like a thing that just goes on and on.

Right here. Okay, right here. I got it.

I'm not trying to be...

Like, I'll stay up with you all night, You know, if I have to, but at the same time...

Take a left. ...There has to be a point Where you have to call it quits.

You know what I mean?

For all we know, a lot of time has gone by.

We could take the footage to the cops.

We'll tell them sandhill road.

We'll give them that information, And that -- and that'll be it, right?

Yeah, I --

That'll be it, right, sam?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. That'll be it.

Okay, so take a right here.

This should be it.

Right here.

Mm-hmm. Sandhill.

That's it. Sandhill road. Yep.

All right. All right.

We're here.

Just go super slow.

We just gotta listen.

( sighs )

I don't hear anything.

Maybe stay closer to the right-hand...

Okay. All right. ...Of the way, here.

All right, and then all right.

Oh, look, I think this is it, sam.

This is the whole street.

Okay, well, turn around, and we'll stay On the other side on the way back.

Not much to it, and, uh, I didn't hear anything.

Now, is there another sandhill road?

Is there somewhere else?

I mean, there has -- is this it?

No. This is it.

All right. I mean...

Okay, just sitting...

This is it.

Okay, keep going slow.

I'm going as slow as I can.

I mean, there's only -- one, two, three --

Like, ten houses.

We could knock on each door And find out exactly who lives in them --

Sam, no. We're not doing that.

...And what is going on.

We're not doing that.

What if you knocked on his door?

What if you knocked on the guy's door?

Then at least we'd find him And we'd at least know where he is.

That'd be the last door you knocked on in your life, okay?

Okay, turn around. Do a u-turn.

I mean, even if we knocked on his neighbor's doors, There -- I mean --

Maybe they would recognize his car.

If we went and said, you know, "have you seen this car in the area?"

Well, look for his car! I don't even see it.

I don't see his car.

Well, there's garages.

I don't -- I mean, yeah, I guess He parked it in the garage, I don't know.

Is this turned up?

Yeah, it's turned up.

I mean, they could be quiet right now...

I don't know.

You think that the microphone would give off Some kind of signal or interference or something.

Maybe you'd hear something.

I don't hear anything.

All right. All right.

I think that...

I think that might be it, sam.

I don't --

If the microphone were here, We'd be able to pick it up, you know?

So... I know.

I haven't heard anything, so I think that...

We should just... Call it quits, okay?

I mean, there's nothing else we can do.


We gotta get caleb back home, too.

I mean, like, this isn't fair to your bro.

I was just hoping that we'd be able To find something, you know?

I know. I know. I did, too.

I know. I understand.

I just don't know what else to do.

Sam, there's nothing more you could've done.

Sam, you've done everything --

You've gone above and beyond What any normal person would've done.

You've done more than what anyone else would've done.

But it's sad that it's obviously not enough.

Like, we don't know what's going on Right now with her, where she is...

I know. It's just so hard.

It's be a horrible day, So I'm just gonna take you home...

( sighs ) and we'll give the footage to the police, Um, in the morning, or what, you know...

We could drop -- we could stop by The police station and give them All the information that we have.

Okay, we'll do that. We'll stop by the police station and then...

...Wait a whole night.

Okay, we'll give it to them tonight, And then tomorrow, you know...

( ringing noise ) did you hear --

Did you hear that? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Is that --? That's the microphone.

That is it! Go back!

That's the microphone, okay.

What is that noise? I don't know. I don't know.

We must've just passed it.

I don't know why it just picked up the signal.

Okay, it has to be -- it has to be one Of these two houses right here.

Yeah. Yep. I think so. Okay.

Keep going. I don't see any lights on.

( speaker feedback ) no, it has to be those two up there.

No, you're right. The signal gets --

Caleb: Call the police!

All right. I'm all right. I'm gonna call the police.

Okay. I'm gonna call the police.

( speaker feedback )

What is that noise? What are they doing?

Hello? Hello, this is --

Yes, this is an emergency.

I wanna see my mommy and my daddy.

Nathan riley. Tell them she's still alive.

I'm hearing her voice. Nate, tell them to hurry up!

Ye-- ma'am. She's in there.

Yes, we've be following this car all day, The amber alert.

Wait! Sam, what are you doing?

Shh! Sam!

Oh, my -- yes, ma'am, I'm here.

No, no. I'm -- everything's fine.

I mean, my friend just got out of the car.

So -- no, she's -- she's safe. It's fine.

Listen, we've been following this car all day For the amber alert that -- the gray honda.

Called off -- why? Why did you call off the amber --?

I don't understand. No, ma'am!

No, it's a real emergency.

( sighing )

Listen. We are at the guy's house, okay?

We -- we found where he lives, And we need you to get a patrol car Out to sandhill road.

It's this tiny little neighborhood.

Sandhill road. I don't -- I --

It's one of the houses in this neighborhood.

I hear a metal noise, whatever it is, I hear it coming from this house.

It's in there? It's this one right here.

It's this one. Okay, yes, ma'am.

( address bleeped ) sandhill road.

Okay, pull up over here. Okay, all right. All right.

Oh, my goodness. Yes, ma'am.

We won't. We won't do anything.

( girl speaking ) - okay, you're sending a patrol car?!

No, ma'am, we're fine. I'm just talking to my friend.

We're fine. We're just -- aw!

Are they coming? Yes, thank you. Thank you.

Girl: Leave me alone.

Abductor: This will be fun.

We're just -- we're just, uh --

We're playing, right?

Oh, my -- oh, my -- that's all.

What are we gonna do? God, that's so gross.

This asshole! What --

What can we do, sam?

The police will be here any second.

Mommy... - She's scared.

I know -- I know. Of course she is.

What if we ran your car into the house?

I don't like you!

What? What are you talking about?

- Sweetheart -- - I'm scared.

Okay... No, we're not gonna run our car into the house.

At least throw a brick into the window.

I mean -- that'll stop him, won't it?

No. It might make things worse!

If you even think about screaming...

What is he talking about? Or running, I promise yo, I will go back to your house And I will kill your mommy and your daddy.

What is he -- what? This guy's sick.

I want my mommy. - We have to do something.

We have to do something.

You have two choices, here, little girl.

You can either do what I ask you to do...

What does he mean he's gonna kill her parents?

...Or I will force you to do it.

And I might like that just a little bit more. - Oh...

What a -- do you understand?

He said he's gonna kill -- he's gonna kill her parents.

I wonder if he's just scaring here.

Come on. Come on, come on.

I mean, maybe he's murderer, too.

I guess he's a murd -- what? Shh. Hello.

Um, turn it down. Turn the volume down.

Do what? Shit!

Um, hi. This is the supervisor.

We, um, you talked to one of my employees Earlier about text messaging...

Oh, right, right, right, right.

And the, uh, I know it's late, But we were reviewing your case, your account, And... Free texting.

Give him free texting!

We, um, we have a great opportunity for you.

A limited time only, we can offer you Three free months of texting.

Free internet, free text...

Free inter -- free internet.

Promotional deal. It's a promotional deal.

Caleb: You need to shut up. You're too loud.

Uh, yeah. All you have to do is do, like, a short survey.

Yeah, yeah, that's good. And it'll only take a few minutes.

And we'll give you $200 cash credit.

$500. $500 cash credit.

No. No, no, no.

No, it's not valued -- valuable tomorrow.

It's only good for tonight. Right, that's it.

Tonight, we have to do it tonight.

We're working on our numbers.

Give me the phone. I want to talk to him.

Um -- I'll be the survey guy.

Hello? What?

Hello? What is it?

What, what, what, what?

He hung up. Oh, shit.

We gotta turn it back up.

Uhh! What is going on?

Okay. Now, I'm just coming back there, okay?

I just want to come back... - Oh, my goodness.

Oh, my goodness, we have to do something.

I can't just sit here. I can't just sit here.

Sam, we have to wait for the police!

They'll be here any second.

We have to do something. I know. They're --

I can't sit here. I can't sit here. Sam! Sam!

Sam, the police are gonna be here any second, okay?

It'll be any second.

Why aren't they talking?

What is he doing? What is he doing?!

What is he doing to her? I don't know. I don't know.

I don't know. I don't know. Shit.

Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry.

Uh, I --

Come on, come on, come on!

I-- I can't. I can't sit here.

Wh-- whoa, sam, wait! What are you doing?!

Sam, where are you going?


Sam! Get back in the car.

Shit! Sam!

Listen, I'm gonna go to the store, And I'm gonna pick up some candy for our party tonight.

Oh, god! Sam, he's coming --

He's coming out of the house! He's coming out of the house!

I'm gonna go to the store... - He's coming out of the house!

Get in the car! Get in the car!

...And I'll be right back, all right?

He's coming out? Yes, yes, yes!

He's leaving. But why?

Wait, wait, wait. He said he was going to the store to get some candy.

What he said -- caleb, is that what he said?

Yeah, that's what he said. He's going to the store.

Okay, get down! Get down! He's gonna come out.

He's coming out? Yes, yes, yes.

You think he'll leave her inside?

I don't know! I don't know what his plans are!

He told her he'd be right back.

I don't see anything. Caleb, you've got to stay down.

Stay down.

I just don't wanna -- I just hope he doesn't see our car.

Oh, my god, I hope he doesn't see our car.

Get down! Get down!

Oh, shit, that's him. That -- he -- I saw him wa --

He got in -- he got in that car.

That -- that -- that's not his car, though!

That 's not his car. It's, like, a white minivan.

Get -- caleb, you'd better get down!

I'm down. He can't see me.

Okay, okay, he's going.

I don't think he saw us.

I don't think he saw our car.

Looking good. He's gone!

Whoa-ho! Whoa, sam! Damn it!

Sam! Sa--

Where are you guys going?

Sam, come back!

Come back!

Pick up -- pick up the phone, sam! Pick up the phone!

Okay, she's coming back.

She's coming back. She's coming back.

She's coming back. She's coming back right now.

Get in the car! Get in the car!

Okay, I couldn't see anything.

I need, like, a flashlight.

Sam -- do we have, like, a flashlight in here?

If he caught you if he came back From the store and he caught you, What are you thinking?

Is there a light on that camera?

Sam -- I mean --

Okay, here's our window.

We gotta go right now.

No! I need both hands.

I need one of you to come and help me.

You need to light the way so I can Grab her and get in and do all that.

Sam, the police are gonna be here any second, okay?

He could be back any second, too.

Yeah, exactly. He could be back.

And he has a gun and he could kill you.

Caleb, I need you to come with me.

We just need to wait for the police.

No, caleb is not going, no!

Nate! Are you kidding me?

He's your little brother! Okay, give me the camera.

What are you talking about? This isn't a good idea!

The police are gonna be here any second. Sam!

Come on!

Come on!

( gasps )

Oh, it's...

How do I get this off? How do I get this off?

( continues muttering )

( scraping noises )

Hey. Ow! It's me! It's me! It's just me!

Oh, my gosh, nate, do not do that.

Let's just get this over with.

This is just -- they're, like, screwed in too tight.

Uhh! Yeah, is it -- it's locked?

Yeah, it's locked.

Here, let me try.

Uhh! Uhh!

Uhh! Sam, there is no way in this house.

( shatters ) aw, shit!

Sam, what are you doing?

Be careful!

You are gonna cut yourself!

Here, hold the camera. All right. Ah... I got it.

All right, so the garage has to be on the opposite of this wall.

It's definitely on the other side of the house.

Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Let's go...

Okay, shine the light in here. Yep. Okay.

( alarm blaring )

Hey, now, wh-- what? Turn it off!

We gotta go, sam! It's too loud, come on!

Let's go! Come on, come on, come on!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

( alarm stops )

Oh, my god.

She's not in there. Where would she be?

... Down here. It's not in here.

I don't see it. Are you sure it's not in here?

Where else would she be? I need some light!

Look, look, sam. There's something wrong with that.

The girl's not here, the mic's not here.

Don't you think there's something wrong with that?

Well, we need to find the girl.

Okay, well, he said he was gonna go to the store.

Put the light up there. I don't --

See if we can see. It looks like an attic or something?

All right, just be careful, all right?

Caleb : I got the ladder. I'm holding on, all right?

She up there? I don't see anything.

( sharp feedback ) ( gasp ) oh, my...

Wh-what? What is it?

I don't know. It's like a bat or something.

All right, come on. Come on, get down.

I got you.

We have to do this quick, sam! He could be back any second.

I mean, I don't know how far away --

Stay with me. All right, all right, I'm here.

I need to see the light.

All right, come on, come on, keep going.

Nothing there... ( nate sighs )

I don't know where else she could be. Oh, my god.

Oh, my god, sam, he's got, like, a full arsenal Of weapons over here.

Uh, this gun is completely loaded!

They're probably all loaded.

Come on, nate!

Oh, shit. Damn it!

I need the light. I can't see anything!

I know, sam, I'm just saying, like, he's got a lot of guns.

Hello, little girl! Little girl, if you can hear us, make a noise!

Aw, shit.

Oh, my gosh.

Oh... Oh, my god!


What is this? What the hell is this?

Hurry! Come on! Come on!

We have to find her! I know, sam, but look!

Come on, we have to find her! Jesus!

Oh, my god. Wait! Wait!

Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Come on!

Shh! Shut up!

( creaking )

Nate, if you don't follow me, I can't see anything!

Sam! There's something here. I heard something! Come on!

There's nothing in here! Come on, let's go!

Let's go!

No, no, no. Hello?

I can't see anything without you! I'm -- okay, I'm --

This is it, sam! This is the end of the house!

There's nothing left! ...Door.

What, is it locked? It's locked.

All right, here. Take this.

She has to be in there.

Take this. Aw, shit.

All right. All right.

Ohh! Here, I'll take it. I'll take it.

I'll take it. I got it.

Oh, my god.

What is this place. What --

Right over here. Put it over here. Let me see.

This is some kind of... Is there anything back there?

Some kind of trophy room or something.

Now, careful. There's a lot of --

Hello? Ugh!

Oh... Don't touch it.

We have to be faster, sam.

I mean, this is -- we're taking way too long.

Oh, I think -- I think I found something.

What? Looks like there's maybe another room Or something. Shine it.

Okay. Get the light in here.

Yeah, don't -- don't -- don't just --

Wait, wait, wait. Oh...


Get in here!

I need some light! All right!

Hurry up!

Oh! What?

What is it? Stay over there, nate.

What? Did you find her?

Stay right there. Stay right there.


There. Are you okay? ( girl crying softly )

Sam? What's your name?

Don't worry, we're here to help you.

We're here to help you.

Don't, don't, don't. She's w-- she's already --

Are you okay?

What? It's gonna be all right.

We're here to help you. Don't worry.

Oh, god, she's in a cage!

Nate, stay back. She's in a cage!

It's okay. Don't scare her! Don't scare her!

Are you okay, sweetheart?

She's already freaked out!

Sweetheart? ( wailing )

Oh, my gosh! I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to scare you. The mic.

What? He knows we're here!

He knows we're here! I told you! I knew it!

Okay, hurry. Get something to open this.

What? Okay! Like, something to pry it with. Hurry!

I'm hurrying!

( grunts )

Sam: All right, we're gonna get you out of here, okay?

Cover your eyes. Is she all right?

We need something harder. This is not gonna work.

Sometime heavier or --

All right, all right, all right!

Sam, there's nothing in here! It's just a bunch of shit!


Uh... Aah! I found a hammer!

I found a hammer!

Hurry! Good, good!

Here, take it, take it, take it!

Oh, god.

It's not working!

Watch out. Aaah!

All right, get back. I've got the hammer.

( phone ringing )

Caleb, are the police here? What?

He's here. The guy is at the house.

He's going in right now. - Oh, no, we gotta go.

Guy's got a gun --

Caleb, you better run! Run! ( gunshots )

Run, caleb! Caleb!

We gotta get her! We gotta get her out of here!


All right, help me! I can't do it by myself!

We have to go! No!

Right now! All right, all right, all right!

Come on, come on, we have to get her out!

Okay, okay. We have to get her out!

We have to! Grrr!

We have to get her...

( both straining )

Come on!

( metallic clink )

Oh, oh! ( panting )

Are you okay? All right, are you okay?

Come here. Come on, let's go!

Here you go. I got you. I got you.

Come on. Hurry.

I'm coming.

We got you.

Oh, sam, be quiet! Shh shh shh!

Wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait, wait.

Shh. Turn the light off. We have to be quiet.

He could be anywhere.

( panting, scrabbling through rubbish )

Sam: Okay.


( girl makes slight noise )

Not yet. Where are we?

Hang on. Come on, come on.

( panting, scrabbling continue )

( metallic clang ) ( nate and sam gasp )

Sam, keep her quiet.

( girl whining ) shh, shh, be quiet. Be quiet.

Okay? You're okay. You're okay.

( girl whining )


We're almost there.

Here, take the camera. Just take it, take it.

Okay. Okay?

Where are you going? Where are you going? Nate!

Nate! Where are you going?

( gunshot ) ( screaming )

( gunshots continue )

( girl whimpering )

( nate calling out )

( thud )

( screaming )

Okay, so, um, I know we've been, like, really kinda like, uh...

Goofing around. Goofing around.

Having a good time.

What're you wanna say? I wanna say right now That, um, and I know I haven't talked to you about this, But, like, I don't know if I'm gonna see you, like, after this.

You know, we only have a few more years, Maybe, we're gonna be friends hanging out, And you're gonna, you know, what happens When you find some guy and you get married And you go off and whatever...

Well, we'll always be friends. I won't see you anymore.

Yeah, but you know how people's lives Kind of take different paths.

So, this is, I feel like, One last race will be, like, maybe, Our last big adventure together, Like, one that will, like, be --

Go out with a bang, you know?

How do you feel about that?

Yeah, I think we'll be able to have a lot of fun And kind of act like kids, Like we have been for the last few years, and...

'cause we're not getting married...

( laughs ) are we?

Do you wanna marry me?

I'll -- I'll do it. Yeah, right.

Why are you laughing like that?

Have you never even thought about that?

You never thought about us, like, you know?

I like you. You're, like, one of my best friends.

Oh, okay. That -- okay.

I love you! You're, like, my best friend.

I know, okay, I love you too.


I'm too fat.

I'm just kidding.

I'm sorry. It got awkward.

But, I mean, you -- but -- but --

You know, seriously, though...

No, I know what you're saying.

Like, yeah, who knows what's gonna happen In the future with our lives And growing up and having to be, Maybe, responsible adults.

Right, so?


I wanna have, you know, Like, one last big thing with you.

It's cheesy. No, it's not cheesy.

Can we kiss right now?

( laughs )

No, your brother's right there.

Never mind. Just kidding.