Anatomie (2000) Script


Gloves, Kaminsky, gloves.

The lady's a study aid, not a fellow student.

Why don't you try it with live women?

Just when I finally found fresh meat...

From tomorrow on, it'll be river corpses again.


There seems to be some kind of anomaly in the pelvic region.

A penis, perchance?

It's not an anomaly. Men are different...

...from you women. May I?

Slippery is what it is.

Come in.

Paula Henning. 783 points, Robert Koch Competition '99.

Second-best score in the country.

Nice going.

I guess that means I've been accepted at Heidelberg, then.

Yes. If you prefer to spend your summer with corpses...

...instead of with young men.

The anatomy course with Grombek is the best.

There's a lotto learn, and it isn't easy.

Concentrate, focus. I was planning to go to Italy...

...but then this of course is a... Great opportunity.

With your talent? You want to chase Italian boys around?

The Italians, they can't keep their hands off of you.

Right you are.


She's going to make someone's day. Hi there.

Well? Heidelberg!

Hi, Grandpa.

Okay, listen for a minute.

Your liver functions are elevated, your GFR is less than 20 percent...

...and I just heard, that they're considering hemofiltration.

They want to increase morphine to 5 ml, but they still have to ask Schwaztzenberger.

Are you in a lot of pain?

Paula, I've been dead since Christmas.

They're torturing me with the machines we put in when I was running this place.

What about your Robert Koch scores?

Over 700. Second-best score in all of Germany.

That's my girl. And Heidelberg?

I can't leave you alone like this.

Come off it.

My favorite granddaughter is going to make me happy and become an M.D.

Not someone who applies bandages or health insurance bureaucrat.

Like hell!

A physician. My successor.

My pride and joy.

I've got to go, Grandpa. See you.

Do a good deed and yank the plug on your way out.



Don't worry. Those red spots are only pubic lice. You'll be fine.

Papa, this is a chance of a lifetime.

Here, use this when you get home.

You could be happy for me for a change.

I had this idea that you'd join me here.

Is that what you said, or am I wrong?

It's that research program with Grombek I told you about.

If you go there, you're sure to be accepted at any research institution.

Yes, or end up in a ritzy clinic of your choice.

Making doctors rich and famous is what human suffering is all about.

All I want is to have the best possible education.

I was telling your wife, he's got a cough...

Stay out of there.

Leave me alone!

Yes. I want to make it big even though you think it's bullshit.

I don't want to end up in some third-rate...

Go on.

Go ahead, finish.

At least take the blue one along. You might want to go out one night.

I'll be too busy for that in Heidelberg.

It's okay to dress like a girl.

I'm not going to get pregnant and ruin my career.

Thanks. I'll remember that.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean it that way.

Have you apologized to your father?

Believe me, I tried. But he thinks successful people are crooks...

...just because he's never...

By the way, I know he can't stand the guy, but Papa needs to visit Grandpa... the hospital. He's in pretty bad shape.

Do you promise to write me?

It's going to be great. Really great.


Where am I?

Specimen's awake.

Anesthesia? Keep the circulation going.

Two milligrams of Promidal.

Have you seen the list? Yes.

Anybody interesting on it?

What's happening?

Some guy from Berlin.

A Henning. You're kidding. Henning?

Which Henning?

Paula or Petra. Excellent grades.

A woman would be a novelty, for once.

We could get in touch with her...

...when she arrives in Heidelberg.


Don't I know you from Munich?

Right, you're in love with the professor.

You mean the six-handed one? Oh, yeah.

I get so damn embarrassed when he starts...

I just let him have his fun.

Why not? Then you don't have to go to his lousy lectures.

Besides, he'd never have the guts to grab a boob.

So, we're off to Heidelberg.

You too? We can be roommates.

I bet the place is crawling with cute guys.

What am I saying? Med students?

You never know.

We need a doctor here!

Isn't anyone here a doctor?

Hold these.

He just passed out. It must be the heat.

Hello. Can you hear me?

Easy does it. Can you hear me? Hello. Do you hear me?

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.

Eight, nine, ten, eleven.

You okay? Can you hear me?

Are you okay?

Clear a compartment. Hurry!

Now we know why we've been studying all this crap for years.

That wasn't a fainting spell. It was cardiac arrest.

Cardiomyopathy is what it is.

Severe heart failure.

Big heart, small valves.

Now and then, I drop dead. But otherwise, no complaints.

I'm what you call a textbook case. If you're nice, you can have my corpse.

First we have to make sure the rest of your equipment's in good working order.

This is the 435th specialist or faith healer I've seen.

We're supposed to meet tonight at some bar.

All they get off on is that it is such a rare disease.

Doesn't matter. I'm beyond help.

Don't say that. Modern medicine...

Here's my cell number. We hang out in bars, clubs and movies..., if you need us...

Thanks a lot.

Goodbye, David.

Bye. Bye.

Poor David.

He's too young to be experiencing heart failure.

You're both from Munich.

We'll let you two share an apartment, okay?

No alcohol, dogs or cats. Male visitors are permitted.

We make great pets, you know.

I'm Phil, by the way. As in, "Fill 'er up."

A comedian. Cute.

Come again?


Hello? Anyone here?

All new students report to the anatomy lab... the new wing. On the double.

Is this the new wing? Yeah, over there.

Are you going to the orientation meeting?

We're going to the anatomy lab.

That's it.



Maybe we're too early.

I'm Paula.

Paula Henning.

I'm Gretchen.

Gabbie. I go to Tazbingen.

I used to date this really cute guy from there.

We both come from Munich, but we just met today.

Either I'm completely nuts, or...

I think I saw something...

It like, moved.

That's not very likely.

Of course not.

Do I know your friend?

The one from Tazbingen?

Oh God, I don't like this.


What are we, scaring the babes? Is it some Heidelberg initiation rite?

It can't be.

No way.

It's impossible.

Corpses don't move.

You're real, and you're dead.

Why would a corpse move?

Muscles contract when the nerves are stimulated.

Nerves react to electrical impulses.

Impulses can be generated.

You send an electrical impulse to a nerve fiber...

...and that makes the muscle contract, and you've got movement.

Got it.

There's always a scientific explanation.

All you need is a power cable...

...and if you bungle it, it'll blow every fuse on campus.

What the hell is this? A Frankenstein movie?

Some of us have ethics, you stupid jerks.

One of these days, I'm going to get you.


Excuse me.

They get to have Grombek all year long here in Heidelberg.

He can be really tough on you. He's a total sadist.

Of course he's brilliant in his field. Who do you guys study under?

I studied under Botticelli in Berlin...

...and now I'm doing my internship at the Sorbonne.

Huber in Munich.

Kehlemann in Emden.

What? There's no university in Emden.

But there's a butcher.

My uncle's a butcher. He carves like a god.

I'm serious.

You quickly learn tripe from T-bone.

You know how expensive that stuff is?

A doctor is something... Meat's meat, and it has its price.

Hearts cost more than livers. Implants more than liposuction.

Medicine's the only way to get rich. And that's why we're here. Right, guys?

I'm your local Heidelberger. Really?

What did you do? Major in steroids?

Do me a favor and let me know next time you take your clothes off.

I'm really pretty nice.

I know the names of lots of flowers and I love to hear the birdies sing.

But I happen to be a med student. Caspar.

Paula Henning.

Your grandfather was dean here, right?

Fundamentals of Neurological Anatomy. Heidelberg '57.

That's a cute dimple you got there.

Looks like you've been stood up. I'll get you another one.

Where's the restroom? Come on, I'll show you.

In there.

Students all drink too much.

Probably puked all over the floor.

Ciao, bello. Bye.

This guy, Hein, he's gorgeous.

Honest to God, no matter where you touch him, solid muscle.

And he takes himself so seriously. It's so cute.

So? Is there any hope for you and your new boyfriend?

My boyfriend? You know, tall, dark and weird.

Caspar. I mean, it was pretty obvious...

All you ever do is talk about men!

It's like you're obsessed.

I came hereto work, not sleep around. What a pity!

Finally. It's getting late.

Is he still under? Yes.

Look, we'll make the first incision here.

Help me! Somebody help me!

Come on.

What a pity.


We can't use him anymore.

You hurt?

Just a scratch.

Now what do we do with him?


Our modern society prefers to attribute everything to emotional problems.

The surgeon who cuts out whatever is sick is no longer of value.

People, as I like to jest, would rather die in one piece...

...than be cured by modern medicine.

Here in the new wing of the Department of Anatomy... have access to one of the most modern labs in the world.

No pain has ever been alleviated in this room. No patient ever heals.

What we do here, is establish foundations.

Enhancing the ability of physicians to save patients...

...or make their suffering easier to endure.

The basics of modern medicine.

Ladies and gentlemen, we consider you the best...

...the elite...

...the future of our profession.

When this course is over, a third or even half of you won't be with us...

...when diplomas are handed out.

Be grateful that we are so uncompromising.

This strict selection is the essence of what we are here for...

...and upholds the reputation this school enjoys.

As you see, Heidelberg is home to one of the most comprehensive collections...

...of anatomical specimens.

This facility is for the exclusive use of scientists and students...

...and is invaluable for research and instruction.

My God.


Wow. Are these replicas?

No. Genuine human specimens, plasticized.

All the water and fat is sucked out of the tissue. They'll keep forever.

See that?

I see what you mean.

Heidelberg University Kidney Specimen by: Dr. E. Henning.

Ewald Henning. That's my grandfather.

Ms. Henning, we're pleased that your grandfather is so famous...

...but I'm afraid you'll have to get by on your own merits.

Following this lecture, you will each be given a research assignment...

...on which you must turn in a paper at the end of the course.

You will also be given regular tests.

The first, in three weeks...

...after which, the six weakest participants will have to journey homeward.

The same holds true for the second test.

Lectures are held daily from 7:30 AM until noon.

The anatomy department, lab and library are open from 6:00 AM until 10:00 PM.

Your evenings and weekends may be reserved for independent study.


God, it's been like...

...ten years since I smoked a cigarette.

At summer camp we used to sneak smokes under the covers.


Want to know what I did there, under the covers?

You've got to be kidding.

But, you know what? It didn't taste any better back then, either.

David's chest was still covered in bruises...

...from when I gave him the heart massage.


Picture perfect.

Couldn't we plasticize the heart and vasculature and use them as displays?

No. It's too late to preserve the structure nicely.

Once decomposition sets in...

This is highly interesting. Your acquaintance is fascinating.

It's a miracle he survived as long as he did.

And coupled with these aneurysms, inoperable.

Perhaps you'd care to remove his heart.

Unless you feel it's too much for a woman to stomach.

You save someone's life and before you know it, he dies anyway.

We are doctors.

Look, he has cuts and stabs on his abdomen.

Only medical instruments are that sharp. I presume he was prepared... a very clumsy dissector.


I refuse to believe this condition could've killed David so quickly.

Then his veins here. Look at the jugular.

His blood is like rubber.

He didn't have a blood problem. He had a heart condition.


David was terminal. He was a totally lost cause.

You feel guilty because you think you could've saved him.

We came here to study anatomy, didn't we?

Do you want the skull opened? I don't think we're ready.

I have to forget I knew him and examine him like any other patient...

...or I can give up medicine all together.

I'm going to check his blood.

Professor Grombek, Ms. Henning is here.

My dear colleague. Please, come in.

My gosh, this is fantastic.

This one here is from Central America.

A Papilio Demoleus.

Wonderful. So light. So alive.

About David...

...I wanted to be sure I did all I could.

Well, your reaction was calm, collected, scientific.

They called it composure in my day. Very impressive.

Don't you think it was odd that he...

Both of us realize that your motives are personal.

Emotional. Feminine intuition.

Any further involvement would be absurd.

But... Would you like a cup of tea?

Or Mrs. Erhardt could make us some coffee.

We have cookies and biscuits.

I advise you to forget about your friend.

That is totally not possible.

That's what I mean.

I've never seen blood with such a strange consistency.

Coagulation must have started before death set in.

- It's not just kind of gel-like? - No, it's more...

- ...rubbery-like. Was your friend...

...greenish, rather small and with antennae on its head?

Why green? Let's be serious.

I need you to do a lab test so I'll send you a sample, okay?

Yeah. Tissue sample?

Yeah, I'll see if I can get you one.

Bernie needs fresh meat.

Liver if possible. And what's in it for me?

A kiss?

French kiss and a quick feel.

A kiss on the forehead. You can forget about the feel.

So long, kiddo. So long, big guy.

Your dad?

You must have a very close relationship.

That was a friend. Not my boyfriend. Oh, God...

Strictly professional.

Caspar, I happen to...

You must think you're really hot stuff.

I think you're really hot stuff.

Come here a sec.

It won't bite.

It's that boy's blood, take a look.

I bet you've never seen anything like it.

Cardiomyopathy, yeah, right.

Off to the anatomy lab. At this hour?

I need a tissue sample.

If I wait until Monday, it'll be too late.

What was it you wanted?

Dinner and a movie. Maybe dissect some bowels. Something romantic.

Okay. Give me an hour. I'll meet you at the dorm.


The dead don't look any scarier at night than they do in the daytime.

It's just a university building.

What are you doing here?

I was just... Student.

Your name is?

Paula Henning.

I just wanted to... Does the professor know?


Yes, of course he does.

In fact he asked me to see if David, Number Seven...

I'm trying to find out who transferred him.

I need to speak to his physician.

Male. Aged 22. Cardiomyopathy.

Yes. Who sent him here?

That's confidential.

I really have to know who had him transferred here.

It's me.

Just had company.


I've got the tissue samples.

There's something really weird going on.

I've got to find the doctor who transferred David here.

The cadavers all come from somewhere, don't they? Okay.

And the dissector has a little book, and if I could get a...

You're a good kisser.

But your jacket smells of formaldehyde.

You coming swimming with us tomorrow?

Fucking corpses. I'm dead.

I took part in this competition and I got...

...the second-highest score nationwide.

How did you manage to get accepted to Heidelberg?

I got the highest score nationwide.

You mean the Robert Koch competition? The one for seniors?

This is the third time I placed first.

You think those bozos could still get it up...

...if they knew my IQ was 50 points higher than theirs?

But Gretchen. What about...

Why Hein?

Every Supergirl needs a superboy, and this one's super.

Heinie! What?

Come here! Now?

Come on, get over here.

What? Turn around.

Look at this latissimus. Beautifully defined.

A retro-spine. And here...

Come on. Cut the crap.

Flex please. Gluteus Maximus.

Sweet, huh?

Thank you.

Nothing but shriveled up old geeks in pathology.

Find one that's too intelligent, and you could end up falling in love.

Your friend Caspar's got a nice bod too, huh?

Has he got something nice in his pants?

He's not my...

Come on, all they ever do is sit around and talk about how big our boobs are.

It's kind of fun to sit around and talk about dick sizes in public.

Caspar. We were just talking about you and your little friend.

Friend? What do you mean "friend"?

Carrot or banana?

Have you ever heard of a hospital in Heidelberg with the initials.

With an exclamation mark?

How did you know?

It's a bunch of doctors. The Anti-Hippocratic Society.

Where did you see it?

It was branded on a cadaver.

It must have been something else.

The Anti-Hippocratics are a thing of the past.

They've been banned.

Don't you think this is getting a bit corny?

You know what I mean. The lake and stuff.

The sun setting in Heidelberg...

...and the birds singing.

You think kissing is corny?

That's not what I said.

Maybe it's just that dead guys happen to turn you on more than live ones do.

Am I right, or am I right? Forget it.

Was he right?

The nerve of that asshole. I don't want to see him again.


AAA is the abbreviation for, Age Actabile Antihippocrate.

Achieve the achievable?

I couldn't find any specifics, except that it's a secret society.

A cross between the Freemasons and a college fraternity...

...with old rituals, a lodge, the whole thing.

The point is, MDs always follow the Hippocratic oath and live by it.

You know, helping patients, healing them and so on.

The Anti-Hippocratics are totally into research.

Here. "Experimental killing of the few to ensure the survival of the many."

Crazy, huh?

And here.

"Founded in the 16th century, it re-emerged during the Third Reich.

"Today, incidents of Anti-Hippocraticism have been witnessed...

" genetics, artificial procreation, pharmacology."

Now get this. "One of the centers of the movement during the early 1900s...

"...and the Nazi era was...


And David...

He's ideal for illegal experiments.

He's a young patient. A rare disease at an advanced stage.

His case was textbook.

No shit. You mean Dr. Singer and Heidelberg are conducting...

...illegal experiments to...

I knew it.

I've had the runs.

A case of diarrhea like that simply has to be Anti-Hippocratic.

Seriously, it really itches.

In fact, I think somebody has branded me on the ass.

What? Promidal? You got it.

Promidal. Evil stuff. Once upon a time it was a favorite of taxidermists.

It's plasma-protein based, so it extracts all the salt.

It plasticizes the tissue almost instantly.

The bloodstream transports a shot of the stuff into every cell... the sad dog's body.

You let it harden, and Rover's all set for the display case.

It was banned. SPCA and all that crap.

The more you inject into the subject's body...

...the more the blood thickens, and the harder it is for him to move.

And pretty soon, statue time.

Paula, you still there?

Chemical structure is totally simple.

An ordinary saline solution could probably counter it.

Only question is, how did it get into your friend's blood?

Yeah, I miss you too. And your cute ass.

Come again?


That's nasty.

What's going on?

My father.

No smart ass remarks this time? Amazing.

Gretchen, I found out...

Hey, Hein.

Hey, Phil.

We were doing our anatomy homework.

About David, I got the histology report back.

Stuff's called Promidal.

Paula's uncovering a conspiracy. It's cool.

It's all about doctors who tattoo their initials on their patients' asses.


I wish I knew what kind of experiments they were going to do on David.

I need to go back to the anatomy lab.

Sorry to interrupt.

No problem. Phil couldn't get it up anyway.

Phil, it's hormones. Erectile tissues.

Come on, we're all doctors here.

We're going to go eat and then try again. You want to join us?

For dinner, I mean.

No, but thanks anyway. Have fun. I mean, good luck.

Professor. I need to ask you something.

Can you imagine why anyone would want to inject Promidal into a heart patient?

Promidal. I consider that highly unlikely.

I'm not a heart specialist but...

That boy with the cardiac condition, I had his blood tested.

Didn't we decide to forget about your friend?

What do you mean?

Don't you have a research assignment you should be attending to?

Have you even begun to prepare the histology report?

I thought I'd do it tomorrow before the lecture.

By the way, would you mind very much citing the differences between...

...acute myelocytic leukemia...

...and acute lymphatic leukemia?

It seems you've cut yourself by accident.

These knives are sharp.

Grombek hates me. I figured it out.

You're not even good. You're stuck-up because you're so stupid.

Cutting yourself like that. Press down.

You're good... this.

Women make great nurses.

I mean, you really know how to touch a guy.

You're so dexterous.

Tell me, in general, do you think it's corny here?

Ms. Henning.

Are you still interested in the Anti-Hippocratic Society?

I think I should come over tonight and visit you.

About 10:30 PM, 11:00 PM?

Do you want to try some place else?

I keep asking him, "Why the hell are you cutting the eye out?"

The guy's lids had turned black because the body had been lying around so long.

And then he's like, "No, no. This is easy."

Despite the fact half his brain was splattered everywhere...

...from when he dropped it earlier. Whatever.

I know this.

"Practiced into the early 18th century as a warning to traitors...

"...who were going to be punished.

"Three slits across the offender's left cheek with a scalpel.

"Three cuts to the throat, chest and abdomen."


Don't move. I got a knife.

What are you doing in my room?

Is Gretchen here?

I just wanted to talk to her because...

Man, look at this mess. Some kind of maniac is trying to...

What's the matter, Hein? Did I hurt you?

No, it's Gretchen. I don't think she loves me anymore.

Come on. So you're having problems with your relationship.

Gretchen feels really lousy too.

And don't come back.

We don't want your kind in here!

Keep your pants on, Grandpa!

The Four Seasons offered to pay me cash...

..."to leave the premises immediately."

Can you believe we got a free meal?

My dessert?

Lover, you're turning into a real savage.

But little Gretel only lets really hard Hansels in.

Is there something I'm missing here?

Anatomy test.

And to think I had a ruptured prostate on this very table this morning.

Did I say something wrong?

I'm sorry.

Game over?


Why are those things always so sensitive?

They look so uncomplicated when they're dissected.

Most of the time, women don't even try to understand men.

I'm not the world's most outgoing person. You know what I mean?

But I still have feelings and I'm sensitive.

I know you can't tell from the way I look, my being so strong on the outside...

You're bored. Should I... No.

You know, I really care a lot about Gretchen.

Am I... No.

Hein was just getting ready to...

No really, I...

Right Hein? Weren't you just...

I don't want to interrupt if you guys have something...

You can stay if you want.

Don't worry about it. Some other time.

Is he... No, I should...

Wait a sec. You were going to tell me something about the...

You'll be fine.

What's that?

I had a run-in with a cadaver. Oh, really.

Give my love to Gretchen.

I wouldn't want to make her suffer.

Four? Yeah, baby.

You're my fifth failed attempt.

And to think sex on the job is the most normal thing in the world.

You are an absolute nightmare for any guy.

Poor little Phil.

What a disgusting bunch of lowlifes. God sent me hereto punish you.

Is it already over?

Oh, Gretchen.

Such a lovely body.

Such an ugly little whore at heart.

Do you have any idea how much you hurt me?

How much I loved you?

Did you think I didn't have any feelings?

What did you give me? That's it. No more sluts for me.

What the hell did you inject me with?

Sorry, it's all over between us.

And it's all your fault.

Just so you know, I gave you 15 milligrams.

It's a pretty heavy dose.

In fact, it should kick in any second.

How's your blood?

Is it getting rubbery?


I get it. You want out.

Here, let me help you.

But I really don't think you're going to make it.

Want to bet on it?

You make it to the threshold, and I'll let you go. Deal?

On your mark, get set, go.

Gretchen! Gretchen! Go, go, go. Yes!

Just a few more inches! She just might make it!

But then...

Too bad.

What's happening to me?

You beautiful being.

Don't be afraid.

You see, from now on...'ll be mine.

Everyday door is open.

Today I come. Closed.

Door is always open.

What the fuck is this?

Some kind of student prank.

You two can go now.

Clean up later, okay?

We always clean up later.

Yesterday I found half an intestine under the fucking table.

What a fucking mess. Fucking students.

Just pray you don't get one of those fuckers operating on you someday.

Gunter, do you think you can manage just one sentence without "fuck" in it?

Have a little respect for the dead.

Fuck it.

Okay, you stiffs, who wants to get carved up first?

Stop it. Number Five.

Sixteen. Sixteen.

Three. Three.

And Six. And Six.

Hey, it won't open.

Have the fucking janitor fix it later.

We'll take the one next to it instead.

They cut off his head.

If the Anti-Hippocratics want to scare me...

...then it proves I'm really onto something.

If it's real blood, it will never wash out the sheets, that's for sure.

It's better than brain matter. I once ruined a cashmere sweater.

Stop putting me on! I mean right here in Heidelberg...

...there's a criminal organization.

How does the threat go? The next blood will be your own?

So, the rituals and symbols are ancient and outdated. Okay.

But illegal and unethical medical research... anything but antiquated.

Come on. Blood in a co-ed's dorm bed?

That's something only Phil could think of.

Where is Phil, by the way?

Anybody here seen Phil?

Not entirely.

And that, ladies and gentlemen is what makes diverticulitis...

...such a classic disease in the western world.

As you can see, radiological diagnosis will often result... random findings at best.

Diverticulosis is usually not associated with any concrete symptoms.

Most patients will have little reason to consult a physician until...

...the inflammation has reached an advanced state...

...mostly relating to a form of appendicitis.

Common among elderly patients.

In some cases, the physician can detect a spastic colon, human explanation.

It feels almost like a cylinder in the left, lower quadrant.

For now, I wish you all a very pleasant weekend...

...and I needn't remind you of our little test on Monday.

Look on the bright side. Those of you who pass will have more room to work...

...and get to cut up more cadavers.

Hey, Paula.

I want you to know how much I appreciate...

...your help and all the time you took for me yesterday.

It does a lot of good to know...

...that somebody really cares about you.

By the way, I settled things with Gretchen.

I thought she went away for the weekend.

Look, I brought you a present. You didn't have to.

Cardiomyopathy - AAA! - No storage.

From Gretchen.

You really should drop all this bullshit about that loser, David Rolof.

You're messing with our research.

David's body was worthless.

He was dying. He was terminal.

It's so obvious.

I really like you, but...

Is this one of your med school pranks?

Hein! You crazy fucking psycho!

Quiet down. We're not alone here.

The cellular customer you have called is unavailable...

So, there's not even a body.

There was, but...

And you don't know this mysterious David's last name, or his address.

Or maybe a ZIP code.

Oh well, at least we know he had a brand on him.

It's the secret fraternity. The Anti-Hippopotamus...

Anti-Hippocratics. Anti-Craptics.

You've got to understand...

What about Gretchen...

...Margaret Mollman? It's been days since...

Come on, so a co-ed didn't sleep in her bed last night, what's the big deal?

A medical student.

What, a severed finger?

Remember last year, when those med students, those girls came in...

...and reported a headless cadaver twitching in the anatomy lab?

They used a high voltage wire.

Still chasing bogeymen?




Sorry. Is Caspar... Have you seen Gretchen?

Yeah, maybe she's...

Dear Gretchen, trying to reach you urgently, Paula.

You have to come. Forget the others. This is our project.

Okay, see you.

Have you seen Gretchen?

No, but I think I heard somebody in the anatomy lab.



Gretchen's on table Three.

Or was it Four?

I'm sick of your stupid jokes, you psycho.

Where's Gretchen?

Look around. Come on.

You're the curious one.

Have you completely... Come on, whore!

Find your fucking whore girlfriend!

Afraid of the dead?

Three or Four?

Three or Four?

Maybe she's still alive.

But then, maybe not.


Jokes and gags.

Stupid college gags. All dead.

Grungy, old, rotting flesh.


Just joking, Paula.


Not afraid of me, are you?


Wait up.

Wait up!

Don't be afraid.

I just want to talk.

Just talk.

There's nothing to be afraid of.

I was just joking.


Hold on!

I was kidding.

It was only a joke.



Is anyone here?

What are you doing here?

Relax. You're safe here.

The lodge is off-limits.

The lodge of the Anti-Hippocratic Society.

You, too?

Yes, of course.

We are only interested in the future of medical science.

Most of us are unspectacular.

We don't restrict ourselves to narrow-minded traditions.

You've got psychos with knives terrorizing people.

Loud-mouthed little boys who like scaring little girls.

Do you really think we would get any research done...

...if we paid attention to ethical principles?

Heidelberg has a reputation to maintain.

Do you know when we last won the Nobel Prize?

This is about our leading role in the medical field.

Funds for research.

Commissions from the pharmaceutical industry.

This is about financing the education of the elite.

Your little research assignments.

Where do you think the tissue samples come from?

I was wondering...

Why not ask yourself how one of these "ethics" commissions...

...would feel about leukemia patients being tested...

...without their knowing about it first.

I had no idea... Of course not.

And who really cares?

And the terminal patient barely notices.

They all want to be healed, but don't want to suffer the consequences.

But the atrocities committed by the Anti-Hippocratics...

Oh, my God, Mengele. So, he went awry... a few other Nazi physicians. Go ahead, condemn them.

But no one has ever recognized the achievements of those men.

Especially in the field of anatomy.

At the time, your grandfather developed Promidal.

What? Yes. He was grand master of the lodge.

He was here until the end of the war.

But I thought you knew.

Yes, your grandfather. They were only prisoners.

All critically ill. All worthless lives.

But they were such fantastic specimens. Dissected alive.

Honey, you made it, thank God.

Did someone call you? Call me? Why?

About your grandfather.

What's going on?

But he needed to know... horrible he was.

We can cut open a body, and examine it down to the last cell...

...and can't even come close to the nature of the human soul.

You mean it's true?

You love him, and then you hate him.

And I've known that for the last 50 years or so.

The human specimens we worked on were all in articular mortis stage.

Two carcinomas, one leukemia, one cardiomyopathy.

All terminal. As for the other aforementioned cases...

...I admit I'm guilty of bending lodge rules.

You leave the lodge out of this. We're looking at butchery.

The murder of fellow students!

You're a criminal, no other word for it.

Yes, I violated the rules of the Anti-Hippocratic Society...

...and accept the punishment awaiting me.

Young man, our lodge is a service. It's dedicated to the furthering...

What? Dedicated to a cult mambo jumbo to justify forbidden drug testing?

So you can cash in on the pharmaceutical industry?

The Anti-Hippocratic Society has always placed itself above the laws...

...and prevailing morality of their peers.

It's because of your petty greed that all our ideals are crumbling.

You have the nerve...

I know the rules.

What we do is real research.

Not your bullshit by-the-book medicine.

Who cares about the complaints of an old lady...

...who's going to be six feet under in a few months?

Just look at each and everyone of our specimens.

That's what science is all about. Everlasting research for mankind.

As his professor and grand master, I accept full responsibility.

A jealousy killing has nothing to do with the lodge.

I'm turning the case over to the police, despite the consequences...

...even to me, personally.

You can't do that. Do you hear me? You can't do that!

You're making a big mistake.

You've reached the Henning family. We're not in right now...

...but please leave a message after the tone and we'll get back to you soon.

My name is Grombek.

This is a message for Ms. Paula Henning.

It's urgent you call me.

Heidelberg 231796.

Or come to my office first thing in the morning.

We appear to have...

...a much bigger problem on our hands than we thought.

The police...

I know I've never been a very good doctor.

I haven't got your talent for it.

I've made my peace with it.

But you've got the talent, Paula.

You've got guts.

You can handle things differently.

"Come to the specimen room tonight at 8:00."


Not until tonight?

Caspar's up in our room, studying.

Everyone is cramming for the exam.

Have you seen Gretchen anywhere?


What happened?

Gretchen still hasn't shown up, and my grandfather's...

Come on in.

Didn't Gretchen and Phil want to leave for the weekend?

Yeah, it's just that...

By the way, I meant to tell you...


Professor Grombek?


You know, I really loved her.

She's my greatest achievement.

Isn't the human body fascinating?

Such a clever design.

Incredibly intelligent system.

Yet, so breathtakingly beautiful.

Isn't that why we went into medicine?

See how brilliant the colors are?

Her flesh is as fresh, as if... were frozen in time.

Promidal is not just used to preserve rotting flesh.

Look, I was forced to cheat.

I had to use someone else's carotid artery.

It's funny, Gretchen's had this stupid twist to it.

But here...

...her heart. Fantastic.

And her face, was meant for me.

When I'm alone, I can put it on.

You don't get it!

Most people don't.

Gretchen will be beautiful for me, forever!

And you will be beautiful, too.

That wasn't nice.

I've been looking for you...

...because I wanted to explain...

And then that psycho showed up and went at you with a hypodermic.

He gave me a shot?

And what a shot.

Quick Caspar, hypotonic saline solution.

Ten percent sodium chloride. Give me an IV.

This is lousy timing...

...but I'm not a doctor. What?

I'm a historian.

I'm doing my thesis on the Anti-Hippocratic Society...

...from its roots until 1945.

There's a mixture behind the door, in the cabinet.


All I really wanted was access to the library.

They don't like outsiders.

In the back. The bottle of sodium chloride.


It says, "N - A-C - L" on it.

Here you go.

I had to blow my cover at the exam.

I got all the information I need.

Tell me. Do you think that shot had anything dangerous in it?

Caspar. Oliver...

...actually, Kaufman.

Whatever. Pull out the plunger.

Yeah. Hurry.

No, other way around.

Like this? Reminds me of the movies.

And then, get the air out?

Show me your behind. No, IV, intravenous... junkies in the movies.

No, I can't do this.

Caspar, give me the saline solution...

...or I'll die. Please.

Hurry. Go into the vein at a lower angle.

Not bad for an historian, Caspar.


Just in case, don't you think we should call a hospital?

Tell me, what was the Promidal doing in your medicine cabinet?

Promi what?


It's the stuff they've been using to kill people.



...our bathroom.

It's my deodorant, too.

What the hell?

I'm not a med student.

I'm only interested in history.

Look at these.

They were all drawn by Paula's grandfather.

A cross section of the sex act.

One could call this the eternal hard-on.

Or to be precise, half a hard-on.

I only injected three units into you.

I'd say you've got about four hours left.

Provided you hold still and don't move.

We even added a painkiller.

You being a med student and all... must be pretty interesting.

Just think, you can watch yourself being...

Want a hash cookie?

If you catch a buzz beforehand, it could really make your day.

Did you fuck her, too? The little whore?

Who? Gretchen?

Enough with the jokes.

Quit feeling me up.

You're hardly in a position to be making dumb jokes.

Oh, my God!

You impotent asshole.

Shut your mouth or I'll slit your vocal cords.

What are you doing?

I'm taking care of this arrogant son of a bitch.

You're a bunch of fucking maniacs.

I don't believe this is happening. Shut the fuck up, asshole!

Will you shut the fuck up? It won't do you any good...

What the fuck?

Where's the saline solution?

It's you, asshole. I see you now.

Would someone please sew me back up?

You're all fucking crazy!

Cock-a-doodle-doo. Cock-a-doodle-doo.

She's got blood on her shoe.

Paula! Paula?

Just joking, asshole.

Hi. Hi.


What is it?

It's all still there. Don't be such a sissy, Caspar.

Who knows what kind of permanent damage could have...

Besides, my name is Oliver.

Don't be afraid. I'll heal you. I'm a doctor.

You're not even certified yet.

How corny.

You know, it's enough to make you sick.

Ludwig was always a little off the wall. But Hein?

Hein was actually...

...brilliant. A genius.

Yeah, some genius. Sure.

Did you see what happened to her?

I mean, Gretchen.

Before the police...

I know. Absolutely brilliant.

Apart from that, he was a pretty nice guy.


Especially at the lodge meetings.

It's sad about the lodge.

I'm going to an emergency hospital in Berlin.

I hear the lodge is cool there.

They do anesthesia experiments on patients, don't they?

What about you?

I'll be taking over my father's practice.

Private practices aren't subject to a whole lot of inspection.

So there's more room to play around.

Has it been decided who'll be taking over for poor old Grombek?

Maybe Stevers. And?

Is he also...


Morning. Good morning, Mr. Taxidermist.

How are you today?

Same as every day.