American Ninja (1985) Script

Hey, I'm great at that game.

Back home in California, I'm, like, deadly. Hold on, I'll teach you girls how to play.

Hey, come on. We need an extra guy to even out the sides.

Hey, come on.

All right, now, let me show you how to do this. Now just watch closely.

Get the bag, please?

How 'bout some help?

What's his problem? I don't know. He just got here yesterday.

Excuse me! Throw me the bag, then you can go back to sleep, OK?


We like a little teamwork around here, pal.

You know, loners don't go too far in this outfit.

Private! The colonel. Shit!

I'll have the house ready for you in three weeks, Dad, OK? I love you.

Take care.


Hello, Charley. Hi, ma'am.

How are you? Just fine.

Stay with the convoy till you get to town.

You've lots of time to get to the airport. Of course, sir.

Sergeant, you know how important she is to me.

Yes, sir. She'll be safe with me, sir.

Are you ready for the trip? Yep. Thank you.

All right, move it out.

What's goin' on here? Just pull over to the side.

It'll take a second.

Good morning. Morning.


All right, take it easy.

All we need are the trucks. Tell your men to surrender. No one will get hurt.

Take it easy. Take it easy.

Let's go!

Move, move. Get out!

Nobody shoot. Nobody shoot.

Hold your fire.

Let 'em take what they want. There's nothing here worth dyin' for.

Charley, come on. Let's go. Come on, What are you waiting for? Step on it.

Hurry up. Out!

Don't resist. Don't resist.

Who do you think you are? You have no business hitting him!

Shut up! Get in the car.

No, let her go! Don't shoot!

Come on! Let's take 'em!


Move it!

Go! Get going!

Holy shit!

Go after him! He's getting away!

Hey, where are you going? Get away from me!


What do you think you're doing to me?

Stop it!


Kill him!


No more. Enough. We give up!

Who is he? I don't know. He's a new recruit.

I don't even know his name.

He possess great skills.

I can take care of myself. Let go of me.

Who are they?

What do you think I am, a jungle baby or something?

Would you? I can't go as fast as you. Don't you touch my shoes.

I hope you're going to Italy to get me a pair of designer shoes.

I can't believe you just did that. You are crazy, do you know that?

These are my favorite shoes. What are you gonna do with that?


You, my dear, are going to town to buy me new shoes and a new skirt.

Don't you touch my skirt. What are you?

No! No way. I am not going in that water.

I don't care who's chasing us. There are leeches. I'm not going in there.


Get away from me, you creep! You trying to kill me or something?

Leave me alone, all right?

I swear.

Would you look at me? Look at my shirt. Look at my hair. It's a mess.

Do you have a comb, by any chance?

Comb. Course not. Stupid question.

Shoes... Are you OK?

My clothes are just a bit wet, thank you. Well, we can hang 'em out to dry.

Are you serious?

They should be dry pretty soon.

If my father saw us out here like this, he would absolutely kill you.

Do you realize that?

Oops. But... I kinda like it.

Feels kinda natural, don't you think? It's gonna start getting dark.

You know, I don't even know your name.


That's it?

Yeah, just call me Joe. Joe.

OK, Joe. Look...

Colonel's gonna be worried. We'd better get dressed and get outta here.

I want every inch of that jungle covered before dark.

Get every man out in the field now. Yes, sir.

Third time we've been hit. Call the chief of police and tell him to get his ass in gear.


And your ass is in a sling, mister, if anything's happened to Patricia.

We tried our best, sir. Obviously it wasn't good enough.

No, sir. What happened out there?

We've never had any casualties in these instances before.

We wouldn't have had any if that new man hadn't been along.

Your daughter'd be here right now, safe, if he hadn't started acting like John Wayne.

That son of a bitch is gonna be sorry he ever joined this goddamn army.

Jackson! Yes, sir.

Did you check the wounds? Yes, sir. I did.

What the hell did you find out? Have you ever heard of ninjutsu, sir?

The secret art of assassination. Yeah, I have.

Well, according to witnesses' testimony... this massacre was the work of ninjas.


You have served me well, my friend. Until today, your record was spotless.

But the truck with the most valuable cargo got away.

Another incident like this, I might have to shut down the entire operation.

An American ninja? What do you mean? There is no such thing.

I do not lie. I know it is death to teach the secrets to the westerner... but I also know there was an American ninja there.

The buyers arrive tomorrow.

It's a multimillion-dollar deal. Nothing must be left to chance.

This American, whatever he is, get rid of him.

I guess it's goodbye.

Guess so.

Well, bye.


Look at me.

Don't I look absolutely ridiculous?

No, you look good. Thank you.

Well, goodbye.


Thanks. Thanks for everything.

I suppose you think you're a hero cos you brought my daughter back alive.

No, sir.


Because I've got half a mind to throw you under the stockade.

Just what in the hell were you tryin' to prove out there?

Nothing, sir.

We've got a touchy situation with these rebels.

We're under standing orders not to provoke any incidents.

There was nothing in that convoy worth protecting.

Now we've got four dead men on our hands.

There's gonna be an investigation.

You're gonna be court-martialled and I can't help ya.

Get outta my sight.

Do you have his record, Sergeant? Yes, sir.

Well, let's hear it. Yes, sir.

Date of birth: Unknown.

Parents: Unknown.

Next of kin: Unknown.

A construction crew found him on an island six years ago... knocked unconscious by an explosion to blast a road through the jungle.

Brought back to the United States with total amnesia.

In and out of foster homes. Hell, he's got more last names than I could count.

Here it is. I knew it.

Aged 16, in reform school for almost killing a man.

That's correct, sir. Six months ago he got in trouble again.

Judge gave him a choice: Enlist or go to jail.

Confine him to base till we finish the investigation.

Yes, sir. And keep him away from Patricia.

Yes, sir.

All right, men. I know our morale is low, so now let's just go hit the showers, OK?

That's him, man. There's that bastard I was telling you about.

Let's go.

Hey, Joe Hero. Did you make out with the princess?

Did she put out a little bit to thank you for saving her life?

Let's get outta here. This place stinks.

Four bodies to impress a girl. Was a heavy price, wasn't it?

Wasn't it?

Bienvenido. Hola, amigo Ortega.

Welcome to the Ortega estate. Thank you very much.

Welcome. Pasen, por favor. - No está mal.

Hi. Janette.

Enchanté. Juliette.

Very nice to meet you.

Qué cosas más lindas tienes aquí en tu palacio.

Pero, es espeluznante todo esto, ¿verdad?

Everything that you see here... it all belongs to me.

We are totally autonomous here. We grow our own food, train our staff... and store our product until the right buyers... such as yourselves, can take delivery.

Very impressive.

This way.

This is Shinyuki. He's responsible for the beautiful landscape you see around you.

I found him when I bought the estate. He was hiding in the jungle... in uniform, a Japanese soldier, who was unaware for years that the war was over.

He never says a word. Well, hardly ever.

But as you can see, he is truly an artist.

Very impressive.

This is my private army.

In addition to ensuring safe acquisition and delivery of the merchandise... each member of my special duty staff here is specially trained to... help you with any problems you may encounter with the opposition.

The results are quite efficient and final.

Black Star Ninja is the only top-ranking ninjutsu sensei outside Japan.

Believe me when I tell you this man is deeply honored to die at his hands.

This way, please.

You have an excellent inventory.

It's all straight from the factory. I don't deal in used equipment.

You'll find only the best here.

But items which are most valuable to us, you still don't have.

Do you think you can comply with our needs?

I'm expecting the final items in the next few days.

If we can agree on a price, it can be included in the next shipment.

Tres miliones, para todo.

There are other buyers also interested.

Bastante completo el equipo. Podemos pagar cuatro millones.

Cash on delivery. But of course.

It's a pleasure doing business with you, my friend, and you, pleasure.

Pleasure. And now for some champagne.


So you're the new driver?

I hear you think yourself to be some kind of a tough guy.

A karate boy.

Hey, I'm talkin' to you, hero. He thinks he's a real bad-ass, Jackson.

I think you should teach him a lesson there, ace.


You know, every place you go, there's someone who thinks he's a bad-ass.

Then there are those few who are. He ain't one of 'em.

Are you some kind of a bad-ass, karate boy?

Because from what I heard, you didn't act like one the other day.

And we lost some good friends because of it?

We like to know where a person stands. We pride ourselves on teamwork here.

We left all the glory boys back in Vietnam.

Because glory boys like you get people killed. You understand what I'm sayin'?

Yeah, you understand what I'm sayin'.

So let's go, bad-ass.

Let's see what kind of stuff you're made out of.

Don't push it. Good.

Very good. I've touched somethin'.

Let's go.

I'm talkin' to you, Mr. Hero.

OK. All right, let's do it.

Come on, baby. Come on, fight me. Who the fuck are you? Come here!

Come on, fight me, man.


Shut up!

Hey! Hey!


Hey! We don't stop till one of us goes down.

Now. Let's go.

What are you gonna do with that hose? Play with yourself?

Show me what you do.

Jackson, get up.

Here. Go and get him with this.

You damn right I'll get him. Yeah! Yeah!

What's this? Mess him up now.

What is this? He can't even see you.

All right, all right, all right.


I'm Jackson.


Curtis Jackson is man enough to admit when he's wrong.

Joe's all right, right? Right.

Ain't this a bitch? I've been instructing martial arts in the army for many years... and you've got some sharp moves. Who'd you study with?

Nobody. I just picked up a few things here and there, in the streets.

In the str...

Well, look, thanks for the demonstration. That's the lesson for today, guys.

If you can get your opponent off balance, you use his own energy to defeat him.

Get your ass in my office. But Sarge, he was just...

Don't try to cover up for him, Jackson.

I saw the whole thing. He started it.

Sarge, you got it wrong. Knock it off. He's not worth it.

The guy's trouble. Move it.

Still on the shit list?

Till they decide whether to court-martial me or not. Go ahead.

Man, that ain't gonna happen.

You know, Charley said six ninjas went after you and Patricia.

Those guys aren't amateurs, and neither am I.

Now, level with me. Where'd you learn those moves?

And don't give me that look. I know it's not from the streets. I'm from the streets.

I don't know where I learned 'em.

I just know 'em. As far back as I can remember, I just know 'em.

Come on, gimme a break, will ya?

Look, your moves are too perfect.

Somebody had to teach them to you.

It's a long story. OK.

I lost my memory a few years ago.

My whole childhood is completely wiped out.

I remember bits of things sometimes, but they're like dreams.

I can't seem to figure 'em out.

Look, I still think you can make some good use of those fancy moves of yours.

You know, you and I, man, we could make a staged exhibition.

You know, like wrestling, in the States? The crowds go crazy for that kind of stuff.

I don't like crowds.

Look, Joe, read my lips.

We can make some easy money.

Look, Jackson, I don't wanna fight, I don't like crowds and I don't need money.

Miss, we'd better get going.

There'll be a lot of trouble if we don't... leave now.

Yeah, you don't need money.

Hey, what do you need?

Glad to see you're still human. She's cute, isn't she?

Who? Who?

You may have kicked my ass, but you did not make me blind.

Jackson, she's the colonel's daughter. I know, but nobody's perfect.

But she is cute, isn't she? Isn't she?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You're tinglin'. You're tinglin'. I knew I've touched something again.


Boy, you sure are lucky goin' back to California. I wish I was.

You couldn't tell by lookin' at me, but I'm a famous surfer.

I love nothin' more than wiping a few... Charley, stop the car.

What's wrong? Stop the car.

What is it? Hijackers? I gotta get you home.

Listen, you gotta do me a big favor. No, I can't. I can smell trouble already.

Charley, there'll be no trouble if you keep quiet... and take me back home right now. I'll explain it all later.


OK. Hey, listen, you through thinkin' about those exhibitions yet?

Cos we can make a great team. We could quit the army. We'd make a fortune.

Maybe Charley can help you. No thanks. Sweating's bad for ya.

It means you're puttin' forth effort. Jackson, you gotta help me.

I set myself up with a date with this girl, but the colonel's got me runnin' errands.

In 30 minutes, I'm to meet her at the country club, and I won't make it.

Could you run a note over there and tell her I'll be late?

I hate to burst your bubble, but I can't. I have to report in a few minutes.

Shit. Man, I hate to lose this chick. Jackson, she thinks I'm intense.

I'll get her the note. No, no, you can't.

You're confined to the base, man. I'll be fast. No one will notice.

Are you sure? Do you want her to get the note?

She'll be on the balcony, wearin' a white dress. You cannot miss her.

Jackson. I'm gonna need your bike.

Oh, man, that's my baby. That's my life's blood. You sure you can handle it?

Look, Joe, call me a worrywart, call me irresponsible... but how do you plan to get off the base without the MPs catching you?


Watch what, Joe? Joe, Joe...

Joe? What's he gonna do?

Is he gonna do what I think he's gonna do?

Well, look here, Charley. I wanna talk to you about your future.

My future?

See, you're gonna put on working fatigues and be ready to cover up for Joe.

What's that got to do with my future? If you don't do it, you won't have one.

Yeah, OK.

Hi, Joe.

Is this note from Charley for you?

Nope. It's for you.

This was your idea? I had to see you.

Look... it can never work.

Oh, be quiet. It's gonna be a wonderful evening.

Come on.

Come on.

Why, thank you, Luis.

Oh, don't worry about it, Joe. You can order anything. It'll go on Dad's account.

That's him.

That's the one from the convoy.

I thought you'd taken care of him. I did. I had him confined to the barracks.

I'll place him under arrest... One moment.

Let me look at him.

What's the matter?

The sergeant? Oh, don't worry about him. He's a real pussycat, really.

That's señor Ortega. He owns a big plantation on the other side of the island.

Dad really likes him.

Arresting this guy is not enough.

I want him dead. Dead?

There's an investigation goin' on right now.

Could blow the whole thing wide open. You sure?


And already I know how you are going to do it.

Oh, come on.

Come on!

Like my bike?

Yeah. Yeah.

I had a nice time today.

So did I.

Would you like to come in?

I don't think I should.

I think you should.

Ten hut!

Come on. Get up.

We've got some soldiers in this unit who think they can make a fool out of me.

They don't know I've been a sergeant in this man's army before they were born.

Even before they were sent to reform schools.

I understand you like to do extra duties, do you?

No, sir. No?

I heard yesterday you volunteered to do some, didn't ya?

Well, don't worry, Charley. I won't deny you that privilege.

You could keep doin' 'em till I said you had enough.

And that's gonna be a long time from now.

And as for you, hero... you believe my orders can be ignored, right?

You don't like the hard work.

You'd rather be drivin' around town, right?

Well, I'll have you drivin', all right.

Report to the motor pool.

Sergeant Rinaldo told me to report here. There's an assignment for me.

That one goes over to the warehouse on the dock. You know where it is?

Thanks, I'll find it.

Hey, this warehouse five?

Where is everyone?


Come on.

Pasa. Let's go.

It's here. Let's go and see it?

Open it.


Just beautiful.

Goes on the shipment the morning after tomorrow with everything else?

Hey, you!

What was that?

Someone is in here. Lock the door so he can't get away.

Everyone, look around you. Wait a minute.

The ninja will take care of it.

Hey! Hold it!


Two of you, round the back, now!

Is that the American? Yes.

We must stop him.

Come, this way. Come. Hurry.

Who are you? You will know when the time is right.

Our paths will meet again. Whaddaya mean?

Your karma and mine, they are connected.


Telephone. Get me the sergeant.

Rinaldo here. He escaped the trap. I don't know how.

The ambush was perfect. And listen to me, Sergeant. He was here.

He's seen the missile. He knows too much and I want him dead.

I don't care how you do it. The plan must proceed as programmed.

Don't worry about it, Victor.

He'll be taken care of.

Hold it right there, soldier. You're under arrest.

I have to see the colonel. My truck was hijacked.

My order is to place you under arrest. You can tell your story to the duty officer.

Take him away.

Sir. I'm sorry to bother you, but I believe a mistake has been made.

What is it, Corporal?

A man was picked up for being AWOL. I may be able to explain the circumstances.

There's been one arrest today and it was no mistake.

Unless you want to question a direct order.

No, I don't. But could you tell me the charges, sir?

Very serious. It has to do with stealing military equipment.

Expensive military equipment. Stealing military equipment?

I warned you not to involve yourself with the man, Corporal.

Hey, you're a good soldier. Why don't ya keep it that way? Stay out of this?

But Sarge, this just doesn't sound right. Couldn't his story be true?

We've lost a lot of trucks recently. Yeah, that's true.

But he's always had witnesses before. This time he was alone.

Now, losing a truck, in itself, is a heavy-duty violation... which will result in serious charges.

He might have sold the shipment to the rebels... in which case, he's gonna sit for many years.

But Sarge, it was a mistake. You don't know the man, Jackson.

He has a criminal record. It's true, a mistake was made here... and that was enabling him to enlist in the army.

Forget about him, Corporal. His fate's in the court's hands now.

Thank you, Sergeant.

Bye, thanks for coming. Nice seeing you.


Patricia. Hello. Dad's inside.

Actually, I came to see you. It's about Joe.

What about? Your father wants to court-martial him.

What? Well, come inside. We'll talk about it.

Colonel, something just isn't right. I know Joe, and I know...

That's enough, Corporal. I don't want to hear any more from either of ya.

The man's been nothing but trouble. He's gonna be court-martialled... and I'm gonna make sure he gets what's coming to him.

You're dismissed, Corporal.

Yes, sir.

The American knows too much. It is too dangerous to let him live.

He must be terminated. My men failed to kill him in the jungle.

They made the mistake of underestimating him. I will not.

Can you do it? Can you kill him?

Then do it. Hai.

Tonight. Hai.

Yeah, it's probably a fuse.

Where is that damn box?

Hey, Tuck? Tucker?

Get this damn thing to work here. Let's see now.

Hold it right there!

All right. Freeze!

What happened to Charlie? They got him.

Over there. He went that way. I'll get it.

Damn. Look at his neck. I think he's gone.

What's goin' on? Hey, Collins, over here.

What's up? What's all the commotion about?

This way. Jackson.

Joe, how did you get out of prison?

Never mind. I need your help.

The ninjas were sent to kill me in my cell...

All right, wait. Start from the beginning.

The sergeant's got some big operation going.

OK, hold it. Pull up, yeah.

Get the light over here.

Oh, my God.

This is crazy. You'll get yourself killed. Why don't we tell the colonel?

No, they're leaving in the morning. I gotta catch Ortega before he leaves.

What I need is a jeep. Meet me behind the motor pool in a half-hour. You got it?

Yeah. And Jackson... be careful, huh?


Here he comes.

Jackson, what is she doing here? You can't go through with it.

You'll get killed. Gimme the jeep.

Will you trust me on this one? Joe, please listen to me, please.

Why don't you talk to my father? He'll listen to you.

I know what I'm doing. You gotta trust somebody sometime.

If I mean anything to you, please trust me now.

I can't. We're the only two people you can trust.

Please, Joe.

OK. Let's go. All right.

And you honestly expect me to believe this cock-and-bull story, Private?

It's the truth, sir. The sergeant's working with Ortega.

And they may be behind the hijackings.

Colonel, may I suggest that we run up some men, and go kick some ass... sir.

I've known both of these men for years.

The sergeant's my most trusted man.

We went through the war together. You know that.

Dad, can't you check out Joe's story before it's too late... and the missiles get shipped out?

Tell you what I'll do. To eliminate any doubt you might have on this matter...

I'll launch a full-scale investigation, starting right now.

We'll find out if this man's story is true or not.

Hello, this is the colonel. Would you send a squad of MPs out to my house now?

What? When?

Yeah, I hear you.

Right away.

Well, the ball's in motion.

Let's relax and have a cup of coffee while we're waiting.


Ooh, I told you so.

Sergeant, arrest this man.

Draw up the papers necessary charging him with manslaughter.

What are you doing? Get him outta here, and this time... make sure he doesn't escape.

No, please! Stop it, Patricia. Stop it.

He killed an officer while escaping the stockade. This man has a criminal record.

He served time in prison even before joining the army.

He's no good for you, Patricia.

Is it true, Joe?

Take him.

Get him! That son of a bitch.

Don't let him get away! That son of a bitch.

Follow him! Follow him!

Stay right there. Stay right there.

Fuckin' bastard.

That way.

Shit! Get outta here. Get outta here!

Move your ass or I'll blow your fuckin' head off!

What's the problem? I was sound asleep. You said this operation was foolproof.

It is, my friend. Let's talk inside.

This Joe has only been a minor inconvenience.

The shipment will go out tomorrow as scheduled.

No one can stop us now. It's gone too far.

Too many people know.

We've lost the sergeant and four men, and the bastard's got away.

He could be anywhere by now. Calm down, my friend. Calm down.

Come, sit down.

He is a nobody.

Even if he finds someone to listen, who will believe him?

Where's his proof? No, it's too late to back out now.

We can't risk it. We're not shipping it out.

What about the people you're trying to help? Have you forgotten about them?

Like all the government has.

Without this shipment, their country could fall to the communists.

One more domino down. Who knows what country will be next?

It stops now. Maybe later, when things calm down, but now we must stop.

Let me tell you something, my friend.

For me, this is not a private crusade for a noble cause.

I stand to make four million dollars on this deal. Four.

And no one is going to stop me from collecting it.

I give the orders here, Victor, not you!

What are you going to do? Call out your troops?

Create an international incident?

It would be very easy for me to reveal your part in this to your daughter.

What would your precious daughter think of you then?

We're not shipping it out. I'll be there in the morning to take everything back.

Now you get out.

This has been a very big mistake, my friend.

You have remembered well.

It was you.

Before the explosion, it was you. It is time to remember everything.


The haragei.

I taught you that when you were six.

Do you remember?

When I was six?

When I was six... you taught me many lessons of the haragei.

How to free the mind... of thought... and let the senses grow.

Yes, I remember.

You were just a baby when I first found you.

I called you Joe.

That was the only American name I knew.

I conditioned your body and your senses.

I only teach you what you need to know... so that when the time comes, you can take your place on the field of honor... and meet your destiny.

But then the explosion separated us.

The explosion.

There's so much I remember... but there's also so much I don't remember.

I let you forget what you saw before I found you... so that your mind would not be clouded with pain.

But now you are ready.

The time has come for your final lesson.





These symbols will focus the ultimate power of purpose.




Zen. Koba-dera.

The koba-dera. Ninja magic.

Intong jutsu.

The ability to seem invisible, to cause fear and paralysis in your enemies.

You are ready, my son.

I will be with you in deed and in my heart.

Follow the Bushido. I will honor the code, Father.

Beware the Black Star Ninja.

He has taken the dark path and has betrayed the code.

Then... he must die.

Magnifique. Right on time.

Everything is working perfectly.

Yes. Do you have the missile?

The missile is in a container with everything else. It's all ready to go.

Good. These are the documents... to get the shipment out of the country.

Everything is... everyone is taken care of.

You can leave without delay. Thank you.

May I see the money?

Of course.

Not until we see the merchandise.

Of course. Right this way.

Who is he? Is he one of us?

The American ninja.

American! What do you want?

Kill him!

Get the girl.

I'll be right back.


It was a nice try! But it wasn't good enough!

I have your girlfriend here!

You have 30 seconds to surrender, or your girlfriend is dead!

Joe, don't do it!

30 seconds!

I know you can hear me.

Or maybe you don't like her as much as she thinks you do?

Five... four...

Very good. Let her go!

Letting her go wasn't part of the deal.

Kill him.

Calma, calma.

It's all right. Just relax.

Víctor, esto es demasiado riesgo para mí.

It's all right, believe me.

Up ahead!

Hang on, charleys. I'm taking this bitch uptown.

Take me home, baby.

Holy shit.

Got you tight, huh? How do you like that in your nuts?

Mira Víctor, demasiado riesgo. Para otro día mejor. Me voy.

No, you can't leave. You stay here. Next time.

You stay here!

Bring the girl.

Let her go, Victor! Listen to me. All I want is the money.

Let me go to the helicopter and your daughter will be free.

Don't do it! You know I will kill her.

Hold your fire! Nobody shoot.

All right, let her go, Victor!

Let her go!

Get in.

Get in. Go! Go!


Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait for the ninja.

Go, go, go!

Help! Joe!

Yeah, come on, Joe.

Get off it, man, get off it.

All right. Now I gotcha.


Visiontext Subtitles: Marisa Castle de Joncaire

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