Ambushed (2013) Script

Give our friend a chair.

Frank, I need you to do what he says.

Now, listen fellas, I've got a problem.

You know, I like this guy. I really do.

But I'm in a bit of a dilemma.

My merchandise has gone missing.

And when I lose my merchandise, to make me feel better, I have to kill somebody.

Wh- Hey, hey, hey, hey, whoa!

Longevity. Not a word synonymous with the cocaine trade.

I mean, look what happened to Pablo Escobar.

Things weren't really supposed to turn out this way.

I moved to the City of Angels to follow a dream.

Like anything else, there is a twist.

I was following the dreams of others.

The party-goers, the would-be actors, the directors, executives... the pariah and the hopeful, all hoping to raise their position in the food chain.

Most of them didn't even know the rules of the game they were playing.

So, here comes the Sandman, with his wonderful bag of tricks.

The dream smuggler, the only one who can make things happen.

At first, I bought a strip joint, made it cool and very private.

See, the more hidden it was, the more people lined up at the door.

But then came the drugs, a great trade with plenty of opportunities.

Self employed, tax-free, you turn into your own island.

A fiscal paradise surrounded by white sand and beautiful girls.

Still, it wasn't enough.

I needed to anchor myself to reality, to not become like those zombies who crawl out at night hoping to get cast in the next "big thing."

So, I found myself a sweetheart, the drug-free girl next door, still living with their parents, and studying hard at college.

Hot in bed, but without that whole edge of despair.

The only one where "the L word" would actually spell love.

Call her my dream or my anchor, call her the sweet temptation of reality.

I call her Ashley.

And for us to have any kind of future, I had to make sure that Eddie and I could step up our operation.

All right son, what have you got for me?

What the fuck is this? Where's my money?

That's it. That's everything.

No, that's nowhere near everything. Where's my money?

That's it.

That's it?

One minute...

Ah, the girlfriend.

Hello sweetheart! Yes.

Dinner tonight, for two? Yes, of course, I'd love to.

Ok, love you too. Bye.

Sorry about that, where was I? Ah, that's right...

Where is my money?

That's it, man. I swear!

You fuckin' wee runt! You runt!

Where is it?

That's it, man, it's all watered down, man.

I can't move it!

You guys used to have the shit, man.

I can't push it.

You- you gotta tell Frank.

Don't you tell anything to Frank! I don't want him hearing anything of this, you understand?

I gotta tell Frank, man. He's my boy.

I'm looking out for business, man.

You're lookin' out for b- you're lookin' out for business! Isn't ya?

You're not fuckin' lookin' out for business!

I will kill you permanently! Do you got that? You get me my money!

Now! Yes? Good boy. Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Now... fuck off!

You ever gonna get tired of holdin' his cock? What the fuck you talkin' about?

You... and Madsen.

Every time he wants to take a piss, he just calls you up, you run over and you hold his tiny little cock.

He's fuckin' you, mate, and you know it.

Fuck you, Eddie.

All right... No, no, fuck YOU.

'Cause he's fuckin' you right up the arse!

And... he's laughin' all the way to the bank. Get the fuck out of here.

All right, all right, take it easy. No, no, no, this dude's disrespectin' me.

Yeah, 'cause he's telling the truth, Tony.

Look, there's an opportunity for us to make a hell of a lot more money.

Talk to Madsen, see if he'll let us run more weight on consignment. He's not gonna do that.

Yes, he will! He listens to you.

Look, you don't think we can sell this shit?

We cut you in on the street level, then that's a hell of a lot more in your pocket than Madsen's ever gonna give you.

And you know that. I don't know.

He ain't got the minerals, son. He ain't got the minerals!

All right, all right, Eddie, we get it.

Come on, Tony, what do you say?

I'll talk to him.

Yeah? Yeah.

Yeah? Yeah, I said I'd talk to him, didn't I?

Atta boy!

Scottish prick.

You think he's gonna talk to him? No.

Frank, I told you 6 o'clock, you know how my family is with punctuality.

I know, I know, I know. What happened?

The traffic, it's just, uh... I'm sorry.

It's okay, I'm happy you're here. Come on, let's go.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. So, wait, what's the deal?

Are they just sitting there waiting for me to eat?

Yeah, they are.

Whoo... okay... Are you nervous?

What? No! No. No. You're nervous.

Yeah, I'm nervous. Oh, babe, come on. It's gonna be fine. Let's go.

Don't worry about it, please.

Everybody, this is Frank.

Hi. How you doin'?

Have a seat. Yeah.

This is me.

Thank you.

This looks great.

Madsen! What's up? Oh, hey man! What's goin' on?

How you doin', man? Good?

Ah, good stuff here. Look at this!

How's it look? That's what I'm talking about, man.

You guys been drinkin'? Huh? Yeah.

I'm gonna grab one too, you need anything?

Yeah, why not?

I gotta say, I really appreciate you bringing me on this case, sir.

I mean, workin' with you is something we all talked about at the Academy.

Oh yeah? Absolutely!

The stuff you did with the Mexican cartels is legend.

Over 40 indictments? 48... but who's counting?

So I hear the local PD is all over this case already.

Should we clear out the scene before they taint it?

No, there's no need to ruffle any feathers.

No sign of forced entry.

It was definitely somebody they knew.

Minor struggle.

Two bodies. Time of death: 6, 6:30 a.m.

This your first double homicide? Yeah.

You okay with blood? Yeah.

Well, if you can hold your breakfast down, I'll buy you a burger later.


Who killed you, Madsen?

Maxwell... DEA.


As much money as these guys make, you'd think they could splurge for some decent coffee.

Maxwell, DEA. You're the first on the scene here? Yeah.

What makes you think these guys had money? The Rolex watches they're wearin'?

Anything else? Well, there's no furniture in the place.

We got two bodies, drugs everywhere, no witnesses, nobody knows who they are.

Any theories? Well it sure as hell wasn't domestic violence.

A deal gone bad.

Oh... you guys are sharp.

Well detective, thanks for your work, we're gonna take it from here.

So you expect me to walk away from a double homicide?

It's a double homicide and an ongoing Federal investigation.

You're gonna have to.

If anything surfaces that may be beneficial to the investigation, please call. Other than that, stay out of our way.

Did you just get your driver's permit? Haraday, let's go.

Put the card back in your diaper, kid.


What the fuck?



Come here, you fucker!

Why'd you kill Madsen? I didn't!

Bullshit. I was there for a score.

Who killed 'em? I don't know.

Everyone was dead when I walked in, and then you pulled up so I hid.

You all right?

What's the hell happened?

We got into a little wrestling match, he got my backup.

He tried to shoot me with it, I put two in his chest.

I heard four shots.

Yeah, well, I was never fuckin' good at math.

I want a report.

This is your Federal investigation, you do the fuckin' report.

Freeze! Police! Jesus!

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Jesus! It's me.

Franky... Jesus!

You stupid wanker. I could've shot you, mate.

You didn't hear me yell "Police"?

So fuckin' what? So fuckin' what? Are you gonna shoot a cop?

You can't shoot a cop, man. What are you, nuts?

Come on.

You're cray-cray. I'll give you this, Frank, your fuckin' timing's impeccable.

Open it. What is it?

Just open it.

Holy fuck!

He actually went for it? Mate, I cannot believe this.

That fat fuck never does consignment. Christmas came early...

How much does he want?

Can I have this? Uh-huh.


How much of a cut does he want?


I killed him.

What?! Did you just say you killed him?

God, Eddie, you know... you just really shouldn't wear fur, man, I mean, that's just... that's just cruel.

I like fur.

It's really hot. Yeah. Fuck them rabbits.

Give me the remote control. No, I'm watchin' cartoons.

Give me the remote control!

Jesus, I'm watching... fuck! Girls, get out of the fuckin' room, please.

Fuckin' asshole.

Will you girls get out of the fuckin' room?!

Fuck you! Jesus!

Prissy bitch!

Oh, you think that's funny, do you Frank?

I wasn't laughing about that. Why would you kill Madsen?

He's our fuckin' supplier, Frank! We spoke about this.

We needed to get rid of the middle man. Yeah.

"We talked about it"? We talked about partnering up!

Gettin' a better deal, get a bit more of the action. I didn't say go bloody shoot him!

Yeah, well, you know, I did try talkin' to him, and he didn't listen.

So you just killed him? He disrespected me.

Well, he disrespected you! Why didn't you say that in the first place?

That makes it so much better, Frank.

You do realize they're gonna have our balls for this?

No, no, no. Not our balls. Your balls.

'Cause, I didn't kill him. You did.

You want, like, an apple or something?

Oh Frank, mate... they're gonna kill you for this.

Well if they kill me, then I'll die.

But I'm not gonna spend the rest of my life as some nickle-and-dime pusher.

I did what we needed to do.

So what now?

We move this shit fast.

Give Vinnie his money, maybe kick him a little extra on the side for the inconvenience.

But when they see that we're delivering the cash, they're gonna replace Madsen and Tony...

Wait, wait, wait. ...with Franky and Eddie.

You killed Tony too?

Of course you did! What was it? Buy 1, get 1 free?

Frank... fuckin' mental.

Oh, Jesus.

Hey, come on, man.

Look, if we're gonna do this, let's get in it to the top.

I mean, Jesus man, one day somebody's gonna come for me.

Somebody's gonna come for you, but when they do... I wanna know we put it all on the line for the big money.

We're gonna die... someday.

You wanna die a nobody?

I will never be a fuckin' nobody.

I'm royalty, mate. A direct descendant from William Wallace himself.

That's what I'm talkin' about! That's the Eddie that I love!


Except, um...

William Wallace got his ass handed to him by the Brits.

Fuck you, Frank. Cheer up, man. Look at this shit!

Take care man.

All right, see what you got.

Fucking Feds. "Ongoing investigation."

Why the fuck do we always have to meet so goddamn early?

Because unlike you scumbags, I'm a contributing member of society.

What, you still don't trust me? I don't trust anyone.

Yeah, well, some people might take that personal.

What the fuck did you say? Just sayin' you have a fucked up outlook on life.

Might come back to bite you in the ass someday. Is that a threat?

Just some advice.

I got some advice for you, keep your fuckin' mouth shut.

Focus on gettin' my cash every week.

Or you're gonna find out just how fucked up my outlook on life really is.

What's up?

I checked out that cop who was at the murder scene.

Reilly. And?

I was right, I had seen him before.

Turned out we had some people check on that place a couple of months back.

Guess who pops up in the surveillance shots?

This picture's all we got of him?

Should I bring him in for questioning? No. No, no, you'd...

That'd just tip him off. We still got a bead on these two that Madsen was selling to?

You put a tail on him. I want these guys, all right? Gotcha.


Hey, baby.

Uh, yeah. No, I was, uh, I was just resting. A little.


No, I didn't forget. It's seven o'clock.

Six o'clock, yeah! Baby... baby... baby... I promise. Look, I'll be there, okay?

Yeah, I love you too.

Oh fuck... Somebody is in trouble.

Yeah, when am I not? I don't get it, Franky.

What are you doin' messing with this girl?

I mean, she's uptight. She's anal as fuck. I mean she's, she's high maintenance.

Are you done? That girl is the only pure thing in my life.

She's the type of girl you marry, y' know, start a family with.

We're your family.

You think I want to live the rest of my life in this putrid shit?

First chance I get, I'm gonna take her... and buy a farm.

A farm? And have a million babies.

Well I can be pure.

Pure, you aren't.

So, let me get this straight.

You've lost my drugs.

No, I didn't, Mr. Scalise. My associates were brutally murdered.

Do you have my money?

Mr. Sca-- Can you get my money?

It's... it's not my fault! It's an unfortunate incident, Mr. Scalise!

Yeah... it is unfortunate.

Come on, Mr. Scalise... no.

Mr. Scalise, I can't go out like that. I just can't do it.

Come on, you fucker!

Take this piece of shit out of here.

And find my merchandise.

This is a business, and like most of them, you have your good share of incompetence.

Morons, ego-centric pricks, simpletons. They're the ones who give a bad rap on the trade.

You have to stay cool. You have to learn the rules. You have to study the markets and understand your customers.

You have to minimize risk and maximize profit.

Basic rules, but so often forgotten.

Let's be honest. This is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Part of it is legal: Abuse treatments, prevention costs, healthcare, DEA budgets, jails, morgues, etc.

Only a small part is illicit. Less than 20%.

Now, my question would be: Is it really worth it to eradicate this trade?

I don't think so, and I'm backed by the government.

Do you have any idea how many people would lose their jobs if drugs weren't around?

You think any administration would take that risk to increase the line at the unemployment office?

Of course not. The "War on Drugs" is just another opportunity to accentuate "The Big Scare."

Foreign cartels, Mexican smugglers, Russian mobsters.

The message is simple, Beware of the foreigners. America... how did you forget your origins? Don't you remember the melting pot?

And, by the way, don't you know that the fastest growing drug in the last twenty years is meth?

Meth. Pure, white trash.

All this has nothing to do with morals and the wrong side of the law.

It's all about economy.

This is a business, and a better one than Wall Street.

They sell hope, I sell dreams.

Most of the time, I sell dreams to the ones who sell hope.

We're business men, not junkies.

We control this world. Or at least I thought so.

This is really nice.

But you know, it's not gonna make everything go away, Frank.

Why do you always get so mad at me?

Franky, you disappeared for weeks, babe.

Seriously, where were you?

You see what I mean? Why does everything with you always have to be a secret?

How do you expect me to trust you if you don't trust me?

Yeah, you're right. I mean, the job I have, the night club you know, the night life, it's... it's good money, but it's not exactly the best for a relationship.

You think?

I want to sell the club. No, no.

I don't want you to do that. You don't have to do that. Just listen, listen...

I want to.

I don't want to... I don't want to do this anymore, Ashley.

I want to get out of here and start over, and buy a horse farm.

A horse farm? I don't want to live on a farm.

Okay, so we'll buy something else. Something else?

All right, something else, but... When I see how you are with your parents, and your family, And it's kind of boring. It's amazing.

It's amazing. It's what I want... you know, a little Franky runnin' around... with your nose. But your eyes, though.

Definitely your eyes.

Let's get married.


If you're serious...

ask me properly some day.

'Sup, baby?

Wanna party? Come on. What do you got?

I got some good shit.

Want some of this, darlin'? No, I don't want some fuckin' blow.

Come on, girl. No, I want some cash.

Come on...

Come on, you take care of me... come on!

You fuckin' get your hands off me! Come on.

Crazy fuckin' whore! Fuck off!

This the guy? Yeah.

All right, you go talk to him. Bring him back here, we'll show him the picture.

All right, cool.

Hey buddy. 'Sup?

Hey, I've got a couple of questions to ask you. Why don't you come back with me to the car real quick?

What the fuck, man? I didn't do shit!

We're gonna ask you some questions, you're gonna answer.

Fuck you, 5-0. Let's make one thing crystal, amigo.

Are we clear now?

Do you know this guy? That dude's dead, man.

Brilliant. Now, who's moving in on this action?

Some guy named Eddie. Big-mouth, likes to party.

Where can I find him?

I dunno, he hangs out at this white-boy bar, Melrose and Vine.


We're not gonna arrest him? We're done here, let's go.

Fuck off!

Jesus! Can someone tell me how I just missed him again?!

Oh my God, you were closer that time. You were closer.

Hey. Hey!

Girl at the bar in the leopard print?

She says, "Try it again." Oh... don't we have a wild one in here girls tonight?

To taming you, Princess.

Jesus! Fuck, again? I missed him again!

Eddie! Eddie, enough already. I'm runnin' out of shot glasses!

Fuck your glasses, mate.

Just calm down, somebody's gonna get hurt.


Did he just tell me to calm down?

I think he did. Ralph, Ralph, can you give us a minute, old son?

Don't you ever tell me to calm down!

Do you understand? 'Cause I will buy this bar, and I'll make you the busboy, and let's see how fast you can duck!

Now bring me some more shots in here!

Excuse me. Come on over, my dear!

Maxwell, come in.

It's Haraday... do you see anything yet, sir?

It's pretty quiet down here.

Didn't I tell you to maintain radio silence?

Uh, yes sir, uh, sorry sir. It won't happen again.

Look Haraday, if anything happens you'll be the first to know.

Thank you, sir. I won't let you down, promise.

Anything you need, just ask. Some soy sauce would be nice.

Really? No, just stay in position.



Actress. Hi.

But you? I think you may be different.

You might have a real job.

Possibly, like a nine-to-five job.

Now, you've got the looks.

But do you have the brains?

If I had to take a stab at this, I would maybe say...

Lawyer? Accountant.

I knew it! I was close.

I was close.

Why are you here? My boyfriend broke my heart, was tired of crying about it. That means you can just, make up for lost time.

Yeah. Yeah, my revenge period.

I'm lookin' for a guy named Eddie. Scottish?

I'm exactly the type of guy your boyfriend would hate to see you with.

Is that right? It's most definitely right.

Check mate.


There's gunshots! Get out there!

Get over here!

Police! Don't move, turn around!

Got any weapons on you?

Where'd they go?

Don't move!

Nice job, Haraday. Thanks, sir.

Move your ass! All right, that's it. Let's go.

Come on, Eddie! Somebody wants to talk to you!


Oh! Oh, fuck!

Doin' okay? You all right?

Need a break? Huh? Need a break? Oh, he wants to take a break.

Shouldn't have let you take a shot at me, Scottish prick!

Aw, fuck! Do you got a sore hand there, son?

Sore hand? How's your hand?

You broke... my fuckin' hand!

How you feelin'? You all right?

How you doin'? How's your balls? Square?


You all right, son?

You stupid fuckin' wanker.

Good night, sweetheart. Wouldn't do that if I was you, Eddie.

Aw fuckin' hell!

Don't take one further step, 'cause I will blow his fuckin' brains out.

Go ahead, I got three more.

Drop the gun, Eddie.

You been a silly boy, my friend. It looks like it, right?


You could at least wait till I was ready.


Hey, hey. "Hey, hey, hey" what?

What? Hmm? Hmm?

What about Eddie?

He's not home. Are you sure?

Eddie, I got a bottle of Dom and two chicks that wanna meet you!

He's not home.

Maybe I can stay.

But not long, 'cause I have class in the morning.

You got class in the morning?

I do. And you have it early?

Teachers... are up early. Mmm. Right. Mm-hmm.

This... is gonna rock.

Franky? Whoa!

What? You don't pick up your phone? You can't knock?

It's Eddie.

Are you sure they were cops?

Well, they weren't fuckin' wearing the uniform, but they had guns... and they were asking me fuckin' questions, what do you think?

Wait, what... like, like Feds? I guess. I don't really know.

Think, Kathy. Where is Eddie now?

I don't fucking know. Why don't you go find him?

Okay, we're goin' to the club. No, we're not fucking going anywhere.

What, are you nuts? The cops are swarming the place right now.

The cops don't give a shit about you, Kathy!

Know what? Fuck you.

I got company anyway. Company?

What the hell is this? She's a friend, all right?

A friend? Yeah.

And you fucking brought her here? Are you out of your mind?

She saved my life. What have you done for me lately?

What's going on, Frank?

Listen, look...

I want to go home. Please. Look, there's an emergency, at the club.

Can you just take my car.

Look, I'm sorry. I'll call you in a couple hours.

Can you just do this for me? Whatever. I shouldn't have even come here.

Ashley, Ashley, Ashley! Please listen. Don't leave like this.


You want me to be excited that you've got two girls making out in your living room?

That has nothing to do with me. Come on, you know that's Eddie's girl!

Why are you even with me, Frank? Your life and your friends...

None of this is me.

Ashley, Ash...

Hey! He's right in there.


You shouldn't take the beating personally, Eddie, it's just business.

Strictly business.

Hey! Uh...

Oh, here's our friend. Come in.

What the hell is goin' on here, Eddie? Calm down son. Just calm yourself down.

Calm down? Who the hell are you? Franky, just chill, all right?

Yeah, take it easy, Frank. And don't raise your voice!

Hah, fuck off! Frank! I need you to calm down.

Who the fuck is this guy, Eddie?

Hold on, no need for the violence. Our friend here is just ventin'.

Now that's just the reaction 'cause you feel threatened, you're scared.

But you're thinkin' with your balls, my friend, which is not good.

I need you to start thinkin' with your head.

Give our friend a chair.

Frank, I need you to do what he says.

Now listen fellas, I've got a problem.

You know, I like this guy. I really do.

But I'm in a bit of a dilemma.

My merchandise has gone missing.

And when I lose my merchandise, to make me feel better, I have to kill somebody.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Vin, Vin... As I was sayin' before my friend walked in, We... will find your stuff, we'll sell it, we'll fill your pockets with cash.

Loads of cash! Yeah, I like cash.

But I have a slight problem.

I've got two associates, bullet holes in the back of their heads.

Oh I see, aye, that could be a problem.

Look, I can't bring back the dead, but the way I see it... anybody workin' for you, guv'nor, they should take better care of themselves.

And, more importantly, better care of your product.

And you think you can?

Oh, we most definitely can.

That was for your friend pissin' me off!

You really should teach him some manners, Eddie.

Now this is how it's gonna be.

You find and sell my coke for full street value in two days.

Otherwise, I'm gonna come back and kill you and your rude friend.

Is that clear? Crystal.


Two days, Eddie.

Two fuckin' days.

Don't disappoint me.

Let's go.

Two days, Jesus.

Two days! Two fuckin' days.

Well, that was fuckin' brilliant. How is any of what just happened brilliant?

We're fuckin' alive, Frank!

Your shitty plan actually just fuckin' worked.

You know what? I knew it would.

Come on, come on. Let's get up. Aw, fuck.

There we go, you all right?

You didn't know it would work.

What are you talkin' about? Yeah, I did. You were shittin' your pants!

Get the fuck outa here! You were halfway up his ass with that whole speech thing.

Jesus, he got you good. Fuck.

It fuckin' worked, man. It worked!

It fucking worked!

You did good, Eddie.

Thank you.

Now, fuck off.

Does anyone wanna...

How do you feel?

All right!

Let's do this.

So, have we got anything on Scalise yet?

Nothing we can make stick, but we got more than enough on these two other guys.

Oh yeah, the Madsen replacements.

What about Agent Royce?

She's waiting outside with a full report. Royce. Come here.

What do you have for me, Royce?

I've, um, been able to integrate into their group, I've earned their trust.

They even discuss business transactions in front of me.

That's good work!

I understand that, uh... you had to get romantically involved with one of the girls in the group?

So tell me about that.

It's... all in my report, sir.

Oh yeah, I'm gonna read this thoroughly. You can count on that.

Um, I believe that we have more than enough to put these guys away.

I agree, we should bust these guys right now. And let Scalise walk?

And put us back to square one?

You know, our mission is not to bust some little dealer here.

All due respect, sir, these guys aren't exactly pushing dime bags on the corner. They're moving a lot of product.

Okay Maxwell. You put a team in the apartment next to them.

If nothing happens in the next two weeks, we'll move in.

But nobody, and I mean nobody, moves in for two weeks.

And I don't care what for.

Yes, sir. You understand me?

Yes, sir. I do. Yes, sir.


Let's go get it done.

Beverly. What?

What the hell was Thompson talking about? You getting involved with somebody?

Evan, come on. It's part of the job, you know that.

We okay? Are we?

Look, I'm just worried about you. Okay, well...

I know what I'm doing. I've seen a lot of agents go in under, and it's never easy. I don't want you to get involved with something you can't get out of.

You knew the risks when you first met me.

Come on, Beverly, don't lecture me.


You know what, if you can't keep your personal feelings out of the job, then... maybe we need to rethink our relationship.

Yo, Frank, I like chillin' with you and everything, but I ain't got all day, son.

I'm here on business, you feel me?

I heard you all were stocked and shit, so I'm gonna need like a half a brick.

Fuck. Half a brick, huh?

Yeah, I'm steady makin' moves, man. Goin' out there grindin' and hustlin' and shit.

What the fuck are you doing? What?

Did I say you could use my blender? No, you were playing the video game.

I was fuckin' hungry, man. I haven't eaten all day.

What the fuck, get the fuck out of there, man! What are you doin', man?

Aw, Jesus! You used my chocolate ice cream? Fuck, man!

There was only a little bit left, bro. Fuck! You don't just--

What do you want? What are you throwin' that out for, dawg?

You don't come in here, and just use somebody else's shit. You--

Where's your cup? You didn't have no cups.

I looked all around for cups and you didn't have none.

You drank straight out of the fuckin' container?

That's just grimy, dude. That's your opinion, son.

Fuckin' grow up, man. Why you gotta get all...

Why you trippin', dawg? Just smoke that J, and fuckin' play your video games and relax, dawg!

All right. It's all good!

So, what's up? Can I get that shit or what? Nope.

Why not?

You can't just fuckin' walk in here, expect to get half a kilo of coke. This isn't high school, man.

Where do I keep it? Under the fuckin' couch?

All right, so, but like... You can get it tomorrow, it's gonna be 15 G's for half a kilo.

15 grand! What, are you crazy, dude? I can get it for, like, 10 anyplace else, bro!

Then get it 10 anyplace else.

Well, if I bust it... all right, I'll come tomorrow but can I get a sample?

Why you laughin', dude? That's my reputation. And I need to make sure that shit's good, you know what I'm sayin'?

I mean, this is my career path. You feel me, dawg?

I feel ya', dude. So, your reputation better be solid, 'cause you are not getting a sample.

For-- oh all right, cool, fuck it. All right, I'll be back tomorrow.

Yup. Shit's fucked up.

Mm-hmm. Stay the fuck out of my fridge. I didn't even go in your fridge, bro.

I saw you lean towards it. LRT, dawg. That's what I'm sayin'.

Loyalty, respect, and trust. You fuckin' lose in all them shits, man.

BLT! That's your code. Fuck you, dude.

Fucked up my game, piece of shit.

Yo, what's up, baby? Where you goin'?

Fuck off. Aw, why you gotta be like that?

Creep! Come on, man.

Damn! You saw that shit?

You're late, Scott. Come on, don't call me that, man!

It's Sweetness. How many times I gotta tell you? It's, it's Sweetness, bro.

Lighten up, Scottie. You get what I need to know? You know, I don't need this shit, man.

I mean, don't informants get paid or somethin'?

Chill out, yo!

Yo! What the fuck are you doing?

Arresting you. For what?

Possession. That's fuckin' bullshit, man!

Listen, fuck-face. I don't care about you, your stupid name...

If you don't wanna be a snitch, you should've thought about that before you started messing with me.

Now you got one choice. Do you wanna be a live snitch?

Or a dead one?

Okay. Okay, relax. I'm only gonna ask you once, who's moving Madsen's shit?

All set? Aye.

Don't fuck this up.

As we know, this is a layout of the apartment here.

We're gonna be in here. Anything goes to shit, we'll go out, stack in the corridor, move down here, knock and announce.

Garcia, anybody in there you'll take 'em down?

Contain 'em, okay? Four and Five will go bedroom 2 and 3.

Then One and Two will move on to bedroom 1, right here.

Let's go, guys.


Frank, baby, are you okay?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

You've just been in there a long time.

You good?

Yeah, no, I'm okay, baby.

I'm okay... I'm okay...

Come home with me.

I don't think that's such a good idea. What, are you mad at me?

You were so distant during dinner today.

If you didn't want to be here, why'd you even come? Come on, Ash, you know that... this... all of it, is just stressful for me.

I know. So that mean you're gonna come home with me?


This is ridiculous, Frank.

Why did we come all the way up here?

I like this place.

For romance? Have you gone soft on me, Frank?

Your girlfriend not doin' it for you anymore?

Would you shut up? I'm trying to tell you something.

Should I be gettin' worried?

I'm gonna quit.


Aw, you're kidding.

You're not?!

Why would you want to quit?

Frank, you just killed two men.

For a sweet, sweet deal.

And you want to quit?

Well, I ain't givin' up.

No, I know. And I wouldn't expect you to.

That's what I want to talk to you about.

You should just take over. What happened?

Nothing happened, you know. It's just... I don't like where this is goin', man.

I'm fucked up half the time, doin' crazy shit,

I don't know, man. It's like I'm losing it. If I don't get out now, I'm gonna do something really stupid.

It's time to move on.

I suppose with that girl?

What, you wanna get married or something?

Eventually. That's going to complicate our friendship.

You do know that, right? How?

Oh, what?

What do you think I'm gonna do? Start coming 'round, dressed up as Santa Claus, bringin' gifts for your kids?

And them calling me uncle?

It's gonna get to a point, Mrs. Frank is not gonna want me around anymore.

So... why don't you try doing what I'm doing, man?

'Cause I'm good at what I do! And so are you.

This is the last batch, and then I'm done.

I'm disappointed. Do you remember when you came and I set you?

I put a roof over your head... I mean, I helped you out. I got you started!

What do you want from me? I owe you.

So, that's it. This was your master plan. A one-hit wonder, and you're out.

What are you talking about, man? I didn't have a plan.

It's just sometimes... sometimes your actions just take you in different paths.

Well, what can I say?

I wish you the best, Frank.


I wish you the best.

Now let's get the fuck out of here. I fuckin' hate this place! It's shite!

Now, in the legal world, when you turn out to be a poor businessman you go bankrupt.

You may lose your line of credit, your assets, worst-case scenario, your house.

In my line of work, most of the time you lose your life.

So it's important to have a Plan B.

An exit strategy. My way out is Ashley.

My way out is to build a normal life outside of all of this.

I've been putting money aside, and sooner than later, I'm gonna be able to retire.

Yeah, I might miss the action or the thrill, but I'll be alive.

Maybe have kids. Three bedroom house with a manicured lawn, and a pool. Somewhere in suburbia. I'll call that... bliss.

Thank you for this. I'll call it heaven.

Babe, I'm really sorry. I haven't been the most understanding lately.

And I know you have a lot on your mind. Don't. Don't, don't be sorry.


I got you now, you little bastard.

What's up, boss? How are you?

Good, man. Can I get in?

No, you can't. Sorry, you're not on the list.

Have a good time.

Whoa, easy, killer. Didn't know she's private property.

No disrespect, man.

Hey, no offense... You already said that.

Name's Jack Reiley.

Jack, that's my name. Look, it's cool, man.

Why don't you find somewhere else to play, all right?

You're Frank, right?

What are you, a cop? Yeah.

I'm off duty.

Is that right?

It's just a job, man.

I guess it is.

So, officer Reiley... It's detective, actually.

No shit!

Why do you know me? Oh, I been askin' around.

I wanted to meet you.

Well, you found me.

Do you mind?

You guys got it made here, you know that?

Money, women. Why don't you give us a break?

Come on.

Hey! That is a fine ass.

You know, if I had it to do over again, I don't think I'd be a cop.

So quit.

Yeah, I probably should, but then I keep thinking Pension... You guys got some hot shit goin' on here, though.

All I do is run a strip joint, man.

It's really not that glamorous.

Ooh... wow, that's some good shit. Where'd you get that?

That's not mine. No?

Mind if I keep it?

You know, I used to get some good shit like that from a friend of mine. Maybe you know him.

I doubt it. Madsen?

No? Doesn't ring a bell?

He's dead, anyway.

You got a point to make, man? 'Cause you're just really killin' my party.

What? You think I come here to arrest you?

Why would I come up here and do that? I know everything about you.

I know where you live, I know what time you wake up.

Hell, I know when you take a shit, pal.

I know if that pretty little girl of yours knew what you were doin' here tonight, well...

You talk a lot. No, that's the point.

I don't say anything. What I know I keep to myself.

So, what's your deal? Same as you.

Power, women, money.

My money.

Consider it an insurance policy.

You're a dirty cop. No, I'm a smart cop.

Yeah. No, I get it, man.

What's your price? Oh, I'm sure we can work something out.

Yeah. Yeah, no, we'll, uh... we'll work something out.

What do you think? A hundred?

Yeah, right.

A thousand dollars. Huh?

What am I talkin' about? A thousand dollars?

A thousand dollars? That's not even getting you a good blow-job in this town.

I mean, for an officer of the law, it's gonna cost me a lot more, right?

Tell me, how much is it gonna cost me?

For a detective... to suck my dick?

You cannot be that stupid!

You piece of shit!

What the fuck is the matter with you?

Johnny! Get in here!

Fuckin' break, you okay? Yeah, I'm good.

Help me over here! You come in here and startin' shit?!

Get him, Frank. Get him, Franky.

I was having...


Up until you...


You come in...


You ask me for fuckin' MONEY!

Piece of shit! That's enough, Franky.

He's a cop, Johnny!

He's a fucking cop. How do you let a cop in here, you fucking pig?

What the fuck, Frank? And who the fuck is that?

That's a cop. And he wants money.

You wanna give him money?

A cop? Money? Not our fuckin' money.

I do.

You want my money?

Kathy, get me my money.

Get me my fucking money!


Okay, Jack.

I got your fuckin' money.

Come in my club? Threaten me? And my friends?

Franky, let's get out of here now. Threaten my fucking girlfriend?!


Get this piece of shit out of here. You got it, boss.


Turn the music back on!

Start fuckin' dancing! Now!

Beverly, you okay?

Can you control this?

Mm-hmm, yeah, yeah.


They shot that dirty cop tonight.

Reiley? Yeah.

They kill him? No, no. No, no. I don't...

I don't know, but...

Think I'm puttin' a stop to this. You're done here.

No, no! Don't do that.

Don't do that. Bev, you're too deep into it.

Evan, don't do that! You can't do that! What do you...

You can't just pull me now. What did I do all this for, then?

Look, I just... I just needed to see you. Okay? I just needed to... I just... needed to know that I'm doing the right thing here.


Okay, but... you know, if you find you're out of control, just forget about the case, you just walk away.


Everything's gonna be fine, okay?

Just promise me, okay? Just promise me that you'll be there when this is done.

Okay, I promise. Be careful. Yeah.

Well, Franky... this ain't good.

This most definitely is not good.

I'm in the mood for Mexican.

What about you?


I love Mexican.

Let me get this straight, you were mugged?

Right. Then they took your gun, and shot you in the hand.

What were you doing downtown?

That's where they dumped me.

Right. Right, so you were kidnapped too.

Tell me again, how many were there?

Three. Three?

White? Black? Hispanic? I already gave a report.

Jack, there were traces of cocaine in your blood.

And "a bag of cocaine in the right pocket of Officer Reiley's coat."

You have no explanation, you can't even give us a positive ID on the guys who supposedly mugged you.

If you have a substance abuse problem, the Department can help.

Dammit, Reiley! You have to talk to me! It's all in the report.

Okay. That's the way you want it.

You're suspended without pay indefinitely. Dammit, Deb, don't do that!

We've known each other twenty years!

Long before you fucked your way to Captain.

Thanks for making this a lot easier on me.

I'm... I'm sorry, Deborah. I didn't mean that.

I just need a couple more days.

I'm in the middle of something big here, I'm gonna break this wide open.

Internal Affairs has an ongoing investigating on you, Jack.

I don't know what you're into, but the shit is rolling down from a lot higher than this office. My hands are tied.

If I were you I'd get myself a good lawyer.

Since you don't have your fucking gun I need your badge.



What the fuck do you want?

Do you mind keeping your hands where I can see 'em?

You gotta be kidding me.

Do I look like I'm joking?

Now why would a perp steal a cop's gun, shoot him through the hand, then leave him alive to talk about it?

World's full of psychos. Take you, for instance.

You know what I think? I think you knew the person who shot you.

I think they knew you well enough to know you wouldn't talk, because you're too dirty to start airing out laundry.

I don't give a flying fuck what you think.

Do you even remember why you became a cop? Oh, and you do?

I'm sure you love runnin' around for eighty grand a year, takin' it in the ass, while some two-bit punk uses your head for target practice.

That's the job. You're something else.

You're so fuckin' self-righteous. You really think you're making a difference? You're not.

You're not getting drugs off the street. For every one you arrest, three more pop up.

"The job." The fuckin' job's a joke!

Look around! You'd better face it, Maxwell, whatever goals you set for yourself in the beginning of this, you're failing miserably.

I just want to make enough to retire. Get out of this shit-hole.

Go someplace tropical, Costa Rica, anywhere but here.

You know, my first case... There was this junkie mom out in Nevada.

She's shooting up, but her baby wouldn't stop crying, messing with her high.

So this HIV-positive waste of a life, decides to stick her own baby girl with her own syringe, shooting her up with smack to quiet her down.

By the time I got there, baby was dead and mom was halfway there. Nothing I could do about it.

You know, when I first started, my goal was to save the world.

Now twenty years in, I just wanna make sure guys like you don't make it to Costa Rica.

I've seen a million guys like you.

One day you're gonna fuck up.

And I'll be there.


Do you remember a cartoon with, uh, Yosemite Sam and Bugs Bunny?

Which one?

Sam's chasin' Bugs. And Bugs runs right into this house.

So, Yosemite Sam starts poundin' down on the door...

And Bugs opens the door.

But he opens it dressed as a chick.

Hi. You datin' Frank?

So, Yosemite Sam's like, "Pardon me, ma'am. Pardon me, but I'm lookin' for a yellow-bellied rabbit."

Yeah. Who are you? Bad decision.

And then he comes bustin' into the house, Where the fuck are you goin'?

Bugs runs to a door, jumps in front of it, "He's not in here! No, he's not in here!"

God damn it, get back here! No! No!

Where are you goin'?


Boom! This big cannon! Just blows him away! Right?

So, at that point, Bugs runs to another door, "He's not in here! He's not in here!" And Sam's still buyin' this?

Are you fuckin' crazy?

What the fuck is the matter with you?

So Sam runs over to the door...

opens the door again,

Boom! This big cannon, again! Just blasts him!

So, at this point, Sam's stumblin' around, burnt, totally fucked up and shit, right?

Bugs Bunny runs to another door, "He's not in here! He's not in here! No!"

Sam's like... "I'll take your word for it, ma'am.

I'll just take your word for it."

I love Yosemite Sam! Sanchez, we're good.


What happened?

You fell asleep, Haraday. That's what happened. Sorry.

Anything? Uh, yeah.

1:37, Agent Royce and two female suspects arrive, one blonde, 5'7 " and the other 5'2", a brunette.

At about 2:23 I think one of them went to the, uh, grocery store, she came back at 2:48...

Haraday. Anything good?

All right, try to stay awake, will you? Yeah.

At least keep those things around your ears. You got it.

You know, like, when you were in school and you had to, like, do your dream homes and your... your like, fantasy what you want to be... you know, all that stuff.

Like, what did you see? What did you... what was it?

What was the thing that you... wanted?

Well, first of all, they... we never had that. I don't think I really went to school very much.

Really? Yeah.

All right, well then, let's play a game. If you had to do that now...

What do you think?


I don't know, I always used to like, uh... to like animals.

Animals, really? Yeah. I wanted to, uh...

I used to feed this cat, and you know, I wanted to save all the... the dogs in the world, and the cats, and... the turtles.

The turtles? I know. It's so random.

That's very sweet.

I wanted to open up like a... like a five-star, like animal shelter.

It sounds really stupid. No, it doesn't sound stupid at all.

You know, like, not depressing. Yeah.

You know, like, you go to the animal shelters and it's, like, it's disgusting.

It's like just... they don't clean it, it's like sad.

I want to have a five-star animal shelter.

With a pool.

That's the best thing I've heard in a long time. And, like TV's for like, the cats, you know.

So like, they can not be depressed, and everyone's happy.

Shit. I don't know. What is it?

Well, turn it up.

Great job, Haraday. Yeah, you caught Royce with her girlfriends. Great work.


Agent Royce has a wild streak, huh?

Bet you had a pretty good time with her, huh chief? Shut up, Waters.

Sir, I think I have something.

On the screen. All right, what is it?

That's Reiley. What the hell's he doing here?

Keep movin'.

Please... please don't do this... Fuckin' be quiet..

Okay, you know... you know what, you guys? I'll get the door, you guys just relax.

You guys just stay here and relax. Okay.

Hold on...

Back! Get in there!

Stop your fuckin' bawlin'!

Shut the fuck up!

Okay, okay... Be cool, be cool...

So then Bugs says, "Eh, why'd you pour oil on my head?"


Frank. Okay, your, your Yosemite one's better?

Frank, just stick to sellin' drugs, babe! Aw, come on! That's funny. That's funny.

Why'd you... with the carrot and everything? That's funny, man! What are you talkin' about?

Don't give me... you know, I'm done. I'm... Aw, Jesus! The fuckin' door's open again.


Shh! Listen.

You need to talk to her about that. Never learn.

Come here. - Kathy!

Get down. Get down!

Don't make a fuckin' sound, I will shoot you.

Okay, we're movin' in! Okay, Waters, call headquarters, tell 'em the situation, tell 'em we need backup. Yes, sir.

Follow me.

Take a piss.

Be sure you flush that toilet, Franky.

Fuck! DEA!

Turn around! Put your hands on your head!

Turn around! Now!

Secure! Fuck!

Shit! Shit!

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Get up! Get over here!



There's one for you, Maxwell! You put it down, Reiley!

There's no way out of here!

You're surrounded! Put it down, now! I'm walkin' out of here!

Special Agent Waters, we have a man down!

We need assistance right away!

Put your weapon down now! Not gonna happen!

Put that gun down now! Put it down now!

Fuck you, Maxwell!

Just stay down. Stay back!

Let her go!

You fucked with the wrong guy, asshole!

It's okay, baby. I got you.

You hurt her, I swear to God...

What are you gonna do, shoot me?

Let her go!!

Just shoot me, prick! Fuckin' let her go!


You fuckin' asshole, eh?

Back the fuck off, Maxwell!

There's no way out of here.

I believe that's my gun, darlin'.

I'll fuckin' kill her!

All right, stay down!



Stay back!

Hang on, baby, okay?

I know, I know, I know. Shh... don't talk, don't talk, don't talk.

No no no no no no... Oh, baby, baby, baby, baby, please...

This is Agent Royce, where's our backup?

Hey! Look at me, look at me. Just do what I say, okay?

Don't worry about it, just do what I say.

Come on, stand up.

Okay, come on.

I got her.

Keep walking. Just keep walking.

Stop. Stop.

Go. Get out of here. Go.


Damn it!

Guess you're not going to Costa Rica.

Fuck you!

I had it all planned out.

But I failed.

My fault.

I should have known better.

I used to say, "I'd rather do business with sharks than imbeciles."

At least I'd know what they want.

I'd understand how they'd try to screw me over.

With imbeciles, you never know.

I'd rather make a deal with the Vinnie's of this world, than with a corrupt cop incapable of controlling his substance abuse.

Should have killed him when I had the chance.

And Ashley... Eddie... the girls...

They're dead.

The money's gone.

Plan A failed.

So did my Plan B.