And Soon the Darkness (1970) Script

Oh. Thanks.


Did you get your bum pinched? No, that's Italy!

They'll do anything in Italy. Oh? What are we doing in France then?

Hey, I must say, this is the best place we've hit so far.

It's not exactly swinging, but it is dangling.

Hey, why don't we... why don't we stay here for a day or two?

No. I think we should get as far as we can in the first week, don't you?

I mean, if we push off now and don't bother about lunch, we should be in Saint Louvier by tonight.

Hey, do you think he's French? Hmm?

Yes, I suppose so.

Oh, he's very dishy.

Oh, he's... he's definitely French.

I mean... he's got that look.

What do you think?

Smile, please.

He's shy too!

Cathy... Saint Louvier?


It's miles! No. It's no further than we did yesterday.

There's nowhere if we want to stop! There's bound to be a few places not marked.

Okay, if you say so.

Well, come on. We're not going to see much of the country sitting here.

Oh, no?

Right. Are you ready then?

Mm-hm. Oh, uh... I want to spend a penny.

Do you want to go? No, I'll wait.

Yeah. Think I'll wait. I don't fancy that. Especially after yesterday.

Well, I did warn you, didn't I?

I thought you were joking. I mean... standing up!

He's very fancy-able!

Cathy, he heard you!

I wonder what they're doing now? Hmm?

Back at the hospital. Oh, Matron will be on her morning rounds.

Anne went to Spain. Mm, I know.

She and a girlfriend, and that boyfriend of hers.

You know, the one with the big nose.

Yeah, they've got a boat there. Have they?

This is going to take all day. Well, that's what we've got, all day.

Anyway, it's fantastic country.

Fantastically boring!

Do you think he's following us? He was here first.

I think it's you he fancies. Oh, really, for God's sake!

This place we're heading for, um, Saint Louvier...

Hmm. Is it a big town?

It depends on what you mean by big.

Well, um...

A café, ten people...

Yeah, and a sit-down loo.

Hey, swinging Landron!

We could have stopped for a while in that village back there.

No, it's miles from anywhere.

There'll be another place further on. There's bound to be.

It didn't have to be further on. I mean, there were two places we could have stopped at.

We're not supposed to be stopping. It's not that kind of a holiday.

I don't know what kind of a holiday it's meant to be!

I mean, it's just miles of road, all the same.

We never see anybody. We don't meet anybody.

We've only been going a couple of days.

It's so boring! We don't do anything.

We will. You keep saying that!

When we get to Saint Louvier... Well, I've got to where I'm going.

Why here?

Seems as good as anywhere.

I'm tired. All right, but just for a little while.

Jane? Hmm?

That delivery last week, you know, the difficult one.

The baby died, you know.

It was only one day old.

I don't suppose they know anything.

Feel anything, I mean... when they're one day old, do they?

Whatever made you think of that?

I don't know.

Day like this.

Seems such a pity.

She wasn't even married.

Do you ever think about being married?

Hmm? Settling down with one man?

Yeah, I suppose that's what it's all about.

It's so forever.

I mean, I haven't met anyone yet that I've fancied.

I mean, not in that way, and there's still so many things I want to do.


Cathy, we ought to be making a move.

We've still got an awful long way to go. We ought to go now.

Told you, I'm tired. Oh, come on.

Look, you wanted to stop and we've stopped. You've had your rest.

I'm still tired.

Besides, I like it, lying here in the sun.

Well... That's what we came away for.

We can't lie here all day. Why not?

Because you can't! We're miles from anywhere.

That was your idea.

Keep off the main roads, see the real France.

Cathy, we've still got a long way to go, and I don't particularly want to be on the roads after dark.

Cathy, we've got to go now! We haven't got to go anywhere.

This is as much my holiday as it is yours.

If I want to spend a bit of it lying in the sun, then I will.

Sick and tired of you ordering me about.

Ordering? Yes, ordering, bloody ordering!

"Can't stop here. You must go there."

No sooner do we sit down in one place then we're off to the next.

We planned the route together. Yeah.

But it doesn't have to bet he Bible, does it?

I mean, we can change plans, can't we?

I'm tired, and I'm going to sit here until I'm not tired.

If you don't like it you can go. Go on without me.

Oh, don't be bloody silly! How can I do that?

I'll catch you up.

How far would you get on your own? Saint Louvier's miles away!

There'll be other villages.

You said so yourself.

Cathy, there might not be.

In that case, I'll go back.

Oh, I see. So that's what this is all about, is it, that man back there?


Now who's being bloody silly? Anyway, what's wrong with it?

We came here to enjoy ourselves, have a good time.

I'm not a bloody nun, you know!

I like to talk to people once in a while.

And you're no company.

Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm no company.

Maybe we shouldn't have come away together in the first place!

Maybe we shouldn't. You're no fun. You spoil everything.

Oh, you're not exactly the life and soul of the party, you know!

You haven't stopped moaning since we got here.

Either you're too hot or too tired, or you don't like the food!

Why don't you go, just go?

Yes, I think I will. I think I'll do just that!

You obviously don't need me. Get your great fat legs out of the way!

Well, I'm going. Go on then, go! I won't miss you.

Goodbye! Bon bloody voyage!


Bonjour, madame.


Citron pressé, s'il vous plaît.


Merci, madame.


Êtes-vous seule?

Vous? Seule?

Alone? Ah, yes, yes, I am.

Mademoiselle, cette route, très mauvaise.


Bad road.


Bad road.


Is that you, Jane?

Stop! Please!

Dear God, no.





Looking for my friend.

Mon ami. Uh...

The, uh, fille avec moi.

I think we'd better speak in English.

Your friend?


The girl with blonde hair?

Yes. We had a row and I left her here.

And now she's not here?

Maybe she's hiding from you?

To teach you a lesson.

If you like we can, uh... Oh, no, please don't bother.

I'm sure she's gone back to the village.

Did you see her?


No, but, uh... possibly after I had ridden past.

It's possible.

Oh, she forgot this.

Then we'd better return it, eh?

Come on, I'll take you.

No, it's quite all right. I've got my bicycle... No, no, it's no trouble. No trouble at all.

Leave it there, leave it there. It's much faster this way.

My name is Paul, by the way. What's yours?

Jane. Jane.

Lucky I turned back.

Why did you?

An impulse. I'm an impulsive fellow. Hold me.

Sit down. I'll ask.

What did he say?

He hasn't seen her, but then he's been inside most of the time.

Well, what else did he say?

Well, uh...

She hasn't come back this way.

She's been sitting here more than an hour and hasn't seen anyone.

Would you like a drink?

Oh, yes!

She's gone the other way. I would have seen her.

That lady must be mistaken. Cathy must have come through here.

When you spoke to him just now, didn't he mention "meurtre"?

That's French for murder, isn't it? What did he mean?

Your accent is terrible.

What did he mean?

You know, I think I was right.

She's still in that wood somewhere, hiding from you.

Cathy wouldn't do a thing like that.

I think I'd better look anyway.

You stay here. Wait for me here.

Excuse me.


Uh, when you were speaking to my friend outside...

Out there, just now.

..did you mention, uh, murder?

Murder? Meur... Meurtre?

Ah, meurtre! Oh! Oui! Oui, oui, oui.

Meurtre, meurtre! Oui, oui.

Excusez-moi. Um...

Possible for you to speak slower?



Ah! Pas vite, oui?

Ah, pas vite. Oui.

Le meurtre.

Pardon, monsieur.

Oui, oui. Je ne compris pas.

Non compris.

He's telling you about the murder that took place here.

It caused quite a scandal at the time.

It happened about three years ago.

About this time of the year, too.

Poor girl.

She's buried in the cemetery out there.

Excuse me.

May I beg a lift?

How far do you want to go? To the Gendarme's house.

Get in.

Thank you.

We don't want to lose you.

Morbid interest?

Yes, I suppose so.

Loathsome business.

She was young and pretty.

They always are, I suppose.

Loathsome business.

It was more than murder, if you know what I mean.

Still, she was asking for trouble.

Alone on the road.

She wasn't a local girl then? Tourist.

Hiking her way across.

Loathsome business.



You must be surprised to find an old British buzzard like me here?

Everyone is.

I'm a teacher.

French literature, of all things.

How about you? Hmm?

Where are you from? Oh, Nottingham.

Lovely place.

I've never actually been there, but I'm told it's a lovely place.

Famous for its pretty girls.

I can see why.

Did they ever catch the man?


Oh, that. No, they never did.

Big hoo-ha at the time.

They pulled in Jules Lassal. Kept at him for a couple of days.

Poor old Lassal. They never did nail anyone.

Personally, I think it was one of her own kind.

Another nomad passing through.

I've been here 15 years. They won't get rid of me now.

I like it here. Oh, please, may we stop? My bike.

Thank you.

Funny. Mmm?

That's where it happened. Those woods there.

Somewhere round there.

Thanks very much.

I live about six miles further on. Red tile roof to the side of the road.

Can't miss it.

It's a big house. Much too big for me on my own.

If you should get stuck for somewhere to stay, well, I can always offer you a bed.

Thank you, I'll remember that.


Monsieur, I'm looking for the Gendarme. Have you seen him?

The Gendarme?




Mademoiselle, voulez Gendarme?

Yes, do you know where I can find him?

Uh, pourquoi? Uh... Why?

It's my friend, she's, um, missing.


Allez-vous en!

Go! Why?


Très trouble!

Madame, I don't know what you're talking about. I just want to find the Gendarme.

Mais Gendarme c'est trouble, très trouble!

Mon Dieu, mademoiselle!




Are you Lassal?

Mais oui.

Je suis Madame Lassal.

There's no one there.

Keep away from me. You lied to me.

You lied! There was a murder. Are you going to deny that?

No. I won't deny it. There was a murder.

Victim, Jan Hele. Dutch national. Female, 22 years old, unmarried.

Factory worker from Sluis.

Severe injuries to the upper cranial cavity.

Extensive lacerations and abrasions to the breasts, the loins and the lower torso. Sexually assaulted.

Cause of death - asphyxia through strangulation.

Her hair was bright blonde, like that of your friend.

I worked on the case.

Detective Paul Salmont.

I am with the Sûreté.

Why didn't you tell me before?

I hoped it might not be necessary. I didn't want to frighten you.

You expect me to believe that?

Then what about the film?

There was some in the camera, I know there was.

And you took it. You must have... Of course I took it.

Exhibit number one.


Evidence? Of what?

I didn't want to frighten you.


Back there I found something.

No, not that, but something you could identify. Will you?

It's further on.


You don't have to be.

You're with the Sûreté? Uh-huh.

Their headquarters are in Paris, aren't they? Yes.

That's a long way from here.

Did they call you in specially? No.

They didn't call me in at all.

But you said you worked on the case.

So I did.

But not officially. Academically.

The case has a fascination for me. I know it.

What is it you say? I know it by heart. That's right, I know it by heart.

Why this particular case?

It's murder.

The most unpredictable of crimes.

It's unsolved.

Also, I was here when it happened.

You were here? Mm, in the area, touring, on holiday.

Of course I couldn't interfere with the local investigations.

I'm not important enough for that, but I could see where they were going wrong.

I couldn't do anything, but I formed my own conclusions.

What are you doing here now? Touring.

Holiday. I come here every year.

Since it happened, anyway.

Now you have that same look on your face as my friends have.

They think I'm crazy too. Maybe I am, just a little, but...

I have a feeling... a feeling... You think it's going to happen again, don't you?

You understand that? Is that why you followed Cathy and me?

You did follow us, didn't you?

I don't know. I honestly don't know.

Cathy's got bright blonde hair. That other girl had bright blonde hair too.

You think she's dead, don't you?

Cathy's not dead, she couldn't be.

It was just a silly argument. It was nothing, really.

She's hiding from me, trying to scare me.

She's probably watching us now and laughing at us.

Cathy's not dead!


We'll see.

You and Cathy, you were... you are very close?

Not much further.

Why did you take that film?

I told you. I know you told me.

What do you expect to find on it?

Probably nothing.

It's Cathy's film. It belongs to her.

I'll keep it for her.

Very well.


Do you speak English?

A little.


Thank God!


I found these. They're Cathy's.

They're my friend's, she's missing.

Her name is Cathy Mercer.

I left her in the woods back there. When I went back to find her, she'd gone.

I've looked everywhere, I've asked everybody, but no one's seen her.

She's just disappeared. I can't find her.

What is her description?

She's blonde, very blonde. But that's not all of it.

There's a man, Salmont, Paul Salmont. He says he's a detective with the Sûreté.


That's what he says, but he's lying. I know he's lying.

He's done something to Cathy or he knows where she is.


A man with the Sûreté?

That's what he says. Paul...?


You've never heard of him, have you?

Salmont? No.

I knew it.

I knew he was lying!

Something terrible's happened to Cathy and he's responsible for it.

That's why he made up that story about finding something in the wood back there.

C'est moi!

C'est mon pere.

My father.

This man...

You say he find something?

No, he said, but there wasn't anything. It was just a trick.

What he say he find? He didn't. There wasn't anything to find.

Only those, and I found those.

Where? In the woods back there. They're Cathy's.


Les bois? Les bois. The woods, yes.

This man remains?

He is still there?

I don't know. I suppose he must be, yes. I don't know.

I will find out.

Thank you.

You, uh, wait here, please.


I don't understand what you're saying.

You're deaf?


Oui, oui. Sourd, sourd, très sourd!

Très sourd!

Très sourd.

C'était la guerre!

La guerre? La première!

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

The war? Oui, oui! C'est ca! La guerre!


Souvenirs de la guerre.

C'est à moi.


À la sourd!

Oui, il va pleuvoir!

Rain? No, surely not.

Oui, oui, la pluie, la pluie!

Regardez la!

Il va pleuvoir.

Did you find anything? Rien.

Nothing. But you went into the woods?


I find nothing.

I check further on.

She didn't go that way. I would have seen her.

Perhaps she, uh...

Hitched? Hitched a lift.

You did not think of that, huh?

You wait.

Wait? Here.




Lassal est là? Non.




I want to see you... face to face.

Then we can talk and I can explain everything.





I know you are there, Jane.

Come out, damn you!

Come out... and I'll show you.




I want to help, that's all. I want to help.

But I need your help!

Because I found something.

A bicycle.

A Bermuda with a red frame.

I found it.

A Bermuda, red frame, three-speed gears, saddle bags. I found it.




Why hide from me?

From me!






She's dead.

Cathy's dead!

And he is too!

I... I killed him.

He's over there. Ah, la, la, la, la.

He's dead and I did it!

I did it! I killed him!

I'll show you.