And Life Goes On (1992) Script

The Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children Presents

This is an aid worker with the Red Crescent speaking to you today about adopting a child.

We have many children who've lost their parents and their home.

We need families who can take these children in.

Why was the highway closed so early?

To let ambulances through.

We ask families to contact us here at the Red Crescent.

We're very grateful for the generous support so far, but more help is needed, because the scale of the disaster is so great... ls the highway open?

Cars are going through, right?

Didn't you ask the same thing yesterday?

Yesterday I tried to get to Rudbar, but I had to turn around at Manjil.

If you want more information, ask the traffic police.

Would you know if the highway's open?

Yes. Where are you going? Rudbar.

The road to Rudbar is open.

Yesterday we had to turn back at Manjil -

You can't enter Manjil.

Only rescue services are allowed in.




What are rescue services?

The services sent in to help victims of the earthquake.

He said only rescue services were allowed in.

Does it mean we can't get through?

Yes, but I'll think of something.

Like what? Just wait.

We're not there yet.

What if we show them the pictures of the two boys and say we're bringing them help.

Not a bad idea.

Dad, what are those round things?

Communication towers.

They transmit the news.

Did they transmit the news of the earthquake?

Of course.



What's that? What?

Where the smoke's coming out.

A cement factory.

Why didn't it fall down in the earthquake?

Cement's very strong. Earthquakes can't destroy it.

Were their houses made of cement?

No, most are made of clay bricks.

You saw that in the movie.

Maybe the boys came to Tehran to see the soccer game.

I'm afraid not.

Since they don't even have TVs, they come to Tehran.

Scotland played Brazil that night, right?

Wednesday night... was Argentina and Brazil.

No, Scotland and Brazil.

I saw it. It was Scotland and Brazil.

Scotland and Brazil?

You're right.

I have to go to the bathroom.

Hang on.

Go ahead.

Look, I caught a grasshopper.

That's not good.

Why not?

They're dirty.

If you touch your eyes or mouth now, it could be bad.

Besides, they belong out in the wild.

Put it out the window.

No, I want to raise it.

Who ever heard of raising grasshoppers?

I'll be the first person in the world.

Catch grasshoppers and raise them?

What's the point?

I'll raise it so it can emigrate.

What's that? So it can emigrate.


You know what that means?

It means to go from one place to another.

Very good.

I answered your question. Now you answer mine.

Why do grasshoppers emigrate?

I don't know.

I know. When they've eaten all the grass in one place, they move somewhere else where there's fresh grass.


Look. It has red wings.

Careful! We almost hit that truck!

Throw that thing out the window now!

I said throw it out the window.

Toss it!

Did you do it? Yes.

Get some sleep now.

Fold up that shirt... put it under your head... and rest a bit.


When do we get to that big tunnel?

It's coming up.






Cinematography HOMAYOUN PAYVAR


Written and Directed by ABBAS KIAROSTAMI

Excuse me, please.

Where's the main road?

Straight ahead, then left at the junction.


Keep it moving!

Come on through!

Watch the rocks!

Keep moving.




Dad, they sell soft drinks there. Where?

There was a little store.

Excuse me.

What? You have any soft drinks?

What a thing to ask now!

Dad, they have soft drinks.


Back there.

Hang on.

Excuse me.

They don't answer. Can I just take one?

Okay. Leave the money.

This one's really warm.

So is this one.

They're all the same. Just take one.

Dad, this soda's really warm.

My stomach hurts.

Do I have to drink it all? No.

Don 'z' pour it all out. Give me some for my baby.

That's good.


Okay, go on. Quickly!

Move on, quickly!

Get going! Don't stop there!

It's overheated.

Get out and push.

You can't block the road.

Go on now!

Keep moving!

Move along!

Don't stop.


So many villagers have been affected.

Many have had to perform their funeral ablutions for children and other loved ones in the streamlets.

We watch their suffering from afar... and share in their great sorrow.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

How far is it backed up like this?

It's terrible.

It's taken me four hours from lmamzadeh to here.

From the hospital on, traffic's barely moving.

What hospital! There's no hospital left.

It's a pile of rubble.

I really don't know... what our people have done for God to punish us so.

Would you mind backing up so we can try that side road?

Are you sure this is the way?

Every road leads somewhere.

What about a dead end?

Let's ask someone.

Let's ask them.

Excuse me. Does this road go to Koker?

I don't know.

Can I give you a ride?

No, but could you take this heavy gas tank up the hill?

Just leave it by the road. Our tent is nearby.

Thanks very much.

I'll leave it by the road. Thanks again.

Excuse me, sir. Can I get to Koker this way?

What's that?

Does this road go to Koker?

I don't know. You don't?

No. What about Poshteh?

No. Thanks anyway.

You're welcome.

Ma'am, how do I get to Koker?

Koker? You have to go the other way.

Through Mahal.

There's a road back there. Take that road.

That road's closed.

İsn't there another way?

You have to go through Mahal. Thanks very much.

What do we do now, Dad?

We'll think of something.

I don't know yet.

Excuse me. Do you know the way to Koker?

No. And Poshteh?

No. This isn't the way to Poshteh?

Everyone's buried in the rubble.

My poor little house is in ruins. I'm desperate and miserable.

May God give you strength.

Do you know if there were many victims in Koker?

I don't know.

Thank you very much.

God bless you and keep you safe and sound.

Does this road go to Koker?

I don't know.

Where are you going? Koker.

You can't take the side road. Go back to the paved road.

That road's blocked. Isn't there some other way?

Yes, but big fissures have opened up.

You won't make it in this car.

The road's too damaged.

Thanks. We'll see how it goes.

Now which way do we go?

We'll find a road.

Let's ask him.

Excuse me. The road to Koker?

This is the road... but there was a landslide in the mountains.

I doubt you can get through.

Are you from Koker? Yes.

Any news?

Koker is a total ruin.

Not a house was left standing.

Everything's destroyed.

Do you know this boy?

Him? Yes.

Yes, I know him. Who is he?

He's the son of Abdollah in Koker.

He was in a movie.

You know if he survived?

I don't know. I have no news about anyone.

Are you headed for Koker? I'll give you a ride.

Thanks, but I'll walk. You could too. It's not far.

We'll drive there together.

Thanks, but I'll walk.

You won't get through by car.

Go back to the main road, then take the dirt road on your right.

If that's open, you can get through.

Anything else? No. Thanks a lot.

Excuse me. Which way is Koker?

Hassan, is Koker that way? No, the other way.

That way.


Thanks so much. How are you, Mr. Rouhi?

Fine, thanks. You remember me?

You know me from somewhere?

You don't recognize me?


Wait... of course!

Remember now? Yes.

Thank God you weren't harmed in the earthquake.

We suffered a lot of structural damage, but not many casualties.

By the grace of God, we're all alive.

Any news of the Ahmadpours? The Ahmadpours?

The boys in the movie with you.

They're not from my village. They're from Koker.

Yes, I know.

Is there a road to Koker around here?

There was a direct road before, but who knows now?

What a thing to buy right now!

Where are you taking it?

It would be impolite to say why I bought it.

It's clear enough what it's for!

Those who died died, and those who survived need this valuable piece of ceramic.

Use it in good health!

Thank you very much.

I don't know why so many innocent children and tiny babies and poor people lost their homes while our house was left standing.

Was the Lord looking out for me?

Do you think you're blessed?

Those are just words.

Then how do you explain it?

The way I see it... this disaster fell upon us like a hungry wolf.

Those in its path were devoured while the rest were spared.

No, this wasn't God's doing.

Mr. Rouhi? Yes?

In Where ls the Friend's House ?, why were you older and humpbacked?

Those people... put that hump on me.

And they told me, “You have to look older.” I said, “Fine, whatever you say.” But I didn't like it.

It didn't sit right with me.

I don't know what kind of art it is that makes people look older and uglier than they are.

Art is making people look a little younger.

Making the young look older isn't art.

Thank God you're still alive, and still looking young.

No one appreciates youth until they grow old... or life until they stare death in the face.

If the dead could come back and live again... they'd surely live better lives.

I get out right here.

Right here.

Thanks so much. You've been very kind.

Would you have some water for my son?

Sure, sure.

Will my car be in the way there?

No, cars don't come through here.

Let me help you with that. It's heavy.

Give it to me and lead the way.

Is this your house? Yes.

I expected to see you in that other house.

That was my house in the movie.

It was only temporary.

Thanks very much.

Sorry for the bother.

And to be honest... this house you see here isn't my real house either.

That must be the oven.

This is my “movie house” too.

The movie people said, “This will be your house,” and I said all right.

The fact is... my real house was destroyed in the earthquake.

For now we're living in one of those tents you saw -

Dad, what's this?

That's where they cook.

But this house is still standing. That's a fact too.

Yes, you have a point.

A film has its own truth. It doesn't lie.

The doors are all locked.

I'm looking for a bowl.

I can't find a bowl to give your son a drink.

Sir, where's that bowl?

Go hand him the bowl.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.

Where's your son? He wanted a drink.

He's around somewhere.

Sit down. Let's have a chat.

How many times must I clean you up?

Just look at you!

Hello. Hello.

Is this water for drinking?


It's from a spring. Why is it from a faucet?

We ran pipes to the spring.



Where are you?

I'm getting some water.

Mr. Rouhi has some for you.

I already found some.

Don't wander off.

Stay around here. Okay.


Were you at your uncle's?

No, I was waiting for this plaster.

And your other uncle? He wasn't home.

This lamp is all that's left. Go wash it off.

Why's the faucet on?

I told you not to leave the faucet on!

Wash it off in the spring.

Give it here. You'll break it.

Go get me a broom.

Where'd you put my socks? On the shelf.

I can't find them.

I'm coming.

I'm in a hurry. I'm coming.

Ma'am, is this drinking water?


It's spring water.

Why is it from a faucet? We laid pipes recently.

Pour some here.


I'm pouring where you say.

Right here!

Ma'am, that rug is buried in debris.

How are you going to pull it up?

What else can I do? It's too heavy.

I have no one else. No husband or son?

My husband's buried under the rubble. My son's not here.

What about neighbors?

They have their own problems.

I have a bad back. Otherwise I'd pull it out.

It's too heavy.

It won't budge.

Sir, can you get my kettle?

I can't get your rug out, but I'll try to get your kettle.

Thanks very much.

I haven't had any tea in three days.

Mash Khatoon!

Mash Khatoon!


Come here.

Hossein will be there to help you.

Hossein's busy with his own work.

Everyone has their own problems.

There's no one to help.

You're too old to be doing that.

What can I do? I'll have to dig it out myself.

We'll find someone to help.

There's no one!

Everyone's gone.

Here's your kettle, still in one piece.

But I can't get your rug out with my bad back.

Are you from around here? No.

Are you from Tehran? Yes.

City people usually come here on vacation.

What brings you here now?

Amin, didn't I warn you?

Sit down and don't move!

I've told you a hundred times not to do such things!

Now you broke the lantern!

If another earthquake comes, we'll have no lantern!

I've told you a hundred times! Sit down and don't move!

Naughty boy!

Spoiled little brat!


Shut up!

Mommy. Shut up!

Your house wasn't damaged too bad.

The outside looks okay, but the walls are all cracked.

A few cracks don't matter.

Mr. Rouhi's house looks okay too.

Which is his?

A big blue house.

It even has an oven.

It has two faucets. One is upstairs.

That's Ali Gholamfs house.

They were off visiting relatives and were buried in the quake.

Had they gone to watch the soccer game?

No, they didn't like soccer.

Thank God your children survived.

The three who were with me are all right, but my oldest daughter was visiting my parents, and she died in the quake.

It was God's will.

God doesn't enjoy killing people.

If it wasn't him, who was it?

The earthquake.

She was going to start school this year.

It wasn't God.

The earthquake is like a mad dog.

Those in its path are destroyed, and the rest are spared.

Your daughter's lucky she died.

She'll never have to do homework.

You've heard the story of Abraham who was about to sacrifice his son, right?

He was going to kill him with a sword... just as God had ordered him to.

But just as he readied the sword, God sent him a lamb to sacrifice instead.

So how could God have killed your little girl whose life was just beginning?

I think if people died and then came back to life, they'd appreciate life more.

So I think your children who survived might even appreciate life more.

Where did you learn all that?

I learned half from my history book, half from Mr. Rouhi, and half I thought of myself.

Pouya? Yes.

What are you doing? Talking.

Come out where I can see you.

Who are you talking to?

He's talking to me.

Fine. You can stay there.

Did you find my socks? I'd have put them on the shelf.

Go look in your shoes.

In my shoes?

I don't think they're there.

I found them.

You seem like newlyweds. We are.

How long has it been? Five days.

Five days or five months?

Five days.

Not five months.

The night of the earthquake?


The next day.

What are you doing?

Watering the flowers.

You got this gentleman wet.

Watch what you're doing and look first!

I'm just watering.

You can do that later.

Check down below first.

With roofs caving in on people's heads, a little water falling on mine is nothing.

But tell me:

You can't have lost much family if you married the next day.

Sure, we lost lots: aunts, uncles, cousins.

All told, we lost... about 65 relatives.

How could you get married?

We were already engaged.

We were supposed to marry a few days later and move to our house.

But the earthquake killed so many of our relatives that we decided to get married without waiting for our elders' permission.

Otherwise we'd have had to wait for all the various mourning periods to be over.

So we decided to just get it done with.

And you brought your bride here?

No, this house isn't ours.

We spent three nights under plastic.

We've only been here two nights. Under plastic?

What do you mean?

I'd bought 20 yards of plastic for the rice fields.

I put it up on four stakes and it became our tent.

Your nuptial chamber, huh? Right.

Then I went to my father's house to see if I could find anything to eat in the rubble.

But I found nothing, just two spoons, a plate, and a pot.

I took them to our plastic shelter and washed them.

Then I went to the market, where I saw two trucks.

One was handing out tents, the other tomatoes.

By the time it was my turn, there were no more tents, but I got a few tomatoes.

I took them to our “home” and washed and skewered them, and we grilled them like kabob for dinner.

Your wedding banquet. Right.

We wanted to get on with starting a family.

Those who died didn't know what was coming.

We decided to enjoy life while we could.

The next earthquake might kill us too.

Am I wrong? No, you're right.

Hossein, you forgot this.

And fix your collar.


Hello, ma'am.

Don't touch anything. I'll come by later to help.

I'm leaving you a few tomatoes out here.

Thanks very much.


He's gone.

Where did he go?

That way, a few minutes ago.

I see... Is that your son?

May I come up to call him? Yes.


Is that him? Sure is.


Dad, know who I just saw? Later.

We're blocking the road. Hurry!

Come on!

Get out of the way!

We're very busy, and you're blocking the road!

What do you think you're doing?

Are you in? Yes.

Can I tell you now?

Hang on. We really kept that guy waiting.

I'll let him pass.

Now tell me.

I saw the boy who was in the movie.

What boy?

The one whose back hurt in Where ls the Friend's House ?

With the green eyes.

Mohammad Reza Parvaneh?

Yes, him.

The boy with green eyes. Sure it was him?

Yes, he was right in front of me.

I could see his green eyes.

He's bigger now.

Why didn't you talk to him?

I didn't know -

Look, there he is!

It's him all right.

How are you, Mohammad Reza?

Get in.

How are you? What are you doing here?

What's that you've got? A pick for digging in the rubble.


A pick to dig in the rubble.

Was your house destroyed?


Where was your house?

Down in Poshteh.

Just past the tents.

Any news of the Ahmadpours?

The Ahmadpours? They're in Koker.

I know. But is there any news?


How can that be?

The road to Koker just reopened.

You've grown!

Everyone does. Everyone grows up!

How did you manage to survive?

Tell me.

We'd gone to our uncle's.

And what happened?

Did you go to watch the game? Yes.

Who played that night?

Brazil and Scotland.


I told you Brazil played Scotland that night.

You were right. Go on.

Tell us more.

Scotland scored first.

I mean the earthquake, not the game.

It happened all of a sudden.

The roof caved in on us, and we ran outside.

The walls in the courtyard collapsed.

There was so much dust everywhere that we couldn't see a thing.

We knew where Uncle was sleeping.

We went to look for him.

We cleared away bricks and rubble and pulled a piece of iron off him.

Then we dragged him outside, but he was already dead.

And you know nothing about the Ahmadpours?

They're in Koker.

I know they're in Koker.

Does this road go to Koker?

Yes, there's a turnoff right by our tents.

Could you watch the game the night after the quake?

No, everything was smashed up.

Is your TV set so broken that you can't watch TV?

It's really broken.

What's wrong with it?

The screen's all shattered.

Who do you think will go to the finals?

I figure Germany.

I think it'll be Brazil.

I think Germany.

I say Brazil.

You wanna bet?


What should we bet?

A ball.

A Ping-Pong ball.

That's nothing.

Let's bet a soccer ball.

I know Brazil will win.

I know Germany will win.

I think Brazil will win. Just wait and see.

Let's make a better wager.

Like what?

Lots of things.

We could bet a bike.

You sure make odd bets!

What do you want to bet then?

A pair of socks. That's nothing!

A notebook... a little notebook.

That's not much either.

Let's bet something else.

There are our tents.

How do we get to Koker?

Turn left here.

Is there water here?

There's a spring right there.

Hello, girls.

I need some water for my car.

Could you give me some?

No, this water here is fine.

It's just for the car.

Thanks a lot.

Pouya, pop the hood.

Pouya! Pop the hood.

Thanks a lot.

Where are they coming from? Poshteh.

İsn't Poshteh that way? The bridge is out.

Are you two from Poshteh? Yes.

Did it suffer much damage? Yes.

Where's your house?

We live in the second tent.

No, your real house.

Over there... near that tall pine tree.

The black pine?

The house with the black pine in front.

Where's your house?

It was destroyed. There's nothing left.

There's nothing left to see.

Was it in Poshteh? Yes.

Did many die in Poshteh?

I don't know.

We were at our uncle's. His house collapsed.

Did anyone die there? My uncle.

Are you Parvaneh's sister?

Yes. What a resemblance!

Pouya, don't go far. We're leaving soon.

Did you lose anyone?

Two people. Who?

My brother and sister.

How did you survive? Tell me.

Tell me.

You don't remember?

Don't tell me if you don't want to.

When the earthquake came... the falling debris didn't hit me.

One beam fell above me, two fell to my left, and two to my right.

I was lying on top of a rock.

I spent the night trapped in that space.

At dawn I felt a breeze come in... and my uncle came and got me out.

And your brother and sister?

My sister...

Dad? What?

What is it? Be careful.

Dad, I want to stay here.


They're putting up a TV antenna!

Come see!

Argentina's playing Brazil.

They're putting an antenna up on the hill.

They have a TV here too.

The picture's not clear! Turn the antenna!

A bit more!



Can I stay?

I can't just leave you on your own.

I want to watch the game.

Come back for me later.

I may not come back this way.

This is the only road to Koker.

There's no other road.

I thought there was another road.

That road was destroyed. It was?

Let him stay.

You're sure? You'll look after him?

Yes. Then I leave him in your hands.

Thanks! Behave yourself.

Good-bye now.

Give this to my son in case he's cold.

I'll be back in an hour or so. All right.

Hello there. Would you know when the game starts?

7:00. When is it over?

Around 9:00.

But we already know who'll win.

Actually, I'm no soccer fan.

I left my son back there.

I'm going to Koker, then coming back to get him.

You're driving to Koker? In this car?

There are dangerous curves. I don't think you'll make it.

I have no choice. This is the only car I have.

May I ask you something?

With the earthquake and all the mourning, you're going to watch the game?

I'm in mourning too.

I lost my little sister and three nieces and nephews.

But what can we do?

The World Cup comes once every four years, and life goes on.

And an earthquake is once every 40 years.

It's all in the Lord's hands.

Tell me: How far is Koker?

Twenty minutes by car. Forty on foot.

Are you from Koker? Sort of.

I'm from here, and Koker, and all around these parts.

Tell me: You know this boy?

Sure. That's Abdollah's son.

He was in the movie.

He and his brother walked by just 20 minutes ago.

You're sure it was them?

Absolutely. I know all the kids around here.

They'd been to the bazaar.

They're just over those hills now, carrying an oil heater.

You can catch them if you hurry.

Okay, bye. Bye.


Could we get a ride to Juban?

I'm going to Koker, not Juban.

To the crossroads, then?

Sure. Get in.

Have you seen two boys with an oil heater?

We're carrying one ourselves.

I can see that. I meant two other boys.

Where are you coming from? I'm from lmamzadeh.

No, I mean now, on foot.

From the main road.

And where are you going?


How far is that? Two miles.

Twenty miles? On foot?

No, I said two miles.

I see.

And how far is Koker from Juban?

Not far at all. Not far, huh?


Where are you from?

I'm from lmamzadeh, but he's from Juban.

You're from Juban?

And you say Juban's near Koker?


So you must have news of Koker. No, I don't.

The day after the earthquake, my uncle took me to lmamzadeh.

I've heard nothing about Koker since.

Do you know this boy?

This is Babak Ahmadpour from Where ls the Friend's House ?

So you saw the film? I was even in it.

And where did you see it?

After I passed my exams, my dad took me to Tehran.

I saw it at the Cinema Kanoon.

What part did you play? I was in the third row in class... with my chin in my hands and a missing front tooth.

What's your name?

Yousef Barangi.

So no news of the Ahmadpours?

No, my mom was sick, so my uncle took us to lmamzadeh.

What happened to your voice? It's from shouting.

Were you trapped under rubble?

No, but my brother was.

Tell me what happened.

My brother and I were sleeping in the bedroom.

My parents were outside.

The mosquitoes kept biting me, so I asked if I could sleep next to my morn.

Just as she lifted the mosquito net for me... the earthquake hit.

And your brother was trapped? Yes, in the bedroom.

But you were saved. Yes.

So the mosquitoes saved your life.

Dad said the same thing, but Morn was upset.


She said, “Why didn't the mosquitoes bite Reza too?” I see.

She was right.

Dad said it was the willing of the Lord.

The what? The willing of the Lord.

Not “Willing.” Just “Will.” We'll get out here. Is this Juban?

Stop here and we'll get out. All right.

Whatever you say.

Which way to Koker from here?

This way or that way?

Go left and you'll come to a steep hill.

Give it lots of gas or you'll stall.

After a few more curves, you'll be in Koker.

Thanks a lot. Give me that.

Mister, you forgot this!

Can I get a lift?





The Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children - 1992