American Satan (2017) Script


Relentless! Relentless!

Relentless! Relentless!

Do you believe in the devil?

I agreed to do this interview to talk about music, not religion.

I know you said it starts and ends with the music, but with The Relentless, there was much more to their success than just their songs.

What about all the disturbing scenarios surrounding the band?

That's the duality of rock 'n' roll.

And what is that supposed to mean?

Dude, that riff is sick!

I mean, mate, I'm no Jimmy Page but it's a pretty fucking sick riff, - right? Yeah.

Is that a new song? It will be.

Oh, hi, Ms. Spouse.

- Hi, Leo. Shut up.

Are you sure you don't wanna try California just for the summer and maybe move after you get your degree?

Mom, look, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, they both dropped out of school.

I'm just trying to keep the rhythm going.


Oh, I gotta go anyway.

All right.

All right, you have a good day. Mm.

All right. All right.

Love you, bye. Love you, too, bye.


Five freaking days till we're living in L. A. It's finally happening, man.

Hell yeah.

We'll work through this long distance stuff.

I wouldn't chase my dreams if you weren't going to be with me in them forever, okay?


I love you. I love you, too.

Hey, you got the new Eyes of Black?

Oh, this? Yeah, my mom got it for me.

Man, she rules.

My parents didn't let me listen to them till I was 18.

So when you guys make it big and Rolling Stone asks you, "What do you want to change most in the world with The Relentless?"

What are you gonna say?

I gotta finish the lyrics first.

It's kind of twisted you waited this long to tell them, don't you think?

What was their response? You know, typical parental bullshit.

Make sure he's taking care of you, make sure he gets the drummer on the plane.

Make sure he doesn't fuck up your career. Oh, charming. Yeah, yeah.

Thank you.

Yeah, I heard he flew in from Australia or something.

All the way in for certain people.

This is gonna be easy! Yeah.

Woo! Are you ready?

Mate, you're an incredible drummer!

That's what they tell me, man.

Band's fucking shit though.

What the fuck did you just say?

Whoa. Hello, mate. How's it going?

I'm Ricky. This is Leo.

Can we, um, can we buy you a drink?

Are you excited?

I'd be a lot more excited if you were coming with me.

No sex and drugs, just rock 'n' roll. Right?

No sex and drugs.

Not until you make it out west anyway.

Oh, come on.

Johnny, please promise us that you're going to be responsible in Hollywood.

Please? I promise.

I promise when we blow up I'm moving you out of this shit town.


Don't make me worry.

Love you. Love you.

Love you, guys.

I love you. I love you.

Some great riffs. He's got a fucking good voice.

You're just kidding about all that stuff you've got going on, yeah?

Hmm, no. No. No, we're not fucking kidding, you twat.

So you mean to tell me that you guys already have, what, a full on record deal, a booking agent, a manager and a 62-day North American tour lined up?

Wow! Someone's finally paying attention.

It took a while, didn't it? Bloody hell.

How'd you guys land all that?

Come on, mate, we're busy men. Are you in or not?

Give me a few days to think about it, yeah?

Oh. Dear me. That's not the right answer at all, is it?

No, I think, um, I think we're gonna go with the other guy.

I think he's a bit more... Exactly. Just a little...

You know what? Yeah. Good luck.

Should we just? We should just go.

Just go? Just go. Just go? Because... No point in... Yeah. Yeah.

Nice to meet you, man.

Um, yeah.

Fuck. Hey, lads!

All right.

A bottle of Jack and a bottle of Don Julio. Yeah, yeah.

Yes, sir. Hey, how you doing?

Keep an eye on this stuff please. Yup.

Hey, hey. Could you watch my ax, too?


What tune you all playing at? Oh, Drop D.

Drop D. I got it, okay. Okay.

All right. Let's do it.

Wait. We gotta wait for this fucking guy with this guitar.

No shit. We're waiting for him?

I don't know where he is. I can't just leave his shit.

It took you that long to find booze? And an apple?

Boy, I don't waste my time with that poison.

You think I collect cans and bottles all day so I can buy some liquor?

Hey, hey, hey. I'm just checking.

All right. Kid, perception is not reality.

It's what you feel, not what you see.

Sorry, man, we didn't mean to judge you.

Don't get caught inside the "Hollow wood."

What you feel! Yeah.

What you feel! Got it. Feeling it.

All right, kid, let's get out. Apple? I feel like getting wasted.

I feel it, too. Amen.

John 7:24.

Stop judging by mere appearances and instead, judge correctly.

Can I show you boys around town?

All right, come on. What was it?

The Bible quote that put you off or my body odor?

Be honest.

I don't believe in the Bible, you fuckin' weirdo.


Hey, have a little faith in me.

And the boys on my left, they just arrived in town and hope to be the next big thing!

Hey, you guys know what hope is, don't you?

Hope is the little old lady in Vegas with a bucket full of pennies.

Three sevens. Three sevens!

We're actually fucking here!

Right, when are we gonna go meet up with the record label?

Oh, you know what, better yet let's get our booking agent to line up some local gigs before the tour, yeah?

Right. Settle down, sunshine. I know you're excited.

Management deals with all that. All the business.

The record label... Oh, right, fuck of course.

Well, let's just meet up with him now. Yeah? He sounds brilliant!

You've already met him.

Come again? Um, yeah, um...

I'm the manager. Yeah. Hi.

Um, four, five years now. Five years.

Right. Bollocks. For real, let's get on with it. Come on.

Where's he at? What's wrong with this pecker?

That's fucking daft, mate!

You're a roadie who's never been on the road before not a fucking manager!

Yeah? I managed to get you from some shitty little pub in England with your four shitty fans from the Sunset strip.

It's not a bad start! Whoa! You're fucking dead!

Stop him! Stop him! Calm the fuck down, man.

Listen! Ricky might work in mysterious ways. Yes.

We do have a plan. Mysterious?

Fucking pathologically lying and mysterious, man! All right, listen.

Just wait until you meet Johnny.

Ricky found him on line what?

Four? Four. Four years ago, yeah.

Four years ago and we've been writing together ever since.

Over webcam. Yeah.


You've never even met this kid in real life before, have you?

No. No. No. But, okay.

You want the coolest job in the world, yeah?

Guess what, you've got to work for it. Not wrong.


Fine. Fuck both of you.

Ouch. Why's he such a cock?

What's the plan then, man?

Uh, I say that we move into our new spot. Just chill out. Shoot the breeze.

Wait for the other guys to get here. Like it. I am in.

Fine. Good. I'm fucking knackered. Let's get on with it.

Where's it at? We're here.


What's the code, man? No code.

Hop in!

We're living in a van.

Yes. It's rock 'n' roll.

Now stop being such a whiny cunt and get in.

Go on.

I get the back row and that is nonnegotiable, man.


Fuck! Yes!

How have you been?

Dylan, man, I heard so much about you, seriously, dude.

Right, right. Yeah well it's probably all bollocks just like this whole project.

No. No. No. Dude, your drumming is incredible. This is your destiny.

I do love your voice, mate.

That's the spirit! We're Relentless!

All right! All right.

So who's the chap playing bass?

Guys. Guys, this is Lily.

Hey, Lily. Let's see you play "Damnation".

I'm not gonna sit here and play along to a recording while you all stare at me.

I wanna jam. Let's see if we have chemistry.

All right.


Sounds wicked.

Can you give us a couple of minutes? Yeah.

Yeah, thanks, Lily. Just pop outside for a sec.

Won't be a minute.

Uh, she's perfect.

Fucking hell, I'm good!

Mate, she's a she. She's a she that looks like that.

How the fuck are we supposed to be in a band with someone who looks like that without...

You know, he's right, man.

I mean, it's gonna be pretty tough to resist our primal urges.

You guys know I can hear you, right?

What makes you think I even like boys?

So you're a lesbian? Shut the fuck up, Dylan!


Lily, do you wanna be in The Relentless?

Raise your hand if you want her to join the band. - Yes!

Got any shows booked?

Um, um, yeah, um, about that.

Um, we do actually have a lot of good stuff in the pipe at the moment.

Um, we've got some calls coming in and some demos going out.

And it's actually looking really good, really healthy.

And I'm positive that the gigs are going to come in any day now.

Are you trying to convince me or yourself?

All right.

Motley Crue.

Guns N' Roses, Van Halen, they all started here.

Mate, The Doors are the house fucking band!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, look, just don't get all fucking cheesed off if they don't book us. All right.

Yeah, no worries. We'll just get a new manager.

Oh, yeah. Ha, ha. That's a man's living you're joking about there.

These guys just canceled so in eight weeks, I've got a show coming up that you guys would be great on.

Fantastic. Just to confirm.

That does mean we've got the gig, isn't it?

It sure does. It sure does.

I knew it. Yes!

Now you gotta do the work.

Oh, well, these lads are not scared of hard work. Are you, guys?

How much are we gonna get paid?

How much you get paid all depends on how many tickets you sell.

I just moved here from England. How am I supposed to sell any tickets?

It's been like this since the '80s, guys. No handouts.

Oh, I thought you liked our demo?

I do. It's totally a killer demo but I only gamble on headliners.

Okay. We'll take another stack.

I like your style.

Mind blown. Mind blown.

Great. Well, pleasure doing business.

All right, Ricky, now's your time to shine, mate.

Book as many shows as you can in the local area any time, any fucking shit hole. We'll play for free if we have to.

Gotta get the word out. Oh, dear me, that's the truth.

You heard the guy, the work starts here.

I gotta go to work. Give me some of those tickets now, I'm gonna sell some later.

Good idea. There we go.

I'll see you guys later tonight. See you later!

I bet you she's a stripper!

Oh, Dylan, will you keep your sordid fantasies to yourself?

What do you think, Johnny?

I think we're The Relentless and in eight weeks we're selling out The Whisky.

Hey, man. Hey. Can you give me a cigarette, man?

Come on. Uh, here.

Give me a hand. Thanks.

Ah, I don't like those.

Whoa! What the fuck, man?

Hey, what's the matter, man? Whoa!

What are you doing, you fucking junkie? I'm sorry, man.

Hey, what the fuck are you doing?

Pre-selling tickets here like you're some fucking stupid garage band?

Is that it?

Do you know how long I've been stuck here in this vessel waiting for you four dicks to show up?

Do you know how long? What the fuck?

Come on, let's go! Let's get the show on the road!

Pick up our tickets right now.

What did you say?

What did you say to me?

I said, pick up our tickets.


Mr. Rock 'n' Roll Rebel. Huh?

With the ring in the nose.

And those little, little tatty tats. Yeah.

Got any other rings?


You know what? How about that?

I'll buy a fucking ticket.

Why don't you get down on your fucking knees and you pick them up?

Oh, look at the manager, grubbing around in the gutter. That's perfect!

What the hell is your deal, mate?

Hey, my deal's the best in town, man.

You should sign it.

Oh, this is the religious loony from the liquor store.

Let's fucking go.

That's really beautiful, man. Thank you.

You're so quick to judge!

I thought that's what you hated in people, when they did it to you.


They judge the way you look, the way you dress, even the music you listen to.

All right, what's your story, man?

I'm gonna have some very important people there.

Very, very important.

So please, you put me on the guest list, all right?


What did he say? I don't know. Let's just fucking go.

Hey, baby. Guess who just got a show at The Whisky?

That's amazing.

Guess who finally put in her transcript for UCLA?

Uh, fuck yeah. So that means that when my band breaks up in six years I can work for you, huh?

Hmm. Babe, I don't really know if you're cut out to be an executive assistant.

I miss you. I miss you, too.

- Bye. Bye.


Oh, no. Not again.


Tuesday only? What happens on Tuesday?

Oh, fucking hell.

Absolute extortion. This fucking country.

Look at that!

Come on down. Who's got five dollars?

The cheapest way to bring The Relentless home with you. Five dollars for both of you.

You pay it. You pay it. You fucking pay it.

Brilliant show, guys.

Yeah, brilliant show. Um...

It turns out that the promoter's expenses for this palace are $300 more than we took in the door.

Which means that we're, um, we're actually going to get nothing here. Okay?

And also, after we've turned in the ticket money to The Whisky and paid the insurance on the fucking van, we're going to end up completely broke.

So, yeah. Right.

What labels are coming to see us, Ricky?

Labels. Huh.

Well, um...

The show is in two days!

Yeah. I know. I know.

Hey, Lily, can we go to your place and crash, maybe take a shower?

It's about time you smelly fucks asked.

Welcome to Headline Records. Yeah, how you doin'?


Oh, my God.

You're Akkadian Records?


Wow, well, uh, hey, uh...

Elias, I'm actually in a band.

And, um, we're actually playing The Whisky tomorrow night.

And I don't know what you're doing, but, you're probably busy, but here's our demo if you wanna show up, please.

"The Relentless."

Not a bad name.

Be careful what you ask for.

You do know how many bands there are in this town trying to make it.

Most can't handle the truth about their potential. they just end up living in denial, working at Guitar Center in their 40's or loading in gear at the same clubs that they failed at when they were your age. So...

I'm sorry, man. What's your name?

Uh, Vic. Vic Lakota.

Vic? Yes, sir.

Well, Vic Lakota, good luck to you.

Nice meeting you.

Thank you. Hopefully see you tomorrow. Yep. Okay.

Come on, let's give them a show. If you don't enjoy it, they won't enjoy it.

Go on.

Have a good one, man.


What the fuck is up, Los Angeles? We are The Relentless.

What? What's going on?

Fucking Metallica just announced a surprise set down the street at the Roxy.

Fuck's sake. Fuck.

I'm gonna fucking kill him.

Who's that? Metallica isn't playing the Roxy.

My ex Damien is.

He fucking did this to sabotage us.

Always some fucking bullshit!

I'm done. I'm done, man.

I'm fucking done. Hey, hey, hey!

The of owner of Akkadian Records is here to see us.

Yeah, right. I bet, Vic. No, he's right.

Owner of my favorite fucking label. Fuck!

I'm not going in there. That's Damien.

He raped me the night I quit his band.

The fuck didn't you press charges?

His dad is connected to a lot of sketchy people and he's one of the most powerful attorneys in Hollywood.

Oh, fuck that.

The same family owns all the clubs on the strip.

If you cause trouble, they'll ban us.

You're not in Ohio anymore, Johnny.

I say we smash his head in right now.

No, no, no, we can't, all right? Now I say we just sleep it off.

Sleep it off?

Mate, we just had the most important night of our careers ruined by some cunt rich kid and we're not even gonna do anything about it like a bunch of wankers?

I'm getting a bottle and I'm booking a flight back to London, mate.

Fuck this!

No, no, no. Wait!

Whoa, whoa. Hey, what the fuck is this?

Ah, escapism.

You know, it's that certain part of everybody that wants to be somewhere else or somebody else. Thank you.

It overrides all rational thought.

What do you say, pilgrim? You got a problem, old man?

Problem? I don't know about a problem.

I don't think so.

But I do have some solutions. Hey, Johnny. Yeah.

You know, it's always the drummer that are the first to go down the pokey hole.

You know, Led Zeppelin, The Who. Huh.

So, what do you say? Should we go inside and have a little drinky?

I'm sorry. Who the hell are you?

Use your imagination, dude.

It's not what you feel but what you see.

The devil.

Hey, what was it? The car or the new suit? Little bit of both?

Oh, come on.

The whole devil worshipping thing is all fake.

It's a shock value, tongue-in-cheek marketing gimmick.

Oh, you know, let's ask Vic's Bible-hugging mom, huh, shall we?

Anyway, let's go on inside and have that drink that we're all dying for.

Come on. It's on me.

Careful what you let be so. All that glitters is not gold.

Are we on acid right now? Jesus.

This is my favorite table.

I've done a lot of business at this booth.

Oh, come on, guys. You don't actually believe this fucking bullshit, do you?

Yeah, I mean, why us?

Because I believe in you.

I know you came out here because you know what you're capable of. So do I.

Lucifer is all about control but we can't offer that.

Lucifer? Lucifer? Is that one of your clients?

Did you sign Lucifer, Mr. Fucking Manager?

Stop shitting us, man.

Look, pop stars, they're the ones that influence the masses.

We're just a rock band. Oh, pop stars are so fucking boring.

Anyway, I've got most of them.

Like who? Jay Z. "Empire State of Mind."

I love that lyric, um, "Jesus can't save you.

Life starts when the church ends."

And then his little protégé, Kanye.

You know, I put him on the front of Rolling Stone magazine with a crown of thorns on his head.

Total fucking blasphemy.

You know that guy's got over 20 Grammys.

That's more than the Beatles, Neil Young and Elvis put together.

I mean, even I'm embarrassed by that.

Oh, Cassandra, thank you, darling.

Thank you very much. You're welcome, Mr. Capricorn.

Mr. Capricorn?

Oh, did you hear an echo?

Okay, right, look, why exactly a band like us?

Rock 'n' roll, heavy metal. you're so loyal to me.

You wear me on your sleeve.

But your fans are dangerous and your fans are full of passion.

Oh, whatever, mate. You're fucking mental.

Have you ever seen Iron Maiden?

They filled stadiums full of their fans.

Singing along to songs like "The Number of the Beast."

Or what about Van Halen? Huh.

"Running with the Devil."

The Stones, "Sympathy for the Devil."

I mean, on and on and on and on it goes.

I'm not saying I'm Satan.

I'm just saying the devil is a catchy lyric.

If that was all real, they would never put it out in the open.

Hmm, well, he talks. Hmm.

Check this out. See this?

The pyramid and the eye. Do you know what that signifies?


What's that writing say? He favors our undertakings.

Yes, I do. And this?

New order of the ages.

Novus ordo, yeah.

You know, the best place to keep a secret... is right in front of someone. right in front of someone.

Johnny be good.


All right. Fine. I'm a believer.

Now what?

Are you speaking for everybody?

All right, I'll take one. I'll take one.

We'll perform a ritual ceremony.

And then I will make you international icons.

What's the ritual?

Something very simple.

Human sacrifice.

Oh, come on. No fucking way.

Well, make it a revenge kill. I'm not killing anyone.

No, you're right. Let's fucking go, guys.

Yeah. Sit down, Johnny. Sit down.

Somebody is gonna have to die.

Johnny, you might as well go and phone your mother.

Johnny? Is everything all right?

I don't know. You tell me.

Did grandma tell you? Did she tell me what?

They just found some cancerous tumors in my left breast.

The surgery and the treatment is really expensive.

I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want it

- to keep you... We have to do something. How time do we have?

Let me... Let me go back to sleep and I'll call you tomorrow, okay?

It's important that I get some rest.

I'll call you tomorrow.

I love you. Bye

You're the singer from Lily's band, right?

Yeah, sorry about tonight. That's what happens when you're in a band with a whore.

Shut up.

Oh, Mommy, Mommy. You're in L. A. now, bro.

You better quit crying to your mommy, You sound like a little bitch.

I will break your fucking face.

How about I just fuck your mom's face?

If she's half as cute as you, that's good enough for me.

Oh, maybe if she swallows my load, it'll make her feel better

That's the spirit, mad man.

What are you faggots looking at?

Did you give your mom my number yet?

I knew you were a fucking bitch. Why don't you come over here?

Oh, I'm in The Relentless.

I'm so fucking cool.

Get into the fucking van! Get into the fucking van!

Johnny, Johnny, Johnny Get the fuck...!


All right, guys.

Who wants to do the honors? Huh?

Ah, good.

That's it. Let's ease him up.

Right, now, Ricky, I want you to go lock the doors. Bring the keys back to me.

I'm not sure I can do this.


I can. Good man.

Gentlemen, thank you.

You'll all get the chance to save Damien's life.

Please, let me out!

Johnny, go save your mom's life.

Give her my love. Tell her I'll see her later.

You will be loved.

Feared. Despised.


All the masses will congregate around your music like the ultimate opiate.

Let him burn.


All your desires will be fulfilled.

You are The Relentless!

Oh, Johnny, what the fuck are you doing?

We came here to play music, not God.

True colors will always fade in the right light.

Electrifying performance, gentlemen.

When opportunity knocks, make sure you answer.

What the fuck happened to you guys?

- Hello? Is this Vic?

This is Elias from Akkadian Records.

Hey. Hey, man. Um...

Thanks for coming to our show. I'm really sorry about our set.

Yeah, that was, that was amateur hour, to say the least, but I listened to your demo late last night.

Look, these songs have real potential.

Can you guys come by my office today at 3:00 p. m. for a meeting?

- Yes. Yeah, man, absolutely. All right, see you then.


Lily? Mm-hmm.

Gonna need your car.

We're all not gonna fit in my car. Where's the van?

Elias, they're here.

Ah, you must be Johnny.

Yeah, so you, uh, work from home?

I do whatever the fuck I want, just like you assholes.

Have a seat.

Did you guys hear about what happened to Damien Collins?

What happened?

They found him dead, deep in the valley, scary scene.


It's crazy how karma works out, right?

What do you mean?

Well, two years ago, he's driving wasted, he killed two people, Vince Neil style.

I don't follow.

Well, I guess that's before you guys' time.

Vince Neil during the Shout at the Devil album cycle, driving totally wasted to a liquor store, crashed into another car.

The drummer from Hanoi Rocks died. He was riding shotgun.

The two people he hit, permanent brain damage.

Then what happened?

Then Vince pleaded guilty and because he's the singer of Motley Crue, got about two weeks jail time.

Huh. That's mental.

The same thing happened to Damien.

He barely did any jail time because of his father, who's a very powerful lawyer, a good guy to have in your back pocket if you get into any trouble.

But, hey, let's talk about the deal.

Any of you guys on hard drugs?

No. Smoke a little pot, drink.

Any of you romantically involved with, uh, Lily?

I'm not a fucking cliché, Christ.

All right, you guys got a manager?

Yeah, we have. Of course.

Just have absolutely no idea where he is right now.

Wow. Well...

He picked a hell of a time to miss a meeting.

I'm offering you $200,000 advance.


Shouldn't we get an attorney to look this over first?

What the fuck are you doing?


Glad to see we're on the same page.


Let's make a record.

Mate, I think we all agree, you should just take a chunk of the money and put it towards your mom's treatment, you know?

That means the world to me, man.

But for now, let's go celebrate this deal.

Fuck, I wanna rage but I told my work I would show up tonight.

Where do you work, anyway? Wouldn't you like to know?

So you're just not gonna tell us?

I like it better this way.


You know, we all know you have a beautiful voice.

Now I know you have a beautiful body, but what the hell are you doing?

What the fuck was that? I...

Sorry, I just...

It's just not convincing, and I...

I thought we talked about dark, dark.

How about a cathartic moment, a transformative moment in your life?

Convince me.

You need to bring us with you. Okay.

So, what are we gonna call this album?


How about Born to Rock?

- Oh, God, no. Born to Rock?

That's a terrible idea.

That's the dumbest fucking thing I've ever heard. Why is that?

Look, we need something that's timeless, that's iconic, something maybe controversial.

If you were to do an interview about this album, what would you say the theme is?

Independence from fear.

Indulgence instead of abstinence.


Good answers.

How about favorite album titles?

- Appetite for Destruction. Let It Bleed.

Shout at the Devil.

...And Justice for All.

Evil Empire.


Yeah, um, sorry.

Were you talking album titles there?

Because Back in Black... Back in Black's my favorite.

Who are you?

I'm the manager.


Where you been, man?

I just had some soul searching to do.

You know, it was right.

American Satan.

That's hot. Yeah.

That's a hit. Yeah.

I reckon we've got an album name.

Everybody down with it?

I fuckin' love it.

Me, too. I as well.


Oh, come on, man.

What's done is done.

Yeah, yeah, I'm good with it.

Well, I don't know what the fuck he's talking about but...

I know what's not done.

A video.

You play your cards right, you got a shot at a great career.

Well, I cannot wait to get out on the road.

It's gonna be crazy. Okay, remember, you... You're the manager.

You're not a roadie, and you're not the party guy.

So, what are you getting at?

I'm getting at separation of church and state.

Oh, no, no, look. I may look like a rookie, okay, but I was built for this, Elias.

Just trust me. Guys.

"Let Him Burn" already has over half a million views on YouTube.

In six hours.

Not too shabby, people.

Yeah, congratulations.


There's a bunch of kids that bought VIP tickets to meet you.

I thought you were VIPs to meet us. We're just the opening band.

Yeah, we're the old guys. You're the young cunts.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

Go say hi. All right.

Oh, my God. Hi, guys.

Do you think you guys would want to party with us after the show?

Yes. Oh, my God.

Can you take a picture of us? Thanks.

Oh, my God.

Oh, thank you so much.

It's already happening. Are you ready for a good time tonight or what?

That's, uh, that's all you.

I have no idea what you're talking about. Have fun.

Oh, my God. Lily.

Um, guys. Guys.

Um, you don't fancy warming up, do you?

I mean, the doors open in ten minutes.

He's right. Come on. Come on.

Go on. Get out of it.

I'm sorry, ladies.

There's a job to be done here. Fuckin' hell.


I like that. Is that new? Yeah, it sounds, like bluesy, you know?

Try it. Try to, like, up the octave.

Oh, well.

Elias, how's the numbers?

Okay, I'm up for a shower. You guard that with your life.

It's our money. Yeah, it's your life.

What time is it? Oh, yeah.

It's Ricky time. Yeah?

Just think, this time tomorrow, we'll be in the same bed.

Can't wait.

Hey, do you wanna get dinner with your mom before the show?

Yeah, for sure.

Michelle, open the door.

Michelle, open the door!

- Who's Michelle? I don't know. Hold on.

Michelle, open it or I'm calling security!

Oh, for crying out loud, what's going on now?

Bang, bang, bang.

Hi. Where is she?

I didn't order room service, did you?

My daughter, she tweeted... She twatted that she was here tonight with you guys.

Um, no.

Because if you'll look, there's just three of us in here, nobody else. Okay?

Don't treat me like I'm stupid. Oh, well, yeah, sounds tricky, but...

See? Nobody.

Nobody at all.

If you think of anything else, don't forget to knock. Yeah, good night.

Somebody married that woman.


Fuck. Is that her mom? Ah. Ah.

Michelle, open the door!

I don't think so. This is Madison and this is uh, Lucy?

Michelle. I thought this was Madison?

Who the fuck is this, then?

Open this door, so help me God.

Mom? I'm calling the cops. She's only 17 years old!

Seventeen? You told me you were 20.

Mom, you ruin everything fun.

Get in the fucking van.

Drive! Drive!

We are pressing charges for statutory rape.

My daughter was seduced by that lesbian Satan woman, and there were other band members in the room, and they were all having sex together, and it was unholy, and they took advantage of my little girl. They can all go to hell.

Nobody took advantage of me.

I had the best night of my life.

The only problem here is that my mom and dad don't have sex anymore.

And guess what, Mom, the legal age of consent in Indiana is 16.

So, Lily, I fucking love you.

Johnny's my hero. Relentless forever!


Look. No. I'm not. I swear.

Scans came back clear.

It looks like the surgery got it all before it had time to spread.

That's amazing.

I'm just gonna keep on, you know, getting my checkups and all of that, and, um, I should be okay.

So I'm gonna hop in the shower and I'm gonna get ready, 'cause I can't wait to see your show.

And what the do you guys think?

We need less guns and more sex.

Less war and more music.

And more fucking sex.

Oh, come on, man, at least let us play tonight.

This is Johnny and Vic's hometown.

No, man, listen. You're off the tour.

I've called all the promoters. We cannot be guilty by association.

This is fucking bullshit. This has nothing to do with that girl and her mom.

Tell you how this is gonna go down.

You youngsters are gonna pack up your shit, you're gonna take your cheesy ass fucking devil flags and get the fuck off our tour.

Yeah, well, have fun playing 500 capacity shitholes the rest of your life, fella!

Come on, guys, the people already paid to see us play.

Let's just play... Fuck you and your poser ass band!

You fucking dick!

Lily, toss me another one.

I'm calling Elias! You guys are finished!

I'm calling him right now!

You guys are finished! You're off this tour! You're off!

I'm callin' him right now, you fucker!

What the fuck's going on?

Oh, you didn't hear? Show's cancelled, mate.

Hi, um, this probably isn't the best first impression of the band, but it's a pleasure to finally meet you both.

Thanks. Nice to meet you.

Yeah, um, welcome.

Johnny, the show's been cancelled.

What do you have to say about that?

We'll be back.

I won't be able to make that, I'm pretty sure.

All right, later.

I have five different promoters on hold and they're all wanting to cancel the shows because The Relentless aren't on tour anymore. What?

Make that seven. Nashville and New York just called, freaking out.

Oh, Jesus. Hello?

Elias? We have an issue.

Tell me you did not kick them off the tour.

That's what my guys wanted. What was I supposed to do?

Yeah, well, I'm sure your guys are gonna want to get paid for the rest of the shows.

That's not gonna happen when half the audience wants refunds.

They fucked a 17-year-old!

I don't care if they fucking gang-banged your sister and made you watch.

You don't fucking kick bands off my tour without talking to me first!

What should I do now?

Maybe you should just, uh, never call me again and go get a real fucking job!

So, what did he say?

He told me I need to re-evaluate the situation.

Your van's shot. American Satan.

So you really have to head straight back?

The label's making me do a bunch of promo now that we lost this tour.

I wish I didn't have to.

It's gonna take me awhile to get the grants and the loans that I need for UCLA.

I'm okay if you, if you need your personal freedom.

It's just... Stop, stop.

All right, love birds, we're leaving!

Come on, Johnny, get in. Gretchen, come with us!

God, I wish.

I love you. I love you.

Everybody take one.

Could have, uh... Thank you.

Best thing that could have happened was you getting us kicked off that tour.

Really? Because there'll be no more clubs in a van.

Straight to the theaters in a bus.

Yeah. Yeah. Cheers.

The hype is fucking crazy out there.

And I'd like you to meet your new tour manager, Hawk.

Oh, hang on a minute. That's my gig.

No, no, Ricky. You're the band's manager.

Not the tour manager.

You belong with your ass in a chair behind a desk.


Hawk's been doing this 20 years.

He's gonna run security and make sure we don't get ripped off by the promoters.

God. Okay, okay, fine. All right.

So, what else do you do?

Shit hits the fan, I'm the fan.

Oh, good. Well, well, okay, look.

Okay, okay, fine. But listen, don't, don't think for a second that I'm not going.

A lot of heat out there, guys.

I think we're all in for a ride.

So let's have another round.

Why the fuck would Elias book us here the day our album comes out?

Well, it... Look.

It's probably just the way the venue availabilities worked out, huh.

There is a method to his madness. Think about it, guys.

See that out there? That's the best publicity we can ever get and it doesn't cost us a penny.


They say if no one's hating then you ain't making an impact.

Fuck yeah, man. Let's tear the house down tonight.

Yeah, about that, the, uh, the county pressured the venue into shutting the show down.


Oh, shit.

Where can we celebrate our fucking album release, then?

Yeah, I say we just keep driving, guys.

Well, there is one bar in town but it's really not worth a shit and I wouldn't suggest you guys go there.

Okay, guys, I gotta go to the can.

Grab me a club soda, and try not to stare at anybody.

Well, this should be interesting.

Ah, it'll be all right. We're here, we're together we'll have a good time. What else matters? Same here, mate.

Look, I know I can be a bit of a hothead sometimes, but...

Yeah, sometimes.

But thanks for putting up with me and letting me play with you, yeah? Yeah.

We would never sound the way we do without your drumming, so thank you.

We wouldn't know each other if it weren't for this cock.

Okay, okay, um, to our incredible journey together.

- Yeah? To American Satan, bitches.

Look what we have here.

Devil loving faggots. Ha.

Guess we're not in L. A. anymore.

Well, you should have kept on driving, boy.

All right. Settle down. We're gonna finish these drinks and we'll fuck off.

Yeah, you're gonna fuck off.

You're gonna fuck off after I talk to God and see which one of you motherfuckers...

Come on, guys, let's go, all right? Let's just go.

No, fuck that.

We're gonna get drunk in your shitty little bar and there's nothing you can do about it.

Turn around and walk out that door before I drag your asses out.

Fuck you, you ugly ass inbred redneck.

Hey, man, that's enough. Johnny, Johnny, come on, dude. Let's just go.

All right, before you girls get going, why don't you have fucking La Bamba make me some guacamole.

Hey! Apologize for that racist bullshit or I'll knock your fucking teeth down your throat, and that goes for all five of you fucking clowns.

White trash fucking pigs!

Take that, boy.

Where is your God now?

Die slow, bitch.

Get off me!

Los Angeles based heavy metal band, Relentless...

That's The Relentless. The name of the band.

Okay. The Relentless, was involved in a brutal bar fight that left one man dead and several injured.

The record label has posted the $1.5 million bail for the singer, Johnny Faust.

How do you feel about the release of The American Satan?

It's American Satan, not The American Satan, and I feel terrific.

Aren't you concerned about the message this band is sending?

Sir, have you listened to the record or even read the lyrics?

- I have not, but it... I see.

But it seems that there is no shame in the death of a...

That was self-defense.

And, uh, very unfortunately, there was a death.

But if someone physically attacks someone else, that is a risk that they take.

I guess now it's up to a jury to decide if it was self-defense or not.

Oh, yeah. Yes, that is the process.

You really know your stuff, don't you?

What do you plan to do now that your singer cannot leave the state because he's awaiting trial?

I thought you'd never ask.

We have put together the biggest, baddest hard rock festival that this part of Middle America has ever seen.

Shoving it right up the ass of all the bigots

- until they're shitting pentagrams. Mm.

We've got to tell Lily.

Look, he hasn't even shown himself since we made the record.

The record, the live show, the press, that's what got us here.

I'm not a fucking puppet.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. But you heard Hawk, right?

The fact we were in Kansas the day the album came out can't be a coincidence.

You don't think Elias is in league with him, do you?

Still, how do we even start that convo, man? Now...

Until that fool morphs into something, I'm not buying it.

Lily, you know, she wears devil stuff for fashion.

Maybe she's his daughter.

Or maybe I've just been stuck here in Kansas rigging a jury to make sure your best friend doesn't have to spend the rest of his life in jail?

Or maybe Elias and Lily have known each other longer than you think?

Or maybe you guys are so desperate to be rock gods, that your ego caused your brain to hallucinate me?

So many questions, so few clues.

You want to be the future, you gotta pay your dues.

More inspiration to sing the fucking blues.

Verdict is not guilty, citing the stand-your-ground law which states a person may use deadly force in self-defense when faced with a reasonable perceived threat.

Johnny. Give him some room. Give him some room.

Johnny, do you have a comment? Back. Back.

No, no.

God bless America.

We did it.

I love you.

- Can you fucking believe it? We're number one on Billboard.

We are fucking raging tonight.

Let's party at my old work. It's time to show you guys.

Ricky, you come with me.

What the fuck is this place?

Use your imagination. Is, uh, this a brothel?

I prefer bordello.

Are you one of them girls?

No one touches me here, unless I want them to.

What's with that painting of Baphomet?

This is where the elite come to play. The occult stuff is just part of the theme.


Are you on coke? Yeah. Yeah.

I am totally fucked up. Look at this place. It's marvelous!

Guys, I think I'd get in trouble here. I'm gonna go crash at my mom's.

Oh, come on.

Fuck that, we're celebrating. No.

Could you hook up some psychedelics?

I told the ladies you have all access tonight.

Make it count, boys.

Your call has been forwarded to an automated...

Fuck it.

I'm gonna put you two in the next music video!

You should come on tour and be stage dancers!

The shows are getting bigger! Everything is bigger!

And guess who's steering the ship? It's only fucking Captain Ricky!

It's all fucking brilliant!

Sounds amazing. How much you gonna pay us? Yeah.

Well, I can put you on a salary, or if you girls prefer cash, how about a thousand dollars a day?


Whatever you say, Mr. Manager.

Can we interest you?

The deal is fucking inked. Okay, I tell you what.

I should introduce you two to the man himself.

He'll introduce you to the biggest models in the world.

Who is this man you speak so highly of?

Oh, come on, ladies. Don't be thick.

His portrait is on the wall out there!


I like him. I like you too!

I like you too! Yeah!

I like both of you!

How long have you been doing that?

When I started realizing that all my favorite artists did it at my age.

But this is just 'cause we're celebrating.

Oh, fuck.

Come here. Take your shirt off.

Tie that around your arm.

Can't I just smoke it?

This is the best way. Trust me.

Can't you just do it for me?

This is your first time.

You want to remember it as your own free will.

Embrace it. Pull the trigger.

Okay, but you can't tell any of the other guys that I did this.

Of course not. You're our leader.

How does it feel so good?

We're just getting started.

Have I ever told you how much I love the way you smell?

Have I ever told you how bad I've wanted to taste you ever since I joined your band?

Lily, no. Say it louder.

Come on, we can't do this.

That's what makes it so good.

I want you inside me.

You never stop, do you?

Fuck stoppin', sweetheart. I'm on the night train.


That's all for you.

Fuck me. Fuck me.

Fuck me.

Oh, fuck. I'm gonna cum.

Shoot it in me.

Fuck. I'm gonna cum.

Shoot it in me. Shoot it in me.

Only actions can speak the truth.

The stand your ground epidemic is being directly linked

- to a rock 'n' roll group called... The Relentless.

A rock band called The Relentless and their debut album...

American Satan.

Hundreds of cases in 27 different states have already been reported as of this morning.

We've seen incidents here in Sydney...

Manaus, Sao Paulo.

Guadalajara, Monterrey.

- Tel Aviv. And Berlin.

This continues the debate on how far one can go in self-defense.

One thing is certain, the power of music appears to be stronger than ever.

How are you feeling, boys?

We have to stop the killing. Well, there's no turning back now.

We're changing the world, and you are our mascot.

How come no other bands had to do anything so fucking insane?

Look, sanity.

It's all relative to the times in which we live.

You know, in 1967, we put Aleister Crowley on the front of Sgt. Pepper's we wrote underneath it, "Welcome The Rolling Stones!"

Ha! Aleister Crowley!

The old sorcerer himself.

Back then, that was beyond fucking insane!

And then six months later, The Stones put out their album.

Their Satanic Majesties Request.

And on it, on the front cover, they had hidden The Beatles faces.

If I'd have told Zeppelin in the late '60s what was going on with Apple in the world today, they'd think I was a raving loony.

How the fuck do we even know that you're real?

And what, what the fuck does this have to do with Apple?

We have a skeptic amongst us, huh?

All right, Leo.

Look up the official price of the first Apple computer.

It was $666.

Yeah. Six hundred and sixty-six, really?

Yeah. Yeah.

The forbidden fruit with a big bite taken out of it.

What a great logo.

And what about the first three numbers of the zip code of Topeka, Kansas.

Where I made you guys icons.


Holy shit.

I'd rather call it unholy shit.

So, Johnny, when are you gonna actually tell Lily the truth about this band?

After you fuck her again?

Oh, ooh, sorry. Oh, fuck.

Did I put my foot in it? I'm so sorry.

You didn't know the lead singer had a little bit of news for you?

Oh. It's amazing, isn't it, Johnny?

That you can't keep a promise either to me or to Gretchen!

Come and face the music!

How do you know he had sex with Lily?

The same way I know that Ricky is lying prone on that stage.

And let me tell you the one cardinal sin in my book: stupidity.




Ricky. Ricky. Please. Don't fucking do this to me.

Ricky, please.

Ricky, please. Come on.


Ricky! Please!

Ricky, please, come on. You can't do this to me.



Mom? Mom?

I'm up here, Johnny.

Mom, I need you to call Gretchen. She won't answer me.

She was here this morning.

Did you really cheat on her?

She was here, in the house? Mm-hmm.

Yeah, she wanted to surprise you.

She transferred to UCLA.

Why would you do something so stupid, huh?

Gretchen is such a special girl, I would give anything to have someone like that in my life.

Steve Jobs said dropping acid was one of the most important impacts on his entire life.

It just showed him there's another side to the coin.

What's up, Elias?

Yeah, Vic, you're gonna go on CNN in a few hours.

You and Lily are the only ones I can find, so don't be late.

We're back live in three, two, one, camera.

Lily, let's start with you.

Are you for or against what some of your fans seem to be doing?

We didn't respond to 9/11 with peace and prayer.

We responded by doing everything we could to stop those people from hurting us again.

That's what our fans are doing to their predators. In self-defense.

Right. So, uh, Vic, uh, how do you feel about the violence?

You agree with Lily on what's going on with your fans?

I, uh, I-I think what is happening is a, um, is a reflection of our culture.

And where we are as a society.

It's both fascinating and scary. The power of music.

So that means that you agree or disagree?

Well, there are more dimensions to our consciousness that need to be healed and explored.

I believe in not everything you say is a, um, yes or a no, or right or a wrong answer.

Um, thank you. I'm gonna go lay down now.

I'd like to go lie down myself.

Not really sure what I'm supposed to do or say at this point.

Nothin' I say up here's gonna bring back my best friend.

Nothing's gonna help make any sense of what's happened.

Thank you for all the laughs. For all the smiles...

Thank you for believing in me and encouraging me to follow my dreams.

You're forever in our hearts, Ricky.

In honor of Ricky, I say we keep this train rolling full speed ahead.

You know it's exactly what he would've wanted.

Yeah, I reckon so.

Good. It's time for our world tour.

You're icons now.

The controversy, the sex, the fame, the power, it's all part of the ride.

Don't get lost in it.

And lay off the fuckin' drugs.

Are you ready to embrace it?

All of it.

Understand these fans are maniacal.

They know where we're going before we do. Let's go.

When we were 13, Ricky promised me we'd sell out Wembley together.

I shouldn't have left him alone that night.

Not for a second.

They're only giving you four days off before your next tour?


Let me help you.

Oh, my God.

I always let you do whatever you wanted.

Mom, it's not your fault.

Yeah. I swear, I'm done.

Relentless! Relentless!

Okay, Johnny.

You gotta get your ass out on stage, man.

This is dangerous territory, kid.

I can't. I can't use any more.


They were supposed to be on an hour ago.

What's going on? I got serious tension up there.

The crowd security...

Listen! Lay off my fuckin' back!

Can't you see this kid's fuckin' sick?

Last time, at a sold out show, 20,000 people up there.

Headliner cancelled. Sixteen in the hospital, two didn't come back.

I get it. Okay? Get him up.

I get it. I understand.

Elias. We got a bad scene goin' on here.

Johnny is going through heroin withdrawals.

The fucker cannot even walk.

There's no way this kid's going on stage tonight.

Damn it.

You can't risk the lives of the crowd.

So, what do you want me to do?

Shoot him up.

And bring him home.


Johnny. I'm sorry.

Is that it over there?

Yeah. I got you. Come on, guys.

Come on, Johnny.

Johnny, wait.

Oh, oh, ooh, oh, oh, wait.

Wait a minute, ladies. You can't be back here.

I bought VIP tickets for my daughter to meet the band.

Okay, but the meet and greet ended hours ago, and now you need to get behind the barrier, please.

I'm not talking about that one. I want her to go on the bus.

You really think that's a good idea?

Listen, I know what time it is.

Tonight is a bonding experience with my daughter.

Her dream is to lose her virginity to Johnny.

I'm 18 and ready.

And you can't think of a better way to bond with your daughter?

No phones, no cameras.

How about we slam some shots and have some fun ourselves?

Darlin', I've been sober longer than your daughter's been alive.

What a bore.

I want you to take my virginity.

I don't think that's a good idea, darling.

When I play with myself, the only that gets me off is you.

Okay, you should go.

I hope you're ready to share.

Hello. Ooh.


Fuck, this is depressing.

Hey, darling.

Looking for God on the back of a tour bus?

It's just that fucking good, isn't it?



Mom! Mom, what the fuck are you doing?

Hey! Hey! Hey! Oh, my God!

I'm telling Dad! Get out of here!

Get out of here! No!

The bus is leaving now.

Don't you fucking tell me what to do.

Take your drama the fuck elsewhere.

We're leaving!

Oh, you look great.

I would confirm the offer for us to headline Hellfest in California.

Are you fucking serious? Yes, I am.

Hell yeah. Yeah.

Where are the other dudes at?

They happen to be a little angry right now.

I, uh...

I had to cancel the rest of the tour.


That's bullshit, Elias.


Did you two happen to fuck...

...a teenage virgin yesterday?

Why don't you give us some speed pills if that's how good it felt...


Her father blew his own head off.


You cannot talk to anybody about last night.

But why is the tour cancelled?

Oh, I wonder why.

Maybe it's because you both were strung the fuck out.

Now she doesn't have a fucking dad because of me.

You ever think about Ricky?


What you're doing to yourselves?

I'm gonna send you out to Malibu where you're gonna do Kundalini yoga.

You're gonna meditate, you're gonna detox.

Fuck that. I don't have a problem getting on stage and I'm not going to some dumbass hippie retreat.

Lily. Lily.

Okay, look.

I told your mother I'd make this happen.

You're lucky to have her.

I'll go. I'll go.

It's not gonna be easy, but you gotta do it, man.

You gotta do it. Okay.


All right.

I'm gonna go try and find her.

Hey, it's Gretchen. Sorry I missed your call.

Leave a message and I'll call you back.

You're the love of my life and I can't do this anymore.

Please just call me back.


Yeah. Okay, bye.

Wow, do you always crawl back like that?

Listen, we have to discuss plans for Hellfest.

It's time for me to make you a legend.

What are you talking about?

The onstage ritual.

Now look, I'm gonna give you a gun.

And then I'm gonna have a mentally unstable person attack you during the first song.

You just blow his head off and keep playing like nothing's happened.

I won't do that. Well...

I'm afraid all the band has agreed to this.

And it is a democracy, so you've gotta do your part.

And then, you know, just take a year off.

You can spend time with that lovely mumsy of yours and just work on your new album.

I didn't start playing music to promote killing.

You know, it's religion that separates humanity, but it's music that brings us all together.

You know, more people are killed through religious conflict than any other reason.

We are all our own gods.

If you want to find the answers, you have to look inside yourself. not up to the sky.

Our carnal desires are not to be suppressed.

They are to be liberated.

And sin?

Sin is simply a matter of opinion.

You're right.

Religion does separate. It created you.

But I have my own free will.

Yes, you do.

It's a pity you can't use it to stop being a junkie.

You could tell the truth to all the women in your life, your dear lovely mother, Lily, Gretchen.

You disappoint me.


Hey, hey, don't hang up, don't hang up.

Look, I just... I need you to come down to The Rainbow right...

No, no, no, that was a mistake.

No, no, you're the love of my life. She's not...

No, no, no, no.

How very apropos.

How glamorous and sexy.

A handsome young man in his early 20's... dead.

Leather jacket, ripped jeans, his Doc Martens and a hit record.


What could possibly be edgier and cooler than that in the good old US of A?

Adoring fans who'd rather take a picture of him lying on the floor than call 911.

Ah, Hollywood.

You know what I always told you?

It's not what you see, but what you feel.

What you feel.

What you feel. Well...

You're gonna feel this.

What is this?

You overdosed.


I'm gonna go.

Gretchen, don't... Look, I-I'll get clean.

I hope you find yourself. The real you.

Can't you just stay for a little bit?

I'll pray for Johnny.


How are things for you out here?

Well, actually, I met someone.

When you're back on your feet, I'd love for you to meet him.

Man, look at you.

Being a rock star is an intersection between who you are and who you wanna be.

You hold the key to your own destiny.

It's about time you start looking for the lock.

Welcome, I am very thankful.

You have chosen to heal with me.

Thank you for having me.

Relentless! Relentless!

Relentless! Relentless!

Okay, Johnny, we're on in three minutes, and Lily is still not fucking here.

Can we push our set time back? Not a chance.

The county will shut us down. They've got a hard curfew.


This will turn into Woodstock '99 chaos.

Johnny. This is who I was telling you about.

Samael, meet my son, Johnny.

Hey, Johnny. Man, congratulations on your success.

And this is such a cool festival.

Hawk, escort my mother to the soundboard, please.

I wanna watch from the stage. Yeah.

Go, now.

See you in a minute. Watch your tone.

Mm. Ooh.

How fucking dare you?

I fucking dare you.

Now you get on that stage tonight, and you kill! You hear me?

And I'll leave mumsy alone. Hmm? Good.

Come on, guys. We got a show tonight!

Oh, um...

This will get you on the stage.

You know, we both have free will, yet we both standing here.

You know, a puppet is free as long as he loves his strings.

You're not controlling the storm.

You're not lost in it, either.

You are the storm.

Question, what's it all for?

Relentless! Relentless! Relentless!

Relentless! Relentless! Relentless!

Relentless! Relentless!

Found her.

We gotta get going right now so let's loop an intro.

You come in, then you follow, all right?

Okay. I gotta tell sound what the hell's going on.

Stay with her.

Not one second do you leave her alone.

Where were you?

I had to get a fix. I thought I could last till after the set.

Fuck, I gotta piss.

Hey, Johnny.

Remember the easiest place to hide a secret?

So tell me, how does it feel to know that the person you've been fucking is the same person that your mother's been fucking?

I'm a real motherfucker, aren't I?

Shoot it in me. Pull the trigger.

- Pull the trigger. Shoot it in me.

Pull the trigger. Shoot it in me.

You didn't actually think I was the fucking bass player, did you?

You know the best time to burn a lie into one's soul is in the heat of anger.

What did you want to change most in the world with your music?

Humanity's obsession with religion.

It divides us.

Whether it's Jesus, or Mohammed, or Moses.


We're all brothers and sisters.

We all bleed the same shade.

Any other proclamations?

It's sad.

The only two things that touch people as much as love and music are sex and violence.

You're pleading not guilty, claiming temporary insanity.

Don't you fear that by saying he was the devil it would look as if you're mocking the court to the jury?

You don't get it!

Look, he's dark energy.

Einstein proved that energy can't be destroyed, it can only be displaced.

Enough with the gimmick, seriously.

He will keep coming back!

Over and over!

I know you've said it starts and ends with the music but with The Relentless, there was much more to their success than just their songs.

What about all the disturbing scenarios surrounding the band?

It's the duality of rock 'n' roll.

And what is that supposed to mean?

The copycat killings, they were very tragic.

But bullying in schools and teenage suicide rates had a massive drop.

Positive changes on our society.

That's the life.

The rest, that's the darkness.

You're writing new songs, huh? Yeah.

It's not like they'll ever see the light of day, though.

I'd say it has to be covered in total darkness before it can struggle to reach the light.

People grow today more from music than religion.

You now have that power.

You also have a visitor.

Who are you?


Johnny Faust.

Now the most iconic singer in rock music today.

Who was the man he shot onstage?

It was an act.

An act?

It's show business.

In the studio, I'm with guitarist, Leo Donovan, and bassist, Lily Mayflower, of The Relentless.

First question, your singer Johnny keeps mentioning the devil.

Is this just sensationalism?

Everything Johnny has said is true, but we can't exactly sit here and talk about a physical version of the devil, can we, Larry?

People will think we've gone crazy.

In music, the devil you see on album covers and T-shirts, it's symbolism for the counterculture.

So then what's the real devil?

The voice inside our head that makes us do bad things without remorse.

Says whatever it takes to get what it wants.

And the man who was supposedly shot on stage, what was that?

That was a great way to sell records.

An unidentified man... I wanna get this right.

An unidentified, mentally unstable person comes on stage, wields a gun at him.

A good attorney could argue self-defense, but he's refusing legal counsel.

Does he want freedom? Does he want to play music again?

Quite honestly, there's really only one person that would get Johnny back onstage.

And that is?

Vic and Leo told me everything.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you.

I also talked to Lily.

She told me I should blame her and the drugs and not you.

She also said you were thinking about me the whole time.

I love you.

Elias hired some crazy attorney that says that he can get you off on a technicality.

Elias went under oath saying it was all part of the theatrics that the record label had you do.

Hey, Johnny.

Remember that attorney I told you about the first time we met?

This is Damien's father.

Hey, Johnny. Hell of a first album.

Can't wait to hear the next one.

I still love you.

Two against one.

Better odds.