Amsterdamned (1988) Script

You should've quit after Godfried.

Stop it now. Come on, guys.

Was it a busy night?

It was OK.

You must be glad you can finally go to bed.

I quite like blondes.

Or brunettes. I don't care.

Someone like you is worth her price.

What do you think you're doing?

Sure you have money on you?

Of course I do!

This ride is free, darling... if you'd be so kind?

I've finished for tonight, darling.

Don't be such a baby. Put in some overtime.

Just take me home.

Shut up!

Fucking bitch! Who do you think you are?

Don't take me for a mug.

Dirty slut.

Get on with it.

Fucking whore.

Are you all right, girl?

Yes, I'm OK.

Welcome to Amsterdam.

The capital of Holland, and world famous for its many canals.

There are over 165 canals, totaling a length of ten miles.

They run through the whole city, and were dug in the 17th century to transport goods from the harbor to the merchants' warehouses.

Amsterdam has 750,000 residents, who all live in approximately 200,000 houses.

These are all built on wooden piles.

Amsterdam was built on about 100,000 wooden piles.

So don't stamp too hard, or the whole city will collapse.

Be careful, it's loaded.

Your final hour has come.

Put it back. It's not a toy.

You forgot the bullets.

You've been in the bath for half an hour!

And yesterday you came home far too late.

Is that a reason to shoot your dad?

It's nearly 8:45 a.m.

You'll make me late for school.

You don't have to wait for me.

You said you'd take me, remember?

My bicycle was stolen yesterday.

Oh yes, I forgot.

Why don't you people do something about that?

Do you know how many bicycles are stolen in Amsterdam every year?

I haven't the foggiest. Two? Three?

Hello. Anneke Visser speaking.

He's been playing with himself in the bath for the last half hour.

Yes. Eric! Police Headquarters for you.

Eric speaking.

I do try to give her a decent upbringing.

I'd said I'd come in later today.

From a bridge?

All right. I'm coming.

Did they find my bicycle? Not yet.

I thought as much.

Ready? Ages ago.

Have you got all your books? Yes! You just get a move on.

Did you feed the cat?

Morning, Amsterdam!


FM, 94.3.

City Radio Amsterdam.

The police are on their way. I've called them.

What about my cake?

Who's paying for that? You'd think it was for free.

Couldn't you have been more careful?

Give them back to me, OK?

I don't have all day. Twat!

We started without you.

I had to drop by the baker's.

Is that her?

Yes. Badly mutilated with a knife.

The perpetrator must be deranged.

Who is she?

A hooker. Potter is investigating.

They've taken photos. The autopsy is next.

Has she been raped? Didn't look like it.

She was stabbed down the street and dragged into the canal.

This is where she was hanging?

Upside down, her feet tied with a bowline knot.

Sailor? It's possible.


Any witnesses?

No, nobody.

No witnesses, no fingerprints.

It must have happened between 1:00 and 3:00 a.m.

They're dragging the canal. We may find something.

One has to have a weird sense of humor to expose your victim like that.

It seems as if he's proud of it.

Hi, Eric. We have a witness.

Are you sure?

Tell this gentleman what you've told me, please.

It was a monster.

A monster?

I saw it all.

A big, black monster.

With huge claws and feet.

It emerged from the water.

From the water? Did he have a boat?

From the water. I saw it with my own eyes.

What do you think?

I don't know. She's not exactly a reliable witness.

But she's the only one we've got at the moment.

What do you think she means by "a big, black monster with huge claws"?

No idea. Does your mother-in-law have an alibi?

Let's wait for the autopsy. We can't do much until then.

Maybe the neighborhood search will provide some clues. I've deployed eight men.

Let's hope so. As yet, it's not a case that would get you promoted.

Why are you sitting in the dark?

Willy is in a trance.

He says he's able to contact his deceased aunt.

Oh, here we go again!

I thought he was going to help you with your homework.

We've finished!

I can't do it like this. Did you make contact?

Almost, but this is not the right environment.


It requires deep concentration.

I'm going to try again at home.

I think you suck, man.

Can we put the light back on?

Sure, Willy can't concentrate anyway.

You're just jealous you don't have my gift.


You're not staying for dinner? My mother has made macaroni.

Bye, Mr. Visser. Bye, Willy.

Give my regards to your aunt. Will do.

See you tomorrow, Anneke.


How was school?

It was OK.

Did you buy any peanut butter?

Is it gone? You forgot to get it yesterday, too.

Then you do the groceries from now on.

And no chocolate sprinkles either.

Honey, there is more to life than peanut butter and sprinkles.

Yes. Apple spread.

You didn't get that either. Go and set the table.

What are we having?

Brussels sprouts in chocolate sauce.

I don't like Belgian.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.

2.25 meters.

3:15 a.m.

2.25 meters.

I think we're wasting our time.

Are you sure this is the right spot?

We're exactly above the pipe.

But we aren't having much luck.

We've only got clear water so far.

Maybe we're above the sewers.

We'll be hauling up buckets of shit next.

Keep your voice down.

They might hear us.

I think that factory is completely shut down.

We'll be waiting for ages.

I suspect it'll happen any time now.

One lot of waste dumping is enough to make them hang.

I'll do my own dumping.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up!

The bastards.

We've got them.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.

Haul it up.

Hurry. It's stuck.

What do you mean?

What could it be?

Heavy poison.

What the heck!

I want to get out of here, Kees.

Let's go. There's something fishy going on.

Raise the anchor!

Did you fill it up with petrol like I asked you to? Hendrik!

Why are you stopping? There was a man on the ground.

Where? On the waterfront.

I didn't see a thing. I did.

Well, did you have a good chat?

He's gone.

It's all this weird stuff we have to transport all the time.

They make you see things.

I really did see someone.

The morning shift people found the boat.

Nobody from the factory saw anything?

It was shut down due to maintenance work.

There were only two night watchmen who claim not to have seen anything.

What were they doing last night?

Taking water samples.

It looks like they've been sampled by the water monster.

You think it's the same one?

The same killer? I'll let the experts decide.

It would be a mighty coincidence if there are two such lunatics around.

I've warned you, pal.

If you don't listen... you'll get hurt. There you go.

Who do you think you are? Asshole!

Keep your hair on!

If you take one more pic, I'll shove that telephoto lens down your throat.

Well, well! No half measures then.

I don't like being photographed.

It's been a long time. Thirteen years, I believe.

Eric, this is John van Meegeren from the river police.

We have met.

You're going to assist us, I've been told.

They thought I might be of help, with all those bodies you have to fish out of the water.

Vermeer! Could you come here a second?

You haven't changed a bit. You think?

Still the handsomest one of us both.

Are you still mad at me?

It's no fun when someone runs off with your girlfriend.

I know all about that.

I hear she's abandoned you, too.

She left me three years ago, for a painter.

She lives in France now. She pops over once in a while.

To see Anneke.

You've saved me a lot of grief.

But don't ever do it again.

Whatever you say.

Are you any the wiser?

Not yet.

We're searching the bottom.

It's tricky as the water is very dirty. Visibility is poor.

He's found something.

What is it? A depth gauge.

Part of a diver's equipment.

We're dealing with a diver?

Who knows how long it's been in the water?

It needs to be checked. Take it to the lab.

I want to know how long it's lain at the bottom and where it's from.

A diver prowling the canals of Amsterdam.

It's not great for our reputation.

It could be a lot of fun this summer.

A diver?

Isn't that a little far-fetched?

It's currently our best bet, if we rule out the Loch Ness monster.

But you have no witnesses.

Nobody has seen or heard anything. Exactly.

The canals are a perfect hiding place.

You can move around the whole city without being noticed.

What are your thoughts, John?

Those two were completely taken by surprise.

It's unlikely that the killer sailed up to them in a boat.

Some people have bizarre hobbies.

Do you have enough manpower?

For now.

Keep me posted. Give me a shout if you need anything.

I hope you won't be needing any more of those flags.

These are all the registered divers in Holland.


Eight and a half thousand suspects.

You're probably among them.

I have an alibi.

I also tracked down the taxi driver.

What did he have to say?

He picked up the victim around 1:30 a.m.

He claims she'd made advances to him in the car, which he rejected.

He says he chucked her out.

It's likely the other way round.

He's got a watertight alibi for the rest of the night.

That was to be expected.

Great, let's hear it.

OK, thanks.

They found a small piece of black rubber on one of the anchor tips.

The lab confirms it's from a wet suit.

We are on the right track.

Is Potter still investigating that rope? Which rope?

The one that was used to tie our friend to the bridge.

We know the maker.

All the shops and outlets are being checked.

Good to hear lots of people are busy making a living.

It's nearly noon. Time for lunch?

If you can stomach it.

Sixteen stab wounds, at least eight fatal ones.

It was such a mess in there, some organs have almost swapped places.

A broken neck, two broken ribs.

Shattered nasal bone. Water in the lungs.

Several bruises and grazes.

He must have gone berserk.

And the murder weapon? A sharp knife.

Look. This is the tip.

The force of the stabbing caused it to break off.

It was probably a carving knife, with a blade measuring

9 to 12 inches.

The stomach contained some red wine and the remains of two hamburgers, most likely from McDonald's.

Was she dead before she hit the water?

Not quite.

That explains the amount of water in the lungs.

The job was finished under water.

But she was dead before she was suspended from the bridge.

This one can go back in the freezer.

And here we have our fishing friends.

They were savaged even more viciously.

I'll save you the irrelevant details.

One of them was decapitated.

Everything seems to indicate that it happened under water.

Both stomachs showed remains of a vegetarian meal.

Lentils, millet, carrot juice...

But one of them had eaten a sausage afterwards.

A knife was used here as well.

But a different type.

This one had a serrated blade.

I've seen it once before.

It concerned... A dive knife.

That's right. A dive knife?

Every diver has a knife on him.

So they can cut themselves loose in case they get stuck somewhere.

In this case, it was used for a very different purpose.

Now we know who we're looking for, how are we going to catch the bastard?

You tell me. After all, it's one of your colleagues.

The only thing I know about him is that he is strong, has a black wet suit, and probably misses his depth gauge.

Not enough to arrest someone.

No, it doesn't get us anywhere.

Apart from the registered divers, there are at least 10,000 sport divers in Holland.

Let's start our search around Amsterdam.

It has to be someone who knows the city and its canals well.

A top-off, gentlemen?

Yes, please.

That murdered quiz master three years ago.

You didn't have many clues then either. Did you follow that case?

It was in all the newspapers. We had zilch.

At first we suspected the candidates who'd never won anything.

But everyone had a watertight alibi.

It took us nine weeks to find the perpetrator.

How did you track him down?

Sometimes you need patience, some intuition, and luck. A little luck goes a long way in our profession.


Can I help you?

I'm just looking around. You don't want to become a member?

No, I'm a detective. I knew it.

You people have gone over the records this morning.

These things are unavoidable, sir.

What do you do here?

I'm the manager here.

I already told you people this morning.

What are you doing here?

This is the largest diving society in Amsterdam.

In The Netherlands. And the best one.

Don't think we only bother you.

Do you mind if I have a look around?

I am not in a position to refuse you.

This is where our gear is stored.

Our members are allowed to use it freely.

How many members are there? Over 1,400.

Do you lose many of these?

How do you mean?

Do the members return everything you lend them?

I've never had any problems.

You don't suppose one of our members is involved with those murders?

We all do weird things at times.

All our members are respectable people.

They have better things to do than swim in those filthy canals.

You can't see a thing in there.

And the rubbish they dump gives you all kinds of diseases.


We organize trips to the sea, or abroad.

We look for derelicts, or coral reefs. It's a proper sport.

I can't imagine anyone diving in those canals for fun.

You've got a whole weapon arsenal.

We have all the permits.

All divers are required to have one. Careful, it's sharp.

I know.

And this? Is that also a requirement?

It's for angling.

For sharks?

If they become too curious.

If you'll excuse me? I won't keep you any longer.

Good afternoon.

There. Do you need any help?

Yes, please.

These things are all right in the water, but very heavy on the bank.

Are you also a member? Not yet.

Have you been doing this long? A few weeks.

I'm still getting used to it. It makes my muscles ache.

Why did you start diving?

A friend recommended it. Are you interested?


How did it go, Laura? Fine.

Found your first suspect? He's a policeman, be careful what you say.

Did someone fail to pay their parking ticket?

He hasn't got any trouble parking.

Who? We're investigating a murder case.

Oh, the heavy-duty stuff?

Can I buy you a drink?

If you don't mind waiting.

I have to have a shower and get changed.

I'll wait.

OK, see you in the canteen in 15 minutes.

I thought policemen never drank while on duty.

I've never been very dutiful.

Have you made any headway?

I've made some progress, yes.

Long time no see! All right?


How are you? It's been a while. I've been very busy.

This is Mr. Visser from the Amsterdam police.

Martin Ruysdael, pleased to meet you. Likewise.

They're investigating those murders.

I've read about them. Ghastly business.

It's hard to believe such things still happen in this day and age.

Fancy a drink? A bourbon, please.

Any idea yet who this maniac could be?

We're working on it.

Are you also a member of the diving society?

I was for years, but not any more.

I was even on the committee.

But my practice got too busy.

You're a doctor?


Here's to you, Martin. Thanks.

I no longer had time for it.

The last time I went scuba-diving was about three years ago.

Have you ever done any diving? No, never.

I recommend it. It's very refreshing for the spirit.

Especially in southern waters. The coral reefs, the underwater fauna...

It's a different world. Pristine beauty.

I'll think about it.

You're here!

You've met?

He must be the one who got you into diving.

You were talking about me?

The police always want to know everything.

But I didn't tell him a thing, don't worry.

I'm afraid we'll have to forgo that drink.

Are you two leaving? We're going to a concert tonight.

Another time, perhaps?

Who knows?

Shall we, darling?

Thank you.

My, aren't we in a hurry!

I'm sorry, I didn't see you.

As long as the Lord sees us, right?


A pity. Such a lovely girl joining a club like that.

Joop, we're getting rich!


Two flags?

Red for where she disappeared, and yellow for where she was found.

Why did he drag her so far down the canal?

Maybe he wanted to teach her to swim?

He likes to play with his victims, so it seems.

We know the victim, where it happened, what time it happened, but nothing else.

The local search yielded no results.

Nothing about the rope? They're still working on it.

The rubber from the suit? A regular wet suit.

The broken tip of the knife?

You can buy that knife anywhere.

Depth gauge? Nothing yet either.

What about the patrol boats?

We barely managed to get two. Not enough manpower, it seems.

It's something, but what's the use?

Sooner or later he'll make a mistake. He's not exactly careful.

I don't want to wait and see.


I'm not the only one who's dissatisfied.

We can't let that guy get away with this.

We need some tangible results.

Four victims in four days.

People will wonder what the heck we're doing.

We're still investigating a few things, but for now our hands are tied.

Still no witnesses?

No one, apart from the homeless woman.

Maybe a few fish.

I just got a phone call from the mayor.

He has some important visitors and asked if it was still safe to take a boat trip.

What did you advise him?

That he shouldn't sit too close to the edge.

I know how you feel.

The feeling of powerlessness.

All you can do is wait for the critical tip, the crucial clue.

But something needs to be done. We can hardly declare the canals out-of-bounds.

We might as well evacuate all of Amsterdam.

It's the safest option.

Drastic, but safe.

Why do you look so glum?

Is there a reason to be cheerful? Maybe.

The lab has researched the depth gauge.

It's almost certain it hasn't been in the water more than three days.

So it has to be the killer's? We can assume as much.

They also found a large salt deposit.

What does that mean?

We can rule out the divers diving in fresh waters for now.

We have to look for divers who've spent a long time working on oil rigs, or for a towage company.

If we find out what kind of water the depth gauge has been used in, we'd make considerable headway.

Is it possible to determine the kind of water?

Based on the residue of the substances.

They're working on it. We're finally getting somewhere.

Where are you heading? Potter knows where to reach me.

I'm going to look at some art.

Do you like art?

I like pretty things.

How did you find me?

I'm a detective, remember?

I thought you were busy working on something?

I took the afternoon off.

Do you want go out to dinner with me tonight, or do you have other plans?

I don't have any other plans.

I have reserved a table for two, so if you decline I'll have to ask someone else.

You sure hit the ground running. Sometimes.

Pick me up at my place at six.

Where do you live?

I thought you were a detective?

I'd like to book a table, please.

For tonight, yes. Two people.

You've got good taste. It seems like an excellent restaurant.

I may have a dirty job, but that doesn't mean I have to eat filth.

And your daughter? Can you just leave her home alone?

She's used to my irregular work hours.

She is very capable of looking after herself.

Can't be easy for her, a father like you.

I'd hate to be in an office doing normal hours, working with normal people.

You don't seem the type to lead a regular life.

As long as I regularly feel like I'm living.

What about you? Tell me about yourself.

What's there to say?

Plenty. Work, life, the men in your life.

I'm guessing you already know a thing or two.

I know that you've been married, you've been abroad, and you've been working at the national gallery for the past 18 months.

I'd almost think you've opened an investigation into me.

We have a superb computer at our disposal. Press a few buttons, and lo and behold.

Everything you want to know is there.

Everything? Almost everything.

There is plenty left for an entertaining conversation.

That's a relief.

Are you seeing the psychiatrist? Martin?

No. We're just good friends.

He's been my therapist for the past six months.

After my husband's death, I was having some issues.

Someone recommended Martin to me.

I see him every week. Sometimes we go for dinner or to a concert.

We're good friends, nothing more.

And it was his idea to go scuba-diving?

He said it would be relaxing.

I think he's right.

But he gave up diving?

A good friend of his had a serious accident in the past.

What sort of accident?

He never wanted to tell me.

But he hasn't been diving since.

He told me he was too busy with his practice.

He doesn't like talking about it.

Is he on your list, by any chance?

You're the only one on my list tonight.

Is this OK?

Where did you get that? My dad.

I took it from his pistol this morning.

You were going to try and get something from the killer.

What did you have in mind?

His passport photo?

The chain is going to be very long.

If you can't do it, don't be afraid to say so.

I will try.

Are you sure? Just give me the bullet.

Stop it! You're ruining the map.

He is here.

Are you sure this is the right spot?

Are you scared? Not at all.

It's here.

But what do we do? What do you mean?

If we see him?

We'll just grab him, right?

He's super dangerous. He's got a knife.

Listen, this was your idea. You wanted to help your dad.

Don't be scared. Remember, I go to judo class.

What was that?

Probably a rat. Are there rats here?

Maybe it was him!

You think?

Wait here, if you're that scared.

Where are you going? I'm going to investigate. Be back soon.

Be careful, will you?

Are you OK?

Filthy, fucking asshole! Sorry, I was just joking.

You and your fucking jokes. Prick, dickhead...

Get me out!

Are you happy now?

Not so tough now, are we?

Don't just stand there. He's around. Get me out.

I thought you went to judo class?

Dammit! Don't be such a pest. All right, sucker.

Promise you'll do my math homework every week from now on.

Yes, dammit. And French. Do you promise?

I promise.


What are you whining for?

If you're clairvoyant, you would've known you'd tumble into the water.

You're a big fantasist.

I hope that stain will come out.

If not, I can have a memory of a great night.


Try and stay away from the canals for now, will you?

Are you concerned about me?

I'd like to see you again.

Call me. Bye.




OK, you've got me.

I give up.

I'm the killer you're looking for.

I'm turning myself in.

It'll cost you at least 20 years, Tinus.

I'm prepared to pay the price.

Have you got any last wishes?

A cup of coffee?

Hey! How long are you planning on lying there? We have to go.

I'll come in a minute.

I don't want to be late.

You know what my parents are like.

The mayor is expecting me.

There you are!

Like I said to the chief superintendent and the district attorney, I'm not exactly impressed with the progress of the investigation.

Is the maniacal killer in the canals of Amsterdam, alongside the windmills, the clogs, and the bulb fields, going to be a new tourist attraction this summer?

Or is there any chance we can avoid that?

I understand your concern, but I assure you that we are doing everything we can to stop the killer in his tracks.

I should hope so.

I am wholeheartedly committed to this city.

There have been times when our city's reputation wasn't great, but I can safely say that we've managed to improve our image considerably in the past few years.

All the garbage has recently been removed from the canals, and now they are filled with bodies.

Read the newspapers.

Canal Monster Strikes Again The foreign ones are also writing about it.

Amsterdam is getting a bad reputation again.

The law enforcement and police force are becoming a joke.

As I understand from the superintendent, we don't expect any dramatic changes in this case any time soon.

We are following up a few clues. These things take time.

And the supervision of the investigation?

Is it in good hands?

Certainly. Eric Visser is one of our best people.

Sometimes a new person can shed a new light.

You had a suggestion, superintendent?

Yes. Eric Visser undoubtedly has an excellent achievement record, but the course of the investigation so far and the lack of results raise the question whether he is the right man for this difficult case.

You have several candidates in mind?

There are a few capable people who could be considered.

What are your thoughts? We shouldn't go looking for a scapegoat.

There are various reasons why we are stuck.

It has nothing to do with the leadership.

But another person could give an impulse...

I have full confidence in Eric, and I don't intend to replace anyone.

Fine. That's your prerogative, and your responsibility.

Let's wait and see.

One to three days.

But if we don't see any results, I will take action.

If he screws up, your head will roll too. He won't.

I hope.

How have you been feeling lately?

Not bad.

No depressed moods?


Are you still sleeping well? Yes.

And you? Why do you ask?

You always ask me so many questions.

I'd like to hear about you for a change.

I am the psychiatrist here.

If I keep doing so well, you might lose me as a customer.

Is that what you want? To quit?

No. I still enjoy coming here every week...

To talk a little.

You want to go home so soon?

It's all this lying down.

It's relaxing. That's the point.

Do you have a cigarette for me?

Why won't you tell me?

What? You promised not to keep any secrets.

The policeman I met.

Is he still bothering you? He asked me to dinner.

Did you say yes?

Yes. It turned out to be a great night.

Did he ask you any more questions concerning those crimes?

He didn't say a word about it. Then what did he want?

I think he likes me.

What about you?

I think he's nice.

Are you in love?

You're not jealous, are you?

I'm glad you're doing well.

Maybe you really won't be needing me any more.

I think they're taking it a bit far.

I can think of better things to do at night. Cigarette?

No, thanks.

Squandering all our overtime on this nonsense.

As if patrolling does any good.

Be quiet. What's wrong?

I heard a thud.

Turn off the engine.

It was probably some driftwood. Your nerves are getting the better of you.

He's killed five people.

And we might be number six and seven.

Did you hear that? What now?

Aren't you exaggerating a little?

Watch out!

Merry Christmas!

How certain are we? Enough to have a little chat.

What do we know about him? He's worked on a rig in the North Sea.

Two months ago, he got fired.

He would drink a lot and get aggressive.

Last time he assaulted someone with a broken bottle.

Nice guy.

It's the same kind of rope they use at his workplace.

The depth gauge could also be a match.

The oil residue is the same.

The wet suit matches, too. Who gave us the tip?

His ex-colleague who met him in the city last week and thought he was acting strange. He was talking about revenge.

Let's go after him.

See what he's got to say.

Where is he? In that guest house.

First floor at the front.

Is he still there? We're not sure.

He went in half an hour ago, but we haven't seen him since.

Hello, Herman, this is Johan. Still nothing?

No movement so far.

Maybe he's long gone. We'll have to take our chances.

If he's not there, he knows we're on to him.

We'll take that risk. You stay here.

I can never join in the fun.

Hey! What's this?


He is gone.



He's heading for Leliegracht. Do we have assistance in the area?

The cavalry confirms receipt. We're on our way.


Are you coming, or are you just gonna hang there?

You can keep quiet for an hour, or all night for all I care.

But it's no use. You're not going home.

I've nothing to do with it, asshole. No?

Enlighten me then.

Drop dead. Innocent people don't flee.

Guilty conscience?

Why did you do it? Was it revenge?

Is that why you butchered five innocent people?

I want a lawyer. Listen, asshole.

I've had enough of your games.

What do you think we're doing, goat fucker?

Your turn.


You don't want to talk, goat fucker?

Congratulations. Why?

Don't be so modest.

The mayor sends his congratulations. He's very relieved.

That seems a bit premature.

Why? You caught him, didn't you?

I thought the mayor should be the first to hear the good news.

We'll have to wait and see if it's good news. He hasn't confessed yet.

Don't worry. Everything points to him as the perpetrator.

Your problem is that you're always such a pessimist.

What are you doing here?

Can I come in?

Do you know what time it is? Way too late.

Were you asleep? Like all sensible people.

Don't worry. I wanted to see you.

Did you?

I would send me away if I were you.

Cigarette? No, thanks.

Do you want a drink?


A sandwich, perhaps? Not hungry.

You've arrested someone, haven't you? I saw it on TV.

That's right.

You don't look too happy.

I don't believe we've got our man.

What are you going to do?

I don't know.

Wait and see.

Are you sure there is nothing I can do for you?

What's this?

Let's get the lamp out.


Put it there.

Such a hassle.

Now what?

What a fuss.

What the heck?


Police? This is Brouwer.

I just saw something weird.

Have you found Eric yet? I haven't a clue where he could be.

He didn't come home last night. have my suspicions.

I don't like the idea of you diving alone.

You think there are more killers swimming about?

I already told you we're not sure we have the right guy.

Don't you worry about me.

Is this the right spot?

The boat should be here. The grapnels are there.

All right.

Let's have a look then.

How can you tell if something is wrong?

We jerk at the rope.

One jerk: everything is fine.

Five jerks is an SOS.

He's in the boat now.

How do you know?

The bubbles. Which bubbles?

The air bubbles have gone. They're heaping together in the boat.

Oh yes, of course.

FEDERAL POLICE What's happening?

I don't know.

Everything is fine.

Is that normal?

Haul him up.

He's stuck.

Haul him up. Quick!

It's too late! He's gone. Pull him aboard, dammit!

There he goes.

The air bubbles over there. That's him!

Chase those air bubbles. It's him.

Hello, 302. Do you receive me?

We've got him. How do you mean?

He's heading towards the lock.

We have to close it from this side.

Right, we've got him.

Right under those bubbles.

Where have you been?


They've taken him away.

We tried to reach you, but...

He shouldn't have gone diving alone. I couldn't stop him.

It's not your fault.

At least we caught him.

Platoon, get ready!

We've trapped him.

Those air bubbles?

I think he knows he's finished.

He hasn't moved an inch. He knows it's over.

He hasn't moved? No.

Not long now!



I'm sorry. I should've known he would never swim into the lock.

He's smart. He makes us look like fools.

Meanwhile he's had plenty of time to escape.

Hello, 504. This is HB. Do you receive me?

Hello, HB. This is 504.

Hi, Hans. Someone has broken into a shed at the Amstel dock.

It's probably the diver you're looking for.

We're on our way.

He's in that shed. What's he doing?

No idea, but I think he's still in there.

Everything OK? Yes.

He must be hurt.

How do I start this thing? Press the red button, and give the gun.


Row! One, two.

Put the helm to port!



There's the bastard!

HB, this is 306. Do you receive me?

Watch out!

Shit! Fuck!

Goddammit! Jerk!


He's coming round.

What are you doing here?

I was in the area.

How are you? Are you in pain?

Did you catch him?

When we finally found you, he was long gone.

What time is it?

Where is Anneke?

Staying with a school friend.

Willy. What time is it?

1 o'clock in the morning.

Time flies when you're having fun.

I shot him. Right in his diving goggles.

We found some fragments. We don't know if you actually hit him.

I have to get cracking. No time to waste.

You'll have to stay here for now. It's not serious.

The dart only grazed the bone.

The doctor says you need to rest a few days.


How are you, Mr. Visser?

Excellent, thanks.

You were lucky. Everything is going to be OK.

Those stitches can come out in a few days.

It looks like you'll just have a small scar.

You better go. The patient needs to rest.

I wanted to discuss a few things with him.

That will be difficult. I just gave him a sedative.

He won't be able to talk for the next 12 hours.

All right. I'll come back tomorrow.

Can I give you a lift? Yes, please.

It's you! Sir isn't here yet.

I know. I'm a little early.

Make yourself at home. I have to go.

My mother's stomach is playing up.

Nothing serious, I hope?

Too many toffees.

She always eats too many.

I can tell her not to all I want, but she won't listen.

And now she's ill.

Wish her a speedy recovery for me. I will.

Have a sherry while you wait.

I had one, too.

You're not playing games with me, are you?


Is this one of your new therapies?

Hello, this is the Surgery Ward.

Who would you like to speak to?

Mr. Visser?

It's very important. I have to speak to him.

OK, I will have a look.

I'm sorry, but Mr. Visser is still asleep. Can I pass on a message?

Tell him Laura called.

Yes, Laura.

And tell him that the one they're looking for...

Just a moment. My pen is not working.

Hurry up!

It's really important. You need to warn Eric.

I know who it is.

Hello, madam?

Hello, kids. We're here to see Eric Visser.

Third floor.

Room 316.

I told you he'd still be here.

But I saw it, honest.

Just keep your mouth shut.

I only want to warn him.

How could he be in danger in the hospital?

Maybe he's not staying long.

Four days, the doctor said.

You'll find I'm right.

I know these things.

You'd better be careful you don't fall in the water again.

From the guys. How kind of them.

And a clean set of clothes.

Any news?

I'm afraid I have nothing to cheer you up.

Do you mind if I take an apple? I'm starving.

Be my guest.

Someone phoned, asking for you.


A lady. Someone called Laura.

What did she want?

It was a bit odd. She hung up suddenly.

She didn't say anything?

It was rather vague. She said something like... you were looking for someone, and that she knew who. Then she hung up.

She sounded a bit incoherent. When did she call?

About ten minutes ago.

Why didn't you tell me?

You were still asleep.

Where did she phone from? She didn't say.

It's Wednesday, right?

Yes, the 24th.

What time is it?

About half past 5. Mr. Visser, what are you doing?

What's the matter?

Hurry, or we'll be late.

Late for what? Mr. Visser!

Hi, Dad! Daddy has to pop out.

Where are you going? I'll tell you later.

Can you finally tell me what's going on? Can't it go faster?

This is a new car. I'm still breaking it in.

Are you crazy?

It's OK. Everything is OK.

I believe that won't be necessary.

I thought it was you!

Inform the station. We could use some backup.

I believe you have some explaining to do.

We've been friends since our youth. We used to do everything together.

We also started diving together.

He went on to make a living out of it, working for a salvage company.

What happened?

Three years ago, a ship in the North Sea lost several containers with chemical agents.

He was one of the people to recover them. They said it was harmless stuff.

What was in it?

Uranium hexafluoride.

But they forgot to mention it.

Who are "they"?

A state-owned enterprise involving senior officials.

Did it go wrong?

They called it "an unfortunate accident."

One of the containers had burst open under water.

I didn't recognize him any longer. His face had been deformed.

The stuff was so radioactive it messed with his brain.

He became increasingly erratic. There was nothing I could do.

He withdrew from everyone.

The fun was over for me. I quit diving. I couldn't do it any more.

I went to see him a few times. I tried to help him.

A few months ago, he asked if he could borrow my diving gear.

He'd got rid of his. Of course I said yes.

I wanted him to be happy. I let him use all my stuff.

I had no idea what his intentions were.

Avenging himself against society.

Murdering innocent people.

I didn't want to believe it. He's sick.

Extremely sick.

We're nearly there.

He's in there. But don't hurry.

He won't ever go underground again.

Shouldn't we be getting back?

Your daughter might be worried.

She can take care of herself.

I've booked a table.

For three, by candlelight at a fish restaurant.

A fish restaurant? Don't you like fish?


I don't like anything that comes out of the water, to be honest.

I came out of the water, remember?

I'll make an exception for you.

You joker!