Anaconda (1997) Script

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Please, help. Somebody, help.

Miss Flores. Professor Cale.

Come on in. When did you get in?

A couple of days ago. I've been talking to some guides...

...hoping they might know the whereabouts our tribe.

Any luck?

Well, Looks like there's sufficient evidence to suspect these people are out there...

...can be found and studied.

At least, that's what I told the grant people.

My man seems to think that the tribe was somewhere around here...

...between these two tributaries. He'd found one of their markers.

Well, that's good. Yep, I think we may have a chance.

Well you get me there and I'll shoot it.

I'm counting on that. That's why I hired you.

And I'm glad you did. I really appreciate it.

Well, I wanted the best director I could get.

I think we'll make a good team.

You're a mess. What happened to you?

Oh, just a small attack of piranha. Barely escaped with my life.

Somebody's up awfully early.

Yeah, well, today's a good day.

Is that right? Oh, yeah.

Not every day my homegirl from SC get to direct her own documentary.

You ready?

I think so. That's right.

Congratulations. Thanks. - Mateo?

I see you made this a pleasure cruise.

Come on, you know me.

I don't mix business with pleasure.

Okay, well, what about if we go up through here?

This way better. If not, I cannot be responsible.

Okay, well, it's only 55 kilometres out of the way.

Shouldn't be a problem. Better safe than sorry.

Morning. Morning.

Mateo, you understand me? Sure, I understand.

Great. I'm gonna need you to drift through that channel over there. I wanna get some shots.

As you say, chefe.

For your approval. Thanks.

So where's Westridge? I know he checked in.

He's probably just catching up on his beauty sleep.


Careful! Bordeaux. Fragile. Expensive wine.


Morning. Morning. How was your flight?

Actually, it was a bloody nightmare. Ongoing, I think.

One zoom lens.

You. Stow this in my room, will you?

Excuse me? I'm not the bellhop, I'm the production manager.

Then surely you can manage my things into my room.

One pompous ass. No. In some cultures, that's a sign of friend and respect...

...when somebody asks you to carry their bags.

Respect this, sound man. It's not me who said that.

Mr. Westridge, Terri Flores. Terri, this is a pleasure.

Professor Cale lent me some of your films.

I thought they were very promising.

God, it's hot. Are we on the equator? Well, thanks.

Welcome aboard, I guess.

I think he likes you. Oh, you felt that too?

Damn, Cale, you look like a little low-budget-ass Jacques Cousteau.

Yeah, well, whatever the hell that means.

It's good to see you, man.

Chefe, ready for Rio Negro.

All right everybody. Double check your gear, make sure it's all onboard...

...and pray you didn't forget your bug spray.

Our adventure begins 1000 miles from the mouth of the mighty Amazon...

...deep in the heart of the rain forest.

From here, we will travel by river barge...

...up through shallow tributaries and unexplored backwaters... search of the elusive people of the mist: The Shirishama tribe.

One of the last great mysteries of the rain forest.

Is it just me or does the jungle make you really, really horny?

Oh, no. I think it's the jungle.

I'm serious. I've got, like, one thing on my mind.

Can I work, please?


Save me! I'm stranded.

My boat is stranded in the roots.

Help me!

Help me! Hello!

Check it out, there's a dude on a boat over there.

Hey! Pull over to his boat.


We'll bring you onboard.


Thank the Lord for you. Thank the Lord.

You hurt?

Are you okay?

My propeller tore off in the roots.

We can't take you back to Manaus. We're headed upriver.

At the next village, I know the people. They help me fix my boat.

I sorry if I be trouble for you. There's no need to apologise.

We're all at the mercy of our machines.

Your's broke.


Fish, river-style.

Not bad.

We're gonna have to get that on film next time.

Ever work in a sushi bar, Mr? Serone. Paul Serone.

Where you from, Mr. Serone?

Paraguay. Really?

I started out studying for the priesthood...

...but then I needed to see the real world.

So I ended up in the jungle.

I seem to fit.

Tell me, what does a failed priest do in the jungle?


Who says I fail?

I didn't fail.

I'm sure you didn't. Well, what is your calling now?

Snakes. Snakes?

I catch them.

For zoos and collectors. Whatever they want.


Poaching is illegal. May I ask what you are hunting?

We are not hunting or trapping anything.

We're making a documentary on the Shirishama Indians.

The People of the Mist? That's right. You've heard of them?

I've seen them.

Really? You think you could show me where that was?

You people saved my life. This I can do.

I can show you exactly where I saw the Shirishama.

So slurs every other river rat after five whiskies in any bar in Manaus.

Come on, lovey.

Five whiskies?

That's breakfast on the river.

Well, does salad go well with fish river-style, Mr. Serone?

Salad would be perfect little baby bird.


Look at that.

What are those, fireflies?

It's pretty, huh?

Family Lampyridae.

On certain nights they all gather in the same tree and use their...

...night flashes to announce their readiness to mate.

Well, whose flashes, the males or females?

Both, actually.

The females with a series of short, dainty feminine little flashes about eight per second.

The males respond with a series of long, drawn-out manly flashes.

I like that.

No pick-up lines, no misunderstandings.

Just instinct and nature.

I've missed you.


Bloody racket.

Hey, hey, hey! Don't touch my radio.

You know, I could cheerfully hire someone to kill you.

A local tribesman, perhaps. Fifteen dollars should cover it.

I could just kill you for free right now. Oh, yeah?

You and whose army? Your mama's.

So are we getting close?

Just around this bend.


A snake totem.

This totem is Shirishama.

Shirishama worship giant snakes, anacondas as gods, protectors.

There's a legend they pass down of a journey to a sacred lake.

First you must pass a waterfall protected by warrior snakes.

Once you pass those guardians... travel through the land of the Shirishama...

...until you come to a wall so high, it blots out the sky...

Follow that wall for five days, finally reaching its end the head of a giant anaconda.

You know the story. Of course.

Beautiful, beautiful legend.

I believe, however, it's a legend of the Maku.

Also the Shirishama.

Not to my knowledge.

The water is high now, but the village was right here.

You'll find them down this fork. I know, I trap snakes for a living.

And I'm sure you're very good at it.

I locate tribes for a living and I'm very good at that.

The water level is high, which by my calculations means...

...the areas to this side will be flooded...

...which would force our tribe, if they wanted to eat... seek out higher ground. So over here.

Which way?

We'll go this way.

Westridge, I wanna get a shot of you with the totem. And, Gary, you're gonna roll sound.

Camera rolling. Action.

Our first piece of luck: A Shirishama idol although this is the subject of some dispute.

I know what I know. You can accept it or reject it.

Leave me at the next village. Cut.

With pleasure.

What the hell was that all about?

We're gonna go out and get some wild sound.

Well, just be careful.

We will.

See you guys.

All right.


It's unbelievable.

Gary? What?

Oh, my God.

No, wait.

Do you hear that?

The silence.

Run, Gary!

What was that? I don't know.

Mateo, shine the light over there.

These two are fortunate to be alive.

What happened? You guys okay?

Man, you should have seen it. What a shot.

This guy just blasted this thing coming right at us.

Wild boar.

Gores with his tusks. Goes for the eyes.

Denise, are you okay? Yeah, thanks.

From now on, everybody stays onboard at night, all right?

No exceptions. That's a smart idea.

Mateo, let's cut him up. Food for a week.


My turn? No, it's my turn.

No, it isn't. Yeah, it is.

Mateo, do you have control of this vessel?

Lie, if you must.


Goddamn rope's caught in the propeller.

Well, looks like I'm gonna have to cut us loose.

It's maybe better I do it. This river can kill you in 1000 ways.

I can handle it. The only thing I'm really afraid of...

Okay. the candiru acu.

Can do what?

Candiru acu. It's a tiny little catfish.

It swims up into your urethra, finds a nice warm spot...

...spreads its thorny little spines and refuses to budge.

You have to cut it out.

That's it, man. I'm getting the hell back to L.A.

Terri, something's wrong!

Oh, my God.


He's hurt. I'm going. Hold up, hold on. Hold it, I got it.


Hurry up.

Come on, guys. Come on.

Steven? Oh, my God.

Is he breathing?

Faster, come on. Is he all right? Is he okay?

Hurry. Oh, my God.

Dan, be careful. What is it?

It's okay. What is it?

Take his mask off. Be careful, be careful.

Get something for his head. Okay.

He's not breathing. Move him.

He's not breathing.

Something for his head. Here.

There's something in the mouth.

Oh, dear God.

Oh, damn. What's that?

Oh, God.

A wasp.



Well, he's still not breathing. What are we gonna do?

Oh, God. How did this happen? Alcohol.

I've got whisky in my flask.

Quickly. What's that for? What are you... - ?

He's breathing. He's breathing. That's it. He's gonna be all right.


He seems okay. We should go now.

Man, that radio don't work. We have no communication.

Hey, I can't fix, okay?

We can start now. No, no, no.


We don't get this man to a hospital soon...

...we might as well throw him in the river.


Terri, we got lights.

Good. Mateo, we're just gonna double back.

Fighting the current, lose two days.

Cut back to this tributary, save us 50 miles.

This is the route you suggested we take yesterday.

Yesterday for a different reason.

Now our concern is getting Professor Cale to a hospital... fast as possible.


I hope you know what you're doing...

...because I don't know about this dude.

What choice do I have?

What the hell is this?

Hey, Terri, come here.

This is the river you know?

No, this is new.

But no cause for panic.

I'm not panicking, I'm just looking at this wall...

...that's blocking our way down this river that you know.

Well, let's just see what we can do.

Hey, is that real dynamite?

It's always good to be prepared. Prepared for what?

Well, you gotta be kidding me. That thing must be there for a reason.

Yeah, to keep us out.

I'm talking about upsetting the ecological balance of this river.

Well, look, I can blow it in 10 minutes...

...or if you feeling sensitive, we can turn around and lose two days.

It's up to you.


Oh, for God's sake, blow the bloody thing.

Just give me 10 minutes, people. Ten minutes.

I'm gonna need some help. Gary, get the little boat.

There's something down there. That's right.

No, I really mean it. I really mean it too.



Goddamn it. These snakes.

Oh, God.

Babies. All of them babies.

Well, how do we get them off the boat?

Come on, babies. Come on, back to your mama. Come on.

Come on.

Some of these aren't babies.

Mateo, there's more right here.


You little shit. Serone, help him get it off.

Someone get this bloody thing off my freaking hand!

Get it off!

So young and yet so lethal.

Get it off me. Come on.

Later, sweetie.

You knew there were snakes here, didn't you, Serone?

It was a pleasant surprise.

What about the fuel?

There's only one drum left.

That's enough for about 100 kilometres.

About a day's ride. Well, that will have to do.

Go, go. Back to your mother.



How's he doing?

He's breathing normally now. That's good.

We'll get him home.

I just don't know what's going on, you know?

Serone's supposed to help us get back to the hospital, right?

And he acts like he owns this river.

And we run into a barrier full of snakes. s I mean, where is he taking us?

Mateo. Mateo! Stop the boat.

Stop it. Why are we stopping now?

Could be fuel.

You know that boat?

There's lots of boats like that.


I get the distinct impression there's nobody home.


Come with me.

Hold up.

I'm gonna get this on film.

You don't need sound, do you? No, I'm not gonna go over there.

Go aft.


Kind of spooky in here. You think so?

What the?


Help me with this. What's that?



Hey, be careful. I put my camera in here.

Mateo, that's it. Let's go.

Hey, I'm coming. I'm coming.

What's all this? And what about the fuel?

There wasn't no fuel.

Great. Where's Mateo?

I don't know. He was right behind us.


I'm going back. Serone, go with him.

Maybe some other time.


Stuck in the middle of nowhere and now we've lost the driver.


Come on, man. Stop playing.




Yeah. You okay?

I'm all right.

I didn't see him.

How very reassuring.

Here, this is it.

This is all you found? Yeah.

What the hell is this? Anaconda skin.

There's snakes out there this big? This skin is three or four years old.

Whatever's shed it has grown since then.

But something like this has made a meal of our dear captain.


Snakes don't eat people. Oh, they don't?

Anacondas are a perfect killing machine.

They have heat sensors.

A warm body like Mateo's in the water wasn't hard to find.

They strike, wrap around you, hold you tighter than your true love.

And you get the privilege of hearing your bones break...

...before your power of the embrace causes yours veins to explode.

No, Mateo's probably just lost. Oh, wake up.

Imagine something this big, captured alive.

That's worth a lot of money, Gary.


Please, people...

...don't make me out a monster.

I didn't eat the captain Mateo.

Come on, everybody.

We are not sure that Mateo is dead.

So we'll just wait here till morning. Are you insane?

Where do you think he went, a walk in the woods?

Now listen. We've got to get the hell out of here.

Oh, get a grip, Westridge. I've got a grip.

We are not leaving. If it was you out there, you'd want us to stay too.

Listen, if it was me out there, I'd be dead, don't you see?

Just go into your cabin and lock the door.

Like a bad boy. All right. All right.

Where are my shoes? Where are my shoes?

We're gonna aim some lights at the boat. That's a good idea.

Lights are a good idea.

I'm not so sure he didn't eat the captain.

He sure looks satiated.

Think he's still alive?

No. Let's go to bed. Okay.


Danger is exciting, huh, Gary?

You go on to the bed, I'm gonna catch up to you.

Gary, come on. I'm just gonna talk to him for a second. Then I'll catch up to you.

Well, hurry up, I'm scared. I'll be right there.

So it's out there, isn't it? Yeah.

And you know how to catch these things, right? That's right.

But you can't catch an anaconda by yourself. You need a partner.

Capture alive maybe a million dollars, Gary.

Still no Mateo.

Keep it steady, Westridge.

Steady it.

Man, what the fuck are you doing?

You can't catch anacondas without bait.

Oh, my God.

Westridge, let's go. No, Westridge. Stop. Not on my boat.

Your boat? You speak for everybody?

Gary? She speak for everybody?


Well, I mean, the way I figure it, with Cale messed up, I mean the movie's off.

Why not salvage something?

You know, let's film Serone capturing a big snake.

Have you lost your mind? Have I lost my mind?

No, I haven't lost your mind. If anything, I'm completely lucid right now.

I think it's you guys who need to open up your eyes.

Yo, hold up.

How we go from taking Cale to the hospital... catching a goddamn snake? Do you know where you are?

You're in the middle of the jungle.

Okay, all you guys do is you question and you criticise...

...but just remember, you don't know shit about the shit we're in out here.

And neither do I, okay?

But I guarantee you I know who does: This guy.

Paul has been here.

And if we help him catch the snake...

...then he will help us get out of here alive.

And that, amigos, is not insanity. That is common freaking sense.

Come on, Gary, this... this isn't you.

Honey, what did he do to you? Stop, okay? Stop.

Think about how much money this will be worth.

Imagine capturing something like this on film for the first time ever.

Let's be honest. What else are we supposed to do? I know what I'm gonna do.

I'm about to throw both of you son of bitches in the river myself.

I don't think so. I didn't want this to happen, people.

Let's go, Westridge. Okay.


Occupy yourselves. Play some cards.

Nobody move.

Gary! Gary, get the lights.

Westridge, stop the boat. Stop it.

Get it over here, Westridge. You're gonna get us all killed.

That's it, that's it.

Go for the eyes.

Go for the eyes. Blind it. Oh, man.

He's fishing for snakes. The man gotta be crazy.

Just let it go.

Westridge, come here. Come down here.



Where is it? Where is it?

Don't move. I'll get it with the tranquillizer.

Denise, get up here. Get up here.

Gary, help me.

Get out of there. Grab her, man.

I'm stuck.

Grab her hand.

The snake, it's in the water! Let's go!

Gary! I got you.

Gary, give me your hand.


Gary! No!

It's no good to me dead.


Oh, God! Oh, God!


May the souls of the faithful departed...

...through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.

Westridge. How dare you.

It was you who brought that snake.

You brought the devil.

There's the devil inside everyone.

Get your hands off her. Horrible.

Westridge! What?

Take my gear up to the pilot house.

I'm not your bloody poodle.

What you say?

How dare you presume to order me about?


How you like I presume to throw you in the river? You like that presume?

Take it upstairs.

Thank you.

Everyone else, don't move.

Get back. Get back.

Terri, let's talk.

You want something?

I just want to talk to you.

I was thinking about the myth.

I don't know if you know, but this...

This film was supposed to be my big break.

And it's turned out to be a big disaster.

Anyway, I was just thinking...

...that maybe I could film you...

...capturing the snake and then... wouldn't have all been for nothing.

I don't know. It could be dangerous.

Well, I know.

But at least you'd be there to protect us.

You need protection?


It's been a long time...

...since I had a woman.

You think I'm stupid?

I'm not stupid.

It worked. Asshole in one.

Shall I hit him again to make sure? No. Let's throw him in the river.

Haven't we had enough of that? I'm ashamed to say I enjoyed it.

Come on, let's just tie him up, okay?

This was all one big setup, huh?

Mateo, you stranded...

...the shipwrecked boat, your route to the hospital.

How can you forget about the wasp?

See, what you do is not so hard.

I can trap a snake too.

As smart as you are, you can't survive without me.

Hey, we're gonna be home soon, okay?

I can't believe how good you're doing. Hang in there, baby.

Is it hard to drive?

It's a doddle, like driving a Cadillac Fleetwood.

Tell you what, I'll give you a driving lesson.

Right, black knobs: Up to go forward, down to go back.

Red knobs: Up to go fast, down to go slow.

Wheel: Four turns hard over, left and right.

If you get into trouble, turn off the ignition, all right?

Take it for a spin. That's it?

Take us back to civilisation.

Shit, no problem.

Take us back to...

...crisp sheets and hot showers.

The playoffs and a six-pack.

Eighteen holds of golf and a quadruple gin and tonic.

L.A. Traffic and my cellular phone.

Don't start.

The waterfall.

It's a beautiful sight, baby bird.

The legend was right.

What is this place?

Oh, dear.

It's absolutely beautiful.

What the hell was that? I think we hit the bottom.

We did. Hey.

Turn the wheel hard over left.

Right. Put it in reverse.

Shut it down.


We got to winch ourselves loose.

Whoa, what are you doing?

I mean, we have to get in the water? We ain't got much choice.

I figure me and you go over here, wrap a rope around that tree.

You, you wrap a rope around that tree.

Pull it tight. If not, we're stuck here forever.

We've got to make it quick, in and out.

I rather hoped I'd done my bit.

That's our rope right there.

Just enough to go around the tree, right? Yeah.

We'll take this, get it around that trunk right there.

Make sure it's secure. Roger.

Hate this. Last time I was in water like this...

...I was up all night picking leeches off my scrotum.

Aren't you gonna pray?

Never look in the eyes of those you kill.

They will haunt you forever. I know.

I firmly resolve with the help of thy grace... confess my sins...

...and to amend my life. Amen.

Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus... bird.


Hurry up.

Shit. Back on the boat. Now.

Come on! Go.


Get on the boat. Go on, hurry.

Come on. Come on. Quick!

Get up. Hurry, it's there!

All right. Get up!

Over here, you fat-assed bastard.


Westridge, go up the rocks. Go!

Get up the rocks!

It's coming. Go!

Go get the gun. What are we gonna do?

Go get it.

Hurry up.

Come on, man.

Westridge, keep going, man. Danny, watch out!

Danny, move your arm.


Look out!


Danny! Danny!


Westridge? Westridge?


Come on, hurry up.

I'm caught.

Come on, Danny. Hurry up.

Come on.




Danny, hold on.

Hold on.

Come on.

You killed my warrior snake.

Get up.

The dart.

The tranquillizer's working. Get him.

Damn, the dart came out his back.

Come on, almost there.

All right.


He's lost consciousness again.

I'm gonna try to get us out of here.

The tree knocked us loose. All right.

Hey, Terri, look.

They might have some fuel for us.

Let's check it out.

Need some help? No, I'm cool.

I don't even wanna know what happened here.

Me neither.

I hope they got some fuel, though.


Those drums. Could be fuel.

A snake skin.

Look, there's plenty of fuel in here. Welcome.

Time to wake up.

Monkey blood.

I'm gonna kill you, Serone! I swear to God, I'm gonna kill you!

Don't get me upset.

See this?

Human bones.

That's how it comes out.

Ashes to ashes...

Oh, shit.

Oh, shit. Look.

Up, on three. Come on.



Come on.

Get loose.

Let's get the fuel and get the hell out of here.

Don't worry, just go.

Run. It's coming for you.

Danny, where are you?

There's a whole nest up there. I'll have him chase me up the smokestack.

No, I've got the legs. Okay, we can trap it there.


Go. Go!

Hey! Can you climb up the top?

I can use the rope. Hurry up, I think I can blow him up.

I'm about to light it. Go ahead, I'm at the top.

Danny! Okay.


Get out, the fuse is lit. Danny, wait!

Push it on the side! Hit the hinges!

Hurry up! You gotta jump!

I can't, it's too high. Just jump!

I got you. Come on.

Did we get him? Did we get him?

We got him.

You all right?


We should get the fuel... we can get the hell out of here, all right?

Come on.

Come on!


Let's get out of here.

Miss Flores.

You're a mess.

Found another one.

Here, let me see that.


Serone was right.



I'll get the camera.

I think so.

Right. Roll film! Camera rolling.