Ambush at Dark Canyon (2012) Script

You know I gotta bring you in.

You're gonna have to kill me first.

Yeah, I know.

Do it.

I can't.

Do it.

Careful how you look at me, now, stranger You ain't rolled the trail that I've been on Until you taste the dirt and smell the danger You don't know the hell that's made me strong The devil stole my woman down in Tucson And a biscuit down in Juarez became my only friend Spurred my horse before... cut the noose off And rode off in the sunset once again And I ride high In the saddle But my heart has hit me like the setting sun I never had to run and hide with my old friend here by my side But you can't kill a memory with a gun

Oh, crap!

Oh, wake up, little darling Open them eyes All those birds out singin' outside Get up, little darling Throw on them shoes How are you, Edward?

Two S's in Mississippi, Amos.

Mind your own business. I'm just trying to help.

You're late. Oh, yeah.

You're looking fine as cream gravy, Eleanor.

You're looking spiffy yourself, Jesse.

Had a long night. Overslept. You didn't.

Haddie Randolph. She's a real bear-cat.

Haddie Randolph? Jesse, how in the hell do you do this?

You know, sometimes I wonder myself.

You know what?

You're gonna have a lot more time to wonder about that, because chief... he's in a real mood today. And when he finds you?



Amos. Jesse.

Close the door behind you.

Please. Have a seat.


Why are you here?

Well, you... called me in, remember?

I'm not in the mood for this. So I was a little late.

Work starts at 7:00 a.m. sharp. Do you have any idea what time it is?

I understand, sir. This is a business, son.

A well-oiled machine. If one cog in the wheel is not working, then it all falls apart.

Do you see what I'm trying to say to you?

That I'm a cog, sir?

I should've fired your ass long ago, when I had the chance.

Trouble is, you do a bang-up job.

When you're here. Hence my dilemma.

How to let you go without being the bad guy.

Or how to let you stay without appearing weak.

Come again, sir? I have this little pet project of mine.

More of a passion, really.

I stumbled on this about five years ago when I took over the chief's job.

Arizona, 1892.

Bank robbery gone wrong. Six people dead.

They called it the mid-day massacre. September 23rd, 1892.

Four men, led by an ill-tempered outlaw named Levi Hardin, walked into a bank.

In the small boom-town of Young Country, Arizona.

When the smoke cleared, six people were dead, including a five-year-old girl.

Traveling photographer happened to be passing through town that day.

Frank Sheldon. Sheldon?

The one that started the Gazette. That's right.

And what was supposed to be a series of rudimentary shots to test a camera he'd invented ended up capturing one of the only live bank robberies ever caught on film.

No, men, stand down! Stand down! Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

Don't you... I'll fucking kill her! Hey, I'll kill her, Duke!

Hardin, don't you hurt her! I know you don't want that.



Come on!

It gained national attention, what with the vicious nature of the crime an the... high-profiled individuals involved.

One in particular, a well-respected U.S. marshal named Duke Donovan.

That him?

Some say he was the ringleader.

So the man people were supposed to trust ended up betraying them.

Doesn't end there.

Donovan and Hardin escaped free and clear that day.

But a posse caught up to them later.

This one's alive.

So Hardin double-crossed Donovan and took the money.

On the contrary, it's all right there with Donovan.

Donovan claimed that he was trying to stop them, but Hardin was holding a woman hostage outside of town.

He said he was gonna kill her if Donovan didn't aid in the robbery.

So Donovan said he went along with it, until the last second.

There was no sign of a mysterious woman. And Hardin?

Donovan claimed he shot him in the head before he blacked out.

Never found the body.

Well, what happened next?

I don't know if it was his 20 years of service to the law, or the fact that Donovan claimed he never fired a shot during the robbery, but... something put doubts in the minds of the jury.

That's a hangin' offense, but they sentenced him to life in the Yuma territorial prison.

He lasted there six weeks before escaping.

He was killed two days later by a young deputy.

Sounds like quite a story. Oh, it is.

I had to uncover a lot of rocks to find this much.

But what do you think? I'm not sure.

But I'm gonna let you help me form that opinion.

How's that? By getting an interview with the last man alive who knows what really happened.

His name is Seymour Redfield.

Some people think his real name is Tom Sullivan.

The young deputy that killed Donovan that day.

When Sullivan brought Donovan's body back to town, he disappeared.

Was never heard from again. Why don't you just talk to this man?


Let's just say we don't see eye to eye and leave it at that.

Only interview I never got.

What makes you think he'll wanna talk to me?

Because you have more motivation than I do. Your job's on the line.

Get the story.




Hello? Mr. Redfield?


That's a .45 long Colt.

Its many admirers referred to it as the peacemaker.

Mr. Redfield? Depends on who's asking.

I'm Jesse Helms, from the Gazette.

I was hoping I could talk to you.

I'd've thought you people'd take the hint by now.

I didn't mean to intrude, sir. Knocked on the door, and it fell open.

You know, I could've blown your goddamn head off.

And I'd've been well within my rights.

But, since I just saved your life, why don't you have a drink with me?

No thank you, sir. I'm on the clock.

Whose clock? Not my clock.

Well, in that case, a small one, sir.

Why don't you rest your butt? Make yourself comfortable.

Thank you, sir.

You know, my...

Chief said that you didn't like to talk too much.

Your chief? You mean Morgan Heinz?

Well, pay no attention to Morgan Heinz. He's nothing but a damned old blowhard.

Only thing he's interested in... is a good scandal so as he can sell more sheets of that rag he puts out.

Heinz said that if I didn't talk to you, then I'd be out of a job.

Well, that's too bad.

However, I hear the pig farm down the road is hiring.

You know, sir, I don't wanna waste any more of your time.

I'll see myself out.

I inherited this gun... from Duke Donovan the day he died.

Marshal Duke Donovan?

The very one.

Was that the gun he used in the robbery?

Is that why Heinz sent you here? Talk about Duke Donovan?

Well, yes, sir. It is.


I suppose if you're looking for the truth... that's where it all began.

With Donovan.

By 1892, some say the legend of Duke Donovan had begun to eclipse the man.

He never had any children.

On account of their getting married later in life.

Just a wife he loved fiercely.

But their passion for each other more than made up for it.

Their love was constant.

Through thick and thin, she stood by him.

Has the jury reached their verdict?

We have, your honor.

We, the above entitled jury do hereby find Duke Donovan guilty on all counts.

Order! Order in the court! Order!

Now, the punishment for such a crime is to hang by the neck until dead.

However... in light of your many years of community service, and your impeccable service record, the court has decided to grant you a reprieve.

Therefore, you are hereby sentenced to life imprisonment at Yuma territorial prison.

Where you shall do hard labor for the rest of your life, without the possibility of parole.

This court's adjourned. Take him away.

Duke came to Yuma prison in the spring of 1893.

His arrival was the talk of the place.

He had as many enemies in Yuma as he did admirers.

He'd put half of them in there.

He was a quiet, deliberate man.

And those eyes... no one ever forgot those eyes.

All hands at attention!

Warden's on the floor!

I'd like to take a moment to... personally welcome you all to Yuma.

I believe... you'll find your stay here to be a tough, but a fair one.

We work a six-day week and rest on Sundays.

That's reserved for the good Lord.

I don't care who you are or what you did.

But in here, you're mine.

The government of this great territory has asked us to assist in the construction of a new section of prison.

You'll get two squares a day.

But you'll have to work damn hard for them.

However, in the end, you'll manage to do something you failed to do in your previous lives.

Make a positive contribution to society.

I consider myself a fair man.

Should you have a need that has not been addressed, my door is always open.

Ace high.

Godspeed in your work.

You ladies heard the warden.

Back to work.

Not you, Donovan. Come with me.

Come on!

You'll be stayin' in here. Warden Logan thought it might be a good idea to keep you away from the rest of the populace.

Get changed. We'll come by to collect your clothes.

Remember, ladies. There is no talkin' on the line.

Unless you wanna be eating your dinner through a straw.

Keep it down! Stay quiet!

Put your backs into it!


Are you talkin' to me?


I like that pickaxe you got right there.

Say... ain't you that law dog everybody's been talking about?


That's me.

That's right! These rocks ain't gonna break themselves!

Donovan began to settle in to his newfound lot at life in Yuma.

Working by day and separated from the other prisoners at night.

Many began to forget he was there.

As days turned to weeks, the first month passed.

It looked like Donovan was gonna be all right.

That is, until the day Will Penny... and Cage Dalton arrived.

Dalton's ornery disposition got him thrown in the hole immediately.

Straight to the hole.

As for Will Penny? Well...

He would have more to do with the fate of Duke Donovan than anyone could have ever realized.

That's right! Keep diggin'!

You want some?

No messin' around!

Is it true? That if the warden's in a bad mood, he makes us prisoners dig with just the handles?


What're you doing, kid?

Keep workin'!

Hey! Hey!

Get a hold of yourself, goddamn it.

Bunch of criminals.

Kid, kid, look at me. You want Cane to hear you?

Son of a bitch.

Sorry about this, kid. No, no, no, no, no!

What's going on here?

I don't know.

I think he's scorpion-bit.

That true?

Yes. It's just like he said.

All right, all right. Get him up on his feet.

Get him up on his feet, take him to the wagon. Get him a drink of water.

Whole thing's gonna set us back today. Warden's gonna blow up!

Take a little sip of water.

Thank you.

Thank you, Mr. Donovan.

Warden's on the block!

What happened here?

He got scorpion-bit, sir.

Show me.

What's that, sir? Show me your bite.

Well, you know, I don't know... You know, I...

Show the bite now, or I'll shoot you dead.

Okay! Please.

There is no bite. I don't got no bite, sir.

I thought so.

There, now. There, now.

It feels good to tell the truth, doesn't it, boy?

Yes, it does, sir.

Well, that's still no excuse.

Oh, no! Please! Please!

Throw him in the hole.

I will not tolerate liars.

Get up! Come on!

You got a problem with that?

He's just a kid.

That kid cut a couple in El Paso from ear to ear with a butcher's knife.

But then, you know all about murdering women and children, don't you?

Deputy Sullivan? Yes, sir?

Throw him in the hole as well.

Seein' as you're the sympathetic type, you can spend some time there with your new friend.

Let's go, Donovan.

Come on.

Next time, it won't be empty.

I'm sorry about this, Donovan.

All right.

Checking the locks.


Cut your goddamn tongue out.

Get some sleep.

Still one more week to go.


Ladies. Lockdown.

Listen, Donovan.

Yeah, kid?

That... that thing in... Young Country?

Did it really go down the way they say it did?

You know, in all my years of working with the law... there's one thing I learn. And what's that?

Nothing ever went down the way they say it did.


I guess so.

What about you, kid?

Guessing they got your story wrong, too?

No, sir.


I killed those people... deader than hell.

After my parents died... the state took my sister and me.

Put us in an institution.

Then one day, this... this couple come, and... they say I was gonna go live with them.

It was all right at first.

Made some new friends and... had a roof over our head.


Then, one night... the wife came into my room.

She wasn't wearin' nothing.

And she said, if I told anyone, she was gonna send my sister away.


I went along with it for a while.

To protect her.

Then I...

I caught the old man with her.

And I...

I knew I had to do something.

She was just... just a little girl, you know?


That's a hell of a thing, kid.

That's a hell of a thing.

It's a real touching tale, ain't it?

What about you, Dalton?

What's your story?


Oh, I've done... train-jumping and grave-robbing.

Card-playing. Lying, cheating, stealing pretty much my whole life.

See, I was in... Clementina, New Mexico.

A few weeks ago, in a jail, waiting on my trial date, and there was a man in this... in the jail cell with me.

He's limey, through and through.

Had a real nasty scar on the left side of his face, result of getting shot.

What was his name? We ain't in no hurry, is we?

What was his name? I said, we ain't in no hurry.

Where was I?

Oh, yeah.

This fellow claimed that... the gunshot to the head almost killed him.

Bank robbery gone wrong, says he.

Convinced this lawman... to go along with him on account of he had a fine piece of ass held hostage, and he was gonna kill her.

If the lawman didn't go along with him.

I need your help, Duke.

Put your gun down, or I'm blowing her head right off!

He's gonna kill me! Put your gun down!

Good. I need your help.

Keep talking. Well...

Anyhow, they pulled off the robbery and got back to the hideout.

And they thought this lawman was gonna be easy pickings, on account of he was outnumbered and all, but...

They was wrong.

Come on! Let's go!

Dark irony, it was.

Seems that this lawman and the woman he was trying to help was... actually the very woman who betrayed him.

She was a painted lady.

Lover of Levi Hardin.

Nursed him back to health.

Was in on it all along.

What happened to him?

Where is he? That's... that's the best part, see?

Hardin was caught stealing cattle in that part of country.

That's a hangable offense.


Sheriff? Levi Perry Hardin... you have been sentenced by a jury to hang for your crimes until dead.

Do you have any last words?

Yeah. Y'all can kiss my ass!

It's just funny how... a man can kill innocent women and children and... get life in prison.

But you take a man's cow?

That's a whole 'nother goddamn deal, ain't it?



You tell the warden I'm ready to see him.

Well, prisoner Donovan.

This is a pleasant surprise.

Leave us.

I must commend you.

You and your friend lasted a good while.

Not as long as some, mind you, but... then, they didn't have the choice you did.

I came here to tell you that Levi Hardin is still alive.

And I think I know where he's headed next.

Excuse me?

That's what you came to say to me?

Did you hear what I said?

Hardin's still alive.

I think my wife's in danger.

Well, that is a predicament.

But I fail to see what that has to do with our meeting here today.

Listen, you son of a bitch! I don't care what you think of me.

My wife's in danger.

Hardin's not gonna stop till he gets to me any way he knows how!

Now, you gotta do something!

I suggest you take your hands off my collar.

One call from me, and you won't have to worry about your precious wife.

Because you'll be dead.



Take him away. Back to the hole?

No, put him in with the main population. I'm sure they'll make room for him.

I don't care what you think of me. There's an innocent woman in danger.

It's your duty to help her! It's your duty!

I have a witness! Ask Dalton!

Ask Dalton!

They will crucify him, sir.

Do it.

Cy... you do make the best ribs this side of the Mississippi.

Look, Sullivan, as far as I can tell, you're the only guy in here that has some sense of right and wrong.

Now, if you won't help me, help her.

Unhook him.

She's all alone out there, Sullivan.

You gotta help her. You gotta do something!

There ain't nothing I can do, goddamn it!

What the hell am I supposed to do?

Go on.



Go, please.

Son of a bitch.

Mr. Donovan. I got me a nice place right over here for you.

You know, first thing I did when I got out... was make a trade for this.

Hey, Donovan.

What's going on?

You need to get out of here, kid.

No matter what happens, you stay away.

No, sir, I need to stay right here with you.

Beat it.

Beat it!

What you gonna do?

I'm not sure.

You remember me?

Oh, yeah, I remember you.


You and your rapist brother.

It ain't proper to insult the dead since you done the killin'.

Kid, I want you to promise me something.

Yes, sir.

No matter what happens to me, you hang in there.

You stick with the old-timers. They know how to survive.

Yeah. You hear me?

But you gonna be okay?

Just promise me. Yes, sir.

Let it be.

Yeah! Go!

Come on, Mr. Donovan!

Watch out!

Come on. Come on.

Yeah. Come on.

Take it... take it easy.

Come on. Come on, come on.

Hang in with me, now.

It's all right, kid.

You give him a decent burial.

Ladies! Lockdown. It's night-night time.

Checkin' the locks.

Checking locks.


You don't belong here. Meet me at the new yard in one hour.

You get caught, you're on your own.

Checkin' locks.

Hey! Hey! Come on.

Get down! Get down. Now, look.

This... this tunnel will take you into the cemetery, under the wall, and come out by the warden's stables.

There's a set of reins there waiting for you.

The warden had this dug in case there was ever a mutiny.

What about you? Oh, no. My runnin' days... they behind me. You just get on.

Rescue your lady.

Hey, Donovan.

I'm real sorry about that kid. Now, go on, get to getting, 'cause... them guards'll be starting a new set of rounds soon.

Cyrus, you could get hung for this.

No, don't worry about me. I'll be all right.

I thought you said your running days were over.

I changed my mind.

Well, I was shaken from my sleep As they dragged me to my feet I was mistaken by the long arm of the law And the lesson I have learned Is the innocent get burned And the guilty set you up To take the fall

Nobody's guilty in here And the truth ain't always how it appears Our story's all the same Lord knows we've all been framed And the evidence is perfectly clear...

Sorry to trouble you, ma'am. Got a man hurt.

Can we use your well?


Bring him inside.

You know. We'd better water these horses.

There's ain't no time.

Well, if we don't water them, we're gonna be walking.

All right.

Who was it? Donovan.

And Cy, too. Cy?

Goddamn nigger.

Bring them back. Dead.

Put him over there.

Get me some towels.


It's a real pretty place.


Thank you.

Not much further, friend.

I'll tell you one thing, Cyrus.

You sure don't ride like a cook. That's 'cause I ain't one.

Well, the warden sure liked your cooking.

Yeah, well, that's 'cause of my special sauce.

Oh, special sauce? You don't wanna know.

So what happened, anyway? What happened to what?

To get you thrown in that rat-hole prison?

Well, I was in the ninth.

You're a sure-enough buffalo soldier. That's right.

That's Colonel Hatch, wasn't it? Yes, sir.

You know, we had us this old buck sergeant.

I mean, he wanted to ride me all the way to Kansas City.

Busting me down to a dog robber...

Made you a cook, did he? Yeah, I don't like being a cook.

Let me ask you something, Donny.

Now, really, do... now, do I look like a damn cook?


How's it look?

He's got a bullet in his stomach.


How long ago was he shot?

A few days ago.

Where did it happen?

Just across the border, in New Mexico.

You know, you ask a lot of questions.

Don't mean to.

My husband was also a marshal.

Donovan. You know him?

We're gonna need to get him into town.

I'll get the...

Yeah, I know him. I know him real well.

What's wrong? Something ain't right.

What do you mean?

Where are the horses? Well, they could be turned out.


Maddy! Maddy.

Maddy, Maddy, Madeleine.

Talk to me.

I gotta get help. I gotta get help. I gotta get help. I gotta get help.

Oh, God...

Cyrus, get the horses. We gotta get to town.

She's hurt! She's hurt bad.

Don't die on me. You hear me? Don't die.

I... Get the horses!

Don. Don, she's gone.

I'm real sorry, but she's gone.

Another drink? No.

I lost my thirst.

Well, you wanted the truth, didn't you? I just gave you what you asked for.

Yeah, I did, didn't I? You sure as hell did.

I didn't ask you to come snooping around here, you know?

Why are you telling me all this? Why don't you just let me walk out of here?

Maybe I felt sorry for you. Being in trouble with your chiefy and all.

Or maybe it's just because... you remind me of myself when I was your age.

I don't know.

I do know... you didn't come here to talk about me.

You came here to talk about Donovan.

All right.

Well, then let's see. Where was I?

Oh, yeah.

Hardin and his men continued west.

To them, the events that had transpired just a few hours earlier were nothing more than a passing amusement to be boasted about.

Oh, my darlin' Madeleine Go on, Charlie, have fun with it.

Come on.

Wake up. I know you're not doing well, but you're slowing us all up here.

You all right?

They've been here, all right. That's their hoofprints in the watering hole.

All right, then.

We'll set up camp here for the night.

You know I'm real sorry, Donovan.

Something like this, I...

I just don't got no words.

This ain't your fight, Cyrus.

Yeah, well.

It seems to me... I've been fighting other people's wars my whole life.

And I expect this ain't no different, but... sometimes there's wars a man just got to fight.

Mind telling me what the plan is?

I'm gonna track him down.

All the way to the gates of hell, if I have to.

All right.


I'll tell you what. That is a fine fire right there.

Think we gonna catch 'em tomorrow?

If they're headed where I expect they're headed.

Where's that? Backside of the whetstones.

Donovan's ranch. How far?

Oh, I don't know. Another day, or most of it, at least.


You think he did it?

Did what?

Robbed that bank? Killed those people?

Hell yeah, he done it.

I don't know.

I just don't know.

You'd better get to knowin'.

She done this for you, didn't she?

She did a lot of things for me.

Thunder rolls up from the ground Birds fly away from the sound A lone hero stands in the eye of the storm And demons dance in the fire Chasing desire like devil's companions But one will stand when there's none When black horses run Through the dark canyon

That's not gonna do any good now.

I don't reckon it's gonna do no harm, neither.


Go ahead, I'll catch up with you.

All right. I'll be willing to go down Where I've never been before If you will hold the door If you will hold the door I will run through the valley Where the sun will never shine If you will be my light If you will be my light And hard as I try There's just no place to hide Until this journey ends And there's no tears left to cry And I'll keep you with me Safe in my memory And I will see you on the other side Of the ride

And I am bound to find the man That I used to be back then And before we meet again And before we meet again When I put this anger down Six feet in the ground I will never kill again I will never kill again And hard as I try There's just no place to hide Until this journey ends And there's no tears left to cry And I'll keep you with me Safe in my memory And I will see you on the other side Of the ride

Take the reins.

What in the hell is this?

That's sage.

That's an Indian sign.

Indian sign? The hell you talkin' about?

Cy must still be with him.

Let's get down to the barn, see if we can't find some grain.

Figure if they're going after Hardin they'll be in Rio Verdes.

Indian sign, my ass.

Hey. Hey!

Show some goddamn respect!

I don't care who you are. If I catch you doing something like that again, so help me God, when we leave here, I'll bury you here.

That goes for both of you.


Yeah, you think the word's out on our escape yet?

There ain't no railroad.

Probably no telegraph.

Shouldn't be no problem, then.

Yeah, unless Hurley's still the marshal here.

He knows you?

He's an old acquaintance.

Hell, Donovan, everybody in this country knows you.

Let's go.

Get me a bloody bottle of whiskey! Now!

Maybe. Maybe.

It's a little early in the morning, ain't it, boys?

Drink it up, boys!

We don't see too many...

We don't see... too many... What?


Around these parts.

So, what'll it be?

Whiskey. Two glasses.

Leave the bottle.

What're you looking at?

I said, what the hell... are you looking at?

You got any coffee?


Yeah. Sure. Of course, I'll...

I'll be right back. That'd be a good idea.

I know you... I know you heard me.

What're you looking at?

Oh, and you, too?

What're you looking at?

That is a mighty nice bandanna you got there.

You like this? Thank you.

I know you, don't I?


Been around here before? No.

I'm from Sonora. They call me Chale.

Well, that is quite a name.

You're my friend, right?

But you gotta tell me something, friend.

Why the hell... do you come in here with your mulo slave who stares at people?

It's rude, no?

No, he's not rude.

He just doesn't like scumbags.

No, that ain't it.

I just don't like you.

Come on, let's go.

I'll be needing that horse, governor.

I do know... who you are.

Was he here? Was he here? Who?

Tell me what he looked like.

Tell me what he looked like!

He was a rough-lookin' man.

He had a bad scar that run across his face.

We didn't mean no trouble. We're just trying to make a living is all.

You didn't mean any trouble?

You didn't mean no trouble?

If you're gonna kill me, start shooting.

Easy, Duke.

Just need to talk.

There ain't no time.

They took off that way. Best I can tell, on one horse.

Good. We can catch them then.

Can't lie, if they come looking for you.

I wouldn't expect you to.

Come on. Let's go.


I'm Deputy Tom Sullivan. Yuma.

Marshal Hurley. What can I do for you?

We're looking for a couple of men. One of them's a nigger...

Duke Donovan. The other one's name is Cyrus Parker, and he is a buffalo soldier.

They broke out of Yuma.

Yeah, they came through town a couple of hours ago.

Killed two men.

I ain't surprised. Me either.

Those were a couple men who needed killing. Rolled with Levi Hardin's gang.

We caught wind that Hardin's men killed Donovan's wife.

That they did. Son of a bitch.

Any idea where they're headed? Oh, my guess would be the border.

The border? Yeah. They're hot on his trail.

Whose? Hardin's.


Let's go. Thanks for the whiskey.

Freedom is your prison when you curse to keep on running Hard to tell the difference From the hunter and the hunted Looking for redemption down the barrel of a gun Your finger on the trigger Your back against the sun going down Going down Going down to the place where no mercy can be found And you pay for what you've done with your soul Going down where the darkest of the angels circle round He's just waiting 'cause he knows Yes, he knows It's going down Going down

Come on, Walker! Go!


He ain't been dead long. Yeah.

Come on. Come on. Get up, Cy.

How bad is it?

Well... didn't catch any bone, but it's a good one.

What's going on over there?

That's three of the warden's deputies.

They're gonna be sitting ducks for Hardin.

Foster, check it out.

What're you doing?

I can't let innocent men get killed. Even if they are trying to kill me.

Think they lost us? Listen.

What is it? It's too quiet.

Sullivan, get down!

Goddamn it! Jesus!

Do something! Do something! Goddamn it!

Son of a bitch!

He's already dead! Already dead!

Got one!

We gotta get back to Cyrus. Ready? Let's go.

Damn, my leg!

How you doing, Cy?

How the hell's it look like I'm doing?

Donovan, trying to get yourself shot?

Yeah, it appears so.

Come on.

We are dead men down here.

Sullivan, we gotta get to higher ground.

Now you're making sense.

Cy, I'm gonna need that mare's leg.


When I give the signal... you give it all you got, all right? All right.

All right, Tom. You break when I do.

Let's go!


Come on, Walker, let's go!


How many bullets you got left?

Four. Five, maybe.

So I guess we're finally gonna get to finish what we started.

Finish what you started.

It doesn't matter. The way I see it, we both lose.

You took my money. And I took your life.

You know what, I'm gonna let God sort that out.

Fuck you!

So this is it. This is the best you can do.

The great...

Duke Donovan!

Get up. Get up, Duke. Get up.


Duke! Duke!

She cried out for you, you know!

For you to save her.

Oh, she was a live one!

She wiggled like a little fish, she did!

She was all wet and slimy.

I slid right up, right in.

You know I gotta bring you in.

You're gonna have to kill me first.

Yeah, I know.

I ain't got no choice.

We all got choices.

I made mine a long time ago.

Do it.

Do it.

I can't.

Do it.

I can't.

You're getting pretty good on that thing, Cy.

Hey, Donovan.

You ever wonder why I helped you escape out that prison?

It's 'cause you help me remember... how I used to walk.

And I'm mighty beholden to you.

Here. This'll keep you company on your travels.

You know, you might even learn how to play the damn thing.


Donovan never told Sullivan where he was going.

Both men wanted it that way so as not to put the other at risk.

Cyrus rode east. Some say to Louisiana.

Where it was rumored he'd prospered in dry goods.

Sullivan returned to Yuma with a bounty.

Of course, it was so charred, no one could really tell who it was.

So the warden had to take Sullivan's word that it was Donovan.

That day, Sullivan left Yuma for good.

Changed his name to Duncan.

And a month later became the sheriff of Wickenburg.

Where he lives to this day.

So Sullivan never up and disappeared like everyone thought.

He just changed his name.

Now you're catching on.

Wait, if... if you aren't Sullivan... and only those three survived that day... then you're...

That makes you... 82 years old.

I thought you said you got that gun the day Duke Donovan died.

I did.

I inherited this gun from Duke Donovan the day he became Seymour Redfield.

He didn't need it anymore.

He was a dead man.

There's no statute of limitations on murder.

Is there?

No, son, I'm afraid not.

Just got one more question.

What is it? The robbery.

Were you tricked into it?

Or behind it? What do you think?

I think I need another drink.

Can I ask you one more thing?

Why'd you tell me everything?

Well, I figure the sand in my hourglass is running a little low, and somebody ought to know the truth about what really happened.

Just keep it under your sombrero, will you? Until after I'm gone?

Thank you.

Thunder rolls up from the ground Birds fly away from the sound A lone hero stands in the eye of the storm

Lightning cracks open the sky Mothers take their children and hide Evil rides and the day of darkness is born When fear blocks out the light And the day turns to night And hope is abandoned And demons dance in the fire Chasing desire like devil's companions But one will stand when there's none When black horses run Through the dark canyon

Gunshots tear open the air Trembling hearts send up a prayer Hoping someone will come To earn their salvation

When rocks of faith crumble to dust You search your heart for someone to trust Sometimes it's you You've always been chasing When fear blocks out the light And day turns to night And hope is abandoned And demons dance in the fire Chasing desire like devil's companions But one will stand when there's none When black horses run Through the dark canyon