Anchors Aweigh (1945) Script

On behalf of your commanding officer, I'm sure I can tell Mr. José Iturbi that the officers and crew of this ship are grateful to him for coming here to lead our Navy bands in this ceremony.

Along with every other civilian, it is I who am grateful to you and to all the men in the United States Navy.

The men who are to be decorated are present, sir.

Joseph Brady, Gunner's Mate Second Class.

Clarence Doolittle, Seaman First Class.

During the action aboard the USS cruiser Knoxville these two men remained at their stations serving their gun until the ammunition was exhausted.

When by force of explosion, Doolittle was blown overboard Joseph Brady, without regard for his own personal safety dived into the sea and rescued his shipmate.

Acting for the secretary of the Navy, I award you both the Silver Star.

Congratulations, Brady. Thank you, sir.

Congratulations, Doolittle. Thank you, sir.

To the men who formally served on the Knoxville including those I've just decorated you'll be granted four days' leave, effective immediately.

Leave your quarter.

Let me through, boys.

Yeah, I'm hopeful.

The poor little fellas.

They gotta stay and mind the ship for the admiral.

That's right. That's it, rub it in.

They don't get to go to Hollywood where the beautiful dames grow like oranges.

Where all you gotta do is reach out and pick them right off the street.

Congratulations, Joe. Thanks.

You'll probably visit the studios if you see those stars, will you get me some autographs?

Oh, no, not this baby. After eight months at sea it ain't a bunch of autographs I'm gonna wind up with. Here.

I got plans. What kind of plans, Joe?

Well, in Hollywood, I've got a little plan named Lola.

Oh, that Lola.

I tell you, she's a...

Well, it isn't exactly that, but it's a...

No, it isn't that either. Tell us about her, Joe.

Yeah. Well notice how different the band sounded with that guy Iturbi leading?

That was good. Lola's kind of like that.

Put her with the most beautiful dames in the world she's the one you'd see, that's all.

You mean she's different, huh, Joe?

I wouldn't say that.

If you like dames, what's the point of getting one different from other dames?

No, I guess it's just that whatever the others have, Lola has more of it.

Does she got a sister?

Hey, what makes you think this Lola is still waiting?

Dames have been known to wander.

From me? Please, sailor, leave us not talk mutiny.

Fall in to the port side of the hangar deck for special leave.

Oh, do you think we can tear ourselves away?

Yeah, but it'll be tough.

We hate to leave. We hate to leave.

But when they give you leave You gotta leave Oh, our hearts bleed For all of you guys aboard But right now Sympathy is a thing we can't afford

- We hate to leave - We hate to leave

- We hate to leave - We hate to leave Without you guys along We'll grieve and grieve But we'll be back, yes, we'll be back Before we're even missed And tell you guys about the countless Dames that we have kissed Believe us, mate Believe us, mate We really hate to leave You know, Clarence, I think it's awful, us going ashore leaving these guys here in their undershirts and we gotta go meet beautiful dames in their soft silk dresses.

Yeah, but duty is duty, and an order is an order.

You know, I know some guys that get a thrill out of meeting a gorgeous gal every night.

We hate to leave We hate to leave But when they give you leave You gotta leave No more pinup gals That we so enjoy Tonight, fair boys We get to meet the real McCoy We hate to leave We hate to leave But we'll be back before The anchors heave We wanna stay, we wanna stay Our hearts are with the ship But the admiral made us take this leave He beat us with a whip Believe us, mate Believe us, mate We really Hate to leave

But, honey, I saved every minute of my leave for you.

Oh, why shouldn't I have?

Oh, you're the only one any place I wanna see.

What's he doing wrong, Joe?

He's dead, that's all. Watch.

But ho...

But, honey, I don't wanna meet your boyfriend's ex-girlfriend.

I wanna meet you.

Well, you'll be sorry.

You'll be sorry.

Hello, Ms. Laverne?

Ms. Lola Laverne?

Is this the face that launched a thousand ships?

Yeah. Yeah, it's Joe, all right.

Don't anybody even want a cup of coffee?

No business.

Well, it'll be a couple hours before I hit Hollywood.

Can you wait?

Oh, I know what you mean, baby.

But you just try.

Let's decide that later, after eight months at sea all I wanna do is just look at you for a long, long time.

Oh, you'll like. For sure.

Come on, get a move on. Come on.

Come on, eight months is a long enough time to wait.


Hello, you beautiful creature.

When you hear the tone, the time will be exactly 6:10 and one quarter.

Buy war bonds.

Thank you, I will.

Hey, you guys, the buses for Hollywood pulled up!

Get me to Hollywood. Here we come.

Here we go, boys. Come on. Hey.

Give my regards to Lana Turner. Who needs a house in Hollywood?

Anchors Aweigh Farewell to college joys We sail at...

Hey, sonny.

Hello. What's the matter?

Nothing. Why?

It's late at night, where are you going?

To join the Navy. Oh, well, you...

Gonna what? I said, I'm going to join the Navy.

Wait a minute. I'm in a hurry.

Take it easy. Where do you live?

Why? Well, I wanna take you home.

But I'm not going home. I've just come from there.

What's your name?

Look, it's my job to find little boys that are lost.

Lost is when you don't know where you're going.

And I do know, I'm going to join the Navy.

All right. Good night.

If that's the way you want it, okay. You're coming to the station.

I don't wanna join the police. I wanna join the Navy.

Stop there.

Are you following me?

What's with you?

Come on, spill it.

Well, you see, it's like this, Joe.

I've been in the Navy a year and a half.

Every time we hit port and get liberty all I do is go to the library.

All right, so you like books, what's the beef?

Well, I thought it'd be fun to try something different like going out with girls.

Okay, good luck. But I don't know how to begin.

Oh, no, wait a minute. Don't give me that "but."

After all, you're no yokel. You're from Brooklyn.

Even in Brooklyn, things can go wrong.

What do you mean?

Well, right from boys' high school I went to the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine assistant choirmaster.

And out of there, I went into the Navy.

I wouldn't tell that to anyone but you, Joe.

Sure, sure, I'll keep it quiet.

What do you want, a couple of phone numbers?

Oh, no, I'd be too scared to use them.

When you mentioned Lola, I thought... Lola?

Yeah. Hey, are you kidding?

Oh, not what you think, Joe.

I thought I'd like to string along and learn.

After all, you're the best wolf in the whole Navy.

Well, you are. And besides, you gotta help me, Joe.

You saved my life and you owe me something.

I saved your life so now I owe you something?

Have you gone crazy?

Look, I didn't ask you to save my life, but you did.

Now I figure you're responsible for me. Well, I don't.

What's the sense of having your life saved if you can't have any fun with it?

Look, I got a lot to do in the next four days.

I don't want anybody tailing me.

You say I owe you something.

Well, I don't see it, but if I find a dame for you and get you started, will you call it quits?

Okay, let me see.

Well, we'll have to do with what you've got.

First place, fix your hat.

Let me see a sample of your technique.

You're you, see? And I'm a dame coming down the street.

Pick me up.

I'm a dame, see? I'm coming down the street, now come on.

I beg your pardon, miss. Lady, could I possibly...?

Oh, no. No.

You gotta give it more:

Listen, Brooklyn, when you're going hunting it's how you feel that counts.

If you feel like a mouse, you'll be looking for cheese that's what you'll get. But if you feel like a wolf nothing can go wrong, you're in control.

Hey, sailors, one of you guys gotta come down to station with me.

Any choice? You'll do. Come on. Hey, wait a minute.

Please, let's not have any unpleasantness.

I'll go with you, Joe. How can this happen to me?

Just when I'm beginning to feel like a wolf.

The secretary of the Navy will have a say about this.

Washington will hear about it.

Who's in charge here? That's what I wanna know.

Ship ahoy! Are you the guy that had me pulled in?

Pardon me for not getting up. What's the charge? What's the idea?

What are you...? If you've been inconvenienced I'm sorry.

You see, this young man thinks he should join the Navy.

We think he should go home.

Since he won't tell us where he lives we thought that maybe a sailor...


So you wanna join the Navy, huh?

Aye, aye, sir.


Name? Don Martin, sir.

Where do you live? 1515 Foothill Road.

My daddy was in the Navy and he said that when I was grown up, I could join.

And now I am grown up, so I want to.

Well, sure, mate, but...

Well, look, it's this way. There's sort of a rule in the Navy.

Before they'll take you, you need a letter from your mom or dad saying it's okay.

But I don't have a mother or father anymore.

I live with my Aunt Susie.

You think a letter from an aunt would be all right?

Well, sure, that would be perfect. Why don't you talk to her about it.

One of these guys will take you home and...

You. But I got...

Gotta be a nursemaid and everything... Aunt Susie may not give me the letter but if you asked her...

You better come along too. Oh, no, I can't.

You come along. No, I can't.

What am I gonna do about Lola?

I guess Aunt Susie must be asleep, huh?

She isn't home yet. I suppose the door is locked too.


But we can get in. How?

The way I got out.

Look out for my wagon.

"Dear Ms. Abbott, Donald was a very good boy.

He's fast asleep.

So I went home. Mrs. Murphy."

I'll get you some candy.

I know where Aunt Susie hides it. Wait a second.

You think your aunt will be back soon? Oh, sure.

What do you mean, "oh, sure"? How do you know?

Well, she lives here.

You know, sometimes he talks like you.

Look, fellas...

I don't want you to get the wrong idea. I don't want you to think I'd walk out...

Well, you gotta stay here with the kid anyhow and talk to his aunt and...

Well, I got a date with a girl, and there's no sense in all of us just...

Well, that's great. That's just dandy.

He's got a date with a girl. What's he think I've got a date with, a duck?

Goodbye. Thanks, fellas.

Brooklyn, I'm blowing, the baby's all yours.

Joe. Hey, Joe!

You can't leave me here, what about my being a wolf?

You promised me. You promised you'd talk to Aunt Susie.

If you don't help me, what will I do? What will become of me?

Okay. Okay.

Who's he calling?

A girl.

Lola, baby.

Forgotten you?

Oh, honey.

With the picture of you I've got in my mind?

Why, even across the phone, I can see every...

Look, let me tell you what happened.

I found a kid that was lost. Joe, I wasn't lost.

So I had to take him home. I won't be long.

As long as I get there? Oh, honey, you know I'll get there.

Look, we better talk about that later, huh?

Yeah, goodbye. What are you going to talk about later?

Things, sailor. Things.

You'll understand when you get older.

Everybody keeps saying that to me. Yeah, they used to say that to me too.

Well, did you understand when you got older?


I wonder what could be keeping that Aunt Susie.

What can an old lady be doing out this late?

Susan, don't you wish that you were up there?

I've never heard his voice sound so beautiful. There's something about him.

He always gets so much from a singer. I'd give anything to work with him.

Cut it! Print that.

Okay, children, you go home now and thanks very much for the day.

No callback.

Good night.

Mr. Iturbi, I... Good night, Susie.

Good night, Tom. I...

How's that for camera? Right on the nose.

Tell me, Bill, when are we going to shoot the boogie-woogie?

Good night. Thanks a lot. Good night, dear.

Good night. Good night.

Hi, Aunt Susie.

Well, what got you home so early, your feet give out?

What? Dames like you kill me.

Don't you ever think of anybody but yourself?

Leaving the little kid alone while you're out chasing around, having a big time.

Would you mind telling me just who you are and what you're doing here?

I'm a guy the police called when they picked this kid up wandering around the boulevard, that's all.

That wouldn't interest you, so if you step aside, lady...

Well, just a moment. I don't... Don't apologize.

Just clear the deck. Come on, Brooklyn.

But I...

Bye. Aunt Susie.

But, Aunt Susie... Joe. Hey, Joe. Listen, the kid's crying.

Well, if I had to live with a dame like that, I'd cry too.

I thought she was sort of nice.

A dame that leaves a kid alone that way ain't nice.

Wait a minute, please. You didn't give me a chance.

Donald explained and... Okay, okay.

It was all a mistake, and you're sorry.

But my pal and I got plans for the night.

We'd like to get going. I haven't got a thing to do.

Well, I thought, if you didn't mind, that you could come back for a while.

It's Donald, he's so upset and it's way past his bedtime.

Well, sure we will. We didn't even say goodbye.

Is something wrong, Joe?

I thought you'd gone.

Hey, hey, sailor, what is this? What's with you?

You forgot about me.

About what you promised. You know, the letter.

Oh, sure, the letter.

You see, it's this way.

The kid here wanted to join the Navy, but I told him about the rule.

You know, the rule about needing a letter from your folks saying it's okay.

Donald thought if Joe asked you for the letter...

Oh, Donald, suppose you and I talk about that in the morning.

If you give it to me now, I can go right with Joe.

You want me to go with you, don't you?

Well, sure, kid, but...

Wait a second, there are a couple of things you need beside the letter, you gotta have a...

Can you read and write?

No, he can't. He plays hooky all the time.

You mean to say you can't read and write?

You think the Navy takes dopes?

Not ever?

Well, maybe sometimes. But even the dopes have to be able to read and write.

No, I'm sorry, kid, it's just no soap.

Joe, now what will I do?

Well, the first thing you gotta do, you gotta go to school and study hard.

Before you know it, you won't be a dope.

Now, young man, how about going to bed, huh?

All right, but I want Joe to put me to bed.

Oh, really, Donald.

We can't keep these gentlemen any longer, they have other things to do.

No, they haven't. They're on leave.

We'd be very happy to put him to bed, wouldn't we, Joe?

Oh, thank you, but you've done enough already.


Okay, okay, but no stalling.

Come on, you helper, you.

Anchors aweigh, my boy Anchors aweigh

Hey, hit the sack, sailor. Get in there.

Joe, you're coming back to see me, promise?

Sure, sure, sure, that's a deal. Come on, now, get in bed. Come on.

All set? No, I always get sung to sleep.

Look what wants to join the Navy.

Hey, listen, bub, do you think anybody sings us sailors to sleep?

But I'm not in the Navy yet.

So it's all right for me to be sung to.

Well, he's right. He's right.

All right.

You sing to him.

After all, you're the choirmaster around here, not me.

Oh, Joe.

I told you that in the strictest of confidence.

And you promised never to bring it up.

Lullaby And good night With roses bedight Bright angels Around my darling Shall stand Lay thee down now And rest May thy slumber Be blessed Lay thee down now And rest May thy slumber Be blessed

They're asleep. Your friend too?

Well, I made some coffee.

Oh, you shouldn't have. I mean, it's swell, but...

Oh, it's nothing.

Is something wrong?

Oh, no.

Well, did you have a nice nap? Come on, Brooklyn.

But I have coffee and sandwiches. Sorry, gotta blow. Thanks.

Well, you've been awful nice. Forget it. So long.

Goodbye. Thanks. Thanks again.

Hey, Joe, there's something I gotta talk to you about.

I know you're not gonna like this.

Remember what you were gonna do for me?

About getting a girl, I mean. I've seen the one I want.

Oh, no. No, Brooklyn. But, Joe, you promised me.

Okay, I promised you, but not Aunt Susie.

I didn't promise you Aunt Susie.

Good night.

But, Lola, it's not that late. It's never that late.

Oh, baby, I know you're tired, but...

What do you mean, it's for my sake?

Well, honey, I wouldn't be disappointed in you.

Oh, baby, I couldn't be.

Okay. Okay.

No, no, no, I'm not sore. I'll be by tomorrow.

Twelve o'clock?

In the morning?

Well, all right, if that's what you want.


Gee, Joe, that's tough. Yeah. Hurry up, huh?

What's the Navy coming to, bud? I ask myself that.

Say, Joe...?

Joe, I don't wanna keep messing up your plans.

What I mean is, we won't have to look for a girl for me tomorrow.

We've already found Aunt Susan.

Listen, Brooklyn, I didn't save your life to hand it over to that character.

I'm gonna get you a dame that's a dame.

Right now we gotta find a place to sleep, so relax. Come on.

Oh, hello, fellas.

Shut up.

Couple of empties down there, fellas. Thanks, pal.

First night's leave for you guys? Yeah.

Well, do you wanna talk?

Sure, but we got in trouble, we picked up a kid.

Yeah, yeah, and what a little kid that was.

And what another little kid she had waiting for us when we got home.

Such trouble we should run into every night of our life.

Hiya, Joe. Hiya, Pittsburgh, how are you?

Oh, boy, what a town this is. How do you like that?

I walk my feet off all night and end up with a glass of beer.

You don't live right.

Oh, never in all my life have I seen such dames.

This blond...

Not that there was anything wrong with that redhead of yours.

Oh, no. No, no. She was rather interesting.

Oh, interesting. You should have seen the kid work.

I'll tell you, we took the dames home. You took them home.

Little slow at first. A little slow. Little slow.

I asked my girl for a kiss.

She said no. Skip the details.

What happened? Well, I'll tell you.

I begged her That's the way he started.

I pleaded You should have seen this boy.

I told her, "Baby, come out of your shell"

I told her, "Maybe you'll find that it's swell"

What technique.

I argued I never saw such a stubborn dame in my whole life.

I threatened And he's got muscles, too.

I said, "You can't send me home, not like this"

And I finally got that kiss Tell them, Brooklyn. Tell them how it is.

She begged me True? True. True.

She pleaded Got down on her bended knee to him!

She told me, "Baby, come out of your shell"

Oh, this boy was sensational.

She told me, "Maybe you'll find that it's swell"

Tell them all, Brooklyn. I'm telling them.

She argued What like a wildcat.

She threatened Practically drew a gun on the boy.

She said, "You can't send me home, not like this"

What happened?

She finally got her kiss

Look at this. Give them the floor, boys.

What a time we had tonight

What a dish, what a dream What a dame

And she lives alone

What time is it?

Oh, it's early yet.

Yeah, I know, but what time is it?

What happened to that clock?

The phone! Where's the phone?

Hello. Hello, Lola. Listen, honey, I... Well, then, who is it?

Oh, well, listen, this is Joe Brady. Where's Lola?

Did she leave a message for me?

Never mind what you'd say! What did Lola say?

Well, that's too bad about you too, sister...!

Hey. Hey, don't hang up on me.

Let's leave a note, will you? Tell her I'll call at 10...

Honest, Joe, I can explain the whole thing.

Just give me a second, I can explain.

You were sleeping like a baby, and I didn't wanna disturb you.

I know you need your rest very badly. I know you don't look good unless...

Joe, help! Help! Help!

Joe, help!

It's against the rules, really, but we thought just this once we ought to serve breakfast up here.

After all, you've been through so much.

Oh, thanks a lot.

You must appreciate a buddy like Clarence.

Do you know he wouldn't let anyone make a sound all morning?

We just crept around like little mice so as not to wake you.

I never saw such devotion.

Oh, don't think I don't appreciate it. And don't think I won't pay him back.

Oh, I'm sure Clarence doesn't expect it.

Oh, no. Really, I don't. I'd hate it.

You poor, poor boy.

Forty-eight days and nights on a raft.

Isn't this thrilling?

If you want any more coffee, just let us know.

And he looks so shy. I know, he's so sweet.

Joe. Joe, don't you think you ought to eat some of this food?

It gets cold very quickly, you know.

Why don't you try the eggs. They're very good.

Joe, I left you a razor in the shower, there's a towel...

Clarence, you can wait on me hand and foot.

You can polish my shoes, you can be my slave.

But, Clarence it won't do you any good.

Because I'm not going to help you with Aunt Susan. Get it?

But, Joe...

Joe, it isn't Aunt Susan, it's Donald.

You promised him you'd go back to see him.

Why, it's like breaking the word of honor of the whole United States Navy.

Clarence I'm not going back to that house!

Look, I get you a date with her, it washes us up.

I don't owe you a thing, right?

Okay. Here, take all this stuff.

It'll make an impression.

Let me look at you.

Well, it'll have to do.

Now, try, will you?

Hello, Aunt Susie. Why...

Hello. Won't you come in?

We promised Donald we'd come back and, well...

Brooklyn spent the whole afternoon getting him toys.

Oh, that's awfully kind of you.

Let's put them over here, huh? Where's he hiding?

Donald? Oh, he's down in school.

Thanks to you, he went almost willingly today.

Oh, good.

Say, aren't you a little young to be bringing up a kid all by yourself?

Well, I'm all the family he has.

His mother died when he was a baby, and then his father.

His father left us this house, and that helps quite a lot.

You see, I work, and that keeps me from being with Donald as much as I'd like.

I never know when the studio is going to call me.

Gee, are you an actress? I wanna be a singer.

But right now I'm doing extra work in the movies.

You ever get a chance to do any singing?

No, but there are some really great musicians.

There's Stokowski and José Iturbi and people like that who work in pictures.

There's always a chance that I might get to sing for one of them.

Any luck so far? No.

That's awful. That's terrible.

Thank you, Clarence.

Oh, I didn't realize it was so late.

Please forgive me, but I really should run up and dress now.

I'm sorry you missed Donald, he'll be disappointed.

Well, as a matter of fact, we didn't come just to see Donald, we...

Clarence, I'm going to tell her whether you like it or not.

Clarence didn't sleep all night, you know.

And do you know why? Because he was thinking about you.

Why, Clarence.

I told him that you'd understand how it is, getting to a strange town when you've been away at sea.

"She'll understand," I said, "how important it is when you finally do get a little leave, to meet someone..."

Clarence, do you wanna take me out? Is that what all this is leading up to?

"She's a girl with a heart," I said... Well, I'd love to.


I wish I could make it tonight, but I'm busy.

Boyfriend? Oh, no.

Just someone I met at the studio.

He should be here now, so I really have to run up and dress.

You did mean what you said about my calling you?

Well, of course. Any night that you're free, you just give me a ring.

Goodbye. And thank you again for Donald.

Goodbye. Goodbye.

You know, I bet she's not so bad.

Gee, I'm glad you like her.

I didn't say I liked her, I said she wasn't bad.

Yeah, but coming from you.

Well, I guess if Aunt Susie likes him, he must be okay.

Gee, that's a nice car, isn't it?

Hey, what's the matter with you? Aren't you even worried?

Once she goes out with him, she'll turn up her nose at any place we...

I mean, that you could take her to.

Look, this means nothing to me, I'm telling you for your own good.

Once she goes out with him, brother, you're dead.

Gee, you think so, Joe? Sure.

There isn't anything I can do about it.

Brooklyn, there's always something you can do about everything.

Come on.

Did you want to see Ms. Abbott?

She's upstairs dressing, I'll call her. Oh, I wouldn't do that, bud.

Susie hates to be bothered when she's dressing.

Yeah, she hates it.

Something wrong, jack? Oh, no. Nothing at all.

Well, then squat someplace, jack, you're making me nervous.

My name is Bertram Kraler.


Are you good friends of Ms. Abbott's?

You might call it that.

Are you? I just met her.

I'm taking her to dinner.

Maybe you know what you're doing, Bertram but I don't think the boys will like it.

I beg your pardon? The boys?

The Navy. I don't think they're gonna like Susie branching out this way.

But I don't quite...

Ms. Abbott knows a great many Navy men?

Maybe some she doesn't know, say a dozen or two maybe.

It's a funny thing.

You get onboard a new ship don't know a soul, kind of lonesome even.

Then at chow somebody says, "Anybody seen Susie lately?"

And right away everybody's talking about her.

You know, it's kind of homey, if you see what I mean.

Yes. Yes, I do. But, well, she seems such a quiet girl.

Susie? Quiet?

Well, that's not what the song says when the boys sing about her.

They never even mention the word "quiet."

They sing about her? The Navy's got a song about her?

Sure. I don't believe it.

Well, okay. All right, let me hear it.

Well, I don't think you'd better, Bertram. It's strictly for sailors, see?

Yeah. Yeah, it's not your type of a song.

I insist on hearing it.

All right, Brooklyn, if the man insists, let's play.

But, Joe, I don't think we ought to.

Go ahead. Play that Susie song. Well, you start and I'll find you a key.

If you knew Susie Like we know Susie Oh, oh, oh, what a gal!

She's not so choosy No, not our Susie

- Oh, oh... - Susie is a lollapaloozie

- When Susie kisses - It never fails When Susie kisses She takes the wind Right out of your sails

- So in conclusion - Beware of Susion Oh, oh, oh, what a gal!

S is for sincerity Which she's got none of U is for you-know-what-l-mean

- S is for... - Sincerity Which she's got none of I is for the Irish in her smile

Her Irish smile E is for her eagerness to please us That is how she won her Navy E Put them all together They spell Susie The sweetheart of the boys at sea Oh, that Susie She's a doozy She's not choosy You won't lose-y

- Don't care who-sie - I mean you-sie You'll get woozy After just one date with Susie When you take her home about 10 Another gob is waiting there To take our Susie out again

- So in conclusie - Beware of Susie She belongs to you and you and me And the U.S. Navy S, S-U, S-U-S S- U-S-I, S-U-S-l-E

Well, well, well.

I don't know what's the matter with him, do you, Brooklyn?

Yes, and I wish I didn't.

Will you please tell Ms. Abbott that Mr. Kraler regrets...

Regrets what? What on earth is the matter?

What are you two doing here?

Mr. Kraler regrets what?

I'm afraid there's been a misunderstanding.

Knowing your taste as I do now, I'm sure the kind of evening I'd planned wouldn't interest you.

S-U-S, S-U...

But, Mr. Kraler, I...

What did you say to him?

What difference does it make? I'd like to know.

What did you say to him? I kind of figured you were stuck with him and... It wasn't Brooklyn, really. It was me.

I don't understand why you think I was stuck with him.

Well, I thought that you'd be glad to get him off your hands.

I thought you'd be grateful if I... And you thought I'd be grateful.

Well, yes, maybe, I... I mean, if I were a dame and that...

If you were a dame and for one solid year you'd been trying to get someplace and you met a man whose mother was in the philharmonic society and who could introduce you to very important people.

People like Iturbi. I mean I think this is the meanest and the cruelest...

Don't cry. Please, don't cry.

Aunt Susie.

Oh, go away. No.

I'm sorry. I had no right to brush Bertram off without your okay.

Honest, I'm sorry. Please don't cry.

Oh, I know you didn't mean it but it's just that I might never get another chance.

We've got a better chance for you. That is, Clarence has.

It's... Well, it's a surprise.

Well, what kind of a surprise? Oh, he'd never tell you.

That's Clarence all over.

You know what he did before he went into the Navy?

He was the assistant... Joe!

Joe, remember what you promised me.

Okay. At least I can tell her you were in music, can't I?

And he was a big shot too.

Why, when you went upstairs to change, he said to me:

"You know, if meeting Iturbi would do her any good well, after all, he's a friend of mine and..."

He is, Clarence? They're pals.

As a matter of fact, I once even heard Iturbi say:

"It is I who should be grateful to you, Clarence."

Remember? At San Diego?

Well, you know what Clarence did?

He just went to the phone and called his pal Iturbi and arranged for you to have an audition, that's all.

Oh, Clarence, you didn't.

Well, when...? When did he say?

When? Go ahead, tell her when, Clarence.

Saturday. Saturday morning at 11:15.

Oh, Clarence.

I'm sorry.

It's just that it's the nicest thing that anyone has ever done for me and...

What did he say? What did you tell him about me?

What does he...? Look, I've got an idea.


He has many things to tell you, why don't you go out have dinner and talk it over.

I think that'd be a wonderful idea. Well, you come too.

Please do, Joe. Look you haven't got a thing to do until 10:00, remember?

Joe! Hiya, sailor.

You came! You came!

Don't tell me you've been at school all this time?

Sure, I stayed to tell the teacher what I had to study for the Navy.

She sure doesn't know much.

You mean you kept the teacher until now?

Of course. Hiya, Clarence. Hiya, Donald.

Come on, I'm gonna march you over to Mrs. Murphy's.

We're going out. I'll come too.

Oh, no, you won't. But I gotta talk to Joe.

You can just talk to Joe some other time.

When? Tomorrow? Sure. Sure.

Will you come in school to see me?

Aunt Susie is coming tomorrow. Okay, it's a promise.

Come along, darling.

Hey, you dope. You wanted a date with her, didn't you?

Wanted to be alone? What do you wanna drag me along for?

Because I don't know what Iturbi said to me on the phone.

It's a wishing well.

Every time I pass by, I always toss a coin in and make a wish.

Thanks to you, I got my wish.

Oh, but should I still toss a coin in?

You better play it safe.

Now it's your turn.

No, no, not me. I got a theory called "Wishing Don't Make It So."

You decide what you want and then you go out and get it.

Come on.

Oh, no, not again enchiladas. What else?

Enchiladas for all of us and all the trimmings.

All right.

Now, listen, gentlemen, this is on me. But you can't spend your money on us.

I'm not. What are you gonna do? Wash dishes?

Polish the silver? Scrub the floors?

That sounds reasonable. Now, listen, you stay right here and no matter what happens, be brave.

You're all set, I'm gonna go. You can't leave me alone.

How are you gonna get to know her if you're never alone with her?

Besides, I wanna phone Lola.

We have Ms. Susan Abbott to sing for you.

Jealousy You constantly hurt me I sometimes wonder If this spell that I'm under Can only be a melody For I know no one but me Has won your heart But when the music starts My peace departs From the moment they play That languorous strain And we surrender To all its charm once again This jealousy That tortures me Is ecstasy Mysterious pain We dance to a tango of love Your heart beats with mine As we sway Your eyes give the answer I'm dreaming of That soft word Your cruel lips Will never say I fear that the music will end And shatter the spell it may lend To make me believe When your eyes just deceive And it's only the tango you love

To make me believe When your eyes just deceive And it's only the tango You love

Where is the phone? Oh, right up here.

Gee, I thought you were wonderful, honest.

Joe went to make a phone call.

He's a busy guy. He is?

He's the biggest wolf in the whole Navy.

Yeah, they call him the sea wolf.

Well, that's what they call him.

Clarence, do you realize that I don't know anything about you?

I mean, other than you're very nice but tell me about yourself.

I'm fine.

Well, what sort of work do you do in the Navy?

Gun crew. Is it interesting?

It's keen.

Well, we missed you. Susita it was not bad this time. It was great.

Well, I have wonderful news for you.

Guess for whom I'm going to sing this Saturday morning at 11:15.

José Iturbi. The José Iturbi.

No. Yes.

Clarence is one of his best friends, and he arranged it for me.

Wait, I must run. I must tell Mama. I must tell Pedro. I must tell Manuel.

I must tell everybody. But it's only an audition...

It's no use, it'll be all over the street in five minutes.

Susan, you think you ought to tell people?

I know you have a wonderful voice...

Yeah, but what if everything didn't go just right?

Well, you've given me the opportunity, and I want everyone to know about it.

If I fail, it's... Well, it's right that they should know that too.

Yeah, I guess she's right.

Say, Clarence, why don't you dance with Susan.

Sure. Do you wanna? I mean, I'd like to if you'd like to.

I'd love to.

I only know how to waltz and this isn't a...

Well, that's too bad. Maybe they'll play one later on.

You know, you're a strange team, you two.

Clarence is so shy and you're so...

Well, you're a sea wolf. Clarence told me you were.

Yeah, well, dames are plenty crazy about him.

Nice dames, that is.

And not about you? Nice dames, that is.

Well, I'm an altogether different kind of a guy. You know, I...

Well, I'm never serious about things but, well, Clarence, he's always on the level.

All right, all right, I know I should have tried, but I didn't.

Okay, so I'm a coward.

I don't know why, you tell me.

Gee whiz, why do I freeze when she looks at me?

What makes people act this way about people?

What makes anything?

What makes the sun set?

What makes the moon rise?

What makes the tide Remember to hide And why does it soon rise?

What makes a star fall?

Where does it fall to?

Why does its flight Make us stop in the night And wish as we all do?

And what holds a cloud together?

What makes the sky so blue?

What makes the sun set?

What makes the moon rise?

Is it my love For you?

And what holds a cloud together?

And what makes the sky so blue?

What makes the sun set?

What makes the moon rise?

Is it my love For you?

Gee, you sing just like a bird.

Brooklyn! Yeah, how do you know?

Flatbush. Go on. Greenpoint.

How do you like that? How do you like that?

Imagine meeting a dame all the way from Brooklyn.

Ain't it a small world? Like my old lady used to say.

Hey, mister, you better sit down, huh? The manager.

Gee, are you all alone? No, I'm here with a girl. She's dancing.

Oh, he's my best friend.

Okay, maybe you know what you're doing.

She's a swell one, all right, that girl. And what a voice.

Yeah, she's wonderful.

She's just about the loveliest...

Only, you know something? I can never talk to her.

I can never talk to girls at all. I never know what to say.

What's the matter with you? You're talking to me, ain't you?

Oh, you...

Oh, I mean... I mean, you're different. You're from Brooklyn.

Yeah. Yeah, I know.

Most girls are so easy to figure out, see?

They are? Yeah, but you are...

One time you look kind of as if you knew all the answers and then 10 minutes later you're just like a little kid.

Just when a guy starts thinking he ought to buy you a doll or an ice cream cone or something then all of a sudden you're all grown up again.

I am?


And everything gets all kind of mixed up and interesting.

I mean... Well, that's what Clarence said about you.

You know, he thinks about you all the time.

He does?



All the time.

I guess I'll be seeing you again tomorrow night at the restaurant?

If you don't mind going back there. Oh, I don't mind. It's a swell place.



It's been a lovely evening and I don't know when I've been so happy.

Good night.

Joe, did you hear what she said? She's never been so happy.

Yeah, and if you stop to think for a minute maybe you'll figure out why.

You mean Iturbi? Yeah.

Why shouldn't she be happy, with that big, beautiful audition you fixed coming up?

All of a sudden my heart sings When I remember little things The way you dance And hold me tight The way you kiss And say good night The crazy things we say and do How fun it is to be with you The magic thrill That's in your touch Oh, darling, I love you so much The secret way you press my hand To let me know you understand The wind and rain upon your face The breathless world Of your embrace Your little laugh and half-surprise The starlight gleaming in your eyes Remembering all those little things All of a sudden My heart sings

Yes, Mr. Banick, I understand.

You've gotta have a pass to get in, sailor.

I'll take care of that right away, Mr. Banick. Yes, sir.

Mr. Iturbi work here? Yes.

Well, I'd kind of like to see him. Is Mr. Iturbi expecting you?

Well, not exactly. Well, I'm sorry, but it's impossible.

I gotta talk to him. It's important. Even just for a minute, can't you?

Really, there's nothing I can do. He's very busy. He's on the stage, recording.

Gentlemen, bar 95, please.

Roll it, Jim, please. Speed.

So the admiral went up on deck, said to him, he said, "Gunner's Mate Second Class Joe Brady, what do you think we should do?"

So Joe said, "Well, sir..." Because even in a battle if you talk to an admiral, you have to say "sir."

So Joe said... Joe! Come on, kids, it's Joe.


I was just telling them about you. Yeah, so I heard.

Where's Aunt Susie? I thought she... She had to go to the studio.

Listen, Joe, I told the kids you'd tell us all about your adventures.

Oh, look, I... Honest...

All right, all right. Sit down, sit down.

Oh, boy.

Tell us how you got your medal.

All right, I'll tell you how I got my medal.

Now, close your eyes and try to imagine the most beautiful day you've ever seen.

The greenest grass and the singing-est birds and the shining-est sun. Can you see it?


Good. Now, try to imagine me there, walking along, playing a tin whistle just as happy as can be. Do you see me?


Good. Of course, I was in the Pomeranian navy then and we wore white suits.

With blue stripes and a white hat with a little red ball on top.

Oh, I was so happy that I ran and jumped and leaped and played, just for the fun of it.

My, I felt good.

It was such a wonderful, wonderful day.

When all of a sudden I stepped into a big hole and fell right to the bottom of it.

I seemed to be in a long tunnel.

Way ahead, I could see light, so I started towards it.

Finally, I reached the end and found myself in a strange land.

It looked...

Well, it looked just like a page out of a storybook and everything was hushed and still like your room at night after you've gone to sleep.




Is anybody here?

No music?

I can't sing if I want to?

Can I dance?

It's a law. It's a law. It's a law. It's a terrible law.

I'll sing and dance whenever I will No law on Earth can keep me still

Young man, there is such a law.

Our king forbids us to sing and dance.

Wait. Where dwells this monster of a king whose people may not dance and sing?

In yonder castle, but none can reach him.

Trust in me, my honored friend I'll bring your sadness to an end

Hello. Hello. Who are you?

What are you doing here? Just a sailor come a-visiting.

Why are you sad?

I'm not sad. Yes, you are.

I am not. You are so.

Not. Yes, you are.

I'm lonesome.

Well, you deserve to be lonesome.

Lonesome's too good for you.

Passing a law like that, not letting people sing and dance aren't you ashamed of yourself? I had to.

What do you mean you had to? Well...

A king's gotta do everything his subjects do, see? Only better.

Well, I can't sing and I can't dance, so there had to be a law. I had to.

You can so sing and dance. Anybody can.

Well, not anybody that's cranky and gloomy and grumpy.

But anybody whose heart is big and warm and happy, they can.

Go on. Try it, just for a minute. Try being happy.

If you worry, if you worry If you bother your head I do.

It won't help you, it won't help you It will hurt you instead It will?

Grouchers, groaners Cranks and moaners They're so unfair I know.

If you can't be gay and merry Lock yourself in solitary Though it hurts you Though it hurts you Be a pleasanter guy You may even learn to like it If you give it a try I'll try.

You could laugh and sing and dance As gaily as an elf But don't expect to get much help If you don't help yourself Will you try? If you show me.

I'll show you. I'll try.

Good. One, two, three, four.

One, two, three, four. One, two, three.

One, two, three.

You see? It's easy.

Look at me. I'm dancing.

That's a beautiful story. And that's how I got my medal.

I'm sorry, recess is over.


Joe? Joe?

What would you like most for a present?

Well, don't tell Aunt Susie I told you, now, because it's a secret and she said that you and Clarence fixed it up with a man for her to get a new job and make lots of money.

So she's gonna buy us all the most wonderful presents in the world.

Joe, what would you rather have than anything?

Well, I'll sort of think it over and let you know.

Don't tell Aunt Susie I told you, now.

No, no, I won't.

Hiya, Brooklyn. Hello.

Joe. Am I glad to see you.

Never mind about me. What about you?

I got a feeling you didn't get in to see Iturbi.

We're sunk. I can't get through that gate.

What do you mean you can't?

Look, Joe, honest. I've tried and tried, but it's no use.

You have to have an appointment or something.

Hello. Yes?

My name is Joe Brady, I'd like to see José Iturbi.

Is he expecting you? Yes.

Just a minute and I'll let you talk to his secretary.

Thank you very much.

Hello, Jean. A Mr. Brady from the United States Navy to see Mr. Iturbi, says he's expected.

Gee, I don't know, Joe.

Sometimes when I watch you, I feel that something's wrong with me.

Look, Brooklyn, you just gotta learn not to get scared, that's all.

Hey, you! You, stop. Wait a minute.

Hey, I got a pass. Brooklyn, I got a pass!

Wait a minute. Stop.

Now, wait a minute. Hey, wait a minute.

Stop. Brooklyn!

I guess everybody's out. Okay, let's go.

Pardon me, can you tell me where Mr. Iturbi's office is?

Sure, right over there. Thanks.

Mr. Brady?

I expect Mr. Iturbi at any moment. Won't you sit down?


Have you been at sea recently? Yeah, I'm on leave.

I suppose you're having a wonderful time.

My name is Susan Abbott and someone made an appointment for me to have an audition with Mr. Iturbi this Saturday...

Ever speak to sailors, lady? Hello, Joe. What are you doing here?

Clarence is off having a little chat with José and I was waiting for him.

We can go out and have a Coke.

I was just... Ms. Abbott, I'm afraid...

Hold on, that's all right, Jean. Tell Mr. Iturbi she'll be back.

But Mr. Iturbi... Don't worry, I'll be back.

Tell him to wait for me.

Aunt Susie, you almost made a terrible mistake.

I just wanted to ask Mr. Iturbi if there was any song that I should prepare for the audition.

That's just what I thought you wanted.

Boy, am I glad I was there to stop you.

Believe me, Aunt Susie, take my word for it.

You shouldn't go even near that guy until the very minute you're ready.

But, Joe, why?

Well, look, you go see him now, you try to talk to him.

He's polite, but he's busy. It's just no good.

But you wait till Saturday at 11:15 Iturbi is expecting one of these big, beefy characters.

Instead, you walk in. You're all dressed up.

You look like a million dollars.

Go, Aunt Susie. Believe me, you'll kill him, huh?

Come on, sailor, I owe you a Coke.

You're sort of Clarence's guardian angel too, aren't you?

What I mean is...

Well, you're always with him or talking about him. Why, Joe?

Well, I... I figured he needed a girl but Clarence didn't want just any girl he wanted somebody he could think about and write to and, you know, come home to.

I guess he found her, huh?

What about you, Joe? What do you want?

Me? What kind of girl do you like?


I guess I'm just curious.

Well, the kind of girl I like is a very definite kind of a girl.

Take for example the one I know here in Los Angeles.

You mean Lola. How...?

Well, yeah. Take her, then.

Nothing serious about her...

I mean, nothing serious, strictly for laughs.

She sees you, great. If she doesn't, great, she'll find somebody it doesn't tie you down at all.

I see.

You don't want to be tied down, do you?

That's for guys like Clarence. Nice guys.

What I like is...

Yes, what do you like?

Oh, I don't know, Aunt Susie.

Right now I'm a little confused about what I like, it's...

I have a feeling that everything is... Yes?

Back on the set, kids, let's go. Come on, Susie.

Everybody works in the next shot, come on.

Joe, why don't you come down to the café tonight.

You could bring your girl, you know.

Well, maybe Clarence would like to see you alone.

All right.

Call the Victory Committee and tell them I'll be at the camp.

But, Mr. Iturbi, you have to be at the studio.

How are you gonna get to the camp? I'll be able to make it.

Please tell them not to expect me until the last minute.

Remember, later on you have an appointment with Carlos.

Yes, I remember. I'll be there. And I'll be there on time.

Please, stop worrying. Give me the Tchaikovsky concerto.

Go and get yourself a double chocolate sundae.

Your next appointment... With walnuts.

With walnuts.


Hello. Hello.

Ahoy. Oh, I'm doing fine. Fine.

You tune pianos or play them?

A little bit of both.

Hey, buddy. Hey, I know that song.

Oh, you do, huh? Sure.

Tonight we love while the moon beams Down in dreamland Tonight we touch the stars Love was ours Oh, sure, I like that. You like Tchaikovsky?

Who? Tchaikovsky, the composer.

You must be mistaken, buddy. Freddy Martin wrote that.

I heard it on the radio at least a thousand times.

Well, you know, all those fellows, they steal from each other.

Meant to borrow But tomorrow I forgot the words

Yeah, that's nice. I'm glad you like it.

Say, do you know what I would do if I were you?

I'd quit this piano tuning, ain't no future in it.

You play very well. Thank you.

It's very nice to be encouraged. You seem pretty good yourself.

Thank you. Well, I got to go now.

I have a few more pianos to tune.

Well, goodbye, sailor. Thanks again.

Keep plugging. Okay.

Senor Clarence, friend of Susita.

Senor Clarence.

The whole street is talking of what you are doing for our Susita.

Yeah. I got a date with her.

Oh, how happy she will be to see you. Come.

Sit down, make yourself comfortable.

But I must rush and tell her that you are here.

Senor Iturbi. He is well, yes?

Oh, sure. Sure, he's well.

Well, for heaven's sakes, look who's here and looking like he's at a wake. Hiya, Brooklyn.

Yeah, I got a date with Susan.

What's the matter? Don't you like her? Sure, I like her. I think she's wonderful.

Only, I'm gonna be all alone with her. And I'll sit here like a dope, I know it.

I won't even know what to say. What are you worrying about?

The first note I heard you sing I knew you were the romantical-type fella.

Quit your kidding. Think I'm just gonna walk up to her and start singing?

Of course you don't just walk up to her and start singing. Look.

I'm her.

I'm just finishing dinner, toying with my coffee.

The fellas are beating their brains out playing soft music.

I'm looking at you you're looking at me.

Okay, take it.

Gee, you're swell.

Gee, thanks.

That's right, that's the way.

The charm of you Is comparable to A Christmas tree with toys With little girls and boys When first they see The tree The thrill of you Is comparable to The thrill I felt when I First learned the heart could sigh And you were the reason why And yet, and yet If we two had never met I'd know your grace That warms the face That only the angels get And so comparing you With all of these things is all That I can do Because they add up to The charm of you

Gee, I'd give a month's tips to have somebody sing words like that to me.

Somebody will, Brooklyn. What do you bet?

Some girls, when a fella comes to see her, he brings flowers orchids even. I'm the other type girl.

Me, a fella brings four bottles of beer. What's the sense of kidding myself?

What are you talking yourself down for? You're a terrific girl.

Oh, go on.

I'd better get working. Hey, Brooklyn. Hey, I think you're...

Oh, hello, Clarence. I hope you haven't been waiting long.

Well, I... What did you say?

I didn't say anything. I didn't say a word.

Did you have a nice time with Mr. Iturbi today?

I... I saw Joe at the studio and he said you were there.

You know, Clarence I feel as though Saturday will never come. I can hardly wait.

Well, it's natural, I guess.

Until I'm doing it, I...

I just can't believe that I'm really going to sing for Mr. Iturbi.

Susan, look, there's something I've got to tell you.

It may make a difference in the way you feel about seeing me, even.

But I've got to tell you.

Well, please, Clarence, don't tell me now.

I like you very much but we haven't known each other very long and sometimes it's a mistake to say things too soon.

Do you think so? Oh, yes, I do.

Now I feel better.

I was afraid to tell you anyway.

By the way, where is Joe tonight?

Joe probably has a date with Lola. He's crazy about her.

I mean, she's crazy about him, and he doesn't seem to mind it.

That's just to hold you.

Now, don't forget, I got one wish coming.

Let's keep the whole thing quiet, huh?

Clarence, you're wonderful.

You know, Clarence, I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am.

Oh, gee, Aunt Susan, it's really nothing, I...

But I've waited all my life for a chance like this.

Oh, mister, I'm so sorry. That's all right. It hardly touched me.

Wanna come to the kitchen?

Couple minutes next to that oven and you'll be dry.

Yes, Clarence, you'd better go ahead. Hurry.

So I says to myself, "Half of every year for 18 years your feet get cold, hands get chapped, nose gets blue.

Get smart, get out of town," I said. So here I come to sunny California.

Sure, my nose don't get blue anymore, but the rest of me is blue all the time.

You're homesick, that's what.


I guess you're dry, I guess.

I guess.


She's gone.

No kidding?

Don't worry, she must have gone up to her dressing room to change.

She'll be back in a minute.

You know something?

With you around, even with the palm trees and this stuff this feels like Brooklyn.

Gee, thanks.

You're welcome.

The customers are sitting in the inside and the waitress sits outside.

Hiya, Joe. Oh, hi.

What are you doing here? I wanted to see you. You having fun?

Oh, I'm having a swell time. Sure. All you needed was a girl.

Yeah. Say, you'd better get back to her.

What are you doing out here, anyway?

Listen, Joe, it's kind of tough what with the excitement and all about her audition.

Don't you think I'd better tell her?

Oh, that's what I came down to see you about.

I thought not getting to Iturbi might cramp your style with Susie so I found out where we could see him.

Tomorrow, the first thing, at the Hollywood Bowl.

So don't worry, everything's gonna be okay with you and Susan.

Thanks, Joe. Yeah.

Hollywood Bowl. Yeah, Hollywood Bowl.

Mr. Iturbi is in there, isn't he? Yes, he is.

We're friends of his, we'd like to see him.

I'm sorry, boys, I wish I could let you in, but I can't.

Nobody is allowed in there during rehearsals.

I got a dream I dream all the time, I go up to a cop and he says:

"Glad to see you, come right in."

So we give up, huh? So we don't give up, huh.

Come on, we got him cornered.

Goodbye. Goodbye, all. Goodbye.

Goodbye, goodbye. Hey, where's Iturbi?

Oh, he just left. And he's eight minutes late. Oh, dear.


Even you can be late, Joe.

We just tell Susan the truth. That's all there is to do.

Okay, I'll go.


I'll tell her.

It's up to me to do it, not you.

Now, look, I'll go out to the studio and tell her it's all a phony.

She'll be good and sore, but at me, right?

I'll tell her how I pulled you into it and how it all happened because you're crazy about her.

What's the use, Joe? We're due back in San Diego tomorrow and our leave is up. What difference does that make?

Susan's not a girl just for a leave.


She's the kind you come home to and...

Well, this will do it. Joe?


There's something I've been...

Yeah, yeah, I guess you're right. Okay.

I'll meet you at that little barn near Susie's house about 6.

That way I can tell you how she took it.

Unless you wanna come with me.

Are you just gonna sit here?

Yeah, yeah, I'm tired.

I fall in love Too easily I fall in love Too fast

I fall in love Too terribly hard For love to ever last My heart should be well-schooled

'Cause I've been fooled In the past And still I fall in love too easily

I fall in love Too fast

Brooklyn, I love you.

Oh, no. No, you love Susie.

I did, but I don't.

I know it's awful, but I can't help it. I love you.

I don't think it's so terrible.

Yes, it is.

There is Joe, off telling Susie that I want to come home to her and here I want to come home to you.

Gee, I got a feeling I'm...

I got a feeling I'm fickle.

You're gonna marry me, aren't you?

But, Brooklyn...

Before I say for sure, there's something I gotta tell you.

So that everything will be on the level, see?

No, no. Whatever happened before you met me, it doesn't count.

But this was after I met you.

It was?

I don't care. You still don't have to tell me.

But I wanna. I gotta.

Well, last night, when I dropped the soup on you by accident it wasn't no accident.

I didn't want you to sit there with her.

Why, Brooklyn that's just about the nicest thing that anyone has ever done for me.

Imagine, you were jealous.

But, honey, you better tell your pal to stop fixing it up with Susan.

Yeah. Yeah, I guess you're right. Yeah.

Because bigamy, I don't believe in.

Everybody on the set for the morning at 9:00 sharp.


Can I speak to you for a minute?

What would you like to say?

Well, I... Perhaps I could tell you.

Clarence is a very fine boy, that I know.

You saved his life, so you owe him something.

You've decided that he's just about right for me.

Does that cover everything?

No, that doesn't come anywhere near it.

Oh, I forgot. You like a very definite type of girl and I'm very definitely not it.

Oh, don't be mad, Aunt Susie.

I'm sorry.

What is it, Joe?

Susie, what I wanna say...

Well, it's not awfully...

Same thing happens every time I'm with you.

I hear myself saying words that never have anything to do with the things I feel about you.

All I know are the things you say, Joe, and I don't like them.

Susan, I've never said to you what I really wanted to say because...

I guess because my way of saying it just isn't good enough.

Then there must be some other way. Sure there is.

Comes right out of Romeo and Juliet, Three Musketeers and all the books and poems.

Those are the words I wanna say, but...

I can't. You'd laugh at me.

I don't think so. Well, then I'd laugh at myself.

Words like that don't go with sailor suits and three-day leaves and the world we live in.

They go with that world, cloaks and swords and...

Oh, I don't know.

If you lived in that house, then I could tell you.

But I do live in that house.

If you lived in that house in some other time, you'd be...

You'd be a princess and I'd be a bandit chief who had to hide out in the hills.

A bandit who had seen the princess once and having seen her, could never forget her.

Then one night, he'd risk his life to see her again.

Hiding in a shadow here, a patch of darkness there...

Hiya, Clarence.

Joe. Yeah?



Clarence. Yeah, Joe?

It's been a hot day.

Give me a Scotch. A double.

Are you used to that stuff?

No, I never touch it. It cuts down on your wind.


It's been a hot day.

Look, Joe... No, Clarence, you look.

Clarence, sometimes things happen and you just can't help them, see?

You meet somebody and you don't think it's anything, and then all of a sudden it is something.

Gee, that's exactly the way it happened.

Don't I know.


It's wonderful, though.

It could be.

But not when you double-cross a pal.

When did you find out, Joe?


But I've had a hunch about it pretty nearly from the beginning.

You did? Yeah.

It's funny, I didn't.

Not for sure. Not till I kissed her.

Of course, last night when she dropped her soup on me I should have known.

The waitress?


Gee, she's a terrible waitress.

You mean you're not sore, Joe?

No, no. I'm not sore. No, I forgive you.

Is she sore? Susan?

Susan? No, I wouldn't say she acted sore. No, not at all.

Even when you told her that there wasn't gonna be any audition?


You mean you didn't tell her?

Well, what did you tell her?

What could you be talking about all this time?

Just things. You know how it is with things.

Joe, you're in love with Susan yourself.

You gonna ask her to marry you? Sure.

Well, when? Before or after she doesn't have her audition?


Iturbi. I gotta get to Iturbi.

But where? I don't know where.

Oh, Clarence, where can he be? He's gotta light someplace sometime.

There's gotta be someplace he calls home.



Good morning. Well, thank you.

Can I help you gentlemen?

Well, we were looking for Mr. Iturbi. Will he be in this morning?

He gave a concert at Bakersfield last night.

And when he returns he'll probably go straight to the studio.

Is there any message?


No. No, thanks. Very well.

Gee, that's awful.

What are you gonna do, Joe?

Well, I'll go to her house and stop her before she leaves.

Now, look, don't let this spoil it for you, kid.

You go see your girl, you haven't got much time.

I'll meet you at the bus.

You want me to go with you?


Joe, I was afraid I wouldn't get to see you again.

What, you think I'd go away without saying goodbye?

Aunt Susie isn't home. She went to the studio.



I've gotta go back to my ship and I don't know if I'll get to see Aunt Susan again or not.

So will you tell her something for me? Sure.

Sure, Joe. Okay, you tell her that I tried awfully hard to make things come out right and that I'm awfully sorry that it had to end this way.

You got that?

Good morning, Mr. Iturbi. Good morning.

Here's your coffee and doughnut. Thank you, dear.

Mr. Iturbi, I'm so excited.

Imagine running into you this morning of all mornings.

Do so hope I won't be a disappointment to you.

A disappointment? To me? How silly of me.

You don't even know who I am, do you?

Well, I'm Susan Abbott. Oh, that's nice.

You know, your friends told you about me.

Clarence and Joe.

And, well, this is going to be quite a day for me.

It looks like quite a day for me too.

You know, I had rather expected that Joe would be with you today but I'm sort of glad he isn't, that would make me too nervous.

You don't know him very well, do you? Not really well.

You'd love him because he's really a wonderful person.

Well, what I mean is that...

Well, he's Clarence's best friend and... Oh, he's Clarence's best friend?

And I know Clarence very well, don't I?

You'd hardly be giving me an audition if you didn't.

An audition.

And when is it going to be, this audition?

11:15 this morning. You didn't remember it?

Well, it isn't exactly that I didn't remember.

It's that...

It's that you didn't know anything about it.

That there never was really an audition at all.

Oh, Mr. Iturbi, I'm terribly sorry. See, it's just that Joe and Clarence...

Joe and Clarence told me that they had arranged for...

What I mean is that...

It is a joke. I can see that now.

Please forgive me.

Wait. Wait for a minute.

These boys, you like them very much, yes?

Especially this Joe. Don't you?


To throw away a friend in anger, this is not good.

And perhaps, if we talk a little about this terrible situation perhaps it will turn out not to be so terrible.

Camera ready. All right.

From the heart of a lonely poet Came a song for the girl he adored Though she tried very hard Not to show it She was terribly, terribly bored

But then the poet asked her If she'd like a walk And her eyes shone And the moon shone And the stars shone Up above And they walked Through the evening together They were swaying To the music of a drum and violin He held her and told her he'd love her Till the moon faded above her

As they walked Though she tried not to show it She was certain She'd fallen in love

And her eyes shone And the moon shone And the stars shone Up above And they walked Through the evening together They were swaying To the music of a drum and violin The spell of the moon Fell upon them And the stardust Breathed upon them

As they walked Though she tried not to show it You could see in her eyes a light She was certain She'd fallen in love As they walked Through the thrill of the night

Why don't you write her a letter. Because there isn't anything to say.

Well, tell her you're sorry.

She knows I'm sorry. How does she know?

Oh, Clarence, will you write Brooklyn a letter or wash some socks or go to sleep or something?

Carry on.

You boys were looking for me. What did you want to see me about?

Well, I...

It's too late now. That, of course, I can tell.

Come, come along. We'll talk it over.

Come on, I haven't got much time. Go ahead.

Brooklyn, what are you doing here? Are you complaining, honey?

Joe, you stay right here. Don't go away.

Ladies and gentlemen, today I invited myself to your concert.

And because I felt it might be of special interest to you I requested Admiral Hammond to grant a young artist permission to make her debut right here.

Therefore, allow me to introduce to you a singer discovered by the United States Navy.

Miss Susan Abbott.

In about five minutes, I will introduce to you a young singer discovered by the United States Navy.

Anchors aweigh, my boys Anchors aweigh Farewell to college joys We sail at break of day Through our last night on shore Drink to the foam Until we meet once more Here's wishing you A happy voyage home Anchors aweigh