American Heist (2014) Script

Come on, come on, come on.

Francis Kelly!

Here you go. That's everything.

Yeah, that's my brother.

Hey, Frankie.

Frankie, see ya in a couple months.

Yeah, I'll pay your mom a visit in the meantime.

I'm a free motherfucker. Here he is.

What up, baby?

What up, Frankie? What up, Sugar?

I'm a free motherfucker! Oh, shit. You got my hat.

Yeah, Frankie's back, baby. Frankie's back.

Frankie's back. My man. What up'!

Come on, Frankie.

Come on, boy. You good. Watch your head, hm.

Oh, shit. Oh, Ray, man.

This is your place, bro? Oh, man.

Yo, dude, this fucking girl tonight, bro, this fucking pussy was like--

Bro, what-- Where's his brother?

Can somebody get that'!

James, grab the phone!

Lewis's Auto.

Yeah, I'm James Kelly.

Yeah, well, I thought it was your mandate or whatever... to support small business with loans.

Yeah, no, I understand.

Nah, man, I don't have a degree.

And I don't really see how that matters much.

Yeah. Yeah, all right.

All right, all right. Thanks for your time, man.



Hey, Joe! I got this one.


James Kelly.

I thought you moved away after Katrina.

I did, but soon as I could get work, I came back.

Oh, yeah? What do you do'!

Pm a dispatcher is: the NON).


What, so you're like a cop or something'! No, I'm not a cop.

I'm a glorified operator.

That's cool.

You kind of disappeared.

Yeah, yeah. No, I know. I went traveling.

I was traveling abroad for a little bit, you know.

Really? 'Cause I thought maybe you got abducted by aliens... or started working for the CIA or, I don't know, went to prison.

Actually, yes. I used to be a secret agent for the CIA.

But on very top secret missions.

But that was a long time ago and I don't want to talk about it anymore.

Come here for a second.

You live nearby? Not far.

Got a garage at your place? Sure.

Look, this... this shop, it's, you know, too high priced.

If you want, I could just fix your car at your place... and you don't gotta pay me for my time.

I'll pass along new parts at cost and I'll save you a couple bucks.

That is very sweet of you.

Least I could do.

So this guy goes to prison

and they lock him down in a cell.

Two-man room.

He looks in and he sees there's a big 350-pound black guy... just sitting there mean-muggin' him.

Black guy says, "Say, man you wanna be the mama or you wanna be the daddy?"

The guy says, "Excuse me?"

He said, "Did I stu-- stu-stutter, motherfucker?"

I say, 'You wanna to be the mama or you wanna the daddy?“

Guy says, "Well, I'll be the daddy."

He said, "Fine. You the daddy."

Come over here and suck on mama's dick.

Come on, Jim. Come on, man. It's been 10 years.

You can do better than that, no?

You got some fucking balls showing up here, man.

What's the matter, Jimmy'! I came to see you.

You didn't come to see me.

Whatever happened to me and you against the world, huh'!

You want to know what happened, Frankie? Yeah, what happened?

You want to know what happened'! Yeah, what happened?

Yeah'! I'll tell you what happened.

You fucking turned the world against me.

You still crying about that?

That's life, buddy. Shit ain't fair.


Hey, all right, all right, all right!

Don't act crazy, come on. I'm sorry, man. I'm sorry!

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Ah, shit, Jimmy.

Shit, Frankie.

Let's go get a drink, huh'!

Come on, let's go grab a drink.

I can't tonight.


You're prompt. I like to keep my appointments.

Not what I recall.

What happened to your eye'!

Oh, it was just a-- You know what? I--

All good, it's not my business.

So, I'm guessing you have tools'!

Yeah, yeah. In my car. You got the keys?


It's very sweet of you to do this. Really.

I think I owe you.

It's a long time ago, James.

I'll be inside if you need me.

All right.

How's it going out there?

It looks like someone put sugar in your gas tank.

You're kidding. No.

Probably just some bored kids. You park in bad neighborhoods'!

I won't ever again. Can you fix it'!

Yeah, yeah, sure. It's fixable, it's just--

It was gummed up pretty bad, so I'm gonna have to replace the fuel filter... but we got a bunch of those kicking around the shop... and clean out your gas tank, which will take me a bit of time.

But the worst part is you're gonna need a new carburetor, so...

I'm gonna go back and order one of those tonight.

Guess I'll see you tomorrow then.

Guess so.

All right, I'm gonna go lock up. You have yourself a good night.

Okay, you, too.

Mr. Kelly, I'm afraid there's been a misunderstanding.

This is not the type of loan that's attractive to us right now.

Well, if you could just take a look at what I got here.

You know, you might find it a little interesting.

I've done the research and, look, the area needs another auto shop.

All right? This is my location right here.

There's like 10,000 cars that go around this circle.

It's a prime spot. It makes perfect sense.

Here, look. This is it right here, and it's just sitting there empty.

I'm not looking for that much cash.

Just enough to cover the rent for 7, 8 months and then I'll start turning a profit.

And my business plan, it's good, all right?

You just gotta take a look at it, but I promise you--

Frankly, Mr. Kelly we don't make small business loans anymore.

All right.

Well, what the hell do you guys do'!

You know what'! Never mind, all right'! I'm sorry.

It's just your Johnny-on-the-spot with those overdraft fees.


I can't believe this place is still in business, man. Come here.

Yo, let me get another Jamison's. Two.

Two, for me and my brother.

My brother, huh'! How you been, Jimmy'!

It's James now, all right? People don't call me Jimmy no more.

Okay, James.

You all grown up now'!

Look, I know you're upset.

You got a right to be.

It's just, I figured all this time, you know'!

Yeah? What did you figure, Frankie?

What did you figure, man? You'd come back and what?

I went to jail, Frankie.

Bro, you got off easy with 16 months. I did 10 years.

Every day I was in there every fucking day, Jimmy, I thought about you, man.

I'm sorry, man. I want to make amends.

It's not so easy, Frankie. I know, I know.

I know.

Jimmy, I'm so proud of you, bro, really.

I'm proud of you. You're a fucking good-looking kid.

I mean, I don't know who Mom fucked, but you lucked out.

You know how much I bragged about you, man'!

Every fucking cat in D block knew about you blowing up these al-Oaeda niggas, man.

Everybody, dude. You know what kind of street cred I got... for having a brother who knows how to blow shit up? Come on.

The world forgets fast, Frankie. So we'll make 'em remember.

I got a solution.

You got a solution. Frankie, I've changed, all right'!

Jimmy, I've changed. Yeah, you've changed.

Yeah, I've done a lot of soul searching. Really, I'm like--

I'm like" I'm like Buddha and shit.

Believe me, I've had time to think. Okay'!

A lot of suckers in there, man. That ain't us.

Okay? I'm gonna make things right. We just got a bad hand.

Yeah, you think so?


I know two guys, right'! They're good guys.

They looked out for me in the joint. They really did.

Yeah, what about 'em?

We all want the same things.

To overcome the obstacles.

Frankie, I'm not doing nothing shady.

You call real estate shady?

Real estate? Yeah.

What, you get yourself a fucking real estate license when you werein the pen'!

I ain't trying to be a fucking agent, bro.

I ain't a fucking agent. I'm a boss, you know what I'm saying?

A boss. Legit. Calling the shots, cashing the checks.

What, hollering, what'! In that cheap suit?

Fuck you, bro. Fuck you, man.

Yeah, well, fuck you, bro.

Come on, man. I want to look out for you. Like the old days.

Me and you against the world, remember?

Let's go flip some houses, bro.

I got the hook-up, man. They're giving'em away.

We fix and flip, fix and flip. It's easy. Where you getting the cash from'!

Investor. We got an investor.

He's gonna take a big piece at first, but it'll be all right.

Come on. I want you to meet my boys. They're outside.

What, now? Somebody had to give me a ride.

You have some money on you'!

Oh, shit. Yo, this is my brother Jim-- I mean James.

This is Ray. This is Sugar.

Hey, man. How's it going?

Hey, man. How's it going, buddy?

Sugar. Sugar, Ray.

Where's Leonard?

That shit's funny, though.

We heard a lot about you, man.

So, like, James has some questions about the investor... how the deal's gonna go down, all that shit. As he should.

I don't know if Frankie's told you, but I don't have any cash or nothing like that.

Look, man, who does'! No, we don't want your money, man.

I'm putting together a team of people that I can trust.

We have a meeting tonight. Give us a lift, I'll tell you more.

You want me to drive'! Yeah.

I thought you gave my bro a ride here.

Oh, yeah, we drove. We got a car, but it's small. 228 I don't like small, man. I don't like small at all.

Unless it's pussy, though. Unless it's pussy.

Come on. Let's take a ride.

All right, come on. Hop in.

So you did all the work on this yourself, huh?

Yeah. Yeah, I did all the body work over the last couple months.

I just got her running a few weeks ago. Good with cars. It's good to know.

Yeah, I'm not bad. This kid's the best, man.

He can fix 'em, he can build 'em, he can race 'em.

He's too humble.

I also hear you did some time.

Yeah, Frankie told you about that'!

Yeah, Jimmy. Yeah, what can I say'! I was stupid.

Hey, happens to the best of us.

Yeah, I guess so.

Pull in right over there, Jimmy.

Who works this late? Who asks so many questions?

Our investor owns the place.

We won't be long. 20 minutes, tops.

Hey, when we get back, your ass better be right here, you hear me?

Frankie. Frankie. What? What?

I got a bad feeling about this.

Jimmy, come on, man, the guy's got a red-eye to London.

If we don't do it now, we lose our shot. It's good. It's good.

Come on, come on, came on.

Oh, shit. Get in the car. What the fuck?

Back in the fucking car! Get in the making car, come on.

Go, go, go-

When I say stay in the car, you stay in the fucking car!

Drive! Oh, shit!


- You blew the fucking guy away for no reason, man. / What the fuck?

Relax. Relax, man.

You shot that motherfucker for nothing. Shut the fuck up!

This is fucked, bro. Be more like your brother, Frankie.

Cool. Cool. All right. We're fucking cool, man.

You're complicit in this.

Welcome to the family.

Get rid of this car.

I don't think there's any way he saw my plate./ Just get rid of it!


You understand me, Jimmy?

Look at me. You understand me'!

Yeah, we're good.

You kept your head.

Usually do.

Don't worry about the car, Jimmy.

You can always jack another one.

I'm sorry.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!



Yo, Jimmy,

Yo, Jimmy, come on.

Fuck, Jimmy. Real estate, huh, motherfucker?

Yo, yo, man. Watch the suit, man. Come on.

You didn't get rid of the fucking car, man. That's a problem.

How could you do this to me, Frankie? I'm your fucking brother, man!

What? It's not my fault, man. It's not my fault.

You know I'm fucking this close to putting it all behind me.

I'm fucking this close. You're fucking screwing me again!

I didn't know they were gonna do that shit. Come on.

The second I saw those two, I knew they were trouble.

What the tuck's the matter with you'!

Open your fucking eyes! I talked to them.

There's not gonna be any more problems. Oh, yeah? No more problems?

You're so fucking casual about everything.

No, seriously. You got a fucking screw loose, man!

All right'!

You're fucked, all right'!

Jimmy, man. Come on, you can't go anywhere right now.

Where you going?

Yeah, no more problems? Come on, you can't leave.

Yeah, no more problems? Fuck you, Frankie.

Yo, for real, man. You can't do this.

You can't do it. You're my brother, all right?

You're supposed to look out for me. I am, I am.

You are? Fuck you.

No, Jimmy, man. Really, you can't. No? Watch me.

'Cause I'm leaving. No, Jimmy. Jimmy, really.

For real. Jimmy.

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy. They can't know you're running.

They can't think you're gonna run on 'em. Gimme that shit. Come on.

Hey, what up'! What up?

Taking a trip?

Oh, no, James loaned me some shit 'cause I ain't got no shit.

You know, to wear.

Aren't you supposed to get rid of that'!

I was just about to do that.

Hey, Jimmy, why don't you hand Sugar your keys.

He'll take care of it for you.

Yeah, you do that.

Come on, man. You heard him, give me the keys.

Fucking amateurs.

Sorry, Jimmy. It's a nice car. I'm sorry.

You know, I'm having the conversation.

Want to take this inside?

No, I'm good here.

It's your house.

Frankie says you need money.

Oh, yeah'! Did he say that'! You need money, right?

Tell him about the bank. Come on, tell him about the bank.

What bank'!

Yo, I'm not robbing no banks with you guys, all right?

Not happening-

Take a look around, kid. What do you see'!

Homes being foreclosed.

People working two, three jobs just to put food on the table... and still drowning in debt.

Don't get me wrong.

This country was founded on great ideals and principles.

But they've all been mined... by the banks.

Open your eyes, Jimmy. It's the banks that are robbing you.

Word the fuck up, man!

You know who my favorite president was? Who?

Thomas Jefferson.

Because he saw all of this coming and tried to stop it.

He fought the banks.

JFK, too, and they killed him for it.

Fucked up, man. Fucked up.

The banking institution is more dangerous than an army, he said.

He also said that every generation needs a revolution, Jimmy.

The American Dream is just that... just a fucking dream.

Deep. Shit, that's deep.

Frankie, go start the car and tum on the AC.

It's too hot in this city.

It's nice out, bro.

Jimmy, man. Come on. I'll be in touch.

Get some sleep, Jimmy.

But no sleepwalking.

Any problems you cause will he very had for your brother.

Aw, Frankie.

You fucking motherfucker.

You fucker.

You motherfucker.

Jimmy. Ah, Jimmy.

Come on, you done calling dinosaurs?

That's disgusting, man.

You all right? Yeah, I'm good.

Sug. What's up, Sug?

Oh, shit, look. They got all this whip cream and shit.

Yo, House. Come here, man.

This is my brother, James. He's driving and blowing shit up.

Don't fuck this up.

You need to eat something, dude. What?

Nothing. Nothing.

That's like House's crew. He's cool, he's cool.

I don't talk to them too much. Yeah, they're cool.

Fellas, what's up'! Oh, shit. You remember Spoonie?

From back in the day. We used to play ball together, man.

Yo, Spoonie, from the Bywater.. Boys, gather 'round.

What's up, man'! What's up?

War is a continuation of politics, only by other means.

Politics is a continuation of economics by other means.

This is our hank.

This is our war.

And this is our plan of attack.

We need to create a staged distraction.

James will jack four cars and blow 'em up all over Central Business District to draw out the cops.

As we enter, Frankie will secure the guard and disable the cameras.

Spoon will take out the hostages.

Sugar and I will grab the manager and go for the vault.

Our window of opportunity is five minutes after the vault unlocks automatically... according to our source back at the warehouse.

No risk he'll squeal.

Nevertheless, James will be on police scanner in the van.

And, James, we'll need a nondescript getaway van.

Weapons and ammo on you, House.

We all clear?

Yo, it's a good plan, man.

It's a fucking stupid plan. Jimmy, come on, man.

We each break out with like half a mil, man, come on.

Jimmy, I need this. We both need this.

We get our life back on track. Erase all those lost years.

I was on track, Frankie. All right, now get lost.

Jimmy, come on, man. Don't do this. Don't do this!

Frankie, get the fuck out of my way. We need this, man. You can't walk.

Get the fuck out of my way. Come on, man. Jimmy, please.

Look, you know what'! If you're gonna rob a bank, Frankie... you fucking go in, you empty the tills, then you run out, you fucking drive like fuck.

Nobody actually goes for the vault. That's just in the fucking movies, bro.

Yeah, but we got the codes, bro. We got the schedule to the time release.

That's fucking huge. They fucking killed a guy for it!

What the fuck doesn't register with you'! I know that's bad, man. That's fucking bad.

It is fucking bad! Yeah, but what can I do'!

What can I do about it now, man?

They'll fucking kill you, bro. They'll fucking kill you.

They'll kill me, man. They'll even kill Emily.

How the fuck do they even know about Emily?


Yo, how the fuck do they even know about Emily, huh'!

I don't know. Do they even fucking know about her'!

I may have said something about you guys. What the fuck did you say'!

When I was in the joint, I may have talked about you and Emily.

Why the fuck are you talking about us'! I was so happy for you.

Man, there's no love in there. I was happy for you guys. I'm sorry.

Fuck! Look, man, there's no way out, man.

This guy, Ray, he's like fucking-- he's like fucking Manson.

Why the fuck do you buy into his shit, huh'!

You don't know what it's like being in there with the lifers. I fucking--

It's brutal, man. These guys-he saved me. I owe him.

Yeah, you owe him'!

Yeah, so what? You just gonna be his little bitch now'!

What did you say? You gonna be his fucking little bitch now'!

Don't you fucking talk-- Just a fucking little clown!

Don't you fucking say that to me! A little fucking juggling clown.

You don't know what I've making been through!

You don't know what I've been through!

You don't know! You don't fucking know, man. They fucked me--

Fucking took my swagger, Jimmy! They took my swagger!

Fucking robbed me from me, man. They making broke me, bro.

You don't know shit. You don't know what I've been through.

You don't know what I've making lived through.

These motherfuckers...

What happened, bro? Tell me what happened.

What the fuck happened to you? I want my fucking bro back, all right'!

They fucked me, man.

They're fucked, Jimmy. You don't know shit, man.

You don't know fucking shit, man!

They fucked me in the ass with toothpaste, man!

They fucked me in the ass with toothpaste! Bro, you don't know fucking shit!

All right? They fucked me. They what'!

This guy fucking saved me!

These guys fucking saved me. I'd making he done, bro.

I swear to God, man. I swear to God, listen to me.

They know we're only in it for a one time deal. They're cool with that. Okay'!

Tuesday night, we bounce. Okay'!

We good, man. I promise you, Jimmy. I promise you.

We don't have to do anything like this again. You won't have to do anything like this.

Man, we don't have we're gonna We don't have to be like Mom!

We can have fucking options.

We can have fucking options!

I'm gonna get you your own shop!

You won't have to see me anymore.

You don't have to see me.

You just gotta trust me, Jimmy. You gotta trust me, man.

It's not so easy, bro.

It's not so easy, Frankie.

Hey, I know it's stressful.

But what in life isn't'!

Thought you could use a cold drink.

Hey, thanks.

I think it's gonna rain all week.

Hey, would you mind? There's a ratchet over there on the table.

Could you pass it to me'! Ratchet?

Yeah, it might be in the toolbox, actually.

I don't know what a ratchet looks like.

You know what actually?

You wanna come over here for a second and give me a hand?

Yeah, what do you need? If you could hold that right there.

Okay. And just keep that good and tight.

Here? Yeah. You got it'!

Yeah, got it.

Yeah, just like that. Okay.

Right in here. I'm gonna tighten this up.

And there she goes. Got it?

I got it. All right, thanks. You're welcome.

Even the rain's hot tonight.

Heard some crazy stories about you while you were away.

Oh, yeah? Like what'!

We went to school with some bitter people.

You mean stories like I went to prison after Iraq?




They said the same thing about Frankie.

Yeah, well, don't listen to 'em.

Who should I listen to'!

Look, Frankie and I went traveling.

He stayed on, I came home.

That's it, end of story.


So, what happened to your car'!

I had to lend it to my brother.

Frankie's back in town.

Yeah. Yeah, he is.

Driving a car without a key.

You see, I went down to my work this morning to grab a leaner and... no one was around and I couldn't find the keys and...

I know, it looks a little bit shady. No, not at all.

I don't want to know.

Units, dispatch is available. Do I come across clear?

Come here. Come on, come on. Come on, come on.

What are you doing, Frankie? I'm working. I know. I know, hey.

I know what you're thinking. What are you doing with a fucking yellow--

Know why? 'Cause who would think I stole a fucking yellow car'!

Who would steal a yellow car'!

Exactly. Nobody. I'm smart.

And, if you're getting pussy and you drive this car, you know she loves you.

Come on, we gotta go. Frankie, I'm working, I can't.

Gotta make time, let's go. Trust me, we gotta go.

All right, one second.

Hey, Burnell, cover for me. I'll be one second.

Yeah, all right.

I mean, really, who steals a yellow car'!

It goes with my green jacket.

And the brown.

Oh, so when I stole it, I fucked the door up.

I'm like driving around having to fucking hold the door.

It's a clown car, man. This is embarrassing.

Let's just pull around the comer, we'll jack something that's not yellow, okay'!

It's called fly yellow.

I think the suspension on this car's fucked.

Fuck, man. Everybody can't be as good as you, bro.

Everybody can't take the fucking hot rods all the fucking time.

It's easy for me to pop this shit. Come on.

All right.

What's up?

Damn, whose funeral?

Yours. Yo, what the fuck's you: problem, man'!

You all right, Frankie? Yo, yo, Ray, man.

Shut the fuck up, Frankie.

Like Montezuma's revenge of the mouth. What? I didn't. Say shit, man!

Why you hitting me, man? Yeah, man. What the fuck?

What the fuck'! What the fuck?

What the fuck was you doing at the police station this morning?

Yo, chill, man. Come on, man.

You think I don't know about your little girlfriend?

You think she can't be taken away from your life just as quickly as she was brought back into it'!

So let's try this one more time.

Hold up, man! I was dropping her of! For work, that's it.

All right? I haven't said jack shit. She doesn't know nothing. I swear to God.

At the police station? Yeah, she just works there, that's it.

She a cop, Frank? Oh, man. Nah, man, come on.

She's not a cop. Yo, I didn't know that.

She's not a cop.

Is she a cop?

Please listen to me.

I promise you, she's not a fucking cop, all right?

The fuck, man'! She ain't a cop. We cool, right'!

Jimmy, tell 'em. I promise you she's not a fucking cop.

Chill, man. She ain't a cop. Fuck.

Fucking my hair all up and shit.

You all right? Don't shoot my dick, man.

You be fight, man, relax. Don't point that shit at my dick.

Come on, let's go.

Come on, Jimmy. What the fuck, Frankie'!

Hey, remember... remember when you almost blew your hand off that Fourth of July... with that homemade blockbuster you made'!

Shit, Jimmy. That was crazy.

Every car alarm in the neighborhood went off.

And you were just looking at me, right'!

I remember you had this look in your eye like... you're like

like you discovered pussy or something.

I couldn't hear shit for a week.

You're the one that put the sugar in her gas tank, aren't you'!

That was you.

Jimmy, come on. You tried to set us up so that I couldn't run.


That was you. Come on, Jimmy. I wouldn't do that.

I swear, Jimmy.

I didn't know they were gonna do that. I didn't know, man.

I know, it's not nice. I know.

But it's smart though, right?

They needed someone close to you to get to that you cared about, right? So...

Anyway, look, hey, it's a good thing, no'!

I like that girl. Nothing's gonna happen.

Some fucking brother I got.

You're a fucking piece of work, Frankie. You know that?

I'm done eating.

I'm done.

You remember when Dad went away?

Do you? You were young.

Do you remember how Mom fell apart'!

What the fuck'! We had nothing!

No one to come to!

I remember that shit.

I remember I came home, I found you locked out of the house...

'cause Mom had a fucking nigger over.

And you were filthy.

And I cleaned you up. I fed you.

I stole everything for us, Jimmy.

Everything, man. I stole everything for us.

All your gear, your first set of tools.

Yeah, I made mistakes, I'm a piece of shit.

What can I say? I'm human.

But I always looked out for my little brother... to the best of my abilities... even if they were somewhat impaired.

It was always me and you against the world.

Me and you... against the world.

Me and you, Frankie.

It was me and you.

I'm gonna go take a piss.

Yo, Frankie.


You ever wonder what life would be like if-- if you never pulled trig on that cop 10 years ago'!

But I did, Jimmy.

I did.

Hey, I was just thinking about you.

I think we should check out this new place in the Bywater.

I was just reading about it. What do you think'!

Something's wrong.

I just wanted to say that your car works again.

Come on, what's wrong with it?

Last week...

we were together...

that was not good.

Of course, I was...

It's stupid to do something never existed to start again.

I agree with you. How much do you get me?

This was business, you repair my car. Let me...

I do not want your fucking money.

I'm sorry, it's...

I care about you and can not explain it... Apparently not.

I understand it very well. I'm out of town.


Tomorrow. Go traveling again with your brother?

Do not. I write my name.

You must understand. If it was different...

If I could explain it, as it could otherwise...

I do not want this. Save me.

Go, James.

Listen, I care about you.

I understand that. And yet you go away.


I'll leave you alone.

Alarm Line, you name it.

I blow you up, stunned. You missed.

This I do not miss.

Emily, do you want coffee? No, I'm already on my second.

An explosion in Greenpoint. Send reinforcements.

Could you repeat that? An explosion, send reinforcements.

I need units to respond to alarms at St. Charles and Jackson and in the Quarter at Ursulines and Chartres.

We have an MVA with a tour bus I'm sorry, unit 61, could you please repeat?

Did you say, A tour bus and three chained vehicles?

Copy that. Another explosion reported by city parks. A car bomb.

Looks like it's gonna be a busy morning.

Looks like it's gonna rain.

Nobody fucking move!

Fucking move, I'll show you your fucking insides.

Come on, get down! Down, motherfucker! Down!

No phone calls, bitch!

You! Down! Down!

Hands, ladies! Show us your fucking hands'!

Against the fucking wall! Let's go, ladies. Out the back.

Get the fuck down!

Let's go! Move it, move it, move it! Give me your cell phones!

Stay down! Stay down! Quick, quick, quick, quick.

Everybody listen up! Take a deep breath and relax!

We're here to rob the bank, not you.

In the five minutes we spend here, the CEO of this bank will make more money... off of all of you than we take from him.

Banks have become an invisible threat to our democracy.

So consider this...

justice. Don't be a hero!

Don't. Look away. Look away!

The vault, now! Get the fuck up! Now!

I can't open the vault. Man, get outta here. Let's go.

Get down, get down. Get down, motherfucker, get down!

Move your fat fucking ass! Go!

Open that gate. Get it open!

Look, it's not gonna work. Even if I give you the code... this thing only opens at predetermined times.

Just enter the fucking code. It's not gonna work!

I'll only say it one more time. Enter the code.

Fuck you.

Thanks a lot, man. You've been a lot of help.



Oh, shit! Fuck, man. I think somebody saw me!

Fuck! Shit!

What a fucking dumb ass! Let's get the tuck outta here!

What the fuck you looking at'!

Stop fucking twitching or I'm gonna blow your-fucking head off. Look down!

Yo, she's probably calling the fucking cops. Get your shit together!

What are we gonna do'! We gotta go! Calm down. What the fuck time is it'!

Shit. Two minutes. Where the fuck you going?

Two fucking minutes! Where the fuck you going, man'!


Okay, and how many did you see'!

There was one inside the bank and he had a mask, and I think he had a gun, too.

David-four, possible armed robbery in progress.

Canal Street, Mid-City. Do you copy?

Roger, that. We'll check it out.

Hey, yo, time's up, man. We gotta go.

We got 30 seconds, come on! Help him. Hold his bag!

Grab his bag, come on. Hurry up, though. Hurry up, come on.

We gotta go, come on! Man, that's a lot of fucking dough.

Yeah, baby!

Yo, cops are coming, man. We gotta go!

Ah, man, this is not good. Let's get the fuck outta here!

Where is everybody?

In the fucking vault! They been there forever! Where the fuck you going?

Where you going? Get hack in the fucking van!

Get back in the fucking van! Calm the fuck down, all right?


I'm gonna fucking kill-- don't fucking move!

That's good. That's good. That's good. That's good.

Come on, let's get the fuck outta here! Yeah, we gotta go!

We gotta go now! Come on! Yo, leave it!

Yo, Spoonie. Where the fuck is Spoonie?


Where the fuck is Spoonie, man?

Oh, shit! Five-O, five-O! Get the fuck away from the windows!

Where the fuck is he going'! Where's the fucking van?

Yo, he's fucking gone, man! Jimmy!

Confirmed armed robbery in progress at the Canal Street Savings Bank.

Shots have been fired. All available units respond.

Get the fuck down!



You all right'!

Frankie! Are you hit'!

Oh, shit. Jimmy.

Oh, shit!

Oh, shit!


All right, listen up!

We have to adapt to a changing situation.

New game plan. Game plan?

Spoonie ran off with his bitch-ass with our motherfucking getaway truck!

We still have the advantage, Sugar.

These are first response city cops! They have handguns and shotguns.

We have machine guns and the high ground.

But we gotta move before they improve their position.

Ray, man, I'm fucking bleeding, man! I'm fucking bleeding!

There is no other option, Frankie!

Now listen to me. We need another getaway car.

That's our only way out of here. James!

You got to get to the side entrance and jack us another car!

Hang in there, Frankie! Frankie, listen to me.

We're gonna get outta here. We need collateral!

Sugar, cover me. Go!

What's your name'! What's your name? Katie.

All right, Katie. You be cool, you live.

You freak out on me, you die.

Got it? Let's go!

Come on, James!

Come on, James, now's our break!

Get up, man. Frankie, we're gonna get out of here.

Go with Sugar, okay'!

Get up, man, we gotta go! Gotta go, man!

Come on, Frankie, get up! I'm bleeding out, man.

We gotta go, man!

Fuck, dude.

Get in the car! Go, go, go, go, go!

Drive! Where's Frankie?

Go, go, go, go! Where the fuck's Frankie?

Frankie's as good as dead, James. Let's go! Let's get the fuck outta here!

What the fuck are you doing'! Go, go!

I'm not leaving without Frankie!

Come on! Go, move! Shit!

I got you covered. Go!

Here's what we know so far.

Gunfire's been exchanged with at least two suspects trying to escape the Bank.

Looks like some assailants are still inside holding hostages.

What we don't know is exactly how--


I'm sorry.

What the fuck are you doing?

I'm bleeding out.

I'm bleeding out.

All right, I'm gonna take a look, all right'!



All right, it's not that bad.

We gotta stop this bleeding though.

All right... let's get you fixed up and get the fuck out o! Here.

All right'!

I'm gonna go get some supplies.

I'll be right back. We'll get you all fixed up, all right?

All right, I'll book it. Keep going!

Go! Go!



Yo! Hey, lady. Lady. Come here, get up.

All right, I'm trying to get up.

Get up. Don't worry. Shit!

I'm not gonna hurt you, all right'! Come on.

Come on. Come in here.

Get the fuck back!

Tell your guys to get the fuck back!

All right'! I got hostages in here!

I'm gonna start throwing bodies out the window!

We're standing down. Stand down!

This is Captain Sullivan speaking. Is everybody all right in there?

What you think!

Do you need anything? Do you need medical assistance?

No! Just get your fucking guys the fuck away from this bank!

I'm gonna start fucking murdering people, all right'!

Okay, I'm here to help you.

Son, you tell me what you want.

I just want-- you know what? I want to talk to a real making negotiator, all right, Captain Whatever-the-fuck-your-name-is!

Okay, son. He's been contacted. He's en route.

Negotiator's on the way.

All right.

Just stay the fuck away from this fucking bank!

Come on, ma'am.

All right, you did good.

You did good. Thank you very much. You did good.

Yo, I need a first aid kit. Where the fuck's the first aid kit here?

Somebody, where the fuck is the first aid kit in here'!

Okay, Central, I've got eyes on the suspect.

He's on foot heading north on Royal Street.

What the"!

Ah, fuck!

Mother" motherfucker!

Okay, last one. All right. Holy--

Take a deep breath.

All 119111. 1111 tight.

All right, good as new. Oh, God.

Come here.

Oh, God. Oh, God. Come here.

Oh shit. Oh, shit, Jimmy.

Oh, shit. Jimmy, what are we gonna do'!

What are we gonna do'!

We're gonna wait for the negotiator to show up.

I'm not going back. I'm not going back.

We can't shoot our way outta here, bro.

I'm not going back. You hear me'!

I'm not going back. Think of something. Yeah, all right. I know.

No, you gotta think of something. I know.

Come up with something. I know, all right?

They're wolves in there, Jimmy. They're wolves in there.

I can't go back.

All right. You just got to do what I say, okay'!

Gotta do what I say.


...invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

Get back! I got a hostage! I'll kill her! I'll kill her!

Step back! You! You!



Target down!

All right!

All right!

You put down your guns, I'll let y'all live!

All right, I ain't going warn you no more!

This is it!


Yeah, Frankie?

I'm just a thief.

All my life... nothing but a thief.

And I stole from you.

I stole from you, bro.

Look at me.

Do you forgive me, Jimmy?

You're my brother, Frankie.

I love you.

I love you, too, man.

I love you, too.

What 319..



Come here.

Come here.

Jimmy, wake up.

You gotta get up. Get up. Get up.


I gotta do it. What the fuck are you doing'!

I gotta do it, Jimmy.

Oh, shit, Frankie.

Shit, Jimmy.

All right, easy, easy, easy. We got you We got you"

Okay, just hang tight. Hang tight.

Hang tight. Let's get you undone here.

I'm gonna take care of you, sir. All right.

Come in! The hostage I was working on... is not a hostage! I repeat, he is not a hostage!

He's headed north on Carondelet. He's on foot. Do you copy'!

Yeah, roger that.

Hey... Emily! I can't.