American Gothic (1987) Script

She's much better now, Jeff.

I was scared to death when I brought her in.

Thank God it's all over.

Guess, I should thank you, Doctor.

She still needs a lot of understanding and love and, of course, time.

She's cured, isn't she?

Well, that's a word psychiatry doesn't throw around the way we used to.

Cynthia may feel there are still some things she needs to take care of by herself.

But right now, being home with you will do more good than any psychiatrist.

I'm thinking of taking her on a little trip back to the islands.

We had our honeymoon there, and she loved it.

Sounds fine.

Try and keep her around people she feels comfortable with.

We both want another baby, Doctor.


You look good.

Thanks, I feel good.

Okay, okay, okay, who has the table?

Come on you guys, let's move it.


Come on, girls. Are you all right?

I guess so.

Here. All right.

There you go. Here, you take this.

What the hell is this?

Need a beer.

Okay, who gets the cooler?

I'm sorry.

Oh, don't tell me we're going in that.

Give us a hand, would you?

Hey, you gonna fly this thing, Lindbergh?

No, I'm gonna fly it.

Oh, you're gonna fly it. Yeah.

Here's the beer.

Paul, grab that line up there, will you?

It's gonna take me a while to fix this thing.



Why don't you find a place we can pitch a tent?

We'll probably be here for the night.


Wanna help get the gear unloaded?

Give him a hand, Rob.

Paul, you want some coffee?

Hey, campers.


I got coffee.

Oh, yeah, you got some good stuff there.

What's up?

I just can't figure it out.

There's power there, but the instruments won't respond.

There's nothing I can do now until the morning.

That's all right, gang.

We'll just stay here instead of Jackson Island, right?

Yeah, well, where the hell is here?

I'd like to know I could get off one day.

It's okay, I've packed enough food to last weeks.

Yeah, well, I'd still like to know when I could get off.

Honey, honey, honey, don't worry.

We'll get you off.


Music, all right.

Woods are woods.

Come on, gang, it ain't that bad is it?

Woods are woods.

Come on, gang.

You're nuts, man.

Well, guys, I'm gonna go scuba diving.

Who wants to come?

No, I'm gonna take a look around.

Paul, you coming?

Forget it, honey.

I gotta sleep it off, okay?

You wanna go, Rob?

I only dive for muff, sweetheart.

You catch it, I'll cook it.

All right.

Cynth, you wanna go?

Cynth, you wanna go?


How's it going?

Not good.

Electrical burnout.

Radio's out.

Nothing's workin'.

Stay right there.

You be good, you be good.



Oh, can you hang on a second?

Hang on.

Hey, Cynthia.

Why the hell didn't you help her?

She could've drowned.



She's dead.

It's my fault.

It's my fault!

No, Cynthia, she's okay.

I'm okay.

She's all right, Terri's all right.

She's all right.

Come on, come on.

Water in the wrong tube.

It's okay.

She's okay.

Are you crazy?

Don't ever do that again.

Hey, lighten up.

Something moved in those bushes back there.

Right over there.

Scared the hell out of me.

Probably a deer.

Some kinda little animal.

Maybe even a bird.

I wanna go back.

Hi, guys.

What happened?

Terri fell off the rocks and into the water.

She's okay.

Just shook up a little bit, that's all.

Yeah, I'm all right.

So what's the situation with the plane, Jeff?

I can't fix it.

I think we better check out this island, see what we can find.

Oh, great.

Paul, you stay here and keep an eye on the plane until we get back.

All right.

Hey, you guys, look at this.

Come on.

Oh boy, this looks like fun.

Think anyone lives here?

Gives me the creeps.

Anybody home?


Maybe there's a phone inside.

Wanna try?

Oh my God.

Geez, it's like we just walked into the 1920s.

Look at this place.

Hey, look at this.

My grandfather had one of these.

I used to listen to it all the time.

You think it works?

All right.

Hey, toots, you're the cat's pajamas.

What's say we cut a rug?

Thought you'd never ask.

Al Jolson eat your heart out.

Oh, wow.

Hey you, guys, look at this dress.

Wow. Mary Pickford wore one just like it in Little Annie Rooney.

That's neat. Look what I found.

One for you, one for me, and now we're cookin'.

Oh no, this is me.

What do you think, huh?

All right.

Now we're cookin'.

Oh yeah?

Take me home.

Color coordinated.

All right.

Don't tape this.

Oh yeah?

Is that right?

Hey, you guys, I think we better take it easy, huh?

That's all right, children.

Been meanin' to get rid of them old things anyhow.

We're sorry.

We kinda messed things up.

We'll pay for anything that's broken.

Say, young man, that scarf suits you real well.

I have a good mind to give you one for your very own.

Well, thanks, it's really very nice.

Knitted 'em all myself, you know.

Like I was saying, we're really sorry for the mess, and if you'd let us pay...

Oh, now, now, that's nothin' to make a fuss over.

You was just havin' some fun, that's all.

Don't cry over spilled milk is what I always say.

You haven't old us where you folks came from.

From Seattle, sir.

We had trouble with our plane.

We had to put it on the beach.

Do you have a phone we could use?

Or any gas you could spare?

I don't believe in those contraptions.

However, I got a friend's comin' around tomorrow morning.

Maybe he can do somethin'.

This the whole passle of ya?


Yeah, this is it.

My name's Jeff, and this is Terri.


And Rob and Lynn.

And there's Paul, he's back with the plane.

And Cynthia.

Oh yeah.

Where is she, anyway?

She's down there.

Down the stairs.

Oh God, Jeff, don't do that.

Take it easy. You scared me.

Come on upstairs.

The people that live here just walked in.

Have you seen this room?

It's incredible.

It's a child's room, but everything in it's about 50 years old.

Yeah, it's weird, all right.

I'd say they're a little on the eccentric side.


Come on, they're waitin' for us.


Hey, this looks great, Ma.

I'm glad you like it.

Don't you guys have any real names, like Jones or somethin'?

Ma and Pa suits us just fine.

We don't set much store by fancy manners up here.


Lord, we thank thee for the blessings we are about to receive and the food upon this table.

And we pray in the future they will be the same, that thou will bless the table.

And we eat now in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.




Young lady, I can't abide the wastin' of good food.

Now, let's see you wipe the platter clean like your friends done.

Don't you want to be in the clean plate club?

Clean plate club?

I need a drink.

You know, this is a real nice place you have here, but don't you miss not having electricity and television and things?

Ma, do me a favor.

Let me have some whipped potatoes.

Why sure, Pa.

Do you guys have a radio or anything like that?

Must be hard to keep up with the news.

Did you know they sent an exploratory rocket to Mars?

It's gonna be there in a couple weeks, and then they're gonna...

Young man, if you keep tellin' stories like that, your nose is gonna grow longer than a broomstick.


That's not a story.

You know, they've landed on the moon.

Pa, think it's gonna rain?

I don't know.

It was a little misty, but I think it'll clear up before evenin'.

How 'bout you, Lynn?

Think it'll rain.

Rain, I don't know.

Who cares?

Just a minute, young lady.

There's no smokin' in this house.

Nice young lady don't smoke.

If you're a victim of tobacco, then take your vice and indulge it outside.


Well, if everyone's done, I'll clean up.

Bad girl.

Now, now, you leave that to me.

Oh, there's nothin' down there that would interest you, child.

In fact, I should've locked it up long ago.

That goes to the cellar, and them steps is very steep.

Besides, it's cold as the grave down there.

That's cold.

Better have one of Ma's scarves before you go down there.

You go on back to your dancin' if you like.

I just love to watch young folk doin' the new steps.

You know the Charleston?

Well, you're welcome to spend the night.


It's gorgeous isn't it?

What's happening in there?

Ma's making coffee.

Hey, look at that.

A child's skipping rope.

That's weird.

You know that room I went down into before?


That was full of kids' toys too.

Hey, that's Mary Pickford.


There's that cradle I told you about.

Please don't wake my baby.


My name's Fanny, what's yours?

I'm Lynn.

This is Cynthia.


My baby's been very ill, and she needs her rest.

Oh, well, hope she gets better.

Oh, she's all better now, but she's still quite tired.

Ma says it's important for little girls to get their 40 winks.

I go to bed every night at nine o'clock, except sometimes Pa let's me stay up late to play with my dollies.

There'll be no dollies for you tonight, young lady.

Time you got ready for bed.

Yes, Ma.

Has Fanny been a good girl, or has she been sassin' anybody?

No, she's been just fine.


Well, she's got a birthday comin' up.

Guess you can always count on a youngin' to behave when party time rolls around.

I'm gonna be 12, and I'm gonna have a birthday party.

Yep, and if you're really, really good, well, you might just get a brand new dolly.

Oh, goody.

Now, that's enough chattering.

Bye, Miss Lynn, Miss Cynthia.

Land sakes, that child can be a caution.

As the saying goes, when she's good, she's very, very good.

But when she's bad...

She's gotta be at least 50.

Don't you think so, Cynthia?

Wait a minute, she thinks she's gonna be 12?

Yeah, she's gonna have a birthday party any day now.

And she plays with dollies.

We got some really looney toons here.

Oh, she's a real goon, all right.

Her clothes are like something out of Little Orphan Annie.

This is just too much.

Come on.

Fanny's been hidin' all day.

Shy as the dickens with new folks.

But she is to say good night.

Oh yes, let me see.

That's Jeff, and that's Rob and Terri.

And you already met up with the girls.

Well, say good night, and then off to bed with ya.

Nighty night.

What are you doing?

Just turning off the lights so you young folks can get some sleep.

It's only 8:30.

Now, you're not so growed up that you don't need your 40 winks.

Okay, where do we sleep?

Just a second.

You hitched?


Hitched, hitched, hitched.

Hiched means married.

That's what it means.

Nope. Well then, where do you think you're goin'?

Goin' to bed, get our 40 winks.

No, you're not.

There will be no devil's play in this house.

Aw, for Christ's sake.

There'll be no cussin' and no buts.

Now, you young ladies are gonna sleep in there.

And you boys stay out here.


Terri, are you awake?


I hear noises coming from Fanny's room.


I want to get out of here.

Don't worry, we'll be out of here tomorrow.

Check out Ma's PJs.

Listen, why don't you try and get some sleep?

Oh, and don't forget.

Not 20 winks.

Not 30 winks, but...

But 40 winks.

What are you doin'?

Sorry, go back to sleep.

It's early.

Where you goin'?

Just for a walk, get some air.


Hi, Rob, hi.

Hi, Fanny.

What you doin' up so early, Rob?

Nothin' much, just walkin' around.

Who's your friend?

He's not my friend, he's my brother.

Name's Woody, like President Wilson.

That's a nice name.

Hiya, Woody.

Say hello, Woody.


Wanna ride in our swing?

Do ya, Rob?

Sure, why not?

Oh boy.

Hey, this is, this is great, guys.

But okay, guys.

Okay, Fanny, that's high enough, okay?

Not yet, Rob, you can go higher than that.

I'm high enough, Fanny.

God damn it, I wanna come down now, okay?

Come on, I'm not messin' around.

I wanna come down!

God damn it, I wanna come down!

I wanna come down, god damn it!

What the hell are you doin'?

Oh my God!

Oh my God!

Hi there, had your breakfast yet?

Yeah, thanks. Yeah.

Your friend come yet?

The what?

You said your friend was coming in a boat.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, I'm sorry, forgot all about him.

Yeah, he's comin' around.

He says, you know, I mean, if he makes it.

What do you mean if?

You mean he might not show up?

Well, I mean there's two kinds of if.

I mean if he shows up, that's a good if.

If he don't show up, that's a bad if.

You gotta have patience, son.

You should learn to read the good book.

He who waits, gets.

Come on, let's go find Cynthia.

Poor child's asleep.

Who'd have thought that boy would find the old swing?

Kids ain't used that in a dog's age.


What's for lunch, Ma?

Take off your hat, Woody, and introduce yourself to the guests.

Hi, I'm Woody, who are you?

Well, this is Lynn, Cynthia, and Jeff.

They're gonna stay with us for a spell.

Oh, and there's another girl in the back room, but don't you bother her none.


And Rob's the one in the woodshed.

Poor soul had an accident playing on that old swing out by the cliff.

We ain't never supposed to go on those old swings because they're terrible dangerous.

Pa would give us an awful hiding if we did, right Ma?

Right, right, Woody.

Now, you go find your sister, Fanny, and be a good boy.

And don't bother nobody.

And stay away from the woodshed.

Yeah, Ma.

I'm gonna fix us something nice to eat.


Hope that guy with the boat shows up soon.

Me too.

Yeah, I keep wondering what's gonna crawl out of the woodworks next.

First that Fanny, now Woody.

What a bunch of freaks.

Can you believe this family?

Because I can't.

I mean, they're out to lunch.

And that Fanny, with that ridiculous bow in her hair and those clothes.

And that bloated, ugly, ugly face.

She's absolutely repulsive.

Well, I'm going back in, you comin'?

No, not yet.



Oh, were you listening to that?


You really mustn't pay any attention.

She gets kinda nasty sometimes, but she doesn't really mean anything.

Gee, that's an awfully nice dress you've got on.

Did your mom make that for you?

Uh huh, she makes all my clothes

and my baby's clothes too.


Uh huh.

I have to go now.

Stay and play with me Cynthia.

We make awful good friends.


Please, just a couple little games.

Wait there.

I'll throw first.

I did it.

Did I scare you, Cynthia?


Shh, come to my room.

I want you to see my baby.

I can tell that you like little babies.

You ain't like the others, always laughin' and whisperin' about us kids.

Come look.

Oh no.

Teddy, Cynthia's my friend.

That's my other brother, Teddy.

You wanna hold her, Cyn?


No, no.

Kiss her good night?

Shh, maybe we better take Cynthia back to her room.

Hi, Miss Lynn, what you doin'?

Just walkin'.

Oh, you haven't met my brother Teddy.

No, but Cynthia told us all about him.

I'll see you guys later.

Hey, what she tell you about me?

Now, Teddy, you behave.

Yeah, well, I just don't like nobody sayin' no bad things about me.

Maybe she feels bad because her friend got killed.

Aw, whenever I feel sad, I just jump rope, and then I feel all better, don't I Teddy?


Why don't you jump rope with us?

I don't wanna jump rope.

I just wanna be left alone.

Oh please jump rope with us, Miss Lynn.

Pretty please.

Pretty please with a cherry on top.

Don't you freaks understand English?

Leave me alone!

Pretty please with a cherry on top and whipped cream and bananas.

Enough, weirdo!

You're all a bunch of weirdos!

For Christ sakes, Pa, is your friend comin' or not?

You know, you keep yellin' like that, you're gonna have that little girl cryin' again.

We can't just leave Rob lyin' there in the woodshed.

Well, have you any other suggestion?

Is this guy gonna show up today?

There's a chance he'll show up, yes.



You listen to me.

You never say bullshit, don't you understand that?

Never do that, or God will send an angel down to wash out your mouth with soap.

Where's Cynthia?

In the bedroom.

And Lynn?

She went out.

Well, go find her.

We're gettin' out of here.

The guy with the boat's never gonna show up.

Get back to the camp with Paul.

Tell him to get that flare gun ready in case we have to shoot off a distress signal.

Okay. I'm gonna go get Cyn.

We'll meet up with you there.

Come on, move it.



We're movin' out.


You don't believe what I told you about last night, do you Jeff?

Look, I know you're shook up, and that you met this Teddy,

but a mummified baby?

Jeff, I saw it.

I swear to God I saw it.

I went down there to Fanny's room.

I saw the cradle.

There's no baby.

Jeff, I know what I saw.

Okay, then what happened?

I don't remember.

I woke up in here this morning.

It wasn't a dream, it was real.

She had the baby in her arms, and then she held it out to me to kiss it.

It's been a year since the accident.

It's over now.

It wasn't your fault.

You gotta stop torturing yourself.

You leave me alone.

Pa would whoop me bloody like he did before when you...

Shut up.

I don't want you.

I don't need Woody neither.

I want Jeff.

I want him.

Stop, oh God!

Ma, Ma.

Wicked. Fanny's gone crazy.

Wicked girl.

You're all wicked.

Come from your wicked world.

As the good book says, the wicked shall be punished.

That child never does finish a chore.



It's gone.

Oh God, it's you, Cynthia.

Oh God.

Jeff's dead. What?

Fanny killed him.

And Ma just sat there rocking and smiling.

And they killed Lynn too.

Stop it.

Listen to me, the plane is gone.

Paul is missing, I can't find him.

They're gonna kill us all if we don't...

Listen to me!

If we don't get... Stop it!

You're it, and ain't none of you never gonna get off this island alive.

My Ma and Pa will see to that.

Hold it.

Hold it right there.

You're it!

There's gotta be a boat on this island.

There's gotta be!



Where are you?


Where are you?

Oh, please don't hurt my baby.

Let's go, Fanny, you're gonna get us off this island.

Come on.

Come on, Fanny.

Ma, Pa, get out here!

Damn you, I know you can hear me!

Get out here!

No, no, wait a minute now.

Wait a minute, please.

Don't hurt her.

Don't hurt her my little girl.

If you want your little child in one piece then you better show us where a boat is.


Pa, Ma, help me.

Oh Lordy, don't fret, child.

I'm scared, Ma.

Shut up!

Shut up or I'll blow your god damn head off!

Wait a minute, wait a minute.

No, no, listen.

No, don't do anything.

Don't do anything like that.

Please listen to me.

I think I know where there's a boat.

It's on the other side of the island.

It's a fisherman's boat.

Now, I don't know what shape it's in.

You know, I don't know anything about it.

I don't even know if it's got gasoline in it.

Then you better get goin', Pa, and show us where it is.

Tell 'em to come out.

Tell who?

You know who I'm talking about.

Tell 'em to come out!

Teddy, Woody, come on out.

Don't you move, you bastards!

Cyn, Cyn, try and start the boat.

Come on.

Now, listen, please don't do anything to my baby.

Please don't.

I fulfilled my promise.

I brought you to the boat.

There's the boat right over there.

Run, run!

Cynthia, run!

Should we go get 'em, Pa?

Nah, let 'em go.

Don't worry about 'em.

If they're on this island, we'll find 'em.

We know every inch of it, don't worry about it.

Can we play our game now, Ma, like you promised?

Course you can, sweetie.

You boys, don't you be late for supper now.

Finally got 'em all to bed.

Whew, what a day.

How you feel, Ma?

Aw, I'm all right, Pa.

All that ruckus today got me thinkin' back.

Yeah, well, I been thinkin' too.

I been doin' a lot of thinkin'.

I been thinkin' that if some soul came along and tried to do us harm that we'd strike 'em down with the help of the righteous almighty God.

Also, I been thinkin' about the children.

I don't want them to have contact with the outside world.

They're gonna become contaminated.

So I think what's best is that they should live here with us

forever and ever and ever.

No, stop it!


That's a radio.

They don't have one.

They don't have a radio.

Come on, Cyn.

Come on.


Run, Cynthia, run!

Run, Cynthia!

Don't be scared, Cyn.

I'm not gonna let those bad boys hurt you.

Come on, I'll take you back to the house, to Ma and Pa.



Leave me alone!

Leave me alone!

You killed her.

I'm gonna tell Pa.

Don't whoop me none, Pa.

I didn't mean it.

Well, she was bad.

You said so yourself, didn't he Ma?

Didn't he say so?

He did it.

He did it, Pa, just like I told you.

Then he...

No, you're tellin'!

Don't sass your Pa.

You was a naughty boy.

It was not my fault, Pa.

I couldn't help it.

Don't let him do it to me, Ma.

Get up on the hill.

Get up on the hill!

Come on, get up here.

Get up here when I talk to you!

And turn around and prepare yourself for God's justice.

Turn around.

In the name of God!

In the name of God!

In the name of God.

In the name of God.

In the name of God, in the name of God.

In the name of God.

Pa, stop! In the name of God.

In the name of God.

In the name of God.

In the name of God.

In the name of God.

In the name of God, in the name of God.

In the name of God.

In the name of God.

And we'll pick blueberries on the other side of the island.

And Ma will make us a blueberry pie, won't you Ma?

Oh, land sakes, child, we'll see.

I'm so glad Ma and Pa's lettin' you stay with us, Cyn, 'cause now I have someone to play with

'sides them rough old boys.

And we have a surprise for you that you're gonna like real well.

Ain't that right, Ma?


Don't Cyn look pretty?

You made that dress just right, Ma.

Yep, pretty as a picture.


Oh Lord, bless us for this day and also the protection you have always given us and the peace and the quiet of our little island.

And most of all, thank thee for the blessin' of the new member our happy little family, Cynthia.



Okay, Fanny, come on now.

Let's see what kinda lungs you got.

See if you can blow 'em out.

Now let's see if you can blow 'em out.

Come on, now, let's see.


Come on, come on, come on, come on there are two more.

Two more.

That's right, well done.

Well, let's cut it up, Ma.

Cut it up.

Not you, you're always tryin' to be first.

That's why you're so god damn big.

Ma, am I a clean plate clubber now?

Land sakes, child, you sure are.

All right, come on, you two.

We got some chores to do.

Now can we show her her surprise?

Now, close your eyes.


My big dollies.

So my child, happy birthday, Fanny.

Thank you, Pa.

The last one's Doc Brown.

Ma and Pa made him a big dolly right after they had me.

Oh, I remember when Pa made him a big dolly.

He just wouldn't stop botherin' us.

I don't remember 'bout him.

Don't you, sweetie?

He came here in his boat, he did.

Liked the fishin' so much, he was gonna tell his friends.

Well, we couldn't allow that.

I helped you, didn't I Ma?

Sure did, Woody.

Now this pair, they thought they could do anything they pleased on our beach.

Wicked creatures.

Well, Teddy surprised them all right.

Guess you know the rest, huh Cynthia?

Pleased to meet you, I'm sure.

Told you that scarf would suit you real well, young man.

This is a pretty dress for the baby.

Sure is.

Mom made it for me special.

Are you gonna put this dress on the baby?

Okay, sure I will.

Baby, baby.

What's that, Fan?

A bassinnete.

I'm gonna give my baby a bath before I put on her new dress.



What Cyn?

Put my baby down!

Ain't your baby, it's mine.

And I'm gonna give my baby a bath.

Put my baby down!

It's mine!

Naughty, Woody.

Teddy, run up to my room and get me the red yard from my basket.

Ma, I'm busy.

Don't rile me, son.

Get the yarn.


Cyn, what's gotten into you?

Naughty, Teddy.

Oh God almighty.

Oh God, why hath thou forsaken me?

Oh, Fanny, Fanny.

My God.

Oh God, I want to talk to you.

Yes, I do.

I want you to listen to me.


My family

is dead.

And we lived by your teachings.

I beat it into 'em.

I taught it to them.

And what have you done?

You did away with them.

Well, I have news for you.

I renounce you, God!

I renounce you and I give my soul to Satan!