Anastasia: Once Upon a Time (2019) Script

"Once, the Romanovs ruled all of Russia"

"For 300 years the dynasty reigned"

"from the first family to the last"

"When the revolution came so too the change"

"and the Romanov name was seen as a threat"

"But another name would rise..."

"The name of a young girl that would become legend"

"Though no one can say for sure what happened to her"

"many timeless tales suggest it's more than it seems"

"For where there lives hope..."

"There will always live dreams"

The festivities are beginning Anastasia What are you doing all the way out here?

Something doesn't feel right Rasputin Another ball another party It's just the butterflies...

From all these guests

It's more than that It's the people I wish everyone could come all of Russia One day, when you rule they will I can see it It's part of your...


And our plan is still in place for the ball?

It is Now, let's go find your family The ball's about to begin

Good evening Tsar Nicholas Wonderful night for a gathering Yeah, thank you Please, enjoy the party

Ah, Tsar Nicholas May I have a moment? Of course

Thank you for always being there for her Often I think you may be her only friend It's just the age I know it well It was the age when your family found me and brought a homeless boy in Now, Your Majesty I have been researching trade routes on how we can improve the resources for the people Always working, my friend I have something for you

I cannot accept this but you must It is one of many advantages of being Tsar

You are now Grigori Rasputin Grand Protector of Russia Thank you Then as Grand Protector I must advise you to entertain Lenin tonight Just with a close eye Prosperity brings peace and Lenin rises with the people It'll be a gesture of goodwill Lenin is opportunist and is not to be trusted He'll go to unthinkable lengths to achieve his goals I have already informed him that he is not allowed on this premises Not on this night nor any other Do not worry, Rasputin We must always stand for what is right no matter the times In you, Russia trusts as do I I seek your counsel

This choice is not easy The correct choices never are

The heart of Russia grows cold Lenin But a new Russia needs you if it is to rise The people, your people they starve...

While their extravagances thrive But what is needed I just cannot...

It is one family... or an entire nation The people look to you to lead If the Tsar does not respect this you must show your strength... and never look back

Once done...

It shall be done

Russia cannot continue under this rule of the Tsar The people starve our resources and power weaken by the day Let me lead you to rise against Nicholas and restore our impoverished nation back to prominence For the people, I plead to you

The Tsar Nicholas has decreed that you shall not be allowed... to be on the premises this evening This is the final order...

The order of the Tsar You see, elitism! Royalty!

They mock us as commoners They mock the very essence of our country!

Mark my words when I say this this will be their great downfall Their lavish balls their imperial costumes their feast and arts...

I vow to end this dynasty from ruling our Russia Once and for all!

Father, the ball has begun Anya, you can't be here It's very dangerous It's okay We do it for her We do it for the children of Russia That's who we fight for the children of Russia for new Russia Are you with me comrades?

Then hold your vodka up high For peace, land and power!

Miss, please don't let them start a conversation Last time we spent the whole night

Just remember, you can always use a dance with me as an out Oh, my hero A conversation I will enjoy A pleasure to see you again As always, Russia is extremely appreciative of the alliance between our two countries As is China We are honored by your invite No doubt we will have many a moment to discuss our continued friendship Still no princess, I see Well, I look forward to the day There are plenty here you know Fighting I seem to have mastered Dance partners on the other hand...

Well, I do trust your journey here was grand?

Grand, like all adventures are

My beautiful children

How did we get so lucky?

It is not luck How do I look, Father?

Dashing, like the princes in your storybook And just as brave!

Is it ready?

Of course I made you a promise and I intend to keep it But first what about him?

I made your father a promise that I'd find you a prince Him?

Gross Well, I tried But now...

And this year we have a special guest!

We welcome the orphans

I have a feeling that was your daughter As usual I believe you are correct

"At night when I'm dreaming"

"A magic might find me with a home and a family"

"and stardust behind me"

"A warm fire that glistens"

"A mother who listens"

"Food on the table"

"And bedtime with fables"

"Yes, I do believe"

"Someone out there loves me"

"They may be far away"

"But we'll find each other someday"

"For now, I'll let my dreams run free"

You did say you wanted another child

May I have this dance? Will you dance with me?

Told you I'd be asked first! We were asked at the same time!

You have got to be kidding me

Why, yes I would love to dance Right...

Tsar Nicholas I must speak to you

I had a vision It's Lenin

No, not on this night Rasputin Lenin is at bay The guards are at the gates Just enjoy the festivities my old friend, okay?

I'm here for my meeting with the Tsar!

Come! Hurry!


Go Hurry!


Stay, stay

Where is the Tsar?

No sign of the royal family The guards have searched everywhere There are places in the palace places unseen

But where?

There Is it ready?

Lenin will soon know of our whereabouts The link is nearly complete We must move Rasputin, now!

It is ready The children first Are we going to be okay?


Take this, it will bring you magic when you need it Blue will tell you who to trust and red will tell you who to fear And what will be of you?

I'll find you with this Now go, Anastasia, go!

Go, Anastasia Be strong Papa, are you coming?

Alexei, you must be brave like in the storybooks Now go


Papa! Anastasia!

You must go No, Papa!

Seize him!

Tell me what you did with her Never So long as the blood of a Romanov lives so, too, does the heart of Russia So be it

"Read this song of days long gone"

"Darkened spirits take and roam"

"Souls untwine"

"Rise as mine"

"Time before and time after..."


Now he is ours Find her, the Grand Duchess Anastasia

You're going to have a great time at the party, I just know it Sure thing, Mom Beatrice invited you herself you know Yeah She invited me because you're her mom's boss We've talked about that, Megan It's not a...

I swear...

So many deer this time of year Yeah...


Okay Thanks, Mom Of course So coulda walked But thanks anyway Call me if you need anything okay?

You got it I love you Love you too Bye, have fun


Happy birthday, Beatrice Thank you so much I'm super glad you made it Me too You know, I've just been adding gifts to the table but since you're right here I'll just go ahead and open yours Oh, no you don't have to do that Just put it on the table I insist It is my birthday, after all Right Anything for your birthday Beatrice

I love it! It's perfect Thank you for coming Yeah Thanks for, like inviting me Megan! I'm so glad you could make it Thanks for coming Let's get your skates Here, let me take that I'll put it with the others Oh, thanks You're very welcome, and please tell your mother I said hello Will do

Size five, please Size five

Seriously? What is this?

I told my mom not to make me invite her Come on let's get to the good gifts

No good book should ever go to waste

Wasn't a hit?

Yeah, well, Beatrice is kind of an idiot, so...

Someone smart should enjoy it


I can't let a fellow booklover leave empty-handed Store policy Pick out any book you'd like It's on the house tonight Any book? Any


"I am Dracula"

"I stumbled upon a most amazing phenomenon"

You're home early Yeah, you were supposed to call What happened?

Party ended early I had a great time though Really tired I think I'm gonna head to bed Okay Hope you had fun

You sure everything's okay? Yeah, Mom, I promise The party was great Trust me Okay I just wanted to check in Thanks, Mom You bet

"The History of the Romanovs"

I know you're there Come out

I knew it was you...

The girl from the road Why are you following me?

And why are you dressed like that?

It's okay It's actually a cool dress It's just, you know different

You're safe here I won't tell anyone if you ran away I've thought about doing it too The whole "no friends weird parents" thing Totally get it If you need a roof you can stay there for the night The Millers are trying to sell it, so...

It's empty


Come on

Here, hold this

It's just a flashlight You know, to help you see in the dark A flashlight? Wow!

Where again did you run away from?

I come here sometimes just to get away Just make sure you keep the lights low It draws attention It's a lot more comfortable than it looks

Gotta go I'll check on you in the morning, okay?

What's your name, anyhow?

Annie It's nice to meet you, Annie I'm Megan

Okay, okay I'm up

Did... Did you do this?

Yes You don't like? Like?

I love This definitely brings value to the neighborhood But...

The Millers are gonna be really mad if they drive by and see it...

With us So... Why don't we get out of here?

But after I change

Welcome to my room

I have to change but it'll only be a sec It's a perk of being 12

Make yourself at home though

"Everything okay out there?"

"I know you're new here and stuff"

"but if you're planning on sticking around" there's this really cool Halloween party that everyone goes to

Ready to roll?



You act like you've never been to a playground before A playground?

Yeah, a playground You know grounds where you play?

The swings are my favorite They always make me feel like I'm flying Come on

What are you waiting for?

It's safe It's just old I come here all the time

I don't understand It's all in the feet And, well remembering to hold on

You got it

Okay, the higher you are the more fun it is

Okay, so at the highest point we fly Ready?




I like playgrounds Yeah, they're pretty great

Who are you?

And isn't Halloween next weekend?

Come on, Beatrice leave her alone

Must have got it from the same place you got that stupid book Yeah, go back to your hole Megan

Let's get outta here How...

How did you do that?

Russian trick Well, whatever it was it was awesome!

Awe-some What is this awesome? It means...

Well... How 'bout I just show you?

Besides, we've really gotta do something about that dress

Where to?




Oh, the mall? The mall Choose your words, pal Ain't but a few miles away And this baby's got plenty of horsepower Where are the horses?

Come on in

You look like a weird old, creepy man Now, honey, you know I said not to talk to strangers, okay?

It's just a movie on a TV You know, Back to the Future A TV?

Yeah, like the one at the Miller's house Except this one is on... and really loud It works by...

Actually, I don't know how it works but it's really cool Come on, we've got a Bliss album to listen to

Why are you listening to Bliss on that right now?

She's giving a surprise free concert in the mall right now Come on, come on Follow me

Who's Bliss?

I can't see, do you?

"What you gonna do when I pickin' up the phone again?"

"Oh, what you gonna do when I say I'm thinkin' about you"

"Tell me what I wanna hear whisper in my ear"

"'Cause you and I could be just one breath or two away"

"Or you can say this is all for nothing"

"But how you gonna know if you're never gonna give in?"

"How's it gonna be if you never believe it?"

"I don't wanna go and change your mind"

"Oh, I just want your love"

"The simple kind of love"

"Every day I see it clear hoping you appear"

"I am reckless I can see it all before my eyes"

"It's another light in this summer's day in"

"Up on the phone when the city is sleeping"

"Out at night I plan to see it"

"I don't wanna go and change your mind"

"Oh, I just want your love"

"Your love"

"I don't wanna go and waste my time"

"Oh, I just want your love"

"The simple kind of love"

Well, come on do something!

"I don't wanna go and change your mind"

"Oh, I just want your love"

"Your love"

"I don't wanna go and waste my time"

"Oh, I just want your love"

"The simple kind of love"

I don't know how you guys got up here, but that was...


You're amazing!

I mean, you're amazing I totally get why they call you Bliss Thanks Why does your dress look like that?

What... She means is...

So cool Yeah That really works Well, I think you're dress is pretty cool I wasn't really expecting that type of interesting dance to that song But I like the way you guys switched it up If you want, I can show you what inspires my look That's the key, inspiration Really? Sure You know, after I'm done with this concert and everything Right, the concert Yeah, that But I'll meet you guys after, okay? Okay! Come on

"Lying in my bed I hear the clock tick and think of you"

"Caught up in circles"

"Confusion is nothing new"

"Flashback, warm nights"

"Almost left behind"

"Suitcase of memories"

"Time after Sometimes you picture me"

"I'm walking too far ahead"

"You're calling to me"

"I can't hear what you've said"

"Then you say, go slow"

"I fall behind"

"The second hand unwinds"

"If you're lost you can look and you will find me"

"Time after time"

"If you fall I will catch you I'll be waiting"

"Time after time"

"If you're lost you can look and you will find me"

"Time after time"

"If you fall I will catch you I will be waiting"


Mommy, my corndog

You, come on, get in here You're on

The villain show's up next The villain line is up next, people You are too good, man Let's go!

How's my evil mustache?

You wanna be a real villain?

You definitely need an evil mustache

Places, guys, come on, let's go Let's go, line it up Your turn You guys are up, you look awesome Come on!

All right! Yes All right Next up is our villain collection

You, right there Let's go, let's go

Right, go, go

Come on, you're up

Evil! Evil! Evil!

Evil! Evil! Evil!

That was awesome! Can I take your autograph?




Oh, gosh! I'm so late But this was so worth it Yeah, thanks for being so you know...


If you're ever in California look me up We will Right, Annie?

I've always wanted to go to California

Sir! That's really not appropriate You need to leave


Annie, that's a pretty name Thank you It doesn't sound very Russian though Is it Russian?

I knew immediately where you were from because of your accent I am fascinated by Russian history Catherine the Great Ivan the Terrible The Romanovs...

Do you still have family there?

Yes Well, it's a different world

Here you go, honey

Oh, my...

Well, I would love to meet your parents Maybe next time we can all have dinner together That'd be great


No, spaghetti What are you waiting for? Dig in

That's how they eat spaghetti in Russia

I... I... did you know this? I had no idea But...

It's certainly more fun

I'm really glad you have a new friend Yeah A friend

So I'm guessing Coke and spaghetti are your favorite things now Very much so Oh, this is my favorite part

"I had the time of my life"

"No, I never..."

Come on You leap, and I'll catch you

I've always wanted to do that

I got these...

Two birthdays ago And I've never really had anyone to share them with What is it?

They're friendship bracelets You get half, and I get half So we're never really apart And when we really are together they're whole

Can I ask you something?

Anything Who are you really?

You know, the bushes the day at the playground The necklace that glows You're different I know it Yes

I don't understand

How is that even possible?

When Lenin rose against us Rasputin created a portal to a place where we would be safe He sent me through with this amulet For its glow would guide me to someone I could trust But my family...

I was the only one who made it through


Do you know what happened to them?

No Only what's in the book

It's okay I'm glad you found me even if you had to time travel to meet me

I'll always be here for you Besides...

We're family now


I'll pick you up at ten but no later And no walking home We got it Thanks, Mom Don't call me Mom it's Mummy Right, Mummy Oh, and girls happy All Hallows' Eve

Come on


Remember, it's all fake Plus, she's, like, four

Trick or treat?

One quick stop before the party?

Do we get trick and treat?

Watch and learn

Actually, why don't you do it?

Everyone loves a princess Especially a real one So I just knock on the door and they give me things?

Yep That's the power of Halloween

Knock harder

Trick and treat?

Have you found her?

She has eluded me Time is ticking Find the girl and bring her to me

Dude, you are way too old to be trick or treating

The haunted house party is gonna be amazing Dude, everyone in town is gonna be there Okay, we are talking Risky Business amazing Dude, can I just say for a minute how much I love you?

Come on Let's explore

I think he likes you

How do you say gross?

Gross is exactly what you say

Oh, look it's Queen Bee Beatrice


Come on A haunted maze A haunted maze?

I give up Trust me You're gonna love it

Hey! I'm telling

Okay, so the fun is figuring a way out Don't we just go out the same way we came in?


Keep up!




How did you find me?

Are they...



It is time to go home, child

Megan! Megan!


Annie Annie


Looking for your friend?

We saw her leave...

Without you

We march to you now You have done well Rasputin We await No!

Where's your friend?

I just wanna go home, Mom But...

Okay Is she OK? She's fine...

I guess


Cool costume, freak

"we are live on the scene the accident"

"that has caused quite a disturbance this Halloween night"

"Mike, we're here at the scene"

"It's absolutely nothing but carnage around here"

"And the children are running around screaming"

"We have no idea what exactly has gone on"

"We can tell by the way that the cars are all being pushed..."

"Something amazingly huge has happened here"

"Now ten minutes ago here at the park"

"there was a horrific accident"

"Now, first responders are already on the scene"

"they're cleaning everything up"

Seriously? "This was on the intersection"

"of Fourth and Magnolia"

"We are asking people to take alternate routes home"

"just to make sure that there's no backups"

"Again, looks like first responders are doing an amazing job"

"We're first on scene as always..." Annie?


Where are we going?

What are you doing with me?

I must take you back as he commands Back?

The portal waits for one more visit Through and back Through and back?

With your return to Mother Russia There'll be no remaining Romanov heirs And he will do to you as he will do to your family They are alive?

Rasputin, it isn't you You don't have to do this To Mother Russia we return

How did...

The magic of TV Come on Follow me

Hop on My portal, we need to get back to it I can save them Well, where is it? The playground I'm on it

I know it's here some...

That's it!

The portal

He's here

Follow my lead

Easy When I say go...

Get ready Go!

We need a plan Like, now

I have an idea I'll distract him, you run This is it I'll always remember you


I think you forgot something

"If you're lost you can look and you will find me"

"Time after time"

Okay, you need to go

Do you trust me? Yes

At the highest point, we fly




This isn't you!

Rasputin! Look at me

Look deep inside you You are more than this spell I see it in you

"I can see you..."

The regular you

I must take you to him Always stand for what is right no matter the times

"Time after time..."

We must always stand for what is right no matter the times

My Anastasia I'm so sorry


I'm back Is it ready?

Lenin will soon know of our whereabouts The link is nearly complete We must move, Rasputin, now! It is ready

The children first Come to me Come No, Papa! We must go through the portal before it is too late

Ana, Ana

The amulet

Let's go Go Come on

Are you coming? I cannot If I come he will never stop looking for you Here, I can protect you And Russia My faithful friend...

Time is of the essence but when time catches up find her

Hey, kiddo If you're not too busy could you run this gift over to the new neighbors?

But they just moved in We know but 'tis the season And we'd like to start off on a good foot One without any mysterious animal bushes


Right It's fixed

You must be here for Grandmother


Old friend Annie?

But that would mean...

That I'm every bit of 83 years old But how?

Come, I will tell you all about it

"How do these stories go?"

"Ah, yes"

"Once upon a time..."

"Lying in my bed I hear the clock tick"

"And think of you"

"Caught up in circles"

"Confusion is nothing new"

"Flashback, warm nights"

"Almost left behind"

"Suitcase of memories"

"Time after Sometimes you picture me"

"I'm walking too far ahead"

"You're calling to me"

"I can't hear what you've said"

"Then you say, go slow"

"I fall behind"

"The second hand unwinds"

"If you're lost you can look and you will find me"

"Time after time"

"If you fall I will catch you I'll be waiting"

"Time after time"

"If you're lost you can look and you will find me"

"Time after time"

"If you fall I will catch you I will be waiting"

"Time after time"

"After my picture fades"

"And darkness has turned to gray"

"Watching through windows"

"You're wondering if I'm okay"

"Secrets stolen"

"From deep inside"

"The drum beats out of time"

"If you're lost you can look and you will find me"

"Time after time"

"If you fall I will catch you I'll be waiting"

"Time after time"

"You said go slow"

"I fall behind"

"The second hand unwinds"

"If you're lost you can look and you will find me"

"Time after time"

"If you fall I will catch you I'll be waiting"

"Time after time"

"If you're lost, you can look and you will find me"

"Time after time"

"If you fall I will catch you I will be waiting"

"Time after time"

"Time after time"

"Time after time"

"Time after time"

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