American Ninja 2: The Confrontation (1987) Script

MAN: Come on, guys. You're gonna love this place.

(WHISTLES) Tom, where'd you find this place?

Hottest joint in town. I'll buy you a drink.

(WOLF-WHISTLES) WOMAN: Don't pass me by. Hey.

TOM: Three whiskies and beer chasers.

MAN: Cheers. SECOND MAN: Nice.

Semper fi.

Excuse me, sir, but could you spare a few dollars for a cup of coffee?

We're marines, not tourists. Now bug off.

Marines earn a lot of money. Give me a dollar.

What is it, a shake-down? Let's get outta here. Excuse us.

Shit, man.

You did good, Tommy.

Here. You can have that drink.



WOMAN: There we go.

WOMAN: Welcome. Thank you.

What do you think?

I don't know.

This is it.


Hello? Are you there? Inspector Singh here.

Looks like the American replacements have just arrived.


I don't think I'm gonna like it here, buddy.

Yeah. Looks like someone didn't tell someone we were coming.


You guys seen a couple of marines by any chance?

No. Shit.

We're supposed to pick up two marines on this flight.

Armstrong and Jackson.

You're looking at 'em, pal.

Army? You guys are supposed to be marines.


Well, throw your stuff in the back and jump in.

Army. What a drag.

Anyway, I'm Charlie and this is Tommy Taylor.

Curtis Jackson. This is Joe Armstrong.

Welcome to paradise. Let's go.

So, where'd you guys get this ride?

Borrowed it from Wild Bill. Wild who?

Our CO. Your CO.

Their commanding officer is Wild Bill. That makes you feel safe, doesn't it?

I know I'm not going to like it here.

Doesn't Wild Bill mind that you're using his wheels?

He doesn't exactly know about it.

Doesn't exactly know about it.

Listen, fellas, I'm not one to stick to tradition, but isn't this a bit unorthodox?

Bud, you haven't seen the half of it yet.

JACKSON: Oh, yes, I have. Look at that.

Huh-ho, I'm tingling again.

The second those little darlings hit the beach, everything comes off.

Topless, bottomless. It's great.

Don't you guys ever work?

Work? Yeah, work.

We don't have time for work.

I think I'm gonna like it here.

It ain't much, but it's home. JACKSON: Yeah.

Glad he feels comfortable around us.

Tommy's just had problems lately.

Come on. Wild Bill wants to see you.

CHARLIE: This way. Unbelievable, unbelievable.

Hi, Charlie. Hi, Toto. Guys, this is Toto.

Anything you want, Toto'll get it for you. For a price, that is.

For a price, huh? I'll do errands, clean your car.

Anything you want. Very cheap.

Hey, hey. Am I seeing things or is this a couple of soldier boys we got round here?

Rangers, my son. Rangers.

Rangers, huh?


What the hell those bums doing round here?


Sergeant Curtis Jackson, Sergeant Joe Armstrong, sir.

Front and centre!


You two are rangers, huh?

Don't Washington know marines guard embassies, not rangers?

As if my life wasn't complicated enough already.

Do you know why you're here? We were told you would brief us.

Yeah. There are 20 marines stationed on the island as embassy guards.

We dress as little like marines as possible.

Left-wing elements stir up trouble against us.

Four of my men have disappeared, two on a fishing trip, two in town.

A marine said one minute he was talking to them, the next they were gone.

Sounds crazy, but there's a kid that hangs round the barracks who said he saw two giants dressed in strange black suits taking the men away in a motor launch.

We thought they'd been kidnapped, but there's been no ransom demands and no bodies.

It's a goddamn mystery.

So I made my report to Washington asking for help and they sent you.

All I have to go on is what the kid told me.

Who was it that last saw the marines, sir?

Name's Taylor. Kind of a strange guy. Married a local girl a year ago.

WILD BILL: He's been going downhill since. We've got the picture.

I don't know who you are or why you're here, but I've been told to help you.

So you work in the embassy, keep a low profile and don't mess with my marines.

We'll do our best, sir.

Now get outta here.

Men in black suits. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Yeah. I'll show you your rooms.

MAN: Hey, Sarge, over here.

CHARLIE: A few of us are going water-skiing later.

You're welcome to come along if you want.

Water-skiing? Yeah. Why not?

Thank you, Toto.

JACKSON: Look at that babe. CHARLIE: Jackson, Joe. Hey.

How you doing? You know Toto, right?

Hi. This right here is Bert Ballard.

He may not look like much, but his sister is so fine.

Our fan club's beginning to grow.

Let's go already.


Come on, push out.

Oh, oh, oh... Wanna go ashore and try our luck?

Let's go to Mangrove Island. Wall-to-wall babes. They're all dying for it.

Last I heard you were married. So?

TOM: Just 'cause I'm on a diet doesn't mean I can't look at the menu.

Good point. Very good point. Get it.

Looks like we got a problem.

Put her up there on the beach. Yeah, OK.

You OK, Taylor?

Yeah, sure.

I don't wanna swim all the way back to the base.

TOM: It's probably the carburettor.

BERT: Let's push it in.

That's it. Let me check the engine. Get it in there.

Well, let's check the engine.

All right.

The US Marines strike again.

Doesn't seem to be anything wrong, not that I can see.

Everything seems to be all right.

Screw it. Let's go for a swim.

Yeah. Come on.

No, I'll stick around. Come on, guys.

Nobody's gonna steal it.

Hey, Charlie, Bert! Wait up!

The army's gonna stay on the beach.

What do you think? Keep an eye on Taylor.





Where the hell's your friend?

I don't know. I'm gonna go look for him.

You guys get this back in the water.

Let's go.





This way.

Ninja? What the hell are ninja?

A secret Japanese society, expert in the art of assassination.

What would Japanese assassins be doing in this part of the world?

I believe they were trying to kidnap us, sir.

What would these guys be grabbing you morons for?

That's enough, Sergeant. Escort these three men outside.

And if a word of this gets out, I'll have you shot, you understand?

This is the most ridiculous story I've heard in my life.

My other four men were abducted by these same ninja?

Yes, sir. But why?

Are they working for the Russians? We don't know.

Shit. I guess I'll have to alert the ambassador.

If you give us a few more days, we can come up with something.

Can you? We do have a lead, sir.

OK. You got one week, but I don't like it.

They were there on the beach, I'm telling you, Sarge.

Ninjas my ass! You guys were over at Mangrove Island taking care of the local talent, right?

You may have got away with that in the army, but you sure as hell ain't gonna get away with it here.

Loves you guys. Yeah. Charlie, where's Taylor?

He had a phone call.

MAN: Who are they? I don't know who they are.

They're rangers, not marines. Rangers?

They're cipher clerks, joined us today.

They fight like professionals. The blond one could almost be a ninja.

A ninja? Yes. I want him dead.

Bring him to the Blind Beggar tomorrow alone.

(SIGHS) Yeah, OK.

OK, I'll try, man, but it's dangerous.



Relax. It's Taylor. I need your help.

What is it? Look, I can't talk now.

But you know the Blind Beggar on Buccaneer Street?

Meet me there tomorrow at 1500.

And come alone.


WOMAN: You want some, mister?

WOMAN: Over here!

MAN: Hey, man, open the door. WOMAN: I'm open.


Stranger here, ain't you?

Excuse me. Hey, Yankee asshole.

When I talk to you, answer me. Nice and polite.




You asked me to come over Ain't ever been easy Every time the phone calls I remember your kiss I know what you'll be thinking You got trouble in your eyes Here we are again...

Excuse me. I'm looking for a Tommy Taylor.

The end of the corridor.

Does anyone know you're here?

Only Jackson. You know about me, don't you?

I know you led us into a trap, but I don't know why.

Armstrong, I didn't wanna do it.

TOM: Shit!

MAN: Come on!


You set me up. He's got my wife.

Who's got your wife?

I said who?

Who? The Lion.

Who's the Lion? The man who owns Blackbeard Island.

Tell me more about him. I can't.

Tell me! I can't!

Look, I'm the only one that can help you, the only one.

He's a millionaire.

He made his money big time in drugs. He's doing research.

What kind of research? I don't know. They don't tell me.

It's biological stuff. (TAPPING)

Did you hear that? Someone's there, man. I hear somebody.

(SIGHS) I'm sorry to inform you of this, but I have some bad news.

Taylor's been killed. I think you knew him.

Yes, sir. Any idea who did it, sir? Not yet, but we shall find them.

The inspector thinks he was involved in the local drug trade.

We think Taylor was being blackmailed. How do you know?

He told me. His wife was taken to Blackbeard Island.

He was probably afraid she'd be killed.

Rubbish. Blackbeard Island is owned by Professor Sanborn.

Why should he blackmail a nobody like Taylor?

It's a good question. Why don't we go take a look?

Impossible. Professor Sanborn is a man of impeccable character.

I would require a warrant from the governor to search the place, and he would be outraged at such a suggestion.

Would he? He certainly would, Captain.

Please remember you people are guests here.

You can't go about trespassing on other people's property.

For the sake of your good name, Captain, I hope that no more of your young men are involved in this sordid business.

I don't like that tiny maggot at all.

Ninjas, drug-pushers, my men being kidnapped and murdered.

This is really beginning to get on my tits.

There's a reception tomorrow at the governor's mansion.

A token party is required to attend. I would like you men there.

To avoid any other complications, I want you dressed as marines.



You look as much like a marine as a bridesmaid.

Let's go.

Look, be careful with the uniform.

It's the only one I got.


I'll just wait here.

I'll park the car. Yeah.

Captain Woodward. Hello, Governor.

So glad that you could come. These men are a credit to you, Ambassador.

You do know my wife, I believe? Yes, I do, sir.

How are you? Very well, my dear.

Jolly good. Enjoy yourselves.

Excuse us.

I don't think I've met these men. They're on a special assignment.

Really? Can I have a word about the reception next week?

Yes, you may.

Don't stand there staring at the guests. Mingle.

And you, don't get drunk and go puking on the pavements.

Excuse me, ma'am. Wow.

Did you know that eating this is very bad for your health?

Really? So what do you suggest?

Well, isometrics, aerobics.

And me...

JACKSON: ...hours of pleasure and fun and exercise that you can never imagine.

Believe me. I am telling you the truth.

What? Guy with the scar.

I've seen him before.

It looks like he's seen you before, too, pal.

Well, you know how to deal with it.

Excuse me. Those two gentlemen over there, who are they?

Welcome to the party, Leo. Hello.

Ah, friends of the governor, sir.

The man with the glasses is Leo Burke.

The one with the scar is Tojo Ken, his assistant.


That's him. That's who?

The guy that Taylor told me about.

Leo Burke. Lion.

Yeah. Friends of the governor, too. This is getting very interesting.

Armstrong, Inspector Singh has something to say to you.

I have informed your commanding officer that just before Marine Taylor was killed you were seen by several witnesses going into his room.

Accompany me to the police station to answer several serious questions.

Bastard! Bastard!

Who do you think you are, showing up here?

WOMAN: You're scum! Keep an eye on him. I'll be back.

I tell you now, I'd love to kill you!

This man is a drug dealer. You are mistaken.

Careful. She's not well. I'm perfectly well.

This man is a criminal. Arrest him. Remove her.

He's a criminal. He took my father prisoner. Please help!

Please! No! Let me go!

WILD BILL: Well, gentlemen?

I don't think the US armed forces let a lady down yet.

Yes, sir. We should kick some ass. Take my car.

Yes, sir.

No! Get your filthy hands off of me!

MAN: Get in the car!

Charlie, tail the Caddy. What?

The caddy.


WOMAN: Get your hands off me! No! Help!



Hi, Joe.


I thought you'd be back this way.

Aah! Help! Help me, someone!

Help me! They're taking me to the back room!

Help! Please, someone!

WOMAN: Get away from me!

Come on, you midgets. Come on.

JACKSON: I'm ready to take you on. How about you, shorty?

I'm waiting. Let's go!

It's a party!

JACKSON: Who's next?


JACKSON: Yeah! I love it!

JACKSON: Come on!

If you wanna be a man, learn how to eat.

MAN: Hey, hey! What?


What do you want, huh?

Yeah, it's a hand. Come on, baby.

JACKSON: I love it.

JACKSON: Come here, fat man.


JACKSON: Here comes another one.

MAN: That's not good.

How about lunch?

I guess this means lunch is out of the question. That's all right.

JACKSON: Who wants some more? Come on. I'm here.

Here, let me give you a hand.

What's happening, brother?

I love it. All right.

Look who's here. US marines.

How you doing, babe? Get out my way. Give me some skin.


(WHISTLES) Come on.

He's OK.


Come on.

JACKSON: Love it. CHARLIE: You love it.

Let's do it some more. Come on.

Shit! That's my car!

CHARLIE: Get away from there! What are you doing?

Come on... No!

CHARLIE: What is it? ARMSTRONG: Get in!

MAN: Come on, let's do it.

Watch it, one eye! You're lucky!

Let's go.

It seems as if you've lost your transport, Captain.

I don't think so.

Your car, sir.

What is this, Farlie? Some kind of a joke?

Sorry, sir. We just had to kick some ass, sir.

Look at the state of you. You're a disgrace to the corps.

They wrecked our uniforms, too. Shut up.

Told you we're not used to these fancy marine togs.

Where is Armstrong?

You heard. Where's Armstrong?

Heck if I know. He disappeared.

Disappeared, eh?

Yeah, he disappeared.

You had better find him and bring him to me.

I don't want to have to do it my way. Heaven forbid.

Hey, isn't... We'll be leaving now, Farlie.

WILD BILL: Jackson, let's go.

Give me a call.

Yes. WILD BILL: Jackson.


What's happening, Leo? We'll soon find out.


The girl escaped. That damn American ninja.

He fights like a tiger. We'll have to get rid of him.

If the inspector can't do the job, I know what to do.

We'll use the lamb to catch the tiger.

I want that man...


These slime buckets have dug themselves in this thing together.

I think the girl's the key.

You better fly. Find that girl quick before Singh grabs your ass.

Why don't we just take a recon to Blackbeard Island, sir?

Good idea. I'll alert the ambassador and see what we can do.

Yes, sir. Know where to find this girl?

No, but I got a pretty good idea who does.

Good. And good hunting.

TOTO: Excuse me. Just come.

It's over there.

Right here. See?

She lives there.

Thank you, Toto. That'll be three bucks.

What do you want? I wanna talk to you.

OK, come on in.





Thank you, Toto. Don't mention it. Three bucks.

Who is he? My friend Toto.

I'm Joe Armstrong.

I'm Alicia Sanborn. What do you want from me?

I need to get to Blackbeard Island.

Well, then, turn round. You're going the wrong way.

Make for Point Piper. A friend of mine's got a boat there.

Hey, Joe.

ALICIA: Look out!

You son of a bitch!


ARMSTRONG: Jump! Go, Toto.



It's not that far from here. We can walk. Come.

I need you to do me a favour. This is very important.

Tell Sergeant Jackson that we're going to Blackbeard Island.

Five bucks. I'll pay you later.

Come on. Let's go.

It should be here.

There it is.

We can use this one. The island's about 20 miles from here.

Let's go. Wait. We can't go now.

They've got patrols. We'll have to wait until it's dark.

He's escaped, Leo. The man's inhuman.

We gotta get back to the island.

We got some business to finish.

Now, look, I want you to call that American ambassador, and you tell him to get some leashes on his men, or he's gonna find himself in the middle of World War III.

ARMSTRONG: So what about the Lion?

One of the most powerful drug dealers in the world.

Everybody knows it. And your father?

My mother died of cancer, and my father's a scientist.

After she died, he clung to this dream. He was going to find a cure for cancer.

He sold everything, bought the island and set up a research laboratory.

He worked hard. The British and American governments invested money.

Everything was going so well. Dad was on the verge of a big breakthrough and...

Well, they simply withdrew. Dad was devastated.

I was away at school at that time.

When Dad called me...

Anyway, then the Lion turned up and he offered Dad money, lots, enough to finish his project.

Dad jumped at the chance, didn't ask questions.

He was so close to finding his cure.

The Lion had other ideas, and instead of finding his cure for cancer, Dad ended up producing these attacking monsters, these ninjas.


Something to do with biological engineering.

Reorganising a person's genetic code.

They used those marines for their experiments.

And you? Where do you fit into all this?

Bait. As long as they've got me, they can blackmail my father.

If they harm me, he'll stop working for them.

They won't let me near him, though, in case I try to influence him.

I guess we'd better see what we can do about it, huh? Come on, let's go.

The ambassador won't give us permission to go in until he hears from Washington.

That'll take another year. What are we going to do?

Apparently, the governor won't let us visit the island.

WILD BILL: We got a tricky political situation.

We got political red tape, Captain.

You heard Toto. Joe and Alicia are stuck in that island.

They'll have to improvise till we get the go-ahead.

I'm sorry, but that's not good enough.

Years ago, we started out on the streets, low-down and dirty.

We soon realised to have it all, to really nail it down, we had to control the source.

So we moved out into the jungles.

We took over the plantations and factories, until we built the biggest drug empire the world has ever known.

But success brings jealousy, and we laid out millions with pay-offs, but the greed only grew.

So you came to me and you asked me to find a foolproof way to protect ourselves and our investment.

So, with the help of Professor Sanborn here, I think I've achieved that objective.

So there you are, the super ninja, the ultimate fighting machine.

Strong, obedient, heartless, and as many of them as we want.

Enjoy yourselves now, and let's see what they can do.

It's this way. Come on.

This is it.

Where do they make these things?

At the far end of the complex. It's on the third floor.

(WHISPERS) Wait here.


What's the matter?

How d'you make them, Leo? What are they?

Miracles of genetic engineering.

Professor Sanborn will show us how it's done.

Right, Professor?

If we wait for the ambassador, it's gonna be too late.

Watch your mouth. Chill out, motor mouth.

This unit's lost five marines. Do you wanna lose Joe and the girl?

No, I thought not. I'm boogieing, baby. Anyone coming with me?

ALICIA: This is it.

(GASPS) It's my father.

He looks sick.

Gentlemen, this is it.

Professor, we're all ears.

These flasks contain frozen cells in a solution of amino acids.

What are those men doing?

Microinjecting DNA hereditary information into a single cell.

By this method, we can control the building blocks of life.

We can make the human being anything we want it to be.

He keeps most of what's left of his human intelligence, but his knowledge of attack and survival He will be cunning, intelligent and devious, like a predatory tiger.

He will feel no pain and know no emotion but hate.

His muscles and sinews will be replaced with the strongest, lightest, high-tensile steel known to man.

He will run faster than the finest Olympic athlete, be stronger than a ten-ton crane.

And in this next generation, you will witness the most lethal assassin the world has ever known.

And the best part, he will follow my every order to the letter.

Right, Professor?

I think the professor needs his vitamins. Take him away.

And now, gentlemen, for another treat.

I'm going to show you something that you never dreamed possible.


Alicia. I thought I'd lost you for ever.

It's all right. There is no time to lose.

The Lion is shipping five billion dollars' worth of heroin to the US tomorrow.

If that gets through, nothing will stop him.

Where are the marines? In the basement. Cell block A.

Alicia, take your father to the boat. If I'm not back in an hour, leave. Go.

These symbols will focus the ultimate power of purpose.


You were just a baby when I first found you.

I conditioned your body and your senses.

I only teach you what you need to know, so when the time comes, you can take your place on the field of honour and meet your destiny.




Ninja magic.


The ability to seem invisible, cause fear and paralysis in your enemies.

You are ready, my son.

I will be with you in deed and in my heart. Follow the bushido.

ARMSTRONG: I will honour the code, Father.

OK, ladies. The main objective is to get everybody out alive.

No shooting unless we're shot at.

You know what to do. Let's move out.

WILD BILL: Come on, move it out.

MAN: Stevens.


Hi, guys. I'm Joe Armstrong. Wild Bill sent me to take you home.

Let's go. Wild Bill?

All right! Come on.

ARMSTRONG: Where does this door lead to? MAN: The arena.


MAN: I can't see.

BURKE: American ninja, I presume.

How very nice to meet you.

Your days are over, Burke. On the contrary.

I'm expecting an even more prosperous future, and parts of you will be a part of that future.

Take 'im to the lab.

OK, men. Let's move out.

The man isn't human, Leo. What do you think they are?

I never would have believed it.

I told you so. Farlie, make 'em dance.

Yes, sir. WILD BILL: Let's do it!

What was that? How the hell do I know?

Hit it!

Finish off that son of a bitch once and for all.

The rest of you, come with me.


There's something I must do. I'll come with you.

No, no, I must do this alone.

I love you.

MAN: Hold back!

MAN: Hold it!

Merry Christmas.

All right, it's a party. Let's go!


What do we do now, Leo? Kiss my ass.

Thank God. The Lion was going to kill me.

Yeah, right. Take him.

I'll see if I can find Mr Burke for you.

Catch that little weasel.

Let's move out.

What's going on? What the hell are you doing?

I was hoping we could create a better world, Leo, where cripples could walk and the blind could see, and criminal vermin could be made into useful citizens.

But you corrupted me. You understood.

You understood what we were trying to create.

Create? You destroyed everything that I dreamed of.

Now I'm going to destroy your dreams.

Damn you!

Stay down!

MAN: Man, am I glad to see you!

Could I have everyone's attention? Jackson, Armstrong.

I must admit, for army you're not half bad.

But if you wanna join the marines, I can pull some strings.

I don't know about Jackson, sir, but I think I've got other plans.

So do I, Colonel.

If you're round this way again, look us up.

Sir. Good luck, Armstrong.

Right on.

I'll write to you. No, you won't.

I'll call you. No, you won't.

Right. Just remember me.

Look after yourself. Thank you.

You guys'd better hurry if you wanna catch that plane.

Let's go. OK.

Thank you, sir. Good luck, Armstrong.

MEN: See you, guys. So long. Good luck.

MAN: Take it easy.

Joe, come on.

Joe, I don't really do credit. You owe me five bucks.

At the beach? "I'll pay you later."

You owe me five bucks.

Oh, yeah.

I almost forgot. Here. Open it.

Is it for me? Yeah, it's for you.

All right. You like it?

Yeah. OK. Let's go.