An American Affair (1997) Script

(dramatic orchestral music)

(suspenseful orchestral music)

(loon calling)

(sensual music)

I'll follow a man who wears Welsley cologne anywhere.

In my whirlpool, on the hood of my Ferrari,

just about anywhere.


That was the last take before she goes.

It's a wrap.

[Crewmember] That's a wrap.

So, girl, your whirlpool.

Well, I enjoy a little variety in my life.

The hood of your Ferrari.

Okay, so I enjoy a lot of variety.

Hey, I like wine, but I don't keep it in my mouth all day.

Yeah well, I'll take men over meditation any day.

Meditation works for me.

Hey, I'm starved.

Wanna join the producer for some Thai food?

I can't.

I got yoga and you're coming to the university tomorrow, I hope.

You know, if you spend a little more time in this world.

Babs, there's more to life than sex.

No, there isn't.

I'll see you tomorrow.

(ominous orchestral music)

(machine beeping)

Through years of yoga, my student has learned to slow her body function down to where it is impossible to tell if her heart is beating at all.

Now in this experiment we discover the power of the soul, our higher self

which is immortal.

Meditation helps to free ourselves from the limitations of our bodies,

our containers, if you will.

(intense music)

(machine beeping faster)

(ghostly breathing)

(metal slamming)

Get out of there, move, move out of the way.




There was someone there.

I know.

You were under for more than 10 minutes.

You're gonna be fine.

Just relax.



(upbeat dance music)

Just because I don't go to bed with every man who waves his you know what, doesn't mean I don't think about it all the time.

I don't mind tormenting men, but I like to do it with a certain je ne sais quoi.

Je ne sais quoi.

Speaking of men.

Knowing her she'll pick out the best, most expensive dress.

You saw that in your visions?

He's doing some public service TV spots.

I have been briefed about him.

Yeah, well tell me anyone that gorgeous, gotta be an actor, huh?

[Genevieve] He's the distract attorney, Sam Brady.

Well, he can prosecute me any time.

Down, girl.

He's the kind of man who avoids flash and trash and goes for low-key, high-brow types.

Ah, like yourself for instance.

Man's got taste.

A challenge.

Tomorrow I meet him.

I'm directing his crime prevention spots I believe.

A ha.


I wish.

You know I don't mix business with pleasure.

Boy, I always do.

You know men are easy.

Trust me, he's not your type.

Gen, all men who resist me are my type.

Mr. Brady, right here.

Right here.

Smile, Mr. Brady.

I hope you didn't mind my calling.

Got your number from Harwood.

Mind, you kidding?

It's not every day I get a call from a big TV star.

You have time for a drink?

I gotta prepare a little speech.

Then how about dinner?

Our great state is being undermined by lackluster legislation, and even worse, weak legislators.

I personally thank god for you men and women who are the veterans of this great country's noble efforts to defend the family.

Because your wills won't be broken, you must throw down the challenge to state and federal government.

When police risk their lives to clean the streets of the criminal element, you must demand to the courts, put them in jail, not just recycle them back onto the streets.

(crowd applauding)

Folks, we politicians can only go so far.

Then it's up to you, the people, the people whom we serve.

Pick up the torch and run the distance.

(crowd applauding)

Nice ride.

Practically live in this thing.

Had to make a little speech, huh?

Must be a great rush.

Take off your clothes.

I'll take off mine if you take off yours.

(sensual music)

They're already off.




(heavy breathing)

Jesus, how do I make this moment last forever?

I definitely have to see you again.

Is your whole life a campaign?

Every single day.

This year I run for the senate.

Who knows after that?

Maybe the white house.

You're not fooling around, are you?

Maybe just a little.

You're a very provocative man, Sam.

Definitely gonna see you again, right?

Off the record, no rules, maybe.

So you just want me for my body, huh?

Is that so bad?

You kidding?

It's like having Christmas in July.

So, when I saw the news last night, I came up with a perfect approach for the campaign.

We shoot you out in the streets, you're in shirt sleeves, graffiti walls with police cars in the background, you're looking directly into the camera, talking to the gangs, warning them that you're coming after them.

They said I'd like your style.

(rising whoosh and thudding)

(eerie music)

(low thudding)


(rising whooshing)

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I'm sorry.

You were saying?

You just kind of drifted.

I was, you know, I don't really have time to go over all of this right now.

Maybe we could get together later over dinner.


[Sam] Tonight.

I don't know what to say.

Say, "yes".


(crickets chirping)

(romantic piano music)

This is not how I usually conduct business.

You mean I didn't have to make love with you to get you to do my commercials?

Come on, I'm serious.

I know.

I knew you had charisma, but then I was at your office.

Then when at dinner you looked into my eyes, business became pleasure.

Mmm, my pleasure.

Babs, you're not gonna believe what I did tonight.

Even I don't believe it.

Call me.

So, details.

(sensual music)


Well, maybe.

He doesn't know that we're friends.

You mean both of us sleep with him?


Hey, get your own lives.

And you say I'm weird?

I mean, Babs, you can't play with people like that.

Men do it all the time.

Oh, and that makes it right.

You really like him, don't you?

I met him yesterday and I went to bed with him last night.

You figure it out.

This is serious.

He could be the one I could give it all up for, yeah.

This is serious.

Okay, then I'm out.

Just like that?

Mm hmm, I mean maybe it's for the best.

He's a distraction and I don't need distractions in my life right now.

You really mean that?

Look, money, marriage, men, nothing comes between us,

so yeah, yeah he's all yours.

I love you, Babs.

You should.

That wasn't easy.

(romantic saxophone music)


What are you doing?

Seems like I haven't seen you in ages.

I know.

Babs, Sam is just so wonderful.

(percussive music)

You make me happy, baby.

Can you just pay me and take me back?

This one's on the house.

Where you going?

That's a lot of cake you got in there for a little honey.

And you can't have it.

And while we're talking about money, since you can't have hers, I may as well have yours.

Let's see your piece, big boy.

(rock music)

Ah, now your money.

(blood spurting)



(gun firing)


(dog barking)

Another drug dealer bites the dust.

(elevator dinging)

I'm so sorry I'm late.

I got hung up with a phone call and stuff.


I never take ignore for an answer.

So, tell me what happened?

What do you mean?

We have this incredible night together.

We practically rewrote the meaning of passion.

You lay out some silly rules for our relationship and then you disappear.

Sam, we had one night together.

If that's all it was.

I missed you, I missed you, I missed you.

I missed the way you taste.

I missed the way you smelled, the way you feel.

I can't do this.

Why are you always running away?

I don't wanna own you, Barbara.

I just wanna spend eternity with you.


Look, I had a great time the other night.

Did you have a great time?


You had a great time.

I had a great time.

What is this hid and seek game?

Come on.


See me again.

Say something.

I'll think about it.

(sensual music)

Se se, se se mua.

Se se, se se mua.

Se se, se se mua.

Se mua.

I'm Dave Norton, distract attorney's office.

This is Ted Montval from internal affairs.

What do you girls want?

Put your clothes on.

You're come with us.

Oh yeah?

What for?

'Cause you got problems, friend, big problems.

Won't be the first time.



Mr. Brady, what can I do for you?

Well, my assistant tells me that you're in trouble once again.

Murder, robbery, planting false evidence.

I'm listening, but you can't prove anything.

I don't know.

I've got a sheriff down in Miami who claims he's got a little girl who can't get over you.

I seem to have that effect upon women.

Except she's reluctant to come up here, so I have to decide if it's worth the tax-payer's money to send somebody down there to check her out.

It seems like a waste of money and time, especially for a pimp and a whore, especially if it's gonna ruin the career of a fine police officer.

I'm listening.

You know Victor Crawford?

[Mulroney] The senator's son?

I want him.

What you mean is you want the senator's job.

What I'm saying is, if something bad should happen to him...

Boo hoo hoo.


Oh, Patrick.

You want me to set him up?

I didn't say that.

I said if something should happen.

You know, Mr. Brady, you're gonna have to get me a scorecard.

Why's that?

That way I can tell the good guys from the bad guys.

The weather's nice down in Florida this time of year.

You drop all the charges?


Well then, allow me to make a small contribution to your campaign, senator Brady.

Oh, excuse me.

I am so sorry.

Forgive me.

Get out of here.

Are you sure you're all right to drive?

What are you, my mother?

(upbeat dance music)


[Man] Drive carefully.

(car engine revving)

(car tires squealing)

(sirens blaring)

(rock music)

Foley, where are we on the Flora case?

Closing arguments today.

Good, I want to waste any more money or time on this guy they're shooting.

Just plead second degree and put this guy away, would you?

All right.

All right, thank you.

Sam, I know this is gonna make your day.

What's that?

They picked up Senator Crawford's son last night.

For what?

Drunk driving.

Emptied his pockets, found 10 individually-wrapped grams of cocaine.

You're kidding.

Traveling salesman, huh?

Not so fast, Sam.

I mean the kid says he knows nothing about it.

Well, I believe him.

He's probably wearing somebody else's coat, right?

Did you book him yet?

No, obviously not, Sam.

I think we should investigate this a little.

Well, that's why you're the a-a-assistant DA, Dave.


We have possession and we have...


[Sam] Can somebody please bring him in?

I'm on it.

Senator Brady sounds good.

Jesus, Sam.

He's the senator's son.

10 grams of cocaine, David.

He's also an idiot.

Mr. Brady, this just came in for you.

Thank you.

All right, everybody, let's get back to work and would you please stay on top of this Crawford thing?

Thank you.

Hi, it's Genevieve.

You have 30 seconds to be creative and then leave.

Damn it.

I need to talk to you, not a machine.

Where are you?

(romantic orchestral music)

You haven't called me in a couple of days.

Yeah, a lot of stuff's been happening at the office.

You know, I'm gonna be kind of busy for a while here now.

Actually, me too.

That' what I came to talk to you about.



Genny, what is it?

Sam, we're gonna have a baby.

You're joking.


I know this is a big shock.

Well, that's one of your basic understatements.

Sam, I've never been pregnant before and I don't believe in accidents.

This baby chose us.

Wait wait wait wait, wait, whoa.

I just, we...

You care for me, don't you?

Well yeah, yes, yeah of course I care for you, but you're, baby?



Tell me, talk to me.

Okay, uh.


(dramatic piano music)

Why didn't you tell me?

Things just got out of hand, Sam.

Okay, who else knows about this baby?

Just my doctor.

Not Harwood?

Not your hairdresser?


Good, good.

One point for my team.

Sam, I was so happy about being pregnant if never occurred to me that you didn't feel the same.

Feel the same?

Look what you two did.

You were messing around with my head and now it has come back to bite ya.

All right, all right, look.

There's this doctor that I know.

Sam, I'm not killing my baby.

All right, you're right, that wouldn't look good.

You are not the only one involved here, Sam.

And you're not involved at all, so shut up.

Oh, stop it both of you.

Sam, I'm really sorry you're not happy about the baby, but you're not, so go.

I don't need you.

I'm perfectly capable of taking care of it myself.

In fact, I can't wait.

So, just leave and no one will ever know it's yours.

Yeah, sure, then you blow up and the hormones start going bananas.

The next things you know, we're headlines.

Who do you think I am, huh?

A stumbling block in his career, right, Sam?

If indeed she is pregnant.

I'm sorry?

Sit down.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.


I have this friend, Judge Delaney, he can marry us secretly, in private in his chambers.

He can pre-date the certificate.

We'll do the right thing.

He owes me a favor.

Then we can announce our secret marriage and

your pregnancy.

You arrogant son of a...

Shut up!


One o'clock in my office.


I'm going to marry him, Barbara.

All packed.

Look, I owe you a big apology and I'm not very good at this sort of thing.

May I come in?

I don't blame you, but I've been doing a lot of thinking about this situation, about you and me and when I look at it clearly, without all the pressure and the emotion and the bruised ego, I seem to be the one who's coming out ahead here and you well, you're having my baby.

(dramatic piano music)

That's a good start.

I'm sorry about some of the things I've said.

I just, I really, I believe we can make this work.

[Genevieve] Do you really mean that?

I'm gonna be a daddy.

Yes, you are.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Oof, so,

all this stuff's coming to my place, huh?

Well, don't worry.

Barbara's coming over with her car.

Yeah, uh,

about Barbara.

(dramatic piano music)


She's gone.

I can't help it, but if we're gonna make this marriage work, if we're gonna build a family together, she can't be a part of our lives.

It just won't work.

Sam, you can't do this.

I can't do anything else.

I cannot deal with Barbara.

Just give it some time.

Look, it's all I'm asking.

Our life starts here today.

If that's what you want, I pray, I hope that is what you want, then it's gotta start without her.

I love you, Gen and I don't wanna hurt you.

Good morning, Mr. Brady.

Calls have been coming in all morning and I'd like to congratulate you too.

I think you'll make an excellent father.

[Sam] Thank you, Phyllis.

The governor.

The governor?


Governor, hello sir.

Yes, good morning.

Well, thank you, sir.

That's very nice of you to take the time to call.

I guess we just couldn't keep it a secret any longer with the baby coming.

I'll send her your regards.

Yeah, bye bye.

And your messages.


How, how could you do this, huh?

Barbara, calm down.

Calm down.

You just can't cut me out of your life like that.

(door knocking)

[Man] Two minutes, darling.

Sam can't deal with you right now.


Well, that's his problem.

It doesn't have to be ours.

Just give me some time.

I know I can bring him around.

I don't care.

I don't care how he feels about me.

I care about us.

_ But, Barbara, things are different now.

Things are always different, Gen.

I mean, you and I were constant.

Okay, but it's a very chaotic time in our lives and...

Oh, look, I don't want to hear about our lives, or a baby, or marriage.

Our rule is that nothing comes between us.

Babs, I'm married, I'm pregnant.

Don't you want what's best for me?

Of course I do and if that's Sam and the baby, then fine, but why is it you want them with me out of the way?

Oh, but that's not true, sweetheart.

Oh, it is true.

What are you afraid of?

What if,

what so if I'm out of the picture, there's no threat, is that it?

Oh, don't go there.

Okay, maybe at first I felt something like that, but when Sam said I can't see you anymore, I realized how empty my life would be without you and I argued with him, but he wouldn't budge and then I realized that he still had feelings for you.

Barbara, we created the situation with Sam and we gotta go through it together.

Just give me some time.

I can do it.

I don't wanna lose you either.

(door knocking)

[Man] Darling.

I have to go back to work.


(phone ringing)

Would you please leave us alone?

(police radios broadcasting)

So, you gonna help me?

You're my son.

When you were a boy I made a promise that if you ever got into trouble, I'd be there for you.

I've made your bail.

We can go now.

I didn't do it.

(car horn blaring)

Senator, senator?

Sam, this whole senator Crawford thing, it's way out of hand.

He's called me 10 times already this morning.

[Sam] Anything specific?

Well, no, but...

Damn you, Brady.

You wanna play politics, that is fine, but do not mess with my family.


You, out.

Sam, I can wait outside if you want.

[Sam] No, no, John.

I want him to stay here.

David, in fact, I want you to come over here.

I want you to witness what happens to a politician who spends one too many years in office and accomplishes absolutely nothing.

Sam, please.

Senator, I mean come on, let's be calm here.

Now, senator, I wanna assure you that I am personally investigating the story of your son.

Now, if it proves to be true, I'm sure Sam will be the first to tell you, your son will be exonerated.

Oh, you planted this stuff on him.

Victor was being busted for drunk driving when we found it on him.

I'm sorry, John, but this one is by the book.

Are you that hungry for my job?

This is not about your job.

It's about my job.

Victor was caught with intent to sell cocaine.

I know my son.

That's garbage.

No, you wanna know what's garbage is you coming in here with all this self righteous anger when you really don't care about Victor.

What you care is about your election.

You care about your reputation.

He's going down.

Let the cards fall where they may.

I'm warning you.

Get out of my office, Crawford or I'm gonna call the police or worse, I'll call the newspapers.

You picked the wrong man to mess with, Brady.

You're gonna lose this war.

(door slamming)


(light acoustic music)

How many times are you gonna read that?

Just getting myself in the mood.

Son of a bitch is gonna sink.

Don't you think his family's suffering enough?

It's called politics, Gen.

It's not about right or left, conservative or democrat, it's a war between people trying to keep their jobs.

I care about his family, I sincerely do, but he'd crush me like a fly if he could.

It's survival.

Did you pack the gun?

I'm seeing the governor's wife.

I want it to be habit.

Sam, I hate guns.

I hate them in the house.

[Sam] Well, I'm afraid you're gonna have to get used to it.

Why don't we start dealing with what makes me feel better?

All right, Gen, what is it that would make you feel better?

Barbara, I wanna see her.

Have a nice day.

[Genevieve] Did you hear me?

And try, please try and relax, huh?

(intense percussive music)

Tell me.

It's very rare.

Genevieve had an ectopic pregnancy that ruptured.

I had to operate and remove all the tubes.

No more children.

I'm sorry.

All right, thank you.

[Voice Over Intercom] Doctor, dial 182, please.

Please dial 118.

(intense eerie music)

(glass shattering)

Gen, what happened?

I don't know.

Something or someone's trying to contact me.

I'm gonna call professor Michaels tomorrow.

Oh, Gen, all this psychic guru stuff, it's great, but this is starting to scare me.

I really, I really would like you to see a real doctor.

Sam, I don't need Prozac and I don't need your sarcasm.

I need to find out why our baby chose to disappear.


It was an accident.

There's no such thing.

We choose our birth, we choose our death.

He sensed something was wrong and did not want to be a part of it.

What is going on here?

At first I thought it was a baby.

Maybe his soul hadn't crossed over and he was coming to say goodbye to me, but it's not and I don't know who or what it is.

Look, all I want is, it can't hurt for you to call this guy, this doctor.

I am not seeing a psychiatrist.


Clean up your own mess.

(shower running)

(Genevieve crying)

(heart beating)

So, does my best friend know that you're here?

She's why I'm here.

Trouble in paradise?

She lost the baby, Barbara.

(dramatic piano music)

I'm sorry, Sam.

Is she all right?

No, no, she's not all right.

She can't have another one.

Is there anything I can do?

Yeah, she needs you right now.

She needs you to be there to help her get through this.

And that's okay with you.

It was my idea.

What's happening, Sam?

Big case coming up and this family tragedy getting in the way?

Forget it.

You know, I'm gonna go.

I thought you were her friend.

I thought maybe you might wanna help her.

Look, I just wanna be clear about your motives, that's all.

I want her to have what she needs.

Right now, she needs you.

I'm over you.

You drive.

[Sam] David, you're worrying again.

[David] Sam, you can laugh if you want to, but this is a wrinkle.

I don't see that.

Please show me, tell me.

Victor identified this cop.

This Mulroney guy's the same guy that bumped into him the night he was arrested.

And we got a valet to confirm that.

That's not a wrinkle.

So, they're saying that they planted the cocaine at that time.

It's ridiculous.

No, it's not.

You know, you remember this Mulroney guy?

Eh, it sounds familiar.

It's the guy in Florida.

The hooker, the pimp, that whole thing.

Oh yeah, yeah.

That was nothing.

We dropped those charges.

Yeah, but right after we dropped them, Crawford's arrested.


So, his people are yelling collusion, frame.

Oh, David, they are grasping at straws, believe me.

Just let 'em yell.

Look, by the time this thing gets to trial, I'll be a senator.

Hell, I could be president.

Please, stop worrying.

(dreamy music)

Wake up.

Uh oh.




Hi, darling.

Looks like you two had one hell of a day here, huh?

Yeah, wonderful.


Uh oh.

Yeah, that's what I said.

Are you guys all right?

No, not at all.

Oh, don't worry, sweetheart.

I'll drive you home.


Oh, no you won't.

All right, gonna give you a lift upstairs and I'll come back and I'll give you a ride home.

Mm hmm.

[Genevieve] Isn't he a sweetheart?

The best.

Prince charming.

[Sam] Where are the keys?

In your purse?

[Barbara] No, pocket.

[Sam] Pocket pocket.

[Barbara] Oh oh.

Oh oh oh.

Where we going?

I see the bed up here.

Come on come on come on.

Okay, shh.

Come on.

(sensual music)

♫ Lover, come back

♫ To me

♫ Lover, come back

♫ Come back to me

♫ Come lover

♫ Lover, come back

♫ Lover, come back

♫ Lover, come back

♫ To me

♫ Stand up and come back

♫ Oooh

♫ Oh

♫ Lover come back lover come back lover come back

♫ To me

♫ Lover

♫ Lover lover

♫ Come back to me, come back to me




What are you doing?

Stop it.

Stop it.


Stop it.


What's with your foot?

You were rubbing with your foot.

You were sending signals.

Are you messing with me again?

No, what are you talking about?

Don't ever, don't ever play a game with me.

I'm not.

What are you talking about?

Stop it.

No, no.

Stop it.

(suspenseful music)


You're hurting.

(loud crashing)

No, no!

(loud banging)



Oh, remember that?

(loud banging)

I love you, I love you.

(bell dinging)

(phone dialing)

(phone ringing)


[Mulroney] Mr. Brady.

Yeah, who is this?

It's your local exterminator.



What the hell are you, don't, don't ever try to call me here.

[Mulroney] Just to let you know the Victor Crawford can't ID me anymore.

[Sam] What is that supposed to mean?

Let's just say that I tied up some loose ends.

Look, don't ever call me.

Don't ever try to contact me.

If I need to talk to you, I'll...

(phone clicking)

Are we...

You drive her home okay?


That was such a sweet unselfish thing you did for me yesterday.

I missed her so much.

Looks like you two did a lot of catching up.


Everything's gonna be fine now, Sam.

I can feel it.


I adore you.

Tonight I'm gonna show you just how much.


Maybe I can give you a little sneak preview right now.


You animal.

Barbara, from day one until last night, I have never stopped thinking about you.


Well you have a strange way of showing it, Sam.

I'm sorry.

I mean, I was working off some confused signals.

I lost control.

Lost control?

You son of a bitch.

I need you, Barbara.

I want you.

I desperately want you back.

And I wanna see you in jail, Sam, for rape.

I'm afraid that that's not gonna happen.


Well, we'll see, won't we?

You may be the DA, honey, but I've got influential friends myself.

What about Genevieve?

You think she can handle something like this?

She's all I've thought about, Sam.

It's why I haven't gone to the police.

She's stronger than you think, Sam.

She can handle it.

Well, you think she can handle the fact that you tried to seduce me, that I had to fight you off, that you're insanely jealous?

She'll believe all that, you know?

Because she wouldn't want to believe it any other way.

Barbara, god I hate this.

I have, I swear to Christ, I have nothing but love in my heart for you.

I told you the first time we were together that I wanted that moment, that moment to last forever.

I meant it.

(dance music)

You parked on six?

[Sam] No, I'm on the street.

Killed himself, huh?

[David] Well, it looks that way.

He put a rope around his neck and jumped off a chair.

Yeah, well it's a shame about this case.

Women and children are crying in my house.

Brady, I just wanted you to know that.

John, I'm sorry about your son.

I'll bet you are.

Look, can't we just forget about this.

It's over.

Not even close.

When it is over, you'll know what it's like to lose.

Shame on you.

(car horn honking)

We have to talk.

Sometimes truth can be so degrading.


Genevieve and I have a pact.

At least, we had one.

We promised we would never let anyone come between us to destroy our friendship.

Here you are again

and the sad fact is, I do want you and I don't know what to do about it.

Barbara, day one of my marriage I have been living a lie.

When I see her, I see you.

When I listen to her, I hear you.

When I touch her,

I touch you.

This would kill her.

Look, as soon as the election is over, I'll ease off the marriage as gently as possible, but you have to promise me that you'll be there, that you'll wait for me.

Then we'll be together.

(dog barking)

[Narrator On Tv] The tiger, creature of fate, an institutional killer can tear a body apart in a matter of seconds.

(phone ringing)

An adult man, the largest known predator averages seven...


Hi, sam, it's me.

I'm just lying here with one thing on my mind.

It's Barbara.

Great, I'll be right with her.

I've been talking to her answering machine for two weeks.

You hear that?

Yeah, she'll be right with you.

She's going off to Montreal to do her commercial for a couple of days.

I can't wait till I finally get you alone.

That'll give us some time together.

I don't wanna hurt her, Sam, but I have to see you.

Maybe you can pick me up in your limo?

Yeah, I think that can be arranged.

Sam, I'm gonna start at the top of your head and kiss every inch of your body.

Barbara wants to have a party.

Sounds great, but I'm leaving tonight.

Yeah, okay.



(ghostly breathing)

(eerie music)

(heavy breathing)

(eerie music rising)

(heavy breathing)

(loud thudding)

(gun firing)

Ah, Gen, Gen, what are you doing here?

You, son of a bitch.

You miserable worm.

Gen, listen, listen.

Couldn't you wait until I was gone at least two hours before doing it with someone else?

Gen, look, I think I know what happened here.

Oh, shut up.

I'm not stupid, but damn it, you two had me fooled.


The paper's are gonna have a riot when they find out about our divorce.

It's gonna be great for your campaign.

Gen, listen listen, uh, first of all, would you just put down that gun.

Put down the gun.

Okay, here, here's what happened.

I can see that for myself.

And I can guarantee you'll never happen again.

Oh, don't don't, babe, don't.


Put the gun down, Gen, please.


(suspenseful music)

[Sam] Give me the gun before somebody gets hurt, goddamn it.

(gun firing) (screaming)

What is that look?

Please, tell me what that look is.

I don't understand it.

Just look at me, what?

Are you nuts?

What is that look?

What is that look?

I don't know that look.


Barbara, I didn't, I didn't.

Look what you did.

Oh god, help, Barbara, please, help me.

Leave her alone.

Gen, Gen.

Goddamn it.

Just stay with me.

Squeeze my hand.

Squeeze my hand, you'll be okay.

Here here here here.

Don't touch her.

You killed her.

I didn't.

You killed her.

Would you just calm...

You killed her.


Shut up, god.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

(heavy breathing) fuck fuck.


Okay, we'll take care of each other.

Okay, shh.

I got a plan.

We got something, we can do something.


Do you love me?

Okay, you love me.


That's it, I can't stand this anymore.

I'm calling the police.

I said no.

Sam, we can't just sit here all night.


Her up there.

This is Genevieve we're talking about.

We have to call the police.

Barbara, listen to me.

Would you please just listen?

If we call the police and we tell them what happened, the media is gonna have a field day.

Actress and DA indicted for murder.

Wife killed after finding them in bed.

MOW, murder of the week.


It was an accident.

Have you ever seen a crime of passion trial?

We have absolutely zero chance, especially since I'm the DA and you're who you are.

And, Barbara, look, even if we're cleared, if we're exonerated, if we walk away scot-free, our careers would be ruined and I am not throwing away my career for some wacky broad with a gun.

So, no, we do not call the police.

That is not an option.

Are we clear?


(ominous orchestral music)


[Sam] Yes?

Are you ready for something a little off the wall?

I read a story once where a man murdered his wife.

He buried her right in the heart of the city.

(intense orchestral music)

Been filling these holes with cement for the past couple of days.

How do you know that?

I can see it from my office window.

[Barbara] This is awful.

[Sam] Yeah, well the alternatives are worse.

Get her, get her, right here.

[Barbara] Sam, this is crazy.

I mean, making up a story is one thing...

Look, look, it's a little late for an attack of conscience, all right?

I can't.

I can't do this.

Fine, fine, go to prison.

Gen, I am so sorry.


I'm just saying goodbye.

All right, right, just come on, help me ease her into the hole here.

No, I can't do it

[Sam] This is terrible.

Ah, she's starting to smell.

Help me ease her into the hole or I'll do it myself.

Just help me, goddamn it.

Get in here, get in here.

What is it with the police?

Goddamn it.

The body, hurry.


Goddamn it.


Down down down down down down.

(urine streaming)


Stay down.

[Barbara] Okay okay.

He's going.

All right, he's gone.

Okay, come on come on come on.

Go go.

[Barbara] What are you doing?

(siren blaring)

I've gotta fill it up and cover her up so they don't see her when they fill it with cement.

Out of the way, out of the way!

Okay okay.

Think I'm gonna throw up.

All right, all right.

(phone ringing)

[Spalding] Hello.

Spalding, hi, it's Sam.

Listen, I'm sorry for calling late, but I got a real problem here, buddy.

[Spalding] Mr. Brady?

Look, do you still have that cabin up at Spruce Lake?

[Spalding] Uh, yeah, but I haven't been up there for a while.

[Sam] Great.

[Spalding] What is it?

Well, it's, it's Genevieve, she's slipped back into this depression thing and we've been talking and we think that if she just went up there and she spent some time, you know, just got the fresh air and breathed a little, she might see things a little bit more...

[Spalding] I understand what you're saying, sir.

Genevieve would be comfortable there.

It's all yours.

Aw thanks thanks thanks.

You are a life-saver.

[Spalding] Oh, thank you, sir.

The keys, they're in the same place.

[Sam] Keys are still in the same place, good.

[Spalding] Uh huh.

Does she know where it is?

[Sam] Yeah, I'm sure she knows how to get there.

If she doesn't I can always draw her a map.

[Spalding] All right, if there's nothing else.

Yeah, we're gonna try to get some sleep now too.

[Spalding] Okay.

[Sam] I guess I'll just see you in the morning then, right?

[Spalding] Yes, sir.

Good night. Bye.


I have never been so scared in my entire life.

I know.

The gun, the gun.

What did we do with the gun?

It's okay.

I buried it with her.

(dramatic orchestral music)

We start tomorrow.

[Barbara Voiceover] He drove around with a girlfriend disguised as the wife, being seen together by friends.


Jesus, David, you scared the hell out of me.

(car horn honking)

Listen, we're late.

The mayor's waiting.


You all right?

Yeah, you just, you startled me.

Come on, let's go.

[Barbara Voiceover] No one ever found the body.

They were all looking in the place she had supposedly disappeared.

(door knocking and opening)

[Sam] Yes, Phyllis?

I've tried your wife again and there's still no answer at the cabin.

How many times have you called?

This makes six.

Do you think she's all right?

Sure, she, yeah.

Look, why don't you try one more time before you leave and, if you don't have any luck, I'll give her a call when I get home.

Thank you.

Barbara, Barbara, you just gotta trust me.

Everything is going just fine.

Phyllis has tried to reach her for two days now.

I'll tell her there was no answer tonight.

We try tomorrow then we call the police.

And then what?


Look, at least we don't cost the state fifty grand a year for the next twenty years.

Yeah, I know.

Barbara, I love you.

Nothing is gonna change that, but you just have to trust me.

Shouldn't you make the call?


Where's the phone?

Behind you.

Yeah, just to make sure there's a record.

[Operator] AT&T, can I help you?

Operator, hi, this is district attorney Sam Brady on a priority three.

I've been trying to make a call all day and I need you to put me three.

[Operator] Certainly, Mr. Brady.

I'm sorry you've been having difficulty.

What is the number please?

That's area code 555-878-3662 and what's your name?

Sunny Booth, operator seven.

Thank you, Sunny.

(phone ringing)

[Genevieve] Sam?

Sam is that you?

What's the matter?


Hello, hello?

[Genevieve] I love you, Sam.

(suspenseful music rising)

Who is this?

Who the hell is this?

[Genevieve] I loved you, Sam.

Hang up.

Hang up, hang up.

(phone dialing)

Somebody found out.

That's impossible.

Well then, who's on the phone?

I don't know.

(phone ringing)

Somebody knows.

(car tires squealing)

(eerie music)

(fire crackling)

(door rattling)

[Genevieve] I loved you, Sam.

(door slamming)

Sam, is that you?

(suspenseful music rising)

I loved you, Sam.

(intense orchestral music)

(shower water running)

(ghostly voices whispering)

(phone ringing)

[Barbara] Sam.

Sam, is that you?


[Barbara] Oh my god.

Sam, you have to get back here right away.

Why why, what's happening?

[Barbara] I just saw her.


[Barbara] She's here, Sam.

I saw her.

All right, look, I'm on my way.

Just stay calm.

Barbara, there is a logical explanation to all of this, but you have got to stay calm.

Listen to me, okay?

I was in the kitchen, all right?

I was making coffee and then I heard something scratching against the glass and I turned and she was there, Sam.

She was right there.

Her face was, I don't know, it was contorted.

It was pressed right against the glass.

Barbara, that's impossible.

Whoever it was, I don't know who it was, but it was not Genevieve.

Whoever it was, their face was pressed against the glass, that's why it was distorted.

It was not Genevieve.

We have buried her.

Yeah, well whoever it was, I called the police.

You what?

What do you expect?

[Sam] What did you say to them?

That I heard strange noises.

What did they say?

They told me not to bother them again.

Look, I didn't know what else to do.

(eerie music)

Oh no, it's happening.


Look, she used to talk about visions, you know?

Death options, stuff like that.

Yeah, yeah, I, whoooo, I know all about it.

Yeah, well she believed them.

People used to believe that the world was flat, but nobody fell off of it, Barbara.

Sam, I'm telling you, she was right there.

I'm freaking out here.

You want freaked out?

You want freaked out?

Come on, I'll show you freaked out.

Look at this.

(eerie music)

What the?

What are you looking for?

The, uh, I found her bloody dress up there, when I was up at the...

What dress?

What do you mean what dress?

The dress she was wearing when...

Where the hell is it?

Sam, just take it easy.

I'm telling you, Barbara.

It was in this towel.

It was wrapped up in the trunk.

When I left the cabin, it was in there.

Yeah, just like I saw Genevieve upstairs.

Please, will you just back off?

Leave me alone.

Let me try to figure this out, please, please.


I'm going upstairs.


Mr. Brady.

What are you doing here?

I was just in the neighborhood and thought I'd drop by.

How'd you get in?

That's the least of your problems, pal.

What are you talking about?

What I'm talking about is senator Crawford.

He cornered me today and told me the jig was up.

He knew all about us.

He said he was gonna use the full power of the senate and the FBI.

And you believe that?

He has nothing.

Doesn't sound like nothing to me.

He knew all about the bird in Florida.

Well, I must have overestimated you, because you're not as smart as I thought you were.

Yeah, I'm smart enough to know when to get out.

You better start moving too, pal, or the whole world's gonna come crashing in on you.

What is that supposed to mean.

What that means is I want $100,000 by tomorrow night.


Don't make no excuses either, 'cause I know you got it.

And then I take a slow boat to China and disappear.

There's nothing left to investigate.

That's a good idea.

[Mulroney] You think so?

With you gone, they can't connect me with anything.

How 'bout 68,000?


That's what I got in cash here.

You take it, you're gone tonight.

Tomorrow, I open up the book on you.

I demand an investigation.

Let's do it.

Safe's in the garage.

The garage?

Well, think about it.

You think crooks are gonna be looking for a safe in a garage?

Hey, that's pretty smart.

No wonder you're

(tongue clicking) and I'm...

[Sam] Let's go.

Hold on a second.

Just a little insurance.

(low thudding)

You're just the same as everybody else.

[Sam] Let's go.

Hey, what's with the Easter bunnies?

I like rabbits.

There you go, help yourself.

Help myself, help myself.

(gun firing)

I always carry extra insurance.

[Narrator On TV] There's been another dramatic development in the bizarre case of senator Crawford's son, Victor, who allegedly hung himself last week after being arrested for trafficking cocaine.

Early this morning, the police officer who Victor Crawford had accused of setting him up, Patrick Mulroney, was found murdered execution style, shot at close range.

(suspenseful orchestral music)

(car horn honking)


Too many people have died too conveniently.

I think this whole thing is orchestrated and I think you're the conductor.

Oh, come on, John.

That's ridiculous.

I'm gonna nail you, Sam.

Stop making threats, Crawford.

If you're gonna do something, do it.

[David] There will be no statement at this time.

We're still investigating.

[Reporter] Who are you?

[Man] There he is, there he is.

[Reporters] Mr. Brady, Mr. Brady.

Whoa whoa whoa whoa, folks folks.

Folks, calm down.

All right, look, I'd like to make a statement here.


It's all right, David, it's all right, it's all right.

Senator Crawford has made some very serious allegations against myself, my office, and the police department.

Now, first we didn't acknowledge them, because we attributed them to a man, who in all fairness, had recently suffered a great loss,

but after reading last night's report on the execution style murder of officer Mulroney, we do know believe that he and Victor Crawford were involved in one way or another.

One or both of them involved in drug trafficking.

What about the senator's allegations of your involvement?

What about it?

[Reporter] Mr. Brady, senator Crawford has alleged that this whole case was a political move on your part and that his son...

Was caught with cocaine.

Are you planning on running for the senate, sir?

Sir, I do not think that that is an appropriate question at this time.

Now, in regards to the drug charges, we are going to do a full-scale investi...

(eerie music)

Somebody stop that woman.

Out of my way.

Come on, out of my way.

David, did you see it?

No, I saw it.

Sam, what is going on?

Who did you think it was, sir?

My wife, she's been, she's been missing for a couple of days.

You mean you and your wife are separated?


Did you say you and your wife are separated?

No, I didn't say that.

Would you, just get out of my, get out of my face!

All of you, get out!

Thank you, thank you.

David, get me out of here.

Let's go, let's go.

A soul must leave this plane in peace.

Ghosts, you're talking about ghosts.

Genevieve is obsessed with visions of violence.

She feels that something or someone is trying to contact her.

And you're telling me you believe all this.

Let me tell you a story.

There was once a man doing life.

He'd beaten his wife to death, but he'd see her in the dining hall, in the exercise yard, everywhere.

At night he would scream that she was in the cell with him.

Yeah, well of course.

His mind was playing tricks on him.

One day he was working in the metal shop and he started screaming and yelling that she was there, to tell her to leave him alone.

(suspenseful orchestral music)

Now, before anyone could stop him, he plunged a screwdriver into his right eye and then into his left eye.

I certainly hope you don't want me to tell anybody that you saw a ghost.

Something bothering you?

I mean, is there something you'd like to share with me?

No, nothing, nothing at all.

A guard said that after he was healed, he was blind in both eyes.

Still late at night, he'd scream that he could still hear her.

The eyes of the soul are everywhere.

We can not hide from the truth.

Maybe now you believe me.

Barbara, ghosts do not exist.

The answer to all this haunting is somewhere up at the cabin.

There are other forces at work here and I'm gonna find out what they are.

But we kept seeing her here, Sam.

Yes, but it started up at the cabin.

There's something that we're missing.

So when will I see you again?

How long are you gonna be gone?

Two months.

That's perfect.

Don't you see that's perfect?

After I report Genevieve missing, I'm gonna be going back and forth to the lake acting crazy, like I don't know what's going on.

There's gonna be a lot of focus on me.

I'll call you as soon as I get there.

Do you have to leave right this minute?


I'm not gonna see you for two months.

I know, but,

oh you drive me crazy.

How do you do this to me?

(eerie music)

What is that?


Did you hear that?

I heard something.


Check it out.


And if it's nothing.

Hold that thought.

I'll be back.

(thunder crashing)

Barbara, did you lock the front door when you came in?

I'm coming.

You forgot to lock the door.

I still love you.

You hear me?

I said I love you.

You sleeping?



(lightning crashing)

(ghostly voices whispering)

(intense orchestral music)

(loud hissing)

[Genevieve] Hello, Sam.


Hello, Sam.

No no.

I had to come back.

I was the only one who knew.


Knew about killing me, raping Barbara.

You're dead, you're dead.

I buried you.

Remember, I can slow my pulse and heartbeat down to nothing.


You raped Barbara and deceived me.

So, you killed her?

You're right, Sam.

We should've kept her out of our lives.

Oh, Sam, you were right, out of our lives.

We should've kept her our of our lives.

You're crazy.

You're crazy.

Somebody's gotta lock you away.

When people find out about you and Mulroney.


Oh, so you did listen on the phone.

Now I have to clean up this business too.


You are gonna die.

I'm gonna kill you.

No, I don't think so, Sam.



You okay?


Oh my god, did we kill him?

Where's the tape?

Go go, come on.

[Genevieve] The tape.

Got it?

Got it.

You look good as a blonde.


(suspenseful orchestral music rising)





I'll get you.

I'm gonna kill you.



I am gonna kill you.

I am going to kill you.

You're dead.

David, you were in on this?

He's got your job now, Sam.

(suspenseful music)

(gun firing)





You were using blanks.

That's how you did this?

Okay okay okay.

All right, all right.

Oh god.

(heavy breathing)


Ah, ah.

Now it's over and now you know what it's like to lose.

Kiss my butt.

Caught in traffic?

Tape's upstairs.

Never mess with a senator from the United States.

Those visions, the three people struggling?

What about them?

Sometimes you're so weird.

I don't mind tormenting men, but I like to do it with a certain

[Barbara And Genevieve] Je ne sais quoi.


(dance music)

(tone beeping)