Amityville: A New Generation (1993) Script

(ominous music)

(gentle music)

(cart rattling)

(window crashes)

(car horn honking) (alarm wailing)

Oh, Jesus.


Rise and shine.

So you're up early.


This guy outside just broke the window of that car to steal an umbrella.

Looks like it's gonna rain today.

[Llanie] I swear, Keyes, this neighborhood scares me.

It really does.

[Keyes] You love it.


I'm gonna be late tonight.

A few of us are having drinks with the new creative director.

You should come.

He's suppose to be terrific, and who knows, he might wanna look at some of your stuff.

What, shooting cans of Spam or Reeboks artfully lit against a backdrop of the Grand Canyon?

Been there, done that.


[Suki] You son of a bitch!

Get outta here!

(door slams)

[Llanie] Well, at least we're not the only ones up at this hour.

Come on. (knocking)

[Man] Suki, you're making a big mistake, baby.

(knocking) I see you opening your door and letting me back in now.


Please let me back in.

You're the one that lives here.

(knocking) Have fun.

Yeah. (knocking)

Suki, let me back in.

You don't understand.

I'm a man, I'm not responsible for how the women feel about me.

[Suki] Go to hell.

Look, you're making a big mistake.

Now let me in the door!


[Keyes] Oh, come on.

Pal, get a clue.

Who the hell are you?

Today, maybe I'll be her big brother.

She thinks she's so goddamn special.

Well, let me tell you something, girlfriend!

You won't be beautiful forever!

Kick a guy like me out?

Next one might not be as nice!

See you around, Suki!

Thanks, Keyes.

Primped up, asshole!

Met him at the Start House last week.

Two dates and he's already got someone else on the side.

Suki, maybe you were on the side.

Hey, Ground Zero?


Just let me...

Yeah. All right.

No, you gonna make sure that...

[Jane] Excuse me.

[Dick] Could we get through, please?

[Man In Hat] Watch out.

Thank you.

Nice bike. Thanks.

[Man With Eye Patch] Oh, I don't know.

He doesn't know.

[Jane] Okay.

Hold the door.

Oh, God.

And I was feeling pretty good about getting out of bed this morning.

Morning. Hi.

[Keyes] Morning.

Dick, if you got some time this morning, we need to talk.

Yeah, sure, what, the toilet's break up again?

No, no, nothing like that.

Yeah, let me clean up.

Hey, hon, I'm no Superman.

That's not what you said last night.

Ba dum bum.



[Suki] Keyes, I feel like death.

[Keyes] So?

What's so different about that?


Fine rain.

Washed scum off the street.

Thank you, Travis Bickle.

Are you talking to me?

So, you actually met him.


Well, I'm jealous, Suki.

I mean you always keep your men so, so secret.

And then, suddenly, poof and they're gone.

Ah, the start of another beautiful day.

What is it, Keyes?

What's wrong with me?

Why do I end up with such losers?


It's not your fault, you know?

People change.

In six days they change?

Come on, Suk, don't do this.

Not for this guy.

He's dangerously coifed.


What's up?

[Keyes] He's all yours.

Well, we were thinking of maybe having a show.

An opening, really, like the downtown lofts.

No, no way.

It's in your lease.

This is not a gallery.

It's a studio space.

Just let me finish.

It would be like a big party.

We'd include Pauli from downstairs and...

Mm, I don't have insurance, I don't have the permits, don't have security.

Yeah, and you won't have any tenants.

At least not us anymore.

And, Suk, when's last time you made any money.

Come on now, I bought a painting from her, last year.

[Keyes] Yeah, exactly.

[Suki] See, Dick, it's not just for us.

I mean, you've been trying to rent the last studio in your building for a couple of months now.

A show might be just thing to attract another tenant.

[Dick] Oh, clever, that's very clever.

[Suki] Not clever at all.

This is a blatant manipulation.

Look, Dick, we need this show.

We need to get our stuff out there.

Absolutely not.

Oh, God.

Come on, Dick, don't be one.

Where are you going?

I'm gonna go get ready for the show.

[Dick] Keyes.

Hey, Keyes!

(ominous music)

Looking to buy or just browsing?

No, no.


Actually, I took a picture of you in there.

And I think it's gonna be pretty good.

Actually, I might be able to sell it.


I'm very happy for you.

Yeah, well...

I don't think I should be the only one to profit.

Well, thanks.




Like it?


It's interesting.

Been in my family for generations.

I want you to have it.

No, I...

No, I can't.

You're an artist, aren't you?

Surely, you can appreciate the craftsmanship.

Do me a honor.

Take it.


Look below the surface.

Look how beautifully the image is preserved.

(ominous music)

(siren wailing)

You've got my vote.

I think a show would be fun.

Open the whole place up.

Besides, I already checked, there's nothing else going on the week of the 24th.

Wait a minute, that's next week.

[Jane] Mm-hm.

You're obviously talking about work already done, yes?

As long as your promise a sculpture that doesn't rust, Pauli.

Ooh. Or leak.

Perhaps you'd like something in whited linoleum.

Ha ha, no, it's just that your sculpture...


To me, it's just kind of scary.

I mean, that's just how I feel.

That's not necessarily bad, scaring people with your work.

Yeah, at least it's a reaction.

I think the only real emotion left in this world is fear.

You're right.

She is.

(door rumbling)

Llanie, we're in here.

Hi, I have to pee really bad, I'll be right back.


So, Keyes, tell us, huh?

What really scares you?



Rent, Dick.

And Republicans, they scare me too.

The old Keyes cover up, huh?

Yeah, don't ask him anything that digs too deep, you know?

He'll just cover it up with a joke.

Come on, Keyes.

You can tell us.

We're all family here.

Now there's a scary idea, the American family.

And why we spend so much time preserving a delusionary institution that screws up so many people, I'll never know.


Hear ye, hear ye.

I'll drink to that ship.

I know what scares me.

When I was a child, there were creatures that lived in my room.

The Boogeyman?


He was under the bed.

These demons were different.

They would wake me up at night and dance for me.

Dance for you?

Sometimes, I swear I could just reach out and touch them.

Honey, (groans) where did you get this?

Some bum gave it to me on the street.

You can toss it.

[Llanie] No.

You can toss it.

Scoot over.

Oh, my God.

Look at this.

I love it.

I do!

It's fantastic.

Can I borrow it?

Would you mind?

I'll give it back.

Actually, Suki, you can borrow it if you promise not to give it back.


Thank you.

So, what do you think?

About what?

About the show.

All right.

All right, you've got a show.

So, this new creative director is just like everyone said.

He's an older guy, but, I don't know, he's really in tense.

What you thinking about?

How beautiful you are.

What are you really thinking about?


What Dick said tonight.

You think I hide things?

Walls around me?

Well, I think we all do, but I've gotten through yours, haven't I?

(gentle music)

(police radio chattering)

(floor creaking)

(elevator whirring)

(statue clattering)


Where are you, my little pickle?



Goddamn paint slapping bitch.

Throwing me out?


Man, that's ugly.


Oops, sorry.

No more fucking with me.

(ominous music)

What the hell?



What the?



Oh, my God!


Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

(window crashes)


(siren wails)

(police radio chattering)

Let's go upstairs.

So, where is this woman, Suni?

Suki, sir.

She's upstairs.

She's pretty upset.

She's with a police officer right now.

I take it she knew this guy?

Ray? Oh, yeah.

I mean, Ray and she were kinda...

How long?

A week.

Well, six days actually, sir.


Was Ray in the habit of breaking in?

Well, no.

Let me show you something.

They just split up, you know?

It's right over here, sir.

Apparently Raymond drank up quite a bit.

Broke in and decided to settle things his own way.

Who knows, maybe he would've cut her up as well.

But I guess he must've panicked, lost his footing and went through the window.

What do you think spooked him?

He was pretty drunk.

Could've been anything, a noise, a shadow.

Maybe he just got a look at himself.

Whatever it was, he will take it to his grave with him.

(ominous music)

(breathing loudly)

(lightning crackles)

(lightning crackles) (knife rasping)

(lightning crackles)


Is someone here?

No, no.

It's just me.

(gentle music)



(upbeat music)

(camera snaps) (child laughing)

This is a first.

People? (camera snaps)

You don't take pictures of people.

Oh, maybe I've been missing something all this time.

Wait, is this Keyes Terry talking, whose last show consisted of 36 assorted angles on Rancho Seco nuclear power plant?

So, I'm entering a new period.

(camera snaps)

Time to give people a try.

Does that mean you're gonna give me a try?

(camera snaps)

I mean, what's going on with us?

What are we doing?

I think we're doing just fine.

Every couple of weeks, you get a little nervous and we have the same little talk.

Don't patronize me.

It isn't like that.

I wanna move on.

I wanna move to the next level.

And I wanna do it with you.

God, I never met someone so afraid of commitment.

Look Llanie, I love you.

I think you do.

I just don't know what you're so afraid of.

[Man] All right!

Here we go!

(child laughs)


Very good.

Tell me about your father.

(camera snaps)

[Keyes] I don't really know him.

[Llanie] I know what you mean.

No, I really don't.

I never met him.

And you never told me that before.

Yeah, well, I'm not exactly proud of it.

He knocked up my mom, she was like 16, then he disappeared.

God, Keyes, I can't believe you never told me that before.

I feel like a such an idiot, talking to you about the next level.

I hardly even know you.


(camera snaps)

(knocking) (upbeat music)




Are you okay?



New work?

Wanna see?

Oh, wow.

Oh, this is great.


The demons.

Like you said last night, your demons.

Watch them dance.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, this is fantastic.

You know, what, it's amazing, how you work.

It just flows out of you, and just flows.

On a good day.

Today is an especially good day.

Are you scared, Dick?

Take my hand.

Dance with me.

Let's dance with the demons.

(Dick chuckles)


They're all just shadows.

It's all we can ever capture, you know?

Light is deceiving.

We see what we want to see.

Do you understand?

You know, Suki, I know this gonna sound funny, but I've always been kind of intimidated by you.

Scared even...

It's just that you're so beautiful.

But I guess you knew that, didn't you?

(gentle music)


What do you see?

Close your eyes.

Now, what do you see?



But there's an outline.

It's you.

[Suki] You needn't be afraid anymore.

(knocking) What the?

Oh, shit.




[Suki] Coming.


Coming, coming.


Detective Clark.

I'm sorry to bother you.

I tried to call earlier, but nobody answered.

[Suki] Come on in.

This is just formality.

I have your statement about last night.

I wonder if you'd sign it for us?

Take your time, look it over, sign at the bottom.

Now, this other fellow, Keyes Terry, I have his statement here.

Is he home?


Keyes, you home?!


You okay?

Oh, hi.

Mr. Terry, I have your statement from last night.

Mind if you look it over and sign it for us?

Yeah, sure.

You okay?


I have one other statement.

Cutler, Dick Cutler?

Should I just leave it with you or?


Dick, why don't you come out here and take care of this?


(upbeat music)


(wind blowing)












(radio squealing)




(painting thuds) (yelps)



(tense music)






(somber music)

(tense music)



(lightning crackles) (knife rasping)

(lightning crackling)

(gasps) (phone rings)


Yeah, this is Keyes Terry.

Yeah, I...

Yes, can you tell...

Who was that?

That Detective Clark.

He wants me to identify a body.

What are you talking about?


He said wouldn't need me if they knew that.

It's bizarre.




(mysterious music)

What could've happened?

I don't know.

She was acting crazy today.

Something about work.

No ID, no nothing, except for this little note that we found in his pocket.

It has your name and address written on it.

You know this man?


I don't, I mean, I saw him once across the cafe, but no, I don't know.


That's just excess air escaping from the lungs.

You get used to it.

(ominous music)


He reminds me of someone.

Keyes, honey, what is it?


The body, how you gonna bury it?

One piece at the time, I imagine.


Well, assuming that a family member doesn't claim them, these guys usually wind up as cadavers at med school.

Probably his greatest contribution to society.

I'd like to pay for a proper burial.

Wait, now, wait, wait.

You're gonna have to help me here.

Now, do you know this man or not?


But I'd like to make sure he got properly buried.

Can you arrange that?

Like I said, I'll pay for it.


Yeah, we can take care of that.


(gentle music)


What happened tonight, at the morgue?

I don't know.

Yes, you do.

Tell me.

It's just...

Seeing that guy laying there, he was all alone,

made me think of my father.

I don't know.

You don't think that...

[Keyes] Mm.

Then why?

Who knows?

I don't know, maybe my father's laying on the streets some place right now.

Like to think somebody would take care of him.

Somebody might return the favor.

Do you ever wonder what he was like?

I bet he was like you.

I bet I would've liked him very much.




(tense music)

Suki, where are you?

Are you here?

I haven't been able to think about anything else all day.




(painting squeaking)

Oh, God!


(grunts) (yelps)

Damn it!



(police radio chattering)

So, Mr. Cutler, you were the last one to see her alive, and when was this?

[Dick] This afternoon, sir.

This afternoon.

Well, she was working hard, painting, you know, like there's no tomorrow, so, well, I think she was feeling kinda lonely, so I just did what I could, you know, to keep her company.

I want you all to take it really easy tonight, okay?



What you looking at?

Me, I guess.

I can't believe how much has happened.

Gonna miss her.

So am I.

Will you come to bed, please?


Well, you get what you pay for.

I'm still trying to figure out why you did this.

He in there?

Oh, yeah, you just missed it.

Touching scene.

You guys work fast.

Franklin I. Bronner, his name, how?

Basic, I called up his prints, his history was there.

Figured it was only fair since he had yours.

You mean, he had a police record.

Yeah, you might say that.


What for?

You sure you wanna know?

You haven't paid the bill for all this shit.

I'd hate to have you rethink your offer.

You're kidding me, right?


This happened 26 years ago, upstate New York.

Place called Amityville.

Your friend here blew away his whole family, dad, mom, brother, and sister.

This is why you wanted to meet me, to tell me this?

I thought you oughta know.

I also wanted to know more about why you think he tried to get in touch with you.

Actually, it was a pretty famous case.

At the trial, there were a lot of angry people waiting outside the courthouse pushing for a death penalty.

But he copped an insanity plea.

Claimed he was possessed by the devil.

You okay?


This picture looks...

Looks familiar.

Can I keep this?

[Clark] Mm.

So, then what happened to him?

[Clark] They sent him to Danamore.

Where? Danamore State Hospital.

Cookie jar up north.

They released him seven years ago when Reagan cut the budget from mental institutions.

Guys like Bronner slipped right through their fingers.


So, I guess he just saw your name somewhere, huh?

Maybe a photograph in the magazine or something?

I wish.

Though we'll never know why he came after you.


What the fuck, who did this, Clark?!

Who did this?!

I never said anything about that!


Keyes, relax, huh?

[Keyes] What?!

Somebody just screwed up the paperwork somewhere up the line.

I mean, it's not like people are waiting in line to help bury the homeless these days, you know what I mean?

Somebody just made a wrong assumption.

Take it easy, okay?

Yeah. Right.


Bronner, Franklin I.

Admitted: December 11th, 1966.

Prognosis: paranoid, delusional, sociopath.

Claimed to be communing with unknown evil power.

Let's see.

Say you're a student?

Yeah, at Community Central.


Well, that's fine by me.

As you can see, there's nothing to do around here anyway until they close last wing down.

There used to be a lot of Bronner types.

So, like a genetic sort of thing by my estimation.


These paranoid delusory murderer types, by all accounts, one day, they're just fine and then, ping, something clicks into place and they're off to the races.

It's like the neighbor who said, "He was such a quiet type."

You seem like the quiet type.

Look at me.


I can't seem to shut up.

Well, we don't get a lot of visitors here.

Is there anything else I can do for you?

Actually, I was wondering if I could see his room, if that's possible.

You fellas always wanna go to the room, like there was some spirit there.

It's all in the file.

(sighs) Suit yourself.

Cell 207, south wing.

It's shut down, so watch your step.

You knew this Mr. Bronner?

Actually no, I...

I met him once.

He gave me a gift.


I see.

Bet that was a mirror.

How did you know that?

How did you know it was a mirror?

Ooh, I read minds.

I'm clairvoyant.


It's in the file, everything is in the file.

What does it say in the file about the mirror?

You know, the one advantage of murdering your entire family?

You're sure to inherit everything.

After Bronner got out of here, he could've had a whole house in Amityville.

Full of furniture.

According to this, all he wanted was one mirror.

Everything else was up for auction.

Why do you suppose that was?

I don't know.

Watch your step.



(ominous music)

(man laughing)

(man coughing)

[Woman] Come on, honey.

Keyes, we gotta go.

(tense music)

Oh, God, how many years in this place?

Oh, no.


(ominous music)

(doorknob rattling)

Surprise, surprise.

Guess who's got a visitor?

Who the hell are you, guys?

Oh, not this game again.

Hey, don't make me mess you up!


(punch thuds)

This is a mistake!

And you made it, Bronner.


I'm not Bronner.

He's my father.

[Announcer] Dr. Finney, Treatment Room 1.

Dr. Finney, Treatment Room 1.

(ominous music)



Franklin, this is your wife.

Don't you remember her?

She's come a long way to see you.


Help me.

I'm not crazy.

Why don't you let us decide that?

Keyes, come over here.

(haunting music)

Don't be scared, honey.

Hello, son.



(laughs) Mommy!

Get up! Let's go!


Oh, my God.



(mysterious music)

[Clark] We could've met in my office.

Whose in that grave, Clark?

Tell me. No, you tell me.

Went to Danamore today.

Goddammit, that's my father in there, and you knew it!

Why didn't you tell me?!

I wasn't sure.

You had to know I'd go down there.

Didn't you have any idea what it would that do to me to find out who he was and what he had done?!

You already knew, Keyes.

You knew.

Those memories were buried inside you.

They had to come out.

You have to deal with them.

Who the hell are you?

I work with the special detail that focuses on psychopathology.

Oh, so, what, like mass murderers and serial killers?

Yeah, that sort of thing.


It's a growth industry.

If we’d been around the time your father's crime was committed, that would've been our concern.

As it is, I'm making it mine now.

What, so you've been watching over me since this thing started?

You and your special detail deciding whether or not I can learn about my father, about myself.

What, is this your job screwing with people's lives?!

Keyes, by the time I figured out who the hell Bronner was, I realized you had to know.

I checked the records.

You were there, you saw it all.

Now, maybe you blocked it, because children who witness this kind of stuff either block or they become obsessive, even thinking they may do this sort of thing themselves one day.

Now, you've lived free of pain for the last few years, Keyes.

But you've been on borrowed time.

Now, this bill has come due.

I wanna help you.

I'll make some coffee.


He was only 17 when he committed the murders.

He'd been in and out of mental institutions throughout his childhood.

Even still, he never showed any tendency toward violence at all.

Did he know she was pregnant?

I think the first he heard he had a son was the day your mother took you to visit him at the mental hospital.

So, after he got out, he came here.


It's like he tracked you down.

Maybe he wanted you to remember.

That's pretty frightening.

What did he say to you that day?


Yeah, he gave me that mirror over there and he said it was in his family for years.

Oh, that kind of make sense in a strange sort of way.

So, that mirror came from the house.



I wanna get it out of here.

I'll take care of it in the morning.

(gentle music)

(thunder rumbling)

Storm's coming.

It'll pass.

[Keyes] Where's this all going?

It doesn't matter.

I'm with you.

(mirror hums) (whispering)

You're up early.

Sweetie, those are your photographs.

Why are you destroying them?

Working on an idea for the opening.

I need to lay it out first.


American Gothic 2.

That's what I'm gonna call it.

Kind of a send up to the whole Grant Wood, Norman Rockwell deal.


Norman Rockwell.

Funny, never thought of that.

So, you're gonna blow these up?



Then I'm gonna be a build a set around it, kinda like a huge Thanksgiving scene.

I don't get it, not that I have to.

A huge happy Thanksgiving scene.

You know, mom, dad, a couple of kids, a turkey.

Kind of stuff you grew up with.

A turkey?

[Keyes] Yep.

A turkey.

It's just gonna have this rotting mold sorta shit growing around the bottom, you know, signifying the inevitable degeneration of the American family.

But, I don't know, it's too heavy...

Is everything okay, sweetie?

Yeah, I'm just very excited about this.

And so am I.

What the hell is this doing here?

I thought you said you were gonna get rid of it.


I'll try to work it in.




(ominous music)

(mysterious music)

Oh, my God.


Keyes, honey, you in there?

[Keyes] Come in!

Why not?


You okay?

I saw your, uh, in the other room, your thing.

Is it done?

Where have you been?


Where do you think?

You've been working all day, sweetie?



(machine whirs)

(Keyes sighs)

(machine rings)

Okay, look.



Oh, my God.

[Keyes] They're all this way.

The emulsion ran.

I've seen it before, but...

No, no, not like this.

Look, they're all dead.

Well, it looks kind of like an ink blot.

Doesn't it?

I guess everybody sees something different.


What do you see?

Maybe it's time for you to take a break.

I can't, I need this for the show.

Come on.

We'll figure something else out.

Come on.


(ominous music)

(knife rasping)

(lightning crackling)

(clock ticking)

(gun clacks)

(gun fires) (screams)

(both gasp) (gun firing)

(lightning crackles)

(gun clacks)

(gun fires)




What is it?


It's only a dream.

Where are you going?

Been having these nightmares for a week now, ever since I met him.


They're his dreams, it's the only explanation.

That's not possible.

You know that.

Don't you?


But they're so real.

It's like Clark said, you repressed the memory, and I guess it's just trying to get out.

I don't have a memory of what happened in Amityville.

I wasn't born yet!

Maybe it is mine.

What? Maybe I'm gonna commit the same crime.

Maybe it's my destiny.

Just like Bronner, maybe it's in the blood.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Remember what else Clark said.

He said that it was easy to become obsessed with that thought.

You're in control of your own life.

Think I've lost it.

Then take it back!

We'll take back control, together.

What Bronner did was a terrible thing, but that doesn't mean you're gonna relive his insanity.

You're not gonna kill anyone.

How do you know that?

I know you're stuck in it right now, but you have to get to the other side.


You can do it.


Kill us.

Kill us all.

I think you need an ending for your show.

This is it.

This is what?

(Llanie laughs) Come on.

Look, here's my thinking.

When something terrifies you, the best thing to do is confront it, head on.

I mean, that's practically what you do for a living.

You're an artist.

You're suppose to be scared and confused.

So, go after what scares you.

Go after Bronner.

You think this is funny.

No, I'm serious!

You've got this ridiculous idea that you're destined to shoot your family.

Well, Dick, Jane, Pauli, we're your family.

Shoot us.

We can even put red food coloring in it.

It'll look like blood.

Sorry, I just don't see the connection.

All right, maybe it's a stupid idea.

Keyes, I can only help you to a certain point.

Tonight's your chance.

You designed this crazy show for a reason.

See it through.



Man, you look like shit.


Come on in, come on in.

You wanna take a look?


Sure. So, come on.

Give me a hand. Come on.

Gently, gently, gently, gently.

(clock ticking) (chuckles)

The gun's on a timer.

Set to go off sometime before the year 2001.

I call this

When and Where.

It's like life.


The TV setup.

I mean, everyone's used to watching violence on TV, right?

I'm giving them an option.


Hey, you all right, hombre?

I don't know.

So much death around here, Pauli.


I don't intend to die.


Actually, no one does until it really happens, though, huh?

It's not loaded.


(ominous music)

(upbeat music)

Oh, that's good.

(elevator whirs)

Here we go.

Oh, yeah, here we go.

Hi, thanks for coming.

Show's right in there.

Here you go.



(thunder rumbling)

She was really distraught.

Her lover died recently.

I heard she committed a suicide.

Her work really shows it.

(thunder rumbling)

(clock ticking)

You're a very brave man, Pauli.

A loaded gun, with all these critics around.

One of you care to sit here while I go and use the can?

(lightning crackles)

(lightning crackles)

(lightning crackles)

[Llanie] Keyes.

Hon, you okay?

So, when are we gonna do this?

I don't know.

It's going great, though.

Jane was right.

Scott from the Times is here.

And I think grant people showed up.

So, about 10 minutes.

I'll tell everyone 10 minutes.


(lightning crackles)

(phone beeping)

(phone rings)

[Clark] You've reach Inspector Clark's office.

If this is an emergency, please dial 911, otherwise leave a message him.

(machine beeps)

[Keyes] Clark, this is Keyes.

I need your help.

[Woman] Bobby, it's nice to see you.

(sparks crackling)

Ah, dammit.

It's okay, we're taking care of it.



Maybe you could find the candles.

Good idea, Dick.

Shoot, where's the flashlight?

I'll be right back.

Watch out for the matches, will you?

If I get through this evening, no more artists.

(sparks crackling)

(ominous music)

Jesus Christ.

[Suki] Dick.


Oh, my God.


Dick, help me.

I'm so alone.

You promised me.

You said forever.

Is that really you?

You said forever.

Dick, I wanna take you with me.

No, you keep away from me!

Hold me.

Touch me.

(lightning crackles) No!

(electricity crackling)

[Man] Oh, oh!

[Man] There we go!



Is Keyes ready?


Let's do it.


Okay, right this way.

It's called American Gothic 2.

It's a performance piece.

It's compelling, probing, and mercifully short.

(lightning crackles)

(lightning crackles)

Excuse me.

Get the hell out of that chair.

Come on, man, it's probably not loaded anyway.

(clock ticking)


(lightning crackles)

You're in here, aren't you, Bronner?

Watching me.


Know what you want, I'm not gonna do it!

I'm not you!

(lightning crackles)

I'm not.

(door slams)

(wind whooshing)

(loud boom)

(Keyes groaning)

(loud boom) (Keyes screams)

Go to hell, Bronner!

I refuse!

(ominous music)

[Franklin] Son.

(loud boom) (windows crashing)




(mirror crashes)




Oh, no, Suk.

Okay, no, if I can get alone.

Well, that's the easy part, 100%.

Then, what do I want, an ingestible?

What do I want... Dick.

Is that you?

I should've gone to Parsons!

I should have!

But people like you said I had a head for business!

But I don't have now, do I?

Do I, Keyes?!

Huh?! (laughs)

Where you going?!

Come back here!

Are you a landlord?



(tense music)



I'm proud of you, son.

Now, it's up to you.

What is?


It's in your blood.



(thunder rumbles)

(machine beeps)

(clock ticking) (gentle music)

(siren wails)

(lightning crackles)

This is gonna be good.


Where the hell is Dick?

Maybe we should just go on.

I told you he'd weasel out.

(lightning crackles)


(knife rasping)

(dramatic music)

(knife rasping)

(siren wailing)

(knife rasping)

(lightning crackles)

(lightning crackles)

(knife rasping)

(lightning crackles)

(door slams) (crowd gasps)

(lightning crackles)

Ladies, this ain't what we rehearsed.

(gun clacks)


Look at me.



(gun fires)


(gun clacks)

(gun fires)

(gun clacks)



(gun fires)


Keyes, stop.

Look at me.

Hold your fire, hold your fire.

[Franklin] Son.

Son, you can do it.

Come on. (gun clacks)

Everybody down!


It's in your blood.





Come on!

Leave me alone!


(gun fires) (mirror crashes)

(crowd chattering)


Everyone lost their mind?

(gentle music)



Big mistake, Keyes.

Seven years bad luck.


(upbeat music)