An English Haunting (2020) Script

You must be Margot.

I'm Marian Clark, I've been taking care of the house and your father these past few days.

I'm sorry to have called you in such a state of urgency, but the situation here has become difficult.

You must be Blake.

Afternoon, miss.


Your grandfather told me a lot about you before he, well.

You'd best come up, see for yourself.

So the old crank's still breathing?

He's been better, Miss Clemonte, but you'll be glad to know he's resting now.

Oh yes, very glad.

You can leave their bags here.

We'll be back for them later.


Don't straggle, please.

Aubrey resides on the top floor, so you'll have almost the entirety of Clemonte Hall to yourselves.

He looks just like Nana did.

He's been this way for nearly a week now.

I mean, he wasn't much better before this last episode, but at least he had the energy to find his way about the house on his own.

It's most troublesome for his nurse, poor girl, but you won't have that problem as you can tell.

And where's the nurse now?

She left.

Said Mr. Clemonte scared her, that he was creepy.

Couldn't bear to be alone in the house with him.

Believe me, I pleaded with her to stay whilst we found a replacement, but there's no consoling her.

I'm afraid you're our last resort.

Does he talk then?

Hasn't spoken a word in days.

He can still talk though?

I don't know how much you know about your father's illness, Miss Clemonte, but his mind has severely deteriorated.

It's been going this way for a long time.

When he does speak it's complete gibberish.

Doesn't know who he's speaking to, where he is, or even who he is anymore.

Can he hear us?

It's hard to tell.

If he shits the bed I'm not cleaning it.

You can deal with that, Blake.

For Christ's sake, Mom.

Please, Miss Clemonte, we contacted you because he needs his family.

He needs your love and care.

I'll show him about as much love and care as he's shown me in my life.

How about that, Dad?

Oh, don't worry.

I've got worse problems than dealing with shitty sheets.

It's not a bad price to pay to keep a roof over our heads.

This room is for you, Blake.

It's a very special room.

I hope you'll like it.

Fit for a king.

And if you'll come with me, Miss Clemonte, your room is just down the hall.

Oh, yes.

This will do me nicely, I should think.

There are spare blankets and sheets in the wardrobe if you need be.

What have you found there?

Some old toy.

Just came outta nowhere.

Do you like it, Blake?

You can have it if you want.

Just leave it alone, Blake.

It looks filthy.

So, what do you think?

Spooky enough for you?

No, actually.

It's rather peaceful.

Spectacular, even.

I think I'm gonna love it here.

Well it's certainly more space than your father would've left us with.

When I was a girl I was terrified of staying here.

All these old rooms, long dark halls, dusty furniture.

Now it all just appears quite miserable, empty, and soulless.

Somewhere I can call home.

Vile thing, isn't he?


Always was a ghastly looking man.

He's like some wax work that should be displayed in the chamber of horrors.

No wonder they kept him in the attic all this time.

You shouldn't do that here.

I know, I shouldn't.

Well, tis what it is.

Free house, free place to stay till the old bastard croaks.

Do you have to be so unkind?

What if he can hear us?

Oh, I hope to god he can.

Aubrey wasn't a pleasant man, you know.

He was a recluse.

Very secretive with macabre interests.

Drove my mother to the brink of madness.

He was always kind to me.

Oh, you were so young you wouldn't remember.

I remember it well, spending time with him.

It's all coming back to me now I'm here.

Unusual for your grandfather.

I'm gonna take a look around.

Off you go then.

It's our house now.

That was nice.

I thought you weren't gonna do that here.

Oh, drop it, I'm just settling it.

That was Elgar.

This can be a music room if you like.

I'll keep my nose out.

Perfect place for your studies.

Found that in the library.

The last ones of Granddad.

Me and him together.

I feel like we've been sent off, Blake.

Sent away to be forgotten.

Nobody's problem.

I can waste away out here without interruption, only you to witness it.

I called your dad earlier.


He's going to come by for a visit.

Tomorrow, I think.

So let's pretend that we love it here and we're living like kings and we're bloody well better off without him.

You'll do that for me?

We're here for Granddad.

He knows that.

Yes, but leaving you with me is difficult for him, isn't it?

I can look after myself just fine.

I've looked after you when I've had to, haven't I?

Better than anyone else ever did.

Go to bed, Mom.

No thanks.

I think I'll sit here awhile.

Watch the flames.

The chair.

How did it get

out there?

I've done the best I can.

It hurts!

Just a little longer, Jacob.

I'm scared we won't make it.

There's so little time.

Now now, don't cry.

I don't want to die.

I want my mother back.


It hurts.

Who's in there?


Open the bloody door, Margot.

It's cold out here.

Hold on!

What took you so long?

It's bitter out there.

You found us, then.


You really are on the utter ass-end of nowhere.

Not a single house or car for miles.

It's what a private drive is, Gordon.

Dad valued his seclusion from the rest of the world.

Perfect dwelling for you then, eh?

Where's Blake?

Morning, Dad.


Everything going okay here then, Blake?


Good lad.

You going to offer me a cup of tea then, Margot?

Blake, get the kettle on.

Have you seen my violin?

It's not in the case.

You were playing it yesterday.



Who's out here?


He's such a shy lad.

He can't keep his head buried in those books forever.

Oh, it's what he likes.

Just leave him be.

How's he gonna make a life for himself all the way out here?

It's not for you to decide, Gordon.

He makes his own choices.

You leave him no choice.

He knows how much you depend on him.

I'll just leave them on the side.

Thank you, Blake.

We are alone here, aren't we?

I mean, there's nobody else living on the grounds.

Just us, why?


Just wanted to be sure.

Give us a moment, Blake.

11:55, 21st of April.

I saw him again today.

I was unsure if perhaps I might've been seeing things.

It wouldn't be the first time unpleasant visions had presented themselves to me in this old house.

This time I knew I'd seen the boy and I knew what to expect.

I'm positive I've seen him exploring the grounds before.

The boy looks like no child has ever looked.

Not something you would recognize as human.

Some sort of birth defect, perhaps.

Whoever he is and whoever he belongs to, he has taken a liking to Clemonte Hall and I suppose he's taken a liking to watching me.

Somehow I find it comforting.

Even when I'm sure I'm alone I suspect he might be spying from the...


Let's have a word.

It doesn't get any easier watching him leave.

We managed decades of ups and downs, all of that just to be left here.

Not a thing to show for it.

You've got me.

It's more than he has.

Can you believe he once asked me to marry him?

What'd you say to that?

It was the wrong time.

He asked me just after you were born.

He loves you dearly, but if he'd felt the same about me, well, I waited but he never asked again.

You know why that was.

Oh, that's better!

Bring some life into this house!

Oh god!

You're a good boy, Blake.

What would I do without you?

You'd have to dance with Aubrey.

Why don't you give it a rest, Mom?

Just for tonight.

It's just easier to drink and allow you to hate me.

I don't hate you.

I'm just asking you to stop for one night.

If it was easy as just stopping don't you think I'd have just done that?

Locked up that basement and poured every bottle down the sink?

Why don't you?

'Cause then I'd have to find more.

And what a bloody pain that would be out here.

He said you'd carry on like this.

Well, it must be exhausting being right about fucking everything.

It must be very easy being so fucking predictable.

Oh, just leave it, Blake!

I've heard it enough times.

And when will you listen?

Christ, you sound just like your dad.

I'm nothing like my dad!

I've stood by you.

I've done everything I can and it's still not enough!

Maybe you are a lost cause.

The thing about family, Blake, is you're stuck with them.

We can't hide our mistakes from family and we can't all be perfect.

So one day, Blake, I'm going to get to see you make the wrong choices and then I'll be the one who gets to judge.

I'm not judging.

Just asking for my mom back.

Today was the day.

It's been three months since my last sighting of the boy.

Put out the food at the kitchen window on occasion and most of the time I've found it gone.

I know he's out there.

He moves like a ghost only when I'm not around will he come.

Finally, I was out in the woods picking blackberries and our paths crossed.

I spoke to him.

I asked the boy his name and I told him mine.

He didn't answer.

I'm sure now that he's not been taught to speak.

He makes noises but not words.

And evidently he was taken aback by me speaking so warm and competent as if he'd expected me to be afraid or repulsed.

Of course, I was none of these things.

Without words I could still tell he was charmed by that.

I told him he was welcome in the house.

I tried gesturing for him to come inside but nothing could tempt him.

It's very likely he's retarded and doesn't fully understand, so I said goodbye, leaving him to it for now.

I have a plan now.

If I leave my door open, perhaps even play music to entice him in, I think the boy might gain the confidence to enter Clemonte Hall and then he'll have to talk to me.

I can teach him to communicate.

He could be my next project.

My next obsession.

Something to pry me away from these terrible studies of evil things.

Mom! Help us, Blake!

Help us.

Help us.

Help us! Mom!

I came as soon as I could.

I've been up most of the night.

I'm sorry.

I thought you said he wasn't well enough to walk.

Something had him agitated.

Bless you, Blake.

He doesn't know what he's doing.

He's totally lost in a place he's spent most of his life.

It's a lot to contend with.

Did he say much while he was up?

You said on the telephone that he was speaking.

Just nonsense.

What nonsense?

Nothing I could understand out of context.

You're quite sure?


How long's he been doing that with his hand?

Since we dragged him back into bed he hasn't stopped.

It's as if he's writing.

He can't write.

It's just a muscle spasm, he has no control over it.

Miss Clark, wait!

Yes, dear?

The previous carer.

You said that she left?

You said that she couldn't stand being here.

That she was frightened?


Perhaps you have a telephone number or an address I could write to her.

Oh no, she won't come back here, I can assure you.

The room I'm staying in.

That was her room, wasn't it?

Why do you ask?

The wardrobe is still full of her clothes and other possessions.

Why would she leave without taking her belongings?

Unless her leaving was unexpected.

Even to her.

She didn't leave.

Not exactly.

What do you mean by that?

Her name was Anne Harper.

When I came by for my weekly check in, Anne had simply gone without a trace.

Nobody's heard from her, she took nothing.

It was only her and Aubrey alone in this house and we've not the faintest idea what might've happened.

That's the honest truth.

All we know is she's gone.

And you didn't think to mention this?

Would you have stayed knowing the previous occupant had disappeared into thin air?

I didn't think so.

My job is to ensure Mr. Clemonte is looked after, so I saw to it.

He had somebody here to care for him.

Sorry I had to be dishonest.

I'll pray you are both still here when I return next week.

What if he's not ill?

Of course he's ill, Blake.

No, I mean, what if it isn't dementia?

What if it's something unexplained?

Something in this house that's doing that to him?

I've seen some weird things here.

Oh, Blake.

Something drove his carer to leave without warning.

What was so awful that she would leave an elderly man like that?

I don't know!

Maybe she's just an unreliable old cow.

Do you know the things he used to do?

What he used to spend his days researching?

I've been listening to his tapes, reading his notes.

Don't let your imagination turn this into something else, Blake.

I'm not.

I know it's hard and unpleasant for you seeing your grandfather the way he is.

If I'd known the state he was in maybe I wouldn't have brought you here.

Don't torment yourself looking for logic in his madness.

Aubrey isn't there anymore.

He's just a shell.

Blake, wait!



At what exactly?

He drew that.

Dad drew it?

You know, I don't he's as brain dead as Miss Clark wants us to believe.

These are scribbles, Blake.


But the same scribble again and again and again?

It just keeps going.

It's just lines.

But how can he do them the same over and over?

It's an exact floor plan of Clemonte Hall.

How can you explain that?

He knows this place like the back of his hand.

This is the basement?

That is, yes.

And this room?

There isn't another room.

I've been down there, it's just a wine cellar.

Not according to Granddad.

He went down there by himself.

I'm not going in again.

There were spiders the size of dinner plates.

Stop it!

The boy has done well.

He's learning new things every day and every day he returns to Clemonte Hall.

I've called him Jacob, which he appears to like.

Today I continue to teach Jacob to speak.

He loves the old library.

He's becoming quite comfortable it seems except for the height on the side of the ground.

At first I thought perhaps he was shying from them as he used to shy away from me.

But I had a thought.

It could be that these...

Is who are his parents?

That he was in fact born on the Clemonte estate in the ground keeper's lodge.

They might've kept him there as a ugly secret.

I won't miss him yet because they'll take the boy away if he is indeed their son.

It's clear they wanted to keep him hidden from the world and especially from me.

It's not fair to threaten a child, to give him no life, no voice, no name.

Oh god.


I'll be out in a minute.

Where were you when I needed you?

I'm here, always have been.



It's human bones.

The basement room.

It really was down there.

You have to see what he did, Mom.

You have to see what happened in this house.

He killed that boy.


The thing hardly looked human.

Perhaps they did that to him.

Oh stop it or I'll be sick.

I've seen him, you know.

Jacob is his name.

He's been in this house with us since we got here.

I think Aubrey's being punished.

Jacob is still here watching over him until he's dead.

I think we should bury the bones.

Isn't that what you do when there's something evil in the house?

You take it out and you put it to rest.

I just want the thing out of the house.

I need you to be here first thing in the morning.

Promise me, Gordon!

Blake, he can't stay here.

It's too much to explain, just make sure you're here.

Thank you.

So we're leaving?

You are.

I'm not going anywhere without you.

I don't know what's happening in this house, Blake!

You can't just keep pushing everyone away.

This isn't about me!

You have to face the problem, you can't do it alone.

Blake. Mom.

I said I'd stay and help.

I don't want your help!

I brought you into a nightmare with me.

I've been so selfish, I didn't spare a thought for you.

It's just, without your father, I didn't want to be here on my own.

I couldn't face it.

So I've dragged you into this darkness with me.

I am sorry, Blake.

You can't stay here in this place, this twisted place.

I'm losing my mind.

Even with all the cruel things about this house I couldn't be anywhere else, Mom.

We'll bury the bones.

Bury the past.

Over here will do.

Start digging.

Oh, Jesus Christ!

Who are you?

Are you hurt?

What's she doing out here?

Let's get her up.

Take her arm. Okay.

Get her arm. No, no, no, no, no!

No, no.

No, please! We need to get her into the warmth and call for help.

Don't make me go back there, please!

Don't make me go back to the house!

Just grow up, lady! No!

We need to get her into safety.

No, no, no! What are you doing here?

Don't make me go back please!

Mom! You can't stay out here!

Will you tell me your name?

How long have you been out there?


You need it.

I saw you, didn't I?

You were the one in the greenhouse.

You're her, Aubrey's nurse.

They said that you disappeared.

You left my father in his state.

Some nurse.


Well, she owes us an explanation.

I couldn't stay up there that night.

Aubrey was behaving so strange.

He was talking, always talking with himself.

I could hear him all through the night.

He told me it was me, that it was somebody else in the house.

Somebody speaking back to him.

It wasn't somebody.

It was something.

And how do I really know this?

Small occurrences at first.

Things will move, doors would open.

It could have been the wind, maybe.

But at night it got worse.

It was as though, because it was harder to see, the thing in this house, he would play bigger games with me.

Every time I tried to sleep the chair will start to rock.

That's how I knew he was watching me.

And the more he watches, the more of it you begin to see for yourself.

He was there all along plain as day before my eyes.

First, just a glimpse of a figure, a shape.

Turning the room cold.

From a dark corner.

But then I would see more.

A hand, a body.

And then a face.

That awful, horrifying face.

Once I've seen it, I realized it wasn't the first time.

Just my mind hid it from my eyes.

He was there.

He was always there.


That's his name.


That's what he called himself.

The boy was murdered here.

So you have seen him already.

Only glimpses.

Not glimpses.

He can't just be glimpsed.

He occupies this house for anyone to see, anyone who dares to look.

He occupies Aubrey.

Somehow he and Jacob are one.

And now that Aubrey's dying, he's after anything that's living.

Anything that's living is still not safe in this house.

I hear them say that.

I hear them talking, plotting.

Well, he hasn't spoken since we've been here.

He talks.

Maybe it's no longer him, but he talks.

Clearly you've had a fright.

I can prove it to you.

You don't have to believe me, I'll show you.

Tell them what you said to me.

I know you can speak!

I have hear it with my own ears!

Now talk, damned you!


I'm not crazy.

If you won't speak, you may as well be dead.

She knows what she's doing, let her do it. Talk to me!

She's gonna kill him!

All right, that's enough!

We can't die.

What did you say?

We can't die.

Not yet.


Not my time.

Too young.

Can't have this old body no longer.

Tell them what you told me.

Tell them your name!


Your name's Aubrey.

Aubrey, your old man's gone.

I keep us alive.


Till she can find us a new one.


My mommy.

I miss her.

I said, "Don't leave."

But she said you'd suspect.

She said it takes time.


For what?

For the boy to be ready.

Aubrey told her you're the one.

She got you to come here to help me.

Who got us to come here?

Miss Clark.

Who is Miss Clark?

The nurse they sent from your agency to replace you.

She comes by every week.

I'm not from an agency.

It's just my sister and me.

Blake, pack your things!

We're leaving tonight!

Anne, you call for a car to arrive immediately.

I'll go and open the gates.

As soon as the car gets here make sure you're ready to leave.



Blake, they got him!

Oh, Blake!


He's in the house!

He's already here!



Open up!

Open the door!

Oh, Jacob!

Come now, Jacob.

It's time.

Oh no!

Oh no.


Stop, please, stop!

Come on now, Jacob.

We're going to your room.

Do you remember?

You always used to love spending time with Mr. Clemonte.



Your mother's left you, Blake.

She cannot love you the way I loved Jacob.

I never asked your grandfather to take my son from his disgusting body.

Jacob has nowhere to go unless you let him in.

Let him be a part of you, Blake.

Let Jacob become you.

Let me go!

Please let me go!

You'll never find a more loving mother than me.

It's all right.

Jacob, my son, the wait is nearly over.



Go to your room, Jacob.

And don't come out until it is done!


Stop, please!

Please stop!


Oh my god.


Oh no!

Oh my god!




Jacob! Blake, run!

Just go! Jacob!

Run, run! Jacob!

I won't let you take my Jacob!

You can take my father, but I won't let you take my son.

Oh, Blake!

Blake, oh, Blake!

Oh, Blake.



Time to say goodbye, Blake.

As soon as they find a buyer, mark my words, we're never coming back.


Think I spent far too long here.

Help me!