Andhadhun (2018) Script

It's a long story. Coffee?


You aren't hurt, are you?

Hey, Bandu! — I'll get you a rickshaw.

It'll cost you a tenner.


|'|| string you up by your undies if you try that again. Got it?

OK. Get me an auto. — Auto!


Hi! Come!

I've got you two new pupils.

No, sir. Cancel all my lessons. How come?

That Viman Nagar kid drives me nuts.

And Mrs. Gokhale gropes me.

Aabha Gokhale? Yes.

Her fingers keep playing me instead of the piano.

The competition‘s in 2 months. I need time to practice.

There's this piece, can't crack it.

Abba Gokhale is your ticket to London. Keep her sweet.

I need inspiration, not perspiration.

When you’re blind, days and nights are the same.

And if you listen closely, there’s music in every sound.

Hi, Akash. Here's your chicken tikka sub.

And your iced tea. Just the way you like it.

Thank you.

The disadvantages of blindness are known.

I'll tell you what the advantage is. Focus.

For artists focus is everything.

I search for my muse all daylong...

...come home and I’m still searching.

Though art gives artists a lot, it extracts a high price.

You’re the rain to quench my thirst I've waited for you forever YOU came, peace came

My sweet love

"Awesome song. Where are you, Pramod Sinha?"

A comment from Denmark.

Hamlet's neck of the woods?

Yes, darling

Daani is on the line.

Hi, darling. Hi, Aunty.

I hear you're off scuba diving?

Yeah! Classes start next week. ls Dad exercising?

Relax! He jogs for a full hour every day.

OK, Bye, aunty. — Bye.

Why does she keep calling me "aunty?" Why not Simi?

She‘s just a kid. Cut her some slack.

We've been married for 3 years, Pramod. How much more slack?

Now for the main course...

Put a crab into boiling water and you'll kill it.

But I don't want to shock it.

So, two hours before cooking...

...I put it in the deep freezer.

And when it's fast asleep...

...I take it out...

...and gently put it in boiling water.

They say crabmeat is an aphrodisiac.

Don't ask me to spell it.

But I'll show you what it means.

Spicy! I love it!


You've made my day.

You should have your own show. Shall I talk to my TV friends?

"Sizzling Hot Simi."

A bunch of lies!

How dare you come into my room and talk to me like that?

What do you take me for?

Simi, one sec. Water?

Don't come near me.

I know why you're here.

Want to poison me?

It's not easy getting rid of me.

What? Why aren't you recording?

Pammi, you idiot! I was auditioning.

For "Nurse Radha," part 2.

Opening scene.

Nurse Radha escapes from the mental asylum.

We can make it low budget.

Talk to your film friends.

Oh my God!

Simi! You're something else.

Are you blind? Can't you see my yellow scooter?

I'm talking to you! Hello!

Wind your window down! Don't put your specs on.

You idiot!

I'll take your photo to show the police. Nutcase!

I'm so sorry.

Are you hurt? I'm so sorry.

I'm really sorry. You 0k?

Can I give you a lift? How can I help?

Where are you going?

It's here. Coffee, sandwich.

Madam, I've had my breakfast. I'm good.

I'm not. My heart is racing.


Why are you crossing the road alone? Can't you get a guide dog?

My cat's enough of a handful.

Drink your coffee. What if you were hurt?

End of a great artist's career before it starts.

Artist? What do you do? — | play the piano.

Piano? Do you play well?

He y, you! Sir?

You leave the storeroom door open every night.

Forgot, sir. Sorry. — Sorry? Every time, sorry.

What's this? I don't like it.

Where have you brought me, Sophie?

Meet my Dad. — Hello, sir. How are you?

Franco. Where did you find him?

By accident. — Free in the evenings?

By the way, if you don't mind - what happened to your eyes?

I got hit by a cricket ball when I was 14.

What's that?

A cricket ball hit my eye when I was 14.

The optic nerve was damaged.

Can we talk about something more cheerful?

Of course.

The tips at Franco's won't even cover your auto fare home.

Here we are.

Prabhat Road. Lane 4.

What's this place? — An NGO's, for the handicapped.

I'm here for three months. Guess how much rent I pay?

500—rupees a month.

I sense trees everywhere.

I wake up to a symphony of birdsong.

Here are the stairs. Eighteen steps.


Not today. I have tons to do. I can pick you up at five?


Your piece was fantastic. IlovediL I'll finish it today.

It didn't seem unfinished. But it is.

Some things are better unfinished.

Don't tinker too much. You'll spoil it. See you.

I mean I‘ll be seeing you. Bye.

I'll be down in 2 minutes.

Hey, good evening.

How are you? I'm good.

Oh s#**!

Some bird goo on your glasses. Lots of birds here.

Your eyes look very normal. Are you completely blind?

No. I can tell day from night.

Shall I tell you the time?

I think it's about 5.30.

Anyway, bird bombs are very lucky.

l have just seen a lovely face

Though I don’t know how to read it

Deep in the ocean, / felt my heart drowning. l was struck down from that moment to this My innocent eyes are hardly to blame

0 heart of mine, tell me My innocent eyes are hardly to blame

0 heart of mine, tell me

Fabulous! Too good. — Thank you, sir.

He's going to be a big star.

You have a gift.

Not everyone is gifted.

Sir, your voice resembles the actor Pramod Sinha's.

You know him?

I saw one of his movies on TV when l was a kid.

What was it called? "Annadaata."

The songs are terrific too.

Come and give me a hug!

Take a shot of us, Sophie. — Smile!

We're home. — Thank you.

You've earned 4000 in tips today. A record for Franco's!

I'm hoping to earn 200,000 so I can go to London.

All the best.

Good night. — Good night.


You're here early? — I came to practice.

OK. — Guide me.

This must be the corridor.

|'|| manage.

/ tied my heart in knots But the Wicked fellow escaped

What has come over me?

Sometimes this heart races, sometimes it quickens What has happened to me?

What had to happen has happened

When hearts meet, they fit like hand in glove What are you looking at?

No burning lamp, no shining light My innocent eyes are hardly to blame

0 heart of mine, tell me

My darling girl What's your name?

/ see you with eyes closed Your lover salutes you

The poor heart has run amok...

...since last Monday night maybe In my heart of hearts, it’s you that / find

Hi, Akash. — Hi, Pramod sir.

Can you play my songs?

I'll just play...

No, no. Not here. Come to my house tomorrow.

For a private concert for my wife and me.

She loves the star Rajesh Khanna. Play his numbers. She'll be happy.

Sure, sir.

Here's my address. And an advance. You'll get more later.

Hi, sir. Can I get you a drink?

No, darling, I'm driving.

One o'clock. Bye bye.

One o'clock? It's a secret.

Inspector, behave yourself. I'm sorry, sir.

Simi! Watch this scene, it's great fun.


Pammi, I've seen it ten times.

Now this bimbo will get murdered.

How many times have you seen it? A thousand?

I'm going to Bengaluru tomorrow.

Have I upset you?

Tomorrow's our wedding anniversary! You're going away?

Shetty called. I have urgent work. I'll be back by the evening flight.

As you can see, this is my den.

Sorry, you can't see it.

The switch is over there.

Shall I close the door?

Can you open this for me?


Shall I get a towel?

Could I borrow a T-shirt? Sure.

Here... — Thank you.

I'll just come.

Do you have a bottle opener?

Cheers to secrets!

Cheers to the Pune rain!

Cheers to your music!

Cheers to you! My muse. Beat that.

Now your turn to say something awesome.

More wine? No. — Cheers!

Cheers to Kishore Kumar.

You win. — What's this?

An eye mask? Is it yours?

I can't get to sleep at nights sometimes.

So I use the mask to force my eyes shut.

What are you doing? Nothing.

Why are you dropping things?

Looking for my wine glass. — It must be where you left it.

This is really difficult. — What is difficult?

I thought I'd left it there.

Careful. You'll break the glass.

Broken glass is lucky.

I've found your glass.

Where is it?

Why the eye mask? Are you serious?

Describe me. How do you think I look?

Oh God!

Good morning.

Let's have breakfast at the Law College canteen.

This is the best omelette ever.

No Oscar for your performance.

It's the truth.

Can you see me to the door?

Yes? — Good afternoon.

Pramod Sinha asked me here.

My husband is not at home.

Mrs. Sinha, happy anniversary!

I'm Akash, the pianist from Franco's.

For the private concert. Private concert?

But he's gone to Bengaluru. He'll be back tomorrow.

He called me today.

At one o'clock. Sorry, I'm early.

Maybe you got the date wrong.

It was today for sure. He paid me an advance.

It was a surprise.

I shouldn't have told you.

Could you call him?

Is that him?

Come inside.

|'|| phone Pramod.

Pammi, did you calla piano player from Franco's?

My God! You should've told me.

I'm not even properly dressed.

OK. Come home soon.

He'll be here in 10 minutes.

Yes, ma'am. Awonderful mini grand. Beautiful.

Are you completely blind?

Or can you see partially? — I'm completely blind, ma'am.

A cricket ball hit my eye when I was 14 and damaged the optic nerve.

In spite of that, you play music?

My hearing is absolutely fine.

Play something. Sure.



What a lovely surprise my husband has given me.

He's still so romantic.

Ma'am, may I use your bathroom?






Looks like Pammi is here.

Wow! You're such a darling.

Thank you for the lovely gift.

He plays so beautifully.

Fantastic! You've made my day.

Thank you, sir.

Shall I talk to my TV friends? You should have your own show.

Pammi, let's go inside.

I want to show you what I got you.

Wo w!

Pammi, this is too much.

I'm not talking to you any more.

What anniversary is this?

You just got here. How can you go?

Mad at me?

Pammi, you could‘ve taken the day off today.

You‘d better come home in 20 minutes.

He's waiting for you.

OK, bye, Pammi.

He had to sign off a deal with a builder.

He says it's his lucky day.

Some fruit juice?

No, ma'am. I'm fine. Thank you.

Pramod will be home late. You'd better go.

Do I owe you anything?

It's OK, ma'am. Sir will pay me.

Lottery tickets for sale! Try your luck, sir.

Go on, buy one!

Sahab, do me a favour.

Put your hand on any ticket. They say God favours the blind.

He touched the ticket.

You'll hit the jackpot!

Out with 100-rupees.

Thank you. A cup of tea?

No tea. Get me an auto.

Hey, get your auto out.

Give him a ride.

Hurry up! Coming.

My bag!

Where to? — The police station.

Where to?

Come. This way.


Sir, he wants to file a complaint.

What complaint?

I want to report a murder.

Who was murdered?

Some water, please.

No sweat. The boss is here.

So, who was murdered?

Rani, sir. — Rani? Who is Rani?

My cat.

The neighbourhood kid was after her. He must be the culprit.

You think we're crazy, to look for a cat-killer?

Shut it!

Did you witness the murder? — But I'm blind, sir.

I'll find your cat.

Back again?

Where do you live? On Prabhat Road.

Your phone was off. I've waited hours.

Your blasted phone was off.

Couldn't you tell me you were busy, Manu?

Sweetheart, I had a meeting.

You're too much. Always the same story.

An urgent case has come up. Sorry.

Let's talk tonight.

Hello, ma‘am.

What urgent case?

He's looking for a cat. A cat?

What colour is your cat? — Sir, black and white.

How do you know?

I was told.

Sir, coffee?

You cook for yourself?

Forget about me, sir.

Rani might get run over.

Water. Chilled, sir?

The water...

Today's newspaper? Who for?

To collect cat poo, sir.


You're here?

Please look for Rani. I'm lost without her.

Sir, Bandu's school bus.

Box his ears! Then he'll talk.

Last week he tied a firecracker to Rani's tail. She ran amok.

She hid indoors for two days.

That's no good.

She was really scared.

What was that?

Rani? My baby.


Where were you?

Come, baby, come. Eat something.

You haven't eaten for two days.

Thank you, sir.

Good girl!

Are you OK?

Hi, Franco. — Hey, Simi. Happy anniversary!

Where's the boss? — Late as usual.

|'|| phone him.

Red wine? — Thanks. That'll be lovely.


Happy anniversary, ma'am. How are you?

Your piano player is gifted.

Fantastic, isn't he?

Your boyfriend?

Ma'am, we've ordered your cake.

A diabetic cake? Yes.

Please enjoy your drink.

Seen Akash? — He just left in an auto.

I'll never return to see you again

Breaking news from Pune. The 19703 film star...

...Pramod Sinha was shot last night.

Near the Indrayani river in Pune.... where his car and body were found.

His film credits include Spy of Shanghai, Nurse Radha, The Boy Next Door.

Superhit films. After retiring from acting...

...he joined the real estate business.

According to his wife, Simi Sinha, he left home with ten million rupees... close a property deal.

But he never returned.

The police investigation is continuing.

Despite the government's new rules. large cash transactions...

...are still the order of the day. The truth is...

On my mother's life, I know nothing.

Where did you find the watch? In the men's toilet, sir.

I swear! I've gone clean.

I know nothing, sir. On my mother's life, I know nothing.

Are you sure this is Mr. Sinha's watch?

I gave it to Dad on his last birthday.

Any progress?

He'll talk soon enough.

Sir, he's the piano player.

You must be Akash.

Yes. And you are?

I'm Daani.

Papa told me about you.

He even sent me a photo.

You were the last to see him.

Was he well?

He was...

He was very cheerful.

He was such a happy person.


Read Akash his statement. He'll sign it.

"On 27 June 2018, Sinha asked me to play the piano at his home...

"...for his wedding anniversary.

"I arrived there at one sharp.

"Pramodji came ten minutes later.

"We spoke briefly but he had to rush away to meet a builder..."

All lies!

They shot him. Stuffed his body in a bag. Snapped a finger to remove his ring.

I can see. Look at my eyes. I can see! Catch him!

Daani, they're having an affair.

He's talking utter rubbish. You're the liar.

"I waited for a while but he did not come back.

"At 2pm, Mrs. Sinha asked me to leave."

May the days pass May the seconds tick by

Lost in memories of her Lost in her words Lost when / see her Since the day we met... floods my dreams May the days pass...

Thank you.

Pramod always used to say...

"Bury the past, think of the future."

But today when I look ahead, I see no future.

He left me all alone on our wedding anniversary.

He asked Akash over as a surprise. But my husband came home late.

He talked to us briefly then he left.

Just as he was leaving, he said:

"Simi, I'll be right back."

I'm so sorry to hear the news. | just couldn't believe it.

Daani darling, take care of yourself. Come and see me.

Simi told you a bunch of lies. Lies?

Pramod was not late.

I saw everything.

A man showed up first...

...then Pramod arrived.

The man was inside in the house when the piano player got there.

Who are you? Mrs. D'Sa.

I'm the principal of St Anne's. And Pramod's neighbour.

Pramod and my husband were close friends.

They must be enjoying a drink together in heaven.

Go on.

I returned home from the post office. A man was in the lift with me.

He went into Pramod's flat.

He was inside when Pramod arrived with gifts in hand.

The blind piano player was the last man to arrive.

Wrong! The blind man arrived first, and then Mr. Sinha.

No! I'm telling you, there was already a third man in the house.

A third man? What man?

He resembled a builder...| mean a body builder.

I could identify him if I saw him again.

Body builder? A third man? Yes!

Ask Simi.

She's over there. Ask her. Make it sound casual.

Go on.

That was Papa's favourite song.

Will you teach it to me?

Of course.

A third man?

Last week? You mean the pizza delivery boy?

He delivered the pizza, then a little later Pramod arrived.

Actually, Mrs. D'Sa is trying to help. She's a fan of Pramod's.

Too many crank calls.

The last caller was the limit.

He said it was Manohar sir...

...who dumped Sinha's body on the bridge.

What's wrong? Easy!

I'm fine, thank you.

People are just jealous of him. Manu has many enemies.

| read you've arrested a chap called Surya.

He won't tell us where he's hidden the ten million. Sir will make him talk.

Sorry, but may I say something?

You shouldn't cross Simi off the list of suspects.

After all, why did she marry Sinha?

With such an age gap? A love marriage?

Sure, he's rich.

But what about the rest? She must have a lover.

Mrs. D'Sa was implying that.

Mrs. D'Sa? — Pramod Sinha's neighbour.

She insists a third man was present.

She says she can identify him. Get a sketch done.

Sinha's murder is a high profile case.

Solve it and you will all get promoted.

Let's bring in Mrs. D'Sa. — Best.

She's old. We better go to her place.

I'm going to the washroom.

You left the eggs.

He eats 16 eggs a day. For protein.

Akash. — Sophie, is everything OK?

You tell me.

Why are you behaving so strangely? You've been avoiding me.

Daani wants me to notate her Dad's song. Talk later?

That night was not out of sympathy. Nor was it casual.

What was it for you?

This invisible tension doesn't suit me. I break out in spots.

To Magarpatta.

Can you buy some balm from the Chemist's?


Have you something for a headache, Mrs. D'Sa?

Yes. One minute.

Simi, are you all right?

Is there running water here? 24/7.

Amenities? The works.

She fell from the 7th floor. We've found her glasses, sir.

She must have lost her balance. The balcony floor was wet.

She was 81.

Isn't she the woman we wanted to question?

A pity.

I've known Mrs. D'Sa since childhood.

Move back! Come on.

What are you doing here? We'll be late for the prayer meet.

Sophie, I have something urgent to tell you. Come soon.



Can I come in?

Who is it? Mrs. Sinha? Please come.

Daani was looking for you at the temple. Where were you?


There was a prayer meet for Pramod. Didn't she tell you?

Here, have the prasad.

Please sit.


...I wanted to thank you personally.

You've really helped Daani. She's suffering from shock.

She‘s a lovely girl, ma'am.

What can I get you? Coffee?

I would love some coffee.

Sugar? Milk?

Black's good.

The coffee's great.

Thank you.

Daani can practice the piano here. It'll be more convenient.

Drink up! The coffee will get cold.

Ma'am, let me get some biscuits.

That's it! | just knew it.

Stop play-acting!

Take off those glasses.

Mister Fake—Blind... Fake—Gun!

Oh God!

Ma'am, I'm sorry. I don't want to get mixed up in all this.

You should've sent me away that day.

I thought you were blind.

And Mrs. D'Sa, she was listening to every word. She's dead now.

What's your game?

It‘s an experiment. I figured I'd play better if I could not see.

I'm an artist.

I had this crazy idea.

I thought it was harmless.

How many people know about this experiment?

I swear on Goddess Saraswati, nobody knows.

Believe me, I won't make trouble for you.

I gave in my statement.

I'm going to London for a competition.

I'll be gone soon. Sit down.

Sit down. Sit!

Have you told Daani anything?

Daani‘s father...Pramod... things were good between us.

Manohar is just a good...

Pammi wanted to surprise me.

But who ended up surprised?

Everyone believes I'm blind. So I saw nothing.

I saw nothing at all.

Just calm down. Relax.

|'|| clean this mess.

What is it?

What did you put in that prasad?

What did you give me?

What was in it?

Thank you.

Sister! Watch this video. It'll only cost you 50-rupees.

Clear off!

Breaking news! OK. Pay me later.

My money!




It's not what you think.

After Pramod was gone, I felt so alone.

I came to rely on Akash.

And you know Akash is so... ...sensitive.


So emotional.

Also wild in bed.

Did he spin that yarn to you about the cricket ball?


He is not blind.

What? He isn't blind?

Not at all. | just found out. — How?

Ask that kid downstairs.

Blast it! Why ask me?

Oh my God!

I had better go.

No. You stay.

Give him a message from me.

Franco has sold the piano... his services are no longer required.

Sister, my money!

What is it? — What have you done to me?

Ican't see a thing. Nothing.

But you've been blind for years.

| read an article about you in the papers.

How could you do this to me?

How could anyone do such a thing? It's wrong, it's evil.

What did you put in my eyes? Make them all right.

Take me to a doctor at once.

Or else I'll tell everyone.

Be my guest. Tell them.

Tell the press. Give the police another statement.

"Simi Sinha murdered Pramod Sinha and blinded me."

We'll see who believes you. Good luck.

| suggest you focus on your music. You're an artist after all.

What's on your phone?

A video. Want to see it?

Where is it? — Look, it's here.

Where's it gone?

My money!

Listen to me.

I know you aren't blind. Who else are you sleeping with besides Simi?

Sophie. let me explain. — Dare call me again...

...and I'll report you to the police.

You've broken my heart. Now write a song about that.

Go to hell!

You blinded him? What do you mean? How?

There are a 100 ways on the Net.

Good. Now he's really blind.

But the blind can talk. He can talk to the press.

If there's an enquiry, I'll get the boot. We'll get caught.

You should've killed him.

I'm not a serial killer to bump them off, one by one.

Keep playing the perfect husband. Hide behind your wife.

Why didn't you take my call?

My wife's aunt was in the ICU.

You know the score, you're married. l was. And to a far better man than you.

Why did you bring your gun that day?

If you hadn't, none of this would've happened.

He might even have forgiven me.

You think you're "Dirty Harry." While I do the dirty work.

Open the door!

Who is it?

Don't touch me.

Relax, Mr. Akash. Relax.

I'm Dr Swami. You're in my clinic.

You were lying on the street.

Who brought me here? — Me. Murli, the auto driver.

Sir, we found your passport in your pocket.

6,000 in cash. We've kept them safely for you.

Are you a doctor?

Sir, my eyes have been damaged. Help me.

The poor man is blind. — I can't see a thing. My eyes...

Looks like a recent injury.

The cornea's damaged.

An eye specialist can help you. Take me to him.

Take me to him. — Take you where?

You're already in hospital.

Dr Ambike will examine you. — When does he come?

This evening, at 7.

Relax till then. Let me give you a tetanus shot.

Your hand. Clench your wrist. Bravo!

Just relax.


Murli, when you picked me up, was anyone else there?

N0, why?

Someone wants to kill me.

Are you in trouble? I dropped you at the police station the other day.

Eat up, sir.

I've met you before.

You helped me sell a lottery ticket.

Near the tea stall on M.G.Road? — Yes, sir.

You bring luck, sir. The ticket won the fellow 10,000.

What's the number? Number?

Don't you want to call someone? No.

No family? Have you no one?

Afriend, girlfriend, boyfriend? You must have someone... help you. I said no.

Tell me when the doctor comes.

Yes, sir.

Tell you what. Take this pill after you've eaten.

Get some sleep.

Fetch my things from the car.


50,000 advance.

200,000 or I'll call it off.

Call what off? What use is that blind fellow to you?

The price is fair. OK. 200,000.

50,000 advance. But for both kidneys.


Both kidneys? He'll die.

So what? Throw his body onto the railway tracks.

A few trains run over him, he'll be so mutilated... one will know if he had any kidneys.

I'm going to see the patient now.

Are you OK with this?

Were you OK when your mother had to beg to feed you?

Drop it. We're getting 200,000 because he's in good health.

What difference does it make? — Leave the poor man one kidney.


Doctor, is the eye specialist here?

He'll be here soon enough. Meanwhile we'll scan your body.

Sit down. Put the light on.

Sir, why is there no one in your hospital?

Am I the only patient here? It's so quiet.

This place is history now.

There's a new hospital near the highway. Everyone goes there.

Now this old is no more gold.

Take off your shirt...

...and your watch.

Loosen your trousers.

Lie down.

Lie on your stomach. Well done! Loosen your trousers a little.

Well done.

Must you call now? I cut the cable connection.

No TV till our son's exams. No more soaps for you either.

Help him prep for his exams.

How many times have I told you not to disturb me during an operation?

I'll call you later.

What operation? What for?

Where is Dr Ambike? Just lie down.

Take one kidney only.

One kidney is enough, sir.

Come here, fast. — He's kicking like a horse.

100,000 is enough. — Get off me!

100,000 is enough. — I'll give you ten million.

I swear on the Lord Shiva tattoo on your hand.

I promise to God. I'll give you ten million.

Ten million?

One minute.

Doctor, how does he know I have a Lord Shiva tattoo?

Hail to Lord Shiva.

You are the mightiest of them all.

Hello, Mr. Akash.

Get up!

Everything is all right, brother.

No harm has come to you. Relax! Everything is fine.

Good morning!

It's all OK, brother.

You're a lucky fellow.

The doctor was planning to remove both your kidneys...

...and pay us 200,000 for them.

Then you started blabbering about ten million.

How did you know I have a Lord Shiva tattoo?

You wear sarees, right? You have black hair.

You look like athlete PT Usha's younger sister.

Murli, you're smaller than aunty...

...both in height and years.

You've got hair like Malinga, the fast bowler.

You're an Aishwarya Rai fan. You stuck a picture of her on your auto.

Oh my God! He has a third eye.

Murli, he's a reincarnation of Lord Shiva.

Hold on!

Are you pretending to be blind?

Aunt! — Yes, brother?

I'm the biggest jackpot you'll ever win.

Meaning what?

Hello, madam.

Can I check Mr. Sinha's call data?

Take a seat. — Thank you, ma'am.

Go outside.

How did that happen?

A terrorist was gunned down. Routine police work.

It must hurt a lot.

Not especially. Akash is at large. We're tracking him.

We've tapped his girlfriend's phone.

Everything now belongs to you.

The blind can talk, you know!

Find him!

Hello, Akash.

Mrs. Sinha, I'm going to London tomorrow.

I wanted to see Daani and tell her... keep practicing.

Take care and stay in touch.

I'll be off. — Can I drop you somewhere?


Want some Chinese take-away? Whatever you like.

Pick up, pick up!

Akash is in my car. What now?

Bring him to Range Hills Cemetery. |'|| bury him there.

My wife's aunt is in the ICU again. Got to run.

Now talk!

I said I'd leave town.

You still chose to blind me.

And that cop boyfriend of yours...

...he was trying to get me. He wanted to kill me.

I've been sleeping at the bus stand for the last 2 nights.

Did Manohar attack you? So you don't know?

I want my eyesight back.

A doctor said I could regain it with a cornea transplant.

It's a million rupees on the black market.

Give me the money. I'll have the operation and leave for London.

Get what I'm saying?

Can you hear me?

A million. Or you‘ll be behind bars.

I'll start babbling to the press.

Blackmail? — Compensation.

I don't have that kind of money. Besides, why would I give it to you?

Move! You're holding us up.

What is it?

An auto‘s blocking the way.

Does it have an image of Aishwarya?

You can see again?

The number you're trying to reach is currently unavailable.

Good evening.

I made some rice flakes, Chinese style. Tell me if they're good.

Who gave this to you?

What's the matter?

Not feeling well?

Does it hurt?

Eat up. I'll get it.

How does it taste?


Private detective Ismail.

Can I talk to Rasikaji? — I'm Rasika.

The actor Pramod Sinha hired me.

He had this hunch his wife was having an affair.

Manu! l tailed her for 2 weeks. Filmed her, took photos.

Pramod Sinha has died. 80 who pays my fees?

It's not my problem. How should I know?

Your husband was sleeping with Mrs. Sinha.

That's why.

Who is it?

Mallika. — Say hi from me.

Have you any idea who my husband is?

If he finds out... — I know who he is.

But you don't know he bumped Sinha off for ten million.

I'll call tomorrow at 9:30.

I want that ten million.

The press pays a bomb for stories like this.

"The nation wants to know who killed Pramod Sinha?"

Good night.

Well done, my man. Time for a selfie!

Smile, please!

You'll hurt me. What are you doing?

Come out! You dog!

Come out or I'll kill you.

That's a real gun.

No need to fast anymore for an idiot husband.

16 eggs 3 day? To service her?

To enjoy your time with that cheap actress Simi.

I'm a fool. I'm not smart. She‘s shrewd. I hate her.

She trapped me.

Are you a kid? Didn't you realize she was trapping you?

Honey, let's not talk about her.

I messed up, big time.

There's only one person I love.

And that's you. I love you, Russu.

Blast your Russu! She's burning on a funeral pyre.

Don‘t say that. I love you.

You lowlife! Come out of there.

Come out!

I'm coming out now. OK, Russu?

Don't shoot. I'm coming out.

That's her again.

No, it's my sub-inspector. Let me take the call.

Don't shoot. It's on the speakerphone.

Yes, Paresh?

Sir, we've found Simi Sinha’s car at Suicide Point.

We found her bag and a shoe near the car.

Looks like she jumped, sir.

We haven't found a suicide note.

We 're searching the river. But it's teeming with crocodiles.

Sir? Hello.

Simi Sinha, the widow of actor Pramod Sinha has committed suicide.

I'm standing on Pune's lndrayani bridge Where a bag and a shoe...

...were found near Mrs. Sinha's car.

Pramod Sinha’s body was also discovered nearby a few days ago.

The police believe Mrs. Sinha jumped from this bridge.

Simi's step-daughter, Daani, told the press...

...she last saw Simi leave home with the piano teacher Akash.

At this point, Akash’s whereabouts are unknown.

They've eloped!

Simi Sinha had ambitions of acting.

And to achieve this, she married the much older actor Sinha.

After Pramod Sinha died, Simi's dream of setting the box-office on fire failed.

This failure probably...

...drove Simi to drown herself.

Pramod Sinha’s murder has not been solved and now...

Crying over your own death?

He's a doctor.

He'll take a blood test.

If our blood group matches, he'll use your cornea for the transplant.

You want to save your eyes? Return the ten million your husband had.

Hey, doctor!

What's your name?


OK, Swamiji...

Listen to him and you'll be in trouble. The police are looking for him.

You want money. I'll give it to you. Just untie me!

Madam, who'll believe you?

You‘re evil. You killed your own husband.

I didn't kill Pramod. — I saw it with my own two eyes.

You and Manohar stuffed Sinha's body in a bag.

You know zilch. You arrived later.

That stupid Pramod lied to me, said he was going to Bengaluru.

But he came back to surprise me.

Pramod picked up Manohar‘s gun...

...I was explaining things. The gun went off by accident.

And Mrs. D'Sa?

Are you a bunch of saints?

Yes, I pushed her. What if she identified Manohar?

Yes, / pushed her. What if she identified Manohar?

Thank you, Mrs. Sinha.

If we don't get paid, your confession ends up...

...with the press, the police and Pramod's daughter, Daani.

Manohar was right.

I shouldn't have blinded you. I should've killed you.

Untie me!

Are you a complete idiot?

If we untied the blindfold, you could identify us.

We'd have to kill you.

Stay calm and listen.

I‘ll get you breakfast. And take you to the toilet.

Stop. This is the top floor.

Murli, you stay here. And Aunty, you?

I'll wait downstairs. If anyone asks, I'll say I'm the cleaner.

We have to trap him in the lift. |'|| switch the power off.

The tiger is trapped in his cage. The monkeys are on a rampage.

Let's shake on it! — There goes the building.

I want to hear Manohar scream.

Record him.

She drinks gallons of coconut water and just keeps peeing.

Does Dr. Ambike even exist?

There must be 100 Dr. Ambikes in Pune.

What's so funny?

How many times must I tell you? There is no missing money.

On TV you said it was missing. — Because it's on TV doesn't make it true.

Sister! I am a widow.

My daughter is all alone at home. Help me, please.

Once we get the ten million...

...we'll see.


Help! Someone help me.

The next train arrives in an hour. Try again.

What use is courage or a heart? The kidneys are the dearest part

Enmity comes free Friendship charges a fee

Is it a heart or a black hole?

Hello, Mrs. Manohar.

Mrs. Ismail here. Is the money ready?

Yes. Where shall I bring it?

Not you. Send your cop husband.

I'll text him the address. I'm hanging up.

Go, clean up the mess you've made.

Come on.

He's a cop. He's smart. Do as I told you.

Sit down.

Why are you tying me up, aunty?

Easy does it. It's for your own good.

Murli, what's all this?

There's a lot ofjunk here. You'll hurt yourself.

I'm not crazy to try running. I trusted you.

I don't know what you're up to.

Untie me.

How can you do this?

Murli! Aunty!

The monkeys have tied up their master and scooted.

So you really think they'll return with Manohar's money?

Manohar is going to whip your motley gang.

He'll whip you too.

Cat got your tongue?

Just wondering...

...what Manohar will do to you.

Will he hug you? Or shoot you?

You're a liability now.

Cat got your tongue now?

Akash, come closer to me. Why?


...we have to help each other.

I can untie your hands.

And in return?

In return? You take the band off my eyes.

I don't want your help.

You fool, what's your plan?

Prefer waiting here for "the end?"

When Manohar shows up...

...|‘|| find a way to save my skin. Either way you've had it.

Where are you?


Our meeting was a dream You got What was coming to you Is that the only song you can sing now?

I will never come back to see you again


Even if Manohar coughs up the money...

...I don't think they'll free us. What's your hunch?

Murli‘s OK. Can't tell about aunty. The doctor's the dangerous one.

I cut the cable connection. I'm selling the TV next.

Then Mummy and I will stay with grandma.

Give it here. What marks did you get for maths? Get your mother!

What is it? — Here are the blood sample reports.

Something wrong, sir?

Go inside the building.

Leave the bag in the lift. Once I get the money...

...the evidence comes down.

No dirty tricks. Or else you can watch your story on TV tonight.

Ismail, hands up!



Where's the evidence? I don't have it.

Who has it? Sakku.

Where is she? — In the basement.

Murli, are you OK?

Murli, what was that sound?

We've got the cash. He's in the lift.

Help! Let me out!

Let me out.

What's your plan?

There's a bathroom with an open window. The railway station's nearby.

You OK?

Come here!

Take the band off, Akash. No.

I can help you to find the way out. We're running out of time.

Take the band off. So don't untie my hands.

Time's running out. I'll guide you.

Take the band off. For goodness sake, I can guide you.

We're in some sort of storeroom. — Are the windows closed?

Yes. No sign of a door or bathroom.

There's a glass partition. Can you break it?

Where is it? — Ahead of you.

Walk a few steps. Found it?

Where? Ahead.

Ahead where? Right? Left? Be clear.

Straight turn around.

Here? What's this?

The bed frame.

What are you up to? — Nothing. Turn right.

We're nearly at the hospital.

Murli, keep talking. Don't fall asleep.


What's wrong? He has no pulse. Start CPR.

Don't stop talking, Murli. Step outside. Please.

Bend down, lower! A little more.

It's a fire extinguisher. Pick it up.

Break the glass partition with it.

Throw it. Not towards me!

I'm right here.

Face the other way.


Walk straight ahead. Veer slightly to your left.

Shall I throw it?

It's smashed.

Where are you going now? Careful. There's broken glass everywhere.

There's some cloth on the bed to your left.

Wrap it round your hands.

Mrs. Sinha, will you come with me to the police station?


You drew my blood, you scum.

Help. Help me!

The next train‘s in an hour.

Get off me!

Let go.

What are you doing?

Let go.

You saved my life. I'll help you. Where are my specs?

Help me carry her. She's our jackpot.

ls Murli OK, doctor?

I'm sorry. He's lost a lot of blood.

No! Murli can't die. He has to live.

Doctor, I have lots of money.

Here, take it.

Please control yourself.

There's something you can do if you wish. Donate his organs.

Yes, Sakku?

It's a total mess. They've escaped.

I'm leaving town. You lie low for a few months.

Murli is dead.

Where are we going?

To cash in the jackpot.

A private jet is waiting for us at Mumbai airport.

Look...sorry, listen to this.

Contact Dr. Hussaini. He '/I take care of everything.

If the liver matches...

...l'll wire one million dollars into your account.

A million dollars! I'll give you a share.

And you can have the best eye transplant with that money.

You'll see again.

I don't get it.

The Sheikh's daughter needs a liver transplant.

She has a rare blood type. B Rh Negative.

Guess whose blood matches? — Mine?

Would you still be here if it was your blood?

It's your Lady Macbeth's blood.

Remember that blood test we took to scare her?

The nurse did a routine check. We've hit the jackpot!

If her cornea matches yours, what more could you want?

You plan to kill her?

She'll die anyway.

What is life? It all depends on the liver.

A crazy lovely girl with dusky skin

Trembling like a leaf when she’s angry

And when she happens to hear my name...

...she tries hard to disguise her feelings

Tell me if you happen to bump into her

She wrinkles her eyes in the bright sunlight Takes deep drags of life as she walks along

Tell me if you happen to bump into her


You're making a fool of people here too?

It's a long story. Coffee?

Bye, Akash.

And then?

She'll die anyway.

What is life? It all depends on the liver.

She confessed in your presence.

The cops will arrest her soon enough. So let her go.

Let go of millions? How can you feel sorry for her?

She murdered two people and blinded you.

Any court of law would give her the death penalty.

It's not just about money.

The Sheikh's child will get a new life.

And you'll get your eyesight back.

And there's the kidneys, too.

Her death will give new life to 6 people. Just think!

Hold this.

This is wrong. You can't do this.

There's a bus stop up ahead. I'll drop you there.

Thank you.

Only you. Because you saved my life.

Basically, I'm a decent man.

Doctor, please.

If we killed her and took her eyes, I'd never be able to play the piano again.

I said all that stuff just to scare her.

I didn't mean it.

Why talk about removing her liver and kidneys?

I won't let you.

Can you pull over? Let us both go.

Trust me, doctor. I won't tell a soul about you.

Dr. Swami, can you hear me?

Get down!

Get out.

Get out now!

A little later a bus came. It took me to Mumbai.

Why didn't you come back to me?

I didn't have the guts. I wanted to get away from it all.

Afriend helped me to get to London.

Sir, is that yours? Yeah.


Tomorrow I'm giving a concert on Main Square. Will you come?

I'm flying back tomorrow.

But I'll try.

It was great to see you again.

She ruined so many lives.

You should've listened to Dr. Swami and taken Simi's eyes.