American Hell (2014) Script


Someone's at the door.

What a shithole.

I didn't say she could stop.

Keep screaming!


Now you.

Call for help.



Please help!

Someone. Anyone. Please help!

Be more specific.

John! John, help! Please, anyone!

Maybe they didn't here you.

Take your bat!

Now call for help again!


Please, anyone!?

Maybe they're not home.


Do you have any neighbors?

Is he deaf?


Are you sure?

He works the street outside.

Kill him.

Kill him!

I understand, really I do.

You're not the killing type. But let me put it like this:

He would rather listen to your family get attacked.

Maybe even murdered in the middle of the night.

Than do anything to stop it.

I was calling the police.

Shut the fuck up.

Now if you don't kill him...

We will kill you, your family, everyone.

It's your choice.

Come on.

Did you learn anything today?

What do you want from us?

I don't know.

Just fucking around I guess.